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Play as yourself?


  • SimDork23SimDork23 Posts: 524 Member
    I play as me :) made my BF and my BFF in game too haha, and our cats! I think its fun, cause I can live the life I want in game, it's not weird, its part of the experience of a simulation. I can think back to a few Black Mirror episodes where their avatar was the exact same as them in real life.

    This. I made my myself, as well as my boyfriend, & we live in a house that we wouldn’t be able to afford in real life, along with a dog that we’re hoping to have one day, haha. My boyfriend is always amused when I tell him all of the silly things that our simselves do. :p
  • Ray_TraceRay_Trace Posts: 509 Member
    Never made my simself, probably never will. Too self-conscious for that sort of thing and besides, I think my characters are more eccentric and interesting than myself lol.
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 7,072 Member
    Mine is sortof based on me but better. I usually give her the name of my sign/birthstone or my part native heritage. Then I give her way more skills & traits that I don't have. Oh, & some secret occult traits. Sh don't tell anyone. :D:p
  • SheepilingSheepiling Posts: 577 Member
    edited February 2023
    Yea I've made a sim-self and played them, both in Sims 3 and 4. It's never my main save, I usually have a legacy or some other long-term challenge that I put more time into. But I usually keep my simself as a side save. I like making myself and my husband and letting our sims go on vacations that we can't afford to go on IRL, and building dream homes and "hotel" stays. :D
  • pvrescue1pvrescue1 Posts: 52 Member
    I prefer playing God, honestly
  • GrumpyGlowfishGrumpyGlowfish Posts: 2,190 Member
    All the time. I've never played a single save throughout all my Sims games that didn't include some version of me. In TS2, there was even an entire neighbourhood inhabited only by different versions of myself and their different families, pets, lovers, and what have you.

    While this may sound extremely narcissistic, I don't think it is. I'm not a fan of my real self or my real life, but The Sims gives me the opportunity to pretend that I'm an awesome person living an awesome life. The only problem is, I can't decide what exactly that should look like, and some things are mutually exclusive. Do I live in an old-fashioned witch's cottage in the woods, or a futuristic apartment similar to the ones on the Citadel in Mass Effect? Am I a professional novelist or an astronaut? Is my boyfriend an angel or an android? So many questions!

    The entire point of my neighbourhood of simselves was to figure out which was the perfect life of my dreams, but I still don't know. So I'll probably keep thinking up different versions of myself until I die.
  • SimlingtonSimlington Posts: 26 Member
    I do, and I have the same feelings as misty4m and GrumpyGlowfish, although I've never made more than one of me at once. It's an interesting idea.
  • CAPTAIN_NXR7CAPTAIN_NXR7 Posts: 4,399 Member
    edited February 2023
    I swear I already commented on here…

    Edit: so I did. Never mind 🤦🏻‍♂️
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  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 7,072 Member
    I will soon have my sim Mom (sortof based on my real life Mom) meet &
    marry my sim Dad (sortof based on my real life Dad RIP) get married & have baby me (sortof). ;)
  • jadetchijadetchi Posts: 60 Member
    Whenever I’m in CAS trying to create my simself I always get distracted and end up creating a whole different person. I’m sure at one point I probably did make myself, but I find making other people much more exciting haha.

    Although, one thing I do love adding to the game is my irl cat!!
  • Sorak4Sorak4 Posts: 3,930 Member
    edited March 2023
    A little, no where near as much as 10 years ago however. Not necessarily even the main focus or someone I play, just having boring old me mixed in with a bunch of crossovers, weird face morph nightmare Sims and witches is an experience.

    Exception includes the Sims 1's Get a Life mode on console. The story begins with your own mom yelling for you to get out of bed to get a job and move out already. If that didn't make Sim-Me more relatable for younger me to play, I don't know what wouldn't.
  • CatSimerCatSimer Posts: 16 Member
    Once, I made my simself, but I never played with it.
    If I would like to live a life, I would go out. Right now, I like to be god.
  • SmellincoffeeSmellincoffee Posts: 955 Member
    I've played a version of myself in all four games, and in the latter games my sim-self was the first sim I made to test the game out. (It took a while for the idea to occur to kid-me back in 2000, I guess.)


    He lived in an apartment and worked as a journalist. The Sims 2 me became a doctor who survived his first wife, and whose family legacy I played for years until the save was corrupted. There's still a blog from 2005 where I was posting updates about them. :D The Sims 3 me was an aspiring novelist who worked as a police officer, and I posted a little bit from my first time playing the game here. The Sims 4 me has had many lives, but the original married Liberty Lee and was a journalist who wrote novels on the side, I think. The most memorable one was a literal celebrity chef who (1) was a five-star celebrity whose recordings and streams were all of him cooking; (2) was a Celebrity Chef in the culinary career; (3) wrote cookbooks constantly and (4) owned a restaurant. He banked $12,000 a day when I kept him busy. I frequently re-create Sims 4 sim-me to explore different packs, and he's always an independent author who might work in journalism or the tech career at first.
  • FinvolaFinvola Posts: 1,041 Member
    Yes I do sometimes, that's me (her) in my avatar. I've never created any RL friends or family members but I did make some of my RL cats. It feels weirder playing my sim cats than it does my simself.
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 8,692 Member
    edited March 2023
    short answer:

    shorter answer:

    probably too long answer:
    Yes I have made sim me in every sims game i have played

    sometimes more successfully sometimes less so

    tbh mostly unsuccessfully since ts1-2 and spinoffs cannot quite handle my physical form

    ts3 is kind of eh idk kinda? but not really
    ts4 is so far the closest match

    the personality i actually think ts4 traits work pretty well it is rather accurate at times with the whole paranoid loner gloomy vampire thing giving her constant tense or gloomy moodlets :lol:

    but yeah i do make my sim do most random and horrible stuff i would never do irl like babysitting infants or having social life, absolute horror.

    if i played her like me tho she would probably just like hibernate and eat all the time

    so yeah i guess its kind of like evil clone me
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  • hely0thely0t Posts: 345 Member
    I have at least once and that was in Sims 3 when I had it. I've a vague memory of creating a Sim like me when I first got Sims 4 too, but both times were brief. I didn't know how to play the games properly so when I got a new laptop, I had to reinstall the games and lost my previous Sims, not knowing that I had to and could save the files. Then I began playing Sims 4 properly just over a year ago, knowing a bit more about the game, and I just made brand new Sims, none based on me because I felt it was a bit odd to do that (what others do is up to them though - no offence is meant by this, I just find it odd for myself). Though I guess I may make another one based on me just for the sake of it, not to play with them. Hmm... might do that today, now I'm thinking about it.
    "You've got a face, I've got a face, it's all gonna be alright." - Noel Fielding
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 7,072 Member
    I'm still play testing the new babies in Sims 4. But after that I will have my sims parents loosely based on my real parents have baby me. ;)
  • friendsfan367friendsfan367 Posts: 29,362 Member
    SERVERFRA wrote: »
    I'm still play testing the new babies in Sims 4. But after that I will have my sims parents loosely based on my real parents have baby me. ;)

    this made me laugh in a good way. thank you i jusu spent a few weeks in the hospital so i neededthe laugh.
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 7,072 Member
    You are welcome @friendsfan367. I so hope & pray that you feel better soon. :)
  • AnthonydyerAnthonydyer Posts: 1,197 Member
    edited April 2023
    I used to almost exclusively play as myself and family: and I mean exact replicas of us. I have gotten away from that somewhat in recent days where I have created fictional people and I even did a short-lived throwback of my teenage years (and my family at that time).

    I have identified four types of sims you can play. What do you all think?
    • As yourself/family (exact)
    • An idealized version of yourself/family
    • Fictitious people
    • Celebrities

    I never really got into idealized version of myself. Maybe someday.
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 4,922 Member
    List seems accurate. Personally, do only fictitious people. Of late has been characters from Austen novels and experimenting with how well they cope with the modern sims world.
  • friendsfan367friendsfan367 Posts: 29,362 Member
    SERVERFRA wrote: »
    You are welcome @friendsfan367. I so hope & pray that you feel better soon. :)

    i do. thank you. i have epilepsy not something i usually share in the forums but you made me comfortable enough . after many years of being dormant it decied to kick up so i had a seizure, recovering now.i was going to answer this yesterday but mom showed up. i have my own place but spend nights at her place hope that makes sense still recovering.
  • EleriEleri Posts: 503 Member
    edited April 2023
    Personally, do only fictitious people. Of late has been characters from Austen novels and experimenting with how well they cope with the modern sims world.
    This reminds me of when my brother and I used to play sims 1 together. We would populate the neighborhood with characters from our favorite books. At one point Eliza Reed from Jane Eyre (my creation) slapped one of my brother's war novel heroes silly. I guess he talked to her without being properly introduced (shocking!). My brother had never seen a character act like that before and wanted to know why I added an obnoxious b**** to the game.
    -No, my almost-elderly mother, I don't think it's a good time for you to try for a baby.
    -Yes, person I barely know, you have my blessing to hang out with Johnny Zest.
    -No person with the mean, hot-headed and self-absorbed traits, I don't think you should get married.
  • friendsfan367friendsfan367 Posts: 29,362 Member
    i'm so boring. lol. currently playing sims 4.heres a example. me sits and watches tv. my simsthe benders, hey get off her thats not your wife.
  • DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 8,222 Member
    I've never really had a sim self but I do have one sim that is a sort of surrogate. The only thing we have in common is our first name. In the game she does all sorts of things I wish I could here in the real world and I live those experiences vicariously.
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