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What is your favorite spin-off ?



  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,575 Member
    The Sims Stories (Life Stories, Pet Stories, Castaway Stories)
    Castaway. Seriously. Though any spin-off from the Sims 2 and down era lol. I think I had Pet Stories too - but preferred Castaway.
  • haisinhaisin Posts: 598 Member
    edited January 28
    I only played The Sims Social from these, but it's not my favourite and I didn't play it much. I guess my favourite would be The Sims Stories (Castaway) or The Sims Medieval if I had played them.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,248 Member
    The Sims Bustin' Out
    I loved playing Bustin’ Out. I always got mad at Malcolm though.
  • JoeConnor92JoeConnor92 Posts: 5 New Member
    Bustin out
  • GemSixxGemSixx Posts: 144 Member
    The Sims Stories (Life Stories, Pet Stories, Castaway Stories)
    Life Stories is the only one I've played. I loved it and played it so much. Then I got S3 and played a few thousand hours.
    So, I went from Sims 1 to Life Stories to Sims 3. I wish I had been able to try some of the other spin-offs though. They all seem like they were really good...maybe even better than 4.

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  • Sunflowergal227Sunflowergal227 Posts: 275 Member
    played mysims for wii! it's pretty fun!
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    Sims 2 (All EPs/SPs)
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  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 33,438 Member
    The Sims Medieval
    TSM turned out to be my favorite. I didn't play but one other and it was Castaway and I grew bored with the 'chores' very fast. I'm not that sort of player who can stick to a script. I didn't expect to actually like TSM as much as I did, but it was so detailed in the graphics and stories that I so wanted them to make a tool to allow players to write their own quests and it was so much fun figuring out how to play the game (no hand holding) to get more time to actually live a life in between quests that I wound up really loving it. Sad, they didn't add more to it.
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  • simmeroriginsimmerorigin Posts: 306 Member
    Sims 2 era spin-offs and console games (DS was great)
  • viola-illyriaviola-illyria Posts: 78 Member
    The Sims Medieval

    I had bad experiences with TS3 (I found it ugly and it had poor performance on the PC it didn't melt the harddrive of. It also melted a harddrive...) but I heard good things about TSM and picked it up a couple of years back. It completely changed my view of TS3 and helped me get back in that era of the franchise.

    It's also just an amazing game in itself. My only problem with it is the tiny amount of building it allows. The homes can't change size and there's limited space for all the cool items.
  • GordyGordy Posts: 2,357 Member
    edited March 6
    The Sims Stories (Life Stories, Pet Stories, Castaway Stories)
    Castaways, because he gameplay is fun and I love the orangutans. The Stories games also had some crazy plot twists, like revealing your aunt was kidnapped, or having a satellite fall from the sky and kill your love interest.
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  • paradiseplanetparadiseplanet Posts: 4,415 Member
    The Sims Medieval
    I can't comment on any of these other ones except the one I know I'm most familiar with: Sims Medieval! It had the potential to be so much more though, but EA never gave it a chance...
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  • SheepilingSheepiling Posts: 412 Member
    The Sims Medieval
    It's a hard choice between Medieval, Bustin' Out, Urbz, and Castaway. But Medieval has to be my favorite out of them all. I love so many of these, though!
  • NikkihNikkih Posts: 1,636 Member
    The Urbz: Sims in the City

    I'm just going to leave this here, let's get it started in here
  • friendlysimmersfriendlysimmers Posts: 7,165 Member
    not on the poll because my vote is none of the above
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  • iThreeMusketsiThreeMuskets Posts: 11 New Member
    The Urbz: Sims in the City
    The Urbz, it's honestly just its name LMAOO
  • LamaaaayLamaaaay Posts: 13 New Member
    The Sims Medieval
    even though it can be a bit repetitive once you've done all the 'quests' (though you could probably say something similar about all the spin offs) I really love Sims Medieval. I enjoy how you are able to play as all the different roles and it's not just you pick one character and that is who you do all the missions as and have other people help you. I also just really like the whole medieval theme and I continue to play Sims Medieval on a regular basis. Though I must say it was a tough decision between Sims Medieval and MySims, not because I think MySims is better but because when I was like 8 I had MySims Party on the Wii and it was my first experience with the Sims franchise so I'm a bit nostalgic about the game.
  • IsharellIsharell Posts: 906 Member
    The Sims Stories (Life Stories, Pet Stories, Castaway Stories)
    Castaway Stories. I adored that game. Sims Medieval is a close second although it would be first if we'd been able to build in Medieval.
  • MantleJackalMantleJackal Posts: 39 Member
    I put MySims since it's the only one in the list that I actually played, specifically MySims Kingdom for the DS. It's a cute little game and while the story is nothing special I did enjoy several moments. It's the type of game that you play to relax or spend a couple of hours on.

    If I ever get the chance, I would love to play the other spin-offs.
  • comicsforlifecomicsforlife Posts: 9,118 Member
    The Sims Stories (Life Stories, Pet Stories, Castaway Stories)
    the sims 4 isn't getting new whims right now and I think they have dropped them all together if we want new whims in sims 4 we need to tweet the gurus and tell them we like whims
  • ClarionOfJoyClarionOfJoy Posts: 1,945 Member
    I wish this was multi-choice because I really can't just pick one! I love so many of them!

  • EthropturEthroptur Posts: 37 Member
    The Urbz: Sims in the City
    For me, the singular best spin-off is The Sims 2: Castaway (not castaway stories) for PS2/Gamecube. There's something about stripping the game down to its bear parts and then adding an extra sense of desparation that made the game engaging. However, since that game isn't listed, the Urbz: Sims in The City for PS2 is a close second. I used to love that game back when I was younger. I went back and re-played it a few years ago, and I still really enjoyed it. The Urbz for DS is a close third.
  • pandabear1836pandabear1836 Posts: 2,155 Member
    The Sims Medieval
    Sims Medieval is my favorite! Although I've never played any of the other games mentioned, from what I've seen of other people's gameplay, they didn't really interest me. I loved Sims Medieval because it was different from a regular Sims game, but still recognizable as The Sims. It was fun to play as all the different roles in a medieval kingdom, from a monarch, to a priest, a knight, a physician, a bard, a spy, etc. I also really liked the art style and graphics of the game; it was what I was hoping the Sims 4 art style would look like, basically a more defined and realistic looking Sims 3. I'm also a big history bufff, so being able to play my favorite game in a semi-historical setting was very satisfying!
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