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TS4: The lives of Premades


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    The Pancakes Household


    Dina and Bob got engaged right after they started dating and had two children in just a couple of years. A lot of people thought they would never last, considering it all started with an affair. Now, a few years later, they were still going strong.


    They got married at the museum park in Willow Creek with close friends and family. Oliver and Benjamin were all dressed up for the occasion, but it didn't stop them from asking their parents to play during the ceremony. Dina didn't care that she was wearing a white wedding dress as she carried her little toddler on her back.


    After the wedding Dina and Bob went on a honeymoon to Sulani, while Oliver and Benjamin stayed with their grandma Katrina. It had been a rough couple of years with Bob's divorce, Dina's new flower shop and two kids with all their tantrums, but Dina and Bob were more in love than ever before.

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    The Kahananui Household


    After Alika passed away due to a deadly shark attack, every resident in Sulani stopped by to pay their respects or to help the mourning mother-to-be. Mele's due date was fast approaching, and while she should have been getting things order before the baby's arrival, she spent her days painting near the ocean. Painting gave her silence, a break from the hard reality, to just.. have peace. But life moves forward and so did her pregnancy, so one day while painting her water broke.


    She wasn't prepared and she wasn't ready, but now she had to be. She gave birth to a beautiful boy, Milo, and her heart was whole again.

    The Jang Household


    Anaya never meant to focus on an acting career, but somewhere along the line she stopped looking for auditions which required a skilled singer. For a long time she was a guest star in a TV-sitcom, but one day her manager called to tell her that her days of random commercial gigs were over, because she got the lead role in a movie. Her big pay raise gave them the opportunity to rent a 3 bedroom apartment in the art district, so Billie and Naya could finally get separate bedrooms. Naya was almost a teenager and Billie.. well she had a boyfriend.


    Things have gotten pretty serious between Billie and Duane, too. They have shared a lot of firsts together, such as first kiss, first love and.. you know, which led Duane to buy her a promise ring.


    The Villareal Household

    Max thought everything was fine between him and Olivia, but apparently Olivia felt that Max lacked the romantic trait she needed in a boyfriend. The fact that Duane gave Billie a promise ring made her envious. She wanted Max to fight for her, but Max was really tired of his girlfriend's drama, so they broke up.. again.


    He didn't stay single for long, because one day he met Phoebe. Phoebe and her mother moved to Windenburg a few weeks back, and since she didn't know anyone at school Max took it upon himself to show her around.


    Love was in the air for Luna and J as well. The couple bought a lovely home in Brindleton Bay, and one day while walking around the neighborhood, J got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. He had officially given up on finding Nalani, and while he still loved her with all of his heart, he knew that Luna was a great woman. He never pictured himself in a serious relationship, but after meeting Nalani it all changed. Now he had Luna, and she was kind and beautiful. Maybe the best he could get.. and she loved him, too. Maybe it wasn't the story of how he lost Nalani, but how he found Luna?


    The Munch Household


    Mila was tired of having her three grown up sons still living at home. Lucas was still a teenager, so of course he could stay, but Gunther really needed to move out of his mother's house. It was getting quite expensive to feed three men and two large dogs. Wolfgang started dating Ulrike Faust a while back and got himself a job as an art book collector. He was very eager to move in with his girlfriend. He just needed to save up some money first..

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    The Hecking Household


    Brent and Brant worked hard to give their adoptive daughter Eva everything she could possibly want in life, all though all she ever wanted was a loving family and a good childhood. She took good care of them as well, especially when Rosie was sick and they didn’t know what to do. They both knew they raised a kind and loving teenanger with good morals, even though she spent a lot of time with Philip Kim-Lewis.. to Brant’s dismay. He wasn’t ready to see his little girl all grown up just yet.

    Eva Hecking - Soulmate - Creative, Neat


    The Goth Household


    After Sophia became a teenager Mortimer felt like it was time to tell Bella the truth about his relationship with Maaike. Sophia was old enough to understand that sometimes love dies. Mortimer and Maaike grew closer and closer as they worked on his book, before one day they kissed. One thing led to another and suddenly they were having an affair.


    Maaike wanted Mortimer to leave Bella, but Mortimer didn’t want to rush things. Why break up his family if things wouldn’t last? But after secretly dating Maaike for a year he decided it was time to leave his wife. Bella knew something was up. Mortimer had been acting so strange during a dinner party one night and she had to confront him about his behavior.


    Bella was so furious. She knew she had been having an affair in the past, but she left Don to stay with her husband, and now Mortimer left her for another woman. Mortimer told her about Don’s letter which he sent years ago and asked her to forgive him. Bella refused to do so. She packed her things and moved out of the house the same night. Alexander and Sophia stayed with their dad, but neither wanted to talk to him after betraying their mother like that.

    Sophia Goth - Beach Life - Cheerful, child of the ocean


    The Spencer-Kim-Lewis Household


    Planning a party in the Spencer-Kim-Lewis household is not something they take lightly. So when Philip’s birthday was coming up, they threw him a big birthday party with family and friends. They hired a caterer and a mixologist, and celebrated the fact that they no longer had small children wandering around the house. Finally! Eric and Alice had been counting the days until Philip’s birthday, so when the day finally arrived they were thrilled.


    Philip Kim-Lewis - Mansion Baron - Genius, active


    Everyone was in a good mood, except from Olivia. She recently found out that her ex-boyfriend Max Villareal was dating a new girl at school and even though she was the one to end the relationship, it hurt to know that he was in love with someone else. I mean.. they just broke up. It wasn’t even that long ago.


    But instead of crying in her bed, she decided to do something about it. No, she had no intentions of getting back together with Max. If he wanted to date some poor blond girl it was fine by her. She was going out with her girlfriends and maybe.. meet someone new?

    The Kalani Household

    Some of you may be wondering what happened to Eliza?


    Well, after being left for another woman Eliza moved far away from Willow Creek and all the way to Oasis Springs. She adopted 4 stray cats and was on her way to become a crazy catlady when she ran into her neighboor Mitchell. Mitchell was living next door to Eliza with his roommates, but spent more and more time with Eliza. He was basically living there, since she kept bringing him pancakes.


    Ironically Mitchell had a lot in common with her ex-husband, or at least the man her ex-husband used to be. He loved laying on the couch watching TV, he was a slob and he loved pancakes. But this time Eliza decided to embrace his traits, unlike in her previous marriage, and accept Mitchell for who he was. Besides, it was kind of nice to have someone to talk to beside her cats. Neither Eliza or Mitchell wanted children. Mitchell thought it was too much work and Eliza felt like she was already a mother (to her cats) and it was enough for her. But they did get married, so Eliza could get rid of her last name.
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    Eliza and Mitchell who knew? You've got some great shots in there and again, great read! Thanks for sharing
    (Edited to add > Really feeling those Mila vibes at the moment lol I always feel she should get herself a life and get out on the town too lol)
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    The Rasoya Household

    Summer couldn't believe her eyes when she looked at the pregnancy test. She was pregnant.. again. For several weeks she had been nauseous, but for a long time she thought it was because of her birth control pills. With three small children running around the house she must have forgotten to take them one night.. or two? Now it was too late. Of course she was happy about it, but.. well, she never pictured having four kids. And the wedding.. how on earth would they find the time to get married?


    Raj was an only child, and he always wanted a brother or sister, so when he heard the news he was filled with joy. Family was everything to him! This pregnancy was especially hard for Summer. Her body had just carried twins, so her pelvic gave her a bit of a struggle, and she had a lot of morning sickness.


    The Rosa Household


    Jade was quite the serial romantic, but she never intended to be. She just had so poor judgement when it came to men, and she always went for the most handsome ones rather than the ones who treated her right. She knew she should have stayed with Paolo, so when he married Penny Pizzazz it left her a little bit heartbroken. It kind of closed the door to their relationship for good. J, which she also dated for a short while, was settling down with Luna Villareal – a woman much younger than herself. But to be honest, Jade only wanted Sergio Romeo, ever since they slept together for the first time. She knew he wasn’t a nice guy, but he made her feel alive and it was so invigorating. It was like she knew deep down inside that they would never end up together, and he could leave her any minute, so she tried to enjoy their time together at the fullest. He gave her butterflies and she gave him.. well. So when Sergio went home with Candy Behr or some other girl, it was so excruciatingly painful and it felt like she could barely breathe until he called her the next day. He always called her and she always went back to him.


    One day he invited out for dinner, but he barely spent any time with her because he was always chatting with other celebrities. He promised to make it up to her by inviting her to the Simanda awards the following night, but when she wasn’t on the guest list the security guard wouldn’t let her in. Sergio didn’t want to miss the show, so he joined Judith Ward and went inside leaving Jade alone outside.


    Jade sat down on a bench in the park and started crying. She was so tired of being treated so badly and she knew that Sergio would never change. It was time to let him go. As she sat there crying Gavin Richards walked by.

    The Bjergsen Household


    Bjorn had been wanting to propose to Katrina for some time, but it needed to be perfect, so he booked them a luxury trip to Sulani. He rented a retreat near the beach, so they could snorkel, swim with dolphins, sunbathe and explore everything the islands had to offer. Katrina had wanted to visit Sulani for a very long time. In fact, she booked a cruise to Sulani with Jacques Villareal after their wedding, but sadly he passed away on their wedding night. And after her wedding with Geoffrey, the credit card was cancelled and she had to say goodbye to her luxury honeymoon at the beautiful islands. Bjorn was so exited, he could barely keep his little secret.


    But Katrina has been keeping a secret, too. She was pregnant. It was almost embarrassing, because she had two grown up daughters and three grandchildren, but at the same time it was a miracle. She went to the doctor to confirm the pregnancy and the doctor told her to take it easy, because pregnancy in her age was always considered high risk. Katrina told Bjorn about the news as he asked her to go free diving with him. Bjorn couldn't be happier about the news.


    He proposed to Katrina right after she told him about the pregnancy.


    While her dad was enjoying the warm climate in Sulani, Sofia was struggling to make ends meet in Del Sol Valley. She refused to call her dad and ask for money, since she told him she didn't need it anymore, but luckily Akira had a job with a decent income. All though they moved in together as friends, they were basically in a relationship.

    The Goth Household


    Maaike and Mortimer were madly in love. They were like two teenagers running around the house, always kissing and touching, while Sophia and Alexander rolled their eyes in disgust. Luckily for Sophia and Alexander, Maaike and Mortimer spent most of their time in bed brainstorming Mortimer's sequel. It was true - Mortimer was writing another book called Her love for the forbidden fruit and it was mostly based on his marriage with Bella.


    Maaike also redecorated Ophelia Villa. She tore down everything she found too gothic and even painted the walls and railing outside, to their neighbors delight. It's safe to say that she got rid of everything that reminded her of Bella.
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    Poor Jade really did turn out to be a bit of a door mat :( Love what Maaike has done to the Goth house, it looks almost cheery now
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    The Fyres Household

    As Geoffrey decided to retire from his job, he found himself wandering around the house a lot. He had time to reflect on his relationship with Moira and how much he loved her, and he realized his days with her were running out. The whole house was filled with wedding decorations for Salim and Siobhan's upcoming wedding and as he took a sneak peak at Siobhan's wedding dress he knew he had to marry Moira while he had the chance.


    So one day during the romance festival, he asked her to marry him. They celebrated their engagement at Chez Llama with Siobhan and Salim.


    Siobhan had pictured her dream wedding since she was a little girl, but instead of marrying Sergio Romeo, she married the nicest guy she knew - Salim Benali. The couple met back when Sergio left Siobhan to be with Penny Pizzazz, and Salim Benali decided to move in with Joaquin at Dock Den. Salim knew Siobhan was the girl of his dream since the first day he saw her.


    The couple got married at Von Haunt Estate and had a small ceremony by the lake. Siobhan wore a soft pink wedding dress by her favorite designer, and had a soft pink wedding bouquet made by Cassandra Goth.


    She finally got to see her sister again. Morgan had been quite busy since Elijah was born and the little family was traveling a lot. Her father Dominic also showed up, even though he tried his best to stay away from Moira and Geoffrey. The last time they saw each other was when Dominic told her about his daughter Isabella.


    A few weeks after Siobhan's wedding, Moira and Geoffrey got married. Since they didn't want to spend a lot of money on the wedding itself (it was after all Geoffrey's third), they decided to reuse a lot of Siobhan's wedding decorations. They also put up a tent in the back yard of their house.


    Siobhan and Salim decided to try for a baby right after they got married. Since Morgan got accidentally pregnant and her mother gave birth to two daughters, Siobhan expected to get pregnant right away. But after trying for a couple of months without any luck she got worried. She had read almost every book on the subject and taken all the right vitamins, but nothing happened. Luckily for Siobhan, she was a doctor and she worked with one of the best specialists on fertility, Katherine West. At first it was kind of awkward considering Katherine is Sergio's mother, but Katherine discovered that Siobhan actually had low fertility.


    Siobhan was devastated. She always dreamed of becoming a mother and suddenly it felt almost impossible. Katherine told her that the only way to get pregnant was by doing IVF.

    The Ojo Household


    Miko loved her job as a conservationist. By cleaning up garbage on the beach and banning sailboats and yachts near the islands, she could see an enormous growth in the ocean wildlife. She also started a campaign to stop illegal fishing near the coast line, so turtles could hatch their eggs in peace. Unfortunately no one has seen any turtles yet. She knew she couldn’t stop the sulfur piles that appeared after volcanic eruptions, but along side a team of field assistants, they managed to clear the beach for toxic waste.


    A life in Sulani was quiet and relaxing, but sometimes she missed the city with busy people running around. So when she had the opportunity to go to a seminar in Del Sol Valley with Makoa, she was the first to raise her hand. Miko and Makoa had grown to be close friends during her time in Sulani. I guess she was his work wife. An easy and platonic relationship that made her job a little bit more exiting than it already was.


    But when you mix a platonic relationship with alcohol, things can go very badly..

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    The Landgraab Household

    Nancy decided to spend her retirement and golden years away from the cold winters in San Myshuno, so she bought a large yacht and sailed her way to Lani St. Taz. Miko Ojo had tried to stop her from anchoring near the islands, but Nancy didn’t care much about Miko Ojo’s warnings.

    The Nereus downloaded from the gallery.

    To be honest Nancy doesn’t care much about the environment, but she does care a lot about what other people think of her, so she happily donated a large sum of simoleons to help the conservationists do their job. In return they didn’t say anything about her yacht, but it was hard to ignore so a lot of residents in Sulani decided to stop by to catch a glimpse. And since she was single again, some stayed a little longer than others..


    Let’s head over to..


    Malcolm and Cassandra. What can I say? Happy newlyweds? The couple decided to skip their honeymoon after one of Malcolm’s labs had an enormous accident. FutureSimsLab had bought an old lab in Strangerville to work on one of their top secret projects when something went horribly wrong. A massive explosion occurred during one of their experiments, which led an airplane named Penelope to crash near by. Malcolm was afraid it would leak to the press, but luckily he managed to make a shady deal with the mayor to keep the accident a secret.


    While dealing with the troubles in Strangerville, his co-worker Elisabeth was acting very strange around the office. She had been avoiding Malcolm since the wedding, but suddenly she lashed out in the chemistry lab. Elisabeth screamed at Malcolm for marrying Cassandra and told him that he picked the wrong girl. Malcolm didn’t understand a thing. He clearly hadn’t noticed Elisabeth’s feelings for him, which made Elisabeth even angrier. Suddenly her skin turned red and she started glowing. Malcolm knew something was off, but before he realized that Elisabeth was actually an alien in disguise, she tried to wipe his memory.


    Malcolm grabbed her hand and kissed her before she was able to. Her lips were soft and sweet and it gave him butterflies. Elisabeth fell into his arms and before they knew it, they had been making out for several minutes. Luckily for Malcolm no one walked in on them, because he really couldn’t deal with more problems at the time..

    The Behr Household


    Candy and Sergio had been dating for a few weeks. Nothing serious of course, because she knew Sergio had been dating a lot of women (he was a 3-star celebrity after all). But when Candy noticed that her period was late she got really worried. Sergio had told her how he felt about having children, so when the pregnancy test came back positive she knew it would ruin their relationship.


    She knew she had to tell him somehow because she really wanted to keep the baby, regardless of how Sergio would react. And as she predicted Sergio was devastated about the news. This was the whole Penny-situation all over again. Candy, on the other hand, didn't know a thing about Penny Pizzazz because Sergio never spoke about her.


    The whole Penny-situation might have been Sergio's biggest mistake in life. Don't be mistaken - Sergio would never picture a life without his daughters Amy and Elaine, even though he walked out of their lives before they were born, but a part of him wished that he'd never met Penny in the first place. It was a mess and he really didn't want to go down that road again. So when Candy told him about the pregnancy he promised that he'd be there for her if she wanted to keep the baby.


    But it turned out to be a hard promise to keep, because a few weeks later Sergio left Candy to focus on his career. He told her, just like he told Penny, that he never wanted children in the first place and that he didn't want to be a father. He would gladly give her some money to find a place of her own, since her little sister Yuki had moved in with Darling Walsh and she no longer could afford the rent. Candy refused to take Sergio's money, but promised him that he would regret the decision when he was old and alone.


    Pregnant, broke and alone she turned to her best friend in the whole world Joaquin Le Chien for advice, and Joaquin promised her that they'd get through this together.
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    Absolutely loving this! It's nice to remember that the premades are sims too. I think you should look into the life of Johnny Zest, he has a very interesting backstory.

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    Absolutely loving this! It's nice to remember that the premades are sims too. I think you should look into the life of Johnny Zest, he has a very interesting backstory.

    Thank you!

    I have great plans for Johnny Zest and his backstory is a big part of it :)
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    > @Peppermix said:
    > Hi everyone,
    > I recently became a member after being here for a while. This is my first thread. Sorry for any spelling mistakes - english is not my first language.
    > Inspired by other premade threads, I finally had the guts to start one of my own. A while ago I started playing rotationally between premade households. These are their stories.
    > The Goth Household
    > (Image)
    > Poor Bella and Mortimer. Their marriage has truly been rough. After the birth of Cassandra and Alexander, Mortimer decided to pursue his dream of becoming a best-selling author, leaving Bella to handle the kids. Bella loves her kids more than anything. She became a mother quite young, which meant that her teenage years were filled with diapers and breastfeeding more than partying and hanging out with friends. Ever since Cassandra and Alexander grew up and became more independent, Bella began feeling bored, frustrated and the need to find herself.
    > Well, she suddenly found herself in the arms of Don Lothario.
    > (Don always removes his shirt whenever Bella visits).
    > Don brings excitement to her life, like a forbidden fruit, and she just can't keep her hands off him. Mortimer found out soon enough. Furious and terrified of losing his wife, Mortimer told Bella he wanted a third child.
    > The Bheeda Household
    > With a baby on the way Arun is taking extra shifts at work, since Jesminders pregnancy is keeping her from working full-time as a mixologist. Jesminder on the other hand is not comfortable having all this free time. Arun suggested that she should enjoy these last few weeks before the babys arrival, maybe go to a café, read a book or enjoy the sunny weather in Myshuno Meadows.
    > Jesminder recently took Aruns advice and went to South Square Coffee, where she ran into Bella Goth.
    > (Image)
    > Jesminder and Bella quickly realized they have a lot in common, considering they're both pregnant and almost the same age. Things are changing in their lives, and with husbands that are always working, its good to have someone to talk to.

    You are such a talented story-teller, I wish The SimGuru's team put the same level of effort into their pre-made townies!
    I can't wait to read more @Peppermix
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    Peppermix wrote: »
    Absolutely loving this! It's nice to remember that the premades are sims too. I think you should look into the life of Johnny Zest, he has a very interesting backstory.

    Thank you!

    I have great plans for Johnny Zest and his backstory is a big part of it :)

    I'm looking forward to it. ;)

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    I want to punch Sergio, so you must be doing something right.

    Real talk, though, I love this and I can't wait for more!
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    The Bjergsen Household

    When Bjorn and Katrina got home from their trip to Sulani, Katrina felt like it was time to tell the family about her pregnancy. Bjorn decided to tell Elsa and Sofia, while Katrina was going to tell her daughters Nina and Dina.


    Nina almost didn't believe her mother when she heard the news. She was the grandmother of three children, but now she was going to have a little baby herself? Nina was going to have a brother or sister? Even Nina felt like she was done with having children. But as she let the news sink in she was glad that her mother had found someone new and was creating a future with him.


    Dina, on the other hand, believed her mother right away since her belly was starting to show. Dina loved being pregnant herself, but she was also done having children, so she was very eager to help her mother with whatever she needed. Since Katrina has a high risk pregnancy, she has been ordered to relax until she gives birth, which to be honest - is not so different from her normal life.


    One day she ran into Clara Bjergsen, Bjorn's ex-wife, at South Square Coffee. Clara didn't know that Katrina was pregnant, so she was a little bit shocked when she found out. Surprisingly enough she was really happy for the both of them.


    And since we are talking about Clara..


    Her relationship with Dominic has been nothing but complicated since they officially started dating. She never fully trusted Dominic, since she knew he was able to cheat on his loved ones, which often resulted in huge arguments late at night. But she had good reasons to be worried, because Dominic never managed to keep his hands off beautiful women. So a while after he moved into Clara's home, he started dating someone new behind her back.


    But I guess karma is a @!$?, Clara. At least he is a good father to his daughter Isabella. And to be fair, that's much more important than anything else.

    The Bheeda Household


    When Jesminder came home from work one day only to discover that her two teenage daughters were sneaking in after curfew, she knew she had to take actions. Camilla used to be a really good girl, but after her little sister Arya grew up she started rebelling as well. Arya was, despite being the youngest, always the leader of the pack. Jesminder told her daughters that if they wanted to attend Foxbury Institute, they needed to focus on school and charity work rather than staying out late. Arun and Jesminder couldn't afford to send their daughters to the university, so they had to relay on some sort of scholarship, but they don't hand those out to anyone who ask for it, do they?

    Arya Bheeda - Leader of the pack - Active, cheerful

    The Landgraab Household


    After the accident in Strangerville, Malcolm decided to build a science lab in his own basement. Cassandra thought it was causing a lot of attention to the Landgraab family, at a time where they should be laying low, but Malcolm promised her that nobody would notice anything. But when some of their closest neighbors started to sell their homes and move far away from Oasis Springs, she knew she had to do something. In order to maintain the impression of a normal family, she told Malcolm it might be a good idea to have children. Malcolm had never given it much thought, but he grew up with a big brother and a lot of ugly family drama, so naturally he was anxious that it would tear them apart. Cassandra, on the other hand, grew up with two siblings and two loving parents.

    So, Cassandra got pregnant and to be honest - I don't know whether or not it was a good idea, because this family.. they are crazy.

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    Oh my that photo montage at the end! I nearly died laughing like Malcolm. I took from that, that he is laughing as the world about him goes to plum in a handbasket. So the big question....is Cassandra expecting little pumpkin heads or Landgraabs and can Malcolm swab the truth of the situation? So much drama! I love it!
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    This is absolutely amazing. I just read through the whole thing and I love it. I'm bookmarking this, I can't wait to see what else happens with theses families. But not only that, now I want to play with them too.
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    The Rasoya Household


    Summer was really tired by the end of her pregnancy. She had one child and two toddlers running around the apartment, and a boyfriend who despite his effort, was a bit of a slob. Her pelvic was giving her a hard time, so she could barely walk or carry her kids around, and since she had to pee all the time she didn't get much sleep.


    She gave birth to a girl named Holly at San Myshuno General Hospital. The little girl had blonde hair and blue eyes, just like her mother and big sister Amber. Nathan and Henry were not happy to have a little sister who got all of their mother's attention, but it was a nice opportunity to spend more time with dad.


    The Kahananui Household


    The past year had been pretty rough for Mele, since she lost her husband Alika, but when her son Milo was born she found a little bit of happiness in each passing day.


    As Milo grew older she realized that she was in over her head. It was a full-time job to take care of a toddler when you're a single mom, so she decided to hire some help. She didn't need a nanny or a maid. She needed someone who took care of everything else - whether it was the pile of dirty dishes or grocery shopping, and since she could afford it, she hired a butler. Besides, it was nice to have a grown-up to talk to.


    The Flex Household


    Nina gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy, and after spending years doing several detox cleanses and weird diets without any results, she decided to ask Marcus for help. Marcus had been telling Nina for years that the only way to loose weight is by changing her lifestyle - not by doing a cleanse for six weeks. She didn't have any energy to work out either. So Nina and Marcus sat down to discuss how they both could change their habits to a healthier lifestyle. It would benefit their daughter Heather, too, to have two healthy parents.

    A new workout routine and a healthy vegetarian diet worked wonders for Nina!


    Since Marcus was a bit older, he felt like it was time to focus on his health, too. He wanted to be there for his daughter Heather as she grows up. He wanted to become a grandfather, to be able to play with his grandchildren and to stay in the police force for as long as possible. He loves his job!


    The Bjergsen Household


    Since it was the last time Katrina would experience pregnancy, she decided to savor the moment by doing a maternity shoot. It was exciting to do something else than laying by the pool all day.


    Katrina's water broke while she was home with Elsa. Bjorn was away on a business trip and wasn't able to drive her to the hospital. Luckily Elsa was studying to become a doctor, so she knew exactly what to do. Elsa held Katrina's hand as she went into labor, and moments before the baby was born, Bjorn arrived to help his fiancé get through the pain. Bjorn and Katrina didn't know the gender, but since they both had two daughters from previous relationships, they were pretty sure that they were expecting a baby girl. Well, it turned out to be a boy and you should have seen the look on Bjorn's face as he realized that he finally had a son.


    They named him after Bjorn's father, Thomas Bjergsen.
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    The Jang Household

    Anaya had been working hard as an actress for several years, but she never let it get in the way of her family life, so she knew she wasn't as popular as the actors and actresses who gave it all. But even hard work pays off and one day she recieved a nomination for the Starlight Accolades. She had never been to the accolades before, but she knew that Baako was nominated a few years earlier and that it was almost impossible to win.


    Even though they've been working along side celebrities for years, they still got starstruck as they arrived Studio PBP. Baako took some pictures of his wife before they entered the red carpet and were surrounded by paparazzi. She looked like a million dollars (I mean.. simoleons).


    Anaya won the award for actress in a supportive role during the Starlight Accolades. She didn't expect to win, so she didn't have a speech ready, but as she got up on stage she thanked her husband and two lovely daughters for all their support.


    They didn't go to the afterparty since they had to get up early to prep for Naya's birthday.


    Speaking of..


    Naya Jang - Painter Extraordinaire - Creative, Self-assured

    The Behr Household


    Candy stayed with Joaquin throughout her pregnancy. Ever since Salim moved in with Siobhan, Joaquin felt pretty lonely at Dock Den. Luckily Salim's former dog Donut stayed behind, because Siobhan's house was already filled with Golden Retrievers.


    Candy and Joaquin grew closer during her pregnancy and Joaquin insisted that she stayed after she gave birth. He drove her to her doctors appointments, helped her paint the nursery and went grocery shopping in the middle of the night when Candy craved pickles. Naturally Candy realized that Joaquin was a good guy, maybe the perfect boyfriend, but they had been friends for so long that she didn't know whether or not she could catch feelings.


    But one day she felt contractions and realized that she was going into labor. Joaquin joined her to the hospital. Unfortunately it turned out to be quite dramatic labor and she had to have a c-section, but both Candy and her little baby boy Teddy were fine. As Joaquin witnessed Candy holding her son, he realized that all he wanted was for them to become a family. He hated the thought that Sergio was Teddy's father, because he knew that Sergio would never be a real father figure to him.

    The Scott-Lee Household


    Liberty and Travis had been saving for their daughters educations since they were born. Their daughter Marie was, just like her mother, a technical genius. She loved science and was a quick learner, so when she realized there was a possibility to study robotics she knew she had to go to the university. Parker, on the other hand, wanted to focus on her punk-rock music rather than education. Both Travis and Liberty were worried their daughter was throwing away her chance of a decent job in the future, but it was still a few years left, so maybe it was just a phase.

    Parker Scott-Lee - Musical Genius - Music lover, Gloomy

    Marie Scott-Lee - Nerd Brain - Genius, Childish

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    The Goth Household

    Mortimer was a well-known author after he published his first book and started dating his manager Maaike Haas. Maaike was known as the one who discovered Sergio Romeo and Mortimer Goth. She was a respected PR-manager and publisher, and the one who encouraged Mortimer to write a sequel. Mortimer decided to write a tragic love story based on his marriage with Bella and made sure to include a chapter about her affair with Don.


    Even though he never mentioned their names, the rumors spread like fire and the book was sold out in every store the same day it was published. Mortimer's phone would not stop ringing, but when Bella's lawyer called, Mortimer refused to give any more interviews to the press. Bella decided to sue her former husband for destroying her reputation. Mortimer never meant to hurt his ex-wife. He still loved her in some way, and she was the mother of his three beautiful children and his childhood romance, so he agreed to a settlement. Maaike was furious when she heard that Mortimer had agreed to a settlement, in which Bella received a large sum of simoleons that was basically the whole profit of the book, but Mortimer didn't care. He wanted them to remain friends on behalf of their children. Bella was able to buy a mansion in Oasis Springs for the money she got from her settlement. She was the next door neighboor to her daughter Cassandra, just in time for her due date. Sophia and Alexander decided to move in with their mother instead, since they couldn't stand Maaike and her hatred for Bella. Mortimer was sad that his children chose to live elsewhere, but he knew that it was only a matter of time before they would leave the nest entirely to find a place of their own.


    To get away from the press Bella took her kids on a luxurious vacation to Sulani. Cassandra decided to stay home in Oasis Springs, since she didn't want to risk giving birth on a tropical island far away from the hospital. It was nice to relax on the beach listening to the waves. Bella spent most of her vacation tanning, while Alexander (who is just as pale as his father) explored the different water activities the islands had to offer. Sophia, on the other hand, discovered something very special while visiting Sulani. She felt at home.


    It was strange. Sophia, even though she looked just like her mother, was an exception from the rest of her pale, gloomy and artistic family. She didn't like the family's gothic sense of style and unlike the rest of her materialistic and creative family members, she didn't feel the need to put up a facade. She loved the smell of seawater and feeling of white sand between her toes, and she loved how the residents in Sulani had a more eco friendly way of living.

    When Bella got home from her vacation, she felt the courage to visit Don Lothario. Don and Bella hadn't spoken since they broke up, but met briefly at Elsa Bjergsen's birthday party. It was a long time ago and while Don sent Bella a love letter, she never received it until recently. Don had been waiting for Bella for many years, but he gave up on her somewhere along the way. Now she was single and ready to get back in touch, but Don wasn't sure if he could feel the same way again.


    But when he saw Bella his heart was beating faster. She was just as beautiful as he remembered.

    The Landgraab Household


    Cassandra loved being pregnant. It was the best feeling in the world. Even though she got pregnant purely for facade, she was looking forward to meet her little baby. She had a maternity shoot in the backyard when she felt the first contractions. Cassandra and Malcolm left for the hospital in a hurry.


    She gave birth to a boy named Cedric Landgraab. He had blonde hair and green eyes - just like his father. The Landgraabs must have strong genes to beat the black hair and brown eyes that every member of the Goth family have inherited. Cassandra fought for the name Günther, like her grandfather, because it was a long tradition in her family that boys names end with "er" and girls names end with "a". But she had to let go of the name when her mother-in-law Nancy told her she was a Landgraab now and it was her brother's responsibility to carry on the Goth's family traditions.


    Cassandra wanted a daughter as well, so she couldn't wait to tell Malcolm when she found out that she was pregnant again.

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    Woo! I've been reading this for a while now and I've finally caught up! I love this. You put so much effort into it, I can tell. I can't wait for the next chapter update!
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    The Villareal Household - Part one

    As J and Luna were planning their wedding, it was no doubt in Luna's mind where the wedding would take place. She wanted to recreate her parents' wedding by getting married at the family estate. She also wanted to wear her mother's wedding dress, but unfortunately it was too damaged after being tucked away in the basement for a decade. She was able to save some of the lace and flowers, so she could redesign her mother's vintage dress to look slightly more modern. The garden was filled with white lace, pink and white flowers, candles and lanterns - perfect for an outdoor wedding.


    On a cloudy day during the summer, the couple got married among family and friends. Luna and J slow-danced the whole night, before leaving for their honeymoon.

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    The Villareal Household - Part two

    J insisted that they'd visit Sulani for their honeymoon. He visited the islands a few years back and it was definitely the most beautiful place he had seen. He knew Luna would fall in love with the tropical islands as well.


    But Luna got sick on the way over and spent the first few days in bed. So J had to explore the islands alone. On his first day he spent the day playing chess with a local resident and exploring the different food stalls around Ohan'ali Town.


    On the second day of their honeymoon he went free diving of the coast of Lani St. Taz. J loved Lani St. Taz. The beach was white and the water was turquoise. It was a beautiful scenery. But suddenly he noticed something swimming in the water towards him. A girl. His heart was beating faster, and as she stepped up on the beach his heart literally skipped a beat. It was Nalani.


    He didn't know what to say. He hadn't seen her in years, but the last time they met she came into his life like a storm and stole his heart, before she disappeared and left him heartbroken. Nalani smiled at J and told him that she had missed him so much. J told Nalani how he looked for her all over Sulani, but eventually gave up and went back home. Nalani took his hand and told him that she had to leave to keep her people safe, but that she later discovered something that changed everything. She tried to find him, but J was already gone. She had been waiting for years when she one day could feel his presence.


    J didn't understand a word she was saying and he still couldn't believe that she was right in front of him. She didn't look a day older. Nalani looked into his eyes and told him that he had a son. They had a son together. His name was Maui and he was a really good swimmer. J had to stop her. A son? Apparently Nalani got pregnant the night they spent together. J asked to see his son, but Nalani told him he couldn't and that he was safe with her people. Suddenly J felt it all - how he married the girl he thought was his destiny, only to meet the girl of his dreams on their honeymoon, and now she told him that he was the father of a boy he can't meet? Nalani knew it was time to tell him the truth, so she stepped into the water and as the water reached her hips she transformed into a beautiful mermaid.


    J and Nalani spent the day talking about their lives. Nalani told him about her people and J told her about his wife. They both knew they belonged together, but unfortunately life had made it impossible. For now at least.


    And as the stars appeared on the sky Nalani told J that she had to leave. J asked if he would ever meet his son, to which Nalani replied that they would meet eventually, but not until he was ready to let go of the life he had built for himself. Nalani kissed him goodbye and disappeared into the ocean.


    J loved Luna, he truly did, but he couldn't help but picture a life with Nalani. He walked home to Luna ready to tell her everything, but when he got home Luna was already waiting for him with a pregnancy test. She wasn't sick - she was pregnant. Luna was so happy and excited to become a mother that J couldn't bare tell her about Nalani.


    Not for now at least.
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    I may have spent the last few days binge reading every single one of these posts and I can't say I regret it at all. You've done a fantastic job intertwining all the characters together.
  • PeppermixPeppermix Posts: 231 Member
    I may have spent the last few days binge reading every single one of these posts and I can't say I regret it at all. You've done a fantastic job intertwining all the characters together.

    Thank you so much :) warms my heart to hear you enjoy these stories!
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    The Spencer-Kim-Lewis Household


    Olivia knew it was a long tradition in the Lewis family to attend Britechester University to study either literature or economics - and Eric had made it pretty clear that Olivia would be no exception to this rule. The school meant a great deal to him. He was proud to say that he had a distinguished degree from Britechester and it was the place he met his wife Alice Spencer-Kim. She was studying art history when they fell in love. But Olivia didn't want to go to Britechester. She wanted to attend Foxbury Institute like her best friend Elsa Bjergen. Elsa had applied to Foxbury because of their distinguished degree in biology. She had been taking extra classes along side high school to make sure that she got into the program. Eric didn't want to listen to Olivia. He was sure Olivia would make new friends at Britechester and would not allow her to choose schools based on where her friends would go.


    Tired of discussing with her father, Olivia and her little brother Philip went to a party. Philip met his girlfriend Eva Hecking and some of her friends, while Olivia ran into the famous Sergio Romeo. She was starstruck! He was so much more handsome in real life than in his pictures. And he was nice, too.


    Sergio and Olivia were dancing around and having fun, when Olivia made an attempt to invite him upstairs. This way she could have him all by herself. She tried to kiss him, but Sergio turned her down. Apparently she was a bit too young for him. Olivia was so embarrassed that she told her brother they were going straight home.


    Eva fell asleep on the couch, so Philip carried her all the way home.

    The Romeo-Ward Household


    Sergio started dating the world famous actress Judith Ward around the time Candy gave birth. Judith had a thing for younger men and Sergio.. well.. he knew it would benefit him in the long run. And she was a very interesting woman. It was always a lot of drama surrounding her. During one of their dates at Chez Llama she made a big scene as she ran into an actress who had been spreading rumors about her latest movie.


    And the food was not up to her standards.


    But Sergio liked her a lot and so did the press. He never told anyone about Candy and his son Teddy, because he knew the press would tear him apart if they knew. Judith owned a big mansion on top of the Pinnacles, so Sergio sold his tiny house in Mirage Park and moved in with her. It was a dream come true for Sergio. He had a large pool, tons of (Judith's) money, a hot maid and a private butler to tend to his every need. Since Judith was often traveling, he basically had the whole house for himself - which meant a lot of crazy parties.


    The Villareal Household


    Eva always wanted a big family, so it was no surprise when she married a member of the Villareal family. Hugo and Eva wanted their daughter Lucia to grow up with a brother or sister, but after trying to get pregnant for a couple of years without any luck, they decided to go for adoption instead.


    Belle Villareal, a cute little toddler with red hair and brown eyes, was the perfect addition to the family. Max was glad to have another niece, but he still looked forward to the day he could move out. He recently sent his application to Britechester university to study Villainy, just like his father did all those years ago. Max was having a hard time, though. He recently broke up with his girlfriend Phoebe after he got a drunk text from Olivia. Olivia had given mixed signals from time to time, but when she told him she missed him he was sure she meant it.


    Well.. apparently not, because she completely turned him down at the spice festival while they were hanging out with friends.

    The Kealoha Household

    Miko and Makoa had been having an affair since the seminar in Del Sol Valley and usually they were pretty careful not to get caught, but when Makoa invited Miko over for "dinner" one day he didn't expect his wife Lilliana to come home from work early.


    Lilliana walked in on Miko and Makoa in bed together, and while a lot of people would cry their eyes out, she threw Miko out of bed and hit her husband across the face. Lilliana discovered a whole new side of herself as she kicked Miko out. Miko ran out the house while Lilliana threw her things in the ocean. She was so embarrassed.


    Makoa tried to reason with his wife, but Lilliana was not done screaming at her husband. She packed a bag of clothes for Makoa and threw it in the ocean as well. He was no longer welcome in her home.
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