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TS4: The lives of Premades


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    Oh my gosh I have been wanting to read this thread for months, but my old internet speed wouldn’t allow me to open it at all. Last week we changed providers and massively increased our bandwidth and man am I happy we did! This thread is amazing! I read the whole thing in one afternoon and I had the best time. Thank you for doing this, it’s wonderful. 😁
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    Mmm I don't think Olivia was too young for Sergio at all, rather the situation was too public and Judith might catch him out. What a rat!
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    The Ojo Household


    Miko was so embarrassed after being caught cheating by Lilliana. She was sure that everyone in Sulani knew what she had done and that everyone were staring at her. Her last days in Mua Pel'am were especially difficult since she had to work with Makoa, who told her he was going to fix things with his wife. Suddenly she didn't feel as welcome as she used to in Sulani.


    Miko never wanted to be a home wrecker, but she knew that she often followed her own desires rather than thinking about what it might do to others. It had to stop.


    Miko had done a tremendous job for Mua Pel'am and for the environment, ocean life and wild life surrounding the island. Even though the island was flourishing - she knew there was still a lot of work left. Except the work was no longer based in Sulani, but in San Myshuno fighting for environmental laws that prohibit pollution of the islands. She no longer had a reason to stay behind either, and in some ways she was ready to let go and go home to her beloved city.


    She got herself an apartment in the spice district and decorated the walls with treasures and memories from her time in Sulani.

    The Feng Household


    Ann was, just like any other teenage girl, really into make-up and fashion. The only exception was that she had thousands of followers on social media, where she frequently vlogged about make-up brands, beauty products and clothing. She was getting quite famous, which caused a bit of a problem for Victor who was running for mayor.


    Having a teenage celebrity as a daughter caught a lot of attention, but not in a good way. It actually made people focus on her instead of his campaign. Ann loved the PR it gave her, but her father was very frustrated that it was ruining his career. But soon Ann would go off to Britechester University and he was sure that her time and focus would be elsewhere.


    Adam loved to make fun of his big sister, which was really annoying if you ask Ann, but he was really inspired by how ambitious she was. She even made a vlog where she reviewed toys with her little brother. Adam was, just like his mother, business savvy and quickly learned how to earn some money by helping his big sister.


    Ann Feng - Fabulously wealthy - Outgoing, ambitious

    The Lobo-Fyres Household


    Next door you'll find Morgan and Diego, or.. you'll actually just find Diego. Morgan moved out a few weeks ago with their son Elijah. They had been dating since Morgan was a teenager, but as they grew older they started acting more like friends. They grew apart. Like many other couples it doesn't get easier when you have kids, so one day they knew they had to talk about the elephant in the room.


    They decided to end their relationship, but still remained very good friends and have shared custody for their son Elijah. Diego eventually met Gunther Munch at the art gallery and they quickly hit things off. Gunther moved in with his new boyfriend soon after that.

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    The Landgraab Household


    Cassandra knew they had to hire a nanny before their second child was born. Cedric was a wild little toddler and since Malcolm was always working, she knew she would have a hard time taking care of both of them. Besides, she had a career to take care of as well. Cassandra was working as a stem researcher.


    Malcolm was experimenting with alien contact in his basement, after discovering that his mistress and co-worker Elisabeth was an alien in disguise. He already knew they existed, since they had a minor visit at FutureSimsLabs after one of their experiments, but now he had designed a wormhole generator to communicate with residents on Sixam. It was no secret that Malcolm was looking for DNA to one of his experiments. The very same day while Malcolm was barbecuing in his backyard, a white light appeared on the ground. Malcolm watched as his feet lost gravity and he was dragged into an UFO and sent away.


    A few hours later the UFO returned back at his house and Malcolm was free to go. He felt dizzy and a little bit scared because he didn't remember anything except a vague memory of seeing Bella Goth. Cassandra had told Malcolm how her mother kept saying she had been abducted several times, but they never believed her. Malcolm didn't tell Cassandra about the abduction because he didn't want her to worry.


    Cassandra went into labor a few hours later and gave birth to a baby girl named Cornelia. This time Cassandra got her way and named the little girl after her grandmother, since Malcolm was still a little bit dizzy and nauseous after the abduction and didn't want to argue with her. Cornelia, just like her brother, had blonde hair and green eyes.

    Let's head over to Nancy Landgraab, because..


    It's beginning to look a lot like christmas..


    While Malcolm and Cassandra were too busy to celebrate a proper christmas this year, Nancy went all in. It was no secret that Nancy loved christmas. She might not have been the best mother to her sons, but she definitely made sure they had an amazing holiday with presents, good food and a lot of decorations. A LOT of decorations. Their house in Oasis Springs was known for its famous christmas lights, but sadly it came to an end as she moved out.

    The Rasoya Household


    On the other hand Raj didn't grow up in a house filled with decorations, yet Summer made the whole apartment into Winter Wonderland every christmas since they moved in together. It was especially important for Summer to keep her christmas traditions when she became a mother.


    She had raised kind hearted children who waited for santa to walk through the door, and watched proudly as they kindly asked santa for a christmas gift.

    The Villareal Household


    Some people flourish during pregnancy, while others don't..


    But Luna was clearly one of those people. She was definitely glowing during her pregnancy and she felt more alive than ever. J often looked at wife and was amazed by her beauty and grace. She never complained about anything and she was always in a good mood. Luna loved her growing belly and was often standing in front of a mirror admiring how amazing it was to become a mother. Even when she went into labor she looked amazing.


    She gave birth to a little girl named Victoria Villareal. The little girl had brown hair and brown eyes, just like her mom and dad. J wiped away a few tears as he looked over at his beautiful wife and baby. It was impossible to leave them now..

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    The Fyres Household


    When Siobhan heard that she needed fertility treatments in order to get pregnant it broke her heart at first, but she was determined to do everything in her power to become a mother. Salim stood by her side as they went through IVF without any results, and they were just about to give up when Siobhan got her first positive pregnancy test. They were expecting a boy!


    Geoffrey knew his day were numbered, and all he wanted to do was to reconnect with his son Johnny before it was too late. He never agreed with Nancy to disown Johnny, but Nancy made it clear that it was the only right thing to do at the time. Still, not a day went by without regrets. Johnny was happy to see his father and despite all the years living apart, he knew it was Nancy who stood behind it all. She had a way to manipulate everyone around her and unfortunately she had brainwashed both Geoffrey and Malcolm along the way. Now Malcolm had turned into the same crazy, mischievous and manipulative person as his mother.


    Johnny and Geoffrey talked about their lives. Johnny told him about how he fell in love with his neighbor Zoe Patel, but she didn't feel the same way about him. He longed for a family of his own. Geoffrey told him about his new wife Moira and that he was welcome to be a part of his new family. He also told Johnny about his nephew and niece Cedric and Cornelia, and the explosion that occurred in one of Malcolm's science labs in Strangerville. Johnny had never heard about any explosion, but Geoffrey assured Johnny that Malcolm was fine and that it was all taken care of. It wasn't supposed to get out, so it had to remain a secret. Johnny couldn't believe that Geoffrey would protect Landgraab Enterprises after all this time, but he loved Malcolm, and would go to any lengths to protect him from any harm. Geoffrey didn't want Johnny to worry or to make a big fuss about it. All he wanted was for Johnny and Malcolm to become friends again.

    Let's head over to.. Dominic Fyres.


    Dominic was notoriously cheating on Clara. While it was hard to look past what she did to Bjorn, one had to feel sorry for her as her new boyfriend fell in love with one of his mistresses. Dominic and Ava were madly in love and had a hard time keeping it a secret. They only met in Oasis Springs where they wouldn't run into someone they knew. It was a little bit easier when Ava was enrolled into Britechester University to finish her degree in psychology, though.


    The Landgraab Household


    Malcolm had been feeling sick since he was abducted by aliens. At first he was nauseous and dizzy, but when his stomach began to grow and he felt something kicking him from the inside - he freaked out! Cassandra and Malcolm went to Oasis Springs Private Hospital to get an ultrasound and Malcolm fainted as the doctors told him he was pregnant. While the doctors had seen this happen before, Malcolm had a very hard time to get his head around what was happening to his body. How could he be pregnant? He didn't even have a uterus!


    The doctors calmly explained that every now and then they get reports about men getting pregnant by pollinators while they are being abducted. They didn't know exactly how it was possible, but they knew that every one of them delivered perfectly happy aliens babies. Most of them decided to send the babies back to their home world after giving birth.


    I don't know how well you know the Landgraabs, but this was a real scandal. Both Malcolm and Cassandra agreed that no one could know anything about this pregnancy - and they had to send the baby back home before it got out. For a long time Malcolm told his co-workers he had food poisoning and had gained weight, but as his he reached his third trimester he took some time off and isolated himself in his big mansion. Cedric and Cornelia were too young to understand what was happening to their father, and Cassandra would take this to the grave, but they had to fire the nanny to be sure she didn't notice anything.


    Malcolm went into labor shortly after the ultrasound and was rushed to the hospital where the doctors delivered a baby boy. An alien, but still - a baby boy. Cassandra was sitting in the waiting area too afraid to witness what was happening to her husband, and the fact that Malcolm was alone with his son might have changed everything, because once Malcolm looked his newborn son in the eyes he knew he could never send him away.


    He named him Malcolm Landgraab Jr.

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    I started laughing so hard when I found out what Malcolm named his alien son.
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    @nerdfashion OMG! Me too. I was dying. 🤣
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    That's so odd and perfect... out of all the children, the one that is only his shall be his favorite. What a plum bucket.
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    I know some of you have been waiting for this story. Spoilers: If you don't own Strangerville, this might seem a little bit.. weird.

    The Zest Household


    Johnny was disowned by his family after he dropped out of Foxbury Institute to follow his dream of becoming a world famous comedian. He has no contact with his mother Nancy or his little brother Malcolm, but his father Geoffrey reached out to him a few weeks earlier. Geoffrey told him about the explosion in Strangerville, but asked Johnny not to go digging for anything to get back at his mother for disowning him. But Johnny couldn't help himself. He searched the Internet for any information about the accident. He found numerous of articles about the Landgraab's family history, the luxurious mansion in Oasis Springs (which used to be his childhood home) and a few articles about how FutureSimsLab made a fortune by making an experimental serum for pharmaceutical companies. He was about to give up when he came over a blog post made by conspiracy theorist Erwin Pries about how the lab was shut down and how Landgraab Enterprises had a tight grip on their mayor Ted Roswell.

    Johnny couldn't sleep. He knew how far his family was willing to go to protect their reputation, especially his mother, and this cover-up had her fingerprints all over it. Malcolm might have walked in his mother's footsteps, but he couldn't imagine that he was behind this. Could he be? And why was there an accident in the first place? Did anyone get hurt? Johnny packed his things and drove all the way to Strangerville to find out.


    The place seemed deserted. He rented a trailer in Strangerville Plaza, which seemed to belong to a former conspiracy theorist, because the place was covered by articles about the mayor Ted Roswell. Since he didn't know where to start, Johnny decided to visit the Roswells.

    As Johnny knocked on the front door a tall bearded man opened the door in a hurry. He took a long and hard look at Johnny before he slammed the door shut. Johnny knocked on the door again and a woman with long blonde hair and a worried face opened the door. It was Ted's wife Meredith.


    Meredith excused her husbands behavior and told Johnny that Ted had been acting very strangely lately and that it was best if he could stop by later. Johnny couldn't help but notice the strange weather over Strangerville. He didn't notice it well enough down in Strangerville Plaza, but on top of Shady Acres he got a good look over the city. A purple thunderstorm formed over a large crater in the distance.


    When Johnny woke up the next morning everything in his trailer was covered with purple dust. He had trouble sleeping and he felt dizzy as he realized that purple roots had crawled up the sink in his bathroom. The city was covered with purple plants, military personnel and people in black suits who were watching him very closely. It was impossible to get to know the town's residents. They were always looking over their shoulders and walked right by him as he tried to introduce himself.


    The only one who seemed willing to talk was Erwin Pries. He told Johnny to go look for answers in the secret lab just outside the city. Johnny did as Erwin told him, but one of the first things Johnny noticed as he got there was.. it certainly didn't look like an explosion had occurred there.


    Johnny was afraid to get caught snooping around, so he snuck in the back door. To his surprise the place was deserted. Papers were torn to pieces and files were laying everywhere. It looked like someone had left in a hurry and destroyed evidence in the process. Johnny had a bad feeling about this.. what on earth happened here?

    To be continued..

    And merry christmas!
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    The Zest Household- Part two


    Johnny had been working hard to gather enough evidence about the accident in Strangerville. He had noticed strange behavior among the town's residents at night, especially regarding Ted Roswell.


    With a lot of help by Erwin Pries, Alice Martin, Jess Sigworth and a team of former scientists, he was able to get access to a secret lab in the basement by using a keycard. But Johnny was not aware of high concentration of toxic spores circulating in the air down there, and just before he reached the door he fainted.


    Jess Sigworth was able to drag him out of the basement and back to her house where he slept for two days. Johnny eventually woke up only to realize that Jess was infected by something.. and so where many other residents. She must have been infected by the toxic spores as she rescued him from the basement. Johnny tried to talk to her, but she kept talking nonsense in a low voice like she was possessed. The air outside was filled with more purple spores than ever and the weird looking plants had grown.. a lot.


    Johnny, Erwin, Alice and the team of scientists were able to make Johnny a hazmat suit to protect him from the toxic spores spreading around in the secret lab. According to the scientist Johnny had to get spore clusters from the basement in order to make an antidote for Jess to cure her infection. But he also had to get enough to make a vaccine for the rest of the town's residents in order to keep them safe.

    So Johnny went back down into the basement, only this time he had a hazmat suit and a infection scanner provided by the former scientists. None of the scientists knew exactly what was down there, because it had been classified and the scientists who knew had disappeared after the accident, so they had to take some precautions. Johnny harvested as many spore clusters as he could find, but he had to walk three stories down in the basement to find them. They were mainly surrounding a sealed door. The ground was shaking like an earthquake and he heard loud noises behind the door. What on earth was hidden down there? Johnny used his keycard and he couldn't believe his eyes as he looked straight at the Mother.


    The Mother - a monstrous creature hidden deep down in the basement by Landgraab Enterprises. What was supposed to be an (illegal) experiment on toxic spores from a plant gathered at Sixam, quickly got out of hands as it was mixed with a pharmaceutical serum and caused a large explosion of bright light from the crater. The light caused a plane called Old Penelope to crash nearby and an infection to spread all over the city.

    Johnny ran for his life back to his friends. Alice and Erwin couldn't believe what they heard, but the scientist looked at each other with despair. The rumors they'd heard were true, and if so, the creature would keep growing and eventually kill everyone close enough to get infected. Something had to be done, but Johnny knew he couldn't take on the creature alone. The scientists used the rest of the spore clusters to make a vaccine for Alice and Erwin, and to make a enough antidotes for the three of them to kill the creature hiding in the basement.


    Johnny fought against the Mother like a true hero, and with the help of his friends, he was able to destroy the creature who had been terrorizing the town's residents. Antidotes were given to cure the infected residents, but Johnny knew this was far from over. Because in order to avoid repercussions after the accident, Landgraab Enterprises shut down the entire lab, hired military personnel and bought the mayor's silence by promising him a large sum of simoleons. Now, Johnny had enough evidence to send both his mother Nancy and his brother Malcolm to prison for a very long time..

    To be continued..
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    The Zest Household- Part three


    On his way over to confront Malcolm about Strangerville, Johnny got a phone call from Moira Fyres that his father Geoffrey had passed away. Johnny knew that his father's last wish was for the two brothers to reunite, so instead of sending his brother to prison for the crimes he had done in Strangerville, he made sure that Landgraab Enterprises cleaned up their mess and compensated their former scientists and the residents who had been infected by the toxic spores.


    His last request was to his mother, Nancy. He wanted to be reinstated to the Landgraab family, but Nancy refused. She didn't want anything to do with him. Apparently he had done nothing but put shame on his family and now he had gone all the way to destroy everything they had built up. Nancy offered to give Johnny his share of the inheritance if Johnny promised to leave his family alone and to never speak of this again.


    Johnny accepted his mother's offer and bought a lot on Shady Acres, just across from Ted Roswell. He really needed to get rid of his trailer and this way he could have a close eye on the mayor of Strangerville. He moved in with his new girlfriend Alice Martin and with the help of his inheritance he built their dream home.

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    👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Bravo❣️❣️❣️❣️
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    The Rasoya Household


    Summer and Raj were more busy than ever, especially after Raj decided to quit his job and use his inheritance to open a bakery called The Cupcake Bakery in Magnolia Promenade. The couple had been saving money to buy a house in Willow Creek, but since Raj didn't want to leave the apartment they might as well use it to fulfill his lifelong dream instead. Summer realized that it was hard to maintain her job as an office assistant while caring for a child and three toddlers, especially since her man spent most of his time at the bakery, so she quit her job as well. It wasn't an easy decision to make, since she knew that money were tight and that she wanted to give her four children everything they needed without having to worry about whether or not they could afford next month's rent.


    When Nathan's and Henry's birthday arrived, she was able to spend more time with her husband at the bakery.


    Raj was a professional pastry chef and had several family recipes for cupcakes which were quite popular among his customers, the most popular being The No Fruit Cake, The Holiday and A Taste of Summer - which to no surprise were his wife's favorites. The bakery became quite popular among teenagers and young adults after Ann Feng posted a story from the bakery on Simstagram.


    The Cahill-Lynx Household

    After the strange flash of light in Strangerville, George Cahill lost control of his plane called Old Penelope. The plane made a crash landing near the town, but to all surprise there were no casualties. The plane was broken into several pieces, so George knew she would never fly again. Instead of leaving the wreckage he turned it into a home where he lived in all isolation.


    He lived there for quite some time, but after noticing strange behavior among the town's residents, the infestation of weird plants and purple spores in the air, he knew he was in trouble. A pink thunderstorm was surrounding the city as George decided to pack his things and flee in the middle of the night. Scared out of his mind (which doesn't happen very easily to an old military man like George) he ran away. He ran all the way to Oasis Springs, but didn't feel safe enough, so he continued his journey all the way to Brindleton Bay. The little seaport was a calm and quiet place compared to Strangerville. He knocked on the first door he could find, the home of Catarina Lynx.


    Now, Catarina didn't know this at the time, but the old and bruised man who needed her help would eventually become her boyfriend. She invited him in to get some food while she took care of him. George stayed with Catarina a few weeks until she asked him to move in permanently.


    The Walsh Household


    Darling made a career as a professional basketball player for San Myshuno's basketball team. She moved in with her girlfriend Yuki Behr right after high school and settled down in the fashion district. Yuki was discovered by one of San Myshuno's best tech companies after she saved their accounts from getting hacked. She worked as a developer a few years until she was ready to launch her own app for e-sport gamers.


    The app made her a fortune and the couple was able to buy a two story penthouse in the fashion district. With an amazing view, a basketball court, swimming pool, home office and three bedrooms - Yuki felt like she had everything she ever wanted. Except a baby.


    She knew Darling didn't want children, but Yuki couldn't help but dream about having a little baby. Darling was very focused on her basketball career, which meant that she was always traveling, and Yuki spent most of her days at the office. But still.. something was missing.

    The Flex Household


    Marcus and Nina began their new life as vegetarians a while back. It was hard to let go of red meat, especially for Marcus who had been eating steak for years to gain muscle mass, but he knew he had to join Nina on her mission to loose weight.


    And Nina lost a lot of weight.


    She began working as a personal trainer in Willow Creek where she met Maaike Haas. Maaike knew that Nina was the perfect fit for her agency, and encouraged Nina to write her own cookbook based on her vegetarian diet. Marcus was so proud of his girlfriend he didn't mind eating tofu and beans for the rest of his life.


    Marcus was recently promoted to detective which meant a lot more paperwork, interrogations and crime scenes, so he really appreciated the time he spent with his daughter Heather.
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    The Jang Household


    As Billie graduated from high school she invited all of her friends and family to her birthday party. She knew everything was about to change. Soon Elsa and Olivia would head off to university, if they got their acceptance letters, and Billie would stay in San Myshuno. Maybe get a part time job or something. She didn't know exactly what she wanted to do yet, but to be safe she sent an application to Foxbury Institute. Still.. she didn't know wether or not she wanted to go to university.


    Duane gave his girlfriend a hotel weekend in Sulani as a birthday gift. Every time she visited Duane they would stay with Makoa and Lilliana, but ever since Lilliana caught Makoa cheating it was impossible to stay there. It was a weekend filled with romance and as they watched the sun go down, Duane went down on one knee and asked Billie to marry him. For real this time.


    The Fyres Household

    After Morgan and Diego decided to split up and go separate ways, she moved out of the apartment with her son Elijah. Since Elijah would stay with his father every other weekend, she had the time to focus on her career. Just like Diego she didn't stay single for long.


    On a business trip to Strangerville she met a man named Mark Eggleston. He'd been living in Strangerville for a while to pursuit his dreams, but Strangerville didn't turn out to be exactly what he had pictured. Especially after his roommate Alice Martin moved in with her boyfriend Johnny Zest. So he moved in with Morgan rather quickly after she got herself an apartment in San Myshuno's fashion district.


    Siobhan did her best to comfort her mother Moira after Geoffrey passed away. But dealing with Geoffrey's funeral and her grieving mother had been really stressful and led Siobhan to have early contractions. She was admitted to Windenburg General Hospital where she gave birth to her son Samuel a few weeks before her due date. Despite being born premature Samuel was a healthy boy.


    Dominic might not have been the father of the year lately, but he showed up at the hospital when he heard that his daughter had been admitted. While things were kind of awkward between Dominic, Moira and Morgan, there was no bad blood between Siobhan and her father. She forgave him rather quickly and despite hating his new girlfriend Clara, she loved their daughter (and her sister) Isabella.


    And speaking of Dominic.. he had the time of his life with his mistress Ava. Ava began her degree in psychology at Britechester University and moved into a house right outside of campus. He was a little bit nervous when he heard that Clara's daughter Elsa had applied to university, but luckily she was attending Foxbury Institute, so as long as they stayed away from the campus they could continue their relationship without getting caught.

    The Behr-Le Chien Household


    Teddy grew up without his biological dad, Sergio Romeo, but he didn't grow up without a father. Joaquin loved his stepson more than anything and he never cared about the fact that Teddy wasn't his. Because he was. And Joaquin loved his mother, Candy, just as much. He was friendzoned for a long time, but Candy eventually realized that getting pregnant and dumped by Sergio might have been the best thing that ever happened to her. Because now she had an amazing family of her own, with a boyfriend, a son, a dog and.. another baby on the way.


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    The Villareal Household

    Luna and J were filled with this overwhelming love for their daughter Victoria and couldn't believe how quickly time had passed. Luna wanted Victoria to have a brother or sister, just like she did while she grew up, so the couple decided to try for another baby. And with a little bit of luck Luna got pregnant on their first try.


    Luna knew the house was a little bit too small for a family of four, but it was just across the street from Brindleton Pawspital where she worked as a veterinarian, and her brother Hugo was living in her dream house in Windenburg with his family. So I guess they had to make the best of it..

    The Richards Household


    Jade met Gavin Richards the same night as she was abandoned outside Studio PBP by Sergio Romeo. She sat on a bench crying in the rain as he walked by and offered her an umbrella. Humble by the offer she asked him out for dinner. Since then they've been inseparable - and guess what? They're expecting twins!


    Zoe Patel, who had been Gavin's roommate for years (and still is!), was so envious. She had been wanting a baby for a long time, but she never met a man who was good enough for her, so she decided to take the matter into her own hands and find a donor. She stopped by J Huntington III to ask him whether or not it was a stupid idea, but seeing his very pregnant wife just made her want a baby even more. Zoe envied Luna since she had everything she ever wanted, but Zoe knew that it was time to let go of the past and focus on the future.


    She went to a clinic and got pregnant on her first try, but seeing how much love and support Jade got from her boyfriend, she knew this was going to be hard to do all by herself. Zoe knew deep down she had made a mistake when she let both Raj Rasoya and Johnny Zest go. Now they were engaged and had families of their own. But J would always be the one who got away. Nevertheless, Zoe decided to accept her future as a single mom.


    The Bailey-Moon Household

    When Octavia first met Thorne she instantly fell in love with him. They were both up-and-coming artists in Del Sol Valley and the paparazzi loved them. Octavia loved that Thorne was the typical bad boy with a bad reputation, but now - over a decade later - it was nothing but annoying. He no longer got any job offers because he was terrible to work with. Even his manager quit.


    Octavia knew that the only thing keeping them together was their son, Orange, but she wasn't ready to let go of her husband. He never cheated on her or disrespected her in any way, he was just.. an 🌺🌺🌺🌺. Luckily Orange was nothing like his father. Even after being born into a celebrity family, he never felt the need to step into the spotlight.


    Every year on Orange's birthday his parents invite their friends over for a casual dinner party. They often invite one or two celebrities as well to make sure it looks very VIP, but this year they actually invited someone his own age. The famous simstagrammer Ann Feng. Orange had a thing for Ann, but he had promised himself that he wouldn't get involved with someone famous. If he did, it would be hard to keep his personal life private.

    Kayla Flemming - just as happy as always..


    Meanwhile across the table..


    Orange Bailey-Moon - Friend of the World - Active, Bro

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    The Romeo-Ward Household


    Judith and Sergio got engaged rather quickly after he moved into her mansion at the Pinnacles. She was told to slow down by her doctor after she had a minor heart attack in her private jet after shooting a movie somewhere across the sea. She decided to turn down any job offers which involved traveling long distance, which also meant that Sergio had to stop messing around with models and having secret lingerie parties at her house.


    The minor heart attack led Judith to write a will and move forward with their wedding plans. She was really in love with her young and handsome boyfriend, and she wanted to celebrate with a luxurious and spectacular wedding. And to rub the fact that she was dating an even younger guy than Nancy Landgraab in her face. Sergio wasn't too happy to hear that Judith wanted to broadcast their wedding the way she intended to, but as long as they didn't sign a prenup it would make him ridiculously rich.


    The couple got married at a large castle outside Del Sol Valley, which was previously used as a filmset for one of Judith's medieval movies. Paparazzi and celebrities from all over the world stopped by to witness Judith Ward get married for the fourth time.

    The Behr-Le Chien Household


    While her ex-boyfriend was marrying an old actress somewhere outside Del Sol Valley, Candy was giving birth to her son Louis at Windenburg General Hospital. The little boy had brown hair and brown eyes.


    This pregnancy had been wonderful compared to the last one. She had the support of her baby daddy Joaquin, she was happy and she had spent her pregnancy with her (also pregnant) friends Zoe Patel and Jade Rosa. Jade and Candy used to be party girls and used to run into each other from time to time, but now they spent their days talking about babies and drinking coffee at their favorite bakery.

    The Villareal Household


    Luna went into labor on a Sunday during the fall. The couple really wanted a boy, so they could have one of each, was really surprised when Luna gave birth to twins. Twin girls. Twin girls named Valentina and Vienna. Now J had three daughters, and by the look of his face he got a little bit worried of what the future might bring.


    Their little house in Brindleton Bay got too small for the family of five (or six if you include their dog), so Luna had a talk with her brother Hugo about their family estate. You see, they never agreed upon who would inherit the big family mansion after their father Jacques passed away. Luna always wanted to live in the big house with her family, but Eva refused to give up their home. They had been living in that house for over 10 years and it was their daughters childhood home.


    So Hugo had to give both Max and Luna their share of the family fortune and let me just say - it was a lot, because Jacques had two secret accounts overseas. Luna and J bought a luxurious mansion in Willow Creek with hardwood floors, a beautiful garden and a view overlooking the ocean. They spent quite a lot of money to renovate the old building so Luna could have her dream home.


    Max had been wanting to move out for a very long time and finally his application to Britechester University had arrived. Just like Olivia and Alexander he applied to the prestigious university, but no one believed he would get in since he had pretty lousy grades from high school. Well, he proved them wrong as he got accepted into the university to get his degree in villainy, just like his father did.

  • BloosmooBloosmoo Posts: 663 Member
    I'd been wondering where your stories were, strangely they'd been knocked off my notifications, but I've had a blast catching up! I didn't realize I was so invested in your sims lol. The house you designed for Luna is gorgeous and very much how I'd imagine her tastes to be. Sergio....still a rat! Thanks for sharing :)
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    Bloosmoo wrote: »
    I'd been wondering where your stories were, strangely they'd been knocked off my notifications, but I've had a blast catching up! I didn't realize I was so invested in your sims lol. The house you designed for Luna is gorgeous and very much how I'd imagine her tastes to be. Sergio....still a rat! Thanks for sharing :)

    Good to have you back @Bloosmoo :smile:
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    The Jang Household


    Billie and Duane were madly in love as they planned their future wedding, but they had really different ideas on how their dream wedding would look like and were it should take place. Billie wanted to get married in Myshuno Meadows, the heart of San Myshuno, with different types of food from the spice district, lots of colors and fireworks. She wanted the wedding to be more like a festival, but Duane didn't want that at all. He wanted a beach wedding in Sulani. Preferably on the island outside Mua Pel'am, with invitations sent to all residents in Sulani, and he wanted the food to be traditional food from Ohan'ali Town.

    Billie hated the thought of getting married at a beach somewhere far away. Sulani was a beautiful place indeed, but if she was getting married it had to be in her favorite city. And in that moment they realized they had completely opposite plans for their future together. Duane wanted to live in Sulani, and expected Billie to join him, but as you can imagine she didn't want to move anywhere else. Billie loved San Myshuno with all her heart. She was born and raised there. She grew up with the traffic noise outside her bedroom window, the smell of fresh herbs and spices in the spice district, the cultural activities and art shows in the art district.


    She loved that she could walk right outside her apartment and get a fresh cup of coffee, bagel or donut in one of the food stalls. She was only a train ride away from the shore and a subway ride away from the fashion district. If she wanted to sing karaoke at 2am she could. If she wanted to go ice skating during the summer, she could. If she.. well, you get me. This led to a huge fight between Billie and Duane, and the couple decided to take a break to figure out what they wanted to do with their lives. Billie spent the next couple of days crying in her bed, but one day her mother Anaya knocked on the bedroom door. Billie had been accepted to Foxbury Institute to get her degree in communications. Anaya insisted that Billie moved into a dorm at Foxbury to get away from the city and to get some new perspectives. Initially Billie wanted to study from home, but she agreed with her mother and moved in with Elsa Bjergsen.


    Anaya won her second award at the Starlight Accolades for her role as Meredith in The Streets of Britechester Musical. Baako recently retired from his job as a comedian and spent most of his time with his daughters. Especially now that Billie was about to leave for university.


    The Spencer-Kim-Lewis Household


    Olivia had just found out that she was accepted into the distinguished degree in drama at Britechester University, when she heard that Elsa and Billie were going to be roommates at Foxbury Institute. Olivia and Elsa had been best friends for many years, but still - she felt a little bit jealous and sad that Elsa was going to move in with Billie instead of her. What if Billie and Elsa became better friends than they were? Olivia knew Alexander and Max also got accepted into Britechester, so it wouldn't be just strangers, but still..


    Olivia had told her father that she applied to a degree in literature, not drama, but now she had to come clean and tell the truth. He was going to find out at some point. Well, Eric was a bit disappointed that Olivia felt the need to lie to him, but he was really proud of his daughter. He didn't know she had acting skills and that she had rocked the audition a few months back. Alice was so proud of her daughter and knew that Olivia was in the best hands at Britechester.

    The Bachelor Household

    After Bella's divorce she bought a lovely home in Oasis Springs and turned it into Ophelia Villa 2.0.


    Don moved in with Bella shortly after they got back together. They had been living together for some time when Don felt like it was time to take things a little bit further. Bella was the one and he had been waiting for years to be with her. Now he finally had the chance and he knew that Bella was over her previous marriage with Mortimer, so why not?


    He bought her a diamond ring and went down on one knee.


    To his big surprise Bella took one good look at the ring, smacked him across the face and yelled "what is this?". Poor Don didn't understand a thing. He knew that Bella had a bit of a temper, especially after her divorce, but what did he do wrong? He asked her son Alexander, who told her that when Mortimer proposed to Bella, he made a big romantic gesture. Bella was used to passion and romance, but by the end of their marriage, it was all gone.


    So Don took his advice and asked Bella out for a romantic dinner.


    And he made her wait.


    Bella was so sure that Don was going to propose again, and when he didn't she was afraid she had made a huge mistake turning him down in the first place. But as they were about to leave the restaurant, he pulled out the diamond ring and asked her one more time.


    And she said yes!
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    Bella that was a bit testy! Good job Mr Noncommital commited to asking again!
  • PeppermixPeppermix Posts: 222 Member
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    Bloosmoo wrote: »
    Bella that was a bit testy! Good job Mr Noncommital commited to asking again!

    Never intended for Bella and Don to end up together, but my game made it impossible to keep them apart. :D And Mortimer never looked at her the way Don does :)

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    Ahhh sometimes these sims do have a mind of their own!
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    The Richards Household


    While Jade experienced a lot of nausea, Zoe had no complications during her pregnancy. Both Jade and Zoe tried their best to eat healthy, take the right supplements and so on, and it was nice to have a friend who was going through the same thing.


    Both Jade and Zoe went into labor the very same day, so when Gavin drove to the hospital he had two screaming women in the backseat and was met by a very confused receptionist as they arrived. Gavin had no time to explain the bizarre situation to the nurse as Jade was rushed into surgery to have a c-section. Jade gave birth to twin girls, Ashley and Alison Richards.


    Gavin felt bad to leave Zoe all alone in the waiting area with her contractions, but Zoe called her old friend J Huntington III, who came to her rescue. J held her hand as she gave birth to another set of twins, a boy and a girl named Aron and Cecilia Patel.


    Zoe decided it was time to move out, so she moved into a small house just across the street. It was hard to witness the happy couple and their newborn babies, when she was all alone with hers. She knew she could count on them if she ever needed help, but maybe it was time to build a future of her own.

    The Walsh Household


    Yuki knew that Darling didn't want any children, but she wasn't sure if she could accept a future without children of her own. It led to so many fights and Darling refused to change her mind. Yuki knew that she could either leave Darling or stay and accept the fact that she would never become a mother.


    It was a hard decision, but Yuki decided to stay in the relationship. She might not become a mother herself, but she has two nephews who loves her and she will be able to give them lots of love and attention over the years to come.

    The Pizzazz Household


    When Penny moved all the way from San Myshuno to Sulani she didn't expect to get a husband and a step-son in the process. What was only meant to be a temporary break from the big city turned out to be their permanent home. Ezra, Elaine and Amy spent their whole childhood surrounded with native residents in Sulani and learned all of the islands' traditions. They might have been born in the city, but they were true children of the islands.


    Since they were born around the time of the year, they were always considered triplets. Every birthday was celebrated with a big barbecue in Ohan'ali town. Penny never returned to her old life as an It girl, but began a career as a globetrotter based in Sulani. She posted a lot about her life in the tropical islands on her social media accounts, and inspired young people to follow their dreams and - of course - to visit the Sulani.

    Ezra Rocca - Bodybuilder - Child of the islands, active

    Ezra has inherited his father's active lifestyle and wants to grow up to become a bodybuilder, or a soccer player or maybe a personal trainer.. or a basket ball player? Who knows. Time will show, I guess.

    Amy Pizzazz - World Famous Celebrity - Child of the islands, self-absorbed

    Amy is the splitting image of her mother Penny and wants to grow up to be a celebrity, just like her. It is her dream to become a world famous model, but she knows that she has to move to San Myshuno or Del Sol Valley to make that happen.

    Elaine Pizzazz - City Native - Child of the islands, active

    While her twin sister Amy looks just like their mother Penny, Elaine has inherited her father Sergio's eyes and slightly lighter skin. Just like Ezra and Sergio, she's quite active and love sports, especially water sports. She was born with brown hair like Amy, but dyed her hair silver a while back.

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    Ooh i hope Yuki doesn't live to regret that decision :/
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    @Peppermix i truly would like to thank you for showing me this thread!! very interesting story indeed! and boyy did you open my eyes with how gorgeous Siobhan and Olivia Kim Lewis actually can be if given the proper makeover….WOW...just WOW never even realized this :D i have a few more faves because of this thread i think and it gave me some very good ideas as well :D

    love the idea of Sofia and Candy working together to be big time singers. in my current save it is actually Morgan and Luna whom decided being mindless fans is beneath them and thus the practice day and night to write their own success story! but i just might add Sofia and Candy now as well as Siobhan to kick Sergio to the curb (i never liked him to begin with since he practically oozes selfish ^_^ true to his bio but exactly the kind of person i severely dislike) and create an all new Paragons club in the process: not boring outfitting but a group of ambitious and talented girls seeking stardom and becoming actual idols! and obviously once they come of age the last three Paragons will be Elsa, Evie and Olivia! but i also never realized how cute Billie can be with a proper look! just goes to show how bad the game messes them up with it's terrible choices of haircuts and outfits -.- i usually never bother with makeovers but you actually gave me a lot of very good ideas :D

    thanks for the inspiration!!!

    And i had a good laugh at the Sergio hate in this thread but i think you really did a good job on the storytelling for him: this is exactly the kind of guy he is supposed to be according to his bio and traits: extremely selfish and he hates kids. it was already Obvious to me day one that he didn't care much for Siobhan, he only dates her because she comes from a relatively wealthy family and she is the leader of the most popular club in town. and then Judith Ward came with Get Famous and she was exactly the same lol using others for her own agenda and she doesn't care at all about other peoples feelings, just like Sergio XD match made in hell right?? i cannot wait to see which of the two will burn the other down first. tough luck for him tho in my next endeavor: i dislike guys like him severely and i already liked Siobhan be4 i saw her potential in this thread..now i like her even more! think i'll have her realize what kind of guy he is early on and have him grovel at her feet in vain when she is actually the celebrity instead of him! and then i'll just make him Judiths boy toy untill she grows tired of him and kicks him to the curb when a better younger offer comes along XD because as much as i don't like talking to Judith because she is a meanie i do love her for what she is: that big A-list celebrity with the meanstreak attitude because she knows she can get away with it...except that one time where she messed with my sims version of Saints Row's Shaundi (SR 3 celebrity one).. she quickly learned Shaundi was not someone to be trifled with after a few broken bones and busted teeth... Shaundi is little for words lol she just hits someone in the face if she doesn't like someone just like her crewmember Johnny Gat who makes Sergio look like an amateur when it comes to being worshipped by the ladies, however Johnny is actually really devoted to his love interest Luna and treats her like a princess!
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