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Positive Thoughts Discussion: My Wedding Stories



  • GrimlyFiendishGrimlyFiendish Posts: 717 Member
    A Tale of Two Weddings.

    Just so folks can see how weddings might be working with this pack at the moment. Lots of pictures so I'll keep them under spoiler cuts so as not to blow people's download limit.

    Wedding 1

    Lilitu and Malachai (number of guests 15)

    Activities: Exchange vows and spousal kiss, first dance, dancing, cut cake, ceremony feast, and drinking.

    The guests arrived on time, except one immediately decided they were going to take a swim and changed into their bathers.

    Please take your seats worked reasonably well, aside from a couple of stragglers stood outside for no apparent reason.



    Exchange vows and kissed worked with no problems (didn't get a screenshot of the kiss).



    Gather for first dance worked, except most guests are facing the wrong way (going into build mode and rotating the dance floor in different directions did not seem to help with this). Please also note the guest who decided to go swimming at the start is still in his swimming suit.

    First dance worked eventually, except they decided to dance outside on the asphalt lane instead of inside on the dance floor (maybe they sensed their guests were facing that way anyway, who knows)

    Gather for cake worked, except cutting the cake did not because guests had already started eating the cake. I ended up just having the bride and groom feed the cake to one another instead.



    I didn't get screenshots of these either, but have guests dance worked for, drinks did not.

    Wedding 2

    Marisol and Poppy (number of guests 15)

    Activities: Walk down the aisle, exchange vows and spousal kiss, first dance, dancing, toasts, speeches, cut cake, celebration feast.

    So right from the start there was an issue with the wedding cake disappearing from sims inventory, so I ended up having the two brides' daughter whip a wedding cake in the adjoining kitchen.

    Take your seats worked, eventually, after guests had stopped criss crossing the aisle and repeatedly sitting and standing. A couple of aisle stragglers did remain though.


    At this point the two brides apparently had completely different ideas about what a wedding actually was. Marisol wandered off to go play in a pond & Poppy decided now would be a good time to practice piano.


    Walk down aisle didn't work at all (I clicked on the ceremony activity and got no response from either bride), so I ended up just sending them down together as escort and escortee. This at least did work properly.


    Exchange vows and spousal kiss started off with one bride standing at the wedding arch, and the other randomly speed running off somewhere else whilst wedding guests decided to untake their seats.


    Exchange vows and spousal kiss did eventually work with most guests having retaken their seats (again).

    Guests gathered correctly for first dance (facing the right way at least, sort of); however, I could not get the bridal pair to actually perform the first dance this time, so I ended up just having guests dance instead.


    Grim then gave a toast, which absolutely no one paid any attention to, despite being directed to gather for toast & instead stayed on the dance floor.

    Aislinn then gave a speech, at which point guests gathered for the toast that had just been given, whilst Aislinn monologued on the dance floor. At some point half the guests were listening to the speech, whilst others were still waiting for the toast.


    Gather for cake worked, as did cutting the cake (aside from Poppy accidentally slicing her finger).




    And then as the night was winding down, guests randomly decided to take their seats (again) and wait for the wedding ceremony to start (again). I hit the end event button at this point.
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  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 28,092 Member
    edited April 2023
    @GrimlyFiendish Thanks for sharing this. I must confess this gave me more than a few giggles. I could so relate to it! Great costumes on your Sims. While I have never lost a cake from my Sim's inventory, I have lost the cake itself, after it being set up for the reception prior to the wedding.
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  • SimmervilleSimmerville Posts: 11,598 Member
    Am I the only one combining the wedding ceremony with poses? I use the Pose Player to make guests sit where they are supposed to sit, and this way they won't start chatting. I want them there to fill the seats, but as most guests won't pay lots of attention to what's happening, anyway, I found they will be just as good frozen :) After the ceremony I tell them stop posing :) Another fine thing with this is that I decide where each guest will sit, like couples or small families will sit together, and for more serious weddings I'll keep the bride's and groom's flock separated, like it often is (or at least used to be) in real life. It's good for pictures. Will miss out on rice cheers etc though, but I think those actions can be directed
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  • ZiafarZiafar Posts: 674 Member
    edited April 2023
    The lesson to learn from your first wedding is : do not have one near any body of swimmable water.
    As for the second wedding, please forgive me, but I laughed so hard!
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 7,090 Member
    I still so love Tartosa & still think it's a wonderful sister World to Sulani. Plus when my Sulani gets a bit busy with households, it's nice to have a beautiful sister world to play with for my other households. ;):p<3B)
    I actually have my Aladdin & Jasmine household and my Hercules & Xena household living in Tartosa in my Ancient Times game save.
    My Ariel & Eric household also lives in Tartosa in my Medieval to Victorian Age game save.
    Also, both Sulani & Tartosa works perfectly for my Prehistoric to Biblical Age game save.

    FYI: They are all saved in the Gallery under my username SEREFRAS if any simmer is interested. ;)

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