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Educated teen run away challenge


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    @mcrudd - I didn't realize this had already started. So sorry, I was away on vacation. Anyway, I am going to try this challenge, but I will be leaving for Canada again in a month, and won't have access to play, so no storyline for sure. Anyway, it's funny that I created a teen runaway just yesterday. I like that you scattered the days they go to "real" high school. What are Miranda's traits?

    Also, starting this today, but on an empty lot with no tent. lol I just have to set up the game to make all lounges into bars/nightclubs due to the conflict with prom and the Open Mike night on Saturday. I would like my sim to go to at least one prom. I find that it's hard not to speak with adults, especially in group conversations (as in the original Runaway Teen you could only speak to teens and children), so will allow my sim to speak with anyone.

    I find that when the welcome wagon comes and there is no place to set the fruitcake, they never give it to you anyway, and then have the nerve to eat it in front of you. lol

    I will have to check out Totter Park, as I have not actually taken a sim there. There is a bathroom near the fairgrounds, but it is a long way to walk to. Showers are in the basement of the school. So I went to look at the park, and it is a sad park with no lights for nighttime either. So, I just replaced the bathrooms with the Jungle Adventure one (you can also use the Outdoor Retreat restrooms, I like the Jungle Adventure because it has a light). Both have showers in them, and just added an outdoor sink, as that is one of the requirements for a park. I also added one grill to the area near the picnic table, as there are no outdoor grills anywhere in this world (EDIT: I found some near the library, see below). So, good idea to add a grill to roast some fish. I am not sure what that open space is supposed to have...maybe it spawns a skating rink, etc. so I left it as is. There is a fishing spot right near the Little Falls Nook, so didn't add a pond to the park.

    The Thrifttea store does have a small kitchen area with a fridge, microwave, coffee maker and counters. So, you can always get quick meals for 0 simoleons there. No shower, though.

    I added lot traits to Little Falls Nook - Off-The-Grid and Teen Neighborhood. Starting in Summer. Her lot will have an abandoned house which is made up of roof tiles worth 0 simoleons.

    For the Aspirations, because of the new pack, I chose Teen Goal-Oriented. And I like to make things hard on myself, so had to choose a negative trait for my sim. When I first made my sim, I used all base-game clothing, but have now added one everyday outfit with the new pack. My sim's favorite color is green, so all her outfits have green in them.

    Meet Ali Newstead
    Aspiration: Teen Goal-Oriented
    Traits: Glutton & Hot-Headed
    I only did the color likes of green and black, because if you choose activities, I feel it gives them a bonus on skills somehow.

    Her background story is that she had an epic argument with her parents because of curfew, house rules and cleaning up her room, and so in a fit of anger, packed up some stuff in a backpack and snuck out of the house at night. With her meagre babysitting funds, she took the bus to a place called Copperdale where she was going to rent a furnished basement room. Unfortunately, when she got off the bus, her wallet fell out of her backpack and she didn't notice it until she arrived at the house. She now had no simoleons and no place to live and the landlord was certainly not going to let her stay there for free. She was broke and homeless, but was determined to make it on her own. She found an abandoned burned out shell of a house near the river and decided that she would call this home.


    This is the abandoned house. All debug items. The windows are from cottage living and they light up at night. House made from roof pieces. Worth 0 simoleons.




    Inside of her house with unpainted walls, flour sacks (fake sleeping bag), and other debug items.


    Fake firepit area and empty garden.
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    @mcrudd - I didn't realize that you had chosen the exact same top I had for Miranda's winter wear. And in the same color, no less! hehe lol

    Some tips: Do the study for exam first, and then when she has young adults or adults around, they can help her with homework. Bonus there.

    If she gets a locker in school, she can grab an apple from the locker. I believe there is a cool down period, not sure what it is, but at least she can eat something, or plant it. Also, now this is rather bad...if she is in the cafeteria, she can click on someone's food and try to eat it. lol These are desperate times! lol And at the fair and ThriftTee, there are always lots of drinks around, although they don't seem to help with hunger. I'll have to look more closely at that.

    I chose the glutton trait for my sim because they can eat spoiled food. So when she puts something in inventory and it spoils, she can still eat it.

    Oh and I found some grills in a small park near the library. I was at ThriftTea looking around and found them. Yes!

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    Day 1 - Week 1 - Sunday - Start

    Studied for her exam and then met the Welcome Wagon who didn't leave any fruitcake, but they helped her with homework and also ate the fruitcake.


    Took lots of photos and sold them. Went to the pier to see if she could get any tips playing guitar. None.


    But did make some teen friends. And she has a crush on Sidney Price, her first teen friend.


    Used the public bathroom near the pier and then headed to ThriftTea. Grabbed a ham and cheese sandwich. used the toilet and washed up in the sink and brushed her teeth. Also rummaged in the trash, but didn't find anything. Posted on Social Bunny.


    Then napped on a bench across the street from ThriftTea. Started with 0 funds and made 191 simoleons today selling photos. Kept 5 of the photos to hang up in her house. Surprisingly her needs are in pretty good shape.

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    Carmine wrote: »
    Looks like a fun challenge, thanks for posting it! I think I'll give it a shot. Though I'll probably end up tweaking it and allow early graduation at a certain amount of funds (TBD) + the normal requirements, then off to uni while still a teen if I get bored of high school life :p
    Edit: Oh, and I'll probably use a different Copperdale lot. I have a family on Little Falls Nook and I don't want to move them. Maybe I'll use LaSuli Point?

    All of my challenges I always add that simmers should chop and change it to suit their gameplay and make it fun, my rules are basically just a foundation ;) You are welcome to live on any lot, I just picked Little Falls Nook because it was vacant :) Your gameplay sounds interesting can't wait to read about it ;)
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    @SoulGal7 Golly gosh but you were busy while I was in dreamland LOL. Yeah sorry I also forgot to mention it in the 100 baby thread for you as well, I only mentioned working it out. We will miss you when you are away in Canada, that is a beautiful country from what I have seen. I made Miranda’s traits creative (for the painting and to get fun while painting) cheerful (not that it helps she is so angry after school LOL) and she is a quick learner from the aspiration I chose, I thought that would help with the whole schooling thing ;) I did not specify the talking, wow not talking to adults at a rule is a bit silly, never knew that was rules for the original one. Totter Park is useless, even after I planted the trees for eating and harvesting they are always baby trees because of the silly garden bug.

    Ali is beautiful, oh my gosh you are going to regret that hot headed trait :D Miranda is in enraged mood with a cheerful trait hahahaha. I love your back story so inventive <3 How clever to use the rooftiles to make an abandoned house, will it protect her from the cold winter nights and rain, gosh it rains a lot ?

    Great minds think alike, I love that top I use it on almost all my sims now LOL. Aaah what a great tip about the homework, I will keep that in mind next time I load my game :) I must admit in the beginning she might have eaten someone elses lunch :o Good find on the grills, I did not think there were any around.

    Such stingy neighbours not sharing their fruit cake, well atleast they helped with the homework. Oooh taking photo’s and selling them, how clever is that :) Aww her first crush <3 Wow Ali had an awesim first day, lovely update
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    Day 2 - Week 1 - Monday

    Before heading to school, Ali looked around the area for any collectibles. She found some crystals (one near the Prescott house & another near the gazebo), and a frog on a lot with an abandoned house (not livable). It was pretty spooky going up the path to that house.


    And then she headed to school. She claimed a locker and decorated it and grabbed an apple. Made some more friends and saw one of her friends do the "T-challenge" so she joined in.


    Then went to the principal's office for orientation and the principal was playing a game! Busted! lol


    And then arrived late to her first class...oh gee...and then this happened.


    She made more friends at lunch and survived the first day, although her teachers said she was inattentive. Must have been because of that pencil toss.


    After school, she saw her crush holding a sign about the Cheer Squad, and she decided to join. She got a free cheer mat to practice on.


    After joining, she decides to get help from her teacher with her homework. Then she heads downstairs to use the computers to practice some computer programming...and becomes VERY angry and is hitting the keyboard. She takes an "angry poop" and a shower and applies some acne prevention lotion to her face. She then heads to ThriftTea.


    Ali grabs a sandwich at ThriftTea and afterwards decides to create an outfit. Trends are Hipster and Outdoorsy, so she creates an Outdoorsy outfit. The outfit cost $130 simoleons to create.


    Ali then wears her outfit and promotes her look several times (you can keep promoting the look until it gets to "hot" or better status and then list it for sale.) She also posts on Social Bunny.


    Some other teens were promoting their looks, too. She takes a photo with Kyoshi Ito. What the heck is he wearing?


    And then there is Malcolm Landgraab's look. I think he is taking fashion advice from townies. Never wear that look again, Malcolm!


    It was busy in the store, and Ali decides to practice singing, but she only got a $2 tip from Geoffrey Landgraab. She uses the washroom and then heads to the bench in the park.

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    Day 3 - Week 1 - Tuesday

    Before heading to school, Ali promotes her outfit a few more times and it is now "hot". She decides to list it on Trendi for $1300 simoleons. I guess we'll see what happens!



    She then heads off to school alone. She does get a pop-up about a group project and she contributes to it gaining some performance.


    When she arrives home from school, it is raining. In fact, it is a thunderstorm. I don't want her to get hit by lightning, so collecting and fishing are out. So, she pulls out her cheer mat and practices some cheers in her house. (Since it has a roof, she doesn't get wet.)


    She sold more pics and found a crystal on her lot from a lightning strike and now has $788 simoleons. Here are her first purchases with her wall of friends.


    She completes her homework and then heads to ThriftTea for some food and to get her hygiene needs up.

    She sees a sim sporting a unique fashion statement.


    While there, she is hit with a mood swing, "Time to Wear Black" and is very sad. She calls the Sadness Hotline and is fine for awhile, so I have her work on her programming skills. But then she gets tense and sad again. She is a hot mess, so I send her home to bed.

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    @SoulGal7 Ooooh two updates, you are on the roll :) Oooh Ali found lots of cool treasures. So cool doing the T pose challenge, I have not seen one sim doing it yet in my game. Hahaha that does not look like the principal is doing schoolwork LOL. Oh my gosh playing with pencils in class after arriving late hahahaha. Gotta follow that crush around ooh and keep that skin baby soft and acne free. I am not good at thrifting so I do hope it works out for Ali, you can ask super expensive prices and make money in no time. Kyoshi looks cool, but OMG Malcolm just no a big loud no !!!

    I see with your day 3 pic that Ali discovered the constant rain, poor thing. Oof 1300 lets hope she gets it. Yay so the roof does protect her from the rain, that is so cool. Awww love the wall of friends, and she has bed now, you are doing great. I guess I should start building soon too. Aww poor sad Ali, lets hope she feels better tomorrow

    AweSim updates, loved reading them and love your way of gameplay so interesting <3
  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,892 Member
    Such wonderful stories! I had something interesting happen in my gameplay today. Mac Flye who is caring for his sister Martina while their parents are being held hostage by aliens, got a pop up that he is eligible to graduate early and start Uni as a teen. I had no idea this was possible but it has some nice benefits.
  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 10,518 Member
    Such wonderful stories! I had something interesting happen in my gameplay today. Mac Flye who is caring for his sister Martina while their parents are being held hostage by aliens, got a pop up that he is eligible to graduate early and start Uni as a teen. I had no idea this was possible but it has some nice benefits.

    That is so cool B) Starting university as a teen, that could be super interesting ;)
  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 10,518 Member
    Day 10 Wednesday

    Miranda has an ok day, its pretty hard to keep the needs all in green, so she works on them as the day goes on. Miranda woke up realising that she did not do her homework the day before. Thankfully she got up early and had just enough time to get it done before school. At school she barely made it in time to the toilets and then grabbed a quick senior lunch before class. Classes went well and she attended the exam prep and painted some paintings after school. Miranda started the day with 532 simoleons and ended it with 295 Gosh those paintings better get sold asap.
    Miranda woke up early and had to quickly do homework before school

    She barely made it to the bathrooms when she got to school.

    After the bathrooms she quickly grabbed a senior lunch and ate as much of it as she could before her first class, that went very well

    During lunch time she ate the rest of her senior lunch and told so many jokes to try and get her fun up a bit before the second class which left her in a playful mood during class

    Her end of day report was very good this time

    She attended the exam prep and is now ready for the exams on Friday, no more studying required

    After school she used the bathrooms and then did two paintings, it was way to hot to be outside with the heatwave hitting Copperdale

    Miranda was super hungry and headed to the park for some yummy baked potatoes again

    Although Miranda got home late she quickly did her homework before bed, she also relisted two paintings on Plopsy that expired, I do hope they get sold soon though.

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    I'm not really into writing stories. I've used @mcrudd's park, lilsimsie's school and replaced the Town Square Terrace with a Karaoke lot. Just using a tent on Little Falls Nook. Made the school into an all boys school, with the choose your classmates mod. My sim dislikes fishing, gardening and cooking, so currently making money by digging up collectables and buys all his food. Managing to keep everything pretty much in the green and just over 500 simoleans (week1 Thursday morning). Still not progressed at school though. Attending school every day with LittleMsSams progress mod.

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    Here he is getting in some guitar practice before school starts (following a very successful date the night before!).
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    @mcrudd - Day 10 - Weds - Miranda had a great day at school, and she has painted so many paintings. When they sell, she will be rolling in the simoleons for sure! You are being hit by a heatwave and poor Ali is stuck with that rain. Blech! Love that shot of Miranda doing her homework under the stars.

    @JojoMOMSTER - I didn't know there was such a thing that you could graduate early from high school. That's so cool.

    @PhilSims - I like the idea of a karaoke lot...always my fav to hear the sims sing.
  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,892 Member
    Copperdale does have extreme weather, in my game they were having a blizzard in late fall.
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    Day 4 - Week 1 - Wednesday

    When it rains in Copperdale, it just keeps raining, all day and all night. Ali is not in a good mood today and is still exhausted. In fact, she is so tired, she has to nap before class.


    And now she is hungry...oh gosh...thank goodness for those apples in her locker. She is also drenched and I have her change her outfit.


    She goes to Art Class and gets inspired...maybe she can make some funds that way.


    Another pop-up and I decide that Ali will not do anything. She doesn't get any gain or loss, so that's a good thing.



    Ali napped during lunch as well, and at the end of the day, she seemed to be in a better mood. Ali had autonomously changed into this outfit...maybe she was promoting it.


    She decided to get some help with her homework from her science teacher, and...her teacher is suspicious of her. What? Ali didn't do anything!



    Then she has cheer practice and arrives back home with low needs. But here she is in her cheer uniform!


    Her Trendi outfit went unsold. Outdoorsy is still trending, so Ali re-listed it again for $660 simoleons. Maybe she will sell it this time. She has 1,015 followers on Trendi.


    She heads to ThriftTea and in the bathroom asks Sidney if he wants to go to prom with her as friends.



    Instead of the enthusiastic response Ali was hoping for (and I was, too), Sidney says he'll go, but I really don't think he is that into Ali like she is into him. Just look at his face!


    Well, no worries there, Ali sees her friend Wolfgang and gives him a hug, and as if by magic suddenly realizes he is a hunk, and now has a crush on Wolfgang, too. lol


    She eats some free food and uses the toilet, which was pranked and breaks. She repairs the toilet (for the upgrade parts to sell).


    Afterwards, she heads to the computer to work on her programming skills. It is a thunderstorm outside and most of the customers are in sad moods.


    But not Ali, she just hacked $27 simoleons, and Bob Pancakes is interested in purchasing her Outdoorsy outfit! Yes!



    Ali then heads home, ships the outfit to Bob and heads to bed. I haven't been keeping track of Ali's simoleons each day (my bad), but I did make a note that by the end of the day on Wednesday, she had $851 simoleons. I changed her bed, though, to a cheaper one that came with the high school pack. I felt that this one looked like something she would pick up at a second-hand store.

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    Day 5 - Week 1 - Thursday

    It finally stops raining and Ali is off to school alone today. At the end of the day, the box was ticked to be advanced at school, but she remains a "C" student. She has Cheer Squad in an hour and she is tired, so I have her nap until then.

    She returns from Cheer Squad and since the weather is still good, Ali decides to do some collecting and finds another frog. Yes! Frog breeding time!


    She also does some fishing near her lot and catches her first fish, a perch.


    Her hygiene and bladder needs are bad, so Ali heads to Totter Park and uses the facilities there.


    When she goes to grill her fish, it doesn't give that option, so she spends some simoleons and grills some fruit kebobs.


    She does her homework at the park.


    Her friend, Liam comes and sits with her for a bit. Because it is already late, and exams are tomorrow, I have Ali head home to get a good night's rest.

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    Day 6 - Week 1 - Friday

    For some reason when Liam came by the park last night and chatted with Ali, she hadn't finished her homework! Yikes! And today was exam day. When she got to school, she quickly finished her the principal's office. Not sure why she did it there, but maybe it was a good thing because a teacher dropped by and she asked for help with her homework and got it done and was focused for her exam. Bonus!


    And now her fun is low. I guess taking exams is not too much fun at all. She plays a video game on her phone to try and get her fun up.


    At the end of the day, she aced her exams. Yes!


    There is a Cheerleading Competition out on the field, so Ali attends that. She rounds up some members of her squad and other random sims to do a group cheer. (That is the Maxis made teen Bob Pancakes in the front. I downloaded the group of sims, so we have the young Bella Goth etc. in this save).


    And she must have picked the right sims to do the competition with, because their score was 93 and they won the competition! Woot! Too bad she doesn't get anything for it, just her name in lights for a second before she is forgotten again! lol



    No hard feelings for the rival members and she takes a photo with one of them.


    Afterwards, Ali heads downstairs and hacks some funds on the computer.


    She then takes a shower, uses the toilet and eats some spoiled food from her inventory. She doesn't think it tastes too good, but it fills her hunger needs.


    She then sits in the little gym area and gets a headstart on studying for her exams for next Friday. Then she heads home.

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    Day 7 - Week 1 - Saturday

    Saturday is a nice day and Ali heads to ThriftTea to create another fashion outfit. This time it's a Boho Outfit.



    And because there are a lot of collectibles around the ThriftTea area, Ali heads off to collect them all.


    It is already afternoon, and while collecting, she gets a call from Kiyoshi, who invites her to a pre-prom party! Cool! She invites several of her friends.



    Maybe this was a glitch, but when they arrived and went inside, all of Ali's friends disappeared. However, they seemed to appear again when the food was served! lol It was mushroom steak...oh yum! Ali takes the opportunity to play some guitar and also plays chess with Kiyoshi.



    And then it's 7pm, and they are all whisked off to the prom. Must be a supersonic jet to get them from Mt. Komorebi to Copperdale in record time! hehe

    And Ali arrives at the prom. {Note: Ali will have different prom outfits for each week.)


    And the first thing she does is vote for the prom royalty. She voted for Savannah Price for prom royalty and, of course, her date, Sidney Price for Jester. Incidentally, they both won later.


    Afterwards, Ali finds her prom "friend" date, Sidney, and asks him to dance. Maybe he didn't want to be seen with her, because he dances with her in a corner near the photo booth. Really Sidney?


    Ali sees her other crush, Wolfgang, and he gives her a better greeting than Sidney did. He smiled and hugged her. She then tries to use the photobooth to get a photo. She wanted a mischievious one with Wolfgang and nearly poked her eye out.


    She decides to eat some food. It's free afterall, and autonomously sits near Wolfgang.


    Where is Sidney? I have no idea. Then it's time for the prom royalty awards, and both Savannah and Sidney win.


    Sidney remains on stage for a long time, showing off his royalty status, I guess, and so Ali decides to ask Wolfgang to slow dance with her. And Wolfgang actually slow dances with Ali on the dance floor. Alright Wolfgang!


    Then suddenly the prom is over. But Yuki has other ideas, and asks her to an after-party. So, Ali invites some friends and they go to the fair. She invites both her crushes, Wolfgang and Sidney.


    Since Sidney was her prom "friend" date, she asks him to go on a romantic ride with her through the Tunnel of Love!



    However, after thinking about the evening, she decides that she will just keep it casual with Sidney and doesn't make any romantic moves on him on the ride.



    After the ride, Wolfgang autonomously comes over and chats with Ali. Sidney is looking at the two of them in the background.


    It's already three in the morning, and Ali sings for some tips. But she is pretty tired and so she heads home afterwards. What a day!


    The Prom has ended and it was epic fail of a Prom. Her friend, Sidney, didn't even pay much attention to her. That is probably why Ali has this face when she arrives home later on. lol

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    Hi all, sorry I was not about yesterday, I did read your lovely updates on my phone, but had no electricity all day due to maintenance in our area. Therefore I had no wifi and I always use word document to make detailed posts about your stories <3 Anyways I am back and loading up word now to catch up ;)
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    @PhilSims I am not a story teller either, but do love reading talented simmer’s stories. I had to add lights to the park and did you notice the trees keep on reverting, they are not much help :( Oooh Karaoke lot that is so clever for fun. Wow an all boys school now that is different game play, I should be more open to mods in the future. I hope you have some school progress soon, you are doing very well with the money though :) He must be playing a romantic song because he sure is flirty LOL AweSim update ;)

    @jojoMOMSTER I find the weather very extreme as well, makes it very challenging for outdoor things

    @SoulGal7 you have sure been busy. Ali is on the roll, I am going to comment on each update I missed. Oh wow that rain on Wednesday looked bad. Poor Ali, tired, hungry and drenched all in one day, she came out of it nicely though ;) Hahaha wonder why the teacher is suspicious of her, that is a bit odd. Wow that is a lot of Trendi followers :o Hahaha must have been one super nice hug to bring on a crush LOL. Loved your update

    Aaah a morning with no rain, how bliss. Should have asked the principal for help with homework to see if she gets suspicious LOL Well done Ali for acing your exams. Oh my gosh her face while eating the spoiled food. Good girl for studying before going home.

    You are so clever being able to sell outfits, I tried it once and failed LOL OMG I love that dress <3 Mmm mushroom steak that sounds yum. Aww Ali looked lovely at Prom, I am only going to sent Miranda once and it will be closer to her birthday and ending Highschool. Aww she and Wolfgang looks cute together, Sidney I think just wants to be friends. Aww Ali its all good, you will have a nice prom soon <3 hugs <3 AweSim updates @SoulGal7
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    mcrudd wrote: »
    @PhilSims I am not a story teller either, but do love reading talented simmer’s stories. I had to add lights to the park and did you notice the trees keep on reverting, they are not much help :( Oooh Karaoke lot that is so clever for fun. Wow an all boys school now that is different game play, I should be more open to mods in the future. I hope you have some school progress soon, you are doing very well with the money though :) He must be playing a romantic song because he sure is flirty LOL AweSim update ;)

    I’m using quite a few mods, however a lot of them usually make the game a bit harder! Carl’s Gameplay mod on default (medium) difficulty being one of them.

    Auto shorter teens makes the whole school vibe much more believable visually. I pre populated the world with 24 boys and 16 girls that I chose from the gallery.

    Yes the trees did keep reverting and as Jason doesn’t garden or cook, I’ve replaced the park with another, but have unfortunately lost the shower block. So he now only has the school or a bracing swim in the sea (swimming fun and hygiene mod).

    He was Flirty from the night before, so was playing with emotion!!

    He agreed to skip the prom with all his romantic interests the first week, but is going with his best friend Jeremery this week. Not sure how his romantic interests will take that!

    I’ve also now moved the Prescotts into the rental (now residential) lot and made their old home into LittleDica’s Rise and Grind. This gives more variety to the locations he can socialise at.
    Wednesday Week 2
    Getting his (very) early morning breakfast before heading over to the school.

    Catching up on homework, before the rest of his classmates turn up.
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 3,258 Member
    Day 8 - Week 2 - Sunday

    We have a little reno for Ali's house and added an actual bedroom and bathroom. The floor is still cement and the walls are unpainted. But she has walls and doors now. Woot! Her lot is still off the grid, so the fridge she needs is a bit more expensive. The stove will be the last item purchased because she really doesn't have any cooking skills. It's coming along. I moved most of her wall of friends photos to household inventory.


    Sunday morning she also planted some apples in her garden (free from her locker).


    When she gets up, she decides to head for a jog to get her fitness skill up needed for her Cheer Squad.

    I almost forgot I had bought her a knitting basket, so she works on some knitted items and lists them on Plopsy.



    Ali heads over to ThriftTea and sees Rohan in her Boho outfit! Cool! They take a photo together. (When you make an outfit, even though you choose if it's a female or male outfit, it can be worn by either.)


    She heads inside and sees Savannah in one of her designs, too, the Outdoorsy outfit.


    In fact, pretty soon more sims enter the store sporting her designs! Wow!


    Ali decides to create another outfit, this time a Basic one.


    She sees Brytani Chu and heads over to ask for an autograph. She actually gets two. (I usually keep asking for autographs until they say no.)


    She quickly calls to get them appraised. In a few days they will be worth more! Yes!


    And she also sells the green raccoon socks she just knitted. Ali then heads home to ship the socks and head to bed.
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    Day 9 - Week 2 - Monday & Day 10 - Week 2 - Tuesday

    {Combining two days in this update as I didn't take many screenies on Monday.

    You know it's Monday when the bills arrive. Not bad for the first week at $65 simoleons. Ali pays the bills off. I noticed that Ali had quite a few satisfaction points and decided to get her the Free Services trait. It is not something I normally start with, but thought this would be useful as she can order free food, pizza, Zoomers, etc. Thinking ahead to the party that she needs to hold and get a gold on for the Admired Icon Teen Aspiration.


    Ali also gets a notice that someone is interested in buying her Basic outfit! Yes! She netted $500 simoleons.


    Ali has Cheer Squad after school, and she gets a pop-up and decides that she will not do any crazy moves. Maybe she should have taken a chance because she got a performance loss.



    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    On Tuesday there's a thunderstorm and she heads to school alone. When she returns...eureka...she is now a "B" student!


    Time to head to ThriftTea after school and create a new outfit. New trends are up now, so this time she creates a Rocker look. Some of the items she chooses are Rare, so the outfit will be worth more.


    She then hacks some funds on the computer. She also has 2,343 Trendi followers, which should help with her outfit's hype. Ali then heads home.


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    Day 11 - Week 2 - Wednesday & Day 12 - Week 2 - Thursday

    Ali has yet to get in trouble so she decides to prank the whiteboard before class. I guess it's a good thing no-one saw her, but not so good to get that check mark she needs for the Drama Llama Teen Aspiration.

    Ali works out before class.


    During lunch, she decides to make a promposal and ask Wolfgang to the Prom on Saturday.


    When she is done, she goes over to talk to him, but the bell rings for second class. She is now stuck in the other classroom in a que waiting to present her promposal to Wolfgang. She misses her second class altogether. And finally, it's the end of the day and she can ask Wolfgang. She whips out her sign and asks shyly and waits for his answer.


    Did he say yes?



    And Wolfgang says yes. I guess he is somewhat excited to go to the prom with her. (I was hoping he also had a secret crush on Ali, but I guess not). They also become BFF's.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    On Thursday, Ali goes to school alone and then comes home, takes a quick nap and then heads to Cheer Squad. When she returns, she has received a promotion! She also gets a Cheer Team Flag as a reward.


    More good news that a sim wants to purchase her Rocker outfit. She sells it for $1,210 simoleons! Nice!


    Another house reno, and Ali now has all the walls, doors and windows for her house!


    Also, started the kitchen and living room. I decided to give her an upgrade on the cabinets from the Cottage Living Pack because she likes green. The fridge and sink are both off-the-grid. Still cement floor and unpainted walls. The very last item I will purchase for her is a stove because her cooking skills are very low and I don't want her to have a fire.


    Ali works on some cheers. She is getting quite good. Look at that backflip!



    Hmm...well, she might need a bit more practice.


    Teen Geoffrey Landgraab comes for a visit and wants to give her a gift. He gave her a hand-crafted violin. sweet.




    They decide to have a pillow fight together. Geoffrey is a wild man with the pillow! And he wins the pillow fight.



    They then do homework together and then Geoffrey heads home and Ali goes to bed.

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