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TS4: The lives of Premades



  • PeppermixPeppermix Posts: 231 Member

    The Villareal Household


    To celebrate Lucia's birthday they hosted a big barbecue in the backyard and invited all of Lucia's friends.


    Lucia was quite popular. Of course, hanging out at her house with a nice pool might have something to do with it, but she was also hilarious and very outgoing. She loved dogs and would do charity work at dog shelters in Brindleton Bay on her spare time. Her best friends included Heather Flex, Evie Delgato and Isabella Fyres, and she was dating Adam Feng. I bet Lily and Victor were glad to know that at least their son was thinking about his economic future, all though Adam was dating Lucia for her personality rather than her money. And to be fair - Hugo and Eva didn't have much money. In order to keep his father's house he had to give both Max and Luna their share of the inheritance. The rest Eva spent on renovating the house and maintaining her expensive lifestyle. She didn't have a job and Hugo worked as a chef at a local restaurant in Windenburg, which really didn't pay that much.The only member of the Villareal household who had placed his money strategically in both real estate and finance, was Max.


    Anyhow, Eva had invited the whole family and all of Lucia's friends to her birthday party. Even Luna stopped by with her daughters Victoria, Valentina and Vienna, while J was visiting his son Mauí. When J got back home from his last trip to Sulani, he had a serious talk with his wife. J told Luna that he had a son from a previous relationship, but that he didn't know until after they got married, and that he was living with his mother in Sulani.


    He didn't tell her about the whole mermaid thing, because.. well. He didn't want to sound crazy. J really wanted to live closer to his son and asked Luna if they could have some sort of arrangement that made it possible for him to be a good father to all of his children. Luna was shocked by the news, but looked over to her daughters and realized that she couldn't imagine being away from them and of course J felt the same way about his son.


    Lucia Villareal - Friend of the animals - Materialistic, outgoing

    The Ward Household


    Sergio had a hard time convincing both celebrities and media that his love for Judith Ward was real (who am I kidding). She was the most award-winning actress with the highest paycheck in Del Sol Valley (possibly the world), and he was basically no one. Or, truth be told, the Romeo's were a wealthy family indeed. Sergio grew up in a penthouse apartment with both a maid and a butler, since his parents were both doctors and had made a fortune in real estate. But they disowned him a long time ago, because he had abandoned his children and lied to his family. They thought that leaving Sergio with no family money meant that he had to grow up and take responsibility for himself, but Sergio just kept on doing what he does best. Getting beautiful women pregnant and leaving them with all of the responsibility.. just kidding.. or am I? It was his best kept secret. Even Judith didn't know anything about his past and she was his wife!


    Oh well, I am not going to lie to you. Sergio married Judith because of her money and because it was good PR, but he didn't expect her to write a prenup. It was too late for Sergio to back out when he found out, so all of a sudden he found himself tied down to an old lady who never left her mansion anymore. He used to be able to enjoy the big house like it was his own, but ever since Judith had a minor heart attack she barely left Del Sol Valley. It was impossible for Sergio to sneak around with his mistress Natalia. Let's just say it was a turn-off...


    But Judith had never had so much time to enjoy her new husband. She enjoyed him in her shower, in her jacuzzi, and she even found a new way to enjoy her vault with piles of money. But one day, after finishing a round of sweaty woohoo, Judith had a massive heart attack and fell onto her piles of money. Sergio freaked out as he watched his old wife die right in front of him. What was he supposed to do? He was scared out of his mind as the Grim Reaper arrived to announce Judith's last wish and to take her body with him. It was a moment of silence followed by a big smile on his face as he realized that he had inherited all of her money.


    He was, all of a sudden, the most wealthy man in Del Sol Valley.


    PS! As one of Sergio's biggest fans, the Grim Reaper had to ask him for an autograph.
  • PeppermixPeppermix Posts: 231 Member

    The Fyres Household


    Siobhan loved being a mother to Samuel. He was a smart kid and filled her life with so much love. Siobhan took some time off from work in order to spend as much time as possible with him. Since she was a doctor she usually spent most of her days at the hospital and was home after he was put to bed, but since she knew Samuel would be her only child she was careful not to miss a thing, and he was growing up so fast. Salim usually read night stories to Samuel before he fell asleep and was inspired to write children's books himself. He had spent years trying to finish a book, but since he lacked inspiration it was difficult. Now he was more inspired than ever and was working on a novel called Prince Samuel and The Purple Dragon.


    Moira spent most of her days in her garden. Repotting roses was peaceful and relaxing, and it gave her energy to spend time with her grandchildren Elijah and Samuel.


    Morgan tried to spend as much time as she could with her mother, but with a new boyfriend, a new apartment, a child and a busy job, it was hard to find the time. She had finally made her way up the career ladder and was becoming a well-known fashion designer. Besides being Britany Cho's stylist, she made her own collection of maternity wear. During her last pregnancy she had a hard time finding maternity clothes that actually looked good on her, so when Mark told her he wanted a baby she was more inspired than ever.


    The thought of having a baby was really scary for Morgan. Not because she didn't want a baby, but because she hated being pregnant and went through a lot of trouble the last time. She knew that Mark wanted children and that denying him a baby would end their relationship. Mark suggested to hire a surrogate, but Morgan wanted to carry the child herself, and decided to work on her next collection of maternity wear during her pregnancy.

    The Spencer-Kim-Lewis Household


    Eva and Philip knew that they had to spend some time apart when they enrolled university. Philip was walking in his parents footsteps to Britechester University to get his degree in literature and become a lawyer, while Eva had applied to Foxbury Institute to become a teacher.


    Neither wanted a long distance relationship during their time at campus, so they knew they had an expiration date ahead of them. They had been together for many years now, so it was a hard decision to make, and it came as a surprise to everyone who knew the two love birds. Truth was that Philip was kind of jealous and he knew that he wouldn't be able to focus on his studies if all he could think about was his beautiful girlfriend partying her way through Foxbury Institute. He loved her, but he couldn't let her get in the way of his future.


    Eric knew how hard his son had worked to get into his distinguished degree in literature. Philip was ambitious and hardworking. He was able to make the sacrifices necessary in order to reach his goals, and as much as Eric appreciated Eva Hecking and her family, he knew how much love could cloud ones judgement. His daughter Olivia was the perfect example. She spent all of her teenage years going back and fourth with that rich kid Max Villareal, got in several fights with her father, lied about her degree, failed the first semesters, but was able to finish with honors when her boyfriend got expelled from Britechester. He was not going to let his son do the same mistake.

    Speaking of Olivia..

    She might have graduated with honors, but after going to several auditions without any results she knew that her grades didn't matter at all in this business. No one asked about her degree or her grades. She wasn't famous and she wasn't super rich - she was basically no one. She knew she had to sign with an agency in order to kick-start her career, but was turned down by several agencies until she was able to find someone that would actually hire her. Her first job was as the lead singer in a famous musical, but unfortunately she lost her voice on the stage and made a complete fool of herself and the director.


    The agency decided to give her a second chance and gave her a part in a medieval play, but unfortunately Olivia had never handled a heavy sward before and dropped the whole thing on her foot. Olivia was rushed to the hospital, but luckily for her she only got a bruised ankle. She didn't loose any toes, but she lost her job and was fired from her agency.


    The Bjergsen-Goth Household


    Elsa and Alexander built their dream house overlooking Brindleton Bay. It was a graduation gift from Bjorn Bjergsen (and a way to make sure his daughter wouldn't move all the way to Oasis Springs or Willow Creek).


    Elsa began her residency at Cut 'n Gut Hospital and Alexander got himself a job as a hedge fund manager, which meant they would be working long hours. To celebrate their engagement and their new jobs they invited Alexander's family over for a family dinner.


    There had been a lot of tension in the Goth family. Sophia was still angry with her father, Mortimer had a hard time accepting that his ex-wife getting married to Don and Bella didn't even want to look her ex-husband in the eyes since he cheated on her with Maaike Haas. So you could say that it was a lot of awkward silence and passive aggressiveness around the dinner table.


    Despite the hard feelings, it was nice to see Alexander's family together for the first time in many years.
  • PeppermixPeppermix Posts: 231 Member

    The Ojo Household


    Since Miko moved back to San Myshuno, she had been working for one of the biggest environmental law firms in the city to make sure that Mua Pel'am would be protected from any pollution in the future. But over time she lost faith that the government really wanted to make a change. For instance her company handled the large settlement between Landgraab Enterprises and the residents of Strangerville, and she couldn't believe that no one had been arrested for the crimes committed. When she tried to pursuit the case further, even though the case was closed, she was fired from her job. Apparently she was unpredictable and "unable to follow the rules".


    She was so sick and tired of watching large industrial companies making a fortune on behalf of places like Sulani, Strangerville and Evergreen Harbor. Over the years she had read about the pollution of Evergreen Harbor, and while everyone wanted to make a difference for a tropical paradise like Sulani, no one cared about the industrialized coastal town with massive piles of trash in the streets. People fled from the city, but the ones who stayed behind really wanted to restore their city back to it's former glory. Maybe a little bit more modern this time around. Since nothing was holding her back, she decided to move all the way to Evergreen Harbor.


    The town was worse than she had imagined. Piles of trash were building up in the streets and some days you could barely see anything outside the window because of the polluted air. One day she met Knox Greenburg, who wanted to assure himself that Miko was recycling her trash and tried to educate her about an eco-friendly way of living. He had no idea he was talking to the one and only Miko Ojo.


    Miko and Knox quickly hit things off. She was a couple of years older than he was, but Knox fell head over heels for Miko. She was everything he had ever dreamed of and she shared his vision of an eco-friendly and sustainable way of living.

    Girls, find a man that looks at you the way Knox looks at Miko..

    Makoa Kealoha stopped by to give Miko a gift for her new home. He gave her several pictures from her time in Sulani, so she could remember the beautiful island and all of their adventures together. Poor Makoa had never forgotten Miko, and while he went back to his wife, he still couldn't stop himself from seeing her from time to time.


    Miko had friendzoned Makoa the moment he went back to his wife, so she was unaware of the fact that Makoa was secretly in love with her and was hoping to continue their love story. Obviously, he didn't know about the ongoing romance between Miko and Knox..

    The Feng Household


    When Miko was fired from her job she went straight to Victor Feng, but without a huge law firm behind her, she had very little power to back up her case. All though Victor admired Miko for her willpower, he had more than enough to deal with at home to have an unemployed and angry environmentalist scream at him for being a corruptive politician who never cared for the environment to begin with. While it was true - he had earned a lot of money over the years on shipping industry and pharmaceutical companies that didn't give a rat about the environment - Victor had decided to take a step back to take care of his family.


    Lily was sick and had decided to retire from her job. At the same time Ann refused to go to university, so the couple basically had to force her to apply to Britechester. Ann never cared much about school or her grades, and she definitely didn't care about higher education. But Victor, who was a well-respected politician, was close friends with one of Britechester's administrators and got his daughter accepted into whatever degree see wanted. Ann was a famous Simstragramer and she wanted to focus on a career in social media, but she agreed to get a degree in communications at Britechester - as long as it didn't come in the way of her current job. Her little brother Adam, on the other hand, was a straight A student and determined to follow his mother's footsteps and get a degree in economics. But first he had to graduate from high school.


    Adam Feng - Fabulously wealthy - Ambitious, kleptomaniac

    The Flex Household


    Marcus retired from his job as a detective when his only daughter Heather became a teenager. Heather was a lot like her parents - she was active, loved to party and she didn't want to be tied down to anything. Sounds quite familiar when you look back at her parents in their early twenties.


    Heather was a good singer and had a beautiful voice. She loved karaoke and to hang out late at night with her friends - which was also one of the reasons why Marcus felt the need to retire. Heather was rebellious and often found herself in fights with her arch enemy Amber Rasoya. Apparently Heather had slept with Amber's boyfriend (like mother like daughter I guess).


    Because Nina Caliente was known to have a wild past. She and her sister Dina were unstoppable in their early twenties and had broken up both relationships and marriages on their way. And as we know Dina eventually married one of her lovers. Now they were both settled down and were raising teenagers. But even now, almost twenty years later, they still looked like a million bucks.


    Heather Flex - Serial Romantic - Active, Hot-headed
  • PeppermixPeppermix Posts: 231 Member

    The Fyres Household


    Dominic was still having an affair with his mistress Ava. It was a bit easier to sneak around since she moved into a university dormitory while getting her degree in psychology and Clara's daughter Elsa had recently graduated from Foxbury.

    But let's leave this rat and head over to.. Morgan Fyres!


    By the end of her pregnancy she was completely dependent on help from Mark to get through the day. Her back was aching the whole third trimester and she could barely walk. Elijah did his best to help out with chores so his mother could rest the last couple of weeks before her due date. Morgan was having a lot of anxiety to give birth and she was starting to panic.


    Siobhan, who had taken some time off to be with her son, decided to schedule her sister a c-section, so Morgan could relax and so she would have a friendly face in the delivery room.


    Mark - giving us the terrified look on a man's face as he has forgotten which delivery room his girlfriend is giving birth in..


    Morgan gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Jaxon Fyres-Eggleston.

    The Villareal-Huntingon Household


    Luna had spent a long time dealing with the fact that J had a son outside their marriage, but after meeting Mauí she knew she had to figure out a way for them to be together. She bought a vacation home in Lani St. Taz with the rest of her inheritance, so they could stay there whenever they felt like visiting the islands. And of course Mauí and Nalani could stay there too..


    It was a really generous offer made by Luna and J was once again reminded by how humble and caring his wife truly was. Luna knew that J and Nalani still had some feelings for each other, but since Nalani had told them she was dating a member of her tribe (as she used to call it), she felt pretty safe that Nalani would leave her husband alone.


    J tried his best to respect the fact that Nalani was dating someone else, but a part of him felt like she belonged to him. She was his soulmate. And if the sight of Nalani and Ukupanipo wasn't enough, he could see how much Mauí looked up to him as a father figure. J really hated Ukupanipo.


    But Nalani was very much in love and it was an easy kind of love. The type of love where she could be herself 100% of the time and where Ukupanipo understood every aspect of her life. Mauí was already showing signs of being a merman and Ukupanipo would be able to teach him everything he needed to know when the time comes. Still, there's a difference between what is right and what is easy. All though J was clearly the one she knew it would hurt so many people if they would end up together. She was so lucky to have everyone in her life, and to have Mauí and Ukupanipo by her side, that she knew she could live with the fact that J would never belong to her.

    The Bachelor Lothario Household


    It had taken a long time, but finally the day was here. Don looked over at his beautiful bride Bella in her red wedding dress and thought about every heartache, every tear and every obstacle along the way, but now he was finally about to marry the love of his life.


    She was his best friend, but also the most complicated person he knew. He loved her short temper, sensuality, kindness and the way she snored when she slept on her back (even though she always denies she does!). Bella had, despite what she thought, always had his heart in her hands.


    The couple exchanged vows and sealed their marriage with a kiss in front of family and friends. Even Jorge Lothario was there to show his support..


    ..and to make out with Elle Canon on the bedroom balcony. Now, Jorge could play the field as the only single Lothario left in the family.

    Cassandra, Alexander and Sophia were there to witness their mother getting married. Both Cassandra and Alexander have settled down in their new homes, but Sophia was still living with her mother. At least for a few more weeks until she leaves for Britechester University!

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    The Holland-Munch Household


    What started out as a year of exploring inner creativity quickly took a huge turn when an infection spread throughout Strangerville. Leslie got infected and couldn't remember the last few months after she got an antidote. The trio decided to part ways as Alice moved in with her boyfriend Johnny and Mark decided to move to San Myshuno. Leslie decided to stay behind, but the huge house was way too expensive to manage without a steady income, so she began working as an engineering technician for Strangerville's military base, and that's were she met Lucas Munch.


    It took some time before Lucas was ready to move out of his mother's house, but when he got an offer to work as a computer engineer in Strangerville, he decided it was time to leave the nest. It might be one of the best decisions he ever made, since he's now expecting a baby with his girlfriend Leslie.

    The Zest Martin Household

    So we know what happened to Mark and Leslie, but what happened to Alice?


    Alice moved in with Johnny in his brand new house on top of Shady Acres. Johnny decided to run for mayor to get rid of Ted Roswell, but despite everything Johnny has done for the city, the people still admired Ted for his leadership. All though - most people in Strangerville didn't know anything about what happened a few years back, since Johnny had agreed to a settlement.


    Johnny refused to give up on his political career, but ever since their daughter Jennifer was born, the couple has had more than enough to do at home. Jennifer's last name is Martin, since Zest is only a stage name, and Johnny does not want to give Jennifer the burden of carrying his real name Landgraab.

    The Ward Romeo Household


    For a long time Sergio was OK with having Judith's last name, but when he decided to go public with his relationship with Natalia, it felt wrong. He changed his last name back to Romeo and officially declared himself in a relationship. Natalia, who had been enjoying Sergio's mansion for a long time, moved in just a few weeks after Judith passed away. She quickly redecorated the place to feel more at home, but in reality she was just marking her territory.


    Sergio didn't mind at first, but as time went by he got kind off annoyed by how much of his (Judith's) money she spent. Of course he knew she was a gold digger. He wasn't stupid. She was in it for the money, just like he was when he married Judith. But Natalia, who used to be exiting, fun and like a forbidden fruit, was now just a regular girl who did very little to except spending his money and looking good in designer dresses. It was boring. So, Sergio broke things off.


    The break-up did not sit well with Natalia, who made sure to visit Sergio's vault one last time before closing the doors behind her. Unfortunately for Sergio, the vault belonged to Judith and she was not able to give Sergio the password before passing away. Until now the vault had been open, but once Natalia pushed the button to close the doors - there was no easy way for Sergio to reach his inheritance.


    Sergio, you better not mess with Natalia..

    The Jang Household


    Just a few weeks before Naya was set to leave for Britechester University, her father Baako passed away. It came as a shock for his family, since Baako seemed to be in the best shape of his life. Anaya took a step back from her career as an actress to process the loss of her husband and to allow herself to grieve. Billie decided to move back in with her mother, along with her boyfriend Pierce Delgato, to take care of her.


    Naya wanted to stay behind, but her family assured her that everything would be fine, and that Baako was so proud of her to get into a distinguished degree in fine arts. He would have wanted her to go and to have the best time possible while she was there. The day after the funeral Naya moved to Britechester.

  • PeppermixPeppermix Posts: 231 Member
    Wow! Three posts in one day :D A lot happened over the holidays, so here you go!

    The Bjergsen-Goth Household


    Alexander and Elsa decided to throw a housewarming party in their brand new house. They had been working a lot lately and Elsa had been spending most of her days at the hospital. She had been promoted to chief-resident, which meant a lot more responsibility and less time at home with family and friends.


    Elsa hadn't seen her best friend Olivia since they graduated, and while Elsa was climbing the career latter, Olivia was having a hard time making it as an actress. Olivia, who was used to hanging out with her best friend almost every day, was struggling with the fact that Elsa was starting a brand new life and had new priorities besides hanging out with friends.


    It was during her brother's housewarming party that Sophia ran into Duane Talla. Duane was one of Alexander's best friends, but Sophia had never met him before. She was charmed by his laughter and need for adventures, which was difficult since she was about to leave for Britechester University to study biology in a few weeks. Duane lived in Sulani, where he had built his own house and worked as a fisherman. He was an excellent at his job and his main interest was catching rare (and endangered) fish, which brought him all over the world. He had so many fascinating stories to tell.

    The Fyres-Bjergsen Household


    Dominic was about to celebrate his daughter's birthday when his girlfriend Clara answered his phone. He could see by the look on her face that it was Ava who had called him. Clara didn't want to make a scene, but handed the phone over to Dominic instead.


    Clara was distracted by her daughter Sofia. She hadn't seen her daughter since she divorced Bjorn Bjergsen all those years ago, but now Sofia was here to celebrate her little sister Isabella. Sofia had spent years hating her mother for breaking up their family, but seeing her now made her forget the past. Clara had aged a lot since Sofia saw her last time and she realized that you may not be able to choose your family, and you may not like them, but they are still your family. So Sofia showed her mother her engagement ring and told her about her fiancée Akira Kibo.


    Upstairs Dominic was talking to his mistress Ava, who was having a panic attack because Clara had answered the phone, but also because she was pregnant with twins and had to move out of her dorm before the babies arrived. Ava had secretly wanted Dominic to leave Clara and Dominic had always told her he was going to, but kept giving her excuses to why he had to wait. Now Ava was sure had to leave Clara, she was expecting twins. His twins! Dominic was shocked by the news. Was this really happening all over again? He had to sit down. Dominic was in his early twenties when Siobhan was born and was ready to start a family. Now his daughters were all grown up and Isabella was a teenager. He was a grandfather for heavens sake. He wasn't ready to become a father all over again. So Dominic told Ava he was sorry and hung up.


    Dominic went back down to the living room to join the party. He hugged his girlfriend Clara and told her he loved her. Clara never fully trusted Dominic, but she never found proof of his affairs.


    The next couple of weeks Dominic did everything to please his girlfriend and one day he even proposed to her. Clara thought it was stupid. She had already been married once and besides - they had been dating for a very long time without tying the knot so why bother now? But Dominic was persistent and wanted to elope. It took some convincing, but Clara eventually said I do to her new husband.

    Isabella Fyres - Party Animal - Goofball, Dance Machine

    The Foxbury Roomies


    Eva Hecking, Marie Scott-Lee, Camilla and Arya Bheeda moved into one of Foxbury Insistute's dormitories. Eva was getting her degree in psychology and had just broken up with Philip Kim-Lewis, so she was having a hard time. Luckily for her she shared bedroom with Arya Bheeda, who was getting a degree in biology. Arya was a skilled swimmer and athlete, and joined Foxbury's soccer team the minute she moved in.


    Her sister Camilla was following her mother's footsteps and was getting a degree in culinary arts. As a vegetarian, she wanted to open her own vegan restaurant one day. Next door to Camilla was Marie. Marie was getting a degree in computer science and quickly joined both the e-sport team and the Bot Savants, where she met Cameron Fletcher.

  • DanmanNefariusDanmanNefarius Posts: 724 Member
    seems Natalia gave Sergio a taste of his own medicine XD a woman's scorn…..more terrifying than ❤️❤️❤️❤️'s fury >.<
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