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S4 BuildnShare Winners Circle


  • Issabella14Issabella14 Posts: 1,656 Member
    Thanks @lisa17ann for your kind words of inspiration to all the builders <3:)
  • Zita1966zZita1966z Posts: 9,586 Member
    edited July 2015
    Hey hey congrats @issabella14.... watch out Charleze Theron is now in your category lol lol Beautiful build loved it. @gmcozier your build was equally outstanding. :)
  • Issabella14Issabella14 Posts: 1,656 Member
    Aw thanks @Zita1966z <3:)
  • NhicksNhicks Posts: 1,580 Member
    Congrats @issabella14!!!! You did am amazing job on you orphanage. It really is beautiful! Well done @gmcrozier my hat goes off to you!! Thanks @BuildnShare for a fun challenge. Really was a challenge LOL I hate roofs by the way LOL
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  • Ash072Ash072 Posts: 1,324 Member
    I didn't realize they were judged in categories based upon builder's skill level. I thought that was just for background/bio stuff. :)

    I think I will have to try expert next go around.
  • Issabella14Issabella14 Posts: 1,656 Member
    Thanks sweet @Nhicks, for your kind words <3:)
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,678 Member


    Tadaima, I'm Home is a gorgeous Japanese style starter with a great combination of exterior wall textures. Excellent use of terrain paint to create the winding path at the front leading to the spacious backyard. Good layout of the interior using an open plan concept and easy access to the bathroom and bedrooms. You've created a fabulous design on such a tiny budget!

    Suggestions: It would have been nice to see the Japanese style of the exterior carried into the interior of the home, especially as you did such a good job on the outside. Also, as we judge primarily on the media provided, it is always a good idea to take a few shots of every room in order for us to get a full picture. Well organised pics giving a tour of the build is also very helpful.


    It's amazing how you've managed to create a terrace of three houses on such a low budget and given them all a great look! Great exterior style, really reminds me of the seaside and good to see you've given each one individuality with the different coloured windows and doors. The minimal modern interiors are perfect for this budget and look very stylish and fresh.

    Suggestions: Excellent idea to use terrain paint outdoors to cleverly divide the homes and save on funds at the same time. However, a few enlarged plants/flowers would have given a more attractive appearance to the front of the buildings.


    Crimson Crest is a fabulous modern family home, very appropriately named having such a bold exterior colour scheme. Great choice of windows and doors providing cool contrast to the build, topped off perfectly with the striking roof design. Lovely choice of plants giving an attractive look to exterior. The open plan layout provides space and the modern style is chic and stylish.

    Suggestions: Excellent idea to use terrain paint to create the winding path and of course it saves on budget! However, I feel the path would look more 'blended in' by softening the paint using the slider. Also, the dining area in the backyard may be enhanced by using terrain paint to create a paved patio area here.


    Excellent work with the two row houses on Foundation Way with such a low budget. You have really shown great creativity here using terrain paint to fill the outdoor areas. This is a very stylish and neat modern duplex with a beautiful facade, using a great combination of exterior finishes. Wonderful layouts, the open concept design provides space and allows the game to play well.

    Suggestions: As mentioned earlier you have worked wonders with the terrain paint, but the rear looks like it's missing something. I would have forsaken the tv and used the funds on a patio table and chairs, as well as more plants.


    Newcrest Manor is a very magnificent modern build with a well balanced facade and spectacular roof design. Beautiful landscaping surrounding the home, really like the topiary area! Wonderful pool design with the fountains and the towels look great by the side. The interior layout works well and the design and decorations are fabulous. Excellent use of MOO, particularly the coffee table with the plant in the middle in the living area, the bathroom sink units and the bed surround in room three.

    Suggestions: Not sure what style you had in mind for the front, but the three different door types are three different styles. I would have used more matching doors here.


    A very magnificent build with a fantastic rear patio housing hot tub, bar, lounge and dining areas, as well as a play space for children, very well thought out. Really like the window design on the first floor balcony overlooking the pool, very creative! Great interior layout with spacious rooms and gorgeous bright colour schemes which give lots of warmth to the build. Wonderful basement providing lots of leisure and fun activities.

    Suggestions: There seem to be a lot of empty walls within your home which could benefit from more decoration, ie pictures, sculptures, mirrors, etc. Also, adding more indoor plants/sculptures would provide greater interest to the rooms.


    Classic and Cosy is an absolutely adorable cottage, great structural design and the combination and colour of the exterior finishes is 'spot on'. The decorative items, such as spandrels, hanging baskets and lanterns provide lots of interest and attraction to the facade. Perfect landscaping using cottage style planting to match the style of the home. Great interior layout with gorgeous design and decoration using bold and vibrant colours.

    Suggestions: I feel the walls, especially upstairs, could benefit from more decorations, ie sculptures, pictures, mirrors, etc, to add more interest.


    Newcrest11 is a fabulous modern design with lots of architectural interest and fantastic roof creation. The wall lights at the front, together with the background colour, provide a striking feature to the build which really makes it stand out. Excellent choice of windows and doors which work perfectly with the build style. Very beautiful patio and pool area. Love the fountain in the pool and the wall dividers separate the areas really well, look chic and provide privacy.

    Suggestions: As you only provided two pictures of your build we could only comment on these. We would advise you provide a slideshow in future using, for example, Photobucket or Imgur. We normally like to see a few shots taken in each room to give us an overall picture, together with overhead shots of each floor, plus an overhead shot showing roof lines.


    Tres Solos is a great build, packing in three apartments on such a low budget! Love the entrance, the red flooring really gives a vibrant look and the 'planter box' is a super feature. Wonderful choice of textures to reflect this modern design and the mesh fencing provides a little privacy to the homes. The lights under the plants give a stunning effect.

    Suggestions: Beautiful design and decoration of the interiors using bright colours. However, the apartments should have been fully furnished with bedroom, living, etc. We also suggest you title your pictures in the slideshow as this is expected at this level.


    Your build is truly magnificent, a very grand and stately design enhanced by the exterior wall finishes and contrasting roof trims. The front porch with the columns supporting the balcony is a fantastic feature, as are the fountains and beautiful landscaping. It's good to see you've brought the magnificence inside with the stately furnishings and decor. Love how you've designed the rear porch and patio with the matching colour schemes and well thought out areas.

    Suggestions: I feel there are too many shuttered windows on the facade. I would suggest using a different style either side of the door and bay window of the main part of the house or on the single storey extensions at either side of the house. I also feel the layout of the ground floor could be improved by adding more corridors leading from the front entrance hall to each side of the house.

  • Liziann1Liziann1 Posts: 1,459 Member
    Thank you @BuildnShare I would like to add more decor to the walls, but I feel there is a lack of pictures which complement my rooms, that said I will definitely add more sculptures/plants :) thank you for the lovely complements on the build, I really enjoyed it x
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  • pronteruspronterus Posts: 2,166 Member
    Thank you @BuildnShare for the feedback. :) I would've made the interiors more Japanese with a larger budget. I've been working on improving my interiors recently. :)
  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,738 Member
    edited July 2015
    Thank you @BuildnShare for the constructive criticism! :) I was really happy with this build but would agree 100% the upstairs could use more decorations if only I had more money hehe :) I need to find a balance for sure on inside and outside decorations! Also I wanted to say to everyone else I loved all your builds and it's so fun for me to see them all! Happy Simming Everyone!

    Question Edit: @BuildnShare
    maybe I missed it but, was no winner announced for the coming home to new crest challenge? lol
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  • RyeCris16RyeCris16 Posts: 2,288 Member
    edited July 2015
    Thank you @BuildnShare for the fabulous comment and for the constructive criticism, much encouraged! :smiley:
    Excellent idea to use terrain paint to create the winding path and of course it saves on budget! However, I feel the path would look more 'blended in' by softening the paint using the slider.
    Yes, I may know the slider, but I'm not sure about that! I'm game is still on quite poor graphics since I'm using my laptop, but thanks again! I'll try to experiment it on my future build! :)
    Also, the dining area in the backyard may be enhanced by using terrain paint to create a paved patio area here.
    Thanks again for the tip regarding the backyard dining area! :) I did forgot to paint it, but oh well! I think I'm going to experiment it again! Again, thank you, much encouraged! :smiley:
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  • TwtyBrd0707TwtyBrd0707 Posts: 93 Member
    Thanks @BuildnShare . Love the suggestions.
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,678 Member


    Your house is absolutely gorgeous! The exterior textures and colour scheme blend well together, giving a peaceful and tranquil appearance. Great choice of windows and doors, providing contrast to the build, as do the roof trims. Wonderful interior layout with all rooms accessible from the main entrance and corridor. The rooms are beautifully decorated and furnished with good vibrant colours.

    Great looking Waldron family, they look fun to be around and will enjoy life in their fabulous new home.

    Suggestions: Regarding the slideshow, we like to see well organised pics giving a tour of the build. It is good to take a few pics of each and every room from different angles so we can get the full picture. Providing an overhead shot of the build with roof up enables us to see the roof lines. Also, provide overhead shots of the full site and each floor of the build to show the overall layout.


    I really can't comment on the exterior of your build as you have provided no pictures of this and I can't find your creation on the Gallery. However, one pic shows the colours of the exterior walls of your row houses which look a good combination. Excellent interior layout with all rooms easily accessible, the open plan concept provides space. Both houses are furnished and decorated wonderfully with great colour schemes. The walls, however, look a little bare and would benefit from pictures or wall decorations.

    Suggestions: We judge primarily on the media you provide so it is important to take shots of all exterior walls and a few pics of each room so we can see it at all angles. Looking at the overhead shot of the site there appears to be very little landscaping. For these two row houses I would have created fenced gardens for each property at the rear and added a patio and planted garden, maybe even a pool or an area for children.


    Great structural design to your duplex with a good choice of exterior finishes. The shuttered windows, columns and fenced porches all combine to make this a very attractive build. The interior layout works well and the rooms are all decorated and furnished beautifully. However, the rooms could be enhanced with, for example, pictures, mirrors, plants, etc to give a more homely feel.

    Suggestions: I would suggest you work more on the landscaping. This house would really benefit from a rear garden, perhaps a small 'pond' or patio area. Also, it would be very helpful if you could label your pictures.


    Wow, what a magnificent build! Fantastic design with a good roof structure, great choice and combination of windows and exterior wall textures. The window boxes and plants add colour and attraction to Dutch Lake Manor, as do the beautiful balconies. The rear design is amazing, you have really thought of everything here and created lots of different areas with the bar, pool, hot tub, kids area, gardening and lounge seats. Excellent interior layout with all rooms decorated and furnished beautifully, love the orange colour scheme.

    Suggestions: The only suggestion I would make to this fabulous build would be to do more with the balconies, ie maybe add a small table with a couple of chairs, plants, sculptures or a bench. Also, please label your pics in the slideshow. Finally, I suggest you move up to the Established section, you are very much ready for this!
  • Don_OelloDon_Oello Posts: 269 Member
    thank you for the feedback, the new challenge looks great for my 1st established entry
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  • bokylie1bokylie1 Posts: 804 Member
    Thank you for the wonderful feedback @BuildnShare. I will keep in mind the tour aspect for future slideshows.
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  • Ash072Ash072 Posts: 1,324 Member
    edited July 2015


    Tres Solos is a great build, packing in three apartments on such a low budget! Love the entrance, the red flooring really gives a vibrant look and the 'planter box' is a super feature. Wonderful choice of textures to reflect this modern design and the mesh fencing provides a little privacy to the homes. The lights under the plants give a stunning effect.

    Suggestions: Beautiful design and decoration of the interiors using bright colours. However, the apartments should have been fully furnished with bedroom, living, etc. We also suggest you title your pictures in the slideshow as this is expected at this level.

    Will remember about labeling the pictures on the slideshow!

    I thought I remembered reading somewhere in the challenge description that they didn't need to be fully furnished but to just have the bare necessary items for Sims to live there. The design layouts are studio style apartments so the bedroom and living room would share the same space.

    Thanks for the feedback!
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,678 Member
    edited July 2015


    Really sorry you had to pull out of the challenge but will give feedback on Asian Country Cottage as you requested. Your build is a beautiful transformation of the four containers and very appropriately named for it's style. Wonderful roof structure with trims that contrast well with the light wood of the exterior. The columns and fencing, as well as the foundation, provide a lovely decorative effect and your choice of windows and doors is perfect for the theme. The rear porch and patio are gorgeous for bbq dining and it's good to see you've provided planters for gardening. Beautiful landscaping and great choice of plants! The open plan interior design is spacious and well laid out. The colour scheme is ambient and easy to the eye with the soft palette. Really like the kitchen design and how you've placed the cabinets. You've put a lot of thought into this home and provided plenty of activities for all ages.

    Suggestions: The front and rear porches look wonderful places to sit and watch the world go by. I would suggest adding some seating here and perhaps potted plants. Regarding the slideshow, we don't normally allow a video. We suggest using either Photobucket or Imgur, for example, to upload your pics and organise them to provide a tour of the build.


    A very beautiful cottage filled with Irish charm and authenticity. Gorgeous exterior with wonderfully contrasting roof patterns and wall textures, highlighted by your great choice of windows and doors, which I see is always open and welcome to visitors. The back garden looks peaceful yet very active with the fruit and flower patch, the turf stack and the chicken coop which is a magnificent piece of creativity! You have really perfected the cottage style in your interior design with your choice of wall textures and wooden furniture, it all looks very quaint. Your creativity really shines in this build with the features shown. The hearth, being the heart of the home, is my absolute favourite, it will be wonderful here with the musical instruments being played.

    Recycled Rustic is a superb A-frame chalet with a great Alpine appearance. The centre design of the facade provides a wonderful feature with it's superior windows and contrasting wall finishes. Fantastic landscaping at the front creating an arc of rocks and plants and the rear garden looks very inviting with the hot tub surrounded by beautiful plants. The rustic interiors add lots of character to the chalet using lots of wood and earthy colours. Again, lots of great creativity shown in this build, my favourite area is the living space with the seating next to the music and the log effect by the fire.

    What a magnificent and utterly glamorous shed house! Fantastic and intricate design of shed structures with fabulous grounds. You have created some gorgeous areas at the rear and I particularly like the bar and bbq area, the hot tub surrounded by beautiful plants, the stepping stones to the firepit and the stunning pergola by the pool. Your interior design is very chic and stylish, most definitely oozing huge amounts of glamour. The colour scheme of black and pink gives a very striking and vibrant appearance. Lots of lovely moo used in this build too, with great effects, ie the fire in the living room, the chaise longue in the bedroom and the walk in wardrobe to name just a few of the wonderful features this build contains.

    Suggestions: Regarding the cottage, not sure if I should suggest this as it does look wonderful as it is, but maybe more of a cottage garden at the front? The porch around the chalet could benefit from some potted plants here and there to give a little colour. Looking at the large pathways of the third build, I think a few benches along the way might be a good addition.


    Gorgeous looking cottage in soft and ambient shades with a lovely porch wrapping around the side. The cottage style plants at the front really enhance the facade and the trees either side add balance to the build. Beautiful interior design with a great open plan layout. You have decorated and furnished this build to a high standard making this a very upmarket cottage. The yellow and blue colour scheme is sunny yet soothing. Lovely features within the build, in particular the fireplace with the tv on top and the mirrors above.

    Wonderful winding path edged with beautiful plants and rocks leading to the steps of your magnificent chalet. Lovely contrasting shades of the exterior and the porch adds attractiveness as well as providing the perfect place to play chess or sit and watch the world go by. Fantastic surprise at the rear of the property with the pond, firepit and camping area, looks very adventurous and exciting! Your interior design is a very classy rustic style with beautiful decoration and furnishings. The turquoise and brown of the living area is a great choice, along with the stone floors, adding to the rustic style.

    Wow, what a wonderful design, your shed is larger than life! Great modern and chic style with lots of large windows providing much light to the build. The roof terrace is a lovely feature and a great place to garden or relax. Another wonderful surprise at the rear with the hot tub enclosure, pool, bar and lounge seats, total fun and relaxation! The ultra modern interiors are very glamorous and stylish with a great colour combination of dark pink and black, looks very striking. The rooms are all spacious and well laid out which will enable good gameplay.

    Suggestions: The cottage seems to be inundated with shuttered windows, maybe change the large shuttered windows at the front with smaller ones without shutters. Again, the chalet seems overpowered by using the same large windows, mix and match with different sizes or even different 'matching' styles. Your shed is truly magnificent, however I feel more landscaping, particularly at the front, would really enhance the build. Maybe add a modern fountain feature, more plants and perhaps pathways to liven the front up more. Also, please title the pics in your slideshow.

    The Winner of this challenge is ....


  • folalafolala Posts: 307 Member
    yay! and thanks so much for the feedback @BuildnShare .Definitely agree with your suggestions, particularly the chalet porch.
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,678 Member
    edited July 2015


    Country Cottage is a wonderful A-frame design, having a lovely Alpine appearance. Great choice of windows and doors providing symmetry and the window boxes and lights really enhance the build. Beautiful landscaping at the front and rear, I love the winding path leading to the firepit and pond. Good interior layout and design. The different woods you have chosen give the build a true cottage feel and the fireplace in the living area looks cosy and homely. Gorgeous kitchen, greatly designed and well stocked.

    Tranquil Retreat is a gorgeous well balanced symmetrical chalet with a spacious front deck. Your choice of dark fencing, roofing and trims provide great contrast with the wall finishes, with lights adding decoration. The garden themed balcony on the first floor is a fantastic feature which really uplifts the build. Wonderful rustic interiors using stone floors and panelled walls. The woody furniture is an excellent choice and the beautiful yellow colour scheme gives a bright and sunny feel to the build.

    Awesome work with your Glam Pad, it really is true to it's name! Great roof structure to this lovely modern 'shed' design. The beautiful planting and fountain provide a very inviting and welcome entrance to the build. Fantastic pool design at the rear, really love the feature with the tree, plants and rocks. It looks great how you've divided the pool with the lounge area, which looks very chic and peaceful. The monochrome colour scheme of the open plan layout look very elegant and stylish, great effects with the pink lighting!

    Suggestions: Regarding the rear of your cottage, I would suggest a symmetry with the windows for this type of design to provide more balance. I think Tranquil Retreat could be improved by using a combination of exterior wall textures to add more interest, ie maybe use a plain render or wood along the middle section where the front door is. I feel the Glam Pad would really benefit from 'bigger' landscaping. There is a lot of land here looking in need of plants, pathways, sculptures, perhaps different areas for seating or activities.


    Gorgeous appearance to Container Cottage with a wonderful contrast between the wall textures and roofing/windows/fencing. The plants really add to the beauty of this build and the trees either side provide balance. Very interesting pool and patio design at the rear garden which is peaceful and private within the high fencing. Great open plan interior layout using a soft palette. Excellent choice of bedroom furniture for a cottage and the gingham and rose wall finishes are perfect.

    Your A-frame style chalet has a gorgeous Alpine appearance with your choice of wall textures and windows, the dark wood contrasts well with the white window surrounds. The trees provide privacy to the build and the plants add colour and beauty, love the fountain feature here! Lots of activity at the rear of the build to keep amused and the pathways add lots of interest. Love the horseshoe effect around the firepit and the rear porch looks perfect for a bbq. Great open plan interior layout providing space for good gameplay. The furnishings and decoration you have chosen really give the build a rustic feel.

    Containers Manor is a very elegant 'shed' design with great structure. Wonderful choice of windows and doors for an ultra glam appearance. Gorgeous balcony at the rear which is perfect for rest and relaxation with the hot tub, bbq, dining and lounge areas. Your interior design is very 'glam', especially the beautiful pool feature in the centre of this open plan layout. Gorgeous bathroom with the striking pink and black theme and the modern kitchen looks very hi tech.

    Suggestions: Adding a chimney to the roof of your cottage would really enhance this build. The porches of the chalet, I feel, would benefit enormously from adding decoration, ie potted plants, clutter or maybe a bench or two. Containers Manor seems to be crying out for landscaping and lots of it! This is a lovely build which could be beautified massively by adding greenery and/or planted borders.

    As we judge primarily on the slideshow provided, we suggest you take a few pics of each and every room within a build so we can see it at all angles. We also like to see pics of all the exterior elevations, an overhead shot of the build with roof up so we can see the rooflines and overhead shots of each storey to see the overall layout. These pictures should be well organised within the slideshow to provide a 'tour' of the build.


    A very attractive and ornate cottage using spandrels and fencing around the porch. The dark shuttered windows and roofing contrast well with the light wall finishes. The dormer sits pretty on top of the great roof structure. Good interior layout, though I might have positioned the bathroom where the kitchen is and used the 'L' shape for the open plan area. Great choice of decorations and furnishings, very much cottage style with the rose wall patterns and wood floors.

    Gorgeous cabin with a great choice of wall textures of wood and stone contrasting well. The doors and windows chosen are great for this type of build. Lovely use of terrain paint creating pathways from front to rear. Wonderful picnic area here, perfect for a bbq and the children will enjoy playing in the pirate ship. The balcony really enhances the chalet style and it's good to see the variety of activities here. Great layout indoors with an open plan concept providing space. Your rooms are decorated and furnished beautifully in a rustic style using lots of wood.

    Wonderful modern 'shed' design of your third build with fantastic contrasting wall finishes. Great choice of windows and the hedge adds colour and balance. Fabulous roof structure, looks very impressive! Lots of space at the rear with a gorgeous lounge area and the balcony overhead is perfect for dining, painting and playing chess. Your interior design is very 'glam' and exuberant. The bright colours add vibrance and life to this modern home. Absolutely love the green lounge with the stone floors and walls and the orange study area makes excellent use of the upstairs landing.

    Suggestions: I was a little disappointed not to see a 'cottage garden', which is typical of this type of build, plants and flowers would greatly enhance Container Cottage. Your cabin would also benefit enormously with the addition of plants and flowers, particularly at the front of the build. Really like the balcony at the front of your third build. This would be a wonderful place to sit if you add a door leading out here with some seating and potted plants.

    The Winner of this challenge is ....


  • bokylie1bokylie1 Posts: 804 Member
    Thanks for the wonderful feedback @BuildnShare. Congrats @Cbear13.
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  • Cbear13Cbear13 Posts: 6,278 Member
    @BuildnShare thankyou so much for the awesome feedback your suggestions are wonderful and I will keep them in mind for future. Would you have an idea what level I should be entering at?
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  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,678 Member

    The roof work on this build is stunning! Great use of contrasting colors and materials on the exterior. Gorgeous kitchen. Love the use of the advanced countertop options. Cool choice of décor with the mannequins in 3 colors in the entry. Beautifully integrated swimming pool and outdoor dining area. Love the blend of modern and industrial in the living area. Interesting use of MOO to create the look of a sectional. I can’t believe those Eames-inspired dining chairs aren’t CC (note to self to find them in the catalogue!).

    Suggestions: Not much I can add. I would have liked to have seen even more pictures :D

    I really like you take on these condos. The building overall has a cohesive look. Like the addition of balconies that are protected by the roof and the small covered patios out back. They lend visual interest to the exterior. Nice bit of landscaping out front but not so much that it clashes with the sleekness of the building. Good use of contrasting colors and materials on the exterior. Good use of space in the kitchen. Like the island and the flooring choices.

    Suggestions: It’s difficult to make suggestions when this is intended to basically be a blank slate for each owner to decorate on their own. Nice job!

    Right off, I like the placement of the home on the lot. It’s much more interesting than placing it directly facing the front. Interesting fencing out front. The approach to the house is lovely. The slight curve to the entry roofing is a nice touch. Very good roof work. LOVE the little rooftop getaway out back – very unexpected. Nice amenities provided on the small budget. Cute kid’s room. Interesting placement of bed in the corner (trying to figure out what is back there to give the built-in effect!).

    Suggestions: There a fair bit of unused space on the downstairs level. You might have experimented with pulling those exterior walls in a square on each side for a better proportion.

    Cute little home – love the cypress trees flanking the picture windows on the front. It looks open and airy. That is some complex roof work, and you tied it all together nicely. Lovely modern kitchen. The circular island is cool and unexpected. The bold red on the walls works well with the white-washed flooring. Super-cute kids’ rooms. Nice ameneties outside for the family.

    Suggestions: Some of the rooms were a tad oversized for the amount of furnishings. Build smaller then expand if needed for a fuller-feeling build.

    So petite and adorable! Good use of roof pieces as a low-cost way to add visual interest to the build. The dark colored siding is a nice choice as well. Minimal landscaping, but that’s to be expected in a low-cost starter. With virtually $0 to spend on interior décor, raiding buydebug was definitely the way to go! Those little accents give an otherwise fairly (necessarily) spartan build that needed pop of interest.

    Suggestions: I know it’s difficult to color-coordinate in a low-cost build like this, but I would have experimented with other options for the loveseat and rug choices.

    Your roof work on the front of the home is fantastic, giving an unexpected shape. Love how the look carries over into the back of the home. Cool fountains and pools. This is definitely a high-end beach home. There are those clear dining chairs again! (totally using those in my next build) Cool, modern kitchen – love the island. Great amenities – the piano room and workout room are a nice touch. Lovely guest suite. Great choice of colors and patterns. Master bedroom is beautiful. The glass doors on the closets are creative and totally unexpected. Kids’ rooms are adorable – that built-in bed!

    Suggestions: You’ve integrated small bits of CC into this home very successfully. The only addition I felt broke with the general art style of Sims 4 was the downstairs fireplace.

    There’s a lot going on in this little park! Love how you’ve experimented with the flooring to create geometric shapes in the pathways. I like how all the color choices blend with the coloring of the spaceship toy for kids. Cute use of debug to show apples fallen on the ground! Love the splash pad idea. Very nice work in such a small space!

    Suggestions: I would have left a little bit more of the overall space green for a park.

    Adorable Victorian architectural details! Love the white picket fence, the stone walkway and purple flowers out front. Nice layout of rooms. You’ve taken good advantage of space and avoided boxy areas with dead space. Love all the glass doors in the kitchen. Adorable nursery! Great color choices in the upstairs rooms. Love the little backyard seating area.

    Suggestions: Without the octagonal roof, that little bit over the front porch is a bear to try and roof. Perhaps a flat roof with some low fencing for added detail?
  • Issabella14Issabella14 Posts: 1,656 Member
    @BuildnShare, thank you for your feedback on challenge 21. I appreciate your work on these challenges. <3:)
  • Zita1966zZita1966z Posts: 9,586 Member
    edited August 2015
    @BuildnShare Thank you for the great feedback. Looking forward to many more challenges ;)
  • NhicksNhicks Posts: 1,580 Member
    Thank you @BuildnShare ! It was a fun challenge!
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