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Spring Fling Homemade Gift Exchange ~ CLOSED


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    Thank YOU for helping @KaytayRoall and offering the suggestion of renaming the .dbc file (something I would never have thought of). Hopefully this simple solution will do the trick. If not, perhaps @ciane knows of some way to remove/locate the texture replacement.
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    Success! Thank you so much, @MiaSkywalker!!

    Here's the new Exchange link:

    And I'll go edit my original post as well...
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    Success! Thank you so much, @MiaSkywalker!!

    Here's the new Exchange link:

    And I'll go edit my original post as well...

    Saw upload on my page and checked that version (clean), then came here and saw your message. Will update the front page post to reflect this :)
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    Day 3 and a third gift, @KhemKat19, … do you have any idea what I might have made for you?
    Hm… Let’s see… you said you loved Dragon Valley, Hidden Springs, and Sunlit Tides and Victorian/Mediterranean/Tudor. You already have a Mediterranean for Sunlit Tides and a Tudor for Dragon Vallery, so WHAT might I have made for today?
    Again, it doesn’t really look like this. So, go here to see what it actually looks like:

    Download here:

    I originally uploaded Blue Raspberry, but noticed a Sweet Treats SP item. So, I put in a 20x20 lot in the Riverview game I'm playing and plunked the bin lot on it. I found a gingerbread bear (and a floating shelf on a corner of the property). I fixed those and readjusted the terrain paint out front and deleted the parking stall and some tiles in back as this wasn't a corner lot. I'm leaving up the original upload as it has pics, but you want the linked without pics.
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    To: @DinoJr
    From: Addy
    Gift 3 of 4

    From this point forward, the gifts are something that began percolating in my mind as soon as I took a look at your letter. Prissy saw one image of a certain piece in tomorrow's gift and that is all she knows so ... credit/blame is mine, all mine, unless you want to tease her about not keeping an eye on the directions I run off to. ;)

    With that said, let's get going ...

    The Tripp Lawson Story
    Part One

    John and Katie met purely by accident. More on that later. Time will tell whether these two become fast friends or something more.


    John Lawson has a secret. A BIG one. He wants to become an International Super Spy, and this isn’t something you can blurt out to other Sims. The first rule as any Sim knows: you do not talk about being a spy. John merely smiles and mentions that he is a glorified file clerk at the local police station whenever anyone asks about his career. Sometimes he deftly turns the conversation to other topics like books or music. Heard any good Indie bands lately?

    Katie Tripp also has a BIG secret. She desires to amass a vast collection of items without worrying about pesky details like provenance and this certainly isn’t something you can casually slip into conversations. She really likes the green stuff … from favorite color to growing things that sell pretty well at the local supermarket or consignment store. Besides ... Sims like to garden and talk about gardening so Katie is hoping to visit her neighbors and see what they have. Being neighborly, that's our Katie girl. ;)

    Sharing a bio listing everything that makes these two tick would be helpful, but where is the fun in that?

    Curious to know more about them? Good.
    Download Link: Tripp Lawson Household

    Still curious? Stay tuned until tomorrow to learn more.

    Side Note: Funny story … Prissy created her two Sims while I created these two without any conversation/collaboration on what we’d make and somehow, we both “encouraged” our ladies to take a walk on the wrong side of the law. lol

    This upload shows packs that you don't have being used. I went through everything (clothing, hair, traits, faves, LTW) and all are from packs I purposefully worked with (base, WA, AMB & SN). Still showing GEN, UL and LN in this 2nd upload attempt, but nothing was used from them. Going to go with this version and if the game selects outfit oddities for those who download, then it is fun randomness at play :)
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    edited April 2018
    It might be a texture that came with one of the EPs @ADWilson. I always find it helpful to click on the collection icon for a particular EP/SP in build mode and scroll down to where the wallpapers are when I'm double checking. That doesn't work for CAS but sometimes it's helpful.

    Also, I love the back story and I love that you both had the same thought independently of each other and ran with it in slightly different directions. It's kind of like the renovation challenges... seeing the same start and then the multiple diversions.
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    @KaytayRoall - it seems several of us had a few challenges uploading something unintended. I'm glad you found it so quickly with Mia's help. Just a note of warning, sometimes the .dbc files contains venue items, so you might not want to delete them without checking first. (Just keep it in a safe place for a bit). The other help is to move out all the dcbackup files (except the ccmerged file, which is needed for premium content to work). They are, after all, BACKUP. They are needed for cc to transfer with uploads. So if you use cc and want to share that in an upload, then you would need to move those files back in. They are NOT needed for all the EA stuff to transfer in uploads (with the exception of some items that should have installed to .ebc files but instead installed to .dbc files, such as venues. Venues should install as .dbc files, but sometimes they are seen as EXCHANGE items, I think. I've had them install both ways on my computer. It drives me crazy. I THINK it might make a difference if they are installed from backup files rather than directly from the store.) Too much rambling?

    The way to see exactly what is in the .dbc files, is to MOVE out your .ebc files (and any install files in your downloads folder). This makes less stuff for your launcher to see. Then you can load the launcher and see only what is in the .dbc file(s). Deleting through the launcher will only hide the item and really not delete it. You'd have to remove the .dbc file and the pertinent backup files to actually remove items from your game.

    Doing this, you'll know if you can safely delete the .dbc or if you just want to temporarily remove it for an upload

    After checking, you, of course, will move or copy your .ebc files back into the dccache folder. You don't need to copy the download files back in though. Once installed, you don't need those files except as backup for an installation later.

    Okay, that really was too much info. I just like everyone to understand what they are doing when they are looking around and moving files.

    FYI: I hadn't installed the lot yet as I was playing in Riverview (and still am) with Addy's reno challenge. I have toddlers skilling and don't want to have them "pop out" of their actions and have me try to remember where each one of them were. So, I'll just redownload after deleting the other file. I really am excited to start playing them in that awesome house. I just have to get to a good stopping point with the toddlers.
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    Gift 3 of 4

    I'm almost sad that with this cottage I've filled up all the 20x15 lots on Black Sheep Road. They were quite fun to build. Today's lot is called Orchard House. The name may be a bit of an exaggeration, but a half dozen or so fruit and nut trees (I didn't go back and count) seemed like plenty for the lot size.

    It is, once again, a two-bedroom, one-bath house with a crib on the first floor and, of course, kitty accommodations.

    (Hmmm, I wonder where we'll be going tomorrow . . . :* )

    Exchange download link:

    Below are a few pictures with more at the link:

    So sorry the pics get skewed. I'm lucky to squeeze the camera in at all in some places let alone get a shot I like.

    The first is an overall of the little neighborhood.






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    Now, I'm going to have to do some catching up today! Things got a little busy part way through the day yesterday, and then last evening there was the Flickr problem. I did get everything from yesterday rec'd and some downloaded but need to do some commenting.
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    Another great build @suzses. I really, really love the angular placement of the house. :heart:
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    Prissy, I helped @DinoJr track down the pieces he was missing for Diedre and Cody. He says he's not worried about it and is grateful for all the extra content you gave him already. But just in case (and because I went to the trouble of finding it all :p ), here's the list:

    Everyday hair: Roaring Heights
    Formal dress: Show Stopping Style- The Left Has It Dress from the Seeing Stars set
    Formal hair: Show Stopping Style- Shorty McFleurterson Hairstyle from the Seeing Stars set
    Athletic top: Punk and Proud Top from the Skylight Studio from the Performing Arts venue

    Everyday hair: Sleek Chic from Everyday Casual Chic set
    Everyday shirt: Hidden Springs

    OH!!!! I am SOOOO sorry!!! I had no idea that those items weren't included. They never showed up in the "items used" section. ((#stoopidEA))

    Does he HAVE the items?? If not - because without them, the sims don't look right - I will get them and gift them over, straight away.



    But... I think what I **DIDN'T** gift him, are the items that didn't show up in the "items used" section.

    Edit -- Ok. BOTH hairs have now been gifted.

    Kaytay and/or Dino -- PLEASE PM ME
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    @MiaSkywalker ~ This colorful couple and their gorgeous horse are sure to brighten any town they live in! You’ve convinced me that berry is “berry good” and I boldly plan to “borrow” this gift for starting my first adventure in both the land of berrydom and Dragon Valley.
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    @ciane ~ Blue Raspberries is a venust (archaic term meaning beautiful, comely, graceful, elegant. Google is a wonderful helper in finding new adjectives, lol), Victorian! All of this fits on a 20x20 and still looks roomy enough for a growing family … wow.
  • ADWilsonADWilson Posts: 6,754 Member
    @suzses ~ Orchard House is well organized and oozing with charm! The little neighborhood you created is filled with plenty of curb appeal and has my imagination easily imagining Sims going about their daily lives or perhaps stopping for a brief chat with one another.
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    Gifts are listed on the front page and ALL are CC Free o:)
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    @KaytayRoall: Yays! ^_^ I'm so glad it worked! I was actually a little worried that it wouldn't; in one of the exchanges I was in, renaming the .dbc file did NOT work, because the CC was stuck to a .sim file that I had downloaded. But that was CC that was showing up on one of the Sims in a family I was attempting to gift, and I was crossing my fingers that in this case - since it was a build and not a family/sim - that yours wouldn't be as weird.

    @ciane: What an adorable Victorian! While it's true what you say about a lack of restroom facilities in Victorians, I always fit several in because Sims. ;) Looks like you added an all-in-one, so you got around the problem that way. :)

    I love the wall coverings you used, and of course the colors you used are always so perfect. I'm still trying to learn from your eye for color, by studying everything you build. I had to laugh when I saw the empty bed with the z's hovering over it! :D And curtaining off the baby potty, what a great idea! *writes it down*

    With all these Victorians, I'm going to have to do some stuff with Moonlight Falls, and place a bunch of them there. Or even place them in SV or Riverview, to give those places a classier look.

    @ADWilson: Hahahahaha! That's too funny! At least your guy isn't a wealthy playboy. Otoh, maybe Prissy's playboy is really secretly a super powered vigilante at night, and we just don't know it! ;) Oh, I think putting both of these couples in one of my worlds and letting them run around and see what they do will be too delicious! (Especially if I take both guys, and turn their night-clothes or athletic wear into something from Movie Stuff, right? Superheroes ftw!)
    ciane wrote: »
    Just a note of warning, sometimes the .dbc files contains venue items, so you might not want to delete them without checking first. (Just keep it in a safe place for a bit).
    @ciane: *nods* That's why I suggested renaming the extension, rather than deleting the file. I know that if I add .backup to the end of an extension, that lets ME know A) what that file originally was, and B ) that I was only removing it temporarily from a game/program. I didn't know the .dbc files could contain information about things like venues, but I DO know that they contain information about any non-EA world that you download. Even if a world you're using has no CC (I always keep a build world installed for testing things, since it's so fast to load, and that world has NOTHING on it, so definitely no CC), the information on the world itself is stored in the .dbc file, and while you've renamed that extension, you won't be able to select that world from the pull down. (Or play any game that uses that world, because those saves won't show up.)

    I'm all for renaming files, especially extensions, to test problems out in any program I'm using - rather than deleting files like some support reps will tell you to do - or else moving those files temporarily to another directory. It's saved my data more often than not. :)

    @suzses: Oh, that's delightful! I love the overview you gave of that neighborhood; I'll have to make sure to place those three lots exactly as you have, because I love that prospect. :) And the house, like the others, has a great view of the sea! That particular road has such a nice feel to it for that reason. :)

    I love how, on the ground floor, you have that diagonal room jutting out. That must have made putting a roof there a nightmare, I would imagine! I'll have to study how you did that. Are those relics in front of the high chair? Or is that the year of the tiger toy? Guess I'll have to go in there and find out. :)

    You know, I'm going to be honest - the reason I squee'd when I found out you were my building buddy is because I've loved your builds for a long time! I know I've raided your studio on at least a few occasions. So I was excited that you were building for me, because I knew you'd make beautiful things! :)

    @ADWilson: I haven't tested any of these for CC yet, because I'm still in the process of downloading them. I know you have already, so it's no hurry if I don't. :)
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    @MiaSkywalker I liked that road, too, with its location. I think those toys are both relics and that I used the Year of the Tiger one possibly in Clare Cottage. And . . . lol . . . once you get in game you will see that the "diagonal room" isn't what's diagonal. It's funny because I had just finished it up around when that conversation occurred about diagonal stairs and how building a structure on the diagonal would be difficult.

    Edited to add: You know, I didn't see the ball of yarn I added for the cat downstairs in Orchard House. If it's not there Meone may have made off with it. LOL Or my upgrader sim also had a cat this time (and a baby - rolls eyes).

    And, that leads to: yeah, I forgot to mention I fireproofed the stove(s) where possible and the fireplaces, and maybe we don't even need the fire alarms tucked behind the pantries. I didn't upgrade anything else. There wasn't an option to fireproof one of the two stoves, and I *think* that means it's already fireproof. That at least appears to be the case with another Store stove I use a lot that never catches fire (it's in Blue Heron by the way).

    P.S. There are diagonal roofs - no harder than un-diagonal ones.
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    Hi! Ready for gift #3 from the Catdog Gifting Brigade?
    DinoJr and I worked together on this one for you. We went for a community lot that you could send sims to for dates, but is also family friendly. I did the building and tried to make it to suit the style of Starlight Shores, but I'm not sure I hit the mark quite right. Anyway, we hope you enjoy!

    The Selena Sinclair Studio -


    I sent some familiar faces to help show it off ;)












    Floorplans -



    PS. I tried very hard to keep track of the store content used. The only item I'm aware of that you may not have is the table from the Old Town: Starter Kit set ( Please let me know if you own this. If you don't, I'll gift it to you. Also if it looks like you are missing anything else, I'm happy to gift you whatever is missing.

    PPS. @ciane Your third and final gift is on it's way! But it's looking like I won't have the presentation ready until tomorrow, due to a last-minute rearrangement of my weekend schedule. Hopefully it will be worth the wait. :)
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    gift #3 (of 3)

    So here's my last gift. Technically I helped make one more for someone else, and depending on how fast KayTay is, you might already know this :)

    Kaelyn and Alejandro worked their butts off, for long days and nights, until the Shabby Farmhouse matched Kaelyns vision and dream. The old worn down home is no longer a shabby reminder of the past. Now, its a bright and lively Farm To Table Cafe, and Community Garden! Come harvest some tomatoes, eat some delicious farm-fresh food inside, or out, or just sit by the fire, the choice is yours!

    Inside Dining

    Updated Kitchen

    A place to relax


    Kids Play Area and Orchard

    Toolshed is now a Mushroom garden!

    (also there are some gifts in the chest in front of the shed!)

    And the floorplan of course


    I had so much fun building and CASting this!!! I would love to eat here, or hang out here, or garden here, and I hope you love it too! Also you may notice that there are bathrooms upstairs, but another one downstairs. I know that there are no physically disabled sims in the game, no wheelchairs, but I just couldn't stand the thought of not having a handicapped accessible bathroom. It also has the added benefit of being gender neutral if any of your sims happen to be non-binary. :)

    Oh and the download link (I almost forgot!):


    I forgot to mention, since you wanted a master gardener, I went ahead and included at least one of every kind of plant I had available to me with my current game set up!
  • DinoJrDinoJr Posts: 89 Member
    Ok, now its nap time! Hopefully a little later I can get around to looking at, and commenting on all the wonderful Day 3 gifts!
  • MiaSkywalkerMiaSkywalker Posts: 3,432 Member
    @DinoJr: Oh wow! You managed to do that with only a couple of EPs? That's amazing! What a cute and comfortable little place that looks to be. It's so neat that her old house was turned into a community lot that way, and I love how you told that as a story. It gives it more depth. I wish I were better at that myself.

    Your Sims are going to be a lot of fun to play, and those two builds will be a lot of fun to play in. :)

    Oh, and also - this build and the ones above have been downloaded, custard checked, and rec'd, and are all CC free. :)
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    Don't mind me, I'm just borrowing a few gifts. ;)

    Ps, it seems I'm also adding another world to my collection as well .... Black Sheep Lane ... sounds like my kind of place. o:)>:)o:)
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    Finally able to pick up with commenting on things from the middle of yesterday onward. I just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying EVERYTHING you've all made, as well as the camaraderie here within the group.

    @fleshjenn So interesting! A tropical scuba-diving genie and beautiful pedigreed horses, too. Love them all and love the names you've given them, too. I think my favorite is Rorschach and that she's destined to have an important place in the next generation of my current game. <3

    @Catdog123 Fire and Ice . . . Wow! That's just a really original idea for a nightspot and so very well done. Using the tent pieces for the mast worked out just perfectly! You've managed to make it look very Viking and found so many ways to suggest its theme with all the flames and snowflakes, etc. I noticed it's such an exciting place that even Sophie got out of the house for a change.

    @DinoJr Just coming in here to chuckle at the mental picture of Magnus in Fowler's Roost. One of my sims is destined to meet him, you know - maybe it will be in Cotes d'Ambonnay or maybe at Fire and Ice in AS. I am totally going to have to play in both those places sometime soon! But, before all that I have to get back to my custom Moonlight Falls and the great new places I have to add there! Maybe he could live there, too . . .

    @Mystik1978 So well you create your backstories, and Tina's is so sad . . . Someone better make sure she is very happy for the rest of her life! Although, I'm sure she's well equipped after all she's gone through to tackle problems that come up, too. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, as they say.

    @KaytayRoall You certainly did nail modern there. How I love the warm woods and brick you used on the exterior (I'm going to steal them and save them to my presets), especially contrasted with the stucco and white trim. It's a beautifully balanced structure. The rooftop areas are probably my favorite, but all the interiors are very nice and suit the build. I think that genie may have to help out with the garden - can't imagine Justine really has time for it . . . or maybe she will after she rubs that lamp.
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    @MiaSkywalker First of all let me say I am sorry your health issues are giving you a problem. Having some of my own I can truly feel your pain. I hope the rest of your weekend goes better for you.

    Now to the good stuff ...... OMG I LOVE the household you made! There backstory is amazing, It is funny I never really paid much attention to the fact there are no horses in Dragon Valley but you are right! The pair might have to help some of their friends get horses so Nebula Star has some competition! I do indeed love berry sims, so their coloring is right on pare with Sims I like to play. Since purple is my favorite color I am really drawn to Linette! What a wonderful job on those little details like her wardrobe! Thank you so very much! Also, you have my interest peeked on this "last gift" I am looking forward to seeing it. No worries on time, take as much as you need.
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    @DinoJr – I love the way the old house looks now. And, I really love the farm to market café idea. Also, I love when there is a community garden as most of my sims love to just eat raw fruit and veggies. Really nice layout and landscaping too.
    Also, @KaytayRoall – That is just one awesome community lot! I love all the art options loaded together like that, but more than that, I just love the architecture of this building. The textures and style all just work great together! It was fun seeing everyone’s sims wondering around and playing there. (Also, sorry to hear that your weekend was interrupted, but I don’t mind waiting at all. I still haven’t finished skilling up those toddlers, though they are trained in everything they need to grow up well already.)
    @Mmdrgntobldrgn – love the sneaky, sneak pic.
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