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Under The Tartosan Sun


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    And Liberty's parents Clarissa and David are done. Unlike Summer who got her love of cooking from her mom, or Danielle who got her love of being creative from mom and dad, teenage Liberty really takes after her dad. He showed her the geeky side of life which she fell in love with. Now as an adult Clarissa's influence on Liberty is starting to show.

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    Good news everyone! I think I may have salvaged the main save of our story. At the very least the most up to date backup is alive and well if not. It has been scary thinking about what might have been lost. It had me near tears a couple of times wondering if one of the really old backups would still have all the magic the original or the main backup have built up. So many heartwarming moments between Danielle and Londyn, Liberty and Matteo have woven something special into that save, I think maybe that's what really fixed it.

    Londyn's reunion with her parents is back on, and will be posted this weekend. Yesssss!!!!
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    So happy for you @DaniRose2143 That's GREAT news!
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    Chapter Fourteen Part One

    Londyn Huntley's life since she arrived in Tartosa has been charmed. She met the love of her life, and made a small tight knit group of friends. She's been enjoying success at work too as her acting career is starting to take off. After a short stint as the commercial face of Salty Suds Detergent she caught the eye of a few tv show producers who are always on the lookout for fresh new faces. Offers are starting to come in for work, mostly on children's shows, but Londyn doesn't mind. She loves kids so this next step in her career is a double blessing. She's currently waiting to hear back from her agent about a spot on 'Critters Of The Mauven Forrest'.

    For all the good things in her life there is one thing that has bothered her for the last few years. It's the fight between her and her parents and the fact that it led to their estrangement. The tension had been brewing ever since Londyn came out to her parents during her sophomore year of high school. The final confrontation came one rainy morning just a week after graduation, angry words were exchanged between the once inseparable mother and daughter. After nearly three years Ebony still couldn't accept that Londyn is a lesbian.

    "Your father and I have told you repeatedly Londyn" said Ebony " as long as your living under our roof your not going to live that disgusting lifestyle! We don't approve of it! It's wrong! You're a beautiful young woman, you should be finding yourself a nice young man!"
    "What is your problem with me mom?" Londyn's anger was building. "Why are you being a such closed-minded hater? When will you learn" she continued, her voice rising in anger, "I am who I am, and I am a lesbian! So what?"

    "Big dam deal mom! How can you claim to love me", now Londyn's temper was at full boil, "and then scream and yell at me over something I didn't choose!"

    "This ends here and now!" Londyn was ready to give her mom an ultimatum too. "You're either going to accept me for who I am..." said Londyn through gritted teeth...

    "Or what young lady?" hissed Ebony

    Londyn could tell it was pointless to continue so she said, "That's it I'm out of here! And don't bother talking to me until you can learn to accept me!"

    With that Londyn stormed off, fittingly into the rainy Sulani morning. That was the last time she spoke to her mom in almost five years.

    Even though Londyn remained in Sulani for most of that time, she and her parents never talked. At first if they saw each other around town they would steer a wide path around each other. Over time that settled into merely passing by normally but still maintaining an air of tension and frostiness. Slowly during that time they began to miss one another but stubborn pride got in the way of reconciliation. Ebony and Lewis had come to realize just how foolish and stupid it was to push their only child out of their lives over her sexual orientation. Londyn's words echoed in Ebony's ears, "I am who I am, and I am a lesbian! So what?". Iy was Ebony's pride most of all that prevented a reunion for so long. As time passed Londyn wanted to build a bridge back to her parents, but she kept remembering the anger in Ebony's eyes and words. Londyn decided that for the time being it was her mom who needed to be the first to reach out and apologize.

    For Ebony's part, she was knew she was wrong but it was hard to think of reuniting with her sweet little girl. The horrible things she'd said to Londyn, calling her disgusting. She was sure Londyn hated her and would not agree to mending fences, not yet at least. Ebony kept track of Londyn and how she was doing. She and Lewis also started attending therapy sessions and meetings for parents of LGBTQIA kids. They knew they had understand where Londyn was coming from, to understand who she is, if there was ever to be a happy reunion.
    Ebony knew her little girl had long dreamt of being a movie star. Londyn certainly had the talent, she had done many plays while she was in school. Ebony was so proud when her baby girl popped up on her tv screen selling Salty Suds. It wasn't movie stardom, but it was a start. As Londyn's career began to take off, she garnered a little bit of tabloid press. That was where Ebony and Lewis learned that their daughter was engaged. They knew it was time to reach out to her and apologize for their words and actions. It was time to make their family whole again.

    "Lewis, we need to talk babe" said Ebony. "It's time we, no...I, need to reach out to Londyn."

    "It's long past time honey. We have to trust her, and trust in the values we instilled in her" he said. "If we did our job and she took those lessons to heart like I believe she did, everything will be okay"
    "I hope your right, Lewis. God I am so scared she still hates me."
    "I don't believe our little girl hates you now, and I don't believe she ever did" said Lewis consolingly. "It's going to be alright. Go send her an email and trust her"

    Dear Londyn...

    "Done. Please baby girl, answer me back and say you want to meet with us. Please!" Ebony pleaded with the laptop's screen

    "I sent it, it's in her hands now" said Ebony. "Give me strength!"
    "I'm right here for you as always"

    The following morning Londyn woke up to a surprise she had been wishing for these last few years. Word from mom, and the subject line was everything Londyn had always wanted to hear: "Baby girl I was wrong, I am so sorry can you forgive me?"

    Dear Londyn,

    My baby girl, I can only say I'm so very sorry for all of the hateful and hurtful things I said to you. When you came to me a scared young woman who was learning new truths about herself I wasn't the loving person you needed me to be. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me and your father. I understand if it's too soon and you can't. If that is how things are then it's what we deserve. We want you to know that it is, and always was your life to live as you see fit. It was only our job to instill basic values such as kindness, respect, and acceptance. We failed to live by our own words. Yet, even before that last fight we could see all of those values in you. Honey, you took our every lesson and in looking back showed us how the kind of people we should have been.

    We have wanted to reach out many times over the last couple of years, but I was always afraid that I had hurt you beyond your capacity to forgive. I was afraid you would reject me all over again, or that at the very least I would reopen old wounds. I hope that isn't the case. I hope that we can reunite as a family. Your father and I miss you terribly and we want you back in our lives. Since you're becoming famous we also heard about your engagement and we would love to meet your fiancé and welcome her into our family as well. From what little we've seen and heard of her she sounds like an angel.

    In closing I just want you to know how much we love you and that you will never again have a reason to question whether or not we're in your corner. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Love you with all my heart baby girl,


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    Chapter Fourteen Part Two

    "Oh my god! Danielle! Get in here! Now please!" Londyn wailed once she found her breath again.
    "What's wrong Londyn?"
    "My mom..."was all Londyn could get out between sobs.
    "Did something happen to her? Did she finally reach out? Talk to me sweetie, tell me what's going on." Danielle said almost pleading.
    All Londyn could do was point to the screen and let Danielle read for herself.

    "I've got you. Let's go sit on the sofa and talk."

    Danielle took Londyn in her arms and pulled her in close for comfort and said, "I knew from what you described of your mom there was a loving person in there. She had to lose you to find that part of herself again."

    "It was a miracle she wrote when she did. We have so much to do before the wedding, and I'm sure she'd love to be a part of it all."

    "I'm so ashamed to think I doubted her. I could have reached out too. I wanted too badly", Londyn said, again through sobs, "so many times over the last few years".

    "Its ok, now, how about we go give her a call?", Danielle said.

    A short time later:

    "Deep breaths, find your calm center, this is the moment you've been waiting for", said Danielle from her spot beside Londyn.
    "Hello? Londyn it's you!", squealed Ebony almost like a schoolgirl. "I have missed more than words could ever say my darling baby girl."

    "Yes, Mama, its me! It's so amazing to see you and hear your voice again! God how I've missed you too!"

    "We have so much to catch up on!" Ebony enthused. "Is your honey there with you?"
    "Of course she is mama."
    "Well have her step around where I can see her" said Ebony. "She's a member of the family now"

    "Hi Mrs Huntley...", Danielle instantly cringed. Londyn had told her that Ebony would expect to be called mama.
    "Stop right there sweetie, you call me mama too', laughed Ebony. "You're as important to me as my baby girl"
    "Mama it is. I so pleased to finally meet you even if it isn't face-to-face"
    Ebony followed that up by saying, "You'll get to meet me and Lewis soon. As soon as we end this call I'm booking a flight for us to Tartosa. Lewis has business contacts there. Folks there love his hand crafted furniture. He's made a nice living from it."
    "Alright mama", said Londyn "we look forward to seeing you and dad. Love you both! Bye!"
    "See you soon mama", added Danielle.

    "Pack your bags Lewis, we're headed to Tartosa!"

    "Our baby girl is back! We're a family again!"

    "We're a family again!"

    Three days later:

    Ebony and Lewis arrive in Tartosa unannounced. They made their way from the airport across town to Danielle and Londyn's cozy little love nest. They took a moment to soak in the surroundings and to put what was about to happen into perspective. They paused before the crossed the bridge onto the little island their baby girl and her fiancé call home.

    "Lewis, can you believe it? Our baby girl is right there on the other side of this bridge", said Ebony with a little happy tear in the corner of her eye. "What a wonderful life she's making for herself, in spite of the pain I put her through."
    Do not beat yourself up honey. That's in the past, we're all moving on" said Lewis

    "Let's go see our baby!"
    "Oh! My! God! Baby I got it! I got my first role on a tv show", screamed Londyn
    "That's awesome sweetie!"
    "Let's go to Celebr...Who's that knocking on the door? Like, choose your moments better" said Londyn as she turned around to answer the door.

    "Mama! Oh my god, it's you, it's really you!"
    "Oh how I missed your hugs baby girl!"

    "I could never forget you dad", Londyn said. "Let me get a look at you! Handsome as ever, maybe even more. I love the beard by the way."
    "It's time for you two to meet Danielle"
    "I would love that very much baby girl" said Ebony

    "Mama, daddy, this is the love of my life Danielle Chabert! Danielle these are my parents Ebony and Lewis!"
    "Mama it is so wonderful to actually meet you face-to-face. Let me give you a hug"
    "Child there's nothing I'd love more"..

    "Come here and give me a hug too" said Lewis,"I don't bite, I promise"
    "I'm not worried about that" said Danielle, "who ever heard of a teddy bear that bites"
    "Londyn, child, I approve of your taste in wives" said a beaming Lewis.

    It was time to get caught up on everything that had gone one over the last few years. Ebony's paintings were selling good and Lewis' hand crafted furniture was a hot commodity on Sulani and Tartosa. Danielle and Londyn gave Ebony and Lewis the full update on all that they had going on including the news Londyn had received moments before they knocked.

    "The jet lag is kicking my but if you ladies don't mind I'm going to head back to the rental" said Lewis. "Londyn, I will see you and Danielle again tomorrow. It's so good to have you back with us baby girl, and it was my extreme pleasure to meet you Danielle" he added before he got up and headed for the door.
    "Goodnight daddy! I love you! said Londyn
    "Sleep well dad, and I can't wait to talk to more when you're rested up" Danielle chimed in.
    "I'll be along shortly hun, I want to have a little girl talk."

    "I have to say Danielle, child, I don't think my baby girl could have done any better than you" said Ebony. "I've watched you two out of the corner of my eye and you are so obviously in love."

    "Mama, I've found my one true love, my soulmate" said Londyn as she fazed into Danielle deep blue eyes.
    "Londyn, until I met you I only thought I had everything I needed in life. That day on the beach when we met, I knew for a fact that you were truly everything I needed in life. There are no words in simlish, or any other language that can truly convey how much you mean to me. Every time I look at you my heart beats faster, when we touch there is electricity, and when I gaze into your eyes I feel like I'm falling in love with you all over again."

    "Londyn, baby girl if you don't hurry up and kiss that woman I'll do it myself!"
    "We have a wedding to plan' exclaimed Ebony"
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  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 3,789 Member
    awwww a tear-jerker <3<3
    I hope everyone who feels separated from their parents (or children) might have such a reconciliation.
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    @mightysprite It is. It got me a couple of times as I was writing it. But I couldn't think of any other way to do her backstory. I'm hoping when I bring Danielle's parents in I can do it more humorously. I keep setting out to add funny moments and I wind up all dramatic.

    Maybe I should go check and see if Liberty ever let Matteo come up for air?😉
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    @DaniRose2143... I'm not crying. I just got something in my heart. <3

    (Hey, forum running people, I need a reaction greater than Awesome over here.)
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    @luciusstorm Aww, thank you. I didn't want Ebony and Lewis to come off as bad, so I had to really bring the emotions to make them sympathetic characters.
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    @DaniRose2143.. my take honesty is they started bad but you managed to build them a good redemption arc into a tight space... which, to my mind, gives them some strength. It takes strength to recognize being wrong and put in the work to fix it.
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    @mightysprite It is. It got me a couple of times as I was writing it. But I couldn't think of any other way to do her backstory. I'm hoping when I bring Danielle's parents in I can do it more humorously. I keep setting out to add funny moments and I wind up all dramatic.

    Maybe I should go check and see if Liberty ever let Matteo come up for air?😉

    It's called "As the Story Turns …" ;)
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    @DaniRose2143 Wow, that was an amazing chapter! And you got me, I welled up, too. But that's a good thing, your words provoked it, but not in an obvious way. Well done!
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    @DaniRose2143 Wow, that was an amazing chapter! And you got me, I welled up, too. But that's a good thing, your words provoked it, but not in an obvious way. Well done!

    Thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It turned out to be a bigger and more emotional episode than I had envisioned. I shouldn't be surprised because the plot I came up with to suddenly bring her parents into the story is very emotionally charged.
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    What a lovely, heartwarming reunion. <3 It's so sad when parents and children are estranged.
    💚 TS4
    Things are as they are. Always hope. But never expect.
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    @simgirl1010 Thank you. I'm going to try very hard to make the next episode less intense emotionally.
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    I'm off and running on getting a couple of episodes knocked out this week. I'm experimenting with some new looks for some of the cast. First up is a new everyday outfit for Summer. This is for her everyday #1 outfit. I like it, and I'm sold on her going back to having an outfit with a skirt, I'm just not convinced that's the skirt.

    I'm thinking it's time I play matchmaker again. I'm not going to hook Summer up with the new guy, Darian, but I am going to do what I did with Londyn and Danielle. I'm going to put Darian in Summer's orbit and see what they do. I created Darian just like I have others, with the thought of giving her some handsome guys to chase. Since then I've been thinking he strikes me as a good fit for her. He's perfectly situated to create chance encounters. That is Summer's house on the hill overlooking his. Will she spot him on one of her daily runs? Will he spot her? Will sparks fly? Will absolutely nothing happen? Time will tell.

    In case you didn't see him earlier when I introduced him, Darian LaRue....
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    Hey! I just read through all of this and I loooooove this story <3 Your screenshots and sims are also absolutely beautiful to look at - I'm so invested & can't wait to see what happens to all the gang!
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    @hellohannah2 Thank you so much! I have a couple of episodes that I'm working on. Our girl Summer is about to become very busy and very happy. She got a promotion today to Head Caterer. She would have been happier when she got home, but she also came home with a cold so that kind of ruined the mood...

    But I think her mood will be brightening up in the near future. Danielle just happened to run into Darian while she was out. Danielle can't help herself, she is a matchmaker. She got Liberty and Matteo hooked up. She didn't come right out and hook Darian up with Summer, but she wasn't about to pass up a chance to really talk up Summer.

    I said I wasn't going to get involved, but I went to see what Darian was up to. When I joined him, a few seconds later I see Danielle approaching. I couldn't resist. I figured if Darian and Summer are meant to be, Danielle would still be there when I switched to her household. As you know sometimes when you flip like that the other sim is gone when you pop back in. Darian was still there and Danielle was now face to face with him. That was all the sign I needed. I had Danielle strike up a conversation and then drop in a word about Summer. Danielle is going to do the same later with Summer, and then it's sit back and see if this goes somewhere. Danielle didn't come right out and hook them up, but she is going to bring them together. Leave it to a romance novelist to know how to stoke the flames of passion and desire.
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    I did say this next episode wouldn't be a tearjerker. I might not be able to keep that promise. Not because it's deep and emotional, but because I'm getting the moms together along with the ladies to go dress shopping. If there are tears they should be from laughter.
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    @DaniRose2143... ah Danielle, not meddling, just being a good friend.

    I'm looking forward to the next installment.
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    @luciusstorm It's not Danielle that's meddling, it's me. Wait, Danielle is my name Danielle is meddling.🤔 This could get all sorts of trippy and Twilight Zone-y if I keep chasing that thought down the rabbit hole.
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    Danielle's work is done, it's up to Darian, Summer, and destiny...
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    Chapter Fifteen

    Welcome back dear readers. We are getting very close to the big day. As usual, I got carried away and this turned into a longer episode than I had planned. I do apologize for that and if you would like shorter episodes please feel free to say so. I promise if you make it on the end there are laughs galore! With that, on with the show...

    With Londyn and Danielle's big day approaching there are lots of little tasks left to do. They have been busy picking out a wedding venue to host their happily ever after. It didn't take long for them to settle on having the wedding in Sulani, but the question was where exactly. Most people think of Tartosa when they think of destination weddings. Sulani is a close second for the number of wedding venues, and with its year-round tropical weather and stunning backdrops it's guaranteed to be a fairy tale event. Summer was the first to get a peek during one of the frequent planning sessions.
    "This is the place that Danielle and I picked out for our wedding" said Londyn, "it's in Sulani and it's almost in my parents backyard!"

    "Oh it's gorgeous! I would so love to have a wedding in a place like that if only..." Summer said with an air of wistfulness.

    "And" Londyn added as she continued to swipe through the pictures "they can even hold the ceremony and the party afterwards after the sun goes down. It's just as stunning lit up entirely by candlelight." Londyn was quick to point out that the venue has an onsite kitchen to handle food prep, a fact that was of interest to Summer who had offered to handle wedding cake duties.

    Liberty showed up the following evening to help with the planning and got her first look and the venue. "It's so beautiful! I can't think of a better setting! she said. "The ocean, the palm trees, it's all so breathtaking!"
    At this point, with the wedding getting ever closer, the planning sessions are a daily thing. Summer has been stopping by to discuss menus. The venue offers the kitchen and a caterer if the party wants it but they are free to supply their own and Summer jumped at the idea and was off and running. Summer has been busy learning and testing new recipes. "Londyn, by any chance does the venue have a barbecue pit?" she asked out of nowhere one night.

    "I didn't think to ask, but almost everyone in Sulani has one. Even if they don't it takes almost no time at all to dig one" Londyn added.

    "I need one" Summer added sounding almost possessed. Summer has always been excitable, but now she was practically electrified with excitement for the job. "I've been learning recipes from Sulani to pair with the ones I've learned here and the ones Danielle and I grew up with in Willow Creek." Summer quickly added, "You should start working out now, because if you don't my menu is going to add two dress sizes. Just reading it will add one." This statement was met with gales of laughter. Summer knows how fitness obsessed Londyn and Danielle are, not to her degree though. "That reminds me, someday I have to tell you about my mom's crazy theory of the "curse of the Barrett women'" Summer said.

    Liberty was getting into the fun and excitement too, but in her usual way, more restrained than Summer. Liberty has been working with Danielle to plan a bachelorette party and looking at dresses. Liberty is really getting into the wedding planning since it's feeling inevitable that Matteo is going to pop the question at some point. Liberty isn't trying to hijack the planning for her own gain. She's fully committed to helping her friends plan their wedding. Danielle can sense things are happening with Liberty and Matteo and she's been encouraging Liberty to take notes.

    The moms stopped by too. It was their first meeting and they hit it off from the start.
    For Danielle's mom Jennifer it was her first time meeting Londyn in person. They had met a couple of times on video chat, when Jennifer and Danielle had spoken recently. "Londyn, it is such a pleasure to finally meet you in person. Come here and give me a hug young lady" she said.

    "My pleasure, mom" Londyn chuckled.

    "I'm so happy you came into my little girl's life. She's always been a happy go lucky child" Jennifer said with heartfelt gratitude, "but I've never seen her as happy as she's been since you two met"

    As the conversation continued inside, Ebony and Jennifer learned of their common bond beyond their daughters relationship. They learned they both shared a love of painting and that they made their living with their artwork.

    They also got their first look at the wedding venue, which was a hit. Ebony was really happy to learn the girls had chosen a spot so close to home. That day five years ago when Londyn stormed off after their fight, Ebony's last glimpse of her daughter that day was near the very spot where she was about to get married. Back then it was just a beach. The universe definitely has an odd sense of humor, as well as irony, Ebony thought to herself.

    They did spend time going over details like menus, entertainment, and Londyn let the moms know that she had arranged for a dress shopping excursion for the following Friday.

    The final bit of wedding talk came around to the subjects of names. "We've talked that over and I will be taking Londyn's name" Danielle said.

    "I think it's really sweet. If that's what you want, I'm all for it. You're still my little Dani no matter what name comes after" mom added.

    "That won't hurt your career will it?" Ebony asked. "I'm touched that you want to take the name Huntley, but dear I don't want you hurting your career just for that."

    "No, it won't hurt anything. Quite a few big name authors write under more than one name" Danielle was quick to point out, and giving a few examples. "And even if it did, it's still what I want to do".

    This next bit of the story, dear readers, is going to require your imagination. I couldn't get more than one of the friends and moms to even look like they were mildly interested in what was happening. So I wrote this part as if they were paying attention, but they were behind the camera and not in the shot. Sims and their short attention spans!

    Next up on the agenda was the trip to Siobhan's Bridal Boutique in Del Sol Valley. Siobhan had lined up a selection of stunning gowns for the ladies, and with some help from Londyn's friends in the prop department at Plumbob Pictures, helped them set up a couple of pranks. The first to strut her stuff was Londyn...

    Followed by Danielle...
    Londyn and Danielle decided each of them would do two in-a-row to buy the prank team time extra time.

    Then they came out with their second choice gowns...

    And their favorites...

    As the pranks were being setup, Siobhan asked the gathered friends and family what they thought of the dresses. None of them knew for sure which dresses Londyn and Danielle preferred.

    "I loved Danielle in that second to last gown" her mom exclaimed! "It looks like something out of a fairy tale".
    Ebony said "I thought that first one Londyn had on was gorgeous!"
    "I totally agree with Ebony about Londyn's first gown! And if she doesn't want it can you set it aside" Summer asked? "If I ever get married I'm so wanting that dress!"
    "I really loved that bohemian one Londyn had on, Liberty said "and Danielle's last dress was amazing!"
    "I really wasn't impressed by Danielle's first gown" said Summer. "It reminded me more of a nightgown, not a wedding dress".
    "For me the one I like the least was Londyn's mermaid gown" Liberty added.
    Ebony was right behind her with "Me too child, me too. It's not the cut, it's just so plain. This is your special day, your dress should be more elaborate".

    Londyn signaled Siobhan, the pranks were ready. Siobhan stepped up and let everyone know that the ladies were ready to show off their favorite dresses. Londyn led off...

    "Londyn Michelle Huntley! Have you lost your mind!"

    catcalls and one rather robust, but still feminine aw-ooooo issue from the back

    "That's my daughter you're whistling at back there! You wanna walk back to Tartosa? Keep it up!"

    "What are you saying mom? You don't like this one? I thought why wait until I get Danielle back to the honeymoon suite, I'd just get her love motor revved up right there in the aisle!"

    "You know what I said about setting aside that one dress" Summer said, "Forget that, I'll take one of those! Right! Now! Do you take Visa?"

    "Oh Lord!" said Jennifer with her hands over her mouth, "I know Danielle. She's going to try and top that I'm pretty sure there are laws against what my girl is about to do."

    "Londyn Michelle, are you trying to give me a heart attack?!?! I should have known you'd pull a stunt like this. It's a good thing I'm only 25. If I was an old lady the shock of that dress would have killed me!"

    "Ow! My neck!" exclaimed Jennifer who was seated next to Ebony.

    "Now what are you on about?" said Ebony turning to look at Jennifer.

    "Your crack about being 25 made me do a double take so fast I got whiplash!"

    "I'm surrounded by comediennes" said Ebony as she rolled her eyes

    "Wait! What the heck is that godawful racket?" Liberty asked

    "What. The. Plum?"

    Just as the words escaped Summer's mouth the curtain parted and Danielle emerged...

    Summer was once again the first one to find her voice. "I may be single, and I'm not the one about to get married, but I'm pretty sure with that outfit in the room there won't be any revving love motors."

    "Where was that armor when Travis was around" said Liberty

    Summer weighed in, "With Travis a sword might be more useful, certainly more satisfying"

    "Yeah, cut him off at the..."

    "LIBERTY!!!" said everyone in unison.

    "I was going to say knees! What did you think I was going to say?"

    "Something about a foot or so higher" replied Summer.

    "I'm so relieved you came out wearing that getup. I was terrified you were going to try and one up Londyn and strut out here naked as the day you were born" said a very relieved Jennifer. "Now take that silly thing off so we can talk about dresses.

    A few minutes later Londyn and Danielle re-emerge with photos in hand that Siobhan took of them in their favorite dresses...(WARNING huge photos under the tag)
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  • luciusstormluciusstorm Posts: 748 Member
    @DaniRose2143, wedding planning... that takes me back. I love how excited everyone is. Summer's menu planning cracks me up. I love the contrast between Summer and Liberty. They balance each other so well.

    I know you didn't get the shots you wanted for the dress shopping, but I thought you handled it really well with the shots you did have. They're going to look great. One thing I've found, when trying to handle large groups of sims - don't. :) Break them down into smaller groups, get the shots you want and then post them so that the audience can fill in the gaps.

    I also thought the length was fine. If it were me, and I wanted to break it into smaller parts, I might have split the dress shopping off into it's own episode, but honestly I don't think you needed to.

    All in all, a wonderful chapter - lots of fun, friendship and love.
  • DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 5,947 Member
    Thank you @luciusstorm. I sometimes get too detailed, or bogged down in the details. That's been a bit worse it feels like as I try to work in the mothers. On the fun side, the next time Danielle and Londyn feature it will be the bachelorette party and the wedding. I want to spend an episode with Summer and one with Liberty. Lib still has that background check to do on the mysterious Izabella that I had completely forgotten about at some point.

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