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Under The Tartosan Sun

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Table of contents:
Chapters 1-5, Page 1
Chapter 6, Page 2
Chapters 7-9, Page 3
Chapters 10 & 11, Page 4
Chapters 12 & 13, Page 5
Chapters 14 & 15, Page 6
Chapters 16 & 17, Page 7
Chapters 18 & 19, Page 8
Chapter 20, Page 9
Chapter 21, Page 10
Chapter 22, Page 11
Chapter 23, Page 12
Chapters 24 & 25, Page 13
Chapters 26 & 27, Page 14
Chapters 28 & 29, Page 15
Chapter 30, Page 16
Chapter 31, Page 17
Chapter 32, Page 18
Chapters 33 & 34, Page 20
Chapter 35, Page 21
Chapter 36, Page 22
Chapters 37 & 38, Page 24
Chapter 39, Page 25
Chapter 40, Page 26
Since this story has grown so much bigger than I ever imagined I feel like its time to borrow a page from some of my favorite SimLit writers and offer you a synopsis of the characters and my thoughts on where to start for first time readers. With that said lets meet the cast shall we...

The Main Cast

Danielle and Londyn Huntley
Danielle(L) is a romance novelist. She was born and raised in Willow Creek with her lifelong friends Summer Holiday and Liberty Lee. She moved to Tartosa searching for her muse. She had seen all the stories about how romantic Tartosa is and she felt there could be no better place to inspire her to write thrilling romances. So she packed up and moved. Tartosa has been all that she had hoped for and so much more. It was where she met Londyn Huntley, at the time an actress from Sulani, and the love of her life. They live on the little island lot at the southern tip of Tartosa. Both are Starlight Accolades winners and their careers are really taking off, even though Danielle is currently searching for a new publisher.

Summer Holiday and Darian LaRue

Summer grew up next door to the Chabert's and Lee's. She has been friends with both as long as they can remember. Summer is a talented chef and with some coaxing from Danielle she joined her friend in Tartosa. Since she's arrived her career has taken off and she met her lover Darian. Darian was a Dotcom wonder boy along with some buddies in college. They decided to sell their lucrative Dotcom business to a larger tech company, pocket the money and take a break for a while. He arrived in Tartosa planning for it to only be stop number one on a globe hopping journey, but after falling in love with Summer he's decided to stay right here with her. They are about to launch their own web based cooking show that they plan to film in their home.

Liberty and Matteo Rossi

The third member of the Willow Creek expats. Her life was turned upside down by Travis Scott. He tried to take advantage of her and then lied to try and focus blame all on her. The fallout from that saw Travis booted out of the house, Summer finally answering Danielle calls to join her in Tartosa and left Liberty by herself in Willow Creek. She realized her dreams of being an astronaut were never going to happen so with a little nudge from Bella Goth she became a secret agent. On a trip to visit her friends in Tartosa she met Matteo and her life really changed. He was a hard partying play boy, or so he pretended. That lifestyle put him on the outs with his family and was threatening to wreck his dreams. He was instantly taken by Liberty and she saved him. They are now engaged and live in a lovely home overlooking the bay in Tartosa. Liberty is a star at S.I.M.S. where she is one of their lead investigators, and Matteo is back on track to realize his dream of owning his own restaurant.

The Supporting Cast

Allegra Rossi

Matteo's younger sister. She is fiery, feisty, sassy, and stylish. She lives in Windenburg and is a singer with the local opera company. She knows how to play Matteo like violin to get him to do things he should do but doesn't always want to. She is ready to slap sense into him if need be. Don't take that the wrong way, she adores her big brother and his fiancé. She has gone out of her way to welcome Liberty into the Rossi family. She currently lives in Windenburg and is a singer with the local opera company there. She dreams of one day coming home to sing with the Tartosa opera.

Izabella Bernard

Izabella is an aspiring businesswoman. She has plans to create her own line of clothing and makeup. She has worked as both a model and an actress to earn some money and make contacts to help her reach her goals. She also has a business degree so she is more than just a pretty face. She used her education to turn the money she made from modeling and acting into the seed money for a good life and to get her business going. She had a brief fling with Leonardo not long ago when she was in Windenburg, and later Tartosa, on business. She was unaware of his dating Summer at the time and she also thought she had seen the last of him when she returned home. Izabella is no fool but she admits she has a habit of making and choices in men, a trait she got from her mother.

Leonardo Ricci

A former friend and roommate of Matteo's who briefly dated Summer until she realized he was more interested in himself than her. He is a first class weasel and a raging misogynist who had his former friends in Tartosa fooled. After Matteo fell in love with Liberty they asked him to move out so that they could be alone together as they started their life together. Liberty had broken Leonardo's spell over Matteo when she rescued him from the party crowd. Quietly seething at Liberty and Matteo for ending his free ride on their dime he sought out an easy mark he could con into supporting him, Izabella. He turned up at her door recently full of charm and lies. He thinks because he got in good with Izabella once before that she will easily fall for his con. She took him in, but he's in for a shock. She's not the dummy he thinks she is. She has every reason to believe he's conned other women and she wants to put an end to it before he does it to her or another unsuspecting woman.

Hannah Taylor

A 5 Star chef who recently beat out Summer for the job of host of a new Foodie Network cooking Show. Hannah is Summer's shero and she works hard to open doors for other women to follow in her footsteps. She is going to mentor Summer and help her reach the same heights.

S.I.M.S. Director Shantel Bridges

Liberty's boss and a tough but fair one. She has a reputation around S.I.M.S. Headquarters as the Dragon Lady. It is a carefully crafted facade that keeps certain troublemakers in line or at a distance. The agents who work under her see a different side, but make no mistake she expects nothing less than their absolute best. If they give her that she will do anything for them.

Venessa Jeong

Londyn's friend and fellow actress. She is quite the comedienne and famously caused merry chaos when she officiated Londyn and Danielle's wedding. She later admitted to Londyn, that she intentionally, and hilariously, flubbed her part.

If you are new to this story after reading the bios above you can jump in anywhere really and not feel too lost. I will offer my list of chapters I think will help get you into the story and I will include the page number where it can be found.

I would suggest starting with Chapter 6 (page 2) where we see Danielle reveal the depth of her love for Londyn. Next I would suggest Chapter Fourteen Parts One and Two (page 6), this explains the rift that used to exist between Londyn and her parents and their reconciliation after learning of her engagement to Danielle. It is a wonderful story of mending relationships and acknowledging wrongs and coming back together in the spirit of love and understanding.

After that if you're interested in Venessa's virtuoso comedy wedding officiating you will need to read Chapter 20 (page 8). It's not something you have to read to get into the story but as time goes by I think her part gets funnier and funnier.

The next chapter you should read is Chapter 22 (page 10), where you get a glimpse into Matteo's wayward period and how Liberty pulls him back from the brink and then I you can carry on with the remaining 9 or 10 chapters that will catch you up to where the story is as we prepare to ring in 2023.

Thank you all so much for reading. I say this a lot, but it's true, I never could have imagined when I sat down back in April to start this that it would grow to become what it is. I owe it all to you the readers. You inspire me, and as you will see as you read through that inspiration has done so much to make me a better writer and storyteller.❤️
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    Chapter One

    Danielle has always wanted to be a writer for as long as she can remember. By the time she graduated high school she knew she wanted to be a romance novelist. She wanted to find the perfect muse to help her write the most beautiful romantic stories but she couldn't find that muse back home in Willow Creek, so she decided to take a leap of faith and move to Tartosa, where romance abounds.

    But before she leaves there is one last day of fun and sisterly bonding with her long time bestie Summer Holiday. They spent a fun day at Geekcon...

    Enjoyed some delicious food, well Danielle did anyway...

    Afterwards it was time to hit the nightclub for some drinks. You have to watch out for that Geoffrey Landgraab. He's clearly lurking with intent...

    The intent was to steal Summer's glass of Granite Falls Grappo Blanco. Mission accomplished! You can't trust a Landgraab! And you thought it was just Nancy with the sticky fingers...

    With that the ladies headed off to bed. Tomorrow is a big day, Danielle is off to Tartosa with Summer in tow, at least for a couple of days to help her best friend get settled in before returning home to Willow Creek.

    Now in Tartosa the girls head for the square and the beach. There's always time for a picture to remember the day and celebrate a genuine friendship.

    Summer was feeling hungry so she ducked out to get a bite to eat while Danielle decided to sit by herself for a bit to contemplate her future and an idea she's had for awhile...

    She doesn't want to leave her best friend behind and she thinks Summer would be a huge success as a caterer in the Tartosa wedding biz. So she decides to pitch her idea to Summer that night.

    But Summer isn't convinced enough to make the leap herself, not yet at least. She loves the idea, but she still has unfinished business with Travis Scott to sort out. Will Summer win his heart or will Liberty Lee? If Summer did land her man, would he agree to join her in Tartosa if she decided to go? So many questions.

    Meanwhile back in Tartosa Danielle is prepared to embark on her new life and she takes her daily stroll to the beach in town to seek out her muse and to gaze at the vast horizon that is the metaphor for her journey, endless possibilities...
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    This is a real learn on the fly moment for me. So this should be interesting in these early days. Bringing Summer into this was totally unplanned and I'm still not sure how I want to play out her end of it. I turned my back for a minute and there they were chatting and I thought Danielle's back story starts in Willow Creek so....why not make them long time friends, best friends even, This is going to be fun.
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    @DaniRose2143 Welcome! It will be fun to follow Danielle's story from the very start! Both Z and I are reading along.

    I've already had a number of moments when the game takes it upon itself to help Z and me write our story. Like you, I think those unplanned moments make the process even more delightful.
    We laughed when we saw that Summer Holiday has introduced herself into Danielle's world. She is one of very few premades who exist in our "story save," because we find her adorable and fun. Summer will walk up to literally any Sim and begin to chat, so I'm not surprised she found Danielle.

    She did the same thing with Cameron in our story. She's part of the gang who grew up together in Willow Creek. At first, we wondered if Summer would consider Cam a romantic interest...but she once steered Cameron's sister Halle away so Cam could chat with Angie, a woman who has a crush on him.

    I can't wait to see what lies ahead for Danielle (and Summer, too)!
    Exie hay, cavero, veebo marz viremzico.
    Exie hay, cavero, mabza meeah vendarzo.
    Yevsas mairzeemo!
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    Aw, thank you guys. It may be a day or two before I get back into the story. I have some work around the apartment right now, and I have all kinds of ways this story can go to sort out. I want to narrow it down to two or three ways and then let the game sort of choose. I have more time on the weekends to get into playing so during the week, updates may be a bit slower. I really appreciate you two following along. This is going to be fun!
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    Chapter Two

    A few weeks have gone by since Danielle left her old home of Willow Creek for her new one on the Mediterranean island of Tartosa. Danielle couldn't be happier, even if she's left all her life long friends behind in Willow Creek. She's still busy trying to convince her best friend Summer to take the plunge as well and bring her cooking skills to the local catering scene. We’ll come back to Summer in a bit.

    Danielle loves her daily stroll on the beach, but when the weather is warm enough, she loves to go for a swim while she's out too.

    While she's out she makes it a point to stop and talk. Danielle has a charming personality that people are drawn to. She has quickly become a fixture in town when she comes in for her morning walk.

    When Danielle is at home she works on honing her skills as a writer…

    Her culinary skillset. Clean up on aisle 1…

    And she takes care of herself with some yoga and meditation...

    Danielle has been busy writing stories that she has been pitching to publishers in hopes of landing a book deal. She has no shortage of ideas for steamy romances set in all sorts of worlds with a variety of characters, from strong independent women to rogues and gentlemen. She's already sent off a dozen short stories but no takers....yet. In part two we'll see what's happening in the BFF household and will Danielle finally get her book deal?

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    Chapter Three

    Danielle tried to talk Summer into staying in Tartosa to showcase her culinary skills as a caterer. Summer loved the idea, but not as much as she does Travis. Danielle finally gave up and enjoyed the rest of their time together before Summer flew home. She knows how this is going to end for Summer, but Summer is determined to find out the hard way. As the days and weeks pass Summer tries unsuccessfully to win over Travis, but it's just one endless string of brush offs, one after another.

    One of those brush offs resulted in stare that could kill, if in fact looks could kill.

    At least once a week Danielle would call to check up on her best friend. And on one call she couldn't help bringing up her own failed romance with Travis back in high school.
    Danielle: Why are you still wasting your time chasing after Travis? You know what he's like.
    Summer: I'm not wasting my time. I love him and I know deep down he loves me too. He's just playing hard to get.
    Danielle: Travis? Our Travis? Playing hard to get? The man will chase after any woman with a pulse if there's something there he wants. You haven't forgotten about what happened when I dated him back in senior year did you?
    Summer: No. But he's different now.
    Danielle: He hasn't changed, other than to be a few years older. He's still Travis. Yes, he is fun to hang around with, but he's a disaster to date. He's a charmer, and he's great company, but he has three great loves in his life, and neither you nor I were or are one of them. He's obsessed with his computers, his video games, and himself. Girl if you don't come to your senses. and let it be, he's going to break your heart in a million pieces. I know you and your crushes, they rarely end well. And this time I'm not there in person to pick you up. I am a phone call away, anytime, but please stop this silly game before you get hurt.
    Summer: I'll think about it.
    Danielle: I know you better than that Summer Holiday. I guess I better keep my phone handy and plane tickets ready.

    Later that week, Danielle got the phone call she'd been waiting for. No not that one, the one from the publishers. It seems they want here to come to San Myshuno to discuss the details of her brand new book deal!

    She called up Summer to see if she could join her in San Myshuno to celebrate, but it was short notice so Danielle was stuck celebrating solo. That didn't stop her though.

    Well, that about does it for this week. Oh before we go, why don't we have a little peek at what's going on back in Willow Creek shall we?

    Ohhhhhh girl, things are about to get a bit bumpy....
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    In the future the posts will all have dialogue like the second one. Now that I have the stage set and the first group of major players in place I can focus on the story itself. I'll likely have new installments once a week. Thank you for following along!
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    @DaniRose2143 You're off to a great start. Danielle is such an appealing character, and Tartosa is a wonderful setting for her story. Z and I are enjoying the experience of following a story from the beginning.
    That look on Summer's face is epic. And Moira Fyres doesn't seem to approve of Danielle's behavior at that bar in San Myshuno.

    Keep up the good work!
    Exie hay, cavero, veebo marz viremzico.
    Exie hay, cavero, mabza meeah vendarzo.
    Yevsas mairzeemo!
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    @DaniRose2143 You're off to a great start. Danielle is such an appealing character, and Tartosa is a wonderful setting for her story. Z and I are enjoying the experience of following a story from the beginning.
    That look on Summer's face is epic. And Moira Fyres doesn't seem to approve of Danielle's behavior at that bar in San Myshuno.

    Keep up the good work!

    I never noticed Moira's look until after I posted it. I have been trying think up reasons for it. Thank you guys, now comes the fun part, now that the setup is over done with.

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    I'm so glad your liking the story! This is my first time trying anything like this and I'm thoroughly enjoying it! I haven't gotten around to making the next installment yet so I can't guarantee it will be ready by the weekend. Without giving too much away, I wasn't really happy that I was putting Liberty in a position to be a villain so I have been trying to think up plausible storylines where she isn't, only Travis. I think I have the perfect one, but I'm running it around in my mind to see if I can find any holes in it. Thank you for reading along!

    I almost forgot, thanks for the compliment on Danielle! She definitely is gorgeous, and that switch to that Maxis match hair was the finishing touch.
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    Chapter Four

    This time around we will spend our time in Willow Creek. Danielle is fine and enjoying the sun and surf in Tartosa, and checking out the available range of boy toys in town. She's hard at work on her first novel but she doesn't yet have a title for it. With that all said, on with the show.

    When we were last with the BFF trio Travis was flirting outrageously with Liberty. He thought things were going great, but secretly Liberty was having second thoughts. She got swept up in the rush of having a very attractive man showing interest in her, something that sadly she doesn't get enough of. That was why she momentarily fell for Travis' flirting, but she knew how Summer felt about Travis, and Liberty would not do anything intentional to hurt her feelings. Liberty knew she had to get out of that room fast. As she started for the door, Travis was thinking he had the go ahead to make the next move, but Liberty made it clear that this was definitely a no!

    Liberty hurried out of the room and made her way to her bedroom where she sat alone as she wondered and worried about what had just happened.
    What had she done? She hadn't done anything wrong. Travis made the first move, and totally uninvited too. She hadn't sent any signals, she knew that for a fact. But she had fallen for it, for just a moment all the same. Liberty couldn't stop herself wrongly thinking she had been at least partly to blame.

    For that matter what was on Travis' mind when he tried to kiss her as she was leaving? Just what did he plan to do? How far did he think he was entitled to go?

    What is she going to do about Summer? But Summer wasn't home, and if Travis kept his mouth shut Summer would never know.tp77HiZ.png

    Still the guilt, which was churning in Liberty's mind, would not go away.

    The next couple of weeks passed uneventfully as life continued as it always had in the BFF household. But, where dirty little secrets lie, somebody will accidentally uncover them. And so it goes here too, as Summer is about to get the shock of her life when she inadvertently stumbles across Travis on the phone with his buddy Marcus Flex.
    Hey, T-Dawg, it's Marcus, howya doin' big man? Got any hot gossip I can spread down at the gym? How's work?

    Hey, Marcus! What's up brother? How's things at the gym?

    Oh things is pumpin' my man, pumpin'! Get it pumping'? I kill me man. How's things at the casa bro? You don't know how much we envy you living with two hot women.

    Yeah it is pretty good. But man, Liberty is really. messin' with my head. I'm sitting there with her the night while Summer was at work, and she's all revved up and drops me the signal, and I laid on the charm. She's flirting with me.....

    Travis finishes his call and heads out before Summer can regain her wits and confront him. But Liberty is still in the house and it's time for a very loud chat..
    Summer: You have some nerve! You know how I feel about Travis and you go and try to steal him from me! How could you stab me in the back like that?
    Liberty: What in the world are you talking about? What would make you think I'm trying to steal Travis from you? Have you lost your mind?

    Summer: Don't play dumb with me! I heard Travis telling someone over the phone that you were flirting with him! Deny it! I dare you!
    Liberty: I don't deny it, I did, but he flirted with me first! Yes! I did flirt with him. I got swept up in the moment. But as soon as I answered his flirt with my own I felt horrible and left the room! He started all this, and he's trying to blame me? And you'd believe him without talking to me first!! You're the one with some nerve Summer Holiday! I got caught up in the moment with a very attractive man because I so rarely get attention from good looking men. All I ever get are the losers and creeps.

    Summer: That's not true and you know it Liberty!
    Liberty: No! That is the truth Summer but you don't know it because every time I went out it was clubbing with you and Danielle and you two latched on to all the good looking guys! You two had all the fun, but what did I get? I got left behind to hold the table for you two and your boy toys and to make sure no one spiked your drinks! You know what else I got? I got left one-on-one with the creeps and losers. Oh yeah that's the truth that you never saw because you were too busy being the life of the party! It's a testament to how much I love you and Danielle that I put myself through that humiliation time after time. Not one time did you two ever stop to think, maybe we should hang with Liberty for awhile or insist that the guys include her too. Oh yeah, that's the truth Summer! Like I said I love you two like sisters but after that don't come up here getting in my face because of one harmless little flirt! Oooo, you have some nerve!

    Summer: Oh my god Liberty, I,,I, I, don't know what to say,

    Liberty: "Sorry, and I promise I'll never let that happen again", would be a really good place to start.
    Summer: Oh my god yes. Liberty, from the bottom of my heart I promise never to take you for granted, that you will always be an equal with me. And Danielle I'm sure!
    Liberty: I'll give her this lecture too someday, you can bet on that.

    Liberty: Now let's bury the hatchet. And I would suggest burying it in one Travis Scott!

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    Later that evening an unsuspecting Travis comes home to a storm of epic proportions.

    You! Are!

    A! Deadman!

    Eep! This is not going to end well for me is it?

    Take a good look at our faces and ask yourself what you think the answer to that idiotic question is?

    Travis: Can I at least ask what this is all about?
    LIberty: I suppose, consider it your last request!
    Summer: How dare you lie to whoever that was you were on the phone with earlier and tell them Liberty was putting the moves on you, you slimeball! What do you have to say for yourself? Choose your words wisely, because they may be your last!
    Travis: Hmmm, At this point, ummm.....sorry.
    Summer and Liberty in unison: Good choice!
    Summer: When we're done here, you are making like a banana and splitting. I'm on the phone to Danielle to arrange taking her up on her offer to come to Tartosa and make my name over there. Liberty here gets the house, so go grab what you can carry and get out. Come back tomorrow for the rest. Goodbye and good riddance!

    And with that folks the story really gets rolling now. Summer and Danielle are two single, gorgeous young women loose in a land of suave, perfectly tanned adonis', what could possibly happen next with them? We haven't seen the last of Liberty Lee either. And will there one day be a redemption story for Travis? Time will tell, Under The Tartosan Sun.
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    Thank you! This one was the most fun to make but the most frustrating too. And I'm still in amazed that I was lucky enough to hit pause at exactly the right time to get those three closeups. I saw Summer start to make a face, I hit pause and zoomed to get the shot and decide to turn the camera around to see what was behind it, and couldn't believe my luck.
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    I hope to have a new installment within the next week or two. I hit a creative wall, and then gotten distracted by all the anticipation of a werewolf gamepack. There will be more to come from Danielle, Summer, and Liberty in the near future. Sorry for not updating you guys sooner.
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    cynciecyncie Posts: 4,766 Member
    Nice series, Dani!
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    mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 6,137 Member
    Oh boy! I'm so glad I found your story thread :)
    Don't stress about updating, thinking we "should" have one done just makes it less fun imho. Dani and Summer will tell you what they want to do when the time is right and it feels like fun <3
    It will be delightful to read whenever!

    (And now I'm going to go catch up on the existing posts!)
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    mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 6,137 Member
    I like your take on the BFF household dynamics. Also I think your Liberty is very pretty.
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    @mightysprite Thank you for the kind words. I'm happy you like the story so much. Liberty is really pretty, and she has a new 'do coming up that makes her even prettier. And a new career, she has something as exciting as outer space ahead. The problem I have now is getting past the mental block with Danielle and Summer's stories.

    I have a couple of romantic interests for them and none of the four is making a move. I want it to happen organically and not step in and force anything. I know which ones I want them to choose but they're not cooperating.😆

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    Ok folks a new installment will be along tomorrow or Wednesday. I did get a big surprise though as I was playing out some more of the story this morning and I thought I'd get your thoughts on whether or not to stick to the original story I had in mind or follow this wildcard. I was a bit curious why there was no real flirtation or romantic interest between Danielle, Summer, Leonardo, and Matteo. I have WonderfulWhims installed so I thought I'll nudge them together. I went through looking at their preferences and when I got to Danielle I got a surprise. While I was away playing Summer and Liberty, Danielle developed a preference for women. I am on the LGBTQ spectrum myself so I have no problem at all with this, but it certainly wasn't the storyline I had in mind.

    I thought I'd get some audience participation going, what do you guys think? Should I run with this plot twist or nudge Danielle back on to the storyline I had planned? She doesn't have any active romantic relationships showing but clearly some flirting happened somewhere while I was away. Nothing that produced a pink bar in anyone's panel anyway. I am literally 50/50 on how to proceed with her romantic adventures. This installment will focus more on Summer's romantic escapades and Liberty's new job and look and Danielle's career. So whatever comes of Danielle's sexual orientation will play out in future installments.

    Thank you so much for taking an interest in this story, and hopefully time will allow me to be more active with this story in the future and not have these big gaps.
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    I say run with it! (And you get to figure out the details, like did she always know she was L/B/Q or is she figuring it out right now as part of her life in Tartosa)
    Go Danielle 🌈
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    @mightysprite I know what happened. A couple of nights ago I was playing Liberty and Danielle called asking her if she wanted to go to the romance festival in San Myshuno. I had Liberty decline so she could do some prep work for her new career. Something happened while Danielle was at the festival, so I have something to think about. Was it just a fling under the influence of the Sakura tea? Or was it the real Danielle all along? I didn't take the time to set up her preferences in WonderfulWhims so I mistakenly left the door open. Since she was the main sim from the beginning I didn't worry about her because I figured I would be watching her closely. I can take my time over a few installments to see where this goes. I am intrigued by this turn and I am already leaning heavily in favor of exploring it. This can be a touchy subject for some, but people here on the forum seem really cool with it. I kind of wanted to prepare people for the possibility of the story taking a turn into a delicate subject.
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    Hello viewers! Welcome back to Under The Tartosan Sun. Sorry for the hiatus. Danielle, Summer, Liberty and the rest are back for sun drenched fun in Tartosa, with a dash of globe-trotting, and a pinch of romance. When we last met Travis was faced with two very angry, soon to be, former roommates. Summer and Liberty gave him a piece of their minds and sent him packing with his tail between his legs. Liberty was staying by herself in their old home in Willow Creek while Summer packed her bags and packed up her pots and pans and was soon on her way to her new life with her best friend Danielle in Tartosa.

    Chapter Five

    Summer has great bargaining skills and was able to practically steal a wonderful villa overlooking Tartosa.

    Summer stayed busy honing her skills in the kitchen. She's starting to turn heads with her amazing meals.

    While she was alone in Tartosa Danielle was able to focus on her writing and she completed her first three romance novels, all bestsellers, Love Me For All Time, Hearts On Fire, and The Love Of A Lifetime.

    When they're not busy with their careers, Danielle and Summer can often be found hanging out together.

    If they aren't hanging out at home they can often be found at a festival...

    ...or nightclub

    Meanwhile back in Willow Creek Liberty's life and career are taking a detour into something new, slightly dangerous, and a little exotic. Say hello to Secret Agent Liberty Lee!
    Liberty wasn't sure she would ever get the chance to go into space, and there are only so many capsules you can clean before you need to find something else more intellectually stimulating. Liberty always wondered what it would be like to be a female James Bond, now she has a very real chance to find out for herself.

    News like that can't be allowed to go without a proper celebration...
    Danielle and Summer knew just what to do, where to do it, and who to do it with. Danielle was on the phone to her neighbors Leonardo and Matteo and had them met her and the girls at the Treetop Oasis lounge in San Myshuno. They danced and had a great time until the sun came up the next morning. Who knew sweet geeky Liberty could party like that? Oh right, Liberty knew it, and after their confrontation over Travis, Summer knew it too. Liberty made sure Danielle knew it too. She was able to drag Danielle off to the side and give her a less angry talking to than the one Summer got. Summer did warn Danielle it was coming, so Danielle was prepared. This time Liberty was every bit as involved in the fun as Danielle and Summer.

    While they were out celebrating Liberty's big news, it appears a little something more may be brewing. Seems Leonardo has taken an interest in Summer.

    After a few hours of sleep to recover the girls were back at it, this time at the Spice festival. The boys couldn't keep up and headed back to Tartosa to start their recovery from the previous night's festivities.
    Danielle: "Can you believe the guys weren't up for another night of partying.'

    Liberty:"I know! They're lightweights! Oh well, their loss, is our gain. It's a girls night out now."

    Summer:"OMG, Leonardo is so hot!"
    Danielle & Liberty:"Here we go again!"

    The girls had a great time trying all of the various foods. Well all of them save for one...

    After consuming all those calories it doesn't hurt to get in a workout. Some shooting around was just what they needed.

    After two nights of partying it's time to get back to a more normal routine. Danielle and Summer did manage to talk Liberty into coming back with them to Tartosa for a couple of days. Danielle and Summer also talked Liberty into getting a makeover while she was there. They argued that if you're going to be a proper secret agent you have to have some glamour. Liberty did her best to try and explain that being a secret agent doesn't work like that, but the Danielle and Summer would not be deterred. Liberty figured why not, who knows it might be fun.
    Liberty:"Alright you guys win. You talked me into it. Lead the way."

    Liberty:Wow! If I didn't know better I'd swear that wasn't me. This dress is gorgeous, but I don't know when I'd ever wear it. I do love the hair"

    After finishing up at the salon, Liberty was in the mood for a swim. The beach would be the place to see what reactions her new look gets. While she was there she crossed paths with Matteo. He seemed to like what he saw.

    Meanwhile on the other side of Tartosa, things were heating up further between Summer and Leonardo.

    And that is where our story ends for now. So many stories, and we're just getting started. How serious are things about to get with Summer and Leonardo? Is romance possibly coming for Liberty with Matteo? He did seem to really be enjoying himself. And what about Danielle? It seems as if she's on the outside looking in at all the romantic fun. We'll find out more next time on Under The Tartosan Sun.
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