What happen in your game today/most recently?


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    I finally got back to Julia Hoffman and she is now a General Practioner so it was time for her to move over into the Collinwood household. Roger is still dead and haunting... :( because Carolyn (who finished college and back home) hasn't gotten her promotions yet to get the Grim Phone to bring him back. Elizabeth Stoddard is under the power and control of Tom Jennings ( a vamp) the brother of Chris Jennings (a werewolf). Julia ran into Barnabas so she has finally met him and will strike up a relationship eventually so she can find out he is behind all the vampires in Collinsport. I haven't decided if she will be his friend or enemy, cure him or curse him, and Nicolas Blair is causing havoc all over town with his evil warlock ways. He let Angelique move in with him, so he can teach her (again) the evil witch powers and make her stop trying to be so human. lol :p
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    JULES1111 wrote: »

    @Shae Lol good to know your stalker has not quit yet. :joy: Hmm you plan on moving her to the world after college, to see if the stalking continues? That would be awesome if it did!

    Oh, that's an idea! I hadn't thought of that, but now that you've mentioned it, I just might do that. :wink:

    Meanwhile, one of my other sims received a genie lamp today from the old 🎁🎁🎁🎁 lady. I'm trying to decide what I want her to wish for; She has the fortune aspiration.


    Although she isn't poor, she was standing on the street corner last night with a sign while shaking a can for simoleons. That happened right after she lost her mind for a bit after a lightning strike, which in turn prompted a visit from the game psychiatrist.

    Too bad I didn't get a pic of that! LOL

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    Rflong7 wrote: »

    @Shae Love the pictures! :mrgreen:
    Creepy stalker Sims can be fun in the game. :lol:


    Anything that adds more drama to my game, I'm all for it! Lol

    Just a visually impaired gamer who enjoys taking ordinary Sims and making them extraordinary.

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    I don't think I've mentioned it, but Lyle has 2 sisters, Jacquelyn and Amara. They are twins and they both go to Sim State University. :)


    Jacquelyn is dating a campus nerd by the name of Lee Chun and while on a date they got engaged.

    Neither of them are very good looking, but Jacquelyn is a very confident simmie regardless, so she didn't have much trouble finding a date. ^^

    Amara on the other hand is the pretty one, but it took her a while to find someone she likes. It just so happened one day that Ashley Pitts was passing by the library while she was there and a casual conversation lead to more then she'd expected.


    She and Ashley had a dream date together and now they are engaged. :)

    And oh boy! University does take a lot! Can't wait for all of them to get married and start families. ><
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    I've come across the "I'm Surrounded By 🎁🎁🎁🎁" challenge today. Basically you play a family for each generation BUT! You can only control 1 sim per generation.

    I'm gonna try it out. Probably gonna drive me nuts though :D
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    Great updates everyone! Nice pics @earthgirl !! @Brindleton That challenge would definatly drive me nuts!

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    Needed a mental break from the fighting in Sim State University so I loaded Academie LeTour for a change. Got one Sim in her last year and she finally found a significant other. Have had very few visits from the Evil Cow Mascot from that campus and only one NPC Student and the cheerleader fight with the mascot so far. I do miss the other dorm so I will be going back but will be trying to move out some of the NPC students with Sims I create.
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    Went back to SSU and after an Origin update that caused the game to crash and shut down, I have a new set of Dormies (except for my Sim and 4 dormies from the original crowd) in the dorm I have been playing.
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    In the meantime, Lyle, Jacquelyn and Amara are all out of college and married to their partners.

    The first 2 got their own houses, while Amara is back to her parents' house, which got a nice makeover :)
    Amara is a web designer.
    Ashley has started a business: a consignment shop. It started out with plants, then other decor items and now we're selling crafted objects, including robots.
    Amara and Ashley had a baby boy by the name Jarvis and he's a cutie!

    Lyle got a Medical job as a GP. He's cashing in nicely.
    Heather is in Education. Since she's a drop out she had to start from the beginning, but going up real fast.
    They also had a baby, Kenny, who hasn't grown into a toddler yet but he inherited grandpa's red hair.
    Lyle has meddled a bit with the telescope one night and he came back all probed and inseminated! Heather thought it was rather hilarious, but I guess she'll laugh no more when she'll get some extra diapers to change!

    Jacquelyn is an Architect. Currently pregnant with first child.
    Lee is in the Culinary.
    I'm curious about how ugly their baby will be, hehe.
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    @EricasFreePlay Glad you are still enjoying playing uni!

    @earthgirl Nice pics! Jarvis is a cute lil' guy! Oooh a alien baby on the way! I love alien babies!! Please post more pics after!
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    I played Don and his Uglacy this week. :)
    He and I made a deal if he got his LTW, he'd marry who I picked. :)

    Since he wanted to woohoo 20 Sims, he needed a place to meet Sims- He opened up a club. :)
    Luckily there was a Sim who had a gold flower badge early.

    And it wasn't long before the perfect Sim walked onto the lot, trying to walk off quickly. Don met her an wore her down to date him.

    Carmen Patch is perfect for a Founder of an Uglacy, right?

    The business grew and now it's the House of Lothario.

    A place to meet and Don to Greet future love interests. XD

    After his first million he was allowed to go home where I spent too much on a too big house.

    It was to be a party house with dance room, pool room, bowling room... and then I tore it down because it was too big. XD

    Anway, I was wrong. A better Sim walked onto his lot. Someone I always forget about... Narissa Inada, the Science Instructor. :)

    He did make his LTW... and they had a lovely wedding.

    While Cassie wasn't put off her game at all.. Yes, he invited her, she invited him to hers. XD
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    I played a bit more today with Jacquelyn and Lyle's families.

    Jacquelyn had a baby girl named Sylvia.
    She turned out much better than I expected. (I think)


    And this is Kenny, Lyle's son. He's a real cutie. :)

    Also, Lyle gave birth to an alien baby girl and her name is Rin.
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    I like Sylvia's look. They're an adorable family. :mrgreen::+1:
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    @earthgirl Awe, they are all cute. Sylvia has pretty eyes! Kenny is adorable. Can't wait to see what Rin looks like as a tot.
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    @Rflong7 @JULES1111 Thanks. XD I really missed the way genetics in TS2 work. I always get surprises if I load several times before the final mix. Sometimes I get a good mix, but sometimes the babies can turn out to be a genetics disaster.

    Anyways, Kenny grew up into a child.
    He looks just like Heather, but as a boy with red hair. :blush:

    And Rin aged into a toddler. She's cute enough, as far as a baby alien is concerned. :)

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    I am playing chester premade.

    He has married the evil witch. Had a baby boy together. And I have turn him into a teen and sent him to college to do the I think drama major.his wife visits and he meets her to go out. When he finishes college he will help her bring up their son.

    However he flirted with another sim from college and now as the had an affair memory :(

    I started playing him at 6pm last night and it was 1am before I knew it lol. Time goes so fast when I play the sims 2.

    Origin ID MichaelUKingdon

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    I managed to finally make one of the male dormies in my game a Playable Sim. I am playing different characters from the Harry Potter series. Lily Potter (Harry's mom) managed to fall in love with a male dormie all the other girls wanted. It caused a bit of drama and fighting between my Sim and his ex gf, but he's finally moved out of the dorm lol
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    Oh also there was a cheating incident between Lily and the Evil Cow Mascot but I avoided a lot of fighting and slapping by using the Apologize interaction (under Appreciate) and slowly building the relationship back up between Lily and Erik (the one dormie all the other girls wanted).
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    @earthgirl Awe Rin is cute. :blush: Kenny will be quite the heartbreaker I think!

    @marcel21 That's cool. Ya time can fly by real fast when playing. To bad about the affair memory. :/

    @EricasFreePlay Harry Potter huh? That's different. Glad you were able to get the relationship repaired.
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    JULES1111 wrote: »

    @EricasFreePlay Harry Potter huh? That's different. Glad you were able to get the relationship repaired.
    I ran out of names to think of for my Sims LOL

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    I started working on my University Town - this one is the Prestigious one.


    Randomly paused and found these two giving huggles


    Mom started a fire


    And because they're slobs, everyone got the flu - I've been waiting 3 sim days for someone to just take out the trash...instead, they just pile it there.

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    @Mstybl95 Interesting uni neighborhood. All the lots look so skinny! Nice pics too.
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    I am testing sims 2 gameplay to get to know a little bit about it. I will play soon with my interiors and with my sims. I really needed to change my mind.

    This is Susie and her cat Minois.
    Susie's aspiration is Wealth and she is working in the Dancing carreer. Minois works as vermine destroyer.
    Both are Geminis. Minois is Hostile.
    Minois is only accept Susie.

    First thing Minois did was a meowcure with the expensive statue. Of course he was reprimanted.

    Susie likes a lot her cat. (I really love this animation why it was not coming back in sims 3? :cry: )


    Susie had a snack (I missed this really) while Minois played with the bird.


    Others stuffs I missed is making a paper plane to play with it.


    I'll post the few pictures later when imgur will stop to be slow.

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    I have not stopped by in a bit it's been busy I played not too long ago and after a long road my sims are getting into trouble again, Tank's stepmother is interested in his wife. While he's at work Tia comes over when she calls, she adores Tank like her own son but unfortunately not enough to keep away from Crystal.

    On a side note, thinking about a family legacy, you know something normal where no one cheats every chance they get lol.
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    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
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    I haven't played in a while(several days, actually) because I've been busy working on my custom neighborhood and re-creating sims, but I still got a bunch of updates! :3

    Amara X Ashley household:
    Jarvis grew up into a child.

    I got Jarvis into a private school now. Didn't think I'd manage, because Ashley was in his pajamas and 🎁🎁🎁🎁 at schmoozing, Amara burned the food and had her make another serving. But at least he loved the food in the end and also the house. He smelled the $$$ and accepted Jarvis right away!

    Amara had a second baby: a little girl named Calli.

    One of the founders finally died after cheating death a couple of times.
    RIP, Craig!
    I wanted a servo and he was the only one with a silver badge in robotics. Too early! :cry:

    Jacquelyn x Lee household:
    Sylvia grew up into a child too!

    She brought cousin Jarvis from school. :)

    And this little 🎁🎁🎁🎁 Frances J. whoever has been hanging around the lot for a while, kicking the trashcan and stealing papers because he got 🎁🎁🎁🎁 over not being chosen by Jacquelyn, so he must hate Lee with a passion. He went on a date with Jacquelyn once, but it didn't work out very well and she was already committed.
    But I trolled him well by buying a compost bin and leaving the trashcan down, but empty. lol

    This is Havana. Their second baby as a toddler.

    Lyle x Heather household:
    Kenny found a magical lamp and summoned the genie...

    "What's your wish, little master?"
    "Let's see... hmm... how about you bring Grandpa back from the dead?"
    "Your wish is my command, little master!"

    Now I can get back to working on those 'bots! :D

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