• I shut down the EA app completely, several times, and it still won't let me into Sims. So I uninstalled and reinstalled it, like somebody else suggested. I still can't get into Sims. I ran a cc cleaner, and cleaned out all my caches. I still can't get into it. I'm getting very frustrated. BTW, why can't we use mods? Are…
  • I actually think it's funny when my Sims disobey my orders. Sometimes it is frustrating, especially when they want to do really stupid things, or I want them to do something stupid and they won't. But no matter how frustrating it is when they keep insisting on clogging the toilet, or something like that, I still think it's…
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  • Some of my Sims just have a mind of their own!
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  • It depends on the character. Many of the characters in my current game are based on monsters, mythological creatures, or characters from fiction. If I think a like or dislike fits in with the character they're based on, I agree to it. If it has nothing to do with the character, I might let them have a like if it's a useful…
  • If you want a real challenge, have a bunch of toddlers at once. I've had a few households like that. In fact, one of my werewolves had quadruplets. They were not doing a good job of taking care of the quadruplets, even with a nanny to help, but I just aged the babies up into toddlers. Now they're gonna be in trouble!!! (To…
  • I prefer having 4-6 sims in a household. If I only have 1 or 2 sims, I have a lot of dead time waiting for them to finish doing something or get home from work/school. 7-8 tend to be a lot more work though, and sometimes I pause to check on one and make sure they're all keeping busy.
  • I think it's just luck. I've never had trouble catching batfish in Forgotten Grotto, even without bait. Try fishing without bait? Or maybe the game is being mean. The game knows how much you want it, so it's taunting you. ;)
  • I'm confused. You can't play the toddlers if you have Parenthood? I don't have the Parenthood EP, but I can control my toddlers. I rather enjoy them too. I make them play. I make them ask the adults for things. I make them talk nonsense to people. I make them splash in toilets. And when the adults are very negligent, I…
  • Speaking of mixing other holidays with Halloween, here's my Krampus.
  • I'm very fond of the triplets my mummy had with Tomax Collette. I keep the genetics, and just alter hair, clothing, and makeup. Oh, and I add bandages, to give them that "descendant of a mummy" nuance. ;)
  • Why wait? Just have more babies later.
  • I made this guy around Valentine's Day, inspired by a horror movie called "Cupid".
  • One day, I witnessed this horror story in my game. An innocent toddler was snatched by a werewolf !!! And the werewolf ran off with the poor toddler in its clutches !!! And carried the baby down to the sewers !!! And then it gave the toddler a drink.
  • Battle downtown.
  • This guy is quite the lady's man. The sim women love him. (He is actually pretty good-looking under that, because I wanted him to make attrative children.) I wanted a "creature from the black lagoon" character, and this is the closest I got. It's not actually cc. It's from a mod called "Expanded Mermaids".…
  • Here's one I haven't played with for awhile. I think she's a dryad.
  • I've had a character seduce the Reaper, and add him to the family. You need to turn the Grim Reaper trait off him to get a baby, but you can put it back on him later. He's a great dad.
  • I was just thinking a few days ago about making a new monster and putting that trait on him. (I don't remember what I was thinking about making though!) I need to think again about what character I want to float around with black smoke around them.
  • Here's one of my daughter's characters. She likes to do more of an anime-look.
  • My latest is an African leopard woman.
  • A couple guys in Sulani.
  • The best thing about my Nefertiti-lookalike is that her children turn out pretty good. She had triplets with Tomax Collette, and they aged up real nice. I love how their genetics worked out. (I change clothes and hair, but not their genetic features.) Joanne looks so much like their mother. Beckett has a nice blend of both…
  • Here's one I spent a lot of time on, and I'm quite proud of. She's one of my mummies. She has plenty of cc, but that's not the time-consuming part. I based her on a photo of what Nefertiti would look like today. So I had the photo open in a browser window while I created her in the game, and kept going back and forth…
  • I do spend a lot of time on some of my Sims. Sometimes I don't. I enjoy Sim creation. Finding the right cc can be time-consuming for some of the monster sims, because sometimes we're looking for something specific. However, trying to mold the faces to get the look you want is actually more time-consuming. You try different…
  • My daughter is thinking of doing this beauty for a Halloween party this year. It's a Japanese character they call "kuchisake onna". She asks if you think she's pretty. Then she removes her mask to show you her full beauty.
  • That spoiler tag thing is a good idea. I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier. I need to figure out how to do that. I have cute monsters, but I also have creepy and gory monsters.
  • Since I terrified the arachnophobic, maybe I should help get people's minds off creepy thoughts with some adorable baby gargoyles!
  • I think that if you play regularly, any improvements will be so gradual that you won't notice as much as somebody who hasn't played for a long time. It's like when you haven't seen somebody for a long time and they gained or lost a lot of weight. It's a much bigger change than if you see them every day. Plus the person who…
  • I had a feeling that might creep some people out. If you want to know something really creepy, I have more!! This one is a Japanese spider woman my daughter created, and she's all-spider. But I also have a whole family of Chinese spider women! They are not full spider, like the one in this photo. They are actually very…
  • Nice Frankie. My daughter has some Monster High characters too, but they're in a different save. This month we're playing a special save that I keep in a folder called "Monsters" (along with all the cc we use on those monsters in that save). My "Manage Households" screens have several pages that look like this:
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