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Educated teen run away challenge


  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 3,332 Member
    Day 22 - Week 3 - Sunday

    Well, on Sunday, Ali's trees all reverted to dirt mounds. Oh well, she plants two more apples and waters everything.


    Just for fun I had listed that Rocker outfit for $5,000, never expecting anyone to purchase it. But I was wrong! Wow! Geoffrey Landgraab (Sr.) purchased it! Ali now has over $7K!


    Afterwards, Ali knits a blue beanie. It turns out excellent. I think she will gift this to Wolfgang because he likes the color blue.


    I take a peek at all her relationships, and then I see this sentiment that she and Jeb both have! Oh no! He was expecting a promposal, and so was Ali, and Ali asked Wolfgang instead. Oh gee! She needs to fix her relationship with Jeb, especially since she was thinking of matching him up with Luna Villareal. Jeb is actually quite cute under that bag he wears.


    So, she heads off to ThriftTea to see if he is there, and while there, matchmakes some other sims.

    Bob Pancakes & Eliza Hastings.


    Her friend Akito (on her Cheer Squad) and Gemma Charm.


    Oops...I might have set Akito up with two sims! lol But Akito is now going out with Sidney Price (according to some web reading, Sidney was created to be bisexual by the Maxis team). Maybe I got a notice that Akito and Gemma didn't hit it off and re-matched him with someone else. lol I should really have written these matchmaking attempts down on paper.


    Kiyoshi and Kaori. I noticed that Kaori's grandfather passed away, so I felt she deserved some happiness with Kiyoshi. The crush on Nancy is still there for Kiyoshi, though.


    Dwayne Talla and Yuki Behr.


    Rashida Watson and Rahul Chopra. I noticed that Rahul's mother, Lavina, the mayor, had passed away.


    Iggy Pancakes and Cassandra Goth.


    Oh gosh and I looked at Ali's relationship with Iggy and he is furious at her for some reason. What did she do?


    Okay, so she decides to head over to the library and asks both Jeb and Iggy to meet her there. Jeb arrives first and she apologies, but he doesn't accept her apology immediately. Oh gee! Maybe she should tell Jeb that she just wants to be friends with him, although their relationship might become even worse.




    Iggy kind of looks at her when she apologizes to him, but it seems to have worked, and the Furious sentiment with Iggy is gone. He seemed to be busy on his phone while he was there...maybe he was texting Cassandra, and since Ali brought them together, he forgave her for whatever she had done to him to be furious with her. Sheesh teens and their moods!


    Okay, enough drama, Ali goes over and decides to write a children's book. Just thinking of Kiyoshi's little brother, Finn, got her inspired. She finishes the book and heads to her favorite hang-out ThriftTea. One of the trends is Country, so she creates a male country look. There are some rare items in this outfit as well. She sets the selling price at $6K, then socializes a bit and afterwards heads home.


  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 10,754 Member
    @SoulGal7 already loving the intro pic <3 Hahaha Dustin Broke a celebrity. Aww Ali is holding such a cute little baby. Oh my gosh the looks between Ali and Wolfgang is definitely noticeable. Oooh Ali is playing cupid, how sweet. Oh wow, no napping this time in the cuddle carts :o Hahaha that is so funny though :D What an amazing night for Ali and Wolfgang too <3
  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 10,754 Member
    @SoulGal7 I sure do wish that these reverting plants are being worked on and will get fixed soon, Perhaps try and shelter them, it seems to be working at Totter park (for now) Oh my golly gosh 5000 simoleons for an outfit, I will have to give this a go soon :o aww that is so romantic that she knitted him a beanie <3 Oh wow Ali played major cupid on Sunday. Another super AweSim update :)

    @all I wish I could load my game and play, but we are going out as a family for dinner tonight, first time since covid and I need to get ready. Happy simming all <3
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 3,332 Member
    Day 23 - Week 3 - Monday & Day 24 - Tuesday

    Another Monday and bill day. Even with her house finished and some extra items on the lot, she still only has $255 simoleons in bills! I also realize she didn't publish the book she wrote. I am going to have her read it first and then publish it.


    I join Ali at school and here she is before class working out in her cowboy outfit! lol I guess she is showing how versatile it is, and can even be used as activewear.


    She plays a bit of chess with Duane at lunch.


    Ali gets a pop-up during the day about participating in a Talent Show.


    And apparently she's a hit, and everyone is talking about her llama joke for weeks.


    She finishes the day very well, and gets a call to graduate early again. I guess you get one everyday once you reach that "A" grade. Nope, not graduating early.


    Oh! And Bob Pancakes wants to buy her country cowboy outfit. Chaching! $6,000 simoleons richer! Geez! Making outfits and selling them through Trendi is making her a small fortune now.


    Even though Ali has an "A", I was hoping that one day she would get a pop-up that she would be Valedictorian, so bought her 2 projects and she heads over to ThriftTee to have some other sims help her with her projects. Ali just rounded up whoever was there. Quite a few sims are in outfits she created. Afterwards, she heads home.



    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    The next day is Tuesday and Career Day, so I am going to switch Tuesday for Wednesday this week, and follow her today and not tomorrow because she has to attend Career Day for the Aspiration. When she gets to school, she sees Wolfgang, and well...good morning! lol Another sim is apparently excited at the kiss, too.


    I am not sure how Career Day works and if it's set up outside, but it is from 12pm until 3pm. During her second class, she suddenly gets a notice to travel to Career Day, and her whole class and a few other students are whisked off to the auditorium with her. Her teacher is there, too.


    Inside the auditorium there are some tables set up for the recruiters, and there are goals to achieve during this event. Basically you have to talk to all three of the recruiters.



    Ali heads over to speak to one of the recruiters. It looks like he is in some type of business. She seems very interested in one recruiter, or they seem to be interested in Ali, and she spends a long time chatting with them.


    After speaking with all three recruiters, she now has to talk to her teacher about her future (career day goals). Ali already knows she is going to uni, but still unsure right now of what program or which uni she will choose.

    When Career Day is over, she heads back to high school to use the computer there and chooses a part-time job as a Simfluencer. (needed for the last part of the Academic Goal Teen Aspiration). She took the morning shift 5:30 am - 7:30 am before school, and she works everyday except Sunday and Wednesday.


    She also gets a notice that Nancy Landgraab and Geoffrey Osteer are now going out!


    She then creates a new Streetwear look.


    She gets a head-start on her Simfluencer job and talks to Kiyoshi about her "side hustle". She then heads home.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 10,754 Member
    @SoulGal7 Love the parking spots intro pic is so cool. That is not too bad for bills considering how nice her house is looking :) Holly macaroni 6000 simoleons !!!! I did not know you could carry projects around like that, how clever ;) Career day looked interesting, and yet another fabulous outfit, AweSim update <3
  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 10,754 Member
    Day 14 Sunday

    Miranda had a lovely day. She started by having a nice warm shower in her own bathroom. From there she went to the park and ate some of her burgers that were still good for eating, then she did two paintings for plopsy, caught some fish and 3 orchids, she sold them and then headed to the Thrifty store to try it selling an outfit for the first time. Miranda started the day with 52 simoleons and ended it with 436
    Aaah her own bathroom, Miranda is very happy to have a warm shower close by

    Uhm excuse me, those still had 7 hours to go, smile and eat

    mmm perhaps Miranda is warning me of bad weather to come

    ahhh levelled up

    Fishing time ;)

    not to bad a catch, 3 orchids and plenty of fish

    Okies let give this trendy thing a go

    Hyping the outfit (could not get it up to fire)

    Got some help with extra credit, not necessary but hey why not

    Oh my gosh seriously Miranda, who will buy the outfit if you shower in it before bedtime :o

    Sleepy time

  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 10,754 Member
    Okies, I have some gaming time :) Gonna load my game, super hoping my outfit will sell, but I think I was stingy and asking 1000 might be too much LOL. Anyways decided that I will travel to school with Miranda every day since she has her A now :) See you guys later with an update ;)
  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 10,754 Member
    Day 15 Monday

    Miranda had a fantastic day, she thanks @SoulGal7 for the trendy tips, she is making money like there is no tomorrow even with selling one outfit a day :) She no longer have to sleep in a tent, she now sleeps on her own bed, granted a cheap one, but she knows it will be a comfy double bed pretty soon ;) Miranda started the day with 436 simoleons and ended it with 2219 simoleons.
    Miranda woke up just after 4am starving hungry

    She headed to the park and found her previous meal still good to eat and filled up her tummy. As she was harvesting some spinach she got a notification to pay her bills, she paid them promptly

    She painted a painting before school, gosh better keep a close eye on her, don't want her to be mean to anyone

    She exercised a bit before class to calm that temper

    She got a message that her outfit was sold :o wow just before class she got the good news.

    First class went well with lovely green needs

    Lunch time she ate a meal and then studied with her fellow students

    Second class went well with green needs as well, her end of day report was awesim too

    She rushed home to post the trendi outfit

    With the money she started building her bedroom. Oh no not enough money to add a door, how will she get to her bathroom. Oh yeah she can sell the plopsy paintings.

    aah that should be enough


    mmm some money left and she could sell the tent and then have enough for her own bed ... wonderful

    Lets make another outfit and ask even more money for it :)

    While eating Miranda wonders if she may have asked just too much money for her latest outfit she is selling

    NOPE while painting she got the message someone wanted to buy it LOL

    She placed the painting on plopsy and hurried home to go sell the outfit, but first she needed the toilet and a quick shower. Oh no Miranda what on earth, not again !!!!

    Well she posted the outfit and she hopes by some magical miracle it will be dry once it reaches the buyer :o

    Bedtime in her own bed

  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 3,332 Member
    Day 25 - Week 3 - Wednesday & Day 26 - Thursday

    One thing that Ali needs for her Simfluencer career is a computer to write a Lifestyle Review (part of her goals), she must own a computer. So, since Ali has quite a few simoleons now, she springs for a cheap laptop.

    The first product review she writes is on her Solo Cheer Mat. Basically you just click on things around the lot and for the ones you can write a product review on, the option is available (Make Lifestyle Review). She can't write a product review on any item, just the ones that have this interaction. (I put her lot on-the-grid again and give her fast internet just until she completes the review, and then put it back off-the-grid and removed the fast internet, as they conflict anyway.)


    When she is done the Lifestyle review, there is a flash drive (black box) in her personal inventory, and she just clicks on it to upload the review. This is when she heads to the computer and types the review. Ali was lucky and on her first attempt she did an excellent review. Well, yeah, she knows all about cheer mats, right?

    She also used her laptop to research two business plans. They appear as flash drives in her personal inventory. Click on one and it gives the option to appear on Llama Lair to promote her business plan. She heads off the lot and into a rabbit hole when you choose this, so don't do it too close to when she needs to go to high school.


    The other one is for Angel Investors, and again, click the flash drive and you call them. If you are successful with your buisiness plan, they can give you some simoleons. At school, Ali heads to the computers and Ali gets $1,551 simoleons for her great business plan.



    Ali gets some pop-ups of some matchmaking she did.


    But what about Wolfgang? Why hasn't he asked Ali to the prom yet?

    It's too late to think about Jeb, because she went to his house last night and told him she just wanted to be friends with him. [Note: Ali travelled to Jeb's house and he was outside, so she just went up to him and told him she just wanted to be friends. All their pink is gone and there are no hard feelings between them, which is good. Then she left.]


    Was that a mistake? Maybe she should have gone with Jeb instead?


    Well, too late now, since she also did some matchmaking with Jeb and Luna, and it seems like they've hit it off. Oh gosh! Wolfgang! Why aren't you asking Ali to prom? Ali decides to make a promposal but will just keep it in her inventory.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    On Thursday, Ali travels alone to school.

    Bob Pancakes buys her Streetwear outfit for $12,250 simoleons! This is crazy! Obviously, you can make a lot of simoleons on Trendi. Ali now has $25,662 simoleons! Woot! She can definitely afford uni now, and even build herself a nice house. I think she will keep the one she has in Copperdale the way it is, and maybe start fresh in Britechester with a new house build. Or make the house in Copperdale larger...not sure yet.


    She heads to ThirftTea and finds out it is Comedy Night! She decides to participate. And at least one sim, Marcel Price, likes her jokes.



    Afterwards she creates another outfit, Preppy this time. She sees Wolfgang looking at the clothing rack, but before she even has a chance to talk to him, he leaves. So strange.

  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 10,754 Member
    Oh noes @SoulGal7 I hope Wolfgang is not ghosting Ali :o They are so perfect together <3 Ali is doing fabulously. Another super awesim update :)
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 3,332 Member
    Day 27 - Week 3 - Friday & Day 28 - Saturday

    Friday is exam day, and during lunch, Ali sees Wolfgang. She greets him, but it's like he's avoiding her or something.


    He sat down with her, but all he did was play on his phone and check his messages. Maybe he is just stressed about exams and has other things on his mind.


    Was Ali just becoming paranoid? It just seems that ever since last Saturday after the cuddle carts, Wolfgang seems to be avoiding her. Did she move too fast? Is he not interested in her anymore? Why isn't he asking her to prom? She was sure he would ask her during lunch...but he didn't.

    Ali talks to another friend, and he gives her an autonomous hug. Maybe he noticed she was down and wanted to cheer her up.


    Speaking about cheer, since Ali made it to the top of the Cheerleading after-school activity, she decided she wanted to try something else, so has now joined the Computer Team.



    At the end of the day, Ali aced her exams, then asked for help on her homework from her teacher.

    Afterwards, there is a big cheerleading extravaganza, and even though Ali is not on the Cheer Squad anymore, she still participates.



    Her Cheer Squad gives an outstanding performance, and wins the competition.

    Even though her Cheer Squad won, Ali is rather sad because Wolfgang never asked her to the prom! And today is Friday! Maybe this is a sign that she should move on. Oh Ali...*sob*


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    On Saturday, Ali gets a notice that Kiyoshi and Kaori are now paired up. Great! She did such a wonderful matchmaking job for everyone else, but her own love life is in the gutter.


    She also got a notice that a sim wanted to purchase her preppy outfit for $20,230! Wow! Ali is into the simoleons now!


    Since it's Saturday, Ali decides to head to ThirftTea and create another outfit, this time a Male Polished Look, and do her collection rounds.


    She must have been thinking about Wolfgang when she created that outfit, and then suddenly Ali sees him at ThriftTea. Is it too late to ask him to prom? She still has the promposal she made a few days ago...oh gosh...what if he says no?


    Ali decides to just ask him, "Wolfgang, will you go with me to prom tonight?"

    Wolfgang has a big smile on his face when she asks him and engulfs her in a hug.


    Of course he'll go with her. Ali had nothing to worry about.


    She then uses the computer and talks to Eloise Hiddlestix, the owner of ThirftTea, about her side hustle career.


    Ali gets a pop-up to attend Iggy Pancake's pre-prom party, but she declines.


    A few hours afterwards, she is whisked off to prom.


    And Ali looks really nice at the prom tonight.

    Ali had voted for Wolfgang for prom royalty, but Savannah Price won instead. She had voted for Darling Walsh as Jester, who won.


    A great photo of Wolfgang and Ali.


    The night is over quickly, Ali gets another silver reward, but for the first time ever, she is not invited to an after-party. It was a good night anyway, so Ali decided to head home.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    I think my game is glitched, I am playing on normal lifespan and according to the game, Ali is nowhere near aging-up. She should have aged up at 21 days, and it is now 28 days in my game. So, what I am going to do is have her complete the Teen Goal Oriented Aspiration, and then have a birthday party and have her age up. I have no idea how this will affect her high school graduation, so I guess we will see what happens.
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    @mcrudd - Day 15 -
    I am so glad that finally Trendi is working for you. With the entrepreneurial skill maxed, I find that it is too easy to make simoleons now. It is sometimes hard to get the outfit to "Fire", and, as mentioned it sometimes takes 30 clicks on that button to do so.

    Love those paintings that Miranda has painted. And...yes...she sold an outfit! Woot! How funny that she is showering in her latest outfit. Remember the trend for "stone-washed" jeans? Maybe this is shower-washed new trend. hehehe And she has 2 rooms in her house now! Woot! And love the little bed swatch that you chose. It's so cute. She gets to sleep in a bed now...bye bye tent! Miranda is certainly moving up. Great job!
  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 10,754 Member
    @SoulGal7 Ali is looking so fancy in her gold cheerleading outfit. Sorry for my shorter comment yesterday, but it was on my cellphone and I just had to mention my concern about Wolfgang LOL. I googled it and it’s a game bug where they shower in their thrifty outfits hahaha. I am going up with a 1000 simoleons in price everytime, will see when my luck runs out. I am feeling as anxious as Ali about Wolfgang ignoring her, why has he not asked her to prom :( Oh my gosh the relieve when when he accepted her promposal <3 Oooh love absolutely love Ali’s prom dress, she is looking stunning. I think you should be ok when you age her up, I will however just incase save the game before the aging, so if it goes wrong you can exit without saving. I should actually check Miranda’s aging as well, I am playing on long however. I thought that if she has her fully furnished house then I might age her early as well to go to uni. But I am picky with her house, I am doing room for room, I actually going to use the money from the last thrifty outfit to complete the bathroom with deco and too start on her bedroom..
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  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 10,754 Member
    Day 16 Tuesday. Miranda had a lovely day on Tuesday, she went to school, sold a painting, painted another one and is attempting to sell a thrifty outfit for 10 000 simoleons, she said if Ali can do it so can she, we will see how lucky she is. Miranda started the day with 2219 simoleons and while she was sleeping I furnished her bathroom and bedroom a bit LOL. So she woke with less she also ended the day with 914 simoleons as she has not sold her outfit yet ;)
    Furnished her bathroom and bedroom a bit.

    She went to the park to eat left overs and do homework (also whispering to you she experienced puberty)

    Off to school all the classes went well and she had a great end of day report

    Miranda went home to sell her painting on plopsy

    From there she went to the thrifty store to make an outfit to sell

    She had dinner near the thrifty store where SoulGal7 told her is some grills ;)

    She went to the Totterpark reading room and did a painting and some homework

    Then Miranda went home for a shave/shower and a sleep
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    Day 29 - Week 4 - Sunday & Day 30 - Monday

    It's the first day of fall! And Ali remembers that there is an apple tree nearby that she can harvest! Yes! With the change of seasons, that also means that there might be new collectibles around ThriftTea as well. Her own apple trees are slowly growing from the dirt mounds they reverted to.

    There is a newly generated leaf pile near her lot and I hover over it and she can do a Lifestyle Review on it! I think that's hilarious, but decide that she should do it. So, I turn the power grid on and she writes her leaf pile review on her laptop. Another excellent review.

    And she gets a pop-up that she has been promoted to Macro-Simfluencer! Yes! For her next job assignment, she has to "cross promote at a venue".


    Ali gets a notice that a sim wants to purchase her Male Polished Look for $30,225 simoleons! Wow! She now has over $74K simoleons.


    I scroll over Ali's friends and...oh gosh...she has some pink with Jacob Volkov, and both she and Jacob are upset that they didn't invite each other to prom last night. What? How did she even get any pink with him? This is so crazy.


    Ali heads to ThirftTea and creates another outfit. This time it's a rocker look.


    The rest of the day she spends working on her programming and gaming skills. She also requests a Science Fair (part of being on the Computer Team), so one will be held on Monday from 5-10pm. Apparently, programming and painting skills will help at the Science Fair, so since she has the simoleons, I purchase a digitalistic sketchpad for her. She immediately creates a medium Classic painting.



    Afterwards she heads around town collecting, and then she volunteers at a soup kitchen. Her Empathy teen value is non-existent and her Conflict Resolution is in the red, so will have to work on those while she can. And while at the soup kitchen, she gets a pop-up to help the chef cut up some vegetables, and she gains some cooking skill.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    It's Monday and Ali gets a notice that Jeb Harris wants to purchase her rocker outfit for $40,215 simoleons! Jeb...where did you get this money from? I am almost tempted to make a new outfit and see if it will sell for $1 million simoleons...but then, what fun would playing rags to riches be if you have that much money? Right?


    Bills this week are still low at $223 simoleons. She pays them.

    She starts work at 5:30 am and travels to ThriftTea to cross-promote the venue. It is cold out today.


    With that done, Ali practices some debate skills in the mirror.


    At school, she works on the treadmill before class.


    She is late to math class, sits at the back of the class and then starts texting! Ali...why?


    At lunch, she had a whim to listen to some S-pop music and she had brought her portable stereo out, but it was broken. So, she decided to repair it. That took up most of her lunch and she didn't get to listen to the music afterall. This was because she has a looming dread of unfulfilled dreams whim that keeps popping up and making her tense.


    At 5pm, she heads to the Computer Science Fair, which is set up in the field.


    On some picnic tables are some tablets and she makes a game jam and then gives her score to the judge. Not sure if her score of 63 is good or bad, because no notice came at the end of the Computer Fair.



    There is a booth there and she purchases some team wear, and also sees Wolfgang and chats with him.


    The Computer Science Fair ends at 10pm, and she heads home. (Note: I revised the top on the outfit she purchased so that it is now green and added her glasses.)


    At home, it's homework time...lots of homework. Even though Ali studies hard and completes her homework, she can't help but wonder what the future will hold for her. Ali now has $117,480 simoleons.

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    @mcrudd - Nov 6 -
    Ha! Ha! If Ali can sell an outfit, yes, Miranda can, too! teehee And the interior decorating fairy visits while Miranda is asleep and decorates! lol Oh and now Miranda has a double bed! Ali has no room in her house to up-grade to a double bed, so maybe when she is in uni. Miranda's little house is coming along great. And Miranda is now selling her paintings on plopsy, and she sold an outfit, too! woot! Miranda is on her way. I could do more on Ali's house, but wanted to keep the size to a micro-mini, so it's rather limited. I find that when I create a house with all the goodies in it, I tend to have my sim stay there and they become a homebody. When there is less in the house, they need to go places. It forces me to send them exploring. When I played uni in another save, I had them stay in the dorms for 1 term, then move into a shared house the second (tried to get roomies, but that was an epic fail). The second time I played uni, my sim just "rented" a house with their friends. Of course, one of their friends was their "love interest", so that worked out well. I may do the latter again for term 2 because that was rather fun.
  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,931 Member
    Ooof , my Sims can’t keep roommates. I even wrote an email to Carl of Carl’s Sim Guides and there is a bit more to their mechanics, but for me I can’t keep them.

    I’ve never see the science fair so it’s fun to follow play through s with new ideas.
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    Day 31 - Week 4 - Tuesday & Day 32 - Wednesday

    Tuesday and Ali heads to school alone. While there, she gets a pop-up from Jeb, who she was trying to matchmake with Luna Villareal. Oh gosh...Luna is involved with someone? Who?


    Ali gets an embarassed moodlet. Does this mean that Jeb is single again? Oh gosh, she really thought they would hit it off.


    When she gets home, she gets another pop-up about Luna and Jeb. Aha! They must have worked things out.


    When she gets home from school, Ali is in a bad mood and for some reason wants to invite Noah over. Ali, you have computer won't be able to spend much time together. Um, yeah, maybe that's a good thing, because she is enraged due to a mood swing.


    She heads to the restroom (to take an angry poop) to try to get rid of this angry mood before Noah comes for a visit.


    Oh no! Now her toilet is broken!


    Well, that doesn't help, but she has to leave for Computer Club, so she just walks past Noah without even saying anything to him. Look at that walk of hers! Oh Ali...the hormones are raging today.

    When she returns from Computer Club, Noah is gone. Do you blame the poor guy? Ali is still angry, so have her try to calm herself down in the mirror. That seems to help. Maybe a change of scenery would do the trick, so she heads to ThriftTea.


    And while there, she gets yet another pop-up from Jeb. Wow! The guy works fast!

    Ali does a lifestyle review on the microphone in ThirftTea and also the chess set in the park across the street.


    While she is writing her review, a teen she hadn't seen before, Takumi Sasaki, sits down beside her. She glances at him, and boom, suddenly feels all hot and bothered. Yes, Ali has a crush on him!



    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Ali has a good day at school on Wednesdsayl, and decides to attend the Exam Prep session.


    Afterwards, Ali calls Jacob Volkov to meet her there. Ali wants to apologize to him for the snaffu with the prom last week. She doesn't want any bad feelings between them. When Ali apologizes, Jacob doesn't seem upset with her at all, which is quite different from the reaction she got from Jeb. Um...In fact, Jacob is quite smitten with is very smitten with him, too. They both have a crush on each other!!! And the way Jacob is looking at her with his puppy-dog eyes...well, it makes her heart go all pitter-patter. Could this be true love? (Note: This is the first time that both Ali and another sim have had a mutual crush on each other!)


    Ali was going to try to match Jacob up with someone because she has a lot of pink in her relationship with Wolfgang. But the way Ali is feeling right now, maybe Jacob is the sim she is meant to be with.


    Oh gosh, and while she is talking to Jacob, her other crush, Wolfgang, comes towards her. Oh gee...what should she do? Ali takes a chance and decides that she and Wolfgang will just be friends. And Wolfgang seems to be okay with that. She is still best friends with Wolfgang...that hasn't changed...but maybe, for now, she needs to be with someone else. Who knows what the future will bring?



    After Jacob departs, Ali gives Wolfgang a hug and then heads down to the computer room and enters a novice tournament. She hopes she did the right thing.



    And it seems that things are alright between Ali and Wolfgang because he follows her down to the computer room, sits down beside her, and plays some games himself.



    And even though Ali didn't win at Blickblock, at least she and Wolfgang are still friends and there aren't any bad feelings between them.
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    edited November 2022
    Day 33 - Thursday - Week 4 & Day 34 - Friday

    Thursday, and I decide to join Ali at school. She gets this pop-up. What? Had she accidentally set Jacob up with Darling Walsh? Noooo! Oh this is a disaster! {Oops! I think the Watcher may have done this by accident.]


    Ali was going to ask Jacob to prom. But she doesn't have a promposal sign...maybe she can just ask him to go to prom...or go to prom as friends. Oh...this is terrible!


    Oh wait! Is that the cute guy, Takumi, that she met at ThriftTea last night? Maybe he'll go to prom with her.


    Ali sees Wolfgang at lunch and he banters with her. Ali still has feelings for Wolfgang, and can't deny that she still has a major crush on him and is having a hard time getting over him. Maybe she made a terrible mistake asking him to be friends. Maybe she should ask him to the prom. But what if he says no? Oh what a mess she has created! Her mind and her hormones are just in chaos right now.


    And as the day ends and she heads to Computer Club, Ali has not asked anyone to prom, and no-one has asked her. :(



    Well at least she got some good news and has been promoted on the computer team! Woot!

    Ali decides to head to ThiftTea and get help with her homework, and when she arrives...oh my gosh...Jacob is there, too. It's now or never, and Ali gets up the nerve to ask Jacob to the prom. With no promposal sign, she just asks him and holds her breath.


    And yes! He wants to go with her!


    Ali is soooo happy!


    Ali starts her homework feeling better and she sees Takumi approach her table. Um...oh no...he wants to go to prom with her as friends. Why didn't you ask her at school, Takumi? Ali looks at his face and can't turn Takumi down the night before exams, so she tells Takumi that she will go with him. ALI! What are you thinking? You now have two prom dates!!


    Ali needs some air and heads outside, only to be followed by both Jacob and Takumi. Look at Jacob giving Takumi the eye, like, are you having thoughts about Ali, dude...because it's not going to happen.


    After Takumi leaves, she chats a bit more with Jacob and finds out he's a vegetarian and is very outgoing. (Note: He's also a werewolf, but Ali doesn't know this yet.) All she can think about is Jacob, and all Jacob can think about is sports cars? Um...okay then. Ali then heads home.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    It's Friday, exam day, but first Ali has to head to her Simfluencer job. She decides to work from home, and since she hasn't created an outfit in awhile, heads to ThirtTea and creates a preppy look.

    When she does, she suddenly gets a pop-up that she has been promoted to Mega-Simfluencer! Yes! She is now at the top of her career!


    Since this is the last step in the Goal Oriented Teen Aspiration, Ali completes that aspiration. Yes! Congrats Ali!


    What a great way to start the day! Because Ali has now completed the Goal Oriented Teen Aspiration, this will be the last day of high school for her. She will have a birthday party on Sunday and age-up to Young Adult and then apply to uni.

    During her first exam, Takumi wants to become her new BFF. Oh gosh, this is getting serious. She really has to talk to him after exams, but in the meantime, she tells him she will be his new BFF. Maybe this will help her get over her crush with Wolfgang.


    At lunch, she wants to smooth things over with Noah for just leaving him at her house the other night. He totally understands and all is good between them.


    Ali heads to the cafeteria, and while there, meets a sim named Haych Ausage. Wow! He's a hottie! And you guessed it, Ali now has a crush on Haych! He is loyal and a green fiend.



    Ali heads off to her second exam, and during the exam, Haych wants to be her new BFF! Um, what? She just became new BFF's with Takumi...but alright, sure, you can be my new BFF.


    Ali did pretty well on her exams and after exams, Takumi chats with her. Ali decides that she has to tell him that she can't go to prom with him. It's the right thing to do.

    Oh my gosh! She didn't realize that Takumi would take it so hard. He's crying! Oh...Takumi, I'm so sorry.



    What a day Ali had. There is a Cheer competition, but Ali decides to skip that. On her way to her locker, she sees Greta Laurent and tells her about Takumi. Maybe she and Takumi will hit it off.


    Ali decides to head home. Her moodlets and hormone swings have been out of control lately. Um, yeah, that's an understatement, Ali!
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    Day 35 - Week 4 - Saturday

    It's Ali's last weekend as a teen, so she decides to join Scouts and quit Computer Club. Scouts is an after-school weekend activity and I figure she can earn whatever badges she can in Scouts before her birthday party tomorrow. The day is dark and cloudy and it's Talk Like a Pirate Day.


    I was going to have her keep her job as a Simfluencer until she started university, but I guess it conflicted with Scouts, and the game automatically had her quit her job, too. Oh well.


    She gets a pop-up that Akira Kibo wants to purchase her preppy outfit at $50,190 simoleons! Woot!


    And Mayor Whiskers, who is a cat, wants to purchase one of her paintings on plopsy! She didn't know that cats had simoleons.


    But the very best call she got in the morning was from Jacob, who asked her on a date. She had to decline because it was in Windenburg, but this just made her day. Of course, she'll see him at prom tonight, so it's still good.


    Even though it's Ali's last weekend as a teen in high school, she still does her homework. Ali then changes into her Scout uniform. She looks pretty good. There is a leaf pile near her house that is stinky, so she decides to burn the leaves to get rid of the smell. Oh gosh! Her outdoor skills are sadly lacking as she nearly sets fire to herself!


    Maybe she should try something she knows, like fishing. Much better and she earns that badge. She also donates all those mounted fish she's been carrying around in her personal inventory to charity for another badge.


    When she arrives back from Scouts, she got promoted to Griffon Scout! Way to go Ali!


    It's now after 4pm and prom starts at 7pm. She decides to do some paintings for another badge. She gets another notification that she has been promoted to Unicorn Scout and gets a bronze trophy! Yes!


    Time to get ready for prom. Thank goodness she already bought her dress! teehee

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    At promptly 7pm, Ali is whisked away to the prom. I am determined that she will get a gold reward this time! Ali grabs a drink.


    And thank goodness one of the prom party goals is to eat something because she is starving.


    She heads over to the dance floor and she and Jacob sit down together. She finds out that his favorite color is green! Just like hers! He looks so good in that shirt and bowtie.


    After dancing, gossiping and talking to a lot of sims, it's time for the Prom Royalty Presentation. Ali voted for Hugo Villareal for Jester, and, of course, Jacob for prom royalty. And they both won!


    Ali asks Jacob to take a photo with her in the photo booth...a romantic photo!!


    I guess it was a good photo, because she gets this moodlet! lol


    Jacob might be prom royalty, but he never forgot who he was there with. Ali and Jacob dance a sweetheart dance together. The night couldn't be more perfect, and Ali gets that gold reward! Yes!



    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    But the night isn't over yet, and her friend Liam invites her to an after-prom party. Ali accepts and invites a bunch of friends.



    Ali asks Jacob to go on a romantic ride with her in the cuddle carts (no mess around option, probably because they haven't kissed yet). Here goes nothing! On the ride, there are some cheesy props, and Ali wonders if she should just joke about it all or try to put a flirty spin on this cheesy ride?


    Ali decides to go for the flirty spin, and Jacob loves this playful side of her. Oh gosh, and they have gained even more romance between them!


    After the ride, Ali and Jacob can't keep their eyes off of each other.


    And Ali herself is swooning....yes, swooning over Jacob. Ali has never felt this way about another sim like she is feeling with Jacob.


    And, as is tradition, Ali plays a song on the guitar and gets tips from her friends.


    Some of them start to head home, but she and Wolfgang head to play chess together. As they play chess, Ali knows that Wolfgang will always be a special sim to her.


    It's time for Ali to head home, too, and she says goodbye to Jacob and gives Wolfgang some props. What a perfect night. Sweet dreams, Ali. :heart:

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    Day 36 - Week 5 - Sunday

    Last night might have been THE perfect night for Ali, but the same can't be said for a few other sims. For some reason, she has a bit of pink with Noah Kane, Kevin Puri and Rohan Elderberry, and they are all upset with her for not inviting them to prom, and Ali is upset that they didn't ask her. Um...well...Ali...did you really want to go to prom with someone else? Think about it! Um, no...yeah, I thought so. Well, Ali will have to fix this before her birthday party, and hopefully won't get any more crushes on a sim between now and then. (I really hope that when she becomes a Young Adult that all these crushes end. It is soo crazy.)




    To clear her mind of all this drama, Ali goes for a jog in the neighborhood. She is also trying to work on her fitness badge. And oh gee...she doesn't quite make it to the restroom in time. Oops!


    After making it home and using the toilet and taking a tepid shower, she decides to start applying for uni scholarships. And holy! Ali has a lot she can apply for. Of course she applies for them all! (I couldn't get them all to fit in one screenie, so after the SuperScout is the Copperdale Resident.)


    She then gets a call from Jacob to come to the flea market in San Myshuno with him. Ahhh...two days in a row he calls her, but unfortunately Ali must decline.


    Once she has filled out all the scholarship info, she decides to call Kevin and Noah to try to apologize for the prom snaffu. She also does a bit of decorating for her birthday party. She was able to smooth things over with them. She then calls Rohan, but he appears at the same time she has to leave for Scouts, so she will have to make amends with Rohan another time.


    She is back from Scouts, and has been promoted to Pegasus Scout and also earned a Silver Scout Award. She takes a selfie in her Scout uniform, as this is the last time we'll see her in this.


    She then heads inside and bakes her own birthday cake! She decides on a hamburger cake. She immediately sets it out and places candles on it.


    She also makes some fruit salad and puts out any food that is not spoiled. Turns out she has a lot of cheese. Well, that should hold everyone until the caterer prepares something.


    Then she plans her social event, and the place looks great. A lot of the same items she used from her Spooky Party, with a few new items. I also enlarged a photo of her and placed it at the front of the lot.


    The music is playing and the party has started! Woot!


    And the party goals this time are to play a game together! Yes! Cards anyone?


    And let's not forget that slow dance with her crush, Jacob.


    Everyone is having a great time.


    Liam is listening to the violinist.


    Ali orders a round of drinks.




    It's time to blow out the candles, and Ali summons everyone around. But there is one thing that she wants to do before she ages up, and that is to have a first kiss with Jacob.


    And right after that first kiss, Jacob blew Ali a kiss. I guess that was a signal, and she blows out her candles. Ooboo Vroose Baa Dooo! (Happy Birthday)


    Her new trait is Loves Outdoors, and the new Academic Aspiration for uni. She has now quit Scouts and has graduated high school.



    And she graduated high school with Honors. Congrats Ali!


    Cake time! And Jacob and Ali make a great pair when they're eating. Jacob wolfing down his food, and Ali with her glutton trait! lol



    The party is over and she gets gold! Yes! And a new dresser.


    There are a lot of gifts that were left for her, and she opens one of them. Oh my gosh! Not the gift she was looking for! Some prankster obviously put that in the pile! (She got a large pet poop!)


    Most of the guests have left, except her three closest friends, Kiyoshi, Wolfgang and Jeb. They wish her happy birthday one more time and then head off together.


    Ali thought that everyone had left, and as she rounded the corner, someone was waiting for her. Jacob! He was still there!

    Jacob took her over to a brand new cake that had birthday candles on it and told her that it was his birthday, too! Before she could say anything, he blew out the candles and aged up to Young Adult, too. (I temporarily moved Jacob in with Ali just for the age-up. I used the randomizer for his trait and it came up loyal. How fitting.).



    Now this was really special, and I could not believe this happened...but the moment that Jacob aged up, he went over to Ali and autonomously gave her a red rose. Wow! These two are really in love.


    After eating more cake and cleaning up, Jacob and Ali head inside to sit down. Jacob needed to tell Ali something.


    Jacob: "Ali, I've never met anyone like you before, and I feel we have just started our journey together. But I need to tell you something, and I will understand if you don't want to see me anymore..."

    Ali: "Jacob, what is it?"

    Jacob stood up and held Ali's hands in his::"Do you ever feel like a misfit? Like everything inside you is dark and twisted?"*


    Ali: "Jacob, are you trying to tell me that you're somehow different? It's okay to be different, you know, 'cause so am I...we all are...and that's what makes up our Simworld. And yes, I kind of feel all dark and twisted inside sometimes, sometimes I can't help it and I get angry over yeah...I understand those feelings and feel like I'm different..." (Ali's hot-headed trait).

    Jacob: "Yeah, I know you're different, Ali...but different in a very special way. I haven't told anyone this before, so, I'm just going to spit it right out and tell you that...that I'm a werewolf. I wasn't always one, but I was bitten and now I am. And when there is a full moon, I have no control and I change. But I am not a bad werewolf, my adopted father believes that we need to embrace our simselves, and try to control the beast within. There are ways, you know, to do that, and I try every full moon. There are a lot of stereotypes about werewolves, so I do understand if this is all too much for you..."


    Ali kissed Jacob's hands and looked into his eyes: "Jacob...I can see how you act everyday, and that's what counts. And as far as stereotypes...I like to form my own opinions about sims...and It doesn't matter to me whether you are a werewolf or not...because I...I like being around you."

    (I actually had Jacob ask Ali for Werewolf Sympathy and I guess she was alright with werewolves, so, yeah, Jacob is so happy about that and he got some Werewolf Diplomacy because of it.)


    Jacob:"Ah, Ali...I like being around you, too...actually more than "just like" being around you...I have feelings for you, Ali..."

    Ali answered shyly: "I have feelings for you, too, Jacob..."

    Jacob smiled, "I'm so glad you feel this way. I've gotta go, though, but I'll see you at graduation...Happy Birthday, again, Ali!"

    And with that, Jacob gave Ali an autonomous kiss on the cheek good night and left for home. sweet. (I then moved him back with his family in Moonwood Mill. I am so happy that I decided to have Ali go forward with Jacob. Things were never like this between Wolfgang and her. Jacob really is the one for her!)


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    I wasn't going to get into a story in this challenge, but just added a little bit of dialogue when Jacob had to tell Ali he was a werewolf. And, of course, had to tie-in a song with that revelation. Enjoy :)

    *Lyrics from the song, "So Am I", by Ava Max, 2019.
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    Hi @SoulGal7 @mcrudd and all, it's fun to see this challenge in action :)
    SoulGal, interesting to read your experiences with Trendi so far. I have found that mixing styles in a single outfit doesn't seem to create any obvious problems. The outfit gets labeled with one of the style types used.
    But, even with my fashionista alien sim who has Entreprenurial skill 4 and a lot of followers, I find that "promote current look" always fails, and "hype outfit" almost always fails even when directed at a sim who definitely likes the designated fashion style of the outfit.
    When you said that mixing styles doesn't work, did you mean that mixing styles interferes with the ability to build hype? Or if not, what did you mean? What fails, when you mix styles in a single outfit?
    Also when you "promote current look" 17 times or 30 times or whatever, do you ever get the fail message? "hype has decreased" or something like that?

    thanks for any help you can provide :)

  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 3,332 Member
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    @mightysprite -
    Thank you so much for reading our stories.

    I'm not an expert on Trendi by any means, but I just found that if you stick with the same style, your chance of success is higher. So that is why when I created an outfit, I chose all of the same style. When I click the "promote current look" button to get it to Hot and then Fire, I only look at the item in her personal inventory, and then once it gets to Fire, I have her sell it. In the beginning, I couldn't get it to Fire, probably because I didn't have many Social Bunny followers. I do believe that these two are tied in somehow. So, she may have gotten a notice that interest has decreased, but I just ignore that and keep hitting the button. I don't think I've ever gotten a fail message, but, again, I never look at those messages and just keep promoting it. I also try to choose rare or very rare items in the outfit.

    I know when I created her first outfit, I priced it too high and it didn't sell, so I had to sell it at a different price. That was a fail, I guess! lol

    I did read one article on Trendi, and that is where I got the info to stick to a certain style. Here is the LINK if you want to read it. There are also much more in-dept youtube videos on Trendi as well.

    I hope that helps. Again, not an expert here! lol Just trying to have my poor sim make some simoleons. And now that she has the entrepreneurial level 5 and a ton of followers, it seems too easy now to make simoleons in Trendi. I mean the last outfit she got over $50K for it. I might have her make one other outfit, but then I will stop because I really don't want her to get too rich. I have even contemplated starting rags to riches again when she hits uni. lol I just love that playstyle.
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