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Play as yourself?

Do any of you created Sim of yourself. I did, being me in Sims World. It's fun. Wonder any of you did?


  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 4,377 Member
    Nope. Much more fun to make Jane Austen characters and see how they fare in the wacky modern world of TS4.
  • misty4mmisty4m Posts: 1,964 Member
    Do any of you created Sim of yourself. I did, being me in Sims World. It's fun. Wonder any of you did?

    All the time.

    My sims never look like me and I make more than one of myself with different traits, I'm artist so I'll make one that love to paint, I love to cook so I'll make one of me that love to cook, I'm family person so I'll make one that love families, I'm a gamer so I'll make one that love to play video game, I love gardening so I'll make one that love to have a garden. Then I'll play them in rotation, and I also use sims of myself to test things out in my game I build.
  • Umbreon12Umbreon12 Posts: 669 Member
    No, I find it kind of weird.
    Most people for most games, like Sims, Pokemon, etc I know people who base the character on themselves, I just really don't.
    However, I do base Sims on my favorite characters, and series, but that is pretty much the end of that.
  • MantleJackalMantleJackal Posts: 259 Member
    For a brief time I created a sim version of myself years ago. I deleted it and never made another one since. It's just not something I do in video games where I can create a character. I want to play as a character already immersed into the world, not an isekai version of me.
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  • misty4mmisty4m Posts: 1,964 Member
    I always find it strange when people create an ex in the game.
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 24,384 Member
    I attempted to make my SimSelf, but only to be my avatar. I've had more than my share of drama in my lifetime, I'd much rather play a character I created, myself, for the mini-series in my siggie.
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  • misty4mmisty4m Posts: 1,964 Member
    I attempted to make my SimSelf, but only to be my avatar. I've had more than my share of drama in my lifetime, I'd much rather play a character I created, myself, for the mini-series in my siggie.

    I do mine differently, none of the sims in sims game look like me at all, there life is not the same as mine in real life. They all have a trait that is similar to me or just like me.

  • misty4mmisty4m Posts: 1,964 Member
    I know there are some people who deal with hard times in their lives, and many have shared on social media about creating their self in video games like the sims. I remember when I created my son in the sims 4 game, he was happy to see it, he has autism and the look on his face was priceless
  • AdamBurtSimsAdamBurtSims Posts: 30 Member
    edited January 8
    I created myself in The Sim, and I find it fun things I do that never do in real life or unable to do, have many girlfriends and many daughters, never ever do in real life, never had girlfriend, never want to get married and have kids in real life but in Sims it different, it strange, maybe cos I like some Some of the ladies in the Sims, when I see a nice sim lady, I get to know her, then hug then kiss, then be in relationship and then had kid with her, I never think having kids in The Sims cos I never want any, and Sims me had many, if in real life will be nightmare, also have too many relationship, also in SIm if other lady caught you with another she cry and get angry and maybe slap you, I avoid that and should feel guily having so many girlfriends, and I know it not right, I never do that in real and not the person who does these and even date one or never in relationship or not into a ladies man.;pve the ladies in Sims like Beth, Liberty, Summer and Behr Sisters. Also real life me and sims me had have something we like, like video gaming and exploring. In Sims World, I'm half the person I am.
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  • EleriEleri Posts: 162 Member
    I created a sim based on myself when the My Story tool came out because I wanted to take the quiz and see what my personality would be like if I was a sim. I think some parts of her profile are more accurate than others, but maybe I have hidden depths I don't even know about. I've never spent much my time playing with her as the active character, though. She's just a townie that my active sims sometimes befriend.
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  • GhostDragon1351GhostDragon1351 Posts: 20 Member
    I did create a sim based on myself and completed the frog scenario haha! It was actually a lot of fun :)
  • manicobsessivemanicobsessive Posts: 628 Member
    No, I don't think I've ever played my Sim self actually. I'm not very good at making Sims that look like specific people. It's quite annoying lol.
  • BariSaxyBariSaxy Posts: 4,613 Member
    I've created many self sims over the years. Since I don't like having pictures taken of me, they are a bit of a reflection of my styles of the last two decades that I can't find anywhere else. Also, I always have used them as my avatar here. lol My current avatar is not current, but whatever. Still pretty accurate.

    Do I play them, though? No. I just create them. Usually I leave them in the background of my game and laugh when I see them pass by the house I'm playing.
  • GrimlyFiendishGrimlyFiendish Posts: 593 Member
    Never have, never will. It's just not my thing.
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  • hellohannah2hellohannah2 Posts: 599 Member
    I've made a simself, but never played as her. Everyone I know in my real-life seems to make themselves in the game and then make all their dreams come true etc but I've never done it. It's pure escapism for me, I already live in my body, I want to try living as someone else in the virtual world for a while
  • logionlogion Posts: 4,506 Member
    I do have a simself (my avatar), but much like many other of my sims I only played him for a while until I reached some sort of "goal" and after that I tend to let my sims live somewhere in a save where aging is turned off.

    I thought it was weird in the beginning but after a while I got used to playing him. It's fun to use him to try out different outfits and see him around the world when I'm not playing him.
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 17,290 Member
    I've created Sims and given them mine and the hubby's name but I don't make them look exactly like us. I will give them the same hair and eye colors and depending on the length of my hair at the time but I don't give them the same body shape that we have in real life which to me is a great thing about this game as we can look anyway we want to look like. And even though my life my be boring some of the time, I like to play in a way that we live but I've also let them do things that we can't do ourselves either due to money issues or health issues or just I'm too much of a scaredy cat to try new and fun things.
  • s_stutlers_stutler Posts: 365 Member
    Ofc! I usually do reboots of my sim self and sim self family, once every few years (depending) on new content/Mods we receive that I want to play with. At current, I've been playing the same simself family for 3 years. Prior to that, it was 5- but I did a reboot when Teens came out, and have since paused gameplay on that save file, until Infants come out.

  • Katofhyrule12Katofhyrule12 Posts: 28 Member
    I have played myself for short periods of time, but then always move onto someone different.
  • LJKLJK Posts: 229 Member
    edited January 27
    Nope. I personally think that's a bit strange to do and very boring and I would never create a Sim that looked like anyone I knew. To me, that's just creepy. I like to create Sims from original ideas, inspired by characters I see in any kind of media, or inspired by real people (celebrities usually), but changed in some significant way. Just recently, I finished a Sim based off the wicked witch of the west.
  • ThirteenCatz2ThirteenCatz2 Posts: 70 Member
    I play as me :) made my BF and my BFF in game too haha, and our cats! I think its fun, cause I can live the life I want in game, it's not weird, its part of the experience of a simulation. I can think back to a few Black Mirror episodes where their avatar was the exact same as them in real life.
  • Mariefoxprice83Mariefoxprice83 Posts: 7,869 Member
    I do occasionally make simselves but I feel weird about making my family. I've done it in the past but not since Sims 4 came out.
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  • MMXMMX Posts: 4,287 Member
    Not really. Even if I were to create a Simself, I would give them a different name to make it look like I'm portraying a character.
  • EgonVMEgonVM Posts: 4,227 Member
    I have planned to do that, but still haven't done that. However, I have created a character that shares my first name and the last name is the opposite of my last name.
  • RainKikoRainKiko Posts: 31 Member
    > @AdamBurtSims said:
    > Do any of you created Sim of yourself. I did, being me in Sims World. It's fun. Wonder any of you did?

    I think I will for sure.
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