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Rebuilding Worlds Vol. 2


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    @JordanNicoleJJ - So first of all, I love your new avatar. I've been thinking of changing mine too.

    I also downloaded Heckstress' restaurant for my save, I love that we all have it in our games now. Looks like its a prime dating spot in your save. Ana's date looks pretty cute, fingers crossed! Eve is the best, she reminds me of how I am during Christmas its my favorite holiday. Jonas is a total hottie, wow! And even the birthday boy turned out good. You know I hate the social aspiration for kids but oddly enough I don't mind the Party Animal aspiration. Think of it as a way for the family to keep in touch? :lol:
    It's nice to see Suri focusing more of her career, it stinks that she can't complete gigs. Everyone looked like they had such a great time during the holiday season. But aww poor Ana, I love how excited her cousins are though. Oh wow Basil got Ana preggers!! I can't wait to see the nooboos and having a celeb husband is pretty great. Loving how Storm turned out though I do see a lot more Suri in him. I vote Raven because I love her mates, sorry Blaze and Storm! Storm is the better mix if we are going based on that.

    @Heckstress17 -- Oh no Heckstress, I am glad that your son tested negative but also sucks that everyone is sick. You get some rest please, the thread will be here when you're feeling better.
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    Update Time - complete with non-CC doors sadly
    I actually ended up building all three houses (I don't know why I tortured myself, haha but it was kind of fun). Ultimately I decided that I wanted Jade to have a big house and maybe even a big family. So I opted for the biggest house, Plan A and I will be moving Jade's twin brother Atlas into Plan C. You'll also see some windows glitching in this update :cry: Also got a little carried away with the amount of content in this update :lol:

    Outdoors is set up for entertaining and having friends and family over






    One the main floor is the living room, kitchen, and dining room all open to each other





    Upstairs is the movie room, two empty room, laundry and master bedroom



    Apparently the effects of NAPs and everything revert back because by the time Jade returned from University things were less than great

    Jade got to work right away with NAPs and wit starting her new career as a Florist.


    Meanwhile on the other side of town something exciting was happening

    Atlas proposed to his girlfriend (Jade's bestie) Amaya. she said yes!

    Amaya asked Jade if they could have the wedding at her place. She also said yes ♥

    The ceremony started at sunset

    And as the sun went down Amaya and Atlas said their vows and their I Dos


    Iris and Aiyden were so happy to see their son tying the knot, I don't think I've ever seen Sims get this happy at a wedding

    After the ceremony, there were lots of smiles and hugs




    With Amaya and Atlas back from their honeymoon it was time to have a proper housewarming party. Atlas filled his twin in on all the great things they got to do and see.


    Even Jordan came over, he flirted a bit with Jade too. I think there is still something there between these two

    Jade's boyfriend, Kaleb made an appearance as well.

    Aiyden is not his biggest fan, uh-oh.

    This guy really isn't winning any points with the family but Jordan is winning my heart. He always helped Jade clean up as guests were leaving.

    For now, I will leave you all with this pic of Jordan being the coolest guys around
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    Thanks for all of the quick replies, guys! I want to play again tonight, and I think I have a good idea of what I'm going to do.

    @debjameswhite The "should we tell them / let them enjoy winterfest" bit was hinting at them knowing the kids sneaked presents before it was time to open presents & they would get in trouble, that's all lol. I remember trying to sneak presents as a kid, and my parents always threatened to return them if I opened any before we opened them together :grimace:

    @Heckstress17 Oh no!! I was worried that was the case. Thankfully it's not covid! I hope you all recover soon :heart: Saying Pablita was yours was totally a typo :lol: Thanks for letting me know, I went back and fixed it. I totally got That 70s Show vibes from the basement too! LOL I agree -- Eve for heir! She can repair herself now (meaning she's basically immortal), so I might keep her with the active heir each generation as the forever robonanny lol. I love Blaze too! He was my fav until he rolled that aspiration, I swear. I mean, the aspiration fits him perfectly, he's always been a social sim. But I just can't bring myself to throw that many parties and attend that many social events :lol: I totally see Aunt Eden in Raven too, now that you mention it! I think Eden and Suri have very similar features (lips, cheekbones, and jawlines especially), and you're so right about the female version of Aiyden's nose being distinct. Storm really, really surprised me. I mean, he was an easy toddler, fun kid, and super mature teen. He slipped under my radar 'cause I wrote him off as a Suri clone, and he was always off doing his own thing (he didn't need my help whatsoever), but man did he make a comeback lol. Plus, I love Active sims -- they live longer!! :lol: Oh and I totally hate Kate's hair color too :joy: But I planned on pairing Blaze with her if he was my heir, 'cause she wants to be a popular celeb and he wants to throw all the parties and have a wild social life. I'm leaning toward Thalia for Storm since they share the Active trait. I can totally see them throwing back protein shakes and hitting the gym together every morning, and meal planning on the weekends lol. I might even turn the Port Promise community space into an old warehouse-converted-gym, who knows lol. I've got so many ideas, and I'm so excited!

    @OJenn I'm glad you noticed my new avatar! I needed a change, something more colorful. Your new house is AMAZING!! The outdoor entertaining space is perfect. And Jade even has a little greenhouse! I'm in awe of how well you utilized the outdoor space, I had no idea what to do with the back lol. That living room :love: I love the colors you used in it -- it's so warm and cozy, but the dark blue contrasts perfectly so it's not too overpowering. Oh my gosh, I adore the brick arch around Jade's bed! Is that a debug object or cc?? I totally might steal that idea if it's debug. Oh no, the trash is back! At least that gives Jade a reason to get more involved with the community & NAPs. She is the cutest lil flower arranger I have ever seen :love: That career fits her sooo perfectly. Aw congrats to Atlas & Amaya!! They make a great couple. The wedding at Jade's new house was beautiful! She has the perfect backyard for it. That dinner party definitely didn't win Kaleb any brownie points...and I mean, they've definitely been hot and cold ever since he first rejected her way back when. And look at how amazing Jordan has been, even after she basically left him for Kaleb! He's a good guy. I can't wait to see what happens next! I'm rooting for Jordan!
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    I forgot to include some pics! I knew I would :lol: These are for you @JordanNicoleJJ (and other Jordan fans) He just does things like this


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    Great updates. I'm sorry I haven't posted lately.
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    I have so many updates to read and posts to catch on, but I'll post my update first since I've basically been gone for half a lifetime :bawling: I'm so sorry, I'm super busy but I promise I'll come back tonight to read everything that I've been missing out. The three jobs combo + exam session is probably the worst idea I could have ever had, 10/10 would not recommend. I'm this close to just quit everything and throw myself into a full time streaming/gaming career just to have the time to play the games I love :joy:if only. Also, before I start my picspam, I want to thank you all for the kind thoughts in regard to my father's surgery. It was successful despite his old age (he's 79 now, as he had me when he was 50 years old :grimace: ) and he's recovering really well, one step at a time. He had to get triple bypass surgery, so as you can imagine we were beyond anxious for the past week. Now that his conditions are getting better and I have some breathing room, I've been able to play a little bit and move the challenge forward. So, here we go again:
    Evergreen Harbor: Update 8 (???)

    Last time I updated, I left with the twins Max & Maddy becoming teens and a general "first day/week of highschool" moodboard. Besides the very lonely trip to San Myshuno to the Romance Festival (where Aiyden and Iris renewed their vows), I have to admit that my Greenes are generally super lone wolves that barely leave the safety of their home.


    ... but with teens in da house, I knew that things had to change. So, I've built probably my least favorite build ever :tongue: , a bar/bowling alley where sims can hang out. I don't like this lot at all, but I built it at the speed of light 'cause I just wanted a "fun" place in Evergreen Harbor without wasting the few gaming time I have entirely in build mode. So there's that. Here's the "thing".



    "Teen hangout" lot trait for the rescue :tongue: ... my poor Max & Maddy barely had any friend during childhood and, considering that they were already halfway through their teen years, I was hoping for them to meet new friends/love interests. To my surprise, as soon as I sent them there to test the lot, they were all immediately swarmed by cuties :joy:


    Max started to feel the pressure right away :joy: Kirk, on the other hand, was thrilled to be around so many young ladies. He was about to age up into a teen, so... :tongue:


    Here are a few pics of the inside. The tv placement was the worst. I've already figured out a different spot for it, but in these pics it'll be obnoxiously... there :joy::bawling: I'm not mad about the layout, but as I said it's sort of "whatever".




    As for the cute teens, this is Lorraine, @debjameswhite Lia and Heath's daughter! :flushed: she's so gorgeous! I think she's adopted? I'm really confused as I don't remember the kids they had in game. I know they had one named Daisy, but I couldn't remember this one. Either way, she's an Emerson and she's super cute <3


    Max wasn't even trying to win the ladies over, as he was too busy trying to figure out how to bowl :joy:


    ... or just rant with Kirk about how obnoxious it is having to deal with kids :joy: (🌺🌺🌺🌺 u, hates children trait)


    As for Kirk, he had his eyes already set on a couple of ladies. I mean, can you blame him? He was about to age up so pls don't yell at me :joy::joy::joy: maybe the girl was actually flirting with Max but I swear that only Kirk noticed her.


    They went on and on with friendly chitchats. Soon to be love interest, maybe?


    ... uhmmmmmmmmmmmm :joy: maybe not :joy:


    Overall the bowling alley was a success, everything worked just fine. Prepare to see more of it in the future :joy: it's the only fun spot in town for the moment.


    Iris made sure to test just how comfy the chairs were :tongue:


    And the twins, overall, had a great time.


    Back at home, good old friend Knox turned out to be the new mailman. I've checked and he's been single for the entirety of his life, so I'm just going to assume that this is one of his usual moves to keep an eye on Iris from a distance :joy:


    Time for Kirk to turn into a teen!! Finally! I was so excited that for a second I didn't realize there was double cake-baking going on :joy: ... guys, just one cake is enough.


    Maddy had the brilliant idea to enter a phase while her little brother was aging up. I almost burst out laughing at this, as it seemed that she was actually cursing at him :joy:


    Max was ecstatic. "No more kids in the house!!!" :smirk:


    And this is Kirk 2.0. For the time being, his traits are turning out nice. Next gen I'll probably roll all of them as soon as the future kiddos turn into children 'cause it feels a lot faster.


    He's also way more than a better mix than anticipated? Sure, there's still a lot of Aiyden in him, but he has Iris face shape, nose and eyes too! Mmmmmmmmh, I guess I'll have to think more about my potential future heir :joy:


    Lia called <3 I assume she was worried I didn't invite her :joy: ... sorry, Lia. There was already too much baking going on.


    Yup, I think he's handsome.


    A few days & a ton of logic skill grind later...


    The family adjusted super well to Kirk becoming a teen. As a matter of fact, the overall mood improved by a lot. At least, now Maddy is no longer picking on him as she used to and Max doesn't get mad just by being near him.


    As young adulthood approached, Iris decided to shift her focus on max and his almost nonexistent knitting skill. I've also given him a little bit of teen stubble, as I think it fits him. He was way worse than "Lady of the Knit" twin sister Maddy, but luckily for him mama was there to help.



    Then, winter arrived! And so did the snow!


    In a matter of hours, the entirety of Port Promise was white. Here's a few snow pics I couldn't help but take.






    It makes for the best knitting pics, tho <3 I love watching Iris knit away next to the fireplace while it snows outside.


    The Spice Festival, however, didn't have any snow. But we all know good old San Myshuno and its gorgeous views.


    I grabbed one more chance to have the twins hang out with fellow teens. Max tried to show off his spice resistance to the ladies, but he failed pretty bad.


    Kirk too tried to impress a couple of girls, but to no avail :joy: First of all, none of them seemed to care, second... mama Iris couldn't get a clue that she shouldn't have stuck that close to her children :joy: let him do his teen things, Iris!


    ... nope, there was no chance in hell.


    Hello Mac cosmetics, I knew I was going to see you here.


    Iris won the spice challenge and spent the rest of the night screaming into a microphone to win the karaoke contest too :joy: *insert loud screeching voice here*


    With the parents out of the way, the teen Greenes even tried... drugs? :joy: finally, some freedom! Maddy was the only one that didn't seem intrigued by it.


    Corey Austin also sat down to hang out with the new 10 gen dynasty :tongue: he also checked the future cube, probably to know whether I was ever going to go back to the Austin fam to finish my Willow Creek challenge.


    His big sister Poppy was once again playing guitar in the background <3 I love her so much.


    Speaking about ladies... not all of them were thrilled to hang out with the Greenes. I double-checked on this one: she's called Cara Rocca and (unbelievable!) she's a loooong descendant of Oliver Austin, Pablo & Clover's first son! She came from the Conklin side of the tree (Jaylah and Malcom), you can check it out too from the link I put in my signature. The last Conklin I put in the tree is her father. Hence, I'm double disappointed in her being constantly in the worst mood around my Greenes :sweat_smile: she's not only gorgeous, she's also somewhat of an Austin. Bummer that she didn't ever seem to want to have anything to do with the boys. Or the girls. Well... not that meanie Maddy is fun to hang out with :tongue:


    -but the other girl with long hair!! Ok. I'm actually super excited about her, because... look who her parents are!! <3


    I legit squealed when I saw that. She's super-duper gorgeous AND the love child of a multi-universe crossover! Just for a recap: in @debjameswhite 's game, my sim Rory had two gorgeous baby girls with @JordanNicoleJJ 's Andy, Desiree and Kylani. I got them from the gallery and put them both in my game once I started anew in Evergreen Harbor and Desiree married @Heckstress17 's Jordan! She looks a ton like her mother, but hey, I'll take it, she's absolutely stunning <3 ...... aaaaaand not really sure how to act near Max :tongue:


    They managed to have fun, tho, so that's what matters. They also exchanged numbers, 'cause, you know... I've got my eyes on her :naughty:


    I'll finish this update with the teens turning into young adults! I'm finally making a little bit of progress.



    I forgot to screenshot it, but Maddy rolled the childish trait and Max the bro trait.
    I'm even more set on Max being the heir, despite that hates children thing. I'll see how Kirk ages up and probably decide then.


    Maddy: "-and now get ready to start a family!"
    Max: "NoooooOOOOOOOOO-"


    And here they are in their young adult glory :tongue:



    Way too many outfits. I forgot how to make outfit tour edits and that's the mess I came up with :joy:


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    @Wentcrazy Oh that's so odd that you still have the same settings EA gives you. I'll look at how mine is set up and see if I can figure it out for you next time I play.

    @OJenn That's right! I forgot about that cheat. Thank you for reminding me. I wish it was Cassiel who was pregnant. She kinda broke my heart too when she ran off and married someone else!

    I can't believe you built all 3 but man I get it. I wanted to do that in the first gen too. Your house looks amazing. I love their outdoor space. Oh darn you make me want more CC I love the wicker chairs and the bed!! I love the orange and blue <3 EEE A florist! I love it. The wedding ceremony was so lovely. I love how elder Aiyden looks in your game. Aww you're teasing us with Jordan! I love him. I wonder why the other guy is so angry? Unless it's because he isn't getting on with the family and Jordan is such a natural...

    @JordanNicoleJJ I'm so excited to see Anavrin in your save too! Aww how disappointing that their love for food wasn't the common ground you'd expect. At least he made a friend. I love Eve. Soccer ball is always in the house. I guess it's the least of my complaints. hehe the kid with the ? hair. What could you have possibly said to get flowered out? Oh wow Jonah Porter is really cute Awww Blaze. Yeah Party Animal is not a favorite for me either. I like Haven and Eve's subtle chaperone skills. Hehe I love Eve's happy face as she's being thrown from the fabricator. Oh I'm glad Blaze can go to school now. I haven't had that glitch yet. I love the pics of everyone opening presents. I never seem to take them but I always love them in other people's games. Sometimes I love the small family gatherings for the Holidays. It's so cozy. Hehehe re-reading the update for comments made things make so much more sense! You dropped so many hints about what mom and dad "knew". Oh no! Poor Ana. Grr! Oh but then she found a nice guy. That is good. Oh Storm is so handsome! I think he's a good mix of his parents. Aww sweet Raven. She's so cute too. I can see why you're torn, but I have my fave! Oh the chose of mates makes it even harder.

    I'm so bummed that I got Cody and then the day he became dog we were moving Sawyer out for college. He's such a pretty dog. I'm so confused about Sawyer's love life right now! I was super excited he was going to be with Cassiel but things were moving so slow. I should have remembered to flag her for not getting married. When we were notified she was married I wanted to cry. I thought about going in and fixing it but I've done that before and it's just weird and then Lucias showed up. Everything happened so fast with her I don't even remember if her name has an s at the end of it or not. She flirted with Heath too. She's a good sim though so I can't picture things getting too crazy. I'm torn between wanting it to work out and wanting more drama myself. I guess we'll see. OH and I love the new avatar! Is there a story?

    @Heckstress17 I'm so sorry your family isn't feeling well but so relieved your son's test was negative for covid. Sawyer and Cassiel didn't even really break up! She just called one day and was like yeah I'm married now. (Oh! btw...Weston is married to Elsa) She didn't even go to the festival :( no tea. Straight to the bar! (Did you notice Lawrence at the bar?)
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    I haven't played much lately but I hope I get to play much more tonight (so that I'll have an update by tomorrow or Wednesday!

    @JordanNicoleJJ Storm and Sigrid having an awkward and shy date is so cute! Let's see if they will see each other again. But it's nice they will be friends no matter what :) Oh Eve is decorating <3 Storm and Blaze playing soccer together is showing off a good brother relationship. Blaze aged up nicely! But his aspiration :( One of the reasons I didn't go with Faith :-/ Haha, it's just a (bad boy) phase :D It seems to fit him though. Eve is such a great help around the house. And she is constantly smiling! That picture of Suri working: it's such a nice touch with the picture of their younger selves <3 YES, protect Eve at all costs!!! Eve is super precious <3 That news about Ana :o Oh wow, that is some big news. More birthdays in the end! Storm aged up nicely (I understand why you consider him as an heir again) and Raven as well! Being torn is the worst! Already had this when choosing the heir for Gen2! I still love Blaze but his aspiration... Storm is definitely a good mix but so is Raven (although she does remind me of Suri as well!). I'm leaning a bit more towards Storm. Also, his future mates seem to be really interesting (so does Raven's but well). I could see Storm dating each of the girls while so far I can only see Raven with Laurent (that would be fun). But I'm voting like 55-60% for Storm to be the heir.

    Oh, seeing Zeke and Ziva in your game sounds fun! I'm excited to see them (and their makeover)! <3

    @Heckstress17 Thank god your son is not positive! That is some good news! I still hope he will feel better soon.

    @Ojenn You built all three houses :o Wow! But the one you have chosen in the end looks sooo good <3 I love the outdoors as well, it looks super nice for a family. The brown colors with the dark blue walls fit nicely. Those red curtains are a nice highlight. Your decorating is awesome. It makes everything seem so comfortable, warm, and welcoming. A movie room? How cool ist that!
    Such a beautiful ceremony for Amaya and Atlas. It's so nice of Jade to let it be at her house! That side-eye Aiyden is giving Kaleb is not good news. Hopefully, he warms up to Jade's boyfriend.

    @kiwicantdie Thankfully your father's surgery went well and he is recovering!

    Yay for another update! Haha that teen hangout :D There are so many cute sims! Oh god, Kirks smile :D I like that building, it has a nice vibe :) That teen Lorraine is super cute! Oh Max... maybe he doesn't need to win the girls over - he could be a natural :D Kirk definitely wants to be a teen! :D That girl is also super cute! They'd be cute together (even with the arguing :D). Oh I love that Aiyden and Iris wanted to bake a cake <3 they're such good parents! Kirk turned out nicely. I can see a lot of both parents in him. Poor Max! He tried so hard with the girls and failed the spice test. Haha, Kirk is even worse :D God, I love them both! Oh, Max got a number (I would have too!), finally! Maddy is still gorgeous as a YA. I really love her and her mean trait. Max aged up good as well :) I'm curious who will end up as heir (Max or Kirk).
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    OH @Kiwicantdie I'm so glad to hear your father is recovering. What a scary surgery but he should feel so much better now that he's had it. Wow, you hate the build, but I think it looks great! Does the teenage lot trait work in your game? I made an arcade for my Windenburg save and I never see teens there. It's very frustrating. Well, then I saw that yes. It did indeed work for you. Maybe I'll try building it from scratch with the trait as opposed to doing a remodel. Oooo look at that girl Lorraine! She reminds me a lot of Heath and Lia's Kaitlin in my game. Could just be because they have the same hair though :) Oh my gosh I'm dying to see Kirk as a teen please let it be this update! Aww Knox. How funny that he's the mailman! If you needed a cake I don't know why you didn't invite Lia over...Maybe they've been hanging out with her so long they don't know how to have a birthday with just one cake? OH he's super handsome! You have quite a choice! I love how terrified Kirk looks learning to knit. hehe He looks more relaxed when Mom is helping though. You people who get excited about snow. You're so cute (@heckstress17). It did make a good knitting pic though. You always get the best pics. I love the Spice Festival ones. I see my Lia there. This new girl though?? Kori Porter?? <3<3 I love her! Congrats on your young adults! I think you will pick Max just so you can torture him with children. hehe They both look great.
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    @OJenn Awww Jordan is such a sweetie! I've always been a little bias cause we share a name, but he just sealed the deal for me with being so sweet to Jade :heart:

    @Mionax Thank you! I hope you are doing well. I've missed you!

    @Kiwicantdie Eeeep an update!! Thank you thank you thank you I've been starved for an update from you :heart: I know you aren't a fan of your bar/bowling alley, but I love it! It fits your industrial neighborhood so well. I was trying to build a warehouse-style build in my game last night, and I envisioned your exterior (those windows and everything), but it definitely didn't turn out that well :lol: The inside looks great too!! I'm so I want a bowling alley bar lol. Oooo get it, Kirk! I see you flirtin' with the older women :wink: Of course Iris just took a nap the whole time, classic Iris :lol: Knox finally got a job! Good for him lol. You can't blame a guy for trying...I mean, if Aiyden were to have an unfortunate cowplant accident and Knox became step-daddy, I wouldn't be mad about it........ :smirk::joy: Ah the cake baking curse has passed on to a new victim!! Kirk's a cutie! And he has some great traits. I see so much of Aiyden in him though... I still love Max the most (especially with his teen stubble), despite his Hates Children trait. All of those snow pics are gorgeous! Your world is coming along so nicely, all of your builds fit in so perfectly :love: And I adore the pic of Iris knitting by the fire :heart: San Myshuno is always so scenic!! Lol the boys have such bad luck with the ladies! At least Kirk can blame it on Iris' lingering :tongue: Aw I loved seeing some Austins! I'm so happy that their legacy is continuing, even if it's in the background. Kori Porter is GORGEOUS :love: I am so rooting for Max to win her over! Happy bday to the twins!! Yup, I'm so rooting for Max. The bro trait + his super cute outfits and that hair (which looks amazing on him) -- he's won me over. I'm totally with Maddy, "get ready to start a family" :naughty::joy: Awesome update! I'm so glad you got some time to post it :smiley:

    @debjameswhite I said s-p-i-k-y as in "having many spikes" (I googled it to make sure I spelled it right and it gave me the definition too lol). I have no idea why the forum censored it :lol: I wondered if you were purposefully setting up drama or just trying to recover from MCCC marrying off your choice. Maybe she just got caught up in the romance festival, had one too many drinks, and everything will work out in the end :sweat_smile: I do hope they work out because I like Lucias, but I also like drama... :naughty: My new avatar is Holly from my Newcrest Legacy. I haven't played that save in forever, but I adore that sim and wanted a more colorful avatar :smile:

    @Wentcrazy Blaze and Storm do have a great brother bond! Storm has been a great big bro. I'm glad you noticed the pic of Haven & Suri's younger selves! I finally remembered to take some pics throughout this generation and now the house is nicely decorated with family pics :blush: I'm glad everyone likes Storm, because I'm also leaning like 55-60% toward Storm, but I needed the reassurance that he's a good mix after being convinced he was a Suri clone this whole time :sweat_smile: I'm happy that all of the kids turned out so well, but I hate making these hard choices :tired_face:

    @ everyone -- I played for 12 hours last night (got home at 6pm, went to bed at 6am :grimace: ), and it ended with an awful bug that I've had TWICE now. The first time wasn't a big deal because I had just saved, but I have no idea how much time I lost from having for force quit the game last night. I'll check when I get home, but I don't remember the last time I saved, which means it's probably bad. So the bug is a fireplace catching a nearby ceiling light on fire. Sims can't "reach" it to put it out, and I couldn't go into build/buy to delete the light while the fire was active. I tried waiting it out hoping it would eventually burn out on its own, but the kids wouldn't leave for school, and I didn't want to sacrifice their grades (especially Storm who just started uni, since it's so easy to fail those classes anyway). I'll assess the damage when I get home. I'm still posting the pics I took pre-glichy-fire, I'm just going to play "catch up" and get relationships/aspirations/etc. back to where they were before I force quit. But yeah, fair warning, not even the ceiling lights are safe from fireplaces! Even worse, Haven upgraded it to have the "fireguard" upgrade, so it shouldn't be starting fires at all, but this is bug-riddled 2020 Sims, so of course that's broken too lol.
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    @kiwicantdie - I actually like the bowling alley you created! And the kids seem like they were having a good time too. I can not get over that one girl flirting around with Kirk. He cracks me up, already a ladies man. I really like how Kirk turned out, he definitely has my vote for heir. Snowy Evergreen is gorgeous ♥Iris looks like she is having the time of her life at the Spice Festival, ha! And Lori is such a cutie.
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    @Mionax Thank you! I hope you are doing well. I've missed you!

    One of our friends died (I don't think its hit me yet) and I am sick. Not a great duo of events but I'm ok. ty for asking. I hope you are doing ok too. I am going to sleep soon. I wanted to comment as you are nice.

    You all are nice. I've been hitting those 'awesome' buttons. Keep sharing everyone.

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    Back for the updates I've missed! <3

    @JordanNicoleJJ man I have a week of posts to go through, I hope I'm not missing anything. I love your new avatar btw!! Simself?? <3 I'm only now reading about the ghost from your past showing up and messing up your entire day. I hope you've been feeling better since then and that you had fun with your friends. As for my new babysitting job... I really need the money??? :grimace: I would have already quit if I didn't need them so bad now that covid kinda messed up my waitress job.
    I love all of your updates, "boring" or not :tongue: especially now that I finally have my mind in the right place to game, I'm realizing just how much I was starving to read more of your Greenes <3 the pics of Suri teaching little Raven to knit are sooo adorable. Good idea to have her unlock all the clothing items during her child years, but... quick question: are the clothing items unlocked even once she gets to move out in a new household, as the potential heir? I have this fear that the items are unlocked for the current played household, but that if we create a new one we have to do it all over again, despite following the "knitter" sim. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Haven in his adult form?? It's so nice that he's teaching mechanical engineering at Foxbury! OMG why you gotta play with my heart like that??? Now I totally want to see Pablita and Storm together :joy: -or at least, I want to see her in your game a lot, 'cause you gave her an amazing makeover!! Ahw Eve <3 she's such an adorable robot. I love how much she looks after the whole family, whether it's the monster under the bed or making sure no weirdos enter the house. Aaaah Suri's an adult now! And she still looks so good?? I love her makeover and the new hair!! I really can't blame Haven for being all over her now :tongue: just don't be silly Haven, wrap your- 5% risky woohoo????? Girl, you gotta lower that thing, I swear that it gets my poor sims even at 2% every. single. time. :joy: - on to pg13 things :joy: I love how your maker space looks during the winter! And Storm even met a cutie! <3 lol that pick of him showing off his muscles had me crying :joy: I mean- it worked?? Kudos on you, Storm. Get the girl! Y E S more dates at Anavrin!! Well, it might have not gone super well, but they were cute nonetheless... besides, taking a foodie out to eat on a date is like the best gift ever? (for the foodie sim, of course). On to the birthdays: it might be just me, but Blaze looks to me a loooot like his father? Besides Suri's eyes, of course. He's super cute, but RIP that aspiration :grimace: you did an amazing job with the outfits, as always! You have so many hot teen sims in game now, pls share them :joy: -you know what? Splitting Winterfest into two holidays is such a great idea that I totally have to steal it! :tongue: and of course, here we go with good old Santa and his black beard :joy: is he sporting dreadlocks too??? What a cool Santa :joy: all the pics with the presents are adorable, but- Eve getting her own present made my day <3 she's so precious!! I'm really loving all the winter fun that your sims are having in game. Btw, are you experiencing the holiday decor stuck on community lots too? I'm asking 'cause I see it on your lots and I'm wondering whether it's just my game being glitch or what. What a sudden surprise with cousin Ana!! I'm glad that she met a nice guy in the end, I'm sure she'll be a great mom and have gorgeous babies :wink: Storm aged up into a super cute young adult, so I don't really blame you for reconsidering him as heir! With that chef career I also see him buying Anavrin at one point :joy: and we had one more birthday too! YIKES, Raven is so cute too :bawling: I hate when we get super attached to more than one sim potentially being the heir and we kinda no longer know who to pick?? She's super pretty and I really love her. I mean, I guess at this point it's a matter of which future partner you're going to pick, whether you go for the male or female gene pool. OR. You actually pick both as heir, you get them with their partner, you get them a couple of kids and see which one has the best third gen genes? :joy: or is it... cheating?? :joy:
    (I'm glad you liked Kori Porter 'cause ever since I saw her I had my eyes on her :naughty: whoever I pick is ultimately going to get this girl, no questions asked :joy::joy::joy: most definitely Max, at this point)

    @Wentcrazy thankfully things have adjusted a little bit with the kids but OH BOY it was so hard last week. I totally relate to your au pair experience. I looked after a 3-year-old once that tore my clothes to shreds and threw toys at me whenever he could. I swear I don't even know how I managed to NOT develop the "hates children" trait in real life yet :joy::joy::joy:
    I love the gen 2 house you built!! Spoiler alert: we chose the same floor plan :mrgreen: I really really love how yours turned out, especially the backyard!! I'm also in love with all the blue.

    @Heckstress17 I haven't been here for a week so I'm sorry to just learn about your entire family being sick :cry: at least it's not covid? I'm sending virtual hugs your way and hope all of you recover soon <3 ... as for my babysitting job, things have calmed down a little bit now that I'm more familiar with the family dynamics. Now I go back home super tired every evening, but thankfully I have my sanity! :joy:
    I still can't believe that karma got you in game with the birth of twin girls lol. But, hey, I really do love big families in the game?? And all your sims are super duper gorgeous, so it's like eye candy for me <3 I'm totally downloading the Anavrin lot one of these days. All the dates over there look sooooo good. Lol that "In front of my orange juice!" pic is way too funny :joy: also, Selene got a teen son??? N i c e. Speaking about teen boys- Carson!! :flushed: man, he aged up nice. What is it with you being blessed 24/7 with the great Good Sims Genes god??? :joy: I don't even know why I would ever be surprised that Carson became such a handsome sim, considering how his parents look. Bless his Public Enemy aspiration :joy: omg and they also got a doggo???? Best update ever. Chester looks so fluffy :bawling: I need pets in my game asap. Look at him go with Jonas :bawling: yes, take that good boi jogging! I love the pics of Carter doing science stuff next to dad <3 that's such a good idea having them work on their own stuff next to each other. I'm so surprised that you got identical twins!! That's so rare to me! I always have tons of twins in my game (thanks, mccc *eyeroll*), but they're always different looking. Chelsea and Chloe are so cute <3 I love the twinning outfits you gave them! They also got the best traits??? Unbelievable :joy: what luck is that?? Aaaw good old brother Carter! I love that they're playing together. Look at Carson go with Kellie lol, teen loves are the best <3 I can't believe that they already... "jumped" in the hot tube together. But I mean, why not?? Go for it! Poor Cassidy had to go through the "talk" that Carson never had... how embarrassing! Is there ever a time in game when the teen sim doesn't want to crawl inside a hole and die??? :joy: btw... I just noticed: can we speak about how strong Iris' hair color gene is??? All the kids besides Carson have that beautiful color!

    @debjameswhite ahah I didn't notice the comments in the old thread, maybe 'cause I have so many notifications from this one that it got swarmed. Wait... what happened????? What are those two graves??????????? Did I miss something??? :cold_sweat: wait- she's pregnant?? I'm losing focus :joy: you had me so worried right there for a second, I was fearing that it might have been Lia and Heath's graves :bawling: - that's what happens when I don't read a thing in the forum for over a week lol. Oh Lia, thank god you're still alive and cake-baking like there's no tomorrow :joy: -anyway, Sawyer and Cassiel's date was so cute, but I didn't expect her to not be happy for that rose??? How? Anyway, what matters is that they still had a good time together! OMG Lucia?? I wasn't expecting all of the drama but hey, I'm here for it :naughty: do you have the "free love" nap or something? :joy: I can't with all the sims flirting with everyone in this update :joy: Lucia really came in and took what she wanted, right?
    Thanks for your kind thoughts with my father's surgery :blush: he's doing better and better every day. Yeah, it was really scary, I couldn't even focus for the past week as it was happening. Thankfully, now that he's recovering, I'm in the right mindset to play much more in my (not that long) free time! I totally have my eyes on Kori Porter as the next mate :naughty: Desiree and Jordan had even more gorgeous kids, tho! I'll make sure to show them in my future updates!

    @OJenn I don't know how you managed to build all three floor plans but kudos to you for doing that! <3 I love the new house??? It turned out so well! That pic of Jade working on the flowers is so gorgeous!! I loved that Atlas and Amaya got married in Jade's backyard. The wedding looked perfect and seeing old Iris and Aiyden that happy warmed my heart :bawling: ... I really don't know how long Kaleb's going to stick around with Jordan being around so much and being such a nice guy too <3
    I'm glad that teen girls flirting with child!Kirk made you laugh as much as I did :joy: it was such a funny moment, I swear.

    @Mionax I'm so sorry to hear that :cry: I really hope you'll start feeling better soon. Take all the time needed to process your grief, tho. I wish you a speedy recovery <3
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    Willow Creek | Evergreen Harbor
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    Omg this is awesome! I really want to try this. I just don't want to commit and then RL stops me from playing. I am going to try though. Since I have a day off I will start today.
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,136 Member
    Omg this is awesome! I really want to try this. I just don't want to commit and then RL stops me from playing. I am going to try though. Since I have a day off I will start today.

    You know we'd love to have you, I miss seeing your sims!
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,495 Member
    @Kiwicantdie Those two graves are just random graves on an old Willow Creek property. I have no idea who they are!!

    @amadazulsim It's ok come play as long as you can!!!
    TO RAISE A WOLFE – Evergreen Harbor Edition
    Callahan Family Tree
    Wolfe Family Tree
    Valentino Family Tree
    West Family Tree
    Wolfe Family Tree

    Chapter 14: Family

    One day Lia showed up at the house to visit Sawyer, but he was at class. Lucia met her outside with a very large tummy. “Hello Mrs. Emerson, I’m so glad you came over. My name is Lucia and we need to talk.”

    “Actually Mrs. Emerson, I’ve been so excited to meet you. Please will you come in? I’m so in love with your son and I want to tell you all about it.”

    Lucia brought Lia in and they sat on the couch and Lucia told her everything. She knew that the secret was weighing on Sawyer. He loved his family and he wouldn’t want to exclude them from this important time in his life.

    When Sawyer came home though, he was stunned to see his mother sitting on the sofa with his wife.

    That night they had his parents over for dinner. Lucia was so happy to have them. Her parents had died when she was young and we she was an only child. She wanted family. You know what Lia’s thinking about.

    Sawyer got over his shock and was so relieved. They had a wonderful dinner. Look at how much Lucia loves her mother-in-law already!

    Sawyer is a real story teller, but I don’t think Heath buys his stories 100%.

    When Lucia excused herself for a moment, Sawyer apologized to his parents and assured them it was more than rebounding from Cassiel.

    The next day, Sawyer’s siblings, having heard the news from Heath and Lia, randomly started showing up on his doorstop. Sawyer smiled at his wife, “You wanted a big family!”

    That night, her own family was ready to grow. She was scared, but she did not want to disturb Sawyer who was currently going through finals.

    She had the baby all by herself in the kitchen! Sweet little baby girl Samara.

    Sawyer slept through the entire thing.

    When he woke up, he panicked. I can’t even blame him in this situation.

    “How did you do this all on your own? Should we go to the hospital still?” He was still in shock.

    “Hush sweetie, I need to clean up this mess.” He couldn’t deal.

    He did finally settle down and they discussed their excitement over being new parents.

    Then he fixed the refrigerator while she cleaned the mess it had made. Teamwork. A great start to their new life.

    That night they invited Sawyer’s sister Hailey’s family over but only Hailey showed up.

    Lucia is really happy to meeting his family now.

    I had to take a picture of sweet Samara because I always forget nooboo pics.

    The next day was Harvestfest, but because Sawyer had such a busy course schedule, they stayed home. Still, Sawyer wanted to cook the meal for Lucia because she always took such good care of him.

    He still rang the bell to call his wife for dinner.

    They had a wonderful meal while baby Samara slept in the front room.

    Of course Sawyer told stories and made Lucia laugh. Everything is going to be fine.

    OH One more thing I didn’t want to forget. A little tour of where everyone is so far. Of Lia’s 3 youngest brothers, only one of them got married and had children. Adrian has a beautiful daughter Norah.

    Her twin Tristan and his wife Kaylee have also had five beautiful kids.

    And finally Lia and Heath’s kids. They have 4 grandkids already! Samara is the only girl, but they’re all nooboos right now except Aden.

  • MionaxMionax Posts: 269 Member
    @Kiwicantdie ty

    @debjameswhite I like your family tree. Your Sim family is beautiful/handsome.
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    Omg This house gave me so much trouble and it is an easier one. smh Hopefully it is okay. I tried to get it as close to the floorplan as I could.
  • Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,247 Member
    Hi everyone! Thank you all for the well wishes. My family and I are feeling much better now. I haven't had much time to play so I don't have enough for an update, but I'm happy to have some time to comment. I'm also gonna tag some people who haven't updated in awhile @Francisca464 @Rhythrin and @IllusoryThrall I miss you guys!

    @Wentcrazy - I hope you can update soon :smile:

    @amadazulsim - It's so nice to see you again! :smiley: Wow that house you built looks awesome! I can see how it'd be a challenging build with all the diagonal walls, but you did a great job. I look forward to seeing more from Sulani :smile:

    @Mionax - I am so sorry to hear about your friends passing. I'm not a religious person, but my heart goes out to you. :heart:

    @OJenn - I'm glad you were able to post a house tour despite the CC window trouble. Your house looks AMAZING! You completely nailed this floorplan. The exterior looks so close to the floorplan picture, and the way you landscaped and added that outdoor awning looks too good for words. Especially the enclosed green house area. That's such a neat add on. The inside is just as great as the outside. I really love all the blues and oranges on the first floor, and the master bedroom looks really great too. Jade is a lucky sim. I'm not use to seeing such big updates from you so I LOVED this one. Jade looks so happy making her floral arraignment :blush: Then Atlas and Amaya getting engaged :heart: It's so sweet that they held the wedding at Jade's house. It was a beautiful evening ceremony, and I really like the way you styled adult Atlas. Iris and Aiyden look so happy :bawling: they're so cute! The dinner party was a great way to get everyone together. I love that Jade is still friends with Jordan. Even if it is pretty apparent that "friends" doesn't accurately define what they are. I wouldn't let Aiyden's disapproval of Kaleb deter Jade too much. It may take him some time to warm up to the guy dating his little girl. Jordan helping with the dishes though, well that's marriage material to me! :joy:

    @JordanNicoleJJ - Eve can repair herself!? That's awesome, I'd love to see her floating around your Greene family for generations to come. And if you ever get bored of her you could just send her to live with a spare :lol: Yesssss I 100% see Thalia and Storm falling in love and being a super active power couple. And I LOVE the idea of turning that warehouse lot into a gym. That's perfect! Let me know if you do it, I'll totally download it.

    @Kiwicantdie - I'm so happy to hear everything went well with your Dad :heart: My Mom had triple heart bypass about 5 years ago so I know how major of a surgery that is. I hope his recovery goes smoothly! And I'm glad to hear that things with your nightmare babysitting position are also looking up lol If you start that streaming career let me know :lol: Haha I was hoping someone would get my meme reference with the orange juice joke lol You think I've been blessed genetically?!? No way, I've definitely had some ugly duckling sims. You on the other hand I can't think of a single sim you've had that wasn't perfect! Yeah I was super surprised that the twins ended up being identical. It's literally never happened in my game, but I think I'm even more surprised that I actually like playing this huge family right now :lol: Usually I only like admiring everyone elses huge family's from a distance, a very far distance lol but this family has been pretty chill to play. You're so right about Iris hair color. I can't believe only 1 out of 5 has dark hair. Anyway, hooray for an update! I can't believe you don't like the bowling alley you built?! I think it looks awesome. The exterior fits Evergreen Harbor perfectly. I think the inside looks great too, the high ceiling was a great call. Lia and Heath's 2nd daughter is adorable. I ship her with Kirk. It looks like Kirk has mad game :joy: that teen definitely looked like she was flirting with him. Iris sleeping in public is so her :lol: Oh and Knox! He's been dead forever in my game, it was good to see he's now perfected the art of subtly stalking Iris lol! Kirk aged up so handsomely! He's a better mix then I thought he'd be too, and he's definitely winning the trait game compared to his siblings traits lol Lia is totally offended that she wasn't invited to bake his birthday cake :lol: Snow!!!! :love: I can't get enough snow pictures, as @debjameswhite has pointed out, I'm a fangirl for snow lol! Look at Iris knitting by the fire :heart: The Mac cosmetic pic is too relatable :expressionless: The NPC mod has helped a ton with that kind of stuff, but the festivals are still being ruined by the random outfits glitch. "The Greene's tried drugs" :joy: That's what I think of when my sims use the bubble blowers too. Aw look at your Austin fam :heart: Poppy is so cute! And Kori Porter is adorable too! Like you said, she looks nothing like her father :joy: I need a DNA test! but still, she's gorgeous. I ship it. OMG look how handsome YA Max is! I LOVE him :love: and omg LOL that picture of Maddy scaring him as the most perfect caption ever! And outfit tours! :mrgreen: You have such a distinct way of styling your sims. It's very boho chic and I love it. You put together pieces, colors, and footwear I'd never think of. You inspire me to branch out! Awesome update! :smile:

    @debjameswhite - Lia is so pretty :heart: Even in the first pic where she looks totally skeptical of Lucia, she still looks gorgeous. I'm relieved to see Lucia is taking an interest in getting to know Sawyer's family. I gotta say she did not make the best first impression on me. Winning over Lia earns her some points from me though. Sawyer's face when he's realized Lucia's invited his Mom over is priceless :lol: Lia thinking about babies is perfect. Heath's expressions at dinner are very amusing too lol. Welcome baby Samara, that's a neat name. I love Sawyers reaction :joy: I would totally think the same thing. Why was Lucia holding her stomach in the Harvestfest prep picture??? :d You've done an awesome job of keeping track of the family and updating your family tree. I was gonna do the same this play through and update every single sim who married into my family, but after this generation had 5 kids I felt overwhelmed just thinking about it :lol: so I'll only be adding my heirs children as usual. Your Wolfe's have got some great looking descendants though. I can't wait to see Hailey and Ridge's kids!
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    edited September 16
    @Amadazulsim - Wow you did such a great job on that house it looks really close to what the plan shows. Those diagonals walls are definitely challenging for sure and I think you nailed it.

    @Heckstress17 - I am glad you and your family are starting to feel better at least. I won't lie I might also be rooting for Jordan too (more on that in my next update :wink: ) It makes me happy that you enjoyed the long update I wasn't sure if I went overboard but I played in spurts so it felt right. I hope you can get some time to play again and things calm down for you.
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,136 Member
    I missed you @debjameswhite sorry! Here are my comments for your update:

    Lia's face when she first showed up was priceless, mom coming to check on her boy. And I just love how Lucia has taken to the family, she is getting plenty of family being Sawyer's wife. What a trooper she is giving birth all by herself, I'm surprised Sawyer managed to sleep through all that :lol: And his wake-up panic is so cute especially compared to how Lucia is calmly handling everything. Oh my that Harvestfest pic is priceless, all those gnomes look like they are trying to get a piece of the food. Is Lucia pregnant or hungry in that picture? Wow, Tristan's kids are all so good looking I especially like Dahlia. I won't lie I am excited to see how Hailey's kiddos turn out.
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    @Heckstress17 thanks
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    I'll be back for comments later <3

    Generation 2
    Chapter 3

    The first few days were super uneventful. They were all living together but the main focus was on school work and working out.
    Zeke got invited to join the gym club which he gladly joined. So besides working on his degree, he has been working out at the gym.

    He occasionally watched some TV though (that is me all the time when I should workout).

    Zeke also met his twin brother at the Gym.

    Iris also came over to see how her little girl is doing.

    Rose in her element.

    Zeke's family also came over a day later (which means Zoe, Zayne and their dad James). Someone had a surprise for everyone.

    Rose was knitting so often, that she'd made several objects and clothes. She even gifted Zeke one.
    I was so surprised by this interaction, I only have this picture.
    They are both "cursed" for a week. So basically any romantic interaction between them is supposed to end badly. Both are super stressed because of the moodlet - so there won't definitely ANY romance for a week :D

    However, this doesn't keep Rose from knitting XD

    Ziva also met someone you all know. He also asked to come over a day later :)

    Somewhere around that time, I decided to give Zeke a slight makeover. I also wanted to show you his outfits and traits.

    Back to the story.
    Nina, Rose's former roommate also came by to check out the new house.

    Despite being cursed, Zeke didn't care about wearing clothes :D

    Rose is so frustrated with him and their lack of romance (she looks so annoyed while doing work for university).

    So what does a good heir do? Yes, working out.

    Rose also graduated from University (A+) =)
    I wouldn't mind nooboos now but they are still cursed and I don't want to risk their relationship :D
    There's also another glitch in my game as Rose didn't get a diploma and when she is looking for a job, it's like she didn't go to university at all -.-

    On to some better news: Aron has aged into a toddler. But, to my surprise, it looks like Faith wanted a girl instead of a boy. He is still cute though :)

    On the weekends, they also invited their friends and the house was pretty full.

    Ziva spent some time with her boyfriend and he even stayed the night.

    Rose and Zeke also got some news from Yasmin, who is now part of the Levine family. She and Zayne had tied the knot a couple of days ago.

    The Greene heir also felt sick later and really down (being sick and cursed at the same time horrible, I'll tell you that). I'm glad she hadn't started her job as she was miserable 24/7.
    Still, she decided to upgrade their bathtub the next day. Honestly, she is such a good person and focusing so much on her skills (on her own!).

    Then, her sister Faith called (they had seen each other a day before).

    She had asked if it was okay to come over and of course Rose said yes.
    She had even given her a key to their house several days before but when Faith showed up, I knew why she had called in advance.

    Zeke is still at university and might need another semester to finish. He was writing one of his papers when their computer broke.
    Naturally, Rose came to the rescue although she was sick again (There was barely a day when she wasn't sick).

    He was more than grateful when Rose fixed it. Thankfully, the curse was finally lifted (a week without any romantic interaction is super stressful for both of them!).

    I guess they kinda managed and made up for it.

    And finally, it was Rose's first day at work as a scientist. As said before, she'll start at the bottom :(

    While Rose was at work, both Levine siblings focused on their university life (which means studying).

    Then, winter finally arrived. It snowed and I let my sims have some fun :)
    Zeke is proud of his snowman creation :D

    Rose was more interested in making snow angels. Zeke even joined her.

    I'll tell you, they had so much fun :)

    They even lived their romance to the fullest.


    I guess you know what's coming :D

    I'm here for Zeke's reaction :D (he is also wearing the pullover that caused their stress :D)

    But Rose is super happy.

    Both ended their night properly :D

    Soon, their wedding day was approaching. I downloaded a small church from the gallery and let them have the ceremony there.

    I don't know if anyone paid enough attention to the last picture, so here is a proper close-up. Rose literally showed her pregnancy seconds after they had entered the church.


    You know, I love all of their family but Zoe had no intention of giving them a little space while they shared their cake.

    It was a small wedding but I still want to show you all the guests (because witnessing the ceremony was obviously too much to ask from the guests).
    Zoe and her husband (I actually forgot his name... Brayden?)

    Orion and one of the boys (Troy).

    Both brothers (Juan and Troy)

    Jaime, their sister (she looks so much like her dad Orion).

    Iris of course <3

    Faith who is super annoyed by her baby brother Juan. She is showing some of Aiyden's moods, I'll tell you that.

    James, his son Zayne plus his wife Yasmin.


    Max who is showing off his parental skills :)

    Aiyden's daughter :D
    I kind of regret not chosen her as she has so much of Aiyden in her. She doesn't hate kids, so I have no idea why she was always acting like that.
    But she had twins (boys: Clark, Kendall), so maybe she is annoyed by the lack of a female mini version of herself, I don't know.

    So the next day (while doing some work for university), Zeke talked to Ziva about their need for her bedroom. He also asked her to be the godmother.

    Just so you know, Rose is still in the first trimester and only hours away from being in the second one.
    She is huge from the side but when you look from the front, she is still rocking her fit body.

    That is where I cut you off :D
    I've played so much but I had to divide it into two parts.

  • amadazulsimamadazulsim Posts: 1,786 Member
    @Heckstress17 Thank you, I am sorry to hear that you and your family weren't feeling well. I am glad that you are all doing well now. Thank you for your nice comment about the house.

    @OJenn If you and Heckstress say the house looks good then I am flattered. I hope everything is well with you.

    I have to share with you that my daughter was watching me write this and she was like that is sooooo cute that you have all been friends for so long. She said it is so nice that you can meet nice people even online. lol she is so mushy.
  • amadazulsimamadazulsim Posts: 1,786 Member
    Manu and Luana have returned to Sulani after years of being away. Luana couldn't wait to get back to the water.
    Her joy was short lived when she saw all the trash that had accumulated on the beach.
    Manu could see that his wife had so much on her mind and it bothered him so much to see her sad.
    Manu had a great idea.
    He got up early the next day and started cleaning up the beach.
    Luana was at home knitting away. It was the only way to keep her mind off the beach.
    He worked all day and when he was done he called Luana to come and see his progress.
    She even talked to one of the few locals that she saw.
    Maybe things are looking up.
    Luana couldn't stay off the water. She enjoyed the rest of the day.
    Ummm I didn't know you could knit on water.
    She looks so peaceful.
    She is happy thanks to her loving hubby.
    Now they just have to get people interested in Sulani again.

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