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Educated teen run away challenge

mcruddmcrudd Posts: 10,530 Member
Educated teen run away challenge

Goal is to complete High school with a graduation with honours then enrol into university and complete the Academic aspiration. Have a house by the time you start your first job after university. A house has to have at least one bedroom, one bathroom, one kitchen and one lounge, if it’s bigger, it’s a bonus ;)

Start with a Teen sim

Aging on long ( we want to have fun not stress and feel chased so we don't enjoy the challenge)

Academic aspiration and any traits you want to pick

Move into Little Falls Nook in Copperdale

Place a little tent if you don’t have the pack you can place the cheapest single bed and build a 3x2 wall around it and place the cheapest door. This is to protect your sim from seasons, if you don’t have seasons then you can just have the empty lot and sleep on benches.

Testingcheats true and then Money 0

Follow to school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Go to the old style school Tuesday and Thursday (sent alone) this is to work around the progress bug we currently have in Highschool ;)

Only stay in Copperdale until you can go to university.

Not allowed in houses and other worlds but can use community lots including the High school

No jobs, but can collect collectables and sell until you can make your own money with crafts you purchase eg easel or knitting basket. I have edited Totter Park by adding a pond and a few seasonal fruit trees as there is almost no collectables in Copperdale.

No cheats for needs, but can use aspiration rewards if you want too

Gameplay options is up to personal preference. I will be disabling dust, the wants and fears and celebrity status.

We might adjust the rules as we play this as I did a quick play through with cheats to see if it can be done, it will be hard without cheating but I am sure we can achieve this with aging long. As with all my challenges, this needs to be fun for you, so if you need to adjust the rules to make it more fun for you feel free to do so.

This is my sim Miranda
Her money is set to 0 after I gave her the little tent to sleep in to keep her save from season deaths

Here is Totter park with little edits.

Added a pond and then a fruit tree from each season, added a grill (to grill fish you catch) added a shower in the toilets so you don't have to travel all the way to the Highschool since there are no gyms in Copperdale.

I hope you guys will enjoy this, I am starting this soon, not today though, I did the testing and setting up today ;)


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