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Educated teen run away challenge


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    Hi @SoulGal7 what a great party and story! I’m so happy for Ali, she has a bright future.

    I will say this because it may or may not be a glitch:

    Mac, unlike Ali, went to uni as a teen. He got the soccer scholarship. He was unable to attend practice and the game tossed him from the team. I think it’s possible the teens in university cannot play soccer or enter E-Sport due to being still teens.
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    If I may, meet Lindsay Birch

    Copperdale High School student and runaway

    More of Lindsay

    ePw0uN5.png (This was a Halloween costume)

    Some trouble keeping up with needs.



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    Hi all. Just a quick pop in before I go sit and cry in a corner. My laptop has died after 6 years. No more simming for me until I can buy a new one or somehow by some miracle someone can fix it for me. I will save up and take it too Dell, but it wont be for a few months to come. I am gutted. Sorry but its just my mobile phone from now on too chat here and read your awesim updates.
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    @mcrudd - I am soooo sorry this has happened and will miss all your Miranda updates. Hopefully, you will get your laptop fixed soon so we can read about her adventures. I know exactly how you feel...*hugs*
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    @JojoMOMSTER - Ugh! Yes, probably a glitch. I think that Mac really didn't want to play soccer and refused to go. You know how sims get. They are a stubborn lot! lol

    @NRowe - Welcome Lindsay Birch! Love the shot of her riding the bike, and eating hotdogs over the fire. (Is there a fire pit in this world, or did you place it on her lot or re-do the park?) What are her traits? She does look rather unhappy passed out in her Halloween outfit! lol
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    Oh no! No, no, noes! I’m sorry you are without your computer! That is not good for so many reasons especially the Sims. I need to replace the CPU and GPU fans on mine and pop rivet the hinges because I’m not I the position to buy a new gaming laptop either. I’m so sorry it’s like that.
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    @mcrudd virtual hugs and my consolations at the loss of your laptop :/ Hopefully you have backup so Miranda survives?

    @SoulGal7 Thanks (for the welcome). Lindsay’s fire pit is located on Little Falls Nook which my Mum and I redid special. It happens to be available under my gallery ID moppy14w.

    Lindsay is a collector (as bonus trait), overachiever and [looks it up] loner. Honestly she is one of the most challenging Sims I’ve played and there have been many [confession: I’m a serial restarter]. I <3 her. Even if she is always tense from stranger danger, or random fears etc. I have started but not quite published a blog story for Lindsay’s adventures and eventual legacy, so watch this space??
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    Day 37 -40 - Week 5 - Monday- Thursday

    I looked at Ali's calendar, and she has high school graduation next Sunday (week 6) from 6-11:30 pm in the auditorium. So, while Jacob was still there, I had her apply for university. And now it is just a waiting game until she gets her acceptance letter, and finds out what scholarships she will receive. I did have Jacob apply for university, too, and he did have a few scholarships he was eligible for as well. I didn't realize that as a pre-made sim, Jacob comes with an "A" in high school, so he also graduated with honors. Smart sim!


    I read somewhere that at high school graduation, all the teens will be young adults, but I wonder if that's just for graduation, or if they actually stay that way afterwards. I was going to go into worldview and age them all up, but if the game will automatically do that, then I won't have to. So, I think I shall just wait and see what happens.

    So, for the time that Ali will be waiting for her uni acceptance letter, I will just have her work on some skills and other aspirations. My plan is to have her enroll in university on Friday, and then she will have the weekend to work on her homework and projects, graduate high school, and then start uni on Monday. For the first term, she will live in residence. I am sure that she will get into Britechester, which is where I would like her to go, plus she likes the color green, so it will work. I am not sure she will continue with Social Bunny, because I feel it is more high school related.

    I did a little up-date on Ali's look (cover shot) with some uni clothing. I am still working on some of her other outfits.

    I may have Ali make one final outfit in Trendi, just to actually pay attention to the notices that I get (@mightysprite). I am really hoping that another category trend will come up, because I want her to create a new category style.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    I wanted to share a screenie with you of when I had moved Jacob in with Ali temporarily for his age-up. As a werewolf, he has the interaction to "smell here", and I thought that perhaps he could do that and maybe find a good collectible. Well, I clicked on the ground outside of Ali's house, and instead of finding a spot on the ground to investigate, Jacob suddenly went towards Ali, and she was glowing "pink". He had honed in on her smell and autonomously kissed her. I would say he really did find a very valuable collectible! lol I had never seen that happen before, so this was just so cute.





    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    So, just a few random shots of what happened during the week.


    She sold a painting.


    She did some collecting and practiced her violin. (She is still bad).

    I traded in her pumpkin carving station for a woodworking bench and she worked on her handiness skill.


    She heads to ThriftTea and creates her last outfit. It is streetwear again. And this time I took note of the drop down notices that I got. Her outfit started as hot, and when I promoted her current look, after the third press, I got this notice.


    I just kept pressing that promote current look button, and it went to Fire, and that is when she listed it.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    And Ali got her acceptance letter! Woot! She got all the scholarships she applied for, except the Copperdale resident one. And look at all the Distinguished Degrees she was accepted into.




    Jacob got accepted into the Distinguished Biology degree at Foxbury; however, I decided not to enroll him in uni, and just concentrate on Ali.


    This is his scholarship list, and he also applied for the Great Outdoors (which he later received his scholarship letter for).


    Her friend Liam is going to take care of her house, and Jacob is going to live his best werewolf life in Moonwood Mill for now. (I have played 2 sims going to uni before, with one in UBRite and one in Foxbury and, in fact, one time, I played a full house, and it's tough. And since this challenge is about Ali, that is who I will be concentrating on. We will still see Jacob, though, because, well, this is Ali's love interest.)
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    @NRowe - Love Lindsay's traits. I purposely gave Ali some challenging traits, too, so she has hot-headed and glutton. Yeah, Ali gets those random fears, too. And then she got the Techie Lifestyle and she was living off-the-grid and became tense! lol It's from all the hacking on the computer she was doing at ThirftTea and at school, and then she was in the computer club. I wanted to boost her programming skill, thinking she might go to Foxbury, but then decided that UBrite was for her.
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    LOL, I thought about hot-headed for Lindsay but decided it made more sense for her character to be weary (i.e. tense) rather than angry all the time.
    Lindsay got both technophobe and outdoorsy. I don't know just yet what she'll do long term. That's the fun of the challenge I guess. So far her strongest skill is Fitness at level three. But it's only about to begin the third week in game (and I have MCCC slowing down skill gain by, like, a LOT).

    BTW is Jacob one of your Sims or is he a Maxis werewolf? I don't have that pack see...

    and da, da, dahh...

    a sneak peek at my brand new blog
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    @NRowe it’s been a while since I read the word frippery in a sentence. Great writing throughout. Lindsey is hardcore. I love the idea of geometry as escapism.
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    Ok, so I finally caught up with everything and think I have a pretty good feel for the challenge and so want to give it a try <3 I have really enjoyed all the stories and updates throughout the thread. Any tips/suggestions for starting out?

    Also, I do have a mod installed that makes it to where all the high school events don't happen every single week. I didn't like how cluttered the calendar looked. So yeah.
    Owlenmoon is the house which most values creativity and wisdom. They're intellectual and introspective, and can find poetry in situations that may appear irrelevant to others. They're also good at making things more complicated than what they're supposed to be.

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    Thanks a bunch @JojoMOMSTER. Yep, I'm glad Lindsay comes across that way (hardcore).

    Hi @WinterKhirin. Just updated the blog (please excuse that it's still very much under construction...) so that my details about my personal setup are now accessible direct link to the blog page here
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    A bit picture heavy due to uni residence reno.

    @NRowe - Yes, Jacob Volkov is a Maxis-premade sim from the Werewolves pack. He was adopted and his adoptive father wants Jacob to be the heir to the Moonwood Collective Wolfpack in Moonwood Mill. For my story, Jacob was a runaway teen, just like Ali, but ran away to Moonwood Mill, and there, was bitten by a feral werewolf and changed into a werewolf himself.

    And just went and read your blog. Lindsey has such a sad backstory...with a mysterious ring attached to it. Love that her tent is hidden in a sort of cave area. Nice!

    Also, I don't use mods or cc and play a vanilla game.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Day 41 - Week 5 - Friday

    I waited until Friday to enroll Ali in uni. She enrolled in the Fine Arts Distinguished Degree Program at UBrite. The skills you need for this degree are photography (which she has already maxed), violin (she has the violin that Geoffrey Osteer gifted her), and painting (she has the digitalistic sketchpad that she purchased in her personal inventory). She enrolled for three Core Courses and an elective (I chose dance for her). She is also on the soccer team because she got an Athletics Scholarship.


    And her residence, I picked the cheapest place for her to live, Wyvern Hall.


    And with all those scholarships, she pays nothing and gets a free ride. Woot!


    And with Liam moved in her house, she moves out with 0 Simoleons. She did have 171,518 simoleons before she moved. So, yep, starting rags to riches again. However, if you remember, she did make an outfit the other day at ThirftTea and priced it at $60,200, so I am thinking that she will sell this. If not, there are some collectibles and fishing spots around. She also has her frogs in inventory for frog breeding. Plus, living in the dorms, she gets free food at UBrite Commons, and she has the free services trait, so can order pizza and Zoomers anytime for free.


    And she is whisked away to her new home in the dorms. She immediately meets two of her roomies, Julia Wright and Becca Clarke. (Note: When Discover Uni is first downloaded, these Maxis-made sims live in this residence. However, they are not Ali's current roomies, so they must have either graduated or they were expelled and don't live there anymore.)


    Ali meets a few of her other roomies (Ali has 9 roomies, and none of them are in the same program she is. Darn! 2 are in Biology, 1 in Physics, 1 in Communications, 1 in Art History, 2 in Drama, and 1 in Economics).


    I was going to have Ali be in a private room, but those new roomies are quick and grabbed those rooms right away. So, she is in a room with two other students, and her area is divided by a partition. She put up a picture she painted, the dragon sculpture she made and a framed photo of her and Jacob. I meant to change that bedspread to a uni one, but will do next time I play.


    I did a bit of a reno in Wyvern Residence. (You normally can't go into build mode to change uni housing, so just use Ctrl + C, then testingcheats true, then bb.enablefreebuild That will let you build or renovate the uni residence.)


    I added a few items to make the area off the elevators more welcoming. On the balcony outside, I also added an easel and a weight machine.


    For the dining area at the back of the dorm, I added a fridge, sink, coffeemaker and microwave, plus an extra table and chairs. No stove because you can't cook in uni housing.


    The common room needed help, so added a foosball table, a stereo, and a gaming console. There was already a tv in there. Put up some posters and switched out the carpet.

    Beside the dining room area was a sitting area, so I just changed that to a study/computer zone, and added an extra computer (one was already in the dorm), and an electromagnetic research archive machine.

    I also changed those open showers in the bathroom to regular shower stalls because if you don't, your sim will get the embarassed moodlet everytime someone walks in on them when they are taking a shower. If you don't want to reno the bathroom, just lock both doors for everyone but your sim when they are taking a shower, and then unlock when they are done, and the problem will be solved.


    Ali glanced out the window of the common room and saw all the decorations on the stadium next door! Oh! This was exciting! There must be an E-Sports Tournament tonight.


    There was an area being set up on the quad outside, and Ali went to investigate. She decided to call Jacob to join her. And the two uni mascots are there! Darby the Dragon (for UBrite) and Larry the Lobster (for Foxbury).


    I was going to have Jacob do a keg stand with Ali, but I guess they were too late and the event vanished. Oh well, there will be other opportunities. Because tonight was Night on the Town, which means free food and drink! Yes! So Ali decided to ask Jacob on a date.


    They went to Pepper's Pub on campus. Ali wastes no time and heads to the bar and orders the most expensive drink for the both of them. She can afford it tonight because well, they are all 0 simoleons. She also orders some hummus and pita, again all free.


    After socializing a bit at the bar, Ali challenges Jacob to a game of juice pong upstairs.


    And remember that outfit? Well she has a buyer for it, and will sell it when she gets back to the dorm! Woot! She is into the simoleons again!


    And let the juice pong begin! These two are so bad, they both missed the first shot! lol Well, they are still tied! And then Ali gets one in! Yes!


    But then Jacob seems to take the lead and gets two balls in a cup in a row. Jacob, are you trying to get Ali sloshed?




    They are neck-in-neck now, and with one glass left for both. It's Jacob's turn, and he must have been feeling confident, because he closes his eyes and just tosses that little ping pong ball right into the cup.


    Oh gosh! Well, we know who won! Poor Ali is crying about it. But then Jacob does the most adorable autonomous action. He caresses her cheek. It's like he's saying, it's ok Ali, I still like you even if you lost at juice pong. lol


    And that must have been what Ali needed because she asks Jacob if he wants to be her boyfriend, and he says yes! Of course he says yes, Ali, the guy is head over heels in love with you.


    And Ali gets a gold date and even better, she and Jacob are now a couple!


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    Congrats Jacob, quite the catch! <3 Rocking the U-Brite green there Ali (but then you are a bit of a Trendi fashion icon! ;) )
    Happy Simming

    and thanks for the kind comments about my story too @SoulGal7
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    I like that Ali has a place to belong at Britechester
  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 10,518 Member
    @all, my daughter was kind enough to share her laptop with me today, so I can comment on all your fabulous updates <3 Unfortuanatly its only a school laptop so it can't run sims. But hey its a laptop LOL, I have a friend that said they would have a look at my laptop on Wednesday they are more tech savvy than me. I did manage to save my documents folder and all my personal photo's to an external drive in between all the bluescreen and auto shutdowns. So Miranda and her adventures are safe and sound until I can either fix my laptop or get a new one in a year or two's time. It is the first time since the release of sims 1 that I am not getting a new pack as they release. It feels weird. Anyways let me read all your awesim updates :)

    @SoulGal7 day 27 and 28. Ali looks so cool in her gold cheer leader outfit. I think Wolfgang is being mean avoiding poor Ali. Well done to Ali's cheer squad, way to go. But she is still so sad about the whole Wolfgang thing, poor Ali :( Oooh so he still wants to go to prom with her, wake up Wolfgang and decide what you want, you so hot and cold. Wow lovely dress Ali, you look stunning.

    Day 29 and 30. Love the pic of Ali at the leaf pile. oooh Jacob has a crush on her and she on him, they might be hidden soulmates. Not knowing yet, especially since Wolfgang is hot and cold. Love the new rocker look Ali. Holy macaroni she has so much money now. Once I get to play again Miranda is going to start asking big simoleons for her outfits LOL. It would be super interesting to see if someone would pay a million, we should test it once the challenge is over ;) I like the green top, way better. Aww Ali, don't worry you are doing great girl, come on smile <3

    @JojoMOMSTER I agree with you, I have not been able to play with room mates, my sim usually adds all they need to their bedroom and then locks the door and hides away in there hahahaha.

    @SoulGal7 day 31 and 32. Oh my gosh those mood swings after school is hectic. That must have been some mean angry poop to break the toilet LOL. Ali cool down girl you can't crush on the whole neighborhood :D Ooh Ali he does look nice, lets see what happens hey :) I think Wolfgang is ok with being friends, because he has lost interest a while ago. Mmm things are getting interesting now.

    @SoulGal7 day 33 and 34. Ali leave Takumi, girl you and all your crushes are spinning my head LOL. Oh Ali, my heart bleeds for you. You will be ok, just don't think about Wolfgang. Ooooh score !!! Jacob want to go to prom with her <3 Ali !!! no you can't go with two people, what are you thinking girl ??? No no no another crush, you need a cold shower Ali :D Oof poor Takumi, but she did the right thing.

    @SoulGal7 day 3. Wowsers that preppy outfit is selling for over 50 000 simoleons, that is incredible. Mayor Whiskers is a classy cat, he loves paintings LOL. Ali is a very good scout, way to go Ali. Oh how I need to see that photo of her and Jacob now hahahahaha. Ali and Jacob are so cute together, Wolfgang who LOL. What a perfect night <3

    @SouldGal7 day 36. Ali is leaving a trail of broken hearts, hopefully like you said once a young adult she will cool with the crushes LOL. Jacob is such a lovely guy to keep on asking her on dates even if she declines. Wow Ali your decorations look amazing, this is going to be a good party. Oooh first kiss, Jacob looks surprised but happy ;) Wooot wooot Happy birthday Ali. Congratulations on graduating with honors Ali, so proud of you. Large pet poop, how rude. Aww Happy birthday Jacob :) Wow the whole dialogue was so romantic and beautiful <3

    @mightysprite Thanks for reading our challenge <3

    @JojoMOMSTER I feel its silly to give us the option to graduate early and go to university as teens when we can't do much there until they age up as young adults. Hopefully that will be looked at before sims 5 releases.

    @NRowe nice to meet Linday :) Love that she is a cheerleader for her Halloween costume. Ooh we all had problems with needs in the beginning, Lindsay will get the hang of it as the challenge goes on. Less passing out, although she does look peaceful and comfortable even though she is laying on the concrete LOL. Love that she has a bike to get around. Mmm sausage cooked on the fire.

    @JojoMOMSTER So sorry that your computer is also almost on the brink, hopefully we win lotto and get new ones LOL. I was super sad, but I am feeling a bit better now, I did manage to save my ea folder before it killed over. A friend offered to look at it, will see if they can help, otherwise I will save to take it into Dell.

    @NRowe thanks for the virtual hugs, sure needed them <3 I thankfully saved my ea folder to an external hard drive in-between all the blue screens and auto shut downs. She is save until I can play again. Loner sims are quite hard to play, they really want to be alone, but at least social needs won't be an issue for you.

    @SoulGal7 day 37 to 40. Wow I am surprised that premade sim's get A's. Guess its because they attend high school. It will be interesting to see who shows up at graduation. Awwww that smell here and kissing Ali reminds me on the twilight wolves that imprint on their soulmates. Wow Ali has so many scholarships, way to go ;)

    @WinterKhirin Welcome to our challenge <3 Basically only tip I can give is too take it easy in the beginning concentrating more on school and grades. Then worry about money once you have that A. SoulGal7 has some great tips with the thrifty store to make some good simoleons. It feels a little cheaty, but its not LOL.

    @SoulGal7 day 41, Wow she had 171 518 simoleons !!! Wow :o 9 roommates that is going to be interesting. Love all your renovations inside. I was thinking of leaving Miranda at home for the uni, but if she gets scholarships I might move her in to the dorms too for new gameplay. One day when I get to play her again LOL. All Ali and Jacob on a date <3 They are such a cute couple. Awwww he is her boyfriend now <3
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    thanks @mcrudd
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    Day 42 - Week 6 - Saturday

    After an exciting day yesterday, Ali got a head start on her courseload for Term 1. Her schedule is as follows.

    Beginning Brushwork
    M-W-F 9:30 AM - 10:55 AM (Final Exam)

    If It Ain't Baroque
    T & TH 8:00 AM - 9:25 AM (Term Paper)

    Go Figure
    T & TH 9:30 Am - 10:55 AM (Presentation)

    Spin, Snag, Swag, Dance
    T & TH 11:00 AM - 12:25 PM (Term Paper)

    M-T-W-TH-F-Sat 6:00 PM - 9 PM

    Dang! Tuesday and Thursday are back-to-back classes.

    Now from past experience, it is best to do the homework for the class that is coming up first, and then work on the presentation. It normally takes 2 attempts to do a good presentation, and you can only submit it during certain times during the week. Term papers can be written once, revised, and then submitted on-line anytime. So, yeah, presentations take more time as you travel to a "rabbit hole" to present.

    So, since her first class in Beginning Brushwork is on Monday, she starts with that homework first. And with all the desks and tables available in her residence to do her homework, Ali decides to sit on the floor instead! lol


    There is a debate competition going on at the quad, but Ali has a lot of work to do before Monday, so she stays in her dorm to work on her presentation instead. Oh gosh...she keeps poking herself with a thumb tack.


    Her first attempt at her presentation is poor quality, so she sees one of her roomies, Arjun Gahdi walk by and asks him for feedback. He is in Art History and gives her a few pointers. She re-does her presentation with his suggestions, and now it is outstanding. Yes! She will submit this after class on Monday.


    Oh yeah, so much better!


    Ali then realized she had a game tonight and needed to practice her juggling. She decides to head outside and calls her teammates to come and practice with her. There are three of them (so far).




    And then right before the game, the Spirit Squad set up on the quad again. Ali invites Jacob again, but it must take a long time to get from Moonwood Mill to UBrite. (We need to get Jacob werewolf superspeed so he can get there faster! lol).

    It is also the Romance Festival in San Myshuno and Ali gets this pop-up from some mysterious admirer. What? Who are you? Kiss you? How rude! No way! I have a boyfriend! Ewwww!


    Ali has no idea who that even was calling her (and neither does the Watcher! lol) To take her mind off of the call, she does a keg stand with her teammate, and is successful! Oh Al! First keg stand and you did it! You rock girl!



    Ali does some soccer juggling with the Foxbury mascot. (Ali asked for a selfie with Darby, her own uni mascot and he/she told her no. I almost had Ali stink bomb them. lol The nerve! And Ali is on the soccer team!)


    And Jacob does show up, but by the time he gets there, Ali has to head to her game. Oh gosh! So Jacob just gives Ali a high five and wishes her good luck on her first game.


    While Ali is running to the game, she sees that the two uni mascots are in a fight! lol Ali is secretly happy that the Foxbury mascot won! lol Who is that girl under the UBrite mascot costume and why does she dislike Ali so much? Hmmmph!


    And eureka! Ali and the UBrite team win their first game! Woot!


    Afterwards, Ali returns to the dorm, and there is a big party going on.


    Ali orders some pizza for everyone...because it is free.



    While eating her sweet corn pizza, Ali hears some fireworks! Oh how fun! It must be because UBrite won the soccer game! Ali thinks of Jacob and wishes he could be there with her to share in her post-game happiness, and have a piece of 'za with her.

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    Woo. School spirit.
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    Day 43 - Week 7 - Sunday

    It's already Sunday and high school graduation is tonight and Ali is sadly behind in her homework and getting some term papers written. Gah! It looks like she will be doing homework and writing term papers all day until her high school grad. Geez!


    And...oh my gosh...Jacob showed up unannounced at her dorm!!! So sweet. Of course, she practically runs over to see him.


    They spent a bit of time together. Jacob gets on so well with Ali's roomies. (He has the outgoing trait).


    Jacob: "Ali, are you ready for high school graduation tonight?"

    Ali shook her head excitedly and then gave him an autonomous kiss and he left.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    At promptly 6pm, Ali was whisked off to the high school auditorium for her graduation. I had read several articles on this, and dressed her in a high school robe and gown, but when she got there, the game just changed her out of it into a regular black robe.

    And then I looked around. Where were all her friends who were going to be here aged up to young adults? The only sims she saw there was Duane, who was in a special gown, and she later learned that he was the Valedictorian. They took a photo together with the grad backdrop.


    Other sims she recognized were Kaori, although Kaori wasn't dressed in a grad gown, Jacob was there wearing his grad gown, and another one of her friends, Kenji Ishii (an NPC) was there also wearing a grad gown.. Were these the only ones who were attending graduation? What happened? Why didn't the game age all her friends up? If I had known this would happen, I would have gone around the worlds, and aged everyone up to Young adult before high school graduation.

    So, instead, I had Ali just invite her friends to hang out at the current lot, so they would show up and it would look like they were graduating. To say the least, I was sadly disappointed that this had happened.


    And it's time for Duane to give the graduating speech and he does a great job of inspiring everyone. One of Ali's uni roomies followed her to high school graduation. I wonder why? Oh gosh, please don't tell me he has a crush on her. (The guy on the right with the black and white top on),



    There is some food and fruit punch, and Ali decides to "improve" the fruit punch! lol


    Ali blows Jacob am autonomous kiss before the ceremony.


    Then it's time for the diplomas to be handed out, and Ali's name is called and she heads to the stage. Her principal, Mei Prescott, certainly looks different than she did during her high school days. Congrats Ali! You did it! Woot! Graduate with honors.


    Next up is Jacob, and he is pretty excited.


    Ali visited with all her old high school friends.


    And then it was suddenly time to go. (Note: This is the grad gown that I had chosen for Ali, but the game had other plans).



    And Ali and Jacob have a moment to say goodbye before they head back to their respective homes.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    I was so expecting something better than what happened at her high school graduation. But, it was fine, since Ali just invited her friends there. After this happened, I did go into all the worlds, and aged-up all the teens there, just didn't age up the ones who were Not In World, so they remain teens. I just looked at what skills they had gotten and what their likes and dislikes were and just randomly chose their Young Adult trait for them. For the ones who had a teen aspiration, I just chose one that was similar, so those who had Goal-Oriented have the Academic uni trait.

    When I went to Sulani, Duane Talla had already aged up to YA, so his YA trait was randomly assigned by the game, which was Loves the Outdoors. That suits him.

    And the game also created these pairings:

    Hugo Villareal with an NPC townie, Saya Matsuda. Ali may have suggested they meet. They are now boyfriend/girlfriend.

    Liam Beckett and Morgan Fyres are boyfriend/girlfriend.

    Wolfgang Munch had a photo booth pic with Greta Laurent in his inventory. Now that was interesting!!! But when I had Wolfgang go over and try to chat up Greta, they really do not get on very well together. Ali will try to match him up with someone else.

    And maybe this was the reason Greta was not interested in Wolfgang, because she and Kiyoshi Ito are a hot item, and are now boyfriend/girlfriend.
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    Day 44 - Week 7 - Monday

    Classes begin! It was a fun-filled weekend, and Ali is now an official high school graduate. She somehow managed to finish all her homework for all her classes. She also did her presentation and revised it to outstanding, and wrote and revised two term papers and submitted both of those. Ali is pretty excited about her first class, and heads off to class early.


    While she is waiting, she decides to go to the UBrite kiosk stall which is close to the building where her class is and purchases the Fine Arts uni textbook. Gah! Uni textbooks are expensive! Isn't there a used bookstore around here or something? Oh well, she purchases the book and then goes to her first class and takes notes and listens actively.


    After her class, she doesn't look too happy. (Cover photo) Yep, she got a sudden mood swing because of her hot-headed trait. Oh geez! Thank goodness it's her only class today. She heads off to give her presentation. Let's hope her mood improves and she gets a good presentation grade.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    When she comes back from her presentation, she is in a better mood. She decides to head to UBrite Commons for some (free) lunch.


    While heading there, she sees the UBrite statue, which has been pranked by some Foxbury students, and decides to clean it up. So much better now!

    And it's lunchtime, and such a beautiful day that she eats outside on the small patio out back.


    After lunch, she does her homework for the class she had this morning. And...her hunky roomie who followed her to her high school grad last night, has now followed her to UBrite Commons. Oh no! Does she have a he just in the same place she is all the time?


    There is an announcement that an Art Society gathering is happening on the lawn in back of UBrite Commons, and Ali wants to check it out.


    Ali talks to a few of the Art Society students and asks if she could join.



    One of the members of the Art Society is also on the soccer team with her and puts in a good word for Ali.


    Ali is now a member and starts painting a painting. She also gets an Art Society poster. of the Art Society members is looking rather intently at you. Oh gosh...please more crushes...and Ali has a boyfriend. A really great boyfriend, who is also a werewolf, so bro...just don't go there.


    And then it's off to her soccer practice. Gosh, it ends late! Ali still hadn't finished her homework from her first class this morning. Um...yeah...she got sidetracked, so she finished it up after practice.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,892 Member
    Ali is in it! Four classes, soccer and art club. She is a busy girl!
  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 10,518 Member
    @SoulGal7 Love all the uni pics <3 Ali is having a ball. What an awesim time she is having. Love the fireworks pic as well. Ali and Jacob makes such a cute couple <3 Love all the graduation pics, what a cool night. Oooh your day 44 pic looks interesting. She is such a busy girl but doing very well, Way to go Ali :) Sorry for the short comments, but no laptop its on my phone ;)
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 3,398 Member
    edited November 16
    @SoulGal7 Thanks for the extra insight into Trendi!

    Roommates can have any of a number of quirks. Such as bringing food, or always cleaning, or having a different significant other visit every day. One of the quirks they can have is following you out when you travel, usually with the message "Saw you heading out, so what are we doing?" Sounds like black and white shirt boy is one of those.

    Max Villareal had a roommate like that in my Eliza Pancakes Supervillain game. Max was a spellcaster by that point and therefore responded to this roommate by setting him on fire every single time he followed Max out. Did the roommate ever learn? I don't remember.

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