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TS4: The lives of Premades


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    The (Romero-)Pizzazz Household


    Penny and Sergio are doing well. As you know, Penny's career is thriving and she has become a well known Simstagramer. But Sergio has made his way up the career ladder as well. After taking Penny's advice, he started a fitness blog and is posting motivational quotes, food recipes and six-pack selfies daily. His article "How to get a six-pack in one week" has more than 20 000 hits and was published in one of San Myshuno's hottest magazines. He had a little bit of help from Editor-in-Chief Maaike Haas, though.


    Penny and Sergio are the tabloids favorite couple. They are young, hot and popular. And they are in love. Penny doesn't know about Sergio's little secrets though, and Sergio has no intentions of telling her.


    One day Penny woke up feeling sick. She ran to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet. Was it food poisoning? Was she sick? When was her last period exactly? She decided to take a pregnancy test - and yes, Penny was definitely pregnant. She had to sit down for a few minutes. Pregnant? How was it possible? She always wanted children, but had never pictured herself having kids right now. They had never talked about this. What would Sergio say?


    Penny needed a second opinion before telling her boyfriend, so she went to the doctor to do some more tests. The tests showed that not only was Penny indeed pregnant, but she was carrying twins. When she came home she sat down with Sergio and told him the news. He was in shock and needed some air, so he took a long walk. He didn't come back until the next day.

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    The Holiday Household

    Summer moved out of the BFF household. It was getting crowded and Liberty and Travis needed some alone time before the twins arrival. Luckily for Summer she was able to sleep on one of her friends couch until she found a more permanent place to stay. Summer had never been to San Myshuno before, but after arriving the big city she was in love. The people, the different cultures and all the things you could experience in the city - what's not to love?


    One day she met a handsome fella in Myshuno Meadows. He was a bit shy, but he was really kind and had a lot of interesting stories to tell. They decided to try every dish they served at the food stalls in the area. It was so much fun. His name was Raj. He was actually a chef, which made the whole experience so much better. He knew lots of places they could go out to eat. Summer thought it was some kind of first date, so by the end of it she tried to kiss him. Raj quickly turned away leaving Summer embarrassed. Apparently he didn't feel the same way about her.

    The BFF Household

    Liberty gave birth to twins, Parker and Marie. While having a few weeks to themselves did Travis and Liberty good, life suddenly turned upside down with two small children. One was always crying and the other would never stop eating. It seemed like they could never leave home. Liberty was desperate, she hired a nanny to get them through the day. Travis hasn't fully realized that he's a dad and Liberty still misses having Summer around. Maybe it will get easier with time..

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    The Pancakes Household

    Bob and Eliza went to couple counseling without any luck. Mostly because Bob is tired of trying, but also because Eliza adopted a stray cat against his will. He has allergies, you see. After spending a lot of time at the gym Bob has become more muscular and fit. He eats a lot healthier and has a lot more energy than he used to. The only thing dragging him down is his marriage. That's why Bob has considered leaving Eliza a dozen of times. But it's Eliza. Leaving her seems rough, since they spent most of their childhood and teenage years together. In a bizarre way of trying to keep his marriage together, Bob has spent more time with his friend Dina Caliente. They've had lunch several times lately. But one day things went too far..


    Bob never pictured himself cheating on Eliza. It was terrible. He had to do something. No matter how difficult their relationship was, she didn't deserve this. Bob left Eliza the same day. She took it pretty hard, especially since Bob announced that he was in love with someone else.

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  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 6,168 Member
    I really enjoy your story, with mccc and old glitches with each new save I've seen a lot from the premades though Eliza and Bob are never happy together I should see how things go when they actually care about one another.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
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    I’m sorry for my absence. I had a baby and over a year maternity leave (I’m Scandinavian), so I haven’t had much time to play the Sims 4…obviously. A lot has happened since last time though.

    The Rasoya Household

Summer was surprised the day Raj called and asked her for a second date. Considering how the last one ended she wasn't sure she would see him again, but she decided to say yes and to take things slow. After all he seemed like a nice guy.

    On their second date they went to the library.

    On their third date they watched a movie.

    And on the fourth he made her dinner.

    Geeta was not pleased. Summer didn’t seem like the right girl for Raj, but Raj didn’t want to listen. 
He knew Summer was the one he had been waiting for all these years. Geeta had to admit that her failed attempt to have Raj marry Zoe might have been a huge mistake. Still, she was not ready to let go of the idea of an arranged marriage.

    The Romeo Household


    When Penny told Sergio about the pregnancy he took a long walk around San Myshuno. Penny knew something was wrong. After a few weeks he finally told her that he didn’t want children and asked her if she could respect his wishes. Penny refused and told Sergio that she wanted to keep the baby, but if he wanted out he could pack his things and leave right away.


Sergio did. He left Penny and moved in with his parents, but didn’t tell them the whole truth about his break up. Sergio needed to talk to someone, so he called his agent Maaike Haas.

    The Haas Household


    Maaike had a massive breakthrough in her career after discovering a way to make money of social media influencers, like Sergio Romero. She moved out of her little cabin in Windenburg and bought herself a penthouse apartment in San Myshuno. Maaike doesn’t have much time for dating, since she’s working all the time, so it gets a bit lonely from time to time.

    The Pancakes Household


Dina moved in the day after Eliza moved out. She gave the house a large makeover to match her modern interior style and to get rid of everything that reminded her of Bob’s previous marriage.


    She quit her job as a caterer and opened a flower boutique in Magnolia Promenade.


    Not long after that Dina became pregnant. It was an accident, but Bob was so happy when he heard the news he proposed to her on the spot.

    The Roomies Household

    While Zoe has admitted her feelings for J, he doesn't feel the same way and has no plans of settling down any time soon. Zoe was fun, a fling, nothing more. So when he met Jade at the club they hit it off pretty quickly. Jade was recently single (after being caught cheating by Paolo) and needed a rebound. J didn’t mind..


    The Partihaus Household


Nina met Marcus at the gym. He was trying to impress her by doing push ups in front of her treadmill, failing to do so he asked her out for dinner. Since Dina and Katrina moved out of the house Nina found it kind of awkward to live alone in that big house with Don, so she moved in with the rest of the Partihaus members.
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    The Karaoke Legends Household


    Miko was fired from her job after having a hard time separating work and personal life. Her wild protests in front of the mayors office didn’t help either. Since then she has been unemployed and has devoted most of her time fighting for the environment.


    Akira joined guitarist Sofia Bjergsen in her quest to become a famous singer. The duet have so far performed at local pubs and festivals in San Myshuno. It doesn’t pay much, but they are still hoping their music will bring them to Del Sol Valley soon.


    As for Akira’s love life he joined Darling at the romance festival, where the guru told them both to open their eyes because the love of their lives where standing only a few feet away. 


    Akira was a bit surprised to realize it was Miko the guru was referring to.


    As for Darling, well.. she met Yuki Behr.

    The Behr Household


    Candy had high hopes for San Myshuno, but her career as an open mic seeker was going nowhere. Even combined with her low paying job as a DJ she had a hard time making ends meet. She considered moving to Del Sol Valley along side with Akira and Sofia, but her little sister Yuki was thriving in the big city, especially after meeting her girlfriend Darling.

    The Bro Household

    Salim loved Windenburg. It was so quiet, so refreshing, so social.


    He spent a lot of time fishing, taking long walks around the island and walking barefoot in the grass. He even got himself a dog, Donut. Candy was often visiting Joaquin needing his career advice, and Siobhan, well she needed a shoulder to cry on. She had a hard time getting over Sergio, but somehow Salim made it a little bit easier. After flirting for several months she agreed to a date.

    The Fyres Household

    For their first official date Salim brought Siobhan her favorite flowers. She was also impressed that Salim had remembered the name of her favorite restaurant, a little italian place in Newcrest. He actually looked quite handsome in his new suit, which he bought for this special occasion. Little did she know that Salim had been in love with her since the moment they met.


    Salim was funny, easy to talk to and a true gentleman. He wanted to save their first kiss for the next date he told her. But Siobhan got a text during the dinner. Apparently Sergio and Penny had split up. She had to talk to him, so after the date she jumped into a taxi and went straight to the Romeo’s penthouse.


    There he was.. he looked so handsome, so muscular, so perfect. Sergio held her in his arms and told her that he missed her. That he made a huge mistake by letting her go and that he would never hurt her again. Siobhan knew it was stupid to believe him, but she couldn't help herself. She loved him by all her heart.


    The news about Sergio and Siobhan getting back together did not sit well with Dominic. He was angry and frustrated by the fact that his daughter chose to forgive that lying @!*? who left her for another woman and made her cry herself to sleep for several months. He screamed and yelled at her. After calming down he realized Siobhan was old enough to make her own decisions about who she would love, and Morgan as well. Besides.. he was in love with his wife’s best friend, so maybe he wasn’t so different from Sergio after all.

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    The Partihaus Household

    Jade and Paolo had just started dating again when Paolo got a phone call from social services in San Myshuno. Apparently his one night stand with dark haired beauty back in the days had made him a father and the mother wanted to give the baby up for adoption. Reluctant to give the baby away Paolo decided bring the little boy back to his house.


    The Partihaus household might not be the best place for a baby, but he didn’t have much choice. He didn’t picture himself having kids any time soon and he didn’t know the first thing about babies, but luckily both Eva and Nina were there to help him. 


    Jade on the other hand was not pleased. They had just gotten back together and suddenly she found out that her boyfriend had a baby with another woman. It was too much for her to handle. The only mature thing to do was to end the relationship for good. 


    The Villarreal Household

    After several months of dating Hugo popped the question. They had basically been living together since they first started dating. Eva couldn’t stand any more drama between Paolo and Jade..


    After Max’ birthday they did a total renovation of the large family mansion.


Luna also had her birthday recently. She also started her internship as a veterinarian, which has been her dream job since she was a little girl.


    The Bheeda Household


    Having two toddlers running around the house can drive you mad sometimes.


    Just ask Arun. Since Jesminder went back to work he had to stay home with the kids. Arya scared off every new nanny they hired, so the little family didn’t have much choice. Luckily they’ll start kindergarten soon.
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  • sims_premadesims_premade Posts: 767 Member
    Hey, i love this, just read it all!

    I play rotationally as well and love seeing what couples other people make and the drama they have in mind for the families.

    Will definitely be reading this going forward!
    Check out the Founding Family Legacy blog here
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    The Caliente-Landgraab Household


    Katrina knew she had met the man of her dreams (for real this time) when she saw Geoffrey Landgraab, or at least that’s what she told him before he proposed to her outside Chez Llama. 
Geoffrey may be naive, but at least he takes the leap. After his divorce with Nancy he used the rest of his savings on a large engagement ring. He also sold some of his expensive paintings. 

Finally Katrina could have her dream wedding.


    And she did. 

The couple got married at Von Haunt Estate, where she initially planned to marry Jacques Villareal. The castle was covered with pink flowers and everyone were invited. Except Nancy, of course.


    It was perfect, besides the fact that Eva Capricciosa showed up in a white dress. Who does she think she is?? Everyone was having a great time.. except Lily Feng. She might have had food poisoning or stomach ache.

    The Pizzazz Household


    Penny gave birth to twins. She texted Sergio when she went into labor, but he didn’t show up. Not even after the twins were born. Even though Penny has a large group of followers on Simstagram and is one of the most popular It-girls of San Myshuno, she had never felt more alone in her life. Suddenly her little apartment became too small and she needed a new place to stay, so she moved into a three bedroom apartment in the art district. Luckily the rent was low and she had friendly neighbors.

    The Jang Household

    Penny’s neighbors are the Jang family.


    They sold their apartment to Candy Behr and moved to the art district, before their second daughter was born. Anaya wanted to focus on her career as a singer and Baako had a breakthrough as a comedian. Billie recently had her birthday and is now attending high school.

    The Caliente-Landgraab Household

    Katrina was just about to book their honeymoon to a luxurious hotel in Sulani when Geoffrey's credit card transaction was cancelled. She was confused and confronted him about his card being declined. Geoffrey knew there was no way out of this but telling the truth, even though it was embarrassing. He told her that after his divorce he was basically left with nothing, and that he used most of his savings on their wedding and her expensive diamond ring.


    Katrina was furious. How dared he keep his economic problems a secret? She was his wife! She had the right to know what kind of situation she married into. How was she supposed to trust him if he could lie to her about something like this? It was unacceptable to stay in this marriage. He had nothing to offer her, so she threw the diamond ring in his face and stormed out the front door. Their marriage lasted 48 hours.
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  • amp107amp107 Posts: 186 Member
    This is great! I love the stories you’ve created with your premades, thank you for sharing :)

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    The Feng Household

    Lily had been feeling sick since the Caliente-Landgraab wedding. She was nauseous, tired and had a lot of mood swings. After spending years doing IVF she had given up on the dream of having children of their own, and since they adopted Ann she had no time thinking about it. One day, after spending a few hours laying on the bathroom floor, she decided to take a pregnancy test.


    It was positive. Lily was pregnant! She couldn't believe her eyes. Ann was going to be a big sister and they would actually experience having another baby.

    The Pancakes Household

    Dina was able to work in her flower shop until her due date with a little bit of help by Bob. The shop was always filled with customers, so they had to hire help while Dina was on maternity leave.


    One night while sleeping her water broke. They almost didn't make it to the hospital in time, but Dina refused to give birth in the car on the way over, so Bob drove as fast as he could. Dina gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Oliver, only minutes after arriving the hospital. He had dark hair and brown eyes, just like his father.


    Bob loved being a father and wanted to try for a second baby as soon as possible. Dina agreed. In her experience it was better to have siblings almost the same age. After all she had a close relationship to her sister Nina.


    A few weeks later Dina was pregnant again.

    The Bheeda Household

    Even though Willow Creek may be more suitable for raising children, Jesminder had to admit she missed the city. She missed the traffic, the small apartments with noisy neighbors, the small food stalls right outside the front door with all sorts of vegetarian dishes. After Camilla's birthday she decided to have a serious talk with Arun. If they were to stay in Willow Creek she wanted a large family with at least two more children, since a large apartment with an affordable rent was almost impossible to come by in San Myshuno. Or option two, they were to move back to the city with Arya and Camilla in a child friendly neighborhood.


    As much as Arun loves his daughters, the thought of having two more children almost gave him a panic attack. They could barely afford the two bedroom house in the suburbs. How on earth would they afford an even bigger place to live?


    Luckily when Jesminder got an offer to work as a mixologist at Stargazer Lounge she got a huge raise in her salary and the little family could afford a small penthouse apartment in the art district. The place needed some work of course, but on the upside Jesminder got to keep her little garden and the view was amazing.

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  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,792 Member
    I just found this and read it all :). Really like the stories you made with the premades.
    I just started playing them in rotation always having them be the "extras" in my saves until recently. They've grown on me over the years and the most recent additions (Strangerville and Island Living) made me decide to go for it.
    Anyway I'll be keeping an eye on this thread for the smiles.
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    The Goth Household

    Alexander's birthday was a huge turning point for Bella and Mortimer. After spending the last months in couples therapy without any progression, Mortimer came out of his study and celebrated his son's birthday with enthusiasm. He even threw his daughter Sophia a big birthday party as well.


    One of the main reasons why Mortimer spent so much time in his study was his dream of becoming a bestselling author. He couldn't write unless he was inspired and he was only inspired while isolating himself from his family. It took many years to complete his book, but after having written the last page he felt empty and relieved at once. He knew his book was a reflection of himself and that it might be too gloomy for most people. The only thing remaining was to send it to different editors and hope for the best.


    Mortimer gave Bella the first draft of his book and read the preface.

    To my Bella,
    From the deepest part of my soul
    I love you,
    until the day I die


    It might seem like the sweetest thing, but the words actually belonged to a love letter sent from Don Lothario. A letter sent to Bella after they ended their affair, but unfortunately it never reached her. Instead it was locked away in a drawer in Mortimer's study. He was willing to do whatever it took to keep his marriage together.

    The Spencer-Kim-Lewis Household

    Alice and Eric threw a big birthday party for Olivia, since they've been working all the time lately. They invited family and friends, and they were all having a real good time. Alice even baked the birthday cake herself this time, even though they hired a caterer and a bartender for the evening.


    After Philip was born Alice pursued her dream of opening an art gallery in San Myshuno.


    She was able to open a small gallery for modern art, but she had to let go of her art critics career.. at least temporarily. Things had been going well for Eric too. He was just promoted to President of Landgraab Enterprises by Nancy Landgraab.

    The Villareal Household


    Hugo always wanted a big family, so when Eva found out she was pregnant he couldn't be happier. Eva was a bit stressed out. She wanted to be married before having children, and she had been planning their wedding for some time, but would they be able to get married before her due date? And would she fit in her wedding dress with a baby bump?


    With a lot of help by family and friends they were able to get married at Von Haunt Estate. It was a beautiful wedding with delicious food, drinks and a lot of cake. A lot.. of cake. Pregnancy cravings, you know. After the wedding they went on their honeymoon to Sulani, before heading home to get the nursery ready for the baby's arrival.

    (Hugo fell asleep and got a real bad sunburn!)

    Max just started dating Olivia Kim-Lewis, even though everyone thought she and Alexander Goth were an item. Careful not to hurt his feelings they decided to keep a low profile for now.

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  • CrazyNinjaCrazyNinja Posts: 24 Member
    Just finished reading all of this! I love what you’ve done with the families. I just recently started playing rotationally with them in my save and it’s been so fun. Definitely bookmarking 🙂
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    The Rasoya Household

    After Geeta passed away Raj asked Summer to move in. She said yes. First and foremost to support Raj while he was dealing with his mother's passing, but also because Geeta never approved of Summer while she was alive. It was hard for Summer, because she always pictured herself being the perfect daughter-in-law, so when Geeta saw her as the complete opposite she tried everything to get Geeta to like her. Raj was so thankful for having Summer around he decided to ask her to marry him.


    One night while walking around San Myshuno he got down on one knee and proposed. They celebrated their engagement at a restaurant with Summer's best friends, Travis and Liberty.


    They had to put their wedding plans on hold for the time being, since Summer had been keeping a little secret. She was pregnant! She never got to tell Geeta the news, but on the other hand she was afraid of her reaction. Maybe it was for the best.


    Summer wanted to move back to the suburbs, but Raj was not ready to leave his childhood home. Especially not since his mother passed away only a few months ago. So they stayed in San Myshuno and redecorated the apartment to make Summer feel more at home. After all Geeta was no longer around to say no.

    The Roomies Household

    J, Mitchell, Zoe and Gavin went on a spontaneous trip to Sulani. Gavin and J had been working a lot lately and needed a break, Zoe was in desperate need of a new tan and Mitchell.. well he just wanted a free vacation. Zoe explored the sea while Mitchell slept and Gavin got to know the locals. J did what J does best, so of course he found a local beauty right after arriving Sulani.


    But this was no ordinary girl. She was breathtakingly beautiful and charming. She had an angels voice, her touch was light and her skin was soft. Her eyes were dark and almost enchanting, and her long curled hair played in the wind as she walked by. J didn't know what to do. He usually had no problems talking to girls, but this girl was way out of his league.


    Luckily it seemed like Nalani had a crush on J as well because she invited him to Mua Pel'am, an uninhabited part of Sulani, where they could explore the island without any interruption. She showed him the volcano, the colorful fish and coral reefs in the ocean, the hidden cave and the famous waterfall. She invited him in for a quick shower.. among other things.


    He got madly in love with her and as they laid on the beach looking at the stars he asked her to move in with him. Nalani didn't answer, but kissed him gently on his cheek and closed her eyes. J fell asleep with Nalani in his arms.


    She was gone by the time he woke up. While Zoe, Gavin and Mitchell went back home to Oasis Springs, J stayed behind to look for Nalani. He searched the islands for several days, but he couldn't find her. He started wondering if he was going mad or if it was all just a dream, since none of his friends had actually seen her. Eventually he had to give up and went back home to his roommates.

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  • amp107amp107 Posts: 186 Member
    I love your stories and the way you’ve written this. Every time you update it’s like I’m catching up on my weekly shows haha. I play rotationally with the pre-mades myself so I have a couple of questions for you: which life span do you play on and do you allow your families to auto-age while they are not in play or does only your active family have aging turned on? Just curious how other people handle rotational play. For my main save where I’m rotationally playing all of the pre-makes plus some of my own, I’m using the long lifespan and only have aging turned on for the active household.

  • PeppermixPeppermix Posts: 231 Member
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    @amp107 Thank you!

    I started off by playing with auto aging with long lifespan, but it takes a lot of time to rotate between households so I quickly decided to turn aging off on my active families. I don't celebrate most birthdays, I usually just age them up in CAS. I try my best to hold my different generations up to date, by aging them up almost the same. Like Max and Olivia. When posting stories like this I have to make sure I post everything according to my timeline, so they don't age backwards in my pictures (if you know what I mean).
  • sueplayssimssueplayssims Posts: 126 Member
    Wow, I read this last night. Great stories and I love seeing the rotational style.
    I've used some of the Sims your playing as spouses in my legacy and they lead very different lives in my game, so it's been really interesting to see how you're playing them! Will watch out for more updates for your story
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    The Bjergsen Household

    Clara and Bjorn tried for a third baby after Elsa was born. Bjorn really wanted a son, but knew his odds were against him, since they tried for a very long time to get pregnant the last time around. And he was right. Clara was not able to get pregnant and since she didn't want to take any fertility supplements they just stopped trying. Since then Sofia and Elsa have grown into two strong and independent girls. Sofia is almost a young adult and about to finish high school and Elsa is almost a teenager. Elsa is a straight-A student, while Sofia has focused a lot more on her music than her grades. She dreams of becoming a famous artist and she is in love with the lead singer in her band, Akira. Unfortunately he's dating Miko Ojo and Sofia might be a little bit too young for his taste.


    One day Clara noticed that her period was late. At first she thought she had hit menopause, but when she noticed that her pants felt tight she knew it couldn't be further from the truth. She was actually pregnant! Bjorn was the only one in the household who was happy about the news.


    The Fyres Household

    Morgan has secretly been dating Diego Lobo for a very long time, but now she was finally ready to introduce him to her family. After talking to her mother they decided to host a dinner party with family and friends, and Morgan was more than welcome to invite her boyfriend.


    Clara told her best friend Moira about her unexpected pregnancy, while Dominic glanced at her across the table. He was completely silent during the dinner, but his mind was spinning in circles. After all they've had an affair for many years, almost since Clara and Bjorn gave up on having more children. All of a sudden his girlfriend was expecting a baby with her husband. Was this the end of their affair? Just like that?

    The Feng Household

    Lily and Nancy recently had a girls night out in San Myshuno. Lily told Nancy about her pregnancy and gave her a quick update on Geoffrey's failed marriage to Katrina, which only lasted 48 hours. Nancy felt a bit sorry for Geoffrey. He may be naive, but he had a kind heart. He deserved a whole lot better.


    Lily gave birth to a boy, Adam, at one of San Myshuno's private hospitals. Lily was worried that she would feel a stronger love for her biological child than Ann who was adopted, but it was all for nothing. Ann was just as much her daughter as Adam was her son.

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    The Fyres Household

    Siobhan was glad to have her boyfriend back and he had barely mentioned Penny since they started dating again. It seemed like everything was back to normal. But one day it was all over the news - Penny was spotted moving into an apartment in the art district with her two daughters. Siobhan wasn't stupid. Suddenly it all made sense. It made sense how Sergio suddenly moved back home, how he never spoke about Penny.. and how was it even possible that Penny could have two daughters? Their breakup wasn't that long ago. Unless she cheated on him of course?


    Siobhan had to confront Sergio about the news and of course he denied it all. He denied having any children, but after quickly realizing that no one believed him he accused Penny of cheating. Siobhan didn't know what to believe, so she went straight to Penny's apartment. She had never met Penny before, but she was just as beautiful and kind as everyone claimed her to be.


    Penny told Siobhan the truth. How Sergio left her after she got pregnant, how he never showed up while she was in labor and how he never once visited his daughters after they were born. Not even on their birthdays. Siobhan almost couldn't believe how blindsided she had been. She was so embarrassed that she had believed every word Sergio told her and how she had hated Penny for it all. She broke up with Sergio and promised herself never to talk to him again.

    The Pancakes Household

    Bob and Dina was more than ready to become a family of four (five if you include their dog). This time they wanted a home birth, since they barely made it to the hospital the last time and Dina felt like she had no control over the situation. So when Dina's water broke she wanted to give birth in the bath tub.


    Bob was supportive during her contractions, but deep down he knew he couldn't help her. Not that Dina needed any help in the first place. She did an amazing job by herself and after a few hours Benjamin was born. Oliver was not happy to have a little brother, but Dina promised that having a little brother was awesome and that they would have so much fun together in the future.

    (PS! Meet their french bulldog Bubble)
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  • sueplayssimssueplayssims Posts: 126 Member
    Glad the truth came out about Sergio, and Bubble is just too adorable!!
  • BloosmooBloosmoo Posts: 727 Member
    I love what you are doing here. Clara's face when Diego and Morgan are kissing, it's like...really? Lol. Oliver is such a little cutie and Sergio always struck me as a bit of a rat.
  • OnlySaneManOnlySaneMan Posts: 1 New Member
    Really liking these. Quick query though; is Summer's hair a CC? I have all but four of the stuff packs and can't find that style anywhere.
  • PeppermixPeppermix Posts: 231 Member
    edited July 2019
    Really liking these. Quick query though; is Summer's hair a CC? I have all but four of the stuff packs and can't find that style anywhere.

    Thank you :) Yes, unfortunately it's CC. Really wish Maxis would make more hairstyles like this one. I think it's called Evelyn Hair by Stephanie.
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