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One Month One World One Year Personal Challenge


  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 4,208 Member
    March - Day 14: Reflections


    No story post today. Sorry, Squiffy's not any better, he's very weak, barely breathing, I don't know how much longer he's going to last. I'm just not feeling in a very good place right now to focus on Essa's story or comment. I will at some point, just not tonight. I hope y'all understand. :'(
  • lilypadmeulinlilypadmeulin Posts: 1,087 Member

    That's so crisp and clear, oh my goodness! That's a really beautiful shot.


    At the moment most of her creations are going on Plopsy, and none are being added to her wardrobe, but I probably should do that from time to time. I'm still disappointed Rohan didn't like the socks myself, but then what can I do? I'll just keep skilling Jenny up in knitting.


    There are a lot of beautiful things you can make with Knitting, and I do really like them! A lot of them are destined for Plopsy, but I think Jenny can keep some of them, and I definitely intend for her to keep any baby onesies.
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 2,200 Member
    edited March 15
    Update 74 - So you wanna be an extreme sports enthusiast?


    School again. I actually kind of like Jules in the white, it looks good on her!

    I actually don't have very concrete plans for Jules for the time being, kind of weird for me, I know! I can finally do both SE aspirations though, so I'm just gonna work on those and see what stories/ideas I get as I play, but for now, enjoy some simpler commentary style posts.

    I decided to make Jules primarily a skier, since I love skiing myself. Here's her first attempt at the bunny slope :D

    I added Lydia to my household, not as an official part of the story (for all intents and purposes, she is still living in her own house), but I want to build up her rock climbing skills so she can do the mountain excursion with Jules later this month, and things like that are just easier to do when I directly control her. While Jules works on skiing, she'll be snowboarding primarily, but I'll have them build up their rock climbing skills together.

    After dabbling in winter sports, they went on a hike. I enjoyed the little animations that happened when they would autonomously check the map, though I'm not sure Jules has a good sense of direction :D


    Lenny and Mochi are bonding as well (both of them are fixed, so no chance of surprise puppies unless I reverse that, an idea that I did briefly

    Speaking of Lenny - I have a playable pets mod installed, and noticed that he has these two interactions with Ruby.

    And I just thought him guarding her was one of the cutest things, what a good boy <3

    I am curious to see how quickly Jules might lose some weight by skiing and rock climbing. Honestly this is a great aspiration for her to do to get her pre-baby body back haha.

  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 2,200 Member
    edited March 15
    @Karababy52 Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about your cat. Seeing a pet suffer is never easy, and of course you just need to fully be with him right now <3 My heart hurts for you thinking about what you are going through right now, and of course I understand that your mind is elsewhere now, and I do truly wish there was more I could do for you from afar. 😢
  • lilypadmeulinlilypadmeulin Posts: 1,087 Member
    March, Day 7



    Megumi came over, but I don't have many screenshots from today - though Jenny maxed out the gardening skill! However, I learned that the Level 10 Seed Packet isn't exactly worth the money if you've not got much money, as it gave us the Sad Bean and nothing else.
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 2,412 Member
    edited March 15
    February (Thursday): Day 24: Dinner At The Munch House

    This is a screenie of a sunset behind the Munch house.

    After school, Sakura quickly finished her chores, changed and took the ferry to Wolfgang's house. She had made a honey cake to bring with her for dessert and she hoped that Wolfgang's mother would like it.

    When Sakura arrived, Wolfgang was waiting for her out front. What a nice surprise.


    Wolfgang: "Sakura, you're here! I' mean, Lucas will be thrilled. He wanted me to stand out here to make sure you didn't miss the house."


    Sakura: "It is just as you described it, Wolfgang. Such a beautiful house."


    Wolfgang brought Sakura inside and showed her to the kitchen, where she placed her cake.


    Mila Munch was outside bar-b-qu'ing and she came in carrying a plate of grilled chicken, wearing a towel.

    Sakura came over to take the plate from her, "Oh hi, Mrs. Munch, I'm Sakura. Let me help you with that," she said.


    Mila: "Oh, that is sweet of you Sakura. Just put it on the counter in the kitchen. I still have corn on the cob on the grill, and a few more things to do for dinner," Mila said suddenly looking down at herself, "Oh! I do apologize. I haven't changed for dinner yet. We're very casual around here and I usually like to soak in the tub when I get home from work and sometimes I've been known to walk around in my towel or bathrobe."

    Sakura smiled, "Oh, that's okay. I'm sure you've had a hard day at work, so please let me know if I can help you with anything."

    Mila returned her smile: "I am sure that Lucas wants to take up a lot of your time while you are here. You have really made an impression on him, and..." she whispered,"...if I might add, on Wolfgang, too...but don't tell him I told you..."


    Suddenly, Lucas rounded the corner, "Sakura! Sakura! You're here! Sakura, come and see my room. And I have a present for you!"

    Sakura: "Oh?"


    Lucas: "Yes, I made it myself. Come on... "


    Lucas grabbed Sakura's hand and practically pulled her down the hallway towards his room, "This is actually mine and Wolfgang's room, but mine is the nice side. Wolfgang's is 'the dark side', but he does have a chess table and he lets me play you play chess, Sakura? Because my Mom said I could stay up an extra 1/2 hour because you were here. So, maybe we could play chess...or...we could play cars...I have lots of cars...but Mom said I had to do homework before dinner, and I couldn't really concentrate because I wanted to draw you this" he said handing her the picture, "I hope you like it..."

    Sakura: "Oh my...this picture is so nice, Lucas. Thank you. And, yes I do play chess, and if we have time, I will certainly play a game with you. Now, about that homework, why don't we work on it together..."

    Lucas: "It's math...are you good at math?"

    Sakura: "Well, I'm okay in it, but you know, your brother Wolfgang is really good at math. He even helped me with my math homework once..."


    Wolfgang had come up behind them and smiled at Sakura, "Ah yes, I remember that..."

    While Wolfgang helped Lucas with his homework, Sakura excused herself and helped Mila and set the table for dinner.


    While Sakura was putting out the silverware, Wolfgang's older brother, Gunther, came into the dining room and introduced himself.


    Gunther: "Sakura, Lucas told me that you are a volunteer with the Homework Helpers' Club at the library. I think that is quite admirable for someone your age. I'm a fan of the library myself. One of the reasons I became a writer, I love to read. Do you like to read?" Sakura said she did, but she was rather busy lately with a band she had started.

    They chatted a bit and then Mila called them all to dinner. They went into the kitchen and Sakura had never seen so much food. Wolfgang wasn't kidding when he said that his Mom always made a lot of food.


    They headed back into the dining room and Wolfgang sat opposite Sakura. Mila sat down and looked around the table and smiled. It was unusual for everyone to have dinner together, as they were all so busy with their clubs. It felt like they were a family again.


    Mila: "Sakura, so tell me about this band that you started. I understand that you are having your first concert..."

    Wolfgang cut her off, "...gig,'s called a gig..."

    Mila: "...oh, okay, concert...gig...whatever...I am sure Sakura knows what I mean...tell me about your band, Sakura..."

    Sakura explained that she had thought of starting a music club because she needed to practice her piano more, and it kind of evolved into a band, and with the help of her music teacher, they had their first "gig" tomorrow night. It was actually a charity event.


    Lucas: "Can I go to that, Mom? I've never been to a "gig" before...and I don't have school the next day..."


    Mila: "Isn't this the weekend you are supposed to go on the sleepover at Elsa's house for your League of Adventurers Club?"

    Lucas: "Oh right! That is going to be so fun! Elsa has a rocketship playground in her backyard...and a pool! Yeah, sorry, Sakura, I can't go..."

    Sakura: "Lucas, I totally understand. Maybe another time then."


    Sakura turned to Mila: "Mrs. Munch, I just wanted to say that this dinner is so delicious. Thank you so much for having me over for dinner."

    Sakura then got a new sentiment with Mila.




    They finished dinner and Sakura said she would clean up the dishes. Mila made some tea and said she could hardly wait to taste that lovely honey cake. Gunther said it was nice meeting Sakura, and then headed off to his Avante Gardes club meeting.


    They had dessert in the kitchen, and Wolfgang sat beside Sakura and told her that the dessert was indeed delicious. Of course, Lucas came in the kitchen, too, to have a piece of cake. Sakura told him that she had a bee box in her garden and that is where the honey is from. Mila had busied herself in the kitchen, and told Lucas that it was time for bed.

    Lucas: "Ahhh...Mom...can't I stay up a little longer? Sakura was telling me about her bees. I think I want a bee box, Mom. Then you could make honey cake, too."

    They all laughed, and Sakura said that if Mila wanted, she could put Lucas to bed.

    Lucas: "Can you read me a bedtime story? Mom usually does, but could you tonight, Sakura?" Pleeeaase?"


    Sakura agreed and had Lucas to bed in no time. Mila had finished up in the kitchen and Wolfgang told his Mom and he and Sakura would watch some television for a bit. Sakura again thanked Mila for the lovely dinner, and Mila told Sakura that she was welcome to come over any time. Sakura had really felt welcome at their house and said she would like that.

    And Mila gets another sentiment for Sakura. I do believe that Sakura is making quite an impression on Mila. I really think that Mila is hoping that Sakura will be a permanent fixture in their family.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Wolfgang led Sakura to another building at the back of their property, which he called "the games room", "My Dad built it when I was young. A place you could be loud without bothering anyone in the main house," Wolfgang said, "I come here a lot of play my guitar. The only other person who uses this room is my Mom, who watches television here sometimes."

    Sakura looked around the room, which had a dart board, a foosball table, a small tv, and a guitar in the corner.

    Sakura: "Your Dad built this? It's so nice. Wolfgang, you never told me, but where is your Dad now?" asked Sakura carefully.


    Wolfgang: "My Dad...oh...well...he passed away when I was young. Lucas was a baby...."

    Sakura: "Oh, Wolfgang...I'm so sorry. But at least you have your Mom. I lost both my parents, and...last year, I lost my Grandfather..." Sakura proceeded to tell Wolfgang about her family.


    Wolfgang: "I'm sorry, Sakura. You know, when my Dad died, I was really mad at the world. I mean, my Mom has always been good to us, but I...I don't know why, but I just wanted to kick things, break things, be mean to sims, not do my just got worse. And when the Renegades Club started, Max wanted me to be part of the club, so I joined. Max told me his father had been a Renegade in a club where they were originally from, and so that is why he named the club Renegades. He wanted to be like his father. But he hates his sister, Luna. You see, his mother had been a Paragon and his father had been a Renegade in the town they were from, but his mother left them and ran away with another Paragon when Max was just a baby. And they never saw her again. His father keeps a picture of their mother on the mantle and even though he tried to find her, he wasn't able to, and he kind of lost it a bit, you know, had a mental breakdown or something. Anyway, I guess Luna looks like her mother, and since Max hates his mother for deserting them, he hates Luna, too. So, that is the reason we are mean to the Paragons. It really has to do with some grudge that Max has. And even though Siobhan is the leader of the Paragons, it was Luna who came up with the name for the club, after the club her mother had been in. To be honest, I actually like Luna, and feel kind of sad for her for what happened."

    Sakura: "I never knew that about Luna's family. She never told me. Oh gosh, that is awful."


    Wolfgang: "And, you know, I've been thinking about what you said about me, about having some gifts but not using them. And I've been thinking about the club...and talked to the other members, and I feel it's time to make some changes. I'm thinking of taking over the club and I even told Max that we shouldn't be mean to the Paragons anymore. We got into a HUGE fight over it, which is against the club rules...but that's one thing I'd change..."

    Sakura: "I think that's a good idea, Wolfgang. It's something I didn't like about the Paragons. I never understood why Siobhan was so against my being your friend, just because you were a Renegade. It's one of the reasons why I quit the club."

    Wolfgang: "You quit the Paragons? You're no longer a Paragon?" he said astonished.

    Sakura: "Yeah, it was before Scout camp, As I said, it was one of the reasons...but it was just a bad night overall...there was this special report from the Olympic Camp about my boyfriend...and how he..." Sakura could feel the tears welling up in her eyes, " he might be with someone else now...Oh gosh...I'm sorry...I shouldn't be telling you this..."


    Sakura broke down in tears and Wolfgang wasn't sure what to do, so he just quietly sat beside her.

    Wolfgang: "Sakura, no matter what...I'm here for you...if you need to talk about it..."

    Sakura looked up at him and saw how he was looking at her. Sakura knew that Wolfgang cared about her.

    Wolfgang: "You know what always makes me feel better, Sakura? A rousing game of foosball...come on...let's play and then you'll have to concentrate on your moves...because I am the house champ!"

    Sakura dried her eyes and smiled at Wolfgang, "Okay, you're on! But I have no idea how to play..."


    Wolfgang explained the game and Sakura did her best to win, but Wolfgang was too good and won the game.

    Wolfgang: "Next time you come over, we'll play again..."

    Sakura: "Next time?"

    Wolfgang: "Um...yes...I am sure that Lucas will want you to come back to talk more about your bees. and Gunther said he had a great chat with you about books...and you heard my Mom, you are welcome to come over anytime..."

    Sakura: "Of course. Well, in that case, I better practice up!" They both laughed.


    Suddenly Wolfgang took Sakura's hands in his and said, "And I would really like you to come over again. Maybe next time, I can invite you for dinner..."



    Sakura looked into Wolfgang's eyes, "That would be really nice..."

    [Wow! Autonomous action here by Wolfgang, doing a romantic gesture of "hold hands".]

    Wolfgang let go of her hands and Sakura said she had to go and gave him a hug.


    Sakura: "I'll see you tomorrow..."

    Wolfgang walked Sakura out and watched her as she walked down the street towards the ferry.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    One of the rules of the Renegades clubs is that they can't be mean to other Renegades, so I was rather surprised to see Wolfgang's relationship with Max. It was in the red and they despised each other! I have not played Max Villareal, so have no idea what happened between them.


    The romantic "hold hands" interaction was an autonomous action by Wolfgang, and I couldn't believe that Sakura let him do that. To say the least, I was completely floored! But then, I looked at their relationship status, and they have a bit of pink between them. Oh my gosh!

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  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 2,412 Member
    @Karababy52 - I'm sorry to hear that your cat is still not well. Hoping everything works out for the best. *hugs*
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 2,200 Member
    I am very familiar with that angry stomping walk since Jules has the hotheaded trait haha. Always amusing how intense sims emotions are, even if they can be a bit annoying sometimes :) Yeah those rare seed packets are kind of waste. I tried getting a few ot those with Jules and ended up with emotion beans most of the time, and since I have no desire to make a plant sim, I'd just sold them. You could always get Patchy and check his pockets for seeds, since once you purchase him, checking his pockets is free so it's less disappointing if you get something you don't want. Yay for Jenny on maxing out her gardening skill! I'm sure you'll be able to finish evolving plants soon too and finish that aspiration in no time.

    What a nice dinner! I laughed when Mila was out grilling in her bathrobe, and then she was so casual about it too HAHA. Also Wolfgang's crush is very sweet, and I like how he's been using Lucas an excuse when really it's him who adores her. Well, Lucas obviously adores her too. Actually, it looks like the whole Munch household is on their way to adoring her. Such a difference from Megumi last month! Lucas babbling away and trying to impress was super cute too. Also that conversation Wolfgang and Sakura had about their deceased parents was very sweet, something so sad to bond over, but you handled that conversation so nicely. Your back story with how the Paragons and Renegades got their names, and also some of the history with the Villareal backstory was great too. Poor Max, he's just an angry bitter child. And that was also a nice touch that Wolfgang joined the Renegades after his dad died, makes total sense for him and the personality you've given him. Also I have to wonder as well what he and Max have done to get a negative relationship without you interfering. That also is very sweet that Wolfgang and Sakura have truly autonomously started a relationship! Usually I have to initiate that little pink bar (for ages Emmett and Jules didn't even have a pink bar, and it took me choosing one action to get that started for them). I'm not sure if I've ever had sims autonomously start a romance, so that's cool to know that perhaps under the right circumstances, they totally could! Great update. Are you loving playing on your new computer with your new graphics? That shot of the day looks especially great!
  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,792 Member
    For March 12 What a beautiful vampire. Lol to Operation Geld Damon.. that's great
    Essa's house is so pretty. As a side comment I'll be really happy to not send them to school anymore either!
    For March 13 Gorgeous shots as usual, and what a collection!
    For March 14 Beautiful shot.
    - So sorry to hear about Squiffy being that sick. You don't need to worry about posting now. Just do what you need to do.
    For March 12 Love your daily picture. Sakura looks like she's into it and having a good time. Lol that's some avant-garde dressing for the band members!
    This makes me want real bands in the game so bad!
    Aww I'm really beginning to like Wolfgang too much here.
    For March 13 Grats on the new computer, great shot too!
    For March 14 Wolfgang is so in love.. Aww this post was so sweet overall. Those autonomous actions are great when they just work in the story.
    For March 12 I like the shot of Astrid swimming the best.
    For March 13 All those celebrity sightings and the River shot was great. I think he stole the show that day!
    For March 14 Wow grats on the frog collection! The dirty little hoarder comment made me bust out laughing... that's great, never seen that. Omg with River too.. Lame-o's. Such a fun play through.
    For March 12 and 13 That house looks creepy.. perfect setting for "The Curse". Nice cliff hanger again with the building about to collapse!
    For March 14th Well that was exciting. I'm happy to see everyone got out.
    -posting my play is usually easier for me than reading and posting lol. Sometimes I don't have time for it either. Lately I've been trying for every other day.
    For March 5 Once that money starts moving it's so much better lol.
    For March 6 Jenny definitely wins the cuteness factor! I kind of hate when the game does that... having them dislike craftable items. I'd get it depending on quality but yeah it's a downer.
    For March 7 Getting that sad bean musta made Jenny angry! Yeah I don't buy those packs until I'm rolling in money.
    For March 13 What beautiful shots at the Festival of Lights! Lol at the look on Mario and Becca's faces when he gets the call! For not ever having a baby you got the process of waiting down great lol. I agree your holding the baby picture is wonderful. Great post!
    For March 14 Aww I love that crib. I don't use cc but it's so cute. Great idea to "transfer" the baby also. Will give you some time without worry in your game. Ruby is a wonderful name :).
    For March 15 I think Jules looks great but with your comments of extra weight... she's about to shed it all doing that aspiration.
    For March 13 Beautiful picture at the festival.
    For March 14 Love that inner monologue of what River is going through and things like how time is different in the realm. First Dedeathify!
    -Okay I get it .. to be honest and act on your lust might get tricky for him for sure!
  • AnnoyingTigerAnnoyingTiger Posts: 420 Member
    Woah, Essa killed it! She won every single duel, she's become so strong =D Ooo she's got the familiar and broom collections, so cool! Are you going to bind one of the familiars to her?

    I don't think it's a real thing in the main game, but I have MCC and have it set so teens can quit school. But every time I tried, it just didn't work. Finally, once her performance was trash, she was 'fired' haha Dirk, I think? Every single celeb has turned her down for an autograph :( I thought it was at first, too, but nope, it's a townie!

    No need to apologize at all! I'm really sorry to hear about your pet, I know how hard it is when a pet is sick, especially when you can't do anything to help :( Take care of yourself <3

    What a cute update. Ruby is so loved by her family and everyone seems so happy. Lol poor Jules. She looked at the map and she's like "tf is this? help, we're going to die out here!" Aww, the pupper can guard the baby T_T) That is too precious.

    Woah, I didn't even know you could do that!! He has definitely gotten stronger, good for him!

    You scared me, I thought Gabbie was gonna die :( Bryon is a hero!

    Yeah, for some reason my bees tend to stay enraged idk what their problem is. I think I'm up to... three calls from Bess so far? I wanna keep going and see what happens hehe I was worried about the hair honestly, I didn't know if it suited him or not xD

    I thought it was Tessa, too! But nope, it's just a townie that looks like her c: I was honestly surprised she pulled off the knife trick but I'm so glad she did lol

    Ooo nice! Congrats on your new pc =D What a beautiful sunset <3 She's grilling in a towel, I - xDD I laughed out loud at that one. What a sweet chapter! It's so nice to see them having dinner together, Wolfgang can be such a sweetheart when he wants to be. And oo is romance brewing between them? hmm~

    Woooow, that's so messed up :/ She worked so hard to make them and he didn't like it, how rude! T_T)

    I love seeing her duel our sims =D How cool would it be to host a tournament for it? haha Grats to Roxanne on almost completing the aspirations! She can do eet!
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  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,792 Member
    edited March 15
    March 15
    Roxanne realllly hates it when people walk into her house uninvited...
    That means it's time to practice. She first cast Minionize on Justin who absolutely no one in the household knew. But there was nothing to clean (and he wouldn't deal with dust... boo!) So next she cast Infatuate on him and he went to kiss the Butler. It was a terrible camera angle so I didn't get that shot.
    The she gave him a Potion of Nausea and then cast infatuate on the Butler... I know I'm gross.
    Archie didn't react to the kiss at all.. I even looked at his moodlets later. I thought he would.
    Justin let fly a few times after lol.. poor guy.. NOT, stop barging in my sims house!

    Okay so the next part is kind of sad, but I couldn't change my butler. She had decided that ugly outfit was her butler outfit. I've changed all her outfits in managed worlds, but for non played characters I couldn't figure out how to get to her career outfit. I decided to take a chance and made her part of the household then went in to change her. As soon as I removed her from the household though she left and was replaced by another butler (that I'm not keeping). I think I'm going to give her her own little house in the world and Archie can have someone else to romance. Who knows maybe he'll be a serial dad!
    And speaking of Archie...
    He had a pop up to become a whistleblower or look the other way in his job and I decided to whistleblow for him. He came home sad because he's a proper sim, but gained celebrity.
    To cheer him up ❤️❤️❤️❤️ was passing by so he asked to become a spellcaster... and boom. I'm sure he'll learn very slowly but I'm glad I did it.
    *Adding yes that sim has a name that is plummed out. Maybe I'll change it. Hmm wonder if Gypsyrose would work? It does yahh!*

  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 4,208 Member
    March - Day 15: "You're a braver man than I am, Gunga Din!"


    Thank you everyone for your thoughts and well wishes for Squiffy. We've been trying to nurse him back to health, but unfortunately it's not working. I don't even know how I'm typing this, I've been up for over 30 hrs. now, it'll be at least another 12 before I can get any rest. Anyway, sorry, don't mean to depress everyone. Yes, I know he's 'just' a cat, but to us, he's not. He's a member of the family and we're devastated. He's the sweetest, funniest, smartest, most loving cat we've ever had, I'm just heartsick and furious too. But that's another story.

    Managed to get in game for a few and nabbed this screenshot. The cowplant in the Realm finally matured and I sent Essa to pet, play and feed it. I don't know why, I don't like those things. Should've had her do inferniate or something on it, but not in the mood to see anything else die. So sorry I haven't made any comments or answered PMs either. I'll get back on track soon, thanks for understanding and being so patient. *Hugs*
  • AnnoyingTigerAnnoyingTiger Posts: 420 Member
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  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 2,200 Member
    Saw your update just as I was going to bed and thought I'd reply really fast since I have dealt with teen pregnancy in my game LOL. Though I have another mod that allows for it, so I don't even know how much MCCC affects it in my game. I will say two things though - Jules did not have a belly for her whole first trimester. I think since teens aren't meant to get pregnant in the actual game, they don't progress in the trimesters the same way as adult sims. Jules' belly was always a stage smaller than it was supposed to be based on her trimster. Also, if you click on Astrid and go to MCCC pregnancy, it should tell you for sure if she's pregnant or not. I've never not had a buff show up once a sim takes a pregnancy test or the game reveals it, but with MCCC, there is an option to be pregnant in the not showing phase, and in that case, your sim can technically be pregnant and not have a buff. But yeah, just click on MCCC pregnancy and it should reveal if she's actually pregnant or not
  • SkeilahSkeilah Posts: 1,407 Member
    edited March 16
    March 15

    Bryons Diary
    I’ve been visiting my mom in the hospital for quite the while now. We got closer to each other and I found out that my geeky side is actually inherited from her.

    Johnny also visits mom a lot. Both he and mom are going through a rough time right now.

    Johnny had called Jerrod some days earlier to tell him that mom was back and she would return home soon...

    ...But Jerrod flat out refused them to come back.

    It turned out that Jerrod met a new girl who was now living with her. Johnny could come get their belongings, but after that, everything they had would be over. Looks like Jerrod isn’t a nice guy after all lol. Yeah well, I got nothing to say besides, well, be happy with that new woman? xD Idk man. This hurts.

    Naoki and I immediately decided that mom could live with us when she's released from hospital.

    We already upgraded our house with an extra room for her already.

    (I actually redesigned the entire house but I made a mistake and now my house is empty and I have to start over again oof. Im not in the mood for this today. I only redesigned the living room for the picture 😂😂)

    Mom of course was very upset for a while, but the fact that she has me and Johnny back must make her so happy that she doesn’t care that much. We’ll make the best of it. The three of us.

    Oh right. Kumiko? She’s still in a coma. The baby is okay, but it looks like they’ll have to operate soon if Kumiko doesn’t wake up, or else the baby could be in danger.
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    Update 75 - “Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”


    It is nice to have other sims to play while Jules goes to school. Here is Dell working on a programming job with her two little "helpers" hanging out close by :) Having an invisible bassinet mod and lots of baby CC does make it easier for me to keep babies in my game longer for sure since I can pretend they are more a part of the family by moving them around a lot.

    "Ugh, Lenny, some privacy please?!" :joy:

    Love him though. He's always so cute and funny.

    Also I made a little photo collage of a handful of Ruby's relatives with her :)

    Then in the afternoon I played Lydia for a bit while I waited for school to be over.


    I also noticed the nice little detail that the gondola will have some skis/snowboards right after you click on it to send your sim up.

    Then I brought Jules straight over to the slopes for some rock climbing.

    And another hike since I need her to find some forest spirits for her aspiration. No luck tonight though, but she did autonomously decide to do her homework once they reached the caves :D

    A peak behind the scenes...
    Meanwhile, it looks like someone has been keeping a very big secret from Jules...

    Don't worry, she's on good behavior as far as her diet goes :) (That juice box cracked me up LOL, this pack has a lot of fun stuff to discover for sure)

    So I caved and bought this pack the other day (thanks @Ellupelluellu and @Skeilah for convincing me to just do it LOL), so don't worry, there were no signs of this coming since I literally could not have made a vampire until now even if I wanted to :D I was mulling over the idea of making Lydia a secret vampire if I ever did get the pack, and now that I have it, I thought I'd do a fun little behind the scenes reveal. I've cheated her several vampire traits already to make it believable that she's hidden this part of herself so well for so long (such as Perfect Sun Resistance and Tamed Thirst) So I'm really not planning to have this affect the story just yet. Jules will remain in the dark for now...but more will be revealed later, as I flesh out my plans more :)
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    Day 74, 15th March

    With Jenna returned to her corporeal form, the rising smoke disappeared as flesh resheathed her spirit. Kado ran barefoot to embrace her. His gaunt face was full of relief and gratitude for his wife’s return and River takes it as his cue to leave, give them some space and wait for Taku and Miku to return from school.

    A successful return, Dedeathify was something to behold. It was a great spell to add into his armament. River wondered of the fullness of his capabilities, listing things he could do to help people and prove to himself that he is more than some discarded orphan from the limelight. He failed to notice that despite Kado’s outpour of joy to be able to hold Jenna again, she looked at her palms strangely. With a frown in her brow, she did not return Kado’s embrace.


    Meanwhile Dirk engages in some practical magic as he cannot help possessing objects. The downside to his indefinitely eternal state. Being a ghost isn’t so bad apart from the compulsion to stay looped in his cause of death, the need to possess things and scare people from time to time.

    He can still eat his meals though his taste is dulled, he can still see despite the overlay of whatever mood he’s in. Red for rage. Purple for deep focus. Pink if he’s feeling tingly all over. He’s basically trapped in a Andy Warhol painting.

    But he’s fearless, floats or flies, and feels phenomenal for most of the time--save for the underlying current of feeling lost, alone and in limbo. Dirk’s still grateful River strengthened his connection in the real world and hopes River’s promise to bring him back is still in the cards. Despite of what Dirk knows and chose to not disclose…


    One more brightside to being dead, Dirk can hide himself to avoid people. Daisy Dai came over to check on Dirk and offered to help him in his magical training. Dirk doesn’t mind the Sage of Mischief, Daisy makes him laugh a lot.

    Day 75, 16th March
    River’s favourite spell of the moment is Scruberoo! Below is his made-up haikus.

    A dirty toilet?
    All you need is Scruberoo~
    Unspoil a meal too!


    To unstinkify
    Without offending
    Cast Scruberoo too!

    “Is that the best you can do?” A disembodied voice echoed into River. “Haikus about Scruberoo, saving looped souls and playing magic house with a dead and ghostly celebrity, come on River. You can do way better than that…”

    I have a really bad ear, I've got recurring ear infections and it's not really respondent to the usual medication which worries me because I don't want to be resistant to antibiotics. Anyways, prepping the above was a fun escape from the pain. I may not be able to invidually comment back as much as I want though if you are on discord, I'm keen#1910 if you fancy chatting there.
  • lilypadmeulinlilypadmeulin Posts: 1,087 Member

    Lydia being a vampire is such a good plot point! I mean, she was urging Jules to share her secret and she's keeping this one? I love it!
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    February (Friday): Day 25: "The Plumbobs" Gig

    Sakura was pretty excited when she came home from school. The Plumbobs band had done a quick practice at school in the music room, thanks to Sakura's music teacher. The only one who hadn't made it was Jenny because she had a doctor's appointment, but Sakura figured it would be fine, since Jenny picked up on things pretty fast, and they had already done a run-through of the song the other night. Plus, Astrid was the lead singer, and she sounded pretty amazing.

    The Plumbobs were performing three songs, the first was the song that Sakura had written, "Who Knows", and the other two were songs that they had practiced. All the songs were about love, since the proceeds from their gig were being donated to a local Children's Hospital. Other groups were also performing during the night.


    Wolfgang, River and Bryon had come over early to load up the equipment, so they could set up at the club. They all had on matching Plumbob band shirts, which River had designed and ordered off the internet. They looked really good, and Sakura never realized how built these guys were. Sakura hadn't even thought about band costumes, and was kind of letting the band members wear whatever they wanted. It was going to be stressful enough being up on that stage, they might as well wear something they were comfortable in.


    When the guys left, Sakura got dressed and thought she looked pretty good. She smiled at herself in the mirror, and then heard Sofia knock on the door. Sofia's Dad was there, too, as he was bringing them to the club. Bjorn told them that he planned on taking a lot of pictures.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Sakura and Sofia arrived at the club and were excited to see a poster outside the club with their name on it. There were so many people there already, but Bjorn got them in quickly and he went to the bar area, while Sakura and Sofia met up with the other band members.

    Jules: "Sakura...I've been calling you...why didn't you answer me?"


    Sakura: "What?" she said as she looked at her phone and realized that her phone was dead, "I'm so sorry. I guess I forgot to put my phone on the charger. Well, I'm here now...what were you calling me about?"

    Sofia looked around, "Is Astrid not here yet? I don't see her..."


    Jules: "That's what I've been trying to call you about. Pumpkin ran away and Astrid went searching for Pumpkin. I've called her and she said she can't come to the gig until she finds Pumpkin."

    Sakura: "What? Oh no! That's terrible..."


    Melody looking towards the door, "Oh thank goodness, there's Jenny...if Astrid can't make it, at least Jenny can sing the first song."


    Jenny waved to everyone, and then quickly wrote something on a piece of paper and handed it to Sakura.

    Sakura read the note Jenny had given her, and put her hand to her head and said she had to sit down.


    Tessa: "What? What's going on? What does the note say?" Jenny was pointing to her throat and making a lot of hand motions, but she wasn't talking. Sakura handed Tessa the note and Tessa read it aloud, "I have laryngitis and won't be able to sing tonight..."


    Pandemonium hit the band. What were they going to do? One lead singer wasn't there and the other one couldn't sing.


    Roxanne: "Look, I think that Sakura should sing this song. She knows it the best and we've heard her sing it. She's really good..."


    Sakura: "No, I can't. I need to play keyboards...'


    Sofia "No problem there, I can handle keyboards. And then Jenny can take over the guitar...Roxanne go over the start with Jenny..."

    The club manager came over just then and told them they were on in five minutes.


    Sakura felt like she was going to puke. They didn't understand. She couldn't do this. The place was too packed. Someone else would have to sing the lead.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    River, Bryon and Wolfgang had been watching the stage and noticed that Astrid hadn't arrived. The club lights had blinked on and off indicating that the band would perform in five minutes.


    Bryon: "Hey, I think something's up. Sofia is moving to keyboards and Jenny is taking the guitar..."


    River: "And where is Astrid? Isn't she coming tonight? Who is singing the lead, then?"

    Wolfgang: "It looks like they want Sakura to do it. I'll be right back, I have to go talk to her..."

    Wolfgang headed towards Sakura and he could see how pale she looked, "What's going on Sakura? Why is everyone changing places?"

    Sakura: "Astrid's not coming and Jenny has laryngitis and they want me to sing, and I don't think I can do it..."


    Wolfgang looked at Sakura, "Sakura, I've heard you sing, you can do this. All you have to do is take a deep breath, close your eyes, and sing. I'll be right back there, so just keep your eyes on me, and everything will be alright. You'll do fine. This is your song...just keep your eyes on me..."

    Sakura: "Okay..." she said nervously and played with her hair.

    The club manager came up to the band and asked them if they were ready. Everyone nodded except Sakura. He then went up to the microphone and thanked everyone for coming to support the Children's Hospital, and announced that The Plumbobs were making their debut tonight with a song written by one of their own members, Sakura Li.


    "And let's hear it for The Plumbobs with their song Who Knows..." There was loud applause from the audience and Sakura walked up to the microphone and saw Wolfgang at the back near the door. He nodded his head at her, and she took the microphone.


    Roxanne started the bass beat...


    River: "Hey got a thing for Sakura? You're staring at her really hard..."

    Wolfgang: ", sort of...look it's complicated...she's got a boyfriend...but I'm staring at her so she can focus on me. She's got stagefright...I told her to keep her eyes on me..."

    Bryon: "Yeah, Sakura's boyfriend is some Olympic hot shot snowboarder. But I think he is with someone else now. I mean, is Sakura still his girlfriend, and he's cheating on her? Oh man, that's bad. I thought I remember seeing some special report on it...or maybe not...who knows about these news reports..."


    River: "So, Wolfgang...the thing is...he's not here, but you are...and bro, you've got it bad for her..."


    Sakura tried to focus on Wolfgang, but she felt like the room was spinning, and she thought she was going to faint..."I'm sorry...I can't..."

    Wolfgang: "Bryon, give me that portable microphone...I have to help her..." he said as he motioned to Roxanne to continue the beat.

    Sakura was just about to put the microphone down and leave the stage when she heard Wolfgang start singing...


    Wolfgang: "I'm in like with you...not in love with you...quite yet...." he sang as he moved towards the stage and made a motion for Sakura to focus on him.

    Jules picked up the beat with the synthesizer...and Jenny strummed the guitar...with Sofia pounding the sound on the keyboard...




    Wolfgang was almost up on stage now still keeping his focus on Sakura, "My heart's beginning to...slightly overrule my head..." He saw Sakura take the microphone and close her eyes, and then she started to sing...and suddenly Wolfgang and Sakura were singing a duet...


    And Melody and Tessa came in with the violins...


    Sakura: "Oh no! Oh no! My self-control...I won't hold up for very long...Oh no! Oh no! You touch my soul...I can't help fallin' too fast for you..."

    And suddenly all Sakura saw was Wolfgang, and he was right there singing with her just like he had that night he helped her finish the song. And she knew she could make it through.


    Sakura and Wolfgang singing together: "Who knows...if we are...ready to make THIS something...Who Knows..."

    They finished singing the song together and the audience were on their feet giving them a standing ovation. Sakura looked around and everyone was giving her the thumbs up and Jenny had drawn a little happy face on a piece of paper and held it up for her.

    Sakura looked at Wolfgang, and before she knew what she was doing, she kissed him, and he wasn't stopping her.


    They parted and she realized what she had just done, "Oh Wolfgang, I'm so sorry..."

    Wolfgang: "I'm not..." he said as he pulled Sakura into his arms and kissed her fully on the lips.


    There was a commotion at the entrance, but neither Wolfgang nor Sakura heard anything around them, as they were totally lost in the moment.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Astrid knew she was late, but she had to find Pumpkin, and she had, and she had brought Pumpkin with her, and now some burly bouncer at the door wasn't letting her in.

    River: "Hey, Astrid, you made it! Come on, they're getting ready for the next song..."


    Bouncer: "No pets allowed in the club," he said, pointing to the cat in Astrid's arms.

    Bryon: "That's no cat...that's a member of the band. Let them through!"

    Bouncer: "A cat in the band? Well, I...."


    River: "You wouldn't want to disappoint a lot of sims in the club now would you? And it would be really bad if that table over there of animal activists heard that you wouldn't let a member of the band in because they were a cat..."

    Bryon: "Yeah, and I see that reporter from Clickbait Magazine is covering the event. You wouldn't want any bad publicity for the club now, would you?"

    Bouncer: ", if the cat is a member of the band, I guess it's fine..."


    Astrid handed the cat to Bryon, "Look after Pumpkin, will you, while I head on stage?"


    Bryon: " problem...anything for The Plumbobs..."

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Sakura and Wolfgang parted after their kiss and just stood looking at each other, not quite knowing what to do or say.


    Sofia came over to them..."Um...Sakura...Astrid's arrived, and I need to do lead singer with her on the next song, but we need you on keyboards...can you...are to...?"

    Sakura looked at Wolfgang again, "Yeah, sure, I'll be right there..."


    River came up to Wolfgang just then..."Hey, Wolfgang, do you know what cats eat? I think Pumpkin is you think there is something at the bar that we could feed it?"

    Wolfgang: " like fish..."

    River: "What about hummus? They've got hummus...I could go for some hummus myself...what about cats like hummus...?"

    Wolfgang: "River, hummus for, sorry, Sakura, I gotta were amazing...can we...can tomorrow...?"


    Sakura bit her lip and shook her head, "Sure," she said as she headed towards the keyboards.


    River to Wolfgang as they walked away,: "Oh're in deep now...real deep..."


    Sakura walked towards the keyboards and thought, "Oh my gosh. What have I done?"

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Extra pics:


    This is the Maxis built Honey Pop club from San Myshuno. I just made a copy of it and placed it in Newcrest. I wanted a stage, and didn't have time to build something myself, so just placed instruments on the stage.

    If you look over the photos above with the first kiss and then the next kiss, Jenny is sitting at the keyboards and is watching Sakura and Wolfgang. She even claps at the second kiss, and took a photo with her phone (I missed that one). I thought this was quite funny. I guess Sakura and Wolfgang were giving their own show and Jenny liked it. lol
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    March 16

    Bryons Diary
    I was doing a great job at school. My mom gave me new energy, energy I never felt before. It was amazing.

    Just as always, I went to visit the hospital after school. Mom is almost free to go home, just a few more days!

    Today I found her sitting on a bench downstairs. I joined her.

    (Randi) “Kumiko is undergoing surgery right now... The chances of her surviving are... Pretty small.”
    (Bryon) “And the baby?”
    (Randi) “They try their best to save everyone... we can only hope...”

    There was a little silence.

    (Bryon) “Mom?”
    (Randi) “Yeah?”
    (Bryon) “Was father... Always like the way he was?”
    (Randi) “Hm... Why do you ask?"
    (Bryon) "Just... Curious..."

    (Randi) "As far as I can remember, yeah. Although he had some moments...”
    (Bryon) “When did the two of you got together?”
    (Randi) “We actually got to know each other in the psychiatric institution. We were just teens.”
    (Bryon) “What? Why were you there?”
    (Randi) “I had to take a lot of medication back in the days, and without knowing, I developed an addiction”
    (Bryon) “Oh...”
    (Randi) “No worries, I’m fine now! I’ve been for years”
    (Bryon) “That’s nice to hear.. So you knew each other for a long time...”

    (Randi) “You know, most of the time he was a heartless brat, but I had this weird feeling with him... Like there was another person trying to reach out to me. Sounds crazy, right?! I thought that if I tried harder, I could get that other person to the front and push the heartless version away... But as soon as we got out the psychiatric institution, it was like that other version, that nice version... Disappeared... He became abusive, and even more when we had you. I tried to bear with it so that he left you alone. One day he got me pregnant again, with Johnny. I couldn’t take it anymore.. I lost the spark I once felt in him... I wanted him gone. Rot in ❤️❤️❤️❤️.”

    (Bryon) “… So that means that my actual father might know mom too…”
    (Randi) “Hm, did you say something?”
    (Bryon) “No, nothing! I was just talking in myself!”

    (Doctor) “Miss Barber?” (Barber is Randi’s birth name)

    (Randi) “Yes?”
    (Doctor) “I’m sorry to inform you this, but Kumiko Ellison passed away…”

    (Randi) “No…”

    (Randi) “And.. The baby?”

    (Doctor) “The baby is healthy, but will have to stay here for quite the while. We have to make sure that the baby stays healthy. Since you are the new caretaker of the baby, you are allowed to take a look. The baby is still very weak, but a little fighter at least.”
    (Bryon) “Wait. Caretaker...?”
    (Doctor) “We found this note in Ms. Ellison's pocket when she first arrived here. Its handwritten, and here’s her signature. You are to become the official caretaker if she had to pass away, ms. Barber.”
    (Randi) “Oh, Kumiko...”

    (Randi) "Ehm... Can my son join me...?"
    (Doctor) “He can join you if you want”
    (Bryon) “I’d like to join my mother, please”
    (Doctor) “Very well, follow me”

    We went inside a baby room. I saw a lot of bassinets, but only one baby. A girl.

    (Doctor) “This is her. Ms. Ellison wrote in her letter that she wanted to name the kid Joel if it was a boy, and Kristine if it was a girl, but since you’re the new caretaker, you get to choose the name of this little girl.”

    (Randi) “I already knew those names.. I would never dare to change them… But I’d like to give her a middle name too.”
    (Doctor) “What did you have in mind?”
    (Randi) “Well, 'Kumiko' means 'braid'.. So I was thinking.. Kristine Braidee Ellison.”
    (Bryon) “Ellison?? But your name’s Barber..”

    (Randi) “The father of this child is also your father. Kristine’s last name was Ellison… So I think it’s only normal to give her this last name.”
    (Bryon) “So, I got a half-sister... Can I… Hold her?”
    (Doctor) “Hm… She’s still very weak. Let me see…”

    The doctor took out Kristine from the bassinet.

    (Doctor) “Here, you can take her for a little while.”

    The doctor gave Kristine to me. I was holding my new little sister.

    (Bryon) “She’s so beautiful…”
    (Randi) “She is indeed.”

    So. In my yesterday-update, you saw that Bryons house went empty. I accidentally moved EVERYONE to the hospital, and so Bryons house went empty because of that. Soooo I spent a lot of time redesigning their house. I'm not done yet, I mean, cauldron-room and Randi's/Kristines future room are still empty, but well, I'm getting somewhere again. Just wanted to show you some pictures :)

    Front view when you walk in the house.

    The other side (back view? xD). Here you see that I made an entree hall, but well, that one is also still empty.

    Kitchen! The black door goes to the bathroom (I was too lazy to move that room to somewhere else but I kinda like this)

    Living room.
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    March 16 Aspirations Complete!
    I didn't play much today. Roxanne only needed some Practical Magic and Untamed Magic. She learned Dedeathify, and completed her two magic aspirations! So yeah! I still want to get her many, many points so she'll have to keep practicing and better yet using magic!
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    March, Day 8

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    Jenny is looking very productive. I like that she has the magic bean and a snow globe on display on her desk!

    Yay for you and Roxanne on finishing those aspirations! Roxanne is totally in her element in this world though, so she'll have plenty to do for the rest of the month, as you said. Also commenting on your update from before this too - love Roxanne's face as she has yet another unwanted visitor. And that's too bad about your butler, though I'm glad you have plans to keep her around for Archie HAHA. Usually this cheat works for editing career outfits, but I'm not sure if it works for NPCs like butlers or gardeners, etc, (sims.modify_career_outfit_in_cas)

    Also haha, yes, I do know a lot about birth for someone who has never given birth. I have a sister who I'm very close to who has had 2 kids so she's given me far more detail than I would ever need to know, but I wasn't about to talk about cervical dilation and contractions and other details for a sim story, lol, but I wanted to make it a little more in depth than the sim standing at a bassinet and groaning a bit and having a baby 2 seconds later HAHA

    I am thoroughly amused about that whole phone call thing with Bess, I'm curious to see where it goes! I think that's part of the Eco pack, which I don't have, so I honestly have no idea how this could turn out lol. Also, update us when you can about if Astrid is actually pregnant or not LOL

    It warms my heart that Bryon is finally bonding with Randi more. I'm glad that Bryon will be taking Randi in to live with him for now since Jerrod turned out to be an awful person (though I understand why you decided to play things out that way) Also look at little old man Bryon knitting, with Naoki tending the fire, and Roo...scratching up their couch LOL. They are basically an elderly married couple, I love it. When will Roxanne get turned back into her human self? Cute hug pose with Randi and her boys to <3

    And the moment is finally here where Bryon gets to meet Kristine. A very bitter sweet moment though. He's gonna be such a great big brother. I love that conversation Randi had with Bryon about feeling like there was someone behind Isaius' awful personality reaching out to her. Also makes sense that she was going through some recovery from addiction when she met him, makes it more believable why she would fall for such a terrible guy. Your house is looking great too!

    AHHHH FINALLY <3 WOLFGANG AND SAKURA KISSED!!! I think we were all Jenny in that moment lol, rooting for these two to finally kiss. And it was such a sweet kiss too. Of course, the whole Kiyoshi predicament makes it a bit sour, but ultimately, these two have been dying to lock lips forever, and you did their first kiss so nicely. Wolfgang is a total sweetheart in your game, and I do find myself rooting for him. The whole gig was so well done. I loved how Wolfgang helped Sakura find courage, and their duet was great. All the outfits you chose were so fun too! And Astrid being late since she lost Pumpkin was such a great little detail too, and then when she showed up and insisted that Pumpkin was part of the band, I had to laugh. There's an episode in the show Portlandia where a cat joins a band and that moment reminded me of that sketch lol

    I hope you're doing okay. You've been in my thoughts, and I very much understand that feeling of a pet being far more than a just "a pet." Pets are members of our family and I really feel for you right now and hope that you're coping okay. And I hope you got some sleep too. *hugs*

    Whoops, forgot a reply for you, I'll just add one in here, and we can always talk more on discord too haha. The haikus were great. I love the humor you bring to this challenge. Ghost Dirk is always entertaining, and I like how make things dulled for ghost, like sense of taste, and that they get into these endless loops, since they really aren't quite alive.
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    - Info & Index.
    - Day 21 full album.

    Replies soon~
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    March - Day 16: "Double S Double D"


    It was finally Friday and a 'Night on the Town' holiday for Essa. After school, she tended to her plants and then traveled to the Realm. First on the agenda was visiting Caster's Alley where she bought the Skull Familiar to complete the collection. Next was more Dueling for Artifacts. Most of the bounty she won was duplicates, but she again dueled with Morgyn and again beat him for two rocket brooms, one of which she didn't have yet. Essa left the Realm after doing a little stargazing with Morgyn and traveled to Newcrest for dinner at an Italian Restaurant I'd placed there. Lastly, she did a little fishing before bedtime. For her day tomorrow, I will finally start setting up for 'Operation Geld Damon.'

    In real world news, my sweet beloved Squiffy died last night. We buried him in a special place in the backyard when Hubby got home from work tonight. I did get some sleep, but not near enough. I did play a little with Essa as evidenced by the above too, but still not really into playing for very long or writing much of anything. However, I need to do something to occupy my mind or I'll start crying again, so I'm going to try catching up on comments and replies.

    Thank you once again for all your patience, understanding and sweet comments. It means a lot and I appreciate it very much!

    *BIG Hugs for everyone* <3
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