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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,960 Member
    @bekkasan Thanks for the feedback :smile: Nice picture with the castle :smile:
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,521 Member
    edited March 26
    Since my cold is almost gone now,
    I opened a random save today.



    One of my sims drove this cool truck.
  • CK213CK213 Posts: 18,767 Member
    edited March 26
    Nice color for that truck. :)

    My sim’s transformation of Sunset Valley is starting to take off.
    He is really bringing in the simoleons with his Life Fruit and Money tree plants and passive income from all the rabbit holes in which he has invested.

    I updated city hall first, since it is the key to freeing up more lot spaces in Sunset valley.
    It combines with the Police and Military rabbit holes.

    This created a city planning cascade effect.
    I no longer need the Police station rabbit hole and replaced it with this Bookstore/Spa rabbit hole. This building is large, so I replaced the library next door with a modern small one.

    And Goodbye bookstore, I will also be relocating the Grocery Store and Movie Theater later and I will move the Art Museum to this location.

    Goodbye Military base, the Movie studio is now here and I will pretend the shuttle and runway are movie sets.

    I installed this Science lab when I first started the game.

    Lisa bunch had a science hobby and she used her skills to clone money tree seeds.
    This part of the lot contains several University science skill objects.

    Now that things are rolling, she can get her political career started.Screenshot-1682.png

    The future mayor of Sunset Valley.

    Albert, growing money, literally.

    I am also making over townies by targeting teens.
    I catch them outside of school and edit them in CAS as young adults and then age them back down to teens. I then give them school uniforms because it’s easier and faster to do.

    In the future, they will marry and combine their non-freakazoid genes with other sims, hopefully, each other. This guy looks like a young Severous Snape.

    Bella Bachelor.

    Mortimer Goth has her on his mind.

    I wonder if they will end up together.
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,960 Member
    Lockdown Part 6

    Some of my new Sims will also feature. Carl is out on his exercise hoping that the lockdown would not make it more difficult for him to find some a girlfriend.


    All surrounding hotels have been closed


    Amy goes for a jog with Katie


    The balloon is in the distance making sure that Sims are not with any more than one other person!


  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,965 Member

    Midnight Hollow, The Ballan Family
    Adam's Quest

    Adam gets a call and excuses himself. It's Merry Moyrn. "I completed the testing and am delighted to be the first to say, welcome to the family. I'd like to come over and talk to you and your family."
    Adam is surprised at how emotional he feels right now. He knew in his heart his father was Kailon, but to have it confirmed is a relief.
    "Sure, please come over. Everyone is home and I look forward to seeing you again."

    Adam tells the others about the call, and they settle in the living room to await Merry's arrival. They chat about the newest member of the household. Dedric plans to expand the nursery and they spend some time deciding how best to undertake that project.

    Merry arrives and is welcomed by Adam and Dedric as well as the others. Merry explains his parents and siblings are anxious to meet Adam and his family. Merry hands Adam an invitation to the Fairy Kingdom. He also delivers him a separate letter from the King and Queen. Merry hands out invitations to Jennifer and Marshall as well as Wisteria and Dedric. He explains to them the invitations will be needed to make it through the portal to the Realm. "Don't misplace them!"
    Fillian is practicing his flying while Drew watches and cries "I wanna fly too!"
    Kailena is staring at Merry and wonders why everyone is so excited.

    Merry is thrilled they all agree to come. "Everyone is looking forward to meeting you. There will be a private meeting with the King and Queen and then a reception with all the family. Please plan to stay a few days so we can all get to know you better. King Aagda has arranged to have the ministers meet with you as well. They will want to interview you and find out when you can move to the Realm and begin studying with them. You have much to catch up on as the new heir to the throne."
    Alice is stunned by Merry's comment. "Move! What!"
    "Heir to the throne! What! I'm a werewolf, not a fairy. I only wanted to find my parents, not become heir to a Kingdom."
    Merry grins at their stunned faces. "I can see you had not thought about that. Your father, Kailon was heir to the throne. You are his sole child and that designates you heir to the throne. The ministers and the lawyers will deal with all the legalities. My parents will be pleased you are coming. My mother would have come with me, except she knows it would worry my father and she wouldn't do that to him. I will go now and let them know you are coming. You can be ready to arrive in two days? Nickolas will help you get through the portal. The children will be fine coming through the portal. It will not harm them."

    Merry tells them all goodnight and leaves going back to the realm. They gather around Adam talking excitedly about the visit and meeting the King and Queen and the rest of the family. Marshall teases Adam calling him Prince Adam. Alice looks at Adam thoughtfully wondering if he will want to move to the Realm. She is not sure she wants to do that. She loves their life here and the home they have made.

    Adam puts Kailena down for the night while Alice showers. He sits down and reads the letter from his father's parents...his Grandparents.

    My dear Grandson Adam,

    Naida and I are looking forward to meeting you at long last. It was an unexpected surprise to find out about your existence from Nickolas. The testing was necessary and has proved you are indeed the son of Kailon and Nissa. The resemblance in the photo is remarkable. You take after your father's side of the family. You will be surprised when you meet the other family members just how much resemblance there is.

    Your father was a remarkable young man. I look forward to sharing stories with you. He had a modest demeanor, was studious and his curiosity led him to more and more studies. I understand you share that curiosity and love of learning. He cherished our people and they loved him. He loved your mother with all his heart. I know he regretted until the day he died, letting her go off on the trip without him. He searched for her endlessly for the first few months after she disappeared. He sickened from not eating and exhaustion. We forced him back home to recover. Once he recovered, he resumed the search until the morning we found him dead. We knew Nissa was gone for they were bonded. I regret you were left behind without your mother and knew nothing about your true heritage. It was a blessing that your curiosity led you to discover them and thus the rest of your family.

    Nickolas told us some of how you were raised, and we want to hear your story when you feel ready to tell us. We hope you will be able to stay for several days this first visit so we can get to know you and your family. The ministers will want to meet with you and help guide you as we work towards preparing you for your new role in the Kingdom. The people will also want to meet you, and we will arrange a splendid celebration in the future.

    With loving hearts,

    your Grandparents,

    Aagda and Naida Moyrn

    He feels numb after reading the letter. Alice walks in and notices the letter sitting next to him and how stunned he looks. She hurries over and drops down in front of him. He sighs softly, knowing he is in for one of her loving lectures.
    "Adam, I know I haven't read the letter yet and I hope you will permit me. Is it that bad?"
    He picks the letter up and hands it to her. Alice settles next to him and begins to read.
    She puts her arms around him once she finishes the letter and tells him he is one lucky man. "You have gone from having no one in your life to bonding with me, your first stroke of luck!" She grins up at him making him smile back.
    "My folks practically adopted you, and my Dad didn't kill you training you. Your best friend Marshall becomes your clan brother and Jennifer; she loves you as the kid she befriended when you came to town, and you eventually saved her beloved Marshall. She will always love you for that, even if she didn't already appreciate you. Dedric is a true brother in spirit to you and would lay down his life for you. Wisteria treats you like the kid brother she always wanted and never had. You find your Mother's parents and have Anastasia, Nickolas, Bryn, and Briana in your life. The Fates only know how many more family members you will add with you Fathers folks. You now have a larger family than you ever imagined."
    "I expect you are feeling overwhelmed by all this. Then being told you will become heir to the throne. That was definitely unexpected. I don't even know how I feel about that. I love you and will always support you whatever you decide. I do want you to know I love Dragon Valley and our home here. But my home will always be where you are, wherever that may be."

    Adam kisses her softly. "I love you, Alice. I don't know where I'd be if you hadn't come into my life and kept me focused on the positive side of things. You are right. I am truly lucky and have been blessed by the Fates with all the wonderful people in my life. The Moyrn's are accepting all of us it seems. I am a bit overwhelmed, and happy and sad at the same time. My Father sounds like me don't you think? I took after him even though he didn't get to raise me. I would love to have known him and my Mother. It is awesome meeting their families but it makes me realize how much I missed not knowing them." Tears fall down Adam's cheeks as Alice holds him close to her.
    "I guess I need to relax and quit thinking about what I've missed. I should focus on what I have and not dwell on the heir thing until we see what it entails. I'm perfectly happy being Adam Moonwalker of Red Dragon Lair in Dragon Valley, husband of Alice and Dad to Kailena. I enjoy our life here too and cannot imagine giving it up. I'm not sure what put it into their minds that I would want to be heir to the Kingdom. Hopefully, I can make them understand I wanted to find my parents, not be the heir. Besides, didn't Merry tell us his oldest brother had become the heir after my Father died? It seems like he might be upset about all this talk of me being the heir."
    "You do sound very much like your Father. You make me very happy you want to stay here. Yes, Merry did tell us his brother Finnian became heir."
    They snuggle and kiss and make their way over to the bed as their kisses become more intense. They love each other under the covers and hear a soft lullaby play that surely comes from Kailena's room. They listen for sounds of Kailena stirring. She seems to be asleep. They fall asleep in each other's arms with the echo of that lullaby sending them into dreams.
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    They arrived in Egypt early thursday morning, and decided to change
    into their uniforms before searching for the documents.

    They were given a moon key to unlock the main door in the tomb
    beneath the base camp.

    Ray: Let me help you with that.
    Kimberly: I got it, just give me a second.
    Ray: Alright...

    Kimberly: I think that did it.
    Ray: I think so, let'sgo.

    The door lead to the end of the tomb and inside was a small stone
    Kimberly: That's it? I hauled my cookies all the way to Egypt for this?
    Ray:...I guess so.
    Kimberly: That means we can go home early?
    Ray: No way...Gotta turn these documents in first.

    Kimberly: You couldn't have gone down there yourself?
    Ray: Hey Danger, don't be so snippy.
    Man: I was too scared of the dark to go down.
    Ray: Don't worry, we got it for you..Here.
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    @bekkasan thank you. I am finalising the video today. Finally worked out how to end it. Only one of the IFs will be in this current video. And there are still more to turn real. I've been madly expanding the house to make room for all of them. And so far the game is still running if I keep their inventories under control. I'll train all the IFs I've made real and then will have to move them, and some of the older boys to a different house and keep an eye on them from a distance.

    This is the entire household at the end of Episode 28.


    So far only Petal's IF has been made real. Cindy has made the potion to make hers real but that doesn't happen until Episode 29.

    I see you like Petal's look. I like her outfit and am relieved her eyes aren't too bad. Do you remember having a discussion with me a year or so ago about that little plant sim I aged up from toddler in the Colourful Mermaids household. She is/was a copy of Petal from Perfect Genetics. She inherited Olivia's eyes - not the colour just the shape of the eyes and they didn't look very attractive on her so I did something I try to never do, I 'fixed' her eyes by making them much less interesting but easier to look at.

    Original Petal from Colourful Mermaids game/video

    Fixed Petal from Colourful Mermaids game/video

    When Petal in Perfect Genetics aged up I was expecting her horror eyes but the were interesting but not nearly as bad as the eyes she got when she aged up in Colourful Mermaids so I left her eyes alone in Perfect Genetics. Most of Olivia's children have some version of her eye shape, but only Cindy has her eye colour.

    This is a closeup of Olivia and Petal as a teen.



    I've done nothing to her eyes, they don't seem so bad. But poor little Petal in Colourful Mermaids seemed to get something a bit more exaggerated. Sometimes, with different expressions the eyes look better or worse.

    Anyway, that's it from me for now. I better get that video done.

    Happy Simming
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    I'm tempted to install Island Paradise, grab a fixed Isla Paradiso world, and start a story about two siblings living on a houseboat who become friends with someone who is secretly a mermaid. Because I haven't played with any of the IP content yet.
    Origin ID and TS3 Username: DollyGizzy
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    Hi everyone! It's been forever and a day since I posted in here! I started a new save today. It was supposed to be a legacy, but this girl can't simply play without cheats! (oops!) Here's what has happened so far...

    There's Adam Reynolds and his daughter Sophie. Sophie's mom passed away when she was a baby so it's been the two of them for awhile. Adam's military job had them uproot and move to the sleepy seaside town of Barnacle Bay.
    (Please ignore the unCASted furniture... I play intermittently while building/decorating. Thanks! )

    It's there Adam met his girlfriend, Emma Foster. Emma is a sweet girl who dreams of a large family one day. She loves to cook, clean, and care for kids. (Basically, she's super mom!) :D

    The two bought a large property overlooking the ocean where they hope to spend the rest of their days. Oh! I can't forget about Adam's best friend... his big, loveable, slobbery Bernese Mountain dog Buck! <3

    One day, shortly after move in day, Adam left to go check in at the base. Sophie was outside playing with her beloved doll Sasha, with the ever faithful Buck nearby watching, while Emma was inside getting things set up as she was going to run a daycare out of their new home. That's when Emma heard Buck growling. Buck NEVER growls. She goes running outside to see what was happening when she sees that Buck has cornered a would-be burglar! Emma quickly calls the cops who rush over and apprehend the culprit (who funny enough was named Robbi :D ). Buck got lots of praise and treats while the burglar was lead away in hand-cuffs.

    A few days later, Emma had been craving some alone time with Adam. Between the move, starting up the daycare, and caring for Sophie it felt like ages since they had spent time together. After putting Sophie to bed, Adam asked if Emma would join him down on the beach behind their house. They had a wonderful time together, watching the stars, listening to the waves crash upon the sand. It was magical. Emma wished that the moment would never end. Next thing she knows, she see Adam is down on one knee. She can barely see the beautiful ring he had in his hand between her tears of joy. Of course, she said yes!
    I'm turning in for the night but hopefully I'll have more for you guys later! Till then, I'm leaving you with a shot of our goodest boy Buck! <3
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    I'm tempted to install Island Paradise, grab a fixed Isla Paradiso world, and start a story about two siblings living on a houseboat who become friends with someone who is secretly a mermaid. Because I haven't played with any of the IP content yet.

    That sounds like a fun plan. I hope to see you posting pictures here with your mermaid friends.

    There is a bug in Island Paradise EP that results in mermaids not having any scales until you fix them. I've got a video that explains how to fix the problem using NRAAS Master Controller. I'm not sure which extra modules of MC you need though to be able to do this. I have them all.

    The video explains it all and it is easy to do. Once they've got their scales they keep them.

  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,521 Member

    Thank you,
    nice to see an update from you.


    Seriously Adamas smile is to die for, cant remember I ever saw him
    smiling he was mostly shy in my savegame and had no shy trait *lol*.

  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,960 Member
    Lockdown Part 7

    The police are busy this week!


    Someone has to sort out the crowd hanging outside of the school


    Too many kids and teens hanging around!



  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,965 Member

    @king_of_simcity7 Thank you! Appreciate the comment on that sunrise!
    Poor Carl! I guess he could join an internet dating site. :grin:

    @Silverofdreams30 Glad to hear that your cold is improving and you felt like playing the game. That truck is really cool!
    Adam does have a beautiful smile and he doesn't seem too shy in my story. He has a tendency to focus on that science machine if I leave him alone. I usually know where to find him without clicking on him. lol Since Kailena was born though he loves picking her up and chatting with her and carrying her from one place to another.

    @CK213 Looks like the town renovation is going well!

    @GraceyManor Cute adventuring in the hero costumes.

    @Karritz Her eyes are not very pretty on close up view, and yes if she was in my game her eyes would be fixed. I don't need picture perfection in my sims but I don't want to cringe every time I look at a particular sim. :smiley:

    @rubyskywalker Sounds like a good plan. I enjoyed playing my Cowboy/Mermaid is in my siggy. She was the first mermaid I ever played.

    @Kesminlix Welcome back! Who needs rules? Its called story enhancements, not cheats. lol Your sims are cute and the story is terrific. Congrats to the happy couple! That dog is sooooo cute!

    Wisteria has always loved sitting in the greenhouse and now she takes baby Willow in with her. I should put a rocker out there except I'd never get her to leave. :grin:
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    @bekkasan Thank you.
    Currently aiming to get all harvestables produce in The Sims 3 (On the Store now)
    The Oakley Legacy. Update: Generation 1: Dennis, Iris, Bede (Teen), Rose (Teen), Marcus
    Taking a hiatus in January 2021
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    Just for you @bekkasan and @emorrill

    I am playing with my random save, this is my edited version of Valentin Frye
    he is a premade firefighter.

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    I was thinking of giving some of my sims in my Angel City save a makeover, or at least add a new outfit or two in their wardrobe, and I thought who better than the popular girls of Brentwood High School. I think I captured that 90s teen movie antagonist look pretty well.

    Left to right; Tiffany Richmond, Alyssa Mansfield, Ashley Ward, and Lindsay Phillips
    Original Cheer Uniforms

    Secondary Cheer Uniforms

    Casual Clothes

  • KesminlixKesminlix Posts: 244 Member
    Thank you @bekkasan for the kind comments! It feels good to get back into playing and I can't wait to share more of this family! <3
    TTFN, got a sim wedding to plan! ;)
  • SleepstarSleepstar Posts: 369 Member
    Played on the Molyneux Save

    Saturday saw Medea and Patroclus do their homework, Daphne finally learned how to drive and chatting to Falcon, Ajax chatting to Kimberly and going out shopping, Rhea and Saturn doing their paperwork from work, Katy reading a book and Achilles going to work. Medea, after doing her homework, chatted to Harold on the phone. Patroclus was playing with his toy as everyone else was busy. Patroclus received a phone call to collect metals and gemstones across town. In town, Nancy and Geoffrey Landgrabb both became Elders now that Malcolm is now a Young Adult.

    Sunday dawned with Patroclus having breakfast, Saturn, Rhea, Medea, Ajax and Daphne arguing over the bathrooms and Katy and Achilles flirting. After breakfast Patroclus climbed on his bicycle and cycled to collect gemstones and metals. Medea decided to do some gardening while Saturn and Rhea worked on their paperwork. Daphne went to the basement Gym to practice her Martial Arts skill while Ajax decided to read a book, while the married couple had breakfast together before continuing to flirt. Patroclus decided to meet his mother's side of the family. By the time he met his maternal grandmother he realised it was getting late and decided to head home. Saturn turned and smiled at Patroclus, knowing that Patroclus is the only child in the town, and hopes that his eldest son's generation start having kids soon so that Pat doesn't become lonely as he grows up. But Saturn knows that Vita and Nick Alto are due to die soon. The last thing I want at work is Vita dying he thought as he weighs up his options for Sunset Valley's long term future.
    Currently aiming to get all harvestables produce in The Sims 3 (On the Store now)
    The Oakley Legacy. Update: Generation 1: Dennis, Iris, Bede (Teen), Rose (Teen), Marcus
    Taking a hiatus in January 2021
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    The Perfect Genetics Challenge Episode 28 is now available for you to watch on YouTube.

    Everyone does something in this video. Expect birthday parties, imaginary friend made real, sims working on discovering a potion to make their imaginary friend real, alien abductions, homework, dog training, toddler training and lots more. Enjoy

    Happy Simming
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,960 Member
    @bekkasan Thanks for the comments :smile: I have banned internet dating in The Sims! :D
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,069 Member
    Yeah, everyone's probably busy.But a few days ago, it seemed
    like the boards were picking up, so I decided to pop back
    their dead again.XD

    I love how your world
    actually looks like its under lockdown.
    Good job capturing the moments.

    Yep, never leave the deep fryer running.
    I learned that the hard way.XD

    He is kind of lonely and bored.XD
    Thanks! Downloaded a few custom patterns
    to use.That castle is absolutely beautiful!

  • CIariteaCIaritea Posts: 48 Member
    Nothing because I don't have it installed yet. The desperation for custom content is real.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,069 Member
    A little more adventure it seemed.After delivering the papers, the gentleman
    asked them to head to a pyramid to uncover the relics that laid beneath them.
    Ray: Need any help?
    Kimberly: I got this cover.

    They made their way through the old tombs; searching for an entrance
    to the bottom.Kimberly would be lying if she didn't say she was a tad bit

    They stumbled upon an old tomb deep within the halls of the pyramid.
    Ray decided it was a good idea to take a sneak peak, Kimberly, however didn't
    Kimberly: I don't think you should be doing that..
    Ray: I'll be fine.

    Within minutes Ray was pulled into the sycaphogus and was thrown
    about by the inhabitant.Luckily, he came out unscathed.

    After hours of searching the tomb, they found the hidden chest.
    In it was the remains of an ancient pharoh.They gather the objects
    and proceeded back to the gentleman who paid them well for their job.

    Tomorrow they would be heading home and Kimberly couldn't wait
    to be back in her own bed and own town.

    Ray: Told you, it wouldn't be that much work.
    Kimberly: I never complained about work, now did I? I'm just
    not a traveler.
    Ray: Not even a little?
    Kimberly: Not at all.
    Ray: Pity.

    Just a random screenshot.

  • jonny522jonny522 Posts: 179 Member
    so been away a while, but long story short again. Torrey is now an adult, Kimberly is a child, Wray is a child, and Lawrence is a teenager.
    Snowflake day, the family is there except Torrey, who's at University studying medicine.
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    edited March 28
    @gamerplaya94 your 4 sim girls are very well dressed, and it looks like they have varying personalities :)

    @emorrill hey, long time no see, hope everything is well.

    @bekkasan more cute pictures of your supes, they are really awesome. I especially like that little weretoddler with blonde hair having a go at the furniture. :)

    @Silverofdreams30 I feel a bit bombarded by pixelated men :p

    @king_of_simcity7 Your teens are forming quite the crowd there.
    I feel sorry for the leader of your city, he has an unfortunate look.
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