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Build Mode Feedback for EA


  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,464 Member
    I am wondering if anyone else has got back the disappearing terrain paint issue in laptop mode? or if it’s just me. I have not tested vanilla to see if I can reproduce this.

    Can we add to the list:
    Mini fridges, washers and dryers snapping under the countertop please.

    I still want a round free standing wood stove with a stovepipe PLEASE . (My yurt dreams remain crushed) I really think wood burning stoves should have the same heating effect off-grid as fireplaces.

    I know I keep asking but having roofs snap to half walls would be fantastic! As well as split levelling without conflicting block clusters at some point would be great.
  • Cinna32Cinna32 Posts: 83 Member
    so many good ideas I'd wholeheartedly agree with.

    my wishes:

    proper roof windows, there are even roof windows that are pop-up mini balconies and other cool stuff out there. Yes, it is possible to make them using the glass roof tile but it's super tedious and just not the same as a proper window.

    To go with the whole tiny living topic and such I'd love to have space-saving steeper stairs. Especially ones that double as a shelf or wardrobe would be so nice. A bit like the cozy cubby but with stair functionality.
  • NationalPokedexNationalPokedex Posts: 828 Member
    edited June 2020
    I think there should be more built-in features, like shelves and seats and bookcases that rest in the walls rather than outside of them. More spandrel and corbel styles. The ability to build foundations/stages within a house like in TS2. The ability to have different foundation levels. More versions of windows that are open, like the Jungle Adventure windows. More pool trims. The ability to change fence height. The ability to post beams on ceilings. Another thing that would be nice is if we can have options to leave doors and windows open. Maybe it’s just a web menu so that when you click on the door/window there is an option for Open. Kind of like Lock settings on doors or all of the Lights settings on lights.
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  • MarisSimsMarisSims Posts: 17 Member
    As someone who has just gotten into really building something other than a box with windows, I wish there were a filter option to filter out my custom content. If I'm going to upload to the gallery I try to keep those builds cc free. Right now you can filter to just see your cc or to just see purchased, meaning expansion, game, and stuff packs. But there isn't a filter option that will show base game and purchased items.
  • hellokitty1496hellokitty1496 Posts: 238 Member
    •The ability to stack windows above one another as well on doors. I know that you can if you add another story, but it just looks odd in certain stances, like, too spaced out or oddly placed.
    •Matching swatches for doors, windows, and steps. It's kind of hard to mix n' match buildings when the colors are slightly off. It's more of a pet peeve, but I hear it's a pretty common complaint. Screen doors, too?
    •More added outdoor plants. There hasn't been any new greenery added for landscaping since the base? I'd like more of a variety of that (and maybe a cheaper price, too).
    •More rustic objects and decor. Maybe it's just me, but I've only managed to see a small amount of wooden items in build mode. I think I've only seen, like, one real plastered walling and the rest were on a more modern take, more slick-looking. I think I'd like something more retro or run down, kind of handmade.
    •Thin fencing. Some fencing that I use are a bit big and not as small as I'd like it for gardening purposes.
    •Have different sized stories and being able to maneuver past an obstacle when placing walls, fencing, and/or stairs without having to start over again from scratch just from messing something slightly up.
  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,464 Member
    Can we please get locking functionality on gates the same as doors?
  • DianesimsDianesims Posts: 2,364 Member
    I was wondering why isn't this shelf a bookshelf ?

  • XinqunXinqun Posts: 610 Member
    It looks like we can't place anything on a diagonal wall if it's within half a wall from the edge; which means that if your diagonal wall is just one wall length, you can't place anything on it, period. I'm pretty sure we used to be able to do it, though, so this must be the result of a recent update. Is there a reason for this, or is it a bug that we can hope will eventually get fixed?
  • Liz_GoBucksLiz_GoBucks Posts: 73 Member
    Hey builders, I got the weirdest most frustrating bug. I reported it on the EA site, but I'm just curious if it's only me or if other people have had that problem. In a 2 story build with a circular dome roof above the the 2nd floor, can you put stairs on the 1st floor? I can do it with all other roof styles, just not the dome roof. I used the terrain tool, so the build is on an elevated, but flattened plot of land. I don't know if the issue is the terrain tool or the circular roof, but since all other roofs work, I'm thinking it's a bug with the circular roof.
  • NationalPokedexNationalPokedex Posts: 828 Member
    I would really like it if we could place Buy objects on non-flat terrain. I played around with the terrain tools to create a hilly lot for my Sim who lives in the forest off the grid and there wasn’t a lot of areas to place things until I made the area flat which defeats the purpose of creating hills.
  • WykkydWykkyd Posts: 12 New Member
    Hi - I am trying to make u-shaped stairs in a 3 floor beach house. I need the walls to stay on the stairs though. Is there a way or a work around? I've been trying everything and they wont stack if the walls are on them. I'd really appreciate any help. Thanks.

  • TaoronTaoron Posts: 1,967 Member
    Wykkyd wrote: »
    Hi - I am trying to make u-shaped stairs in a 3 floor beach house. I need the walls to stay on the stairs though. Is there a way or a work around? I've been trying everything and they wont stack if the walls are on them. I'd really appreciate any help. Thanks.


    If you want stairs on multiple levels that line up with each other, begin at the top level and place your stairs, then place the one below, and so on. You will have to remove the underside or walls of the stairs, or there will be no way to the Sims to traverse them, as they will bump their heads on the stair above and may get a contusion of laceration of the scalp.

    However, you can build them floating, with no walls, and then draw in standard walls when you are done, as opposed to leaving the walls and, ceiling above the lower stairs, preventing you from placing them and Sims getting boo-boos.
  • WykkydWykkyd Posts: 12 New Member
    I did use the method of starting at the top level and built them down. However, in game, without the stairs having any "sides" it looks really stupid and you can put a half wall there, but that looks even stranger. My thing is that the house I am working on has artwork on the walls "inside" the u-shape going up and there is not any wall there since I knocked them out to place the staircases. Thanks for your help @Taoron !!

    If I try to draw any walls in after placing, it says that walls cant intercept there.

  • AuroraskiesAuroraskies Posts: 1,834 Member
    @Wykkyd I tried to understand your issue, but have no problem placing stairs and walls next to them. If you still need help, perhaps you could post a couple of screenshots, or upload your build. I don't know if this is the right thread for it though.
  • LuminaryAxisLuminaryAxis Posts: 2 New Member
    Is there a way to get rid of the staircase railing in the middle / freebuild railings?[email protected]/50389544347/in/dateposted-public/
  • LuminaryAxisLuminaryAxis Posts: 2 New Member
  • AllearsAllears Posts: 519 Member
    Is there a way to get rid of the staircase railing in the middle / freebuild railings?[email protected]/50389544347/in/dateposted-public/

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  • TaoronTaoron Posts: 1,967 Member

    Is there a way to get rid of the staircase railing in the middle / freebuild railings?[email protected]/50389544347/in/dateposted-public/

    Historically, the only way I have found to do that, is to build the stairway first, using a foundation for the initial entry of the stairs to start and two smaller foundations, at a different height, off to the sides, for the split, and then connect those to the next level. The only problem with that, is that you will have to build the second level in piece meal, as you cannot build a floor above those different leveled foundations, or close off the room where they reside, which would force you to close it off missing one tile of wall, and then making one tile of wall and moving it into place.

    That would give you something like this:

  • TaoronTaoron Posts: 1,967 Member
    Inquiry for EA Devs. Not sure who to direct it to, specifically.

    For lot traits on a Vet Clinic, why disallow Dog and Cat Friendly? Or even Dog and Cat Hangout? Was there a reasoning behind that that I am not grasping? Just wondering. Building something where that would come in handy and give the desired results and banging my head on the table to try to come up with an alternative.

    Thanks in advance. ♥
  • dogzdinnerdogzdinner Posts: 129 Member
    I am wondering if anyone else has got back the disappearing terrain paint issue in laptop mode?
    I play on PC and often find some of my terrain paint missing when I log in. Kinda a weird issue really.

    For me I d like spiral staircases/elevators (obvi!), split level foundations, curved walls, stairs/ladders to sit againest diagonal walls, more trims/wall decorations(preferably something thinner then what we have now).
    Also would love better terrain tools. I dont know how some people manage to create usable hills...mine always end up like spikey messes. Although it wouldnt hurt is rocks and some plants could be placed at an angle on terrain. If solar panels can be placed on roofs surely some flowers or grass could be placed on a hill?

  • DianesimsDianesims Posts: 2,364 Member
    edited November 2020
    Could you please fix this ?

    Cool Kitchen Stuff : the cabinets come in a nice real white swatch, but the counters don't, so it doesn't match. Could we please have a matching white swatch for the counters ? Personally, I'd use them way more :)

    Jungle Adventures : Here it seems the cabinets match the countertops and not the counters themselves.

    Parenthood : The counters white swatch looks grey, while the cabinets swatch is actually white. The same problem occurs with the other swatches, tones don't match. If you could fix the counters swatches, it would be super nice. Also these counters would look so much nicer with a white swatch that's white, not grayish.

    Spa Day : I also noticed counters and cabinets don't match.

    Vampires : It's not pictured here and there's no matching problem, it's just that there are only three swatches, a few more would be useful. A dark wood one for instance. (Edit : my bad, it doesn't match either, picture added).

    I know it's not really major issues, but it would be really nice if you could fix them.
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  • BuildingTheSimsBuildingTheSims Posts: 92 Member

    Path tool. Planet Zoo has a path tool and I like it. Its much better than terrain painting. I like how i can just choose a swatch for the ground/floor and then create a curved path by dragging.

    Custom bridge tool.

    Curved walls

    Push/pull mechanism for roofing.
  • jheyjuneicejheyjuneice Posts: 305 Member
    Platforms should be able to be painted with wall patterns instead of the same textures as foundations so that it can match the interior.

    Some of the railings & fences are nice but come with really big, bulky posts on them which ruins the look. More railings & fences with thinner posts.

    If you have a second floor wall extended out with nothing underneath it you can see the floor hanging out which looks bad. Example.

    Removing the floor of a room makes it act like it's the outside. This means that if you have exterior trims or surrounding roofing it will clip into the walls even though it's still a room. If you try to remove the exterior trim from inside then it will remove it from the outside too. This makes two-story foyers and rooms frustrating to make.
  • DeanXeLDeanXeL Posts: 256 Member
    @jheyjuneice Platforms can in fact be painted any wallpaper you like, just surround them with half walls the same height as the platforms! If you wish to use them as stairs, you will have to add a staircase to them, since sims can't walk platforms surrounded by half walls. This works perfectly if you want to use the platform as a halfway landing for example!

    As for the 'second floor wall extension' you see the bottom of the floor, which is the ceiling. This is as intended. I think it's a shame it's always white and I do see room for improvement there, however I always finish this with an inlaid exterior trim and then it doesn't look that terrible, since you integrate the floor with the wall ;)

    Finally, you don't HAVE to destroy your room in order to remove the floor, just do it according to the method described here:
    Keep in mind, the roof clipping has nothing to do with the room being a room or not, it is all about a room having full walls or not. If you add a fence in the middle of an enclosed room, the roof will also clip... This is a huge issue...
  • jheyjuneicejheyjuneice Posts: 305 Member
    edited April 9
    @DeanXeL Thanks for letting me know about the platforms and half walls, I tried it and it worked but you get the trim of the half wall on top which isn't ideal for me.

    I added the exterior trim and you're right, it does make it look less awful :D

    As for the last thing I don't think you got what I meant. I build the room and click to remove the floor but if you do this then if you have a roof anywhere outside next to the wall it will clip in to the interior. The roof is easy to fix however if you have an exterior trim, it will always show inside of the room and you cannot get rid of it without removing the exterior trim altogether or putting the floor back in to the room.
    Here's what I mean: Example

    Edit: I just read that you said adding a fence in the enclosed room will create the clipping, that's probably what also causes the exterior trim to peek in as well. That's the issue then, replacing a wall with a fence will create the clipping from the roofs and the exterior trims. Unfortunately that means you can only have a room with no floors if all 4 sides are walls which sucks :/
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