One Month One World One Year Personal Challenge (Complete!)


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    @permanentrose ,
    Thank you for your comments :) To be totally honest lil Essa was super hungry, I was going to cheat her needs as they were at 3rd floor of that castle, but Melody and Damon started to act like that autonomously, so I kind of forgot :D
    --Update 329 - The Water Balloon Fight
    Nice first pic! Water balloon fight, hehe I have mod (surprise?) for that and snowball one to run more smoothly :) Emmett, you better be more creative where to hide :smiley: Lovely pic of the lighthouse <3 Congrats to Jules for aspiration! Haha, well cool to see the pics of the kids of M&M :)
    --Update 330 - Celebrations
    Once again, cool first pic, I love how the moon is showing up at the backround :) Ruby and Zane have a lovely house there , congrats for the little one :) Great from Emmett to end the fire, and bbq too :P Again , awesome pics of the fireworks :)
    --Update 331 - Interlude
    Oh, Ruby got abducted, hehe :p And Jules sure looks great as elder :)

    @SoulGal7 , NIce to see Sakura and Wolfie again :)

    @Karababy52 ,
    Thank you for your comments :) I dont think there is any way without Veera being playable and asking to drink herself, no :)
    And yes , she has that guilty drinker thing, why she would of felt miserable.
    Little Essa may be a just a tiny bit too little to be jealous, but hey, she has strong feelings :p She is half vampire and half spellcaster :p
    --November - Day 29
    Shelbyyy!! No running away!! :(
    Ah okay, you just had a long walk, totally cool! I would have one too, just maybe not in blizzard, ya know kitty? Blizzard is the one where snowflakes size of a mouse are coming down from the sky?? Oh you do know? Cool. yes it is the "size of a mouse" part? Okay :p Meow right back at you! *Hugs*
    Uh, well they were blue indeed, I am glad they got inside fast!
    Haha to that pic of Josh giving a massage to her :D Pay back time, uh? :joy:
    Okay so that drink indeed was colorfull :D EL stuff, I had no idea it has drinks too :p Cool pic of Samara jumping in the air, Melody used to do that a lot :p
    --November - Day 30
    Haha how cute , pets playing around whie he is gaming.. that is a nice jump, Ollie :p
    Great job, Samara, with the graduation! Awww, Sam <3 You two look so happy <3
    Haha, i cannot believe you two used that bush! :smiley: At winter!!?? :D
    --December - Day 1
    All the houses look great, I would love to see the links :)
    Essa and Josh look great as elders too :)
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    Update 332 - Makeovers

    Daily pic is the house I downloaded. I've started editing it but it still needs work. I can look up the creator if anyone is curious.

    I still need to to finish makeovers too, but Jules and Emmett are done for now. I figure I might age Jules progressively into an older elder as the month goes on, so I wanted to start out with her still looking a bit young.



    Honestly I hope to play a bit more today and get things more settled, not sure if I'll have time though, so this will be my post for now :)
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    I am still feverish, took couple of hours to make the comments , as I needed to rest my eyes few times in the middle. So this will be very short update, will be working the longer one next :)

    Melody Connors

    Day 300+

    The one where it starts to get exiting..

    Melody and Damon were playing chess, but then her phone started ringing.

    "Hi Josh!" She replied. "Oh they are ready now? Sure I'll be on my way."

    "I need to go, Damon." Se said and walked to stairs. "You will be here with Essa, right? Cordelia will be home soon!"
    "But, but... what? Melody hey??" Damon tried to ask her, but she was already gone.

    "Oh my.. what am I gonna do with you?? I need to get to Pan Europa!"
    "Tamon!! Huugggggg??" Essa simply replied.

    "Nice to meet his brothers too!"

    "I so want to live here too! Maybe in someday!"

    "Oh, it is supposed to be this door.."

    She knocked the door.
    "Hey, it must be her! Can you open the door, my hands are busy?" That was Josh's voice thru the door.
    "Sure, I will!" She heard another voice.. weirdly there was something familiar in it.
    And the door opened.

    To be continued...
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    @Karababy52 Essa and Josh look great! Can’t wait to see your house renovations too :)

    @SoulGal7 excited to see you jumping back in to this challenge!

    @Ellupelluellu i hope you feel better! Funny update with Damon getting stuck with Essa 😂
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    December - Day 2: "Farm Renovation WIP"



    Still working on renovating the lot I downloaded for Essa and Josh. I have the outside pretty much finished, including a hot tub area for them next to the house which is the daily post pic.

    More in the spoiler...
    I added another animal shed so they can have a cow and a llama and put down their plant boxes and some plots for oversized crops.

    This little potting shed got a bit of an update outside and especially inside.

    The party/picnic area has new tables, lights, BBQ and fireflies. In fact I added fireflies throughout the lot.

    Pond didn't need much other than I added windchimes, swapped out some ducks for swans and took out the trout.

    Replaced some hay bales and milk cans for Essa's easel and paints out front.

    Inside the llivingroom is pretty much finished, as is Essa's office. I'm working on the kitchen, dining room, bathroom and hallway at the moment. Haven't touched the upstairs yet other than to gut it. Hopefully I'll be finished with this tomorrow.

    I'll get started on comments next. Hope y'all had a great day/night! <3
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    Love this thread. @Ellupelluellu hope you're feeling better soon. ☺️
    Do more of what makes you happy. 🌞
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    December 1 - Henford-On-Bagley

    This is the house that I am using, and am currently renovating the interior, and some of the backyard. It is on the 2 Olde Mill Lane 50 x 40 lot. Built by MirnaLynn.


    This is another build I had considered, but it would be rather tight in the back yard also adding a chicken coop. It was also a bit small, and I wanted something larger, but still a really nice build with a water wheel. Have a great day/night everyone.

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    Yes, we'll see what Josee and Jessah are up to now. Might not be right away though, we'll see. :)

    Vanilla elders look and act so bad! I'm so glad I have the overlay and mods! I peeked at Josh without the overlay and...O.O Uh, yeah, he looked really bad. I did have to experience the cracked back and forgotten memory stuff though since they do it in CAS every 2 seconds it seems. Sheesh! I aged up everybody in the challenge save too, except vampires. So strange seeing my other Sims as elders, first time for all of them, everyone really, except Josh. He's been an elder in my game before.

    No way could we forget what Sakura and Wolfgang look like! Looking forward to your update with them. Have fun with it!

    I think that lot is a 50x40 or maybe one size smaller, not sure though, I'll have to check when I go back in game later to finish the remodel. Thanks about all her houses though. I've loved every single one of them. Even if I didn't make them all from scratch. :) Thanks about how Essa and Josh look, I think they turned out okay. They look like 'young' elders, but hey, it's just so jarring going from somewhat youthful to BOOM, now you're an elder. hehe

    Fabulous looking lot you've chosen for Sakura and Wolfgang, love it! The other house you looked at is really nice too! Are you excited to play with them again? I imagine you are. :)

    Whoa! Good thing it was Ruby that got abducted instead of Emmett though. You might've had another little alien nooboo or two in the house. Did you know that elder males can get preggers from abduction? I'm always scared that's going to happen to Josh. o.O Aww, Jules doesn't look bad at all! In fact, looks like just her hair color changed in that pic. Must be because of her overlay? Just guessing.

    Wow! Love the look of their new house, it's gorgeous! Yes, I'm curious who created that. Thanks! Understand about the need for renovations/remodel. I've never downloaded anything that didn't need some kind of tweaks/improvement. Sometimes I just gut the entire interior and start from scratch. Especially if I just loved the exterior, but not so much the interior.

    Jules and Emmett look great as 'young' elders. I'm going to do somewhat the same. Essa and Josh's hair will slowly get more gray, if I can manage it somehow and perhaps more wrinkles over time. They'll definitely look like 'old' elders by the end of the month anyway. Might just take the overlay off them to accomplish that. We'll see...

    Thanks about Josh and Essa's elders looks. I took a long time fiddling around with them and trying to find outfits that were 'older' but still 'them.' If that makes sense. I tried other hairstyles on Josh, but just couldn't bring myself to change it. Maybe later in the month. It is a lighter color though and his beard is the brown/gray option. Hopefully have the renovation done later tonight. Cross your fingers!

    Ah, okay, I figured that wasn't possible unless played. Aww, very true! She may be little, but she's still got a heart and can feel strongly at that age. Her little face though, cracked me up! hehe Almost like she was thinking 'He's mine! No, no, no! Get away from him, stop it!' hehe

    hehehe Love your imagined convo with Shelby running away! Size of a mouse? I've seen some big snowflakes in my day, but not that big! o.O Yep, paybacks for the massage she gave him. He looks like he's TRYING to make her uncomfortable eh? I know it's just the standard animation for that massage, but it made me laugh. hehe Love that drink! I had no idea about it either. Have to keep that in mind if I ever need another Sim to look like they've been working with paint and weren't too neat about it. hehe Samara jumping like that is only the second time I've ever seen that in this save. Essa did it once in the garden waaaaay back in January.

    I'll get the links for those houses when I go back in game later today and post them with my update for you. :)

    Oh man, poor 'Tamon' stuck with the little brat again. hehe So sweet how she always wants hugs. Love her so much! You can do without going to the club for a while Damon. Get to know your future wife! hehe Gah! Get ready for some drama once the guys figure out what's going on. hehe Melody is going to be shocked too! hehe So, so, SO looking forward to finding out what happens next! :)


    Aww, thank you so much for stopping by to tell us that, I'm so happy that you read our stories. I had no idea! At least until you said something in that other thread. :)

    Be back later to post today's update. Hope y'all have a wonderful day/night! <3
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    @permanentrose , Thank you for your comments :) Well , Essa knows what she wants , even at that age :D
    --Update 332 - Makeovers
    House looks so great! :smiley: So do Jules and Emmett <3

    @simgirl1010 , Lovely to hear you like to read this thread :) Thank you for the wishes <3

    @SoulGal7 , Aww, that house looks great! <3 So many great houses here, and too little amount of lots in the map! :)

    @Karababy52 , Thank you for your comments :) Yes there will be a "great" surprise inside that apartment door :p Or maybe not so great for Melody, but I sure had fun :D
    YEs, and Shelby agreed with me, sized as a mouse (very small one, maybe baby mouse) :joy:
    --December - Day 2: "Farm Renovation WIP"
    That house looks lovely indeed!! I just love that little potting shed <3 And naturally beautiful hot tub area :)
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    Update 333 - Life on the Countryside

    I've finished editing the house for the most part, mostly just to put up a lot of Jules' personal items because this is the place she'll settle permanently :)

    Did a few other maintenance things - I aged Rowan and Willow up and moved them into a house together. I also aged Riley up from a toddler too. I left Robin as a child for now though since if I continue this challenge with her, I want to wait a bit for her to reach her teenage years.

    I also aged Margot up.

    "Mommy, I got your nose!"

    I think she's much cuter in her disguise, but here's her alien form.

    There were a lot of animals on this lot already, so Jules got to work befriending them all :) This is Clara.

    Let's get some milk.

    Or not :D

    I know it's probably just incidental that Pepper is standing here, but it looks like she' protecting this little guy <3

    Jules is loving her life here :)

    Did not realize this was an option, so of course I had to immediately do it haha.

    "Come on, are you getting in here with me or what?

    Lol Clara looks so annoyed :D

    A literal roll in the hay :joy:

    Jules: "Oof, I'm getting too old for this."
    Emmett: "I feel great. Honestly I feel about ten years younger after that."

    Ironically it was Emmett who got this moodlet.

    I spotted Ruby out for run, which is a nice little detail since she is their neighbor.

    Emmett's mom came by and got to spend some time with her grandkids.

    And Robin learned a new hobby.
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    December - Day 3: "Renovation Continues..."



    Outside and first floor are finished. The above is the first floor overhead view. Still working on the upstairs. I had a busy day today helping my Son and Hubby take down and put away trees stands, grocery shopping and visiting with our Grandkids. Then back home I finally got to play. Biggest part of that time was spent just organizing all the stuff they've collected this year and alllll the photographs. o.O I have everything I want to display in the build now, just need to organize everything. The Pets room is just about finished, but that's it.

    Thought I'd be able to finish today, but it's not going to happen, unfortunately. Anyway, thanks for being so patient with me, I love building/renovating, but I'm very picky and a perfectionist when it comes to doing that, so it goes slow. I guess I should've started sooner. Ah well...

    I'll take screenshots of everything once it's completely finished and get those links to the houses I didn't use as well. Oh man, just realized I still need to finish updating everyone too, so that will take some time. But, I'll wait on that until after I start playing with them. Hopefully tomorrow! Cross your fingers! :)

    Hope y'all had a wonderful day/night! <3
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    December 2 - Henford-on-Bagley: Thinking Back

    [This chapter deals with a time shift. Present Day is actually 10 years in the future and Sakura is thinking back on how they ended up in Henford-on-Bagley, and everything that had happened. Because I missed San Myshuno and Brindleton Bay, in this story, I am pretending that they had gone to those two places. In the Brindleton Bay photos, Sakura and Wolfgang have been aged up to adults. Their children, Ren & Ken have been aged up to young adults and are starting jobs In Brindleton Bay. Kyra, Riki and Hana are teens.]

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    PRESENT DAY (10 Years in the Future)


    Sakura woke up early and quietly descended the stairs of the old farmhouse and went into the kitchen to make some tea. She loved this time of day, when the morning light streamed in through the window, and she could just sit and think. As she sat down, and looked out the window, she thought back to when they had first moved to Henford-on-Bagley. Had it really been 10 years' ago?

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    10 YEARS AGO


    It had happened rather suddenly. We were living in San Myshuno at the time. Rennard (Ren) and Kenji (Ken) had just finished university. And in true family tradition, they attended rival universities. Rennard (Ren) had graduated in Honors Biology at Foxbury, while Kenji (Ken) had graduated in Art History at Britechester. Kyra, Riki and Hana were still teens in high school at that time.


    Well, Rennard (Ren) had just started a job as an Assistant Vet at the Brindleton Pawspital.


    And Kenji (Ken) got a job as a Museum Curator at the Deadgrass Discoveries Museum on Deadgrass Isle.

    So, after Wolfgang and I talked it over, we decided we wanted a change. I decided to quit my job as an Art Critic and Wolfgang did the same and left his job as a City Council Member. We really didn't need the simoleons, and wanted to live a more relaxed lifestyle again. So, we decided to move from the hustle and bustle of city life to a lovely rental house by the water in Brindleton Bay. Of course, everyone was thrilled that we were moving there, especially Riki, who loved to go down to the water and fish.


    And Kyra and Hana couldn't wait to build sand sculptures on the beach again.


    Our family expanded a lot during that time, as Ren was always bringing home stray cats and dogs that needed looking after until they were adopted out to their forever home. It certainly kept us busy, and Wolfgang and I often talked about adopting one of these strays ourselves.



    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    But then one night, Wolfgang got a call at 2am, and before he even answered, we knew what it was about. It was about Mila, Wolfgang's mother. Mila had been doing poorly recently, and we had planned a visit for Harvestfest, but unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be. Mila had passed away in her sleep. She was gone. The wonderful sim who welcomed me into the family with open arms and who loved me like the daughter she never had, was gone.


    It was a very sad time for all of us. We booked a flight immediately and the whole family descended on Windenburg.



    Gunther had moved out years ago when he married Maaike Haas, and moved to the Arts District in San Myshuno. With all the festivals and excitement of the big city, Gunther and Maaike enjoyed living there. They later adopted a little girl named Tanvi.


    But Lucas had stayed behind. He and Elsa got married, and had twins, a boy and a girl, named Erik and Emma. Mila, had opened a Bed and Breakfast in her home, and had asked Lucas and Elsa if they would like to live with her to help with the business. They had wholeheartedly agreed and the business flourished.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Once the memorial service was over, and the reading of the will was done, we found out that Wolfgang had inherited a farm in Henford-on-Bagley from his great-great grandmother. Mila had never mentioned the farm. Apparently, it had been willed to Mila. and Mila in turn, had willed it to Wolfgang. I later found out that it was the same great-great grandmother whose ring I wore. The ring that Mila had given Wolfgang at Harvestfest all those years' ago, and the ring that Wolfgang proposed to me with. There was no note as to why she willed it specifically to Wolfgang, but I think she was concerned that we were moving almost every month, and wanted us to settle down in one spot.



    The main house in Windenburg, and its contents were willed to the three sons, but it was decided that Lucas and Elsa and their family would live there and look after the house. Gunther had an apartment in San Myshuno, and had no intention of moving back to Windenburg, and now, suddenly, Wolfgang owned a farm in a place called Henford-on-Bagley. Our rental in Brindleton Bay was expiring at the end of the month, and Wolfgang had suggested that we visit Henford-on-Bagley and go and see what shape this farm was in.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    When we arrived at the farm, the place was in bad shape. The farm needed a lot of work, and It had been uninhabited for many years. There was a barn on-site, or what was left of one, as there were so many holes in the roof, and barn boards missing, that it was determined that it would be safer to demolish it, rather than try to repair it.


    But the farmhouse was still in good shape, and most of the furniture was covered with dust cloths. Our intention had been to fix up the farm and sell it. We really wanted to move back to Windenburg, as Windenburg always felt like home to us. But within a few days, we fell in love with the town and the villagers, that we decided to move here and make this our new home.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    PRESENT DAY (10 Years in the Future)


    Sakura stared off into the distance reminiscing about their arrival in Henford-on-Bagley and smiled. She looked at the time and realized that she had to get dressed, and...gosh...she had to go and feed the farm animals. Plus, everyone would be getting up soon and she had to start breakfast. As she opened the fridge door, she spied a photo on the wall of Wolfgang and her.


    Sakura remembered that photo well. It was a photo of them from their wedding vow renewal ceremony. Their 40th wedding anniversary. Now that was a party to remember...

    And so it begins...

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    This took a while to screenshot.

    At the time I had stopped playing when they were still in Sulani, Ren & Ken had completed all the childhood aspirations, they had an A in grade school, and had completed 3 of the 5 character values (Responsible, Manners and Empathy). Kyra, Riki and Hana had completed all the traits for the Top Notch Toddler Trait.

    When I aged up the kids, this is how they looked, with the exception of Ren's hair, which I changed, and, of course their outfits. I randomly rolled their traits, and when Ren's came up with dog lover, I got the idea that he would become a vet. I thought it would be funny if Ren and Ken went to rival universities in different degrees.

    And so now the story will start with Wolfgang and Sakura moving to Henford-on-Bagley in their "renovated" farmhouse which belonged to his great-great grandmother. The photos of them at the dilapidated farm was a lot I created, called Abandoned O'Leary Farm.

    I had to use a different hairstyle for Sakura as an elder, because the one I like isn't available for elders. Sheesh! I chose a short style, which I think really suits her, and seems to have some blue highlights in it. In the first chapter, they will have a party, where we will see the challenge sims and others, and they will age up to elders at that time. I just did a time-shift to show you what they will look like. The cover photo is of Sakura still as an adult with "added" wrinkles, and Wolfgang is an elder. I may change his hair color to grey as the years go by, and for the first part, Sakura will be having a different hairstyle when she ages to elder.
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    Update 334 - Bird Song

    Off to collect some eggs in the morning.

    And then she bonded with some birds

    Then off to town to fulfill visiting each neighborhood in this world and also to buy some groceries since I'm playing with the simple living lot trait.

    Father Winter showed up in the middle of summer to buy some produce as well :D

    Jules bought some fire milk so she had to try it.

    Oh no...

    "Holy cow this is HOT."

    Meanwhile, Emmett popped into the bar and Melody and Malcolm were there! They live in this world now, as do Essa and Damon. Might move Sakura there as well to enhance the likelihood of seeing all challenge sims :) I still do need to age them all up though.

    I ran out of time to play more, but I'm close to finishing the first milestone of the aspiration!
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    December - Day 4: "Renovation Complete!"


    Finally, after working on it all day, I've finished renovating their new home and got to do a teeny tiny bit of gameplay too. The second floor consists of the upstairs landing/music area, their bedroom, a bathroom, the pets room and Josh's office/collection room. I'll take screenshots at some point of the entire renovation and get those links y'all wanted. I apologize for not having time to do that yet.

    First thing they did was share a kiss, of course. They haven't even been inside yet! It's Saturday, the last day of Winter and Spring starts in less than 10 minutes. They now have a black/white spotted cow named Bluebell, a white llama named Teddy, a rooster who will be named Rooster Cogburn, a hen named Sophia Lorhen and a hen chick who will be named Chicka Dee. Also, stocked the pond with lots of fish!

    Finally, they went inside and...

    Of course had to christen their new bed. It's tradition you know! hehe Hey, they may be elders now but there's still a fire burning bright for each other! ;)

    This is when I looked at the clock and realized I had 10 minutes to get a daily pic posted! D'oh! Anyway, got it done and tomorrow will finally be a regular story mode update!
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    Updated my December 4th post above! Thanks for being so patient with me. Unfortunately, comments will have to wait until tomorrow morning. I need to get some sleep.

    Hope y'all had a wonderful day/night! <3
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    Thank you too for your comments! :)

    Can't wait to see what this great surprise is going to be! o.O Hope they all still end up friends. Though that might not be possible, we'll see...

    hehe Okay, guess I can't argue with that if Shelby agreed! Baby mouse size flakes it is! ;)

    I love those two areas too! Glad you like the renovation, it took a lot of time to do, but I think it was worth it. Only thing I'm sad about is there wasn't room for all those gorgeous pics of Josh anywhere. I might have to make a basement photo gallery just for them or something. hehe So I myself can look at them. LOL!

    Gorgeous daily pic of the countryside! Love the scenery in HoB! Great job with your renovation from what I can see so far, love that you too are putting up photos around the house for them now since it will be where they settle. Oh cool what you did with aging up the kids. Riley looks great as a child. Handsome little guy! Makes sense you'd wait with Robin. Are Rowan and Willow living in HoB too? Just curious...

    Aww, Margot is a little cutie! I think she's just as cute in her alien form! Clara looks like she's thoroughly enjoying that brush Jules is giving her. hehe Opps! Clara! Don't do that! Jules looks great in her new outfit. Love that hat! I had forgotten about that hat, might have to give it to Essa in one of her outfits. Aww, okay, it may just be a lucky pause with Pepper and that chick, but it looks adorable anyway! Wow, you're much farther along than I am, you have some crops growing already! Hoping today Essa and Josh can get some of theirs planted since it'll be Spring now.

    HAHA! Of course they had to try the shed woohoo option! Funny how Jules says she's too old for this. Ironically, Essa got very uncomfortable with their first woohoo and it wasn't satisfying either. Darnit! I have to remember they're elders now and take it easy with the woohoo. Might end up killing them! o.O Or at least her, Josh was totally fine and satisfied. hehe I think his body builder aspiration might have something to do with that. ;)

    Cool seeing Ruby jogging by already and nice that Emmett's Mom could come by and visit. Great new hobby for Robin!

    Again, love the daily pic with Jules and the birds. Oh man Jules, what did you expect with the fire milk? hehe Glad you mentioned about the Simple Living lot trait, I meant to put that on Essa and Josh's lot too. They won't be able to grow much yet since it's Spring, but they have almost 8 million now so they can just buy a bunch of groceries to tide them over. hehe

    So great to see Malcom and Melody in HoB and glad that Damon/Nik Jr. and Essa are there too!

    Sakura and Wolfgang look good as elders! Especially love the hairstyle in white you chose for Sakura later on in the update. It does suit her. Wolfgang looks so cute in the shirt with the flower! Love their kitchen, it looks so cozy. All their children grew up well, very handsome and beautiful children, and looks like successful as well.

    Sad Mila passed away, but it makes sense considering her age and the timeline. Aww, so glad Gunther and Lucas married their sweethearts. Great segue with the farm being willed to Wolfgang. Love the story of the ring again too. Great update, can't wait to see the party with everyone. Very cool Sakura and Wolfgang did a vow renewal for their 40th Anniversary. Great minds think alike I guess because I have something like that in mind for Essa and Josh coming up soon as well. They never had the reception party, but I'll say they did, but I still wanted to have a party with everyone so this will be how that'll be accomplished. :)

    Off to get in game soon, can't wait to actually play with them longer then just a few minutes. Still need to do a lot of background stuff, but I just want to play today until we go visit our Son and Grandkids later this afternoon. Look for an update from me later tonight. Hope y'all have a great day/night! <3
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    Hi All! Just a bit busy today, but will comment later tonight. Just wanted to show you the challenge sims, who are all placed now. They have all been aged up to adults with wrinkles. They will be aged up later into elders. Jules, Emmett, Melody, Malcolm, Essa and Josh are living on the farm next to Sakura and Wolfgang. So they are neighbors. Here they are:


    The other challenge sims, except River, are living in town. I know some are married and have kids, but I just placed them as is, because their significant others and children were not uploaded to the gallery.


    River and Sofia got married and live in Oasis Springs. They have a teen daughter, Shaina.


    Luna got married to Blaze Snowden (from the Olympic Team), and they have a teen son, Tucker. They still live in Windenburg on the island, but have moved to a house on the water. (Pier Palace).

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    I'm not gonna have time to properly play today so I just logged in to get a nice little scenic shot :)


    Update 335 - Castle Ruins

  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 4,925 Member
    December - Day 5: "Special Offspring Update & More..."


    I spent some time today updating wardrobes and appearances of non-challenge Sims and giving some of them some kids.

    First up is Josee and Seth's teen son, Evan! Traits: Dog Lover & Snob. He's a spellcaster! I was kind of hoping for a vampire. Maybe they'll have more kids later. I think he turned out pretty cute! Showed his profile for you @Ellupelluellu so you can see that he's somewhat got his Dad's, Grandpa's and Great Grandpa's unique nose! It's small now, but it could pop out more when he ages to a young adult.

    Next up is Jessah and Morgyn's twin teens. Odin traits: Creative & Romantic. Morrigan's traits: Self Assured & Hot Headed. They are both Spellcasters.

    This is Samara and Sam's teen daughter, Joy! Traits: Animal Enthusiast & Geek. She randomized with that skin overlay and I kept it for her since she looks so gorgeous with it in my opinion. I think it's the female version of Sam's. Not sure. It could be the one Melody or Veera has as well. I think she's one of the prettiest female teens I've ever had in my game!

    Meet Marshall, Melody and Malcom's teen son! Traits: Evil & Active. I think he's a good mix of both parents. Very cute in my opinion!

    Melody and Malcom also have identical twin toddler daughters! Only difference between them is their eyebrows and hairstyle. Their outfits are all identical too, except for a different cold weather hat since they both have their hair down. Mallory's trait is Angelic and Marley's trait is Inquisitive. I think they look mostly like Melody at this age. That could change though when they age up! We'll see... All three kids for Melody and Malcom are vampires, of course.

    Daily post pic was the two of them exploring the Brambles in the early morning. Essa was exclaiming over the beauty of the world while Josh was searching for something beneath Sophie. hehe I have more story mode screenshots, but do not have enough time to post them with this update. Tomorrow's post will definitely be a story mode and progress with the aspiration update.

    Hope y'all had a wonderful day/night! <3
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    Forgot to add that comments will need to wait until tomorrow morning as well. Spent most of the day with our Grandkids and got home late with just enough time to play for the offspring updates and a little more with Essa and Josh out and about. I love this world, it's so, so pretty! <3
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    Your house looks great and all the age ups and makeovers are great! Essa is the grandma to some teens now, wow! If I wasn't trying to age Robin up slowly to use her for this challenge next year, then I would have done more of a time jump like this too. I need to update my game and haven't yet so I don't have access to the gallery to see who the creator of my house is, but when I do, I'll share that with you.

    Nice screenshots and time jump with your sims! Everyone looks lovely. Glad you were able to snag Emmett from the gallery too! Excited to see you finish off this challenge with us <3
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    Update 336 - The Bramblewood

    Jules had one more neighborhood to visit, so the whole family visited the Bramblewood.

    Whoops, the fire milk is still taking effect I see :D

    Emmett and Jules had some alone time together.

    While Riley and Robin explored the area.

    "This place is so cool."

    "It would be nice if we were slightly taller so we could see the view out the window though."

    This was a missed opportunity to make a portal to a hidden world or just some kind of interactive item.

    "Wow, this place is gorgeous." Pretty sure that is Malcolm walking in the distance too haha.

    "I hope we live here forever," Riley confided as they found a large fallen log to sit and enjoy the scenery from. "I love this place."

    "It is nice," Robin agreed. "But I still want to see the world."

    "Oh look, a pond!"

    "Robin, what are you doing? Mom's gonna kill us."
    "Oh come on, get in here and live a little."


    "Pepper, be careful. Water is so so scary."

    As night fell, Jules explored the Caretaker's Cottage.

    And I ended here for now :)
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    December - Day 6: "An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day."


    Josh and Essa were taking a leisurely stroll around the Brambles in the early morning hours on the first day of Spring when they encountered one of their fox friends. Josh sang to him, which the fox loved, and Essa gave him an apple. He wasn't too keen on the apple, so she too decided to sing him a song. Unlike Josh, the fox didn't like Essa's singing for some reason. Josh tried to give him a pomegranate after that and even though he didn't seem to like it, the fox still ran away with it in his mouth.

    "Hmm, maybe we should try giving that fox something else Beautiful. He always growls when we give him produce."
    "He doesn't like it when I sing either. Why do we keep doing those things Babe? You'd think we would've learned by now."
    "I don't know, habit? Convenience? It's not like we carry raw meat around in our pockets. Might attract more than a fox, perhaps even a bear!"
    "Eh, whatever, let's go check out the falls and see if Sam, Samara and Joy are home."

    Sam and his family weren't home at this early hour, which seemed a bit weird, but perhaps they were out of town visiting someone. Josh and Essa walked over by the falls to enjoy the beauty and solitude of the area. Forever a romantic man, Josh had brought along something special to give Essa.

    "For you, Beautiful."
    "Aww, Josh, where did you get that? Roses aren't in season right now. You're so sweet. I love how you can still surprise me after all these years."

    "I special ordered it just for you from Aggie. She was thrilled to help me get it for you. You know how she is when it comes to anything to do with love."
    "Oh yeah, Aggie amazes me. I'm surprised she's never settled down with anyone after all these years."
    "I'm not. Aggie enjoys playing the field, she once told me, 'Variety is the spice of life my dear boy and I like to keep it spicy!'"
    "Hmm, maybe for her, but sometimes you find one that's so spicy you don't need anything else to keep things HOT!" Essa said and then gave Josh a sweet kiss on the cheek.

    They hadn't been to visit Sophie for awhile so they meandered their way down the hill to see if anyone had left any treasures and leave a few things for others to find as well. While they were there, they took a selfie together.

    They each took a solo selfie with Sophie as well. Josh was using his special 'invisible' camera to do the job.

    (Ohhh yeahhh, Super Sim extraordinaire! Who needs a 'real' camera? Not me!)

    Essa asked to borrow Josh's 'special' camera to take her own solo selfie, which he willingly agreed, but then he photo bombed the shot. I doubt she minded though.

    Have you ever seen a more handsome elder in the Sims? I think not. I'm biased, of course, but just look at him! He knows it too. hehe They went into town after wandering around a bit to give the shops time to open.

    However, it was still a bit early, so they stopped into the Gnome's Arms pub to say Hi to Sara and maybe get a drink. They were both parched from walking around the Brambles.

    "Hey Josh! Watch this, I've been practicing!"

    "Keep working on it, you'll get it."

    "Ten years, TEN years I've been trying to do that trick. I'm getting too old for this. Are my eyebrows still there?"
    "They're fine Sara, don't give up. You're never to old to learn new tricks."
    "But, it's said you can't teach an old dog new tricks."
    "You're not a dog Sara."
    "Oh, yeah, right."

    Look how Essa gazes at Josh. These two will forever and always be totally smitten with each other.

    Josh looks back at her with a gaze of his own so full of love it makes me want to cry. In fact, I checked and they both have an 'Utterly Enamored with someone special close by' sentiment.

    "So what can I make for you two on this fine morning? It's a bit early, so might I suggest a couple mimosas?"
    "I was thinking more like a Granny Smash, what about you Beautiful?"

    "Mmm, I love those! Granny Smash for me too."
    "Really? Okay, coming right up!"

    Samara came into the pub and sat down to have a chat with Essa while Josh enjoyed his drink. Samara shared that she and Sam were in Finchwick to do a little shopping which solved the mystery of why they were not home. Joy was spending the weekend with a girlfriend.
    "Delicious! See? You learned how to make these just right Sara."
    "Thanks to you giving me the recipe years ago. Practice makes perfect, right?"

    "Whoa, strong as ever. Are you sure we should be drinking these so early?"
    "Why not? We're retired, no responsibilities other than the animals, no crops yet either."

    "We can get smashed any time we want and nobody gives a rip."
    "Hmm, well I just hope you can still walk home later with all those groceries and supplies we'll be buying."

    "We're Spellcasters Beautiful, we don't have to carry a thing. Just transportalate all of it home, right?"
    "Always thinking ahead, aren't you?"
    "Ohhh yeahhh! I think I hear Kim out there trying to get customers now. Shall we go see what she has today?"
    "Sure, can you walk okay? I can transportalate you home too if you like?"
    "Come on Beautiful, we only had one."
    "Just checking Babe."

    They said their goodbyes to Samara, promising to stop by again soon, thanked Sara for the drinks and left the pub.

    Kim had a wide selection today since Sunday was a her big delivery day for the week. They were her first customers too and had dibs on everything available to buy.

    Essa had a big list since their supplies had dwindled over the Winter. She loaded up on all the staples and bought a few extra special things like chocolate syrup and mayonnaise.

    They also had a big order for Agnes as well, mostly fertilizer and seeds to plant for their first crop since the last harvest in the Fall. Josh also bought a few special items such as treats for the animals. After they transportalated everything home they intended to leave, but saw a couple of their other friends and decided to stay and chat with them first.

    Sam was sitting on a bench in front of the store where he was supposed to be buying supplies. He was totally immersed in doing some cross-stitching instead. Essa went over to have a chat with him.

    Malcom was eye-balling Josh, so he went over to have a talk with him too. Even though they were next door neighbors, he hadn't seen Malcom or his family for over a week.

    "Hey Dude, check out this cool way to do a handshake! It's all the rage on Simtube!"
    "Uh, okay, but how can you twist your arm like that? Looks painful."
    "Nah, I'm double jointed! Pretty good huh?"
    "You crack me up Malcom, never change!"

    "No worries there Dude, look at me, I'm just the same as I was decades ago, am I right?"
    "Wish I could say the same, but yeah, lookin' good Dude."
    "Oh come on Josh, you still look good, couple more wrinkles, but that's it. Bet I could kick your butt now though, am I right? Wanna fight?"
    "Bet you can't, but nah, I'll skip the fight, for now. I don't think Essa would be too happy if we fought again in town. Remember last time? Let's save that for on the farm."
    "Little woman got a bit miffed huh? Okay, fair enough. I get it."

    Meanwhile Essa's chat with Sam had been interrupted by Agatha. Ever the gentleman, Sam had stood up and offered his seat to her. She was pleased with his gracious manners.

    "Oh my, well isn't this lovely! I've not had a man offer me his seat in years. Samara is a lucky woman to have someone like you Sam. And so handsome too, mmm, hmm, lawdy, yes indeedy."

    "Always remember to treat a lady like a lady, don't forget, it's important. You treat her right and she'll treat you right. That's the number one thing! And another thing, always bring her flowers. Just because, not because you want something from her, though you'll probably get some as a result. hehe Oh and you should..."

    Essa smiled hearing what Agatha said about giving flowers, remembering the rose Josh had given her just that morning. She knew Josh hadn't given it to her just because he had a hidden agenda, he just loved her and wanted to see her smile. Regardless, she still planned to thank him 'properly' later. Agatha was a wise woman. She needed to thank her for helping Josh get the rose for her too.

    "Are you listening dear? Maybe you should write this down. You don't look like the forgetful sort, but it couldn't hurt. Better safe than sorry, am I right? Which reminds me of something else, always wrap it up, it's important. Oh wait, lawdy look who I'm talkin' to, you don't need to worry about that anymore. I never had any wee ones of my own, but that's okay, I didn't want any. I'd rather just spoil all my friends' little ones. But when it comes to changing poopy diapers? I'm handing that precious baby back to her Mama faster than you can say Jack Robinson! hehe I remember once when..."

    Agatha just keep talking and talking and it didn't seem she would be stopping anytime soon. Sam looked a bit shell shocked, but Essa was used to the sweet old gal's ways and just smiled, enjoying the stories of Agatha's youth. She suspected that Sam hadn't had the pleasure very often or perhaps he was just too polite to excuse himself.

    Malcom was busy trying to spread a false rumor to Josh, who of course wasn't buying it.

    "Oh come on Malcom, you expect me to believe that? No way would Agatha and Michael be having an affair. She's probably twice his age for one thing, and for another, he's sweet on Kim. Everyone knows that."
    "Hmm, maybe, but I heard someone saw her coming out of his house very late at night, what was she doing there then? She had a big smile on her face too and her hat was askew."

    "Rawr, RAWR! MuwahahahaHAHA!"
    "Did I scare you? I've been working on my scary vamp skills."
    "Malcom, you've been working on your 'scary vamp skills' for decades. If you don't have it by now, you'll never have it. Besides, it wouldn't work on me anyway, we were vamps back in the day ourselves, remember?"

    "Oh, yeah, that's right. I keep forgetting that. Opps!"
    "Like I said Dude, you crack me up, but I love it. You make me laugh."
    "That's a good thing, right?"
    "I just said I love it, so yes, a good thing."
    "Okay, good. Sure you don't wanna fight?"
    "Nah, we should be getting home soon. We need to feed the animals and plant some crops. I want to be in good shape to do that. Vamps heal instantly most of the time, Spellcasters don't."
    "Aww, okay. Hey remember when we used to..."

    Josh and Malcom continued chatting for awhile until he noticed Sam walking away from the bench where Essa and Agatha sat. Perhaps he should go over there and 'rescue' her. Agatha was a dear lady, but she would talk your ear off if you let her and never seemed to run out of advice about love or tales of her youthful escapades.

    "Uh, my apologies ladies, but I need to go take a leak, I mean, buy some leeks, yeah. Nice chatting with you, thanks for the advice Aggie. Come over anytime, I'm sure Samara and Joy would love to see you too. Bye for now!"
    "Bye Sam." Essa and Agatha said in unison.

    "Did he just say he had to go take a leak?"
    "Oh no, no, no, he said he needed to buy some leeks."
    "Okay, I thought so. He's such a gentleman and a gentleman would never tell a lady when he needed to visit the facilities. It's just not proper."
    "By the way Aggie, thanks so much for helping Josh get a rose for me. He gave it to me by the waterfalls in the Brambles earlier this morning."
    "Oh my, how romantic. You have such a wonderful man there Essa. His eyes always sparkle when he looks at you, did you notice?"
    "Yes, I've noticed. He is a wonderful man and I thank my lucky stars every day that he's mine."
    "Mmm, hmm, lawdy, I would too... and here he comes now. I bet he's ready to go. I should be going now too. Agnes has been giving me daggers for the last 15 minutes. I think she would like a break. Goodbye for now dear."
    "Goodbye Aggie, great chatting with you."

    Comments/replies coming up next, including links to those builds I didn't use for Essa and Josh. Hope y'all are having a good day/night! <3
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    edited December 2021
    Very cool how you put all the challenge Sims in homes together. Did you make Josh? Just curious because I never uploaded him to the gallery so I'm guessing you did. Pretty good job there. Everyone looks great and I love that you gave all the married Sims rings. Love that Essa, Josh, Melody, Malcom, Jules and Emmett are Sakura and Wolfgang's neighbors too! Thanks so much for doing this and showing our Sims. :)

    Very pretty daily post pic of the castle ruins! Thanks for sharing it with us. :) Yup, Josh and Essa are grandparents to teens now, perhaps before the month is out, I'll age some of them up and they'll even be great-grandparents. We'll see how it goes. :) Links to those houses is at the bottom of this comment post. Thanks for offering to post links to your houses too. No hurry on that, whenever you've updated and have time is good. :)

    Very pretty daily post pic with the kids sitting on that log by the stream, love those poses! Beautiful shot of Jules and Emmett enjoying that ruined gazebo too, very romantic spot eh? That hole in the tree is a fox den. But I agree, it would've been nice to have a rabbit hole hidden world located there, for perhaps fairies? That would be cool.

    Uh oh, Robin coaxing Riley into the pond is probably not a good idea, but it looks like they sure had fun. :) Poor old Pickle still doesn't like water eh? Looks like Pepper does though. The caretaker's cottage is so, so pretty! Too bad Michael wasn't there or awake to greet Jules. Oh well, maybe in the next chapter.

    Links to all lots used or placed in Henford-on-Bagley for December in the spoiler!
    Cottage Living Farm by Muffindella (Josh & Essa's farm before renovation)


    Cottage Living Farmhouse By ElliandraYT (Melody & Malcom's farm)


    Cordelia's Fairy Cottage by Jazmilia (Rental)


    13 Nettle Lane by MissMargaretrose (2nd Choice - LOVE IT! But too small for them.)


    Elegant Blue Cottage by Poppptart (In town)


    I apologize for the blurriness of these lot screenshots. I had no idea they were like that until looking at them here or I would've sharpened them for you. Ah well...

    Have a great rest of your day/night! <3
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    Comments tomorrow, so sorry for all this delay. I just wanted these to be done :)

    Melody Connors

    Day 300+

    The one with the 3 brothers.

    Door opened..
    "Melody!" Said Jon. "How did you know I live here??"
    "Jon??" Melody hardly got her voice up.
    Jon kissed her right away.
    Melody tried to push him away.
    "Melody, what's the matter?" Jon asked.
    But she could not answer, she just looked at the red haired dude in the room..
    Then Josh walked into that room.
    "Hey bros, you have met Melody? She is my girlfriend!" He said. "Why you both look like that?"
    "Because she is my girlfriend." Said Joel.
    "I thought so too, that you are my girlfriend, Melody..." Said Jon silently.
    "Melody, how could you??" Josh asked.
    "Same question.." Mumbled Joel.
    "And I was planning already marrying her!" Said Josh.
    "Josh, whaaaat? A bit too fast!" Melody said.
    "Oh yes, look who is talking about too fast!?!?" yelled Joel.
    "I have been out for like 2 dates, with all of you! my life has not been so easy either!!" Melody yelled back.
    "You live in that huge castle, everything is brought up under your nose!" Joel continued. "Your biggest worry must be how hard your breakfast eggs are!
    "Yes, don't you come here tell us how hard your pampered life has been!" Jon continued. "And you are a lousy kisser!!"
    "Enought! I do what I came here to do." Melody shouted.
    "I am not so sure anymore.. " Said Josh.

    First, a little of red mist to the room, so they don't resist.
    "For whatever is it worth for, I apologize... "









    "I am so sorry...."

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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