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Suzses' Build Share - New House 7/18/18 - Greenview

suzsessuzses Posts: 1,202 Member
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Hi, all. After nine years of playing Sims 3, I've finally decided to create a place to share my builds for the game. Up until recently, I've usually only uploaded things I've made for gifting occasions, challenges and contests, and those kinds of things already have a thread for sharing them. The past few months, however, I've found myself with more time on my hands than previously, and I've filled some of that up by building - just whatever comes to mind - and I thought I'd like to share some of those things with you.

Since I still sometimes build for gifting, challenges, etc., I will probably give those creations a mention here, too, but my motivation in making this thread is as a way to share my other builds. I may stick in a sim or household here and there, too, if they go along with a lot.

Some things you may like to know:

* This thread will start with new things I've been making, but all my older creations can be found in My Studio.

* I only plan to share builds that are CC and CAP free, and I Custard check my builds before uploading them.
(It's possible there is CAP in my earlier builds in my studio that hasn't been mentioned - looks like mid-2016 and forward is definitely without CAP - but I have never used CC in any.)

* I tend to enjoy making and playing smaller lots, so you will probably see a lot of that kind of build from me as we go along.

* Lots are play tested, at a minimum with a walk-through by my tester/upgrader sim to make sure everything is accessible and there are no routing problems. In more complicated situations, I put in families with babies/toddlers and/or pets to make sure it works for everyone who I think will be living there. Community lots go "live" to see how visitors do and that the correct NPC's spawn, etc.

* Frequently, you will find I've upgraded appliances and electronics, and if there is a garden, I may have placed perfect (or at a minimum excellent) quality plants. I'm more likely to do these things for larger, more expensive builds, and less likely to for smaller, less expensive builds. (I won't say "starter" because it's very difficult for me to stay in budget for a true starter, and I'm not likely to ever manage to upload one. ;) ) The rationale for which to upgrade or not upgrade is that sims who live in a smaller house are more likely to just be starting out and may want to advance their skills, while sims who can afford a larger house, may no longer be very concerned with skilling up. There may be exceptions depending on the purpose of a particular build.

Disclaimer: There are some really wonderful, talented Sims 3 builders in the community, and I'm not one them. I think what I make is "OK," sometimes appealing in some way or another or that it may inspire an idea. I'm still learning, and I hope I'm improving as I go along. Sometimes I look at an older build I was never really satisfied with and think "hey, that was better than I remember" and other times I look at another - maybe one I remember really liking - and it's more like "what was I thinking?!" ;) I do like the give and take of sharing, though, and the learning experience. I hope there is something here you will enjoy.

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  • suzsessuzses Posts: 1,202 Member
    The Birchwood

    The Birchwood is a one-story bungalow on a 40x40 lot, furnished for a family. It has three bedrooms (master, nursery, and kids' room with twin beds) and two-and-a-half baths. It has generous outdoor areas - porches, deck, patio - and indoors a roomy living area that I've decided to call a great room. I'm not sure it fits the exact definition of great room, but as I said, it's large and it contains several areas: formal living, family/TV area, and office area. The master bedroom and bath are on one side of the house, with the children's rooms and bath on the other side. The back deck has a hot tub, grill and outdoor dining set, and also in the back is a small green house and kids' swings and hopscotch. The house is done in mostly neutrals and naturals, except the kids' wing is in blues and greens. I tried to make the kids' rooms fairly gender neutral and thought they would be easy to customize to reflect the particular kids who will occupy them.

    Appliances and electronics have been upgraded and the greenhouse planted with outstanding to perfect plants.

    I'll just mention here that I've recently been playing around with lighting mods in my game and you may notice some color changes from one picture to the next. In particular, for the Birchwood, in one of the exterior shots, the siding looks "butterscotch" to me. That's the effect of one of the Burnt Waffles lighting mods that has a golden cast to it (several of them do). The unmodded color is the "taupe" you see in the other exterior shots (and it still changes a bit at different times of day). Also, I think the autumn picture probably has Burnt Waffles' St. Claire lighting, but it didn't have much effect on the siding. For anyone unfamiliar with lighting mods, let me just add that they're not something that would transfer to your game with a lot file, and even if they were, I didn't use them in my save where I build and export.

    29486933288_caa52ee50f_c.jpgBirchwoodFront by Sue H, on Flickr

    Picture gallery: https://flic.kr/s/aHskBgeEF2

    Link on the Exchange: https://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=9233342

  • suzsessuzses Posts: 1,202 Member
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    Lemongrass is my submission for the recently ended Build-N-Share Challenge #203 - East Meets West. The Build-N-Share challenges can be a lot of fun, and this one was particularly so for me. The task was to build a restaurant for a chef couple, one of whom is Asian and the other French, who planned to combine their cuisines in one restaurant. So, what we have here is a Pan-Asian European eatery as it were. I've classified it in game as a hang out, which works with its various components, including the Japanese grill, the baker's oven and accompanying cash register and baked goods displays, the Business as Usual Bistro stove and menus, and a LN bar.

    If you haven't already, I encourage you to check out the Build-N-Share challenges thread here: https://forums.thesims.com/en_us/discussion/373316/sims-3-build-n-share-challenge-204-dream-a-little-drea-due-07-31-18/p1

    42983015702_902f0c2ee4_c.jpgLemongrassFront by Sue H, on Flickr

    Picture gallery: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmicyAKh

    Link on the Exchange: https://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=9230859

    Edited to add: Hi, everyone. I thought of two other things I should let you know about this lot.

    (1) The pictures linked are of the Build-N-Share version of Lemongrass. The uploaded version has a few more things added that you can't see in the pictures.

    (2) One of the things I added is a bakery display case in the dining room. I was playing my game and noticed all the sims were still hanging out in the kitchen impatiently waiting their turn at the bakery shelves there but that no one was looking at the bakery items in the dining room. Then, I realized I hadn't put one of the small rugs that go with the bakery set under the display case. So, you may want to add one in your game. There IS one under the kitchen shelves.

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  • ADWilsonADWilson Posts: 5,165 Member
    Hooray! Happy to bookmark a build share thread by one of my favorite builders :)
    Whenever I feel the need to flip through a virtual "Better Homes and Gardens", I shall grab a gander here.

    Your builds are creative, charming and always reminds me of how lucky our sims are!
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 133,842 Member
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    It is great that you have started a build thread for your builds! :) Both The Birchwood and Lemongrass are very nice builds! Very nice exterior designs of both of the builds! The wraparound porch in the Birchwood looks very nice! Very nice roofing ! The flowers look very nice along the front porch. Nice armchairs sitting area on the porch and the chess nook porch looks great! Sims will have fun playing chess in the outdoors area. Very nice layout of the backyard. It is very nice that there is an outdoors bbq dining area for Sims to enjoy cooking meals on the bbq to enjoy eating at the table in the sunshine. Sims will enjoy relaxing in the hot tub. It is great that there is Greenhouse for growing sheltered plants. Very nice furnishing of the interior of the home! The open plan layout of the kitchen and dining area is very nice. It is a very nice light filled room for Sims to enjoy dining in the sunlight as well as enjoying looking out through the windows at the outdoors views. It is great that the wood stove is in the kitchen. Sims will enjoy painting on the easel . Very nice living room! Nice sofa and armchairs sitting area for Sims to enjoy relaxing, chatting and reading a book. Very nice windows nook for Sims to enjoy resting on the seating watching tv. The bookcases look great placed either sides of the tv. The furnishing and colour schemes of each of the bedrooms! The colours used and wall patterns give a calming and restful look and feel to the rooms. It is a very nice home! :)

    The design of the interior of the restaurant looks very nice! :) The greenery in the edges looks so very great! It looks so very nice and very effective! Very nice layout of the dining area with the dining tables and seats. The type of dining seats used looks very nice. Very nice booth dining areas also. The fish window behind the bar looks very nice!
    It is a very nice venue for Sims to enjoy dining at! :)
  • ADWilsonADWilson Posts: 5,165 Member
    The Birchwood is BEAUTIFUL!!!
    From the sidewalk to the front door, there is plenty of curb appeal. Your use of siding and stone is eye-catching and complements the white wooden railing quite nicely. <3 the wraparound porch on the one side and the little chess nook on the other. The back deck is perfect for hanging outside when the weather cooperates and allows parents or older siblings plenty of unobstructed view for keeping an eye on the younger kiddos. Your greenhouse "room" is a good idea when the greenhouse roofing doesn't suit the design of the home. Gotta love beautiful, easy-to-care-for landscaping that isn't too fussy looking.

    Indoors ... wowee! Your use of textures and colors is very calming, soothing and relaxing. The furnishings are comfortable with accented decor that isn't too cluttered ... giving the feel of a cozy home instead of a showoff house. Although this is a home that sims would proudly show off!!! The nectar racks in the living space is a nice idea and the glass decor on the coffee table invokes the image of sipping with a loved one or friends. The sitting area off to the side is nice so the television doesn't distract from sims socializing over a glass of nectar. The master bedroom and en suite is tastefully done and wouldn't upset a sim's masculinity while appealing to feminine sims. The gender neutral palette for the nursery, child bedroom and bathroom is pleasant and cheerful without being too childish.

    The layout is spacious and efficient. A favorite thing is keeping the children's wing separate from the adult's. This IS a home any small sim family would love to call their own. :)

    Lemongrass is LOVELY!!!
    A menu board and hours of operations sign on the outside is a must! The simple, elegant landscaping and interesting window variations beckon sims forth to explore all of their five senses. The trash pickup area and parking in the back is a nifty idea!

    Inside, it's open and airy with a soft palette. The waiting area up front with cashier's station is another nifty idea! The server cleanup station is very clever! <3 the variety in seating options and the fish tank behind the bar. That has got to be the cleanest restaurant kitchen out there! LOVE the efficient use of space allowing for multiple sims to be working back there. The two bathrooms are conveniently located near the kitchens but still welcoming to patrons. LOVE your indoor window "gardens" (have used this in basements but not upstairs ... why did I never think to do it this way?!) that invoke feelings of calm and peacefulness. Dining here must be quite a treat.
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  • suzsessuzses Posts: 1,202 Member
    @ADWilson and @rosemow Thank you both very much for stopping by and for your kind comments. I really appreciate it. :)
  • cianeciane Posts: 14,813 Member
    What a great house with which to start your thread! Love it!
  • Odonata68Odonata68 Posts: 1,004 Member
    "Disclaimer: There are some really wonderful, talented Sims 3 builders in the community, and I'm not one them."

    @suzses I have no idea what you're talking about, these are amazingly beautiful and have a realism about them. <3
  • suzsessuzses Posts: 1,202 Member
    @ciane and @Odonata68 Thanks for your encouragement. :)
  • Odonata68Odonata68 Posts: 1,004 Member
    @suzses you're absolutely welcome :) . I can't wait to see more!
  • suzsessuzses Posts: 1,202 Member
    I just added a little info about Lemongrass at the end of my post above. I should have thought to tell you before that the uploaded version of the lot has some added things that don't appear in the pictures that I took of the Build-N-Share version. Also, I discovered while playing my game there is a rug missing under the bakery display case in the dining room. You'll want to add that for sims to be able to purchase items from that case. (I always just recolor them to match the floor.)
  • suzsessuzses Posts: 1,202 Member

    This is kind of a lost and found project. It's based on a house I built early in the game (right after we got bunkbeds, I think) and then lost when my first Sims 3 computer went belly up. I had really enjoyed playing that house and for a long time thought about trying to rebuild it. So, this past spring, right before the last gift exchange, I started to remake it but, in the excitement and busyness of the exchange, I forgot all about it . . . until I was looking for another house to add to my current game and had a "what's this" moment.

    Anyway, it's all finished now, and I think the layout is exactly the same, although other things aren't.

    Greenview is a small two-bedroom home suitable for a family or household of probably not more than four, with perhaps a cat or small dog. Its open floor plan and lot size make it really easy to keep track of where everyone is and what they're up to. I've done the second bedroom as a kids' room with bunkbeds and a crib, but it can accommodate a double bed if that's better for your household's needs.

    It has two baths, the second of which does not have a sink. I really like to have a bath/shower combination in the house and liked the two space wide door for that bath, so due to space considerations chose those over a sink. If it's important for you to have one (like for a neat sim), space for the sink could be made either by switching to a shower or by changing to a one space wide door.

    There's an empty shed in the backyard waiting to be put to good use - perhaps a hobby or craft space, or a small playhouse for the kids, or even a pet room.

    Appliances, electronics and the fireplace have been upgraded. The backyard apple tree and the potted lettuce and tomato plants on the porch are of perfect quality.

    42563671145_b26705a0cf_c.jpgGreenviewFront by Sue H, on Flickr

    Picture gallery: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmmCi9Je

    Link on the Exchange: https://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=9234956
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 133,842 Member
    Greenview is a very nice home! :) Very nice exterior of the home! The wraparound porch looks great! The stone texture of the front and side exterior and the plants along the edges of the home look very nice. Sims will have fun playing on the swing. It is great that there is an empty shed for simmers to use in the build. Very nice backyard areas for Sims to enjoy cooking on the bbq and eating food on the lounger in the outdoors air, or enjoy painting on the easel. Very nice open plan layout and furnishing of the interior of the home! The fireplace sofa and armchairs sitting area in the living room looks very nice! It looks great that the tv is in the corner nook, and the painting on the wall is calming for Sims to see as they sit resting and warming up near the fire. They will enjoy watching tv there, or reading a book from the bookcase. The coat stand is a homely touch near the door. Very nice design of the kitchen! It looks very great how the half walls have been used there! The texture of the cabinets and counters looks nice. It is nice that there is a study desk with the dividing half wall, for sims to enjoy sitting at the desk using the computer. Very nice window dining area. Sims would enjoy eating their meals with sunshine coming in through the windows, and the pretty flowers on the table to look at. Very nice furnishing of the bedroms! The colour scheme of these rooms and through the home looks nice, calming and restful. The floor tiling and floral floor rug in the bathroom looks very nice.
    It is a very nice family home! :)
  • cianeciane Posts: 14,813 Member
    I really like the wrap-around porch and the rock wall! :smiley: Nice home, as always!
  • ADWilsonADWilson Posts: 5,165 Member
    From curb to porch Greenview offers great views in every direction! The color palette and furnishing choices makes this a warm and welcoming home. Your attention to detail is as awe-sim as always and I learn a lot by peeking at what you do and how you do it ... not that my attempts would look this good, but it is still inspiring all the same. Each build offers something (or several somethings) that I haven't seen or noticed before. Simply put, you make me want to take a closer look and see what I can then play around with on my end to learn & grow as a builder/decorator. Thank you :)
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  • suzsessuzses Posts: 1,202 Member
    Thanks @rosemow You always take time to really look over everyone's builds and have such nice things to say. You don't miss a thing.

    @ciane Thank you for stopping by and taking a look. I just realized I did two wrap-around porches in a row. I'll have to try for some variety.

    Thank you @ADWilson I appreciate your kind comments. I really like to look at other people's builds, too, and then try out some things.
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