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Educated teen run away challenge


  • NRoweNRowe Posts: 7,346 Member
    Checking in. Made a blog with Lindsay’s adventures and a dedicated forum thread. Both embarrassingly under construction and lacking, but it’s a start.

    Meanwhile Lindsay is enjoying as normal a life as she can. Cheerleading, prom, Geek con.
    Deciding on arcs for her story now. And while school is all fine and well I can hardly wait for her to grow up.
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 3,258 Member
    Day 45 - Week 7 - Tuesday & Day 46 - Wednesday & Day 47 - Thursday

    Tuesday and the day literally flew by with Ali having three classes. It also might be because this is where I went around the world and aged-up all those teens. (I had to go into each household to do so...took awhile.)

    She did complete an Aspiration today. The Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration when she bred and sold a frog. Yes! Never underestimate the power of frog breeding! lol


    And because she has been talking to so many new sims, she has maxed the charisma skill.


    She sees Wolfgang and Luna on campus! Woot! She did suggest to Wolfgang that he get to know Kaori a bit better. Of course, it might be a long-distance relationship if they start dating. And Ali tried to get Luna and Jeb together again. And Luna keeps telling Ali that Jeb already has someone. What? Could Jeb still have feelings for Ali? Oh Jeb...stop pining over Ali...she has moved on...please, please, please, move on, too and get with Luna. (I will definitely have to see who Jeb is interested in next time I am in game).


    Off to soccer, and then Ali came back to UBrite Commons for the "Cram for Exam" night. There didn't seem to be a lot of sims there, so Ali used the ERAM and researched methodologies.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    It's Wednesday, Ali has a lighter load. After her class, she heads to UBrite Commons again and sits outside to do her homework. She still has to finish her homework from yesterday! She is joined by one of her roomies, Kentaro, who is studying Biology.


    Later in the day, she heads inside, and it must be a Debate Team gathering (4-8PM). But Ali can't really join any other organizations, and heads to the ERAM machine to research methodologies again. But wait...the Debate Team would help her with her Research and Debate skill, right? No! No, no, no, what is Ali thinking? She can't even keep up with what she has going on. She is still supposed to do some painting for her Art Society and also practice violin for her class. Remember the violin? She hasn't practiced since she came here. Oh, and let's not forget that she still has to study for her finals. Oh my gosh! So much to do! Who has time? Ugh!


    And off to soccer practice, where she does a good practice. When she's done, she is famished. Thank goodness the cafeteria at UBrite Commons is still open and she grabs some fish tacos.



    While Ali is doing her homework, she gets a desperate call from one of her roomies. What? Am I the only roommate out of 8 other potential roommates that you can call? Alright, she'll go back to the dorm. She is pretty tired anyway.


    Oops! Okay, well, her roomie might have to wait a bit longer while she takes a quick nap on the floor. (cover shot) This schedule is really tiring poor Ali out!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    It's Thursday and the loud screeching of violin practice wakes Ali up. Well, it seems that some of her other roomies have decided to practice violin this morning. A few roomies are definitely not happy about it.


    It's Ali's busy day again. Thank goodness this schedule changes next week because this is intense! Apparently, her professors are encouraging her to attend some lectures on campus. That sounds interesting, but her soccer practice conflicts with the lecture times, so this might be Ali's last week on the soccer team as well. She should be fine financially because she does have a lot of other scholarships.

    Ali had bought a few items for her room, and she has spruced it up a bit. There is her Arts Society poster. Maybe she should just join the other organizations for a day just to get the free posters! lol



    And as Ali was leaving for her first class, she sees some type of note on the floor. Was that note meant for her or her roommate? She quickly reads it.




    What the....? Which of her roomies would leave another roomie such a note? Ali is so upset and has to head to class with an angry moodlet. Lesson learned. Last time I have Ali read any of those notes on the floor. Geez!

    She manages to get through those three classes, and then practices her juggling.


    She does her dance homework, and maxes her Dance Skill. Yes! Oh, she'll be ready for all those slow dances with Jacob now! Ooh-la-la!


    The lectures run from 5 - 7pm, and Ali's soccer practice starts at 6pm, so she is going to attend one. Yeah, she'll be late for practice, but she needs to attend these lectures, too! The lecture costs $40 simoleons, and she can afford it.



    The lecture was interesting and then Ali runs off to soccer practice, and she also gets this pop-up about Kaori. Oh geez...who is Kaori seeing now? It can't be Kiyoshi, because he's with Greta.


    After soccer practice, Ali was going to continue on her homework, but discovered...ack! she must have lost it! She heads to the uni kiosk.

    Ali: "Oh, hi, I seem to have lost my homework book. Did anyone turn it in? No? I purchase another one?" Yep, she does, in fact I have her purchase 2. No idea where her homework book disappeared to. We certainly can't have this happen the night before exams! It only costs $2 simoleons, so well worth it.


    She got rather inspired by purchasing the homework book, and decides to do a surrealism painting for the Art Society. Good thinking, Ali.


    It is Poetry and Tea Night at UBrite Commons, so Ali decides to head to downtown Britechester to Laurel library. She needs to study and won't get distracted at the library like she might here. And her hunky roomie follows her again. Maybe he wants to study with her? Okay fine, but we're not even in the same program.


    In a frantic last-ditch attempt, Ali e-mails her professors to see how she is doing. Um...Ali...maybe you should have done that before now! lol



    Oh gosh, violin class...she decides she better practice to try to get some skill up.


    She is still bad. Is that why everyone on Social Bunny keeps telling her to take up guitar? Maybe they are trying to be nice and tell her that the violin is just not for her. Yeah, maybe that's true, but she still has this course to pass. Ugh!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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    Wow Ali and I thought Lindsay was busy!!! B)
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 3,258 Member
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    Day 48 - Week 7 - Friday & Day 49 - Saturday

    It's exam day and in the morning Ali is suddenly hit with nerves. Why didn't she study harder? Why didn't she practice her violin more? Why didn't she e-mail her professors sooner? Her mind is mush right now so she just has to get through it.


    And then Ali gets the notice that final exams are in an hour, and she really freaks out. She has to go!


    She passes the UBrite statue, which has been pranked again, Ali remembers reading something on the ERAM about an urban legend and placing an offering beneath this statue for academic success. She stops for a moment and places an apple in front of the statue, and it disappears! Wow! Well, Ali has no time to figure out what happened to that apple, and has to run, yes, run very fast, to her final exam. But she feels more focused now, and makes it in time! Phew!


    She felt she did rather well, and then sits on a nearby bench and looks through her Fine Arts textbook and studies her soccer plays. Now she just has to wait for her grades to be posted.


    While Ali is sitting there, she gets a call from Wolfgang who invites her to the Spice Festival. Thanks, Wolfgang, but Ali has soccer practice tonight.


    And around 4pm, she gets a notice that her Term 1 grades have been posted. And....oh my gosh, Ali! You got an A+! Congrats Ali! And then it's time to choose her courses for Term 2. And the same as last time, 3 core courses, and 1 elective. I chose a Wellness elective course for her. She doesn't have any wellness skill, but maybe it will help her relax. [I did a little reno of UBrite Commons, and at the back added a basketball court, a yoga mat, and an easel. Inside, I added a tv and gaming console, a guitar, a coffee, tea and popcorn station, and a vending machine.]


    She is going to live in the same dorm, although it is a bit more expensive than last term...probably because I did those kitchen renos.


    And she still pays nothing. After her game on Saturday night, she is going to quit soccer.


    And she's off to soccer practice and during her game she tries to steal the ball to score a goal. She doesn't get the goal and returns home with a soccer injury. Oh, Ali. :(


    Afterwards, she heads back to her dorm, and starts on her homework.


    Nothing like having a little snack with her roomies! Yes, it's spoiled, but Ali eats it anyway. Maybe her hunky roomie is a glutton, too, as he is eating it as well.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Saturday, and her hunky roomie is part of the Debate Team and wants Ali to give it a go. Well, she was trying to get her presentation done, but, okay.



    Oh and they even give Ali a debate jacket to participate. She looks so good.


    And they pair Ali with a seasoned debater. Oh gosh!


    Ali gives it her all, but, just not good enough to win the debate. Egads! How embarrassing, but she's not giving up and challenges Youssef, her hunky roomie, to a debate challenge.


    What? Youssef is yawning at her argument! I never....!!!!


    And she wins! Ha! Don't tell me you know anything about cowplants!


    Ali then heads to UBrite Commons for some lunch, and...Jacob arrives! He is in his Foxbury spiritwear and he's here for her game tonight. He congratulated Ali on her Term 1 grades. (Note: I'm just pretending that Jacob went to Foxbury in the Biology program, so that's why he has Foxbury colors on).


    And pretty soon it's time for the pre-game activities, so they head over to the gathering at the quad. And Ali asks Jacob if he can do a keg stand with her.


    Oh don't you drop her Jacob!



    Yes! Jacob you are the dude!



    And those mascots are fighting again, and Ali makes a quick get-away and heads off to the game.


    During her game, she scores a goal! Woot!



    But, it's just not enough for her team to win the match. Ah...too bad. She is rather sad now that she lost.


    There is a Mixer at UBrite Commons after the game, and she heads there. Apparently a lot of her old school friends bought tickets to her game, as well! She was so happy to see everyone.


    Ali does the Britechester cheer!


    Liam and Morgan really aren't interested in cheering. Um, yeah! lol


    She challenges Jacob to a hoops competition.


    Oh gosh! Jacob is really good.


    Afterwards, Jacob thanks Ali for inviting him to her game, and then asks her if she had plans for Harvestfest.

    Jacob: "Ali, I'd really like you to come to Moonwood Mill for Harvestfest and meet my family. My adopted father has been asking me a lot of questions about you. You could stay the weekend. There's an extra bed, so staying over wouldn't be a problem. And then I could show you around... So, what do you think?"

    Ali: "You're asking me to meet your family and spend Harvestfest with you?"

    Jacob smiled at her: "Yeah...I am..."

    Ali: "Oh gosh, Jacob! Yes! I'd love to."


    Jacob: "I'm so happy Ali. I'll see you after exams on Friday. There's a train leaving for Moonwood Mill then."

    And with that Jacob gave Ali an autonomous kiss on the cheek and bid her goodnight. (I really think that Jacob is a secret romantic. He is always doing autonomous romantic interactions with Ali. So sweet.)


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Even though Harvestfest is a holiday, it is not a holiday for uni students. So, I will create another Harvestfest holiday after Ali finishes exams. With her reward traits, I also gave her the Always Welcome trait, so that she can cook the Harvestfest meal when she is visiting Jacob and his family for the weekend.
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    Yes, Ali does look good in her debate jacket. The roommate looks dubious at best and disgusted at worst over that omelet.
    Very sweet of Jacob, I hope they have a good time over the holidays.
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 3,398 Member
    Yeah, I think Jacob's secret werewolf senses gave him a hint that it was time to make his presence known a bit ;)
    Good luck Ali, meeting Jacob's family!

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  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 10,518 Member
    Hi guys I am still around. Enjoying your adventures <3 still no laptop although I might know what is wrong. Should be an easy fix if my friend is right.
  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 10,518 Member
    Good news, busy reinstalling my sims. Won't get time to play today, but will try and get my ea folder off the external harddrive and try tomorrow ;)
  • NRoweNRowe Posts: 7,346 Member
    That is good news mcrudd. Hope it goes smoothly.
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 3,258 Member
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    Week 8 - Sunday - Day 50- Thursday - Day 54

    Ali quits the soccer team and participates in an Art Society Event from 10am - 2pm.


    And while there she gets promoted to a Seasoned Member.


    She also gets a notice that another one of her roomies has locked themselves out. Okay, well, sorry, she can't come right now, you'll have to call someone else.


    Ali then works on some homework, and starts on her term paper.


    Her class schedule for Term 2 is as follows.

    Framing The Shot (Presentation)
    M-W-F 11AM - 12:25PM

    Andante/Allegro: Finding Your Musical Speed (Final Exam)
    M-W-F 3PM - 4:25PM

    There's An Aperture For That (Final Exam)
    T-TH 9:30AM - 10:55AM

    Visualizing Wellness (Term Paper)
    T-TH 3PM - 4:25PM

    The week pretty much goes the same everyday, so these are just some highlights.

    Because she isn't in soccer anymore, she was able to attend those guest lectures needed for the aspiration.



    She paints for her Art Society requirements at UBrite Commons, and eureka! paints a masterpiece. Way to go Ali! She also does some yoga exercises (daily photo) for her Wellness course.


    She works on her research skill. If you research in a certain subject, like painting, you get skill points in both painting and research and debate. This is what she does to get both up.


    With those three lectures done, and her research and debate skill at level 5, she has now completed the Bright-Eyed Student Milestone.


    Her roomies seem excited to see her...and is this the student who keeps losing his key?

    Then she had to tutor some students, and completed that as well. And she made some simoleons from it. The great thing about tutoring students is that it can be done at anytime 24 hours a day. She tutors students in the skills she has maxed, which are dance, photography, entrepreneurial skill and charisma (2x).




    While she is studying for exams waiting for her class to begin, she gets a pop-up from Bob Pancakes. Oh no no no!


    Ali lets Bob down gently and says they should just be friends.


    And she finishes her tutoring on Thursday, and has also reached level 6 in research and debate. She e-mails her professors the night before exams. Oh, Ali, why can't you do this before then?



    Back at her dorm, Ali heads into someone else's room to study for her exams. Not sure why she didn't go to her own room. She is hoping to do well in her exams again.

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    @mcrudd - Oh I am so happy that you got your laptop fixed. Hope we will be able to see Miranda's stories again soon :)

    @mightysprite - Thanks for reading my updates. I have been working behind-the-scenes on a build in Moonwood Mill, and things are going to heat up between Ali and Jacob this weekend! So excited.

    @NRowe - Thank you for reading my updates. If Ali wasn't already involved with Jacob, I would have her and Youssef get together since he always seems to be around her. Youssef has an Adoring Sentiment for her, which is kind of cute.
  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,892 Member
    @SoulGal7 Great job Ali, keep going! (Can’t wait to see your Moonwood mills build)

    @mcrudd The machine lives!!! So happy for you
  • NRoweNRowe Posts: 7,346 Member
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    @SoulGal7 Young Bob looks so funny. (My other blog from way back was him, Eliza and their daughters…). He clearly doesn’t know Ali that well though if he doesn’t realise she isn’t single. ;)

    Meanwhile Lindsay is days away from aging up to Young Adult and graduating Copperdale High.
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    Thank you @NRowe I hope it goes smoothly too LOL

    @SoulGal7 Ali is doing so well, she is working so hard at university she will be done with this challenge lickety split :) I am going to finally load my game after this post as well. I had some technical issues with the new ea app and my two new kits, only one installed, was on chat with help the last two days to fix the other one and it finally downloaded. So I tested all my mods and is ready to play now. Got my ea folder off the external harddrive :)

    @JojoMOMSTER I do hope the machine keeps living (touch wood) so far so good :)

    @all. Going to load my game now. My ea folder transferred successfully, just not sure where I am gameplay wise with Miranda since the blue screen came up during my game ;)
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    Okie dokie, I played one day to be on the safe side ;)

    Day 17 Wednesday.

    Miranda woke up super hungry and only 914 simoleons in the bank. She went to school then made some money with her outfits lots of money :D and by the time she went to bed she had 26589 simoleons ;) When I load the game again I should be able to add a nice kitchen. I did give her a nice bedroom with the new pastel kit we got from the first outfit she sold ;)
    Miranda woke up hungry just before she was due to go to school

    She grabbed a quick meal and then went to all her classes, she even went to the exam prep after school (forgot to take a pic of that)

    During her second class she got the notification that Vlad wants to buy her outfit. She went home after the exam prep to sell it.

    I then gave her a room more stuff and a new look

    Miranda painted a flirty painting and then went to go make another outfit

    She managed to get the outfit up to fire :)

    It sold before she even got to the grill to have some dinner

    She went home to sell it and then straight to bed very happy

    Still have the bug where even though she has sold the Trendi outfit she still showers and sleeps in it. I do hope they fix that soon.
  • NRoweNRowe Posts: 7,346 Member
    Miranda’s bedroom looks cute!

    What happens when Vlad and other males by the female outfits? Are they seen wearing them even though they’re flagged as feminine?
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 3,258 Member
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    Week 8 - Friday - Day 55

    It's exam day and Ali grabs some breakfast at the UBrite Commons. She repeats what she did last Friday, and places an apple under the UBrite statue. It disappeared again and she got focused! Yes! She still has some time, so she makes a last attempt at playing her violin and then it's off to her exams,


    And just like that, she is done exams. And now all she has to do is wait for her marks to post.


    And here we go! Woot! Ali, you are on a roll! A+ again! Yes!


    Ali is now on the last level of the Academic Aspiration.


    She picks her courses for Term 3, three core courses and 1 elective. This time I chose Xtreme Knitting for her. Might as well put that knitting basket to good use.


    Ali stays in the same residence, because I'm boring. lol


    And she pays nothing again.


    Ali heads back to the dorm to pack her suitcase and works on her presentation while she waits for Jacob to arrive. And when Jacob does arrive, he is so happy to see her. They head off to the train station together.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    FUN BLOOPER! Alright, I think that Jacob might have a rival in this hunky roomie of Ali's who keeps following her, because he followed her to Moonwood Mill, too! I thought this was hilarious. But for story purposes, he's back at uni.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    It was already late when they arrived at the Volkov residence in Moonwood Mill. Jacob ushered Ali into the kitchen and introduced her to his adoptive father, Kristopher Volkov, and their friend, Lily Zhu. Both Kristopher and Lily immediately liked Ali.


    And with those introductions made, Ali completes the Friend of the World Aspiration! I guess meeting Jacob's adoptive father really IS a big thing!


    Jacob then excused himself and autonomously went into the living room and lit the fireplace.


    Ali joins Jacob in the living room and meets one of his other adoptive siblings, his brother, Kaiden. (Note: The original Volkov household has Kristopher, Lily and Jacob; however, the game decided to add some more siblings - 3 in fact - all boys! I didn't change anything about them, not even their names. I love that Kaiden has that hair with the braids in it.).


    Jacob then gave Ali a tour of the upstairs. He showed Ali his adoptive father's room, and then his old room, which now held an extra bed. He told Ali that he now slept off the living room in a bed there.


    Then Lily's room, which also held a basinet with his newest baby brother, Aiden. Apparently Aiden had a stinky diaper, but before Ali could react, Kristopher was there attending to the baby.


    They heard Lily calling them and headed down the stairs again. Lily had made some grilled cheese and Ali met Jacob's other brother, Brayden.


    They all sat in the living room together, and Ali excused herself for a moment to use the facilities. While she was gone, Kristopher spoke with Jacob.

    Kristopher: "Son, I can see it in your are indeed enamoured with Ali. Does she know about us, Jacob? What we are? Have you told her?"


    Jacob nodded his head, "Yes, father, I've already told her I was a werewolf, and it doesn't seem to bother her at all. She is...she is rather unique, father..."

    Kristopher: "Yes, I can see that. And from what you've told me, also very talented. You know, son, with her talent, she may get many job offers in places far away from here. I don't mean to pry, but have you discussed that? Have you told her of your feelings for her? Of a possible future together?"

    Jacob sighed: "We haven't really discussed the future, father. That is one of the reasons I invited Ali here for the weekend..."

    Kristopher: "Just remember your responsibilities, son, and that you are the heir apparent to the Moonwood Collective..."


    Jacob: "Yes, father." he replied and looked up when Ali entered.

    Kristopher: "Ali, please sit down and tell me more about yourself. Jacob told me that you met in high school and went to prom together. He still has that photo of the two of you around here somewhere..."

    After chatting for awhile, Kristopher said it was getting late and he had to be heading to bed. Jacob stood up and said he would show Ali where her room was.


    Jacob and Ali walked out: "It's actually a little cottage all by itself, with it's own bathroom. It used to be my adoptive sister, Rory's room. It's small, but cozy."

    Ali: "Oh, does Rory live somewhere else now?"

    Jacob: "Yes. Unfortunately, she and my adoptive father had a falling out. She formed her own wolfpack and is the alpha of the WildFangs. She lives in a trailer on the WildFangs hangout. We can go visit her tomorrow, if you like."

    Ali smiled, "Yes, I'd like to meet her."

    When they were just about to enter the cabin, Ali pulled Jacob aside for a moment and gave him an autonomous kiss on the cheek, "Jacob, thank you so much for inviting me here."


    Kristopher came up behind them and cleared his throat, "Oh, um, sorry to disturb you...I just wanted to ensure that you had enough warm blankets. This room hasn't been used in awhile..."

    Jacob: "It's alright father, I cleaned it up the last time I was here, and Lily was kind enough to put some fresh linens in the room before we arrived."

    Kristopher: "Well, then, all is in order. Have a good rest, Ali, and we'll see you in the morning."

    Jacob opened the door for Ali and they sat on the bed together and started chatting non-stop. Jacob told Ali about his term and how he was doing in his courses, and Ali told him about her grades and the Art Society. Jacob had brought some grilled cheese sandwich leftovers and they were munching on them.

    Ali stifled a yawn and Jacob looked at her, "I think that's my cue. It's too bad, I sort of wish I could spend the night with you..."


    Ali gave him a shocked look.

    Jacob saw her expression and realized what he had said, "Er...I know...talking...I just want to get to know you and want you to get to know me...I want you to see who I really know...all of me..."

    Ali looked up at Jacob then and saw something in his eyes when he gazed at her. Oh gosh, was Jacob...was he in love with her?


    They walked out together and Jacob held Ali's hand in his. "I'd better go. Ali, if you need anything, I'm right downstairs...okay?"

    Ali nodded. She looked at Jacob and felt like Jacob wanted to say something else, but he just smiled and bid her goodnight and headed towards the house.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Yes, I know the rules of the challenge state that we can't travel to other worlds; however, I felt that because it was a special occasion, like Harvestfest, that Ali would be invited to share this holiday with Jacob's family. I could have had Ali and Jacob move in a house together in Britechester and do Harvestfest there, but decided that she was just going to stay in the dorms for uni and unfortunately, Jacob can't live there with her.
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    NRowe wrote: »
    Miranda’s bedroom looks cute!

    What happens when Vlad and other males by the female outfits? Are they seen wearing them even though they’re flagged as feminine?

    Aww thank you <3 I am not very sure what will happen, I have seen several sims wearing outfits she has made, but not males so far ;)

    @SoulGal7 what a super duper awesim update <3 The whole visiting Jacob and him being a heir is so interesting, is very excited to see how that will play out. The rule for not visiting other worlds and sims were mostly for the beginning stage so your sim does not "cheat" by eating and sleeping in other sim's houses ;) Your gameplay so far is amazing and very interesting to read :)

    @all I am going to load my game now, a little nervous since while I was just browsing the forums and my laptop did freeze twice and I had to force shutdown, no blue screens though. I will just save very often while building her kitchen which is my next goal for the game.
  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 10,518 Member
    Oh wow my laptop froze just as I finished saving. I have now restarted it and hope that when I load my game I will be able to play one more sim day. I furnished the kitchen, just need to make more money for the expensive fridge ;)


    Wish me luck, if it freezes again then I might have to rethink using it while I know something is not right :/
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    Day 18 Thursday.

    Miranda is doing well, she only needs a lounge and then graduate to complete the first part of the challenge. She started the day with lots of money but after the kitchen build she had 3430 simoleons. She sold some paintings and ended the day with 4155 simoleons, not yet enough for the fridge and lounge. I am playing a very basic game so although Miranda has a crush on Kyoshi I am not playing specific with it right now, I don't trust my computer, so just a quick day play, I will see if I might do something in the future ;)
    School day went very well

    Miranda went to make another outfit and grab what will probably be her last grill dinner outdoors ;)

    She went home to tend to some basic needs and do a painting then straight to bed
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    @mcrudd have you cleared your game cache and repaired game?
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 3,398 Member
    edited November 26
    Hi @mcrudd glad your laptop is working at least a bit, hope you are able to get it fixed the rest of the way soon!

    @NRowe Sims of all genders definitely wear feminine outfits that my sim Mara has sold on Trendi.


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    I still haven't started >.< I load my game up and enter in CAS and just can't decide how I want my sim to look and traits and just get lost and exit before gameplay lol. This will be a sim I stick with for a bit, so I want to make sure I have fun with the challenge. But I also admit that I have a hard time sticking to a challenge >.< So lets see how this goes!!

    But I love checking in and seeing the progress updates :)
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    Owlenmoon is the house which most values creativity and wisdom. They're intellectual and introspective, and can find poetry in situations that may appear irrelevant to others. They're also good at making things more complicated than what they're supposed to be.

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    Sorry this is a bit long and picture heavy and includes some dialogue and reno screenies.

    Week 8 - Saturday - Harvestfest - Day 56

    It was Harvestfest and Ali was up early. She dressed in some casual clothes and headed outside and saw Jacob walking towards her.


    Jacob: "Ali! I was just about to come and wake you up. I would have come sooner but I was on breakfast duty. How did you sleep?"

    Ali told Jacob that she had slept very well. She looked around and noticed that there was quite a bit of activity going on and that the table had been moved outdoors.


    Jacob explained that since the weather was nice, his father had decided to move everything outdoors. As Jacob and Ali walked towards the kitchen, Ali passed some garden gnomes.


    Jacob saw Ali glance at them, "Oh don't worry, my father knows the secrets of the gnomes. They will get their treats..."

    Ali looked confused and Jacob explained that every Harvestfest the gnomes appeared and they gave them gifts, and in turn, the gnomes gave them garden seeds. He suggested that Ali offer some pie to the Don’t Fear the Reagnomper gnome. And it worked, and the gnome then had a little halo over it's head.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    After breakfast, Ali helped in the kitchen. There was a lot of chatting and cooking going on for sure.


    The tofurky meal had a few more hours to cook, and Jacob told Ali that he had to go somewhere before dinner.


    Jacob: "Ali, come with me."

    Ali: "Where are we going?"

    Jacob: "We're going to a sort of gathering spot. It's called the Moonwood Collective."

    Ali and Jacob walked a short distance to an area that had a garden and another area with a grill and a picnic table. Jacob explained that this area was his father's pack area, of which he was a member.

    Ali looked around and thought it felt rather peaceful there.

    Jacob: "But it's not just a place, Ali. It's what this space represents. It's a safe haven for any sim who wants to come here, from this community or anywhere else. It's where I first found my adoptive father. Each member has a responsibility to the pack, to each other and how they treat all sims. Our philosophy was passed down from my father's mother who stressed self-control and self-sufficiency. We help with many projects in the community and tending the community garden is just one of the things we do."

    Ali: "I could help with the gardening if you like. It sounds like a worthwhile group. only werewolves become members...because it sounds like something I'd be interested in joining. I sometimes have a problem with self-control, too. It's part of the reason I took a wellness course last term, to try and relax."


    Jacob smiled at her, "Maybe you could show me some of those wellness exercises. They might benefit the group, too. As far as joining...well, you could become a "Friend of the Moonwood Collective." We have a lot of non-werewolves who are. You should talk to my father about it. I'm sure he would welcome you into the group."

    Ali: "Then, it's possible? We could be part of this together? And maybe when those gnomes give us those seed packets, we could expand the garden even more. Has anyone ever thought of maybe building some type of shelter for the garden so that it could produce year round?"

    Jacob glanced at Ali in surprise and wondered how he had ever gotten so lucky to have found someone like her.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    After watering the garden, Ali met another sim named Wolfgang Wilder who would also be joining them for dinner.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    When they arrived back, Ali went into the kitchen and the feast was almost ready. She helped set the food on the table and brought out the tofurky.


    Then, she took a moment to change and when she returned, everyone was called to join in the Harvestfest meal together.


    There was so much food, and throughout the meal, other members of the community stopped by to share the feast. Ali noticed how Jacob greeted everyone and sat and made everyone welcome, but always took a moment to see how she was doing. She also noticed that he had changed into some other clothing. And he looked...well...he looked quite dashing in his vest and very handsome.


    After dinner when all the guests had left, Jacob sat with his father.

    Jacob: "Father, after I help you get the table back in the house, I was going to take Ali for a walk..."


    Kristopher nodded, "I won't wait up for you, son. It would be good for the two of you to talk alone. Just stay close to her, you know that these woods are sometimes not safe at night..."

    Jacob: "I would never let anything happen to her father. She'll be fine with me..."

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Once the table was back inside, Jacob and Ali headed off for a walk. They chatted along the way and then Jacob stopped on the pathway.

    Jacob: "Ali, there's a place I wanted to show you..." He said pointing to an abandoned house beside the road.


    Jacob: "It's a house that I've been fixing up in my spare time. It's not much now, but I have some real plans for it. Do you want to see inside?"


    Ali nodded and they carefully made their way to the backdoor. Jacob opened the door and they stepped inside. He told Ali to wait a moment while he lit some candles.

    Ali looked around, and even though the house was in disrepair, at least it had walls, doors and windows. Much more than she had started with when she had first moved to Copperdale.


    Jacob lit the fireplace and motioned Ali to sit down.

    Ali: "It's really nice, Jacob. I can see a lot of potential for the house. It could really be beautiful."

    Jacob looked at Ali, "That's what I was thinking, too. I figured that it was time that I moved into my own place," he said and reached over and took Ali's hand in his, "But the thing is, Ali, I don't want to live here alone. I was hoping...I was hoping that you and I could live here know...fix it up together...after we graduate..."


    Ali looked at Jacob and was rather speechless.

    Jacob: " know you have your house in Copperdale...but I was thinking that maybe you would want to be here with me..."

    Ali: "That house,'s not really was a burnt-out shell of a house, and I just fixed it up...I don't own it...I don't even own the land. After I graduated, I was going to go to the registry office and see how much the land cost and maybe purchase it for real...but that was before I met you...and so much has changed now..."

    Jacob looked at her, "So, what are you saying Ali?"

    Ali: "I'm saying Jacob that I'd love to live here and fix up this house with you..."

    Jacob smiled at her, "Well, it's actually more than that,'s a's not just the's about's about being with you...I care so much for you's hard for me to say what I'm feeling...but every day I find out something new about you, and you make me so happy, Ali...just being around warms my heart..."


    Ali felt Jacob's hand tighten on hers. Was he going to tell her? Was he going to tell her he loved her? But no, he loosened his grip and released her. Something was holding him back, and Ali didn't know what it was.

    Jacob waved his arm: "So, do you want a tour of the other rooms? This is the living room and kitchen area. Most of the other rooms are in the same state, but there is one room that I have been working on. I sometimes stay here overnight working on the house. It also gives me time to think about things."

    Jacob led Ali to the other rooms.



    And then he opened the door to the room he said he had been working on. Ali was not prepared for what she saw. The room had been completely re-done. Jacob told her that the bed had been here. He had just cleaned it up, purchased a new mattress, and Lily had hand-made the quilt for him. He had moved some of the other items from the house.


    Jacob: "It still needs some work. I just slung some tarps over the windows for now. But all the cracks have been filled in, and everything has been scrubbed clean and the room has a fresh coat of paint."


    Ali looked around and spied a photo of her and Jacob on the nightstand. Jacob saw where Ali was looking.

    Ali: "Is that our prom picture?"


    Jacob laughed, "Yeah, it was one of the best nights of my life..."

    Ali: "Of course it was. You won prom royalty!"

    Jacob: "That's not the reason..."

    Ali: "Oh?"

    Jacob: "No...that part didn't really matter. It was because I got to go to the prom with you, Ali. To spend time with you. That's what made that night special."

    Ali: "Really? I felt it was a special night, too, Jacob."

    They sat down on the bed together and Jacob looked at Ali tenderly.


    Jacob: "I want to have many more special nights with you, Ali, and that's why I brought you here."

    Ali was quiet.

    Jacob: "I was wondering if you would like to spend the night here...with's quiet and it would just be the two of us..."

    Ali suddenly felt nervous.


    Jacob: "'s not what you're thinking. I just wanted to be here with you. To lay with you in my fall asleep with my arms wrapped around hold you close and wake up and see your beautiful face in the morning. That's all...I just wanted to hold you...You can trust me, Ali..."


    Ali looked into Jacob's eyes, "I trust you, Jacob". And then she kissed him.


    Jacob looked at her: "So, is that a yes?"

    Ali, "Mmm...yes...yes..." she mumbled and kissed him again.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    This is a trash-filled reno of the New Moon Shack in Moonwood Mill. The basic structure remained the same. Lots of debug items.



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    you must have had so much fun putting together your derelict house @SoulGal7 I love building abandoned houses.
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