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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • dbtbandit67dbtbandit67 Posts: 12 New Member
    > @Keeping_KALM1210 said:
    > check me out on youtube KeepingKalm!!

    I'll check out your build!
  • dbtbandit67dbtbandit67 Posts: 12 New Member
    Hmm.. How do I upload images on the forum? Well, I can just link to it for now:

    extrainc[dot]com/sims-4-gallery (blehh pardon the pixelated banner, I just really wanted to get this post up)

    Check it out- It is nearly perfectly symmetrical. My guy's name is Chad Benningsworth.... He has 147k in the bank somehow despite the fact he only makes $20/hr (in my mind it is from an inheritance) he lives alone and his neighbor is really hot and she lives alone too. I will post pictures of both their faces too. Very attractive people. I forgot what I named her, but her house is in front of that lake/pond cause I figured she would want her bedroom to have a view that overlooks it. I'll post those pics next

    It's not fully complete as the dining room, and both bedrooms do not have windows... Which is kinda creepy. But that's because I'm undecided ATM if I'm going to keep expanding and how. I will probably add windows to both bedrooms and doors that lead out to a garden behind the dining room.

    From this camera angle it's not visible, but in the living room, there's a flat screen on the right side, so when you walk in and sit down you can watch TV. I forgot if it was a drawer below it or an entertainment center. I'll have to look.

    I think down the middle which is living room-kitchen-dining room I have to move all the furniture 1 slot to the left to get it perfectly centered. It's kinda bothering me looking at it now.

    I think this is a pretty dope house. Not by Sims 4 standards, compared to what other people have created, but like, imagine living in something like this in real life. It's a good start. You walk in, and the living room-kitchen-dining room are all centered, and are all connected through the open door thing (doorway without the door, I forgot what you call it) which acts as like the center point of the home where you can access every other room.

    I actually built a computer for someone who had a really nice house in Venice Beach but boy was his home super linear, kinda like something you would see out of the Sims. The living room lead to a study which lead to a kitchen which lead to another study. Very modular. Which is perfect for 1 person, but imagine a family living in that home, and everyone being in each other's way when you have to get to another room. That's why living rooms are typically the first room you walk into, which is the common room connect to every other room. It's kind of funny to walk into a bathroom which leads to a bedroom which then leads to your dining room. It's like ahh no privacy when you have guests over lol

    So you walk in, and you have two studies to the left and right. In my imaginary world, the room to the right is an office and the room to the left is like a little work station where you assemble stuff and whatnot. And when you have to go over bills and stuff like that you use your office.

    I love the idea of a nice big kitchen in the center and a dining room equal in dimensions behind it. It's like, that very center of the house is where all the action happens. You take out drinks from the fridge, you have someone cooking up food for all your guests, all the while your guests can either chill in the dining room or hangout and watch TV in the living room, or just stand around by that island in the very center and take shots together. Haha. I should put a couple of stools there.

    Two bathrooms, to the left and right of the kitchen. In my fantasy mind, my personal bedroom is on the top left, and that guest bedroom has feminine colors just in case my neighbor ever wanted to stay over LOL. I figured that bathroom, and even the study on that side, might be something a girl staying over would like. I mean, anyone can come over, doesn't have to be a girl, but... those colors are what you get lol.

    If anyone reading this wants to add in some suggestions, throw them out there!
    How can I post the image instead of linking to it?

    If you walk me through it, I'll send you over the save file if you wanted to add to it.

    I just figured out (keep in my mind I just booted up the game for maybe like the 5th time) how to add a roof, although I'm having difficulty getting it to align up perfectly, or how a house would look like. I don't know, just looks a little off, so I need to work on that next.

    I like the color I chose for the exterior, but it's weird cause each side of the house is like a different color, and I think that's the way the pattern was intended which I don't like. How do you get each side to be the same color? Blehh total noob. I really have to make time to get playing time in. I'm watching Syndicate do his Simdincate videos now, it's helped me in the past with other games in how to figure out how to do what.

    Sorry for this long novel. I love this community and how supportive and kind everyone is. I play Battlefield 4 still and that chat... My God lol, everyone wants to hurt each other. I actually had a headache earlier and it went away after I booted up Sims 4 and designed my little house the way I wanted. Things have been stressful for me lately, this definitely calms me down


    To anyone reading this, gimme your thoughts!!!
  • natasha93natasha93 Posts: 48 Member
    I usually play linear families etc.

    Until today!

    Demi and Amber started out in the city together until Amber fell pregnant and moved to Brindleton Bay with Kengo and their dog. Leaving Demi in the city.

    Demi enjoyed having the apartment to herself for a while but she eventually got lonely. Luckily she found her soulmate Mashato and they moved to Newcrest to start the large family that they had been dreaming of.

    One evening after a long day at work, and coincidentally the night before Demi was due to go the hospital to give birth to their first child, Mashato was fixing the dryer when it exploded and set on fire. Unfortunately the dryer was in a small cupboard and Demi was sound asleep with exhaustion and sickness.

    Poor Demi woke to find her dead husband downstairs. The grief put her in labour and she had no idea what to do - she couldn’t raise a baby by herself?!

    Of course Amber was not going to let her have this baby alone and was right there at her side in the hospital.

    Will Demi become the fantastic mother she dreamed of or will she continue down a downward spiral?
  • honeyboomhoneyboom Posts: 243 Member
    One of my cats ran away D: hopefully she doesn't come back pregnant like some do
    I also got abducted by aliens
    went on a date with caleb
    swam in the ridiculous pool i made
    and discovered part of my contortion training routine is in the game!
    "every star may be a sun to someone"-carl sagan
  • TodilooTodiloo Posts: 106 Member

    I finished my rose gold apartment and family. I spent to much time on this.. I'm not going to play this family, but she's going to be my new sims bestie.



    The apartment is up in my gallery, my ID is cykelnHH if anyone is interested :)
    ID: cykelnHH
  • Simmelina1Simmelina1 Posts: 2,626 Member
    I moved the first sim I played in Sims 4 and her family to my rotational save.
    EunB on a date with her husband Arun Bheeda.

    Their twins Lalita and Rani became children while I played them.

    Girsnight with EunBs daughters Naeun and Sunbi.

    Gamesnight for the girls Lalita, Rani & Jieun.

    Time to celebrate the birth of twins Sera & Jinyoung and Naeuns birthday.

    Last photo of EunB & Naeun before Naeun moves to Oasis spring.
    EunB is now the mother of 10 children, 8 girls & 2 boys. Her children Sunbi, Eunji and Jinwoo are married and have given EunB 8 grandchildren.
    Origin id: Simmelina
    The life of my sims. Elina & Don.

  • HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 3,075 Member
    I started over with Ryan and Katherine the other day, but you probably know that. They just had their first child yesterday- daughter Madison returned!- and are expecting a son for baby #2! Ryder is also making a comeback. I'm reviving the entire Mooney-Cole clan from three years ago, but with new gameplay. Madison looks like Katherine(blonde hair) with her father's green eyes.
    Origin ID
    Sims 3 Username
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  • TodilooTodiloo Posts: 106 Member
    @rosemow thank you! :D
    ID: cykelnHH
  • PninaSimmerPninaSimmer Posts: 371 Member
    @Todiloo that is so amazing!
  • dbtbandit67dbtbandit67 Posts: 12 New Member
    > @Todiloo said:
    > I finished my rose gold apartment and family. I spent to much time on this.. I'm not going to play this family, but she's going to be my new sims bestie.
    > The apartment is up in my gallery, my ID is cykelnHH if anyone is interested :)

    Wow that house is nice.

    That woman looks expensive lol
  • mizgrizmizgriz Posts: 1 New Member
    My simself shacked up with an alien. whoops.
  • dbtbandit67dbtbandit67 Posts: 12 New Member
    > @Todiloo said:
    > I finished my rose gold apartment and family. I spent to much time on this.. I'm not going to play this family, but she's going to be my new sims bestie.
    > The apartment is up in my gallery, my ID is cykelnHH if anyone is interested :)
    Do you have pics of the exterior of the home too? Is there an outdoor area, pool, etc?
    Did you fill the rest of the empty lot with trees?
  • dbtbandit67dbtbandit67 Posts: 12 New Member
    I think I will check out the gallery when I boot up the game again. That's where I can download it and check it out for myself right? Man too bad theres no multiplayer
  • Celticgamer0Celticgamer0 Posts: 1,973 Member
    I am a bit behind and forgot to take pictures, but the twins grew into children and so the family decided to head out to the park.

    Lord Byron and his son, Percival, play a game of chess

    and Agnes and Emily sit and chat on a park bench

    whilst Terrance and William play pirates. Will looks ecstatic :lol:
  • calaprfycalaprfy Posts: 3,927 Member
    I restarted my game and am concentrating on Windenburg for the time being. Fed up of seeing ugly game-generated sims I countered that by downloading sims until I almost reached the maximum allowed.

    A few romances happened here and there causing a few household changes. Gunther Munch has moved in with Maaike Haas, Ulrike Faust has moved in with her lover Joaquin Le Chien and Sergio Romeo proposed to Siobhan Fyres while residing with her family.

    My plan is simply to breed and eventually populate all worlds. Windenburg is the starting point.
  • holosimholosim Posts: 57 Member
    @Celticgamer0 I love your screenshots!

    And my girl Alexa launched herself into space for the first time....and survived! She brought back a small chest full of treasure and a whole lot of nausea.
    Emergence: Build A City Challenge <- My first real simlit! No banner yet, but coming soon!
  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 6,242 Member
    @honeyboom ah your sim is really pretty, I like her hair.
    @Todiloo That's a really good looking apartment.
    @Simmelina1 what a nice family, it's fun to go back to old sims and refresh them with newer stuff.

    Trinity Pancake's section.
    Time to tell her parents about her unexpected pregnancy.
    Also some cake for courage can't go without saying something to the baby daddy right.
    "Hey sorry Tyler saw I had cake..."

    "It's fine he's already eaten, I tried to call you."

    "I know I was out and also found I'm pregnant, and before you freak it would really matter most that you come see our child at least..."
    "Ugh I don't know what offends more, the fact that you act like you were scared to tell me or the fact that you tried to compromise..with yourself."

    "Well you are busy and you have Tyler."

    "Trinity..sit down."
    "I'm probably immature about 90% of the time but I don't mess around with my family, work, or even chores for that matter you're having my child then you need to be here and we'll make the best of it together not with some pointless approved visits."

    "...I wasn't suggesting.."

    "I know, but we were both there we know what we were doing, besides it's only practical how much space are you going to have to renovate before your house isn't enough I can at least add on upstairs with my savings. You can share my room or be upstairs no pressure it's about what's best for our child isn't it?"

    "Yeah, it is....I half expected you to accuse me of trapping you."

    "Well I didn't think that but if you want to say so, then I'm flattered I like to think I have good genes to pass on."

    She laughed just as Tyler ran in mostly demanding more sweets.
    "Ready to have a playmate Tyler?"


    "Gotta pronounce your l's son, Trinity's going to stay with us."

    Tyler was good with that, she did come with cake after all.
    "Guess we're moving again Luke."

    She didn't have much to carry but a few photos and light memories and promised she didn't need Desmond to help her, it was fast she guessed but at the same time it was a load off her mind. Knowing he already had a nanny the kids would be fine while they worked and he was right. The house was fine for her but she wouldn't have stayed long for a family.
    Just funny...
    And disappearing fish even...ta da?
    She decided once everything was done that she'd be good upstairs for now she already felt like she was invading.
    Not that Desmond minds he's pretty care free, his family is expanding after all what's not to happy about.
    Her first kid is slowly killing her she's sure she has no idea how her mother handled six of them.
    Eliza can't believe it her baby is gone and she's gonna be a grandma she doesn't really want to change her room but she's going to have to...unless they have another girl.
    Bob has more mixed feelings after all Trinity is too young to have a family as far as he's concerned, he'll still give his wife anything though another baby they aren't old and feeble yet.
    Time to celebrate her pregnancy...also I left this save after a pic I deleted and when I got back and unpaused they did this on their own it's just the making out one but you
    Rest of the pics in here.
    Got a note that Straberry is getting older or something wonder how long she has left.
    Another round of projects for the kids, Trinity was lucky she missed them, I also realized since I aged her up a bit earlier that Nate and Malinda were next though they are not twins they were born pretty close together.
    Little Leah playing keyboard attack or something, Malinda seems to have stopped making messes all their kids are so well behaved though they are all closer to Eliza than Bob, maybe he'll get a different job before he's an elder.
    Finally decided to learn to fix his own dryer.
    More kids growing up, daddy pancakes can not deal ha.
    Nate is adorable and his sister is too but...
    She's bored with life already, ha she looks so much like Trinity.
    Feeling extra satisfied with life.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
  • TodilooTodiloo Posts: 106 Member
    @dbtbandit67 thank you! It's uploaded as a room so it can be downloaded and used in tje 2B Jasmine suit (I think that's the name of the apartment) so there is nothing on the outside sadly. I really wish it was possible to build a balcony on existing apartments, right now I think there is only a handful of apartments i San Myshuno

    @RedDestiny92 Thank you :D
    ID: cykelnHH
  • TodilooTodiloo Posts: 106 Member
    @PninaSimmer thank you dearly! :heart:
    ID: cykelnHH
  • ReisJewelReisJewel Posts: 22 Member
    I ran into my sim's carbon copy when I was at a party. Oh, and my cowplant died :'(
    Origin ID: ReisJewel | My Sims Blog | "Homescapes" Challenge Group: coming soon
  • LyrieLyrie Posts: 700 Member
    edited April 2018
    @ Everyone has such amazing pics! I come heere to read and look at pics and it always gets me in the mood to play! :)
    @ReisJewel aww that sucks! I have a cowplant and sometimes time just slips away when at another lot and I come home and the poor thing is starving!

    Yay the weekend!!! (in real world and in sims lol) Jade set Gemma up with a playdate at a venue from Jen aka xurbansimsx and it was a blast for everyone!
    Then it was back to the work week were Jade went to work and Gemma went to daycare but they are super sweet when they both get home. Jade usually picks Gemma up and then they snuggle <3.
    And even during the work week we squeezed some time in to see Abby at her apartment~

  • dbtbandit67dbtbandit67 Posts: 12 New Member
    > @Todiloo said:
    > @dbtbandit67 thank you! It's uploaded as a room so it can be downloaded and used in tje 2B Jasmine suit (I think that's the name of the apartment) so there is nothing on the outside sadly. I really wish it was possible to build a balcony on existing apartments, right now I think there is only a handful of apartments i San Myshuno
    > @RedDestiny92 Thank you :D

    It is possible I think! I was watching videos of speedbuilds last night. People are able to do it, but like, inadvertently. Through customizing where you want the walls to go, and then adding an upper level. You know, I don't know how it's done exactly, but on YouTube I searched Sims 4 biggest house, and it was the 1st or 2nd result, the mansion had several balconies
  • dbtbandit67dbtbandit67 Posts: 12 New Member
    I'm gonna add a swimming pool then pool house, and BBQ and a number of other outdoor furniture and seating area. I think I'm also gonna have that wedding area thing that leads up to and overlooks the lake, and overtime I'll eventually add a second and third floor, with one of the floors having nothing but a kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms, and the other floor basically being a gigantic dining room/ballroom. Will post pics.

    How do you post pics on this forum? Directly I mean. Do I have to reach a certain number of posts first?
  • ldmarkoldmarko Posts: 5,467 Member
    edited April 2018
    It was a social whirlwind for Hyacinth.

    She & Baako Jang share some adventure stories.


    While she works her way through the temple a skeleton mixes some drinks for her to enjoy after she reaches the treasure.




    Back home, time for a little fun at the karaoke bar, then a snack afterwards.




    The sim on her left didn't think much of the street food & threw it up right there in front of the vendor.


    She barely gets home from that when she gets word of a party at the ruins.



    Bella Goth almost never shows up to the parties in my game, so it was a surprise to see her there. To be fair, I never play the Goth household so she & Mort are usually among the first to die of old age.

    Gallery ID: LDM2
  • thecatxothecatxo Posts: 7 New Member
    Kaden, his cousin, and his wife all had their birthdays on the same day, so i grew then all up to adulthood :smile: , I will be creating another female sim in the house for Kaden's cousin to marry since he had bad luck finding a wife :(
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