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What Happened In Your Game Today?


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    @AlwaysAsking Have not yet tried the slots, but I will soon.

    I wish I could update much more often too, but this lockdown is starting to take its toll on me. I may be an introvert but that doesn't mean I want to be kept in the same room for hours on end, added to the fact that I'm starting to fall into some sort of narcoleptic spell, I really need to get out, even just once.

    Oh wow, Don, hahaha! Congrats on being a dad again but wow that birth was trippy.

    @ryttu3k Yes please! I haven't had a good smoothie or sorbet in a long time.

    @Koteyka I think that explains a lot why I can't see any pics from you...still good stories though.

    Luise is doing fine so far, and that baby should pop out anytime soon. I hope it's a boy this time, but I'm gonna get some sleep first before playing out the rest of the time until Renata's birthday.

    While I'm working on that, have some infrequent and rare AdlC tidbits (I refuse to call them updates since it is my "secret" casual save and AdlC isn't very...interesting since most of her life is solved with cheat codes :D I also won't post about her much since she's just "for fun"):

    Guess who showed up as AdlC's fan. I was like "Oh my God! Not again! Nope! Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. Nope times to the infinity."

    Took a wrong turn, somehow she ended up in the Magic Realm while on her worldwide tour. Interesting stuff. Some old friends apparently catching up.

    Hottie alert! But he seems to have a taste for pale as death women. Aine/Tess still looks pretty though.

    Good fashion to- is that the eyeball ring?! Nope! Dealbreaker! Also because slob and glutton, but the eyeball ring is definitely a dealbreaker.

    Oh my God...they're everywhere. I'm surprised the Bouquet Squad hasn't shown up yet. AdlC might get along with her better than Luise at least, since they're both actually French.

    Smile! Smile for the camera!

    Just keep smiling, even though you're on a breakfast outing and want to be left alone with your friend, you just can't disappoint your fans, huh?

    "It's not normally like this, I swear. Pay no attention to the cameras."

    AdlC's summer outfit, inspired by a certain video game character, also in celebration for the apparent early release. If you can guess who, kudos to you!

    On a date at the Romance Festival in San Myshuno. Thankfully no paps have shown up to ruin it...yet.

    Going great so far...he made the first move. He's very forward, since he invited her and all to check out the vibe in the festival. Objective was to kiss someone. Hopefully the paps won't poke their noses into this for awhile.
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    I need a virtual hug...

    *Send @ChuChuExpress a virtual hug*


    It is about time. Days went into weeks, weeks into months. Strange clouds darkened the sky above Strangerville

    Dora and the scientists worked hard to develope a vaccine and cure against the mother. She talked to mother and try to convinced to leave this planet, find another.

    'No, I won't leave, you will serve me.' the mother yelled

    'No. You will regret this'


    Finally there was the breakthrough, at last.


    After the last contact with the mother Dora was thinking all night long who was able to help her in this fight.
    It was a hard decision to make. Either she could loose her friends in this fight or her life if she trusted the military. Of course, she was now in the position to order the military personell for the fight. That would save her friends, when she failed, they were able to flee because of their celebrity status, people would ask questions when Maria and Tomax won't show themselves anymore. But on the other side she couldn't trust the military leaders, that they would give her the trained troops she needed. What should she do?


    In the early morning hours she finally came to a conclusion. She will ask her friend to help her in this fight. She had trained them to fight the evil, she knows what their strengths and their weakness are. She can trust them, and that would not to be an underestimated advantage.

    She asked Maria, Tomax and Nalani and all agreed to help her in this fight.

    They prepared and cleared the last things the have to do, planned the combat tactics and drove finally to the science labratory

    The fight started.


    All members of the squad took their positions.


    Nalani was badly hurt.


    It was a long fight.


    But in the End the Mother took her last breath (?) and was defeated



    They have checked Nalani and gave her the emergency treatment. Luckely they were able to stabilize her.

    Dora was so happy that her friends had survived the fight. She has given them a long hug, tears of happiness overcome her.



    Maria and Tomax hold themselve tight ...


    and kissed passionately.



    In my story Tomax was always a bit emotional. But during this fight he has received the emotion bomb quirk. :'( , Dora has finished the Strangerville aspiration.
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    Don really had to go through a lot at that hospital. He looks good, taking care of the baby. :)

    Steve is so cute in all those outfits. :)

    Awesome battle with Mother and a perfekt finale with that kiss. :)

    It is pretty amacing to watch the scenery in the game
    and You inspired me to share a couple of pictures from my games

    Winer with Pia and most of the children from Alien Storm:

    Karla went to the Geek Festival today and managed to take part in the Hacking contest with a score of 89. She also did the Ultimate Gamertest and scored 70 points in that.
    Later she ordered a meal in the city and learned the last of the Local Recipees.

    Coronavirus on top of increasing rents for some time, may cause a lot of problems for many people.
    Protests are rising, there may be new laws on the way and some landlords do think of their tenants.
    My thoughts today have been circling around a friend of mine, who was my first good friend here on the Forums.
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    AdlC's summer outfit, inspired by a certain video game character, also in celebration for the apparent early release. If you can guess who, kudos to you!

    I don't think this is correct but she's giving me some serious Tifa Lockhart from FF7 (Advent Children outfit) vibes!

    THE SUPERNATURAL SAGA - cartoon Sims!
    Origin ID: GracieFace312

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    Luna and Julia returned from the longest shift of work ever, Lasting almost 3 months, 76 pages and 1.8 thousand posts. I think Luna even forgot she had a kid because I sure know I forgot.
    NOW it's starting to come back to her.
    Now let her get back to what's truly important, practicing magic.
    Becca came to visit Julia as she tinkered away over here.
    And thanks to the power of magic, Julia and Morgyn are expecting another baby!
    See the nice thing here is, the baby's not messing up their apartment.
    Eh, better buy her some toys to distract her. Rent isn't cheap.
    Well, Julia is now good enough at robotics that she can work on her latest invention now.
    Voila the robot arm!
    Luna: "You really going to wear that robot arm everywhere?"
    Julia: "Of course!"
    Julia: "In fact, I know exactly where I can wear this."
    One Woohoo session later.
    Luna: "Yeah, not impressed by that arm."
    Why's Luna so happy? Well turns out some Simstagram influencer is attending her college and failing badly. Luna doesn't like Simstagram influencers and definitely wasn't a fan of said influencer trying to bribe Luna into giving him better grades. So she failed him! Dean Luna is best Luna.
    Oh look, Luna's baby sister, Sonya came to visit!
    Luna: "So anything interesting happen these last three months?"
    Sonya: "Well I mean I got pregnant."
    Then for some reason, Luna wanted to duel Morgyn Ember. This will only end badly.
    Morgyn: "I SHOULD warn you, I am a magical mage."
    Luna: "Yeah well, I'm basically a Harry Potter character at this point!"
    Being a Harry Potter character definitely isn't helping Luna today.
    Oh but she did manage to land a few shots.
    Hey speaking of Harry Potter, this is usually the cool part of the movie.
    Morgyn: "Give it up, I'm only using 10% of my power!"
    Luna: "Yeah well, your face is weird!"
    Oh that was the last straw, you don't insult Morgyn's wonderful face.
    Luna: "Alright, I want a rematch!"
    Luna: "Ah 🌺🌺🌺🌺!"
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    • Timothy Gregory (loves outdoors) aged up into a child and has long hair!
    • Vanessa Knight (loves outdoors,neat,romantic) aged up to young adult and moved into the BFF house in Willow Creek.
    • Her sister Erin (cheerful, cat lover,dog lover) also aged up and moved into the Pancakes house in Willow Creek with her friend Rohan Elderberry and Oreo the cat.
    • I've added some more households to my rotation...including a townie who won the lottery.
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    Virtual hug recieved. Thanks!

    @Svineprutter, page 647.
    Thank you! Congrats, Karla on learning all the recipes in San Myshuno!
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Wendy, Chloe, Shine, Tiffany, Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar.
    Be Kind Online and Stay Safe
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    Once the group returned home, they planned a double wedding. It would take place in Willow Creek. Everyone in the family was invited, especially distant relatives. The people chattered amongst themselves as they waited for the ceremony to start. Dawn and Selene expressed excitement for their respective daughters. The musicians began playing the music just as the brides entered the abbey. The grooms waited by the arch for their respective brides. Zelda and Hilda were gorgeous in their flowing white gowns. And it was the second time that Zelda allowed her hair to cascade down her back.


    "Hilda, I take you to be my wife," Ravio said.

    "And I take you, Ravio, to be my husband," Hilda replied.

    Then, they kissed. The audience cheered, and now it was time for Zelda and Link to exchange vows. It had been a wondrous celebration so far. No interruptions or unexpected threats. Just the bliss of a special day. Oh, and the two couples' honeymoon would start soon. It would be a beachy destination in warm weather.


    Oliver wiped a tear from his eye. "My little girl, all grown up..."

    Sylvia glanced behind her shoulder. Surely Nathan would be here by now. Oh, and Dawn wasn't sitting in the correct seat. Perhaps because the guests were hasty to get to the seats and watch the wedding. Dawn tapped Oliver's shoulder, and he turned his attention to her.

    "What is it?" Oliver asked.

    "Don't talk when the ceremony is in session," Dawn whispered. "You silly goofball."

    Oliver turned his gaze back to the arch. He shrugged, then murmured, "Wives."

    Sylvia snickered. "Well, you better listen to Dawn. She has a lot of wisdom."


    "Link, I take you to be my husband," Zelda said.

    "I'll take you to be my wife, and I'll stand by your side no matter what," Link replied.

    Sylvia and Hilda sat behind Zelda, while Ravio sat behind Link. Even if the ceremony was in session, the guests managed to talk without drawing the couple's attention. Well, double weddings were becoming more common in their multi-generation family. If there were twins, or a pair of cousins who happened to be the same age, they would get married to their partners on the same day.


    Several minutes later, Nathan approached Sylvia and began reciting poetry to her. Selene smiled as she watched the whole thing. That had always been her goal when it came to romance - to be in love with one's partner, even when growing old together. And despite the differences between herself and Antonin, they managed to persevere in their unconditional love for each other. When Zelda and Link finished exchanging vows, the other couple left their seats to approach the table.


    The two couples grabbed a slice of their respective cakes. Dawn and Oliver were chatting again, perhaps about the princesses and what could happen in the future. Soon, the couples would catch the flight to Sulani to start the honeymoon. They couldn't wait to spend time at the beach, taking in the sound of the ocean hitting the shore and the salty sea air.
  • AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,269 Member
    Oh my God!!

    Too many wonderful posts! lol

    I'm working on my comments, but it's taking too long, I'm impatient, so for a moment I'm waving Hiiiiii!


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    @DoodlyDoofus , very nice update! Glad they returned from over a so long work assignment!


    *inserts nintendo song here*


    BUT .. and not meaning the butt LOL..

    What about Bob and Mario??????????
    Those who have seen your face, draw back in fear.
    I am the mask you wear, it's me they hear.
    My spirit and your voice, In one combined.
    The Phantom of the Opera is there... Inside your mind..
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  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 388 Member
    Oh man, I’ve been playing Sims 3 a lot lately so haven’t really been on here much! I think I’ll switch to Sims 4 for a bit. I still have the Sulani save, the twins are teenagers now. I think I’ll start a new save.
  • AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,269 Member
    Here's what I have so far: :)


    Lol, you deleted mean fat Thorne 🤣

    I guess he's ok again in your mind?

    Good idea to stick with Thomas though, you just never know about Thorne 😉

    And ok. The mystery sim is Simon. Cool

    Of course Nancy still isn't friends with Johnny. 🙄 She's such a witch (with a b) 😂

    So .. the wedding! It's so fun 😊❤️

    Did you request Caleb as bartender? Anyone but Don, right? Lol

    Their clothes are so amazing! I would never have thought to have a bride in anything but white, but this is way cooler.

    And yeah, just have the ceremony. Some people stopped swimming long enough to watch. 😅 It looked beautiful 😍 They both look very happy.

    Then let's all swim! Lol, it is weird that Wilma got into her swimming suit. She definitely can't get in the water there.

    Ohhhh, I'm so glad that Hugo's favorite "actor that plays that doctor" attended his wedding 😂

    And that his sister Luna realized he was actually a famous song writer who really is a doctor 😅

    I think it's so cool that it was Hugo's own thought bubbles saying that Ted is an actor that plays a doctor. That seems like such a Hugo thing 😂

    Of course Morgyn's daughter would do homework at a wedding 🤣

    So are Tessa and Wolfgang keeping the jobs they have?

    Their house is small, but it looks sweet.

    Hugo and Morgan are back at the estate! I hope they make enough money to pay the bills on that giant place 😅

    And Malcolm and Sophia!!!

    Wow Malcolm, don't complain about your job again young man! 😳

    I think Daddy is paying you well! What a beautiful penthouse!

    Darling... Ugg You certainly went bad. Who'd have thought the hot headed trait could do this? I've played as Diego, his panel doesn't look like this!

    I find the random red bars with random strangers to be really weird. But ... considering what Tessa (probably) just did to poor innocent townie Art in my game I'm not surprised that she has a couple random male enemies 😂 (Ian has a couple, and that surprises me)

    And sweet little Wilma. Loves Malcolm and Sophia almost as much as Mommy and Daddy ❤️🥰 And Darling deserves every bit of that red bar with her!

    It is really really funny that Sophia ended up with the evil trait and then hooked up with Malcolm.

    Anyway, thank you for the wrap up! And the really really fun ride through that challenge. 😊👍


    You know there's a pretty much guaranteed way to kill an elder, right 😉

    For some reason their hearts can't make it through 2 sessions in the bedroom. 🤔 Weird

    But yeah, that really figures about Rohan, I mean, he has the squimish trait, so of course he had to see that. 🙄

    Oh my! He's living in Willow Creek now! How fun 😊

    Is Vanessa alone in the BFF house? It's a biggish house.

    Where did the rich townie end up living?

    Nice to play a Sim with no money issues, right?


    Don was pregnant through a great deal of the story. He gets pregnant in chapter 7, but doesn't find out until chapter 15.

    To get the full experience you'd have to start from the beginning, but the full drama begins in chapter 8. It is probably my favorite chapter of all 🥰

    And there are a bunch of chapters about Diego and Dash that you could skip. They are not directly related to Don and Thorne's story. Chapters 11, 14, 16a and 16b and 26 are not about Don

    Very cool completion of the Strangerville mystery!

    I love how Dora tried reasoning with the mother before just killing her. I mean, she tried, right?

    That was a hard decision about who to take along to help her

    Yikes! You don't want your friends to get hurt, but you can't completely trust the military 🤔

    I'm glad they all made it through alive.

    Congratulations to Dora

    She should have it special cupcake in her inventory because she's the hero, I think, lol.


    Lol, I'm glad you liked it. That face he was making was just too good not to use. And I'd forgotten that Don never got to hold his baby at the hospital. Usually I have time to get pictures of both parents at the hospital, but this was a particularly messed up trip. I mean, they are usually bad, but this was really bad 😅

    Soooo... A level 9 flirty painting isn't necessary, is it? 😂

    Ok, so, something silly my brain did. When you wrote that your mod was only showing M-F interactions I thought to myself, "well, why would it skip the weekend, how strange" 😅😂

    But I soon figured out what you meant. That is odd, because there clearly was attraction and flirting M-M. There aren't really enough F to go around. Though the F certainly are trying to keep up with demand. 😅🤣

    Oh God, poor Cassandra, actually crying in the closet after Don? Wow, now that's something I haven't seen. Unless it was one of those "poor performance" moodlets. But that's always about themselves, not the partner. Was Don happy? No crying in the closet, or bed for him?

    I'm sure he was just thrilled to redeem himself for her unimpressed reaction in the showers 😉

    I loled at the towel texture remark. I hate that when I'm taking pictures of Sims in skirts and dresses sitting on chairs. It's so dumb looking 😄 but yes, necessary here for sure.

    Morgyn is just constant sunshine! What's with that? Lol! Don's ok, Diego's ok, certainly Lilith is ok!! 😅 I didn't know you could do something in a toilet stall? I thought only a shower stall.

    I'm impressed that Cass and Johnny are ok showering at the same time. Hmm, so far has it only been Don and Diego who've been embarrassed by people walking in and seeing them? Actually it looks like Malcolm was embarrassed too, wasn't he? Geez you guys. It's not that deep, honestly.

    Although, I admit that somehow I got through 2 and a half years of high school without ever showering in the open showers there 😉 Then I dropped out and went to college instead. They didn't expect us to do it there 😂

    Oh yeah, did Morgyn fix the sink he wanted to use forbidden words on?

    It's funny they all just eat popcorn all the time. I've heard that's what happens, so I've never put a popcorn maker out yet. Microwaves either, because they are always unhappy with microwave food. I have very little appliances in my homes.

    And what is with bathroom sinks for dishes?? Seriously? I'd love an answer to that question. It's almost worth not having bathroom sinks! Actually ... that would solve the drinking bathroom water issue too.... Ok, sinks coming out of all my bathrooms as of now 😄

    They are all getting sick now. Oh dear. They can't order medicine autonamously. Will they make tea! That seems to fix them up.

    And yes, Johnny is being a good boy. Caleb too, it seems. That's a nice glare he's giving Malcolm for talking to his sister btw 😅

    Great update! One of these days someone will be willing to share a bed, I'm sure 😊


    Lol, I'm glad you liked it. Like I said, there was no way to make a real story with those pictures. So it was a choice of being funny, or not happening.

    Since you like it, you'll like a few from my other save. I'm posting one now at the bottom of this comment page. :)

    I'm not really the best at comedy. But if I have really funny screenshots I can come up with stuff. My dialogue is so intricately tied to my screenshots that it's hard to do as stand alone.

    I'll see what I can come up with 😉 And we definitely needed a break from the drama, which is why I went ahead, and used what I had to get through chapter 28.

    Fun baby etc stuff now! And soon I can start sharing the awesome pictures that I took so long ago! Lol

    Anyway, thanks, I'm glad you liked the name 😊 I found Aria first and loved it, because it meant song, for Thorne. But I needed something for Don, and spent hours and hours trying to find something without knowing what I was looking for.

    Finally the option of looking for names that meant beloved showed up, and I was like ... Ah... yes. So many reasons for that aspect. Certainly because of how Don felt about his baby. But also how Thorne felt about Don, while trying to deny it. And there are at least 100 names that mean beloved 😄 so I picked the one that sounded best with Aria.

    Your "daughter's" name is very pretty! Is the Kalani name part of the meaning? Or is it all from Mahina?

    This is the only born child's name so far that I've put so much work into. There's another one about to be born in my other save, and it took me weeks to pick names for a boy or girl for that one, because I don't know what it is, and it's not born yet.


    That's really lucky that Atlas had learned that particular spell right before this all happened! 😮

    Thank God!

    I'm glad to hear they won't be back!

    Crazy that Vladislaus had a human daughter! At least she cared enough about him to cry.

    I remember when Morgyn started bleeding during the fight but couldn't figure out specifically what was wrong. Now I know, and I'm glad it was good news.

    Congrats to Simeon and L too! It's good that nothing too terrible happened to the 3 people who were pregnant. 😳

    The picture of Don with Caleb is beautiful. Seriously, it brings tears to my eyes. So much love and gratitude. It's perfect ❤️

    This was an amazing story arc. I'm glad that all the main characters made it through alive, or should I say, alive again?

    Atlas is my hero 😊


    Oh my, don't load that household if it will be a bloodbath! 😮

    We'll just watch from afar via MCCC. 😅

    I will be looking for the "who" that is Laena's second passion. Should be interesting.

    Lol, yeah, I dropped Nico on you with no warning. I'm not surprised you had no idea who he was.

    It sounds like you are adding good ones to this new save. I'm sure you're right, it's Sergio's son. I just can't come up with his name. I'll have to go back into that save and check. It's cool how you are putting relationships back together too, where you can.

    My Don in that save is a photographer and he took these shots of Malcolm and mystery man, lol.

    I love your description of Thorne. Quite interesting. "Illegitimate son of a rat" Thorne had the hormone therapy done to himself. Sim magic I guess 😉

    But yeah, I'm not sure how he'd have been able to do it to Don without Don knowing. And no.... Don doesn't know Thorne did that. At least I don't think Thorne told him 🤔 I'll have to check back.

    Hopefully Don won't be too mad. He's got his baby because of it.


    Lol, I'm glad the hero of Strangerville can have enough leverage to put a trailer where she wants it!

    Were you able to find the air conditioner?


    Oh my gosh! The outfit that Aunt Elina wore to the Romance Festival is amazing!! 😂🤣

    Lucas and Anna are such good parents! And going to University too. Wow!


    Lol, I'm glad you liked it. Oh my gosh, it's impossible to have a normal delivery in Sims 4, right?

    I'm glad you like the baby's name.

    And yes, plenty more to come. 😊


    Lmao. Why does the game want to do away with your Sim's roommate?

    Perhaps it's ok now. She's formed a connection with Grim. They watched TV together 🤣


    I was about to send out the rescue team to find you 😂

    What awesome news about your computer!!!!


    Steve is so adorable. Isn't it nice that you don't have to do an alternate reality for him?

    I can see him being a charmer for sure!

    His life sounds so sweet and simple, it almost sounds like they were Amish.

    I can see how he'd have been so taken by surprise by his first boyfriend's terrible treatment of him.

    It's hard to pick favorite outfits! But it's probably the same as yours. The plaid cold weather outfit

    When you say that you made his hot weather outfit , what do you mean?

    And the picture size seems very good to me


    Aren't you allowed to go for walks? We are allowed to go for walks here if we live somewhere that you can keep the 6 foot distance from other people. But like in the cities that would be next to impossible if everyone did it.

    I'm in a suburb, and it's fine here. Not that I'm taking advantage of it, lol. I never leave the house as it is. So this is no different for me.

    This was one of the more trippy births, but honestly, I've never had very normal ones. 😂

    The clothing changes were what got me the most 😂

    Tee hee hee that he's here as a fan! Lol, nope, stay away from me sir! 😅

    Eyeball rings are always deal breakers

    Did I miss something? Who invited her on a date?


    Thank you! He is an absolutely wonderful father in my game. But yes, it was quite a birth. 😂

    Woah! That's a lot of alien kids 😳😅

    Karla is pretty amazing! Good job to her, especially on the recipes!

    I'm with you on the worries. I hope things work out for your forum friend.


    Holy cow, that was a long work shift for sure!


    It's so great to see your family again. And I love your new profile pic.

    Ok: I'd said I'd post one of my old old stories about the premades in one of my different saves

    I've always like this one about Thorne and Penny Pizzazz:

    The face of a woman who says: "Don't judge me, he showed up Single in my game, I'm not a homewrecker."


    Penny Pizzazz: He showed up, he was funny, in an annoying kind of way, and he's famous....I need more fans to get a promotion.


    Penny: This happened, and that happened....


    Penny: And oh wow, this happened!!


    Spoiler to help the page load faster:
    Thorne: Meet our daughter Emmaline Pizzazz Bailey.


    Penny: Hey, I know, it's hard for me to believe too. I sure hope she doesn't inherit his nose!


    Penny: So, Thorne, I’m having some friends over for Emmaline’s age up. Don’t be weird, ok? Because Diego Lobo is here.


    Thorne: Hey, you're Diego Lobo! I'll bet you'd love to take a picture with me right? Thorne Bailey? Right? I'm super famous, I'm sure you've heard of me.


    Anaya Jang: Penny? Penny? You know who that guy is right? He's married, he has a kid!


    Penny: No no no. That's in an alternate reality! There is no Del Sol Valley here. Here he's completely free and totally available!

    Thorne: Yeah babe, didn't ya notice I don't have my signature hair here? I'm still as hot as can be but.....


    Penny: Here, look Anaya! Simapedia can confirm it. Here's a map of the globe. There is no Del Sol Valley here!


    Penny: Are you ready Thorne? It's time for her to get out of her bassinet, and be a big girl!


    Thorne: Step aside my dear. Let an expert do it. I have a couple of kids already.

    Penny: Wait! What? You said you were single!!


    Thorne: Yes Dear, that's what I told you. But I've still changed a dirty diaper or two in my life.


    Thorne: Well hello there Emmaline!


    Emmaline: Babble ... Oh thank God. I have a mommy.


    Emmaline: Daddy seems a bit off.


    Emmaline: (Baby babble thoughts) Oh gosh. Who's that? He's looking at me!


    Thorne: This is so awesome!


    Thorne: She's a girl! And she still likes this game. Amazing!


    Penny: Thanks for stopping over Diego! And for putting up with Thorne.

    Diego: No problem Penny. Bring Emmaline over to play with my little Dulce one of these days.


    Penny: Thank gosh the guests are gone! Because the wild child is already naked! Thorne, do you want to give the little streaker a bath, or clean up this mess?


    Thorne: Look Emmaline, you're going to be my 'in' with Diego Lobo. Keep your clothes on at his house, ok?

    Emmaline, baby babble; I make no promises. Sometimes you gotta be naked.



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    lol, @AngeliqueAdelaide I forgot to put the pics in the other comment

    Here they are. I'm going to go find out his name now ....

    Lol, it's Cedric. That's my Brother in law's name. You'd think I could remember it :D


    Gallery ID is ARIANNANEAL
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    OK, I have some screenshots since the last time I updated... which was the middle of February. Back then, it was almost Winterfest.

    Decorating the tree!


    Time for presents!


    Meeting Father Winter!


    Playing on the gaming rig.


    I don't always understand the cooking animations. If this kind of thing happened in real life, the food mixture would be all over the floor.


    Aging up!


    Lucy got accepted into Powerhouse. Anne isn't part of a club, I might have her set one up, maybe one for teens, or perhaps a musical one.

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    The family I'm playing in my rotational legacy has three daughters, and two of them became teenagers today. They're both full-blooded aliens, and they turned out so pretty! So far, all of the aliens in my family have been very attractive. I'm not sure why, but I'm not complaining.



    Lyra actually looks nearly identical to her cousins, and I don't think I've ever had a sim with the face shape Venus has.
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    @GracieO312 Ding ding ding ding! We have a winner! Unfortunately I realized too late I forgot to include the leather gloves. I'll make her wear it until the game is finally out. I hate the LTD, but love the game and Tifa as a character.

    @AlwaysAsking Nope. No, I am not. Because my sibling got sick, I have to stay in to "preserve the reputation" among our standing in the HOA because dear sibling decided they're invincible against the virus and came into contact with a questionable individual. Much as I...tolerate said sibling, I can't help but curse them out internally for trapping me in my own home and indirectly increasing the tension between all of us. I keep isolating myself more because I can't stand to look at anyone right now and need my own peace more than preventive social distancing and I don't want to end up lashing out at anyone.

    Anyway, now I'm back to Luise's playthrough, so the next post might be the update.
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    @AlwaysAsking The girl was very ungrateful. After a couple of hours she got into fight with Elric and basically was...unpleasant.

    Unfortunately, my game either bugged or something like that because Elric got suspended from university because of cheating he didn't commit. Since we got all we wanted from Discover University anyway, I've sent him home to explore Engineering career in warm embrace of his dearest bride. I thunk he can live without the nonsense of the dorm.
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    kwanzabot you never ever heard of Disney? Ok well, Disney was named after the late Walt Disney. He started his company back in the 1930s. His company made the movies Snow White, Bambi, Dumbo, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty etc, etc.
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    Thank you. :)


    Thank you, I've read all the recommend chapters. Earlier this year I've started with story with the marie-alice chapter, when I have entered this thread. I didn't saw he was lying with a pregant body in the bed. But now I understand it, both have found and lost themselves, they fit perfectly together. Well they deserve each other very well. :D

    Of course Dora tried to talk with the mother, convinced her to leave peacefully. She is still my paragon shepard. But you know the baddies, they talk and talk and talk, so I skipped that part. Because of the military distrust, well please rembember Nalani is working for the secret agency part of the military in my game, so the military is still involved. I found this a good compromise. But Dora's supervisor had forbidden her to do further investigations, so you can't really trust someone, who told her literally that there is nothing to see.
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    @GracieO312 Ding ding ding ding! We have a winner! Unfortunately I realized too late I forgot to include the leather gloves. I'll make her wear it until the game is finally out. I hate the LTD, but love the game and Tifa as a character.

    @Dust_Bunny2010 Yay, I got some kudos!

    You did an amazing job with her outfit!!! Tifa is my favourite FF7 female character too. I'm looking forward to the remake but I definitely have some reservations on how they will change the story - the demo seems pretty accurate to the original though so hopefully it will continue like that throughout the new game.

    The vampire in my signature is actually based on Vincent Valentine - he's slightly more emotional in my story though haha!

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    Whew, lots to go through! I didn't actually get to checking the thread last night, I was busy lowkey dying because of a neighbour smoking. (Asthma + autistic sensory issues = super fun times.)

    Simsta update, the last part of the Sulani vacation! And mini BB update, I needed to set something up with a mod I'm using. So they are no longer straight by default XD I've also worked out what the first challenge will be! Got to wait until a sunny day, which will be Friday in-game (I'm going to be merciful for poor Lilith and have her go first, so she can then retreat back to the safety of indoors). Which is now two days away, because either Thursday disappeared or I miscounted, because it's only Wednesday afternoon in-game...

    @DeafSimmer man, Ganondorf just fails to realise that sometimes people help each other because they want to! Doesn't pay to get too overconfident with the girls around, a great victory!

    A lovely wedding! I like that double weddings have basically become a tradition, it feels true-to-life.

    @DarkAngel1994 gasp, Duchess! Best visitor <3

    Wow, Ioana doesn't look too bad for Vladspawn XD Although, yeah, that'd be rough for the poor girl. Lilith and Inna are a cute pair! (They're good friends in my game.) Oh wow, lots of pregnancies too. And the pose at the end with Caleb and Don is really sweet <3

    @AngeliqueAdelaide oooh, they use the plasma packs autonomously? Cool, in that case I might just buy a whole ton, stick them in Caleb and Lilith's inventory, and let them deal with things on their own! Certainly makes it easier - one big intervention rather than a whole lot of micromanaging. As for saves, let's see... there's my Main save (and a master save based on that one, with all makeovers and stuff), the BB save, a noCC build save, a CC-using testing save (mostly use it for trying out new CC and downloaded builds/Sims), one I use for storytelling/image sets that I post on Insta (like my Halloween sets), and I still have the uni save existing, but don't do anything with it. So, six, plus the master save. I think I'm just going to finally delete the uni save, and I might consolidate the CC testing one and the storytelling/image set one, since they basically serve the same purpose.

    @drakharis thank you!

    @ArcherDK I love how Grim is just like, "Are you kidding me?" XD And whoops, who did Bella divorce this time? XD

    @Koteyka glad you got your computer fixed!! Baby Steve is the cutest. Isolated upbringing or not, I'd say he grew up pretty well! That party outfit, d'aww!

    @Dust_Bunny2010 sent you some! It's very smoothie-heavy XD;;

    @Daravi congrats on the finish!! I'm glad that Nalani was okay, too!

    @DoodlyDoofus welcome back!! I love Luna's delighted face for failing the influencer XD And yeah, uh, that arm looks like it would pinch, haha. scuse u Luna Morgyn's face is perfect.

    @AlwaysAsking they did look rather hard to wrangle XD I'm just picturing you trying to shove Don and Thorne in place like, "Behave, dangit!!"

    There was flirting, but the surprising propensity for heterosexuality was limited just to things involving this particular mod. And Don was pretty chill with it all! Cass crying in the closet was actually a random attack of the sads from her Gloomy trait, not related at all. I was just teasing Don there a bit XD

    With the shower thing, I think it's mostly if someone is already showering and someone else walks in that they get embarrassed? Johnny and Cass were both in the bathroom already when they decided to shower, so they made the active choice to use an open shower. With someone just walking in, it's unexpected.

    Heh, Morgyn's forbidden words were frustration from their Ambitious trait, actually! I think they gave up on the sink entirely XD And I really need to re-add Scumbumbo's Don't Wash Dishes Where You Angry Poop mod, that'd stop 'em!

    Hopefully they'll get themselves some tea or orange juice, yeah! Especially since the challenge I'm going to have them do involves physical activity XD

    Also, Emmaline looks deeply skeptical about Thorne and honestly, mood XD
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    @ryttu3k That was pretty much my reaction as well when that girl perished again.

    As for Bella - some random shmuck whom MCCC decided to marry her off to. I reckon she married him for money or something. I could mot care less. really - she is a big girl.
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    The two couples and the guests went to the reception to eat some food. The delicious smell filled the air... and so did the classical dance music. The dance would happen later, but for now, they would chat about anything that was on their minds. For them, it was like the start of a new chapter in life. But first, the honeymoon in Sulani...


    "The weather here and the weather in Sulani would be a stark contrast," Hilda said.

    "For sure," Ravio agreed.

    "It wasn't every day that someone had a winter wedding. Yet it happened today."


    Zelda and Link sat at the bar, waiting for their respective drinks as they ate their meal. She didn't think she would get married someday, yet it happened. And even if she wore a dress, she definitely wouldn't wear makeup anytime in her life. She didn't need it anyways. Besides, she was born with natural beauty.

    "Last time there was a double wedding, my grandmother was about my age," Zelda said.

    "I'm guessing those family traditions will last for a long time," Link replied.

    "They would."


    Zelda and Hilda walked into the restroom and glanced at the mirrors. Then, she said, "Are you excited for vacation? We'll be enjoying the warm weather."

    Hilda nodded. "Yes. And we'll be sitting outside on a cruise ship."

    "The dance is starting soon."


    The two women returned to the reception area. Hilda began dancing with Ravio. They kissed as they continued to dance. It was the most beautiful day ever, and she couldn't imagine a life without him. When they had first met, she developed a crush on him. And that had blossomed into a passionate romance. And their kiss under the arch felt so special, as it symbolized the start of their marriage.

    "You look so beautiful today," Ravio said.

    "Thanks," Hilda replied.

    "Since you're from a world of magic, I think we're going to have an interesting life together."


    Link leaned in and whispered into Zelda's ear. Then, they proceeded to dance. Other couples danced, too. Their bodies moved to the rhythm. Love was definitely in the air, and nothing could change that. Zelda couldn't wait to spend the rest of her life with her true love...
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    @DeafSimmer What a nice Double-Wedding. I 'see' another generation in the future … Sadly, they'll probably have to take up the fight again, too. :open_mouth: Good job, I enjoyed these last two segments.
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