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TS4: The lives of Premades

PeppermixPeppermix Posts: 231 Member
Hi everyone,

I recently became a member after being here for a while. This is my first thread. Sorry for any spelling mistakes - english is not my first language.

Inspired by other premade threads, I finally had the guts to start one of my own. A while ago I started playing rotationally between premade households. These are their stories.

The Goth Household


Poor Bella and Mortimer. Their marriage has truly been rough. After the birth of Cassandra and Alexander, Mortimer decided to pursue his dream of becoming a best-selling author, leaving Bella to handle the kids. Bella loves her kids more than anything. She became a mother quite young, which meant that her teenage years were filled with diapers and breastfeeding more than partying and hanging out with friends. Ever since Cassandra and Alexander grew up and became more independent, Bella began feeling bored, frustrated and the need to find herself.

Well, she suddenly found herself in the arms of Don Lothario.

(Don always removes his shirt whenever Bella visits).

Don brings excitement to her life, like a forbidden fruit, and she just can't keep her hands off him. Mortimer found out soon enough. Furious and terrified of losing his wife, Mortimer told Bella he wanted a third child.

The Bheeda Household

With a baby on the way Arun is taking extra shifts at work, since Jesminders pregnancy is keeping her from working full-time as a mixologist. Jesminder on the other hand is not comfortable having all this free time. Arun suggested that she should enjoy these last few weeks before the babys arrival, maybe go to a café, read a book or enjoy the sunny weather in Myshuno Meadows.

Jesminder recently took Aruns advice and went to South Square Coffee, where she ran into Bella Goth.


Jesminder and Bella quickly realized they have a lot in common, considering they're both pregnant and almost the same age. Things are changing in their lives, and with husbands that are always working, its good to have someone to talk to.
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    The Pancakes Household

    It seems like Eliza and Bob are always fighting. Bob is tired of being the only one with a job and is always nagging about Eliza's non-existent job hunt. Eliza on the other hand is always reminding Bob that if she wasn't home, the house would look like a mess because he can't clean even if his life depended on it. Bob usually points out that if they both had an income, they'd afford a maid. Eliza doesn't want strangers into her house. They don't know how to clean properly anyways. At least not the way she wants it done.


    All this fighting is leaving Bob stressed out. He used to comfort himself with pancakes, but after drastically gaining weight it had to stop. Now he spends his free time at the gym, with his best buddies Don Lothario and Paolo Rocca.


    The Villareal Household

    It's been years since Jacques wife tragically past away, leaving him bitter, lonely.. and a bit crazy. It's not easy being a single parent, especially with a son like Max. The fact that he's retired and getting older by the minute doesn't help either. Luckily for him he met Katrina Caliente. Or luckily for Katrina, I guess. It's no secret that the Villareal's have a lot of money (I mean look at that house - it's huge!) and it's not a secret that Katrina Caliente has a thing for money. A lot of money.


    Kindhearted Luna and Hugo don't want to judge people, but when "the red woman" came into their home charming their father, they quickly expressed their concerns.

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    The Rasoya Household

    Geeta Rasoya promised her son, Raj, that before she leaves this world he would be married to a beautiful wife. Problem is, no one is good enough for Geeta. Every single romance has gone badly so far and the clock is ticking. Raj enjoys living with his mother, which may also be one of the main reasons why his previous relationships have ended. Geeta considers herself quite the romance guru and has not given up on the idea of finding the future Mrs. Rasoya.


    One day she ran into Zoe Patel. Considering Zoe's age and last name, she would be the perfect fit for Raj. Greeta is a conservative woman. Family values and traditions are important, and she believes that it would be easier for Raj if he had a wife who was raised the same way. Raj believes his mother is ignorant, but she is the best mother in the world, so she might also be right.

    The Bheeda Household

    Jesminder went into labor while Arun was at work. They both rushed to the hospital and while Jesminder was taken into the operating room, Arun went into pre-parental panic in the waiting area.

    A few hours later Camilla Bheeda was born.

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    The Pizzazz Household

    Penny is a young, career driven IT-girl. Being a famous Simstagrammer from San Myshuno's fashion district has its perks. Her calendar was fully booked for months ahead with festivals, girls nights, parties and crazy karaoke nights. At one of those parties she met Sergio Romero and she instantly fell in love with him. They dated for months before finally confirming their relationship by a selfie at a roof top party at Starglazer Lounge.


    The relationship got serious and the couple moved in together in Pennys small apartment. It's quite crowded, you could say. Sergio quit his job as QA and is currently, with a bit of help, starting his career in social media. Not everyone knew about Penny and Sergio's romance, though. Especially not Siobhan Fyres, who was currently dating Sergio. Or so she thought.

    So.. Lets head over to

    The Fyres Household

    When the news broke that Sergio and Penny were dating, it left Siobhan devastated. She adored Sergio and had pictured them growing old together. He had everything she could possibly want in a man - charm, ambitions and of course.. family money. It was no secret. Siobhan had been working hard for years to maintain an upper class appearance through clothing, makeup and her popular club Paragon.

    Siobhan went to Dock Den to confront Sergio, only to realize he had already moved out. While going through his empty room, she was glad Joaquin was home. He always knew how to listen to her problems.


    While Siobhan has been going through a rough couple of days, things have been looking pretty good for Morgan lately. She met a young, handsome man at the humor festival. He might be a couple years older than her, but as long as it remains a secret..

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    The Bro Le Chien Household

    When Sergio left Dock Den, Joaquin was left with no roommate and twice as much bills to pay. Even with his low-paying job as an open mic seeker and part-time job as a DJ, he was in desperate need of a new roommate. Joaquin asked his best friend Candy for help, but she was moving to San Myshuno's art district and had no intentions of staying in Windenburg any longer than she had to.


    Joaquin hung a note on the bulletin board outside Candys apartment and went home. The next day he got a phone call from *drum solo* Salim Benali. Salim is still on his path of becoming a best-selling author. After spending years in his dreadful apartment, he realised it was time for a change. He needed to get away from the city. From all the noise and all the people. Maybe he could finally find peace, and time to write, at Dock Den.


    The Goth Household

    Everything Bella does, she does perfectly. Even giving birth to her little baby girl, Sophia. Bella and Mortimer stayed at the hospital a few days after Sophia was born, before going back home to the Ophelia Villa.


    Sophia is a true copy of her mother and bears very little resemblance to her father, Mortimer. She is always in a good mood, unlike her brother and sister, Alexander and Cassandra. Cassandra and Alexander have inherited their father's gloomy and creative sides. While Cassandra is usually expressing her emotions through painting, Alexander is often seen by the family piano composing his own lullabies.


    The Landgraab Household

    After a very successful criminal career, Nancy has finally become the big boss - the criminal mastermind every secret agent is looking for. Including her husband (oh, the irony). A good thing she has a crew doing all the dirty work for her. With a lot of free time on her hands, Nancy likes to spend her days at the spa getting expensive treatments.


    And of course, she loves to spend time with her secret boy toy Don Lothario.


    The Feng Household

    Who would have thought the Feng's wanted children? No? The truth is they had been trying for years. Lily always wanted to focus on her career before having any children, but it was always part of her plan. Suddenly Victor was promoted and the couple had to focus on his political career. The years flew by. By the time they were both ready to start a family it was almost too late.

    After having spent a large amount of money on fertility treatments, without any luck, Victor and Lily got desperate. In tears Lily called her best friend Nancy for advice. Nancy told Lily that after she gave birth to Malcolm, they tried to have another child, but unfortunately they were unable to. So they considered adopting a child through Myshuno's Adoption Agency. Even though they decided to focus on their careers instead, Nancy was impressed by how easy the whole process was and it didn't even cost a fortune.


    The next day Lily sent an e-mail to the agency and scheduled a meeting.

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  • SchantalSchantal Posts: 3,063 Member
    This is sooooo cool, bookmarking :smile: .
  • PeppermixPeppermix Posts: 231 Member
    Schantal wrote: »
    This is sooooo cool, bookmarking :smile: .

    Thank you! :)
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    The Fyres Household


    Morgan grew up in a wealthy household, with loving parents and an ambitious sister, but she never felt like she fit in. Her sister had good grades, rich boyfriends, did tons of charity work and was the leader (and founder) of the Paragons. It seemed like Siobhan was the favorite child, especially after she decided to focus on a medical career to become a pediatrician. Her mother, Moira, loves the outdoors and spends all her time in the gardens around the house. She doesn't care what other people think, as long as her family is happy and safe. Moira might be the only person Morgan can relate to. She is so kind and outgoing, and she deserves so much better than Dominic. Their relationship might seem perfect on the outside, but Dominic has been keeping a secret.


    He has been dating Clara Bjergsen, Moira's best friend, behind her back for very long time. Morgan knows this and has kept it a secret, afraid it would do more harm than good. So instead of being home, Morgan has spent a lot of time with Diego Lobo. They recently went on a date, but Morgan was caught breaking her curfew, and Dominic has forbidden her to see Diego again. A bit harsh, maybe.


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    The Villareal Household

    One month after the engagement Katrina was more than ready to put a ring on Jacques' finger. He was getting old and tired, and he no longer wanted a large and luxurious wedding. Katrina realized she had to say goodbye to her 30 000 § wedding dress and diamond shoes, but she was still getting a large diamond ring and was still going on a luxurious honeymoon cruise afterwards. Even if Jacques stayed behind. Maybe she would bring her daughters along instead. They were far better company anyway.


    The couple had a small outdoor wedding in the woods outside Von-Winderburg Estate. Not quite what Katrina had pictured, but at least she was married to a very rich and powerful man. Hugo, Luna and Max were the only guests attending. They had mixed emotions..


    Tragically Jacques past away on their wedding night due to overexertion. Apparently Katrina was too much to handle.


    What was supposed to be the happiest day in Katrina's life quickly took a turn for the worse. Even though Katrina was left with a bit of money, most of the inheritance was already signed over to Jacques' children, including the house. She moved out a week after the funeral, leaving Hugo in charge of his brother and sister.


    The Pancakes Household

    The Pancakes are still having serious relationship problems. Both Bob and Eliza grew tired of fighting, but instead of trying to fix their problems or go to couple counseling, they are barely talking to each other.


    In an attempt to avoid his wife, Bob has spent a lot of time at the gym. Usually he prefers to be alone, but after spending so much time at his "second home" some of the gym members have become like a second family to him. Now he can't imagine a day without seeing Bella doing push ups, talking to Don at the treadmill, or looking over at that cute blond girl who is always doing yoga in her red shorts. Whats her name again? Oh yes.. Dina. Dina Caliente.

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    The Roomies Household

    Gavin, J and Mitchell have been friends for a long time. J and Mitchell met in high school and later became college roommates. They met Gavin at a college party and the trio have stuck together ever since. After graduating college (well, Mitchell never actually graduated) they moved to Oasis Springs to focus on their careers. Then Zoe came along after being dumped by her ex-boyfriend.

    Even though this household consists of several personalities, with different aspirations in life, they have become very good friends over the years. One of the main reasons being the boys pact to keep their hands off Zoe. So it quickly became a little bit difficult when Zoe realized she has growing feelings for J. Feelings J does not reciprocate. And then there is the fact that Zoe is currently dating Raj...

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  • GermanSimmerGermanSimmer Posts: 10 New Member
    I love the Premade and also often play rotationally. Love to see where it is going in your story.
  • MrsRacooneyMrsRacooney Posts: 2,050 Member
    Have I already mentioned that I'm reading your story? No? Okay well, I do. Silently but I enjoy it very much. ;) Thank you for writing!
    Chapters | Updated 06/13
  • PeppermixPeppermix Posts: 231 Member
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    The BFF Household

    Both Summer and Liberty admitted to have feelings for Travis and agreed to keep their feelings in check. A love triangle would only make things complicated and potentially damage their friendship. So it came as a surprise to Summer when she came home from work one day, only to find Liberty and Travis in bed together.


    The Partihaus Household

    Life is a party - if you ask the members of Partihaus. Their parties are legendary. You can't go through life without experiencing at least one or two. You know that feeling you get when you wake up next to a stranger and there's a llama in the living room? Or maybe remember how embarrassed you got when you realized you ran nude through the kitchen at last nights party? No? Well, the members Partihaus have woken up to a handful of disturbing flashbacks. It's needless to say a Partihaus party is something to remember.


    Things are going great within the household, too. Marcus is enjoying life to the fullest and Eva recently began dating Hugo Villareal, heir to the Villareal fortune and Von-Windenburg Estate.


    Jade and Paolo have an on-again/off-again relationship. When things are good, they can't keep their hands off each other. When things are bad.. well, let's just say they are really bad.


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  • friendlysimmersfriendlysimmers Posts: 7,004 Member
    I let my sims live for ever and I am also not letting them age since I keep aging fully turn off
    If you went the sims5 to remain offline feel free to sign this petition please note that it is also to keep the gallery

    Repose en paix mamie tu va me manquer :

    1923-2016 mamie :'(
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    The Bheeda Household

    So, what have the Bheeda's been up to lately? Camilla recently had her first birthday. She is growing up so fast, it seems like yesterday she was a little baby. Jesminder is not pleased her little baby girl is growing up and becoming more independent, but luckily she still needs her mommy. Arun and Jesminder love being parents, and in fact, they have been thinking about having another child. Camilla would benefit from having a sibling. Problem is - they need a bigger place to live.


    The family decided to move to Willow Creek. With a tight budget, but in desperate need of extra space, the family bought a lovely home in Foundry Cove. It's a two bedroom house, with a little garden outside. Perfect for Jesminder who always dreamed of growing her own herbs and vegetables. Jesminder became pregnant soon after they moved in and is expecting a baby girl. Arun wanted a boy, but is happy either way. Maybe next time.


    The Landgraab Household

    Nancy and Don's affair continues. Nancy has become more reckless over the years, and does very little to keep her affair a secret. She doesn't care if Geoffrey knows or not. He would never afford to leave her anyway. It would make him.. poor, ugh. Nancy owns almost everything thanks to her family money and criminal career. She also owes a big thank you to Bjorn Bjergsen, who quit his job as a secret agent only to work with Nancy.


    One day Geoffrey decided to leave work early to surprise Nancy with lunch at Chez Llama. He went upstairs only to find Nancy in bed with Don. He was shocked and broke into tears. Nancy has always been persuasive and manipulative. She knows her way around a man, but this time she had crossed a line. Geoffrey said he wanted a divorce. Nancy didn't take it seriously at first, but when she realized what was going on she begged for forgiveness.


    Geoffrey couldn't forgive his wife, so they split up. Nancy took all of her belongings and moved to her apartment in San Myshuno, where she did a renovation to fit her lifestyle. You might remember the place.


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  • LuclyluLuclylu Posts: 383 Member
    I love how this is all the premades and how their lives intertwine!
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    The Bjergsen Household

    As you know, Bjorn Bjergsen quit his job as a secret agent and began working for Nancy Landgraab after discovering her secret accounts with dirty money. Bjorn's field of study within the S.I.M.S was fraud and embezzlement, and rather than handing her over the police, he blackmailed Nancy into an agreement. They formed an alliance, where Bjorn took a job in the business sector to make sure her money are safe and untraceable. Nancy pays him very well. Despite how the cooperation started, they have become very close friends.

    Even though the Bjergsen family have a lot of money now, Bjorn is a very impulsive shopper.. to Clara's despair. She would rather invest or save the money so Sofia and Elsa could go to an expensive college. But Bjorn just can't help himself. He recently bought another sailboat.


    The Roomies Household

    Zoe and J are still messing around.


    It was mostly flirting and kissing the beginning, but recently they ended up sleeping with each other. Zoe is having mixed feelings about the whole thing. On one hand she is really in love with J, but on the other hand she is feeling super guilty towards Raj. He doesn't know anything and he deserves a whole lot better than a cheating girlfriend.


    Zoe decided to have a serious talk with Raj and come clean about everything. It was tearing her conscience apart. Raj was not happy about the news, but at the same time it was for the best. Zoe was clearly not the love of his life, so even though it hurt, it was better this way.


    The BFF Household

    After Liberty and Travis' flirt, Summer has been feeling like a third wheel. Even though Travis and Liberty have assured Summer that things won't get awkward, she is looking for a new place to live. One day Liberty found out that she was pregnant. Suddenly everything changed.

    I promise you Travis was happy about the news - haha.

    Liberty and Travis decided to make their relationship official, since they are going to have a baby soon. Well, actually babies. Liberty is expecting twins. Summer decided to stay a few more months to help Liberty remodel Travis' room into a nursery, before moving in with friends until she finds a more permanent place to stay.


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  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 2,700 Member
    I love reading this. It is so cool that you have made a story of all the premades. Love it!
  • PeppermixPeppermix Posts: 231 Member
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    The (Romero-)Pizzazz Household


    Penny's career is thriving and she has more followers than ever. She has finally been hired as an influencer for one of San Myshuno's largest social media agencies. This means a lot more publicity and a lot more money. But it also means a lot more traveling, which Sergio is really taking advantage of.

    He has time to work out.

    Karaoke nights with his buddies.

    Taking selfies.

    And other things..

    The Partihaus Household

    Remember when I told you about Jade and Paolo? They have a complicated and unhealthy relationship. You never know when they are dating or not, but when Paolo walked in on Sergio and Jade they were definitely dating. Paolo and Jade have broken up dozen of times. It's always dramatic, a lot of tears and fighting involved, and every time they promise that they will never get back together. You can say their relationship is like an emotional rollercoaster.


    Paolo is actually a reasonable guy, but Jade has a way to get on his nerves. He becomes jealous and vengeful. Sometimes he lets his feelings get in the way and doesn't think things through. Instead of talking to Jade and let her explain herself, he asked her to back off and stormed out of the house. He didn't go very far though.


    At the Old Quarter Inn he met a beautiful girl. They quickly hit it off, and after a few drinks one thing led to another. It might have been some sort of revenge. Maybe a way to get even or to end his on-off relationship with Jade. This time it was over. Really over.

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  • NatanFPeixotoNatanFPeixoto Posts: 2 New Member
    That's awesome! Love what you did with Katrina, because I did almost the same. BUUUT, when she thought Jacques would die, he turn himself into a vampire! LOL. I always had this in mind for him, i mean, look at that creepy eyes.
  • PeppermixPeppermix Posts: 231 Member
    That's awesome! Love what you did with Katrina, because I did almost the same. BUUUT, when she thought Jacques would die, he turn himself into a vampire! LOL. I always had this in mind for him, i mean, look at that creepy eyes.

    Thank you! Katrina reminds me of Julie Cooper-Nichols from the OC. There are some similarites.
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    The Pancakes Household

    Bob is still married to Eliza, but in addition to sleeping in different rooms, they are now living two separate lives. After Bob quit eating pancakes to loose weight, Eliza has served nothing but pancakes to dinner. Mostly to annoy Bob, even though she claims to miss his pancakes and that he is changing into a whole new person. It might be true. Bob has definitely lost a lot of weight.


    Yes, Bob has become more muscular and fit. He eats according to a meal plan, which means a lot of steak, eggs and vegetables. When he wakes up in the morning, he goes out for a jog. Then he preps his meals for the day, before going to the gym. Sometimes he meets up with Dina Caliente to have lunch. They have been spending a lot of time together lately.


    Even though they are just friends, it's something about that girl. She is easy to talk to. She is funny, she's smart and she knows how to chug a whole EAPA in one go. I guess she's a female bro!

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    The Spencer-Kim-Lewis Household

    After Dennis and Vivian passed away, the enormous house felt even bigger. For so long there have been five people living under the same roof. Five people with different personalities. Five people with different needs and aspirations. Now they were three left. And two dalmatians. Olivia always wanted a brother or sister, but her parents wanted to focus on their careers for the time being. But on a hot summer day little Philip was born. Eric almost fainted when he realized it was medical intern Siobhan Fyres who was delivering the baby. He's always been quite the control freak and Siobhan seemed way too young and inexperienced to be operating on his wife.


    Olivia was ecstatic to have a little brother. Alice too. Eric, on the other hand, was a bit worried.


    You see, after Olivia grew up Alice made her way up the art critics career. She even began to paint again and had a dream of opening her own art gallery. Eric focused on his business career, and is currently Vice President at Landgraab Enterprises, Nancy's (legal) family company. Would he be able to work as much with a newborn baby at home? How would they be able to keep their house if they worked less? What about Olivia's private schools - were Landgraab Elementary and Buckingham High good enough? What about college?

    The Goth Household

    Hurray! Sophia Goth just had her very first birthday. Sophia is a little charmer and she is starting to look more like her mother for each passing day. Unlike her brother and sister, Sophia has inherited her mother's hazel eyes. She is charismatic, kindhearted and outgoing.

    (I just have to say - Bella is the most beautiful sim ever created. Look at her! Gorgeous!


    Bella had a serious talk with Don. While she still has feelings for him, she decided to end the affair. Mostly because she heard he was sleeping with Nancy, even though she already knew that from the beginning, but also because it led Geoffrey to get a divorce. What if Mortimer did the same? It was not worth the risk. He was after all her best friend and has given her the greatest gifts in life - her children.


    Things are starting to get better between Bella and Mortimer. Mostly because Mortimer has agreed to spend more time outside his study. Now he's attending social events like festivals and parties, and even though he would rather stay at home to finish his book, he has to make some sacrifices to keep his family together. Bella is definitely the most outgoing person in the household and she spends a lot of time with her best friends Jesminder and Dina. Even though Jesminder is pregnant (and overdue) they often find time to hang out.

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    The Bheeda Household

    Jesminder went into labor during the humor festival, so the little family had to pack their bags and head straight to the hospital. They almost didn't make it in time, but Jesminder refused to give birth anywhere but the hospital. It was a dramatic labor, but luckily both Jesminder and the baby are both doing well.


    While Camilla bears resemblance to her mother, little Arya is a true copy of her father. Camilla is happy to have a little sister, even though she thinks it's a bit annoying when she gets all the attention. Her parents often find time to play with her though, even with a baby in the house.

    The Feng Household

    Lily and Victor recently went out to dinner to celebrate, and with good reason - they are going to have a baby! It's true, the Feng's got a big YES from the adoption agency a few weeks back. Since Nancy needed her apartment back they moved into one of the Alto apartments, which has a couple of bedrooms extra. Lily hired a repairman to help baby proofing the apartment before the baby's arrival.


    Meet Ann Feng. She is a curious little toddler with a big heart.


    She loves to play with dolls. Especially with her dad.


    Lily hired a butler to help with the cleaning and daily tasks around the apartment. Even though they have become parents they still need to go to work. Lily believes that Ann would benefit from being home with a nanny while they are at work, rather than going to the kindergarten. Kindergartens are often filled with loud children with bad parenting. Ann will not become one of them.

    Now the family is waiting for the interior designer to make this place a home..

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    The Landgraab Household

    Geoffrey had a hard time after Nancy moved out. After spending his entire life with a woman, being single suddenly felt a bit.. overwhelming. Nancy left with all the money and left the house to Malcolm. Geoffrey was basically left with nothing except the money he brought into the relationship and his savings account - which wasn't much to brag about. He never had to worry about money, since Nancy's family had a lot, and he never thought they would get a divorce so of course he had signed a prenup. Nancy's father would never allowed his daughter to marry him if he hadn't.


    So right after his divorce he started dating recently widowed Katrina Caliente. On their first date they went out to eat at Chez Llama before going back home..


    The next day Geoffrey introduced his new girlfriend to Malcolm, who was not happy at all with his new stepmother. Katrina didn't mind having a stepson. She used to have three stepchildren with Jacques, so one shouldn't be any problem. It's a small price to pay for a man with a great house and great taste in art. She couldn't help but notice the expensive artwork around the house. It must be worth a fortune.


    Katrina moved in the next day.

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  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 2,700 Member
    Oh no! Geoffrey better take some vitamins! lol
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