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Rebuilding Worlds Vol. 2


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    @JordanNicoleJJ You know in all the years we've been using MC Command Center I have never had to remove the mod. Whoever keeps this one going does a really good job! The dumpster woohoo grosses me out too. I wanted to see it though so I let Hailey do know, for the craft...but not my heir. Sorry Hailey!! Thank you! I was I really proud of that park :) I love the wedding venu there. It's on the gallery if you ever want it.

    @OJenn Good luck next week! I'm excited for you!! @Heckstress17 @JordanNicoleJJ I too like reading through comments sometimes...hehe. The gardner is totally Jay - Hailey's dad. The day after Lia found out he had a key to her house and took it away he became the gardner. It is awkward! I'm going to watch your videos now :)

    Also @everyone I'm getting ready to send Sawyer to college and I'm a little excited because he's going to Foxbury and he is my first sim to go there. Well go there and live. I think Lauren went there but I didn't really pay attention. I'm in the gallery now looking for improved builds.
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    I'm back for comments right now but I'm hoping to post another update (some time later today).
    I'm also having a bug in my game. My sims/townies are getting new blocks/cubes (you know the black ones that "predict" the future) at least three times a day. Doesn't happen to Rose but I've seen them appear in other sims inventories :(

    @debjameswhite I think I'm gonna steal your settings for MCCC with the life stages. Right now I usually switch between long and normal life span (depending on what I'm doing, for university it's been set on long) but your option seems much better. I totally forgot we can change the time span like that.

    Zeke and Ziva aren't in the genepool but I can upload them (separately or as siblings) if you want to. It would be fun to see any of them in other games :) If Aiyden and Iris had a boy in my game, I would have set hi up with Ziva for sure :-)
    I really miss Aiyden in my game :( I still love the triplets but seeing them makes me miss Aiyden even more :/

    Oh, another update <3 Cassiel and Sawyer are so cute! I really enjoyed seeing those Winterfest pictures. They have such a big family! Hailey has a nice boyfriend. I mean, he at least tried to be helpful. "This is for the craft" haha, I love it. It's always for the love of art :D Congrats on the new married couple! She looked gorgeous in her wedding dress. I'm so curious about their future kids now :D

    @JordanNicoleJJ yes, post an update! I'm still dealing a bit with my migraines but I want to post my update as well :)
    I'm so glad I don't have to cover shifts (anymore). I only had to do that when I worked at a car cleaning station (named Carwash). It was not even minimum wage (didn't exist back then for "student jobs") and you got a lot of offending comments from men. So yeah, covering shifts always reminds me of that time. Do you get at least more money when you cover their shifts? :)

    I think yoga will definitely be the skill that'll be passed down for each generation. Rose loves knitting as well but I'm not sure others will (plus a high yoga skill might increase the life span!). I'm trying so hard to find a mate for Rose but she's been so unromantic (it's not even her trait). But she really likes Zeke (almost the same as his brother who is her bf with no potential love at all), so I'm trying to convince her :D As for Iris: I'd be out of the house a lot if I ever give birth to triplets - let the man take care of the babies! :D But I'm more like Rose, being independent with no love interest in sight (but she might have more luck than me). I love the triplets and I wonder how they turn out as kids. I love that Jaime has the red hair I(makes her so much different from the original Greene girls) and both boys look a lot alike. I wonder if I can see any resemblance between the triplets and Rose/Faith later. But I also have to watch Iris and Orion closely. I might have to move the triplets into Faith' home (let's be real, Rose as the heir can't care for her little siblings :D). I'm not sure I might be able to remember everyone's names. When Rose and Faith were kids I could barely remember their friends' names and always had to look them up before posting lol

    @Ojenn Hope everything will be great at the new job!
    Seeing you also hoping that Zeke and Rose become a thing, makes me try even harder :D But Rose had been so resistant to any romance. She stargazed with Zeke but their romance bar was still non-existing after that. Let's hope she will fall in love madly and sticks to her decision. I'm not sure I can try to persuade her much more :D
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    A little later than planned but well. At least I'm back with a new update :)

    Generation 2
    Chapter 2

    Time was running. Rose had mastered already three semesters at university when she went out with Zeke. Apparently they had flirted at one point before.
    A lot of hugging was involved and they wanted to keep things slow. They were a couple though.
    It was literally a week before Rose was brave enough to kiss him.

    But just because Rose was in a relationship, she still focused on other things. Most of all, doing yoga and knitting

    One day, her mom surprised her with a visit. Rose was glad to see her mom and shared the news of having a boyfriend.

    Look at the beautiful elder Iris <3

    Iris stayed and talked to Rose while she was doing some work for the class. However, when Iris tried playing the guitar in the same room where Rose studied, the younger Greene was far from being pleased.

    Rose and Zeke decided to invite their siblings to also inform them of their new bond. Zayne was super happy for his best friend and his brother, Faith was ecstatic. I have the feeling she asked for nooboos in the last picture. Otherwise, I can't explain her expression :D

    Rose also invited some of her friends plus Zeke's sisters. Zoe didn't come :-( She used to be Rose's best friend but I fear she's off to live her own life
    First, a random picture of Rose and Ziva (I love her so much!!). They're super close and Ziva visits nearly every day.

    While Rose had been busy with the university (and dating Zeke), her friends had been hanging out without her.
    Let's say that Rose isn't the only one who's in a relationship.

    Ziva showed up with a guy called August (her boyfriend).

    Nataly and Jakob (which you might remember as kids) had also started dating (they even got married two days later and didn't invite Rose ._.).

    The next day, Ziva and Rose checked out the new restaurant that was in town.

    I was confused about why Rose was sitting alone but then I found Ziva downstairs. Apparently her parents had chosen to have a date at the restaurant. God, I wish Iris and Aiyden could have a date as elders ;(

    Oh and Rose met a new girl on campus. She is super cute (Yasmin).

    Rose also started practicing soccer with Zeke (who wants to be a bodybuilder).

    My heir managed to hit him right in the face. I can't blame Zeke for being in pain. I mean, look at Rose's legs!! (She's been doing yoga at least twice a day :D)

    She made up to him but still felt terrible.

    On Saturday, she asked Zayne to meet up at the cafe. She hadn't had enough time for him and wanted to catch up.

    A familiar face (Yasmin) showed up and seated herself right next to Zayne (she wanted to be introduced). I'm thinking of shipping those two. Zayne is the only one in their group who isn't in a relationship (I had always hoped for Rose and Zayne but yeah... that didn't work out).

    Here the heir is doing some fun stuff :D

    Oh, and Rose also visited Faith and Max. This mansion is insane - Faith got lucky :D

    Look what I found. His name is Aron :)

    This is Rose showing off her parental skills (as an auntie).

    Of course she also met her sister there.

    On a last note, Iris's best friend (and Zeke's mother) had died ;( I only found out because Zeke was sad when he came to visit Rose.
    She managed to cheer him up and finally their relationship reached a new level.

    Zeke also asked Rose to move in with him (Gen 2 house :D).
    Zayne, the oldest of the Levine family, would get the family home when their father would die and Zoe had already moved out and lived with her husband. Ziva, who is Rose's best friend (beside Zayne) also moved in with them as they used all their money to buy the house and could use the rent money from Ziva. They still all are attending university but Rose is in her last year and their savings should be enough until then.

    Zeke, Ziva, and Rose will be living in the Gen 2 house in the beginning.
    Rose and Zeke have no intention of having kids soon, so they can rent out the extra room :) (I can sell the huge amount of future cubes that appear in her inventory :D)

    I'll show pictures of the Gen 2 house soon. Haven't taken proper pictures yet :-)

    I also put up the Levine family in the Gallery (minus the dad as I can't remember where I downloaded him). Plus Zeke and Ziva as YA. You have to activate CC though (they have CC eyes which I forgot about, but everything else should be CC free). They have super random clothes and hairstyles :D

    My ID is mrskariakay. Let me know if there are any issues :)
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    Hi everyone <3 sorry for disappearing. It's been a rough week for me. The kids I've been babysitting have depleted not only my energy but also my will to live :joy: , so much that I didn't check the forum once. I have a day off today and I'm totally grabbing the chance to catch up with all your lovely updates <3 ... my father has surgery tomorrow and if everything goes well I should be able to play a little bit too during this weekend. Fingers crossed!

    @JordanNicoleJJ I've been babysitting for 10 years and let me tell you these kids are THE WORST. I soooo want to get some free time to play the sims. I think that next week I'll be able to figure out how much time I have to play, 'cause at the moment I can't focus my attention anywhere else from my current family issues. I want to go back to the days when I could just wake up, eat something and binge sims all day long :joy:
    OMG I'm so sorry you almost lost poor little Raven!! You did well by closing the game without saving! I would be traumatized too if it happened to me! It's better to lose all progress than to lose a precious little toddler (potentially heir?) Blaze's new "big kid" room turned out amazing! I love all the music posters :smile: I also got post-traumatic stress just by watching Haven building the servo :joy: that thing took forever!! Aaaaaaww but your Eve is adorable! I totally see her sticking around for a long time. I love the family trip back to Sulani <3 Haven must have loved it just as much! Also little Raven playing in the sand is my new favorite thing :blush: OMG soooo many familiar faces!! I love seeing all of our sims crossing the multiverse in your posts :joy:I mean I'm also on board with Eden and Pablo being a thing if you want lol, Clover can move on I love seeing Eve taking care of the little ones. It makes me miss good old Optimus Prime from my Austin household :joy: he's still around, but I'll have to build a new servo for the Greenes too. I can't believe time's flying so fast in your game tho :bawling: Storm's already a teen! You're right that he's 100% Suri's clone, but he's such a cutie anyway! I love the outfits you gave him! You're always sooo good at planning all your sims outfits and making them all so diverse! Teach me how??? Aaaaaaw little Raven with the Gloomy trait! :joy: it's kinda fitting tho? Her room is perfect too! Thank god you saved her, I can't even imagine this family without her!

    @Wentcrazy thanks for the hugs, I hope everything goes well too <3 (the babysitting thing is UGH)
    I loved seeing Faith and Max as a couple! I'm also glad that you picked Rose as heir! I don't know how you managed to pick one, as both girls are soooo gorgeous my brain would have totally frozen if I were in your place. OMG another pregnancy?? I wasn't expecting that for Iris, but oh well, the more the merrier :joy: - Young adult Rose is really beautiful. I love her outfits too! Did Iris really have triplets for her last pregnancy??? :joy: I can't believe it. That poor elder woman! They're suuuuuper cute tho! And they all got mama's little cheek mole <3 seeing Rose and Zeke's romance taking soooo long definitely brought back memories from my university playthrough. But it's seriously super cute having sims develop feelings for each other on campus. Gotta love how social Rose is <3 and she's already an auntie!! The Greene fam keeps on growing! Can't wait to see more pics of the gen 2 house :wink: I know you've said that Rose and Zeke won't have kids soon, but hey, I can't wait.

    @Heckstress17 yeah I don't know what's going on with me having so many things happening all of a sudden, but... :grimace: I'm staying afloat, at the moment. I accepted this babysitting job just 'cause the first one is almost done (the kids are old enough to stay at home alone + they live with their grandparents now??) and the pandemic isn't stopping so I can't rely too much on my restaurant shifts. Turns out it wasn't a good idea, 'cause I'm DEAD. These 3 new kids are horrible (one has serious aggression problems and he's just six - I spent two afternoons trying to stop him from stoning (I'm not even kidding) his bigger brother with the garden's rocks). As for my father, he was supposed to have surgery sometime next year but he felt sick so the doctors had to anticipate everything. He has surgery tomorrow and depending on how it goes I'll have some time during this weekend to post here in the forum.
    Would you believe that that pic of Jonas "upgrading" the fireplace is the first time I've seen that interaction in game??? :joy: and I've been playing the game for so many years! Carter looked sooooo cute as a toddler! I'm legit envious of how good you all are with picking outfits and showcasing them! Carson turned out to be such a good mix of his parents and I'm so surprised! I actually thought he was a total mini Jonas. He went all the way from middle neglected child to potential heir! The pics of Carson and Carter sharing the same room were so cute lol they seem two real-life kiddos, annoying each other every other minute. I LOVE that park, I swear I'll download it and put it in my game if you share it <3 all the pics of the kiddos having fun over there are the best! Teen Cassidy is soooo cute! OMG YES the Salali's eyes!! That's 100% an Austin :joy: I swear those genes are soooo strong. What a bummer that he had to age into a young adult tho lol. I love just how hectic your sims' lives are right now. ?????? where did that pregnancy come from???????? :joy: omg I'm lost. I told you that no % is safe!! Even 1% can mess up everything! :joy: anyway, child Carter is such a cutie!! This feels like such a rollercoaster to watch :joy: I KNEW that it was twins :joy: karma just had to hit sooner or later :joy: you had tooooo many single births in a row :joy: I can't believe you managed to find two more C names?? Kudos to you! But RIP also :joy: and RIP poor Jonas & Fawn especially :joy:

    @EMSimmer30 omg the number of kids in the house is insane :joy: kudos to you for managing them all! Also, they all aged really cute. I love that you combined your rebuild challenge families!! Nice idea!

    @IllusoryThrall I know right??? :joy: once I saw the parallel Aiyden/Bob, I couldn't unsee it! Thank you for the well wishes <3 (as for the amount of work I had this week alone, well, I'm dead :joy: ) I loooove Winterfest family pics <3 yours were super cute! What's up with everybody's Santa having a brown beard tho??? I mean, I dig it at this point, but I just don't get it :joy: Mackenzie aged up into such a cute little girl! You did amazing with her outfits! And the room too! So much color, I would never dare :joy: OMG another pregnancy??? at least now you have two "grown" children in the house despite the new nooboo <3 ... Luke's room is my absolute fave!! Luke himself is really really cute.

    @debjameswhite Heath scared me too with the tray of ingredients lol :joy: just so you know, he never baked a cake in my game, even tho he's been around a lot. I can't deal with pets getting sick in game... I just want them to be happy and healthy all the time :bawling: I love that Lauren was there at the vet clinic tho. Nooooooooooo Lucky :bawling: I can't take it. I can't believe that they adopted little Cody so fast after Lucky's passing, but hey, welcome little Cody! <3 I see what you did there with the pic of the army of cakes :joy::joy::joy: - that double date was super cute! Aaaaaaw Cassiel and Sawyer <3 I love seeing Ridge and Hailey together and it's nice that they finally made the big step. What a lovely wedding!! Haily is one gorgeous sim and I hope we keep on seeing her around for many many posts to come <3

    @OJenn good luck with the job!! <3
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    @wentcrazy - Rose and Zeke are so sweet and I am glad they ended up getting together. I still can't get over how good Iris looks as an elder, you go girl! Rose has got a nice little social circling of dating friends ♥

    @kiwicantdie - oh noo! I am glad you popped in and caught up with everyone. I am rooting for your father tomorrow and wishing him a smooth recovery. You get some rest when you can and I hope you get some time for yourself to play :)

    Everyone - I almost had an update with a house tour but it seems that CC doors and windows are "broken" at the moment. So right now I am just waiting on a fix :cry: Because I really love the doors and windows I used (from Peacemaker)
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    Hey everyone :smile: I had a really rough day yesterday. A ghost from my past showed up out of the blue for the first time in 2-3 years, and my mental health took a nosedive off Mount Everest (I was switching between "customer service personality" and panic attacks all day) :disappointed: Thankfully my boss gave me today off, my friends have been checking up on me all day, and my boyfriend listened to me talk about old trauma all night (which helped me work through some of it). It was just an extremely emotionally exhausting day, so I'm just trying to take it easy. Today is one of my best friends' birthdays, so we're going to dinner tonight, and I'm looking forward to that. I also have an update to post, hopefully I feel up to it tomorrow. Until then I'm enjoying hearing from everyone and hope everyone is doing well. I'll reply to updates/comments later tonight or tomorrow :smile:
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    @Kiwicantdie Oh boy, these kids sound horrible! I was once an au pair and there was a boy (4 at the time) who constantly attacked and bit me. I had markings from his teeth on my arm and his mom didn't believe me. Kids CAN be really difficult. I hope everything will be better soon!
    Keeping my fingers crossed for your father's surgery! I really hope it's nothing serious and he recovers quickly.
    Oh and hopefully you get to play a little bit on the weekend :-)

    I loved both Faith and Rose and the decision had been really difficult. I think it was a bit easier as Faith and Max got serious pretty quickly and didn't want to have one of the Greene girls ending up on their own. But I visit Faith every other day just to see how she is doing but I don't want to bore you guys with thousand of trips of Rose seeing Faith :D
    I barely visit Iris I have to admit to my shame (🌺🌺🌺🌺 those cute triplets :D). I love the little ones but every time Rose is there, every toddler wants something (a new diaper, food, some fun, sleep,...). It's exhausting. Guess I'll be more at their house when they've grown into kids :D But yes, all kids have the little cheek mole <3 That are some strong genes from Iris :) Haha, I can wait some time for Rose and Zeke having kids :D But who knows, maybe I'll get bored and let them have some nooboos earlier. I want Iris to see her grandkids, so maybe I do have to hurry *a bit*

    @OJenn Iris barely looks like she's an elder. Even with the gray hair, she looks so beautiful <3
    Let's see if all those dating friends will end up together (MCCC does what it wants :D). But it would be super cool if they end up having kids at the same time. My heir's children might need some friends :D

    Oh noooo :( I was looking forward to your house tour! Hopefully, the doors and windows getting fixed soon. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    @JordanNicoleJJ That doesn't sound good :/ I'm sending you some virtual hugs! <3 I'm glad you had today off and you get to spend some time at dinner with one of your best friends. That's always a good distraction. I'd love to see your update but make sure you're doing fine! There's no rush and my impatient self can wait a few days if necessary :)

    House tour
    Gen 2

    I actually went with plan B (hopefully it will be big enough :D).
    I'm not really satisfied but I was too lazy to work more on it. Idk, maybe it will "change" during my playtime.

    First off, here's the outside.

    As you can see, there is a small place for Rose and her yoga mat.

    And a covered patio where they can also enjoy some barbecue.

    Plus, some decorations/seating possibilities.

    The backyard is still pretty empty but there's enough room for development.

    When you enter their house, there's one of Rose's knitted rugs plus a little desk with a computer they all share.

    And here is the living room. You can enter into the backyard from here (or also from the kitchen as there are two doors).

    The open kitchen with a small dining table. The two doors lead to the bathroom (left) and the guest room (right).

    Guest room: Currently Ziva is staying in that room but it will change into a children's room once Ziva moves out (or will be forced to move out).

    This is the bathroom.

    The master bedroom aka Rose and Zeke's bedroom. They have a closet but it's not in this picture :D

    Here is their small bathroom.

    And to finish the tour off, here is the house from a bird's eye view with and without the roof.

    As you can see, they don't have much room for nooboos, so either it will be two kids max or I have to build some kind of a backyard shed :D:D
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    @Wentcrazy - I see you went with the small family house plan option lol, I tried to find plans for big and small families. Fingers crossed you don't have to do any additions :lol: Then again if they end up with lots of nooboos the kiddos will just have to share. And your house tour is tempting me to just rework the house without my cc doors and windows
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    I'm really scatter brained today, so if I miss replying to anything please forgive me! It seems like most of us are having a hard time irl right now. My son's been sick the past few days and his doctor suspects it's covid. We'll have his test results back in 24-48 hours. Obviously I really hope the results are negative and he's just got some other virus. If I'm not as active, that's why. :disappointed:

    @EMSimmer30 - I liked the pictures of the family going out to eat. I only take my sims on dates at restaurants, it never crosses my mind I could bring the whole family for a night out. I also love the idea of bringing your WC 10th generation heir to be Willow's husband :heart: Birch looks very cool with their new makeover. It's a shame they look so much like Iris, because as you said, they seem like a fun sim to play.

    @Wentcrazy - Migraines are the worst. I hope you're feeling better now :heart: I seriously can't get enough of Rose. She's such a beautiful sim with a sweet and down to earth personality. Her two male roommates better treat her well! Her parents would definitely not approve lol. It's so fun to see her out and about getting to know people on campus. I'm so happy that Ziva and Zoe showed up to pay her a visit. I caught Zeke checking her out while she was dancing :wink: And Ziva is totally on to them too. After working so hard her first year of University, Rose totally deserves to experience a little bit of romance. I totally ship her and Zeke. I've always found her relationship with BFF Zayne could easily turn into more too though. Anyway lol the triplets looked cute in their knitted onsies, but I'm glad you showed them to us as toddlers. I hope Iris and her new man live long enough that Rose or Faith doesn't end up raising all 3 of them :grimace:

    Awww Rose and Zeke are so cute! :smile: I really like how slow she took things with him. She's so level headed. I love how she maintained her knitting and yoga hobbies while attending university. My sim literally had no time for anything but studying lol. Iris really is a beautiful elder :heart: The restaurant that Ziva and Rose went to looks awesome! Faith and Max seem to be living in luxury lol her little nephew will be raised well. Ooooh shower woohoo Rose is a little riskier then I thought lol. The gen 3 house looks so good! I love how you've decorated it. Good luck keeping the babies to 2 or less. It would be very amusing to see you build a backyard shed for any excess babies lol.

    @JordanNicoleJJ - Oh no :hushed: I'm really sorry to hear about the ghost from your past showing up. I hope they're not sticking around :confused: and I hope the situation improves quickly :heart:

    I kind of do the same thing you do when replying to people. I like to give what I get, not because I couldn't go on and on about everyone's updates lol but because I figure if someone does short replies it's all they have time/energy for and wouldn't want to read my long replies in return. Anyway, our teen years sound eerily similar. We should talk about it more when both of our lives aren't such a mess lol I love having all of your sims in my game too! I love the Creeks! You do such a great job making gorgeous sims, and they're always so well styled. I'm always happy to see their fashionable selves strutting by the house :lol: Thanks for the tip about robotics. I'll definitely start Carter as a teen. Is there anything I'll need to have besides whatever the work table thing is called? Okay confession, part of the reason I've been rooting for Blaze to be your heir is so our heirs this gen can marry the same genepool mate lol but I really do love Raven, and if she rolled the better traits then I'm 100% happy to see her carry on the Greene legacy. I'm sure we'll use the same genepool mate at some point. Oh and I like your plan to upload sims each generation. I'll probably do it the same way.

    @debjameswhite - I like your custom lifespan a lot. I used the custom lifespan with MCC once and decided never again. I can't remember if it was a game update, or a MCC update, but either way, an update happened and reset the game back to regular lifespan. Instantaneously every sim in the game aged up and even killed off some elders who were still around from the extended lifespan I had set. I wish I could trust MCC to set my lifespan up the way you have yours. Long is too long, and normal is just too quick for me. Anyway, I took your advice and had my Greene's adopt a dog :lol: as you said though, my son will be very upset if this new pup passes so I'm just trying to play when he's not around to avoid any meltdowns lol. Oh and let me know if you figure out the culling issue :confused:

    I forgot to comment on it last time but that pic of Jay as the gardener really shows how much Hailey takes after him. Genetically only of course. They have the same mouth and chin. I never noticed Cassiel's nose ring before, she's so cute :heart: I love how thoughtful Sawyer was with his gift. Your holiday traditions are the cutest. I love that the family has breakfast together before spending the day with the rest of the family :heart: Ridge trying to fix the dish washer and then Heath having to intervene was pretty funny lol at least he tried! He and Hailey looked like they enjoyed their dumpster romp. I still think that was such a random and weird thing to be added to this game lol at least the animation where they lay on the ground together is cute. Hailey looked so pretty in her wedding dress :bawling: I can't believe she's already a married sim. Her wedding was beautiful. All of the guest sitting, and then the reception being held outside made it look like a literal winter wonderland. You got some amazing shots :love: Her posed shots were beautiful too. "Apparently we’re having a Spooky Party. I now suspect another bug or else I’m really bad at picking house party." I'm sure it's another bug lol. Look at all the pretty fairies! I spy some handsome gladiators too :wink: Aw Jordan Porter married one of Harrison's Granddaughters?? That's so cool :blush:

    @OJenn - That's great news! I'm excited for you :smiley: I hope your first week at your new job goes well. You're right, I did have a mean sim that I grew to love :smile: omg you turn off your sims ability to get pregnant after they've had all the kids you want!? You cheater! Kidding :wink:

    @Kiwicantdie - Oh no :joy: I lost my sanity and my will to live when I was regularly watching my little nephew about a year back lol I can relate. Hopefully it'll get better for you with time? :grimace: Maybe this is just a rough adjustment period lol. Though the 6 year old with anger issues sounds like a bigger problem then you should be tasked to deal with. Anyway, I sincerely hope everything goes well with your Dad surgery and things start to look up for you soon :heart: I completely understand the need to take on another job while things aren't as busy at the restaurant, but you gotta put your sanity first!

    Carson aka mini Jonas surprised me too! He and Carter are definitely my potential heirs. Though I'm leaning towards Carter more. You really like my park? :lol: I am so unhappy with it lol maybe it'll get some motivation to spruce it up a bit and then I'll upload it. Did you ever upload the park you made for Willow Creek? I really liked it in the pics of your family enjoying the summer. And yessss I got hit with twins :joy: omg as soon as I found out I wanted to peek in MCC to see if it was twins. I just knew karma was coming for me. I wasn't even surprised when the 2nd baby name thing popped up. I was just done lol Spoiler though, the twins are actually some of my favs now :tongue:
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    Rebuilding Evergreen Harbor: Gen 2

    This is going to be kind of a "boring" update, no big birthdays or crazy events happened (which was kind of a nice change of pace while playing :lol: ). As soon as Raven aged up and finished her piece of birthday cake, she opened her presents and got a big bag of knitting supplies! Eager to learn how to knit like her mama, Suri sat her down and taught her.

    It took her a few tries, but soon she was knitting like a pro. Raven's definitely a mama's girl at this point and loved having a hobby they could share. Raven is working her way down the clothing lists to try to unlock all of the CAS items, while Suri's busy knitting baby onesies to pass onto the heir. (Question, is the pink beanie bugged for anyone else? Raven made it like five times, but it's still grayed out like I didn't click "add to wardrobe," which I did like five times lol)

    Storm got his very first job -- retail -- and had a stressful first day. Poor kid. I can totally sympathize :grimace:

    He stayed up way past his bedtime playing video games to de-stress. Haven was a little judge-y, but Haven's never worked in retail, so he didn't get an opinion :lol:

    The late night gaming sesh helped, and Storm was back to his usually selfie-obsessed teen self in no time lol. Also, I finally figured out what aspiration I gave Eve -- Friend of the World. Now, WHY I did this to myself, I do not know. I wholeheartedly hate social aspirations :lol: But it's pretty fitting for her, so I've been trying to complete it nonetheless. Haven was her first friend, of course.

    Haven is getting more and more into fabrication every day. He's mostly made eco-upgrade parts in anticipation of (hopefully) getting the eco-friendly appliance NAP passed. Oh yeah, I FINALLY got rid of that awful Back to the Old Days NAP!! But they had to wait a week to vote in something new :tongue:

    He's also been guest speaking at his old college! His job has been sending him to teach mechanical engineering classes once or twice a week. It's fun seeing him back on campus, having gone from apprentice to master :sunglasses:

    Of course he couldn't tolerate any disrespect to his old stomping grounds and cleaned up the Foxbury statue before heading home. Those pesky Britechesters :tongue:

    Winter brought snow to Evergreen Harbor. Port Promise is so pretty under a blanket of snow :heart:

    The kids are all doing well in school, but they're excited for winter break. Storm & Raven are straight-A students, but Blaze has fallen a bit behind (B student). He just cares more about socializing than homework & tests :tongue:

    Speaking of socializing, the boys have made lots of friends at school! This is one of Blaze's friends, Willa. She's part of a cute gallery family made by (gallery ID) thesimstash, who has tons of amazing sims including made-over premades! If Blaze isn't my heir, I could see them making a cute couple :smile: Ok I've really gotta stop trying to match-make all of my sims, especially the children :lol:

    Storm befriended @Heckstress17 's Jordan Porter and (spoiler!!)
    Carson Greene
    . They were pretty impressed by his cool teen hangout basement (which was totally my intention while making it lol).

    He also befriended @Kiwicantdie 's Pablita!! She aged up with the Bro trait in my game, so they hit it off immediately. (I know I just said I've gotta stop playing match maker but I would totally love for these two to get together someday :lol: )

    Anyway, they mostly just hang out in the basement and play video games. Typical teens lol.

    Haven lets them have their fun, but he keeps them focused on their studies too. Once the friends go home, it's homework time! Haven was more than happy to teach Storm a thing or two when he brought home a robotics project. He even got Blaze in on the action. I think he's hoping to pass down the trade to at least one of his kids lol.

    Afterward, Suri helped Blaze with his more creative project. Suri had a blast working with clay and making a model solar system, but Blaze...not so much :lol: He's definitely the "slacker" of the family when it comes to school. Ironically, the new bug hit my game (where kids or adults can't go to school/work), but it only affected slacker Blaze :lol:

    Unless she's knitting with mama, Raven keeps to herself. She doesn't need any encouragement to work on her homework or aspiration, she has plenty of self-motivation and focus. That's my smart, determined girl :blush:

    But that doesn't stop Eve from trying lol. Eve's more of a distraction than actual help, but it's good for both of them to have friends. (Raven was Eve's second friend!)

    Eve's became the kids' go-to monster-sprayer (which Haven and Suri were super thankful for lol). It almost made the monsters bearable for me lol.

    After cleaning up my manage worlds page and adding in a bunch of made-over pre-mades, I started recognizing a lot of the townies walking by the house. Tina Tinker was one of the first -- she brought the family some eco-upgrade parts that she made! :smiley: Eve has also become the 'butler' answering the door and scanning strangers for their traits to make sure no weirdos come through :lol:

    As soon as Eve introduced herself, Tina began tinkering on her!! It kinda freaked me out at first, I was worried she was going to break my precious servo :lol: But she did an excellent tune up -- Eve felt much better afterward :blush: You're welcome in this house anytime, Tina!

    Knox Greenburg stopped by shortly after to drop off even more eco-upgrade parts. He seemed really excited & intrigued by Eve and her scanning, despite almost slipping past her and heading straight for the workshop downstairs lol.

    Haven came up to meet him, and Knox asked endless questions about servos and Eve in particular. They also talked a lot about the big changes that have been made in Evergreen Harbor. Haven learned that Knox' mothers grew up in Evergreen Harbor -- Port Promise, in fact! -- but moved away as kids due to the poor environmental conditions. Haven couldn't help but think that Knox' moms would've gotten along great with his own parents.

    To be fair, Haven and Suri are a lot more lax about "environmental concerns" than Aiyden and Iris were (eco footprints are broken, may enjoy the "industrial" life while it won't actually affect my game lol). Haven installed an "auto light" upgrade in the fireplace, and they've been enjoying a toasty fire all winter. One of Suri's favorite things in life is knitting by the fire. For a young adult, she definitely acts like an elder sometimes :lol:

    Suri is getting older though. All of her friends have aged up into adults, and she'll soon follow. She hosted a "girl's night" to celebrate her birthday with her closest friends before her actual birthday amid the holiday craziness. Of course Eve was invited to the girl's night too, and she scanned every single sim that walked through the door :lol:

    They sat around the fire, drank coffee, and gossiped. It was a great night. And I think Eve had more fun than the rest of them combined, just being included and making new friends :blush: (First stage of her aspiration down, three more to go... :tired_face: )

    The next day, Raven finally made a friend at school and brought him home with her. Carter Greene! True to @Heckstress17 's game, he wanted to dance all afternoon lol. At least it counted toward Raven's aspiration, raising the motor skill and all lol.

    As soon as Storm was done making Suri's birthday cake, it was time to celebrate! Carter politely excused himself and headed home for dinner, while everyone else gathered around.

    Welcome to adulthood, Suri :smile: (Poor Eve missed it, she desperately needed to recharge after the busy night of socializing lol.)

    Here she is with her adult makeover! I love her so much. She's still got her kinda girly, kinda artistic style, plus a little gray in her hair and a shorter cut.

    Haven was upgrading their bathroom when she walked in, and he dropped everything to announce his ever-lasting love to her lol. He must really like the makeover :lol:

    ...I mean, really REALLY like it :wink:

    They're clearly still as in love as ever :heart: (Fingers crossed that risky woohoo doesn't kick in, it's at 5% but it hasn't screwed me yet lol.)

    Winterfest was in just one short week, but first they needed to vote in a new NAP! Haven woke up early to recycle all of the trash in his inventory (I've been saving all of the trash -- plates, cups of water, those 'piles of trash' spawned by 'scavenging for parts' after repairing something -- you name it, I save it lol).

    Haven's home fabricator was broken, and although it'd be an easy fix, it was a good excuse to visit the new maker space that was voted in when Back to the Old Days was repealed last voting period. The whole family went along and made a day of it.

    Storm met a teenage girl he hadn't seen at school before. I have no idea who she is or who she's related to (other than I know she's not family lol), but she's super cute and friendly!

    Raven and Blaze stayed warm in the art building and made lots of winter crafts to decorate the house with.

    Suri also stayed warm up in the sitting room by the bathrooms. The fabricated furniture was surprisingly comfy & perfect to finish up some knitting projects she was working on. (We finally have one of each baby onesie! That should hold us over for awhile lol.)

    Haven bee-lined it for the fabrication garage and got to work making eco-upgrade parts. Eve followed and met a fellow crafter, Jonas Greene :smiley:

    Jonas didn't know what to think about her :lol:

    Storm's old enough to vote on NAPs now, so he used all of his influence to vote in Eco-Friendly Appliances. He didn't really care about handiness himself, but he knew it would be good for the overall well-being of Port Promise.

    It also gave him a great view of the cute new girl trying to make candles :smirk:

    He worked up the courage to go talk to her and decided to try the coming-on-strong approach. "I couldn't help but notice that candle seems to be giving you trouble. I could take care of that for you -- check these muscles, that candle's got nothing on me!" New girl was amused...and a bit flirty?? :smiley:

    At least it broke the ice and led to them getting to know each other better. They swapped phone numbers and simsta handles to keep in touch.

    New girl was definitely flirting. "I've gotta go, but don't be a stranger, okay?" He has his very first romantic interest!! I don't know if they're "forever" material, but I'm happy for him :blush:

    I'll end this update with a pic of the manage worlds view of the family -- extended family included. Ana just aged up into a YA and moved out on her own. She rolled the city living aspiration and moved to San Myshuno to start her writing career. Eden got a cat to help with the empty nest sadness. The "Noor" family includes Suri's brother (who apparently is the oldest now?? They're all close to the same age, I think pregnancies have thrown it off a lot), his wife, and their child son. The "Howell" families include Suri's sister, her husband, their teen son, and their YA son who has also moved out on his own. Ana and the oldest Howell will be going into the nonplayed households page so MCC can do its thing with them, but the rest are living peacefully in the safe-from-MCC played households page :lol: I've also updated the family tree (link in signature) if anyone has forgotten who's who and their traits/aspirations/etc. Now I'm off to go play again! :smiley:
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    Some quick comments before I go play again ~

    @debjameswhite This is the foxbury commons lot I downloaded for my game. I want to build my own someday, but that one has everything I needed & wanted, and it's so well decorated!

    @Wentcrazy We don't get paid extra for covering shifts, but we can get "overtime pay" if we work over 40 hours a week. I just cover for one co-worker whenever she's sick, because I know she will cover for me if/when I get sick, and she's been one of my best friends since high school (she went to the birthday dinner for our other best friend last night lol). Thanks for the kind words about my rough situation right now. Everyone (virtual & real life) has been really supportive & I really appreciate all of the love :heart: Throwing myself into sims this weekend will be a great distraction, so expect even more updates soon :smiley:

    Yay another update! I'm so glad Rose is finally showing some interest in Zeke!! They are definitely taking it slow, but at least there's some progress :smile: If Iris didn't have gray hair, she'd still look like a YA! She is an eternally youthful goddess :heart: Aw I'm so happy for Ziva and Rose's other friends who are finding love too. Yasmin is so cute!! You have the cutest townies in your game. Zeke wants to be a bodybuilder? He's perfect for Rose! She's definitely in good shape herself, look at those leg muscles :flushed: Awww yes Zayne and Yasmin would make a great couple! Ahhh so that's why Faith wants Rose to have nooboos -- she wants her own nooboo to have cousins to grow up with :wink: Oh no, it's so sad when the last generation gets older and starts passing away...but I'm glad that Zeke had Rose to comfort him. They're moving in together, YES! I love that they moved Ziva in too. It works out perfectly (at least until nooboos need that spare room :wink: ). The house tour was amazing! I love all of the bright colors, especially the blues as it fits Rose's tomboy style perfectly.

    @Kiwicantdie Oh man. I have the Hates Children trait in real life, so babysitting is like my worst nightmare :lol: I can only handle the most well-behaved children, and those kids definitely do NOT sound well-behaved :grimace: Is it too late to tell the parents that their kids are little demons and you quit? :sweat_smile: I wondered if you'd get post-traumatic stress seeing the servo in my game, I remember you struggling so much with that :lol: You made it look like so much fun though, I had to try it for myself. Your servo is still around?? I was wondering about that! That's awesome :smiley: Time is flying SOOO fast in my game. Everytime I play, I have at least 1-2 birthdays :sweat_smile: I'm excited though. I get kinda bored and lose interest if I get stuck on one thing for too long. Storm has really grown on me. He does have some Haven in him, and I honestly like his traits & aspiration! But I think I kinda forget about him because I like the other two so much more, Idk. Blaze and Raven are basically tied for my fav, I'm just waiting to see how their traits and aspirations play out to pick my heir. If I still love them both equally by the time they are YAs, I'll pick my fav based on which mate I like best :lol: I'm leaning more toward the female mates for gen 2, but Raven is just amazing...ugh.

    @OJenn They updated windows in the last patch! Apparently you can stack them on top of each other now, which I've been dying for since I discovered bb.moveobjects! But I'm sorry to hear that it broke cc windows :confused: Hopefully peacemaker fixes them soon, he's my fav build mode cc creator too. If I used any cc, it would be his doors & windows -- I always want more versions of base game/EP windows!

    @Heckstress17 Thanks for the kind words, I'm hoping the situation resolves soon too. At least it's my weekend, so I can distract myself with sims :smile: I'd love to talk about our pasts sometime! I'm an open book when it comes to mine, which I think comes from years of having to divulge my life story to various therapists lol. It's always nice knowing someone else understands and you aren't alone. For robotics you just need the robotics bench thing and a computer. The computer's good for ordering parts and necessary for some engineer "work from home" tasks. Which gene pool mate are you thinking of for gen 3?? I'm torn between three of them (one male and two females) -- one male and one female for their looks, and one female for her aspiration (the blonde one with the fame aspiration). Like I told @Kiwicantdie if I'm still torn on who to choose by the time they're YAs, I'll probably pick whoever's mate I like best lol.
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    @JordanNicoleJJ - I loved this boring non-eventful update, I totally did not think it was boring at all. It was really nice catching up with the extended family towards the end. Raven is such a cute little goth princess. And hey you should totally continue pairing of your sims, consider it investing in their futures ♥ Oh no the friend of the world aspiration, who loves social aspirations? Eve is obviously just a natural at it. Seeing Haven back on campus just reminds me of how grown-up he is now. Suri's makeover suits her and still fits I think.
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    Evergreen Harbor: Generation 2 - Update 8

    In my last update the family was surprised by the very unplanned for birth of their twin girls. Jonas loves having a big family and is adjusting to being a Dad of 5 great.

    Fawn is seriously a super Mom, but these girls don't make it easy :lol: Isn't she beautiful?? :grimace:

    and big sister Cassidy has been a huge help and has made things much easier for her parents :smile:

    It's been a challenge to manage so many sims, but I'm starting to get the hang of it. I didn't want to forget about Fawn's soulmate aspiration, so when "night on the town" rolled around, Cassidy babysat her siblings so her parents could go out on a date. They didn't go far, just to the restaurant right across the street. Their romance is alive and well :heart:

    Fawn's brother from another dimensional Mother is still the host. Haven's totally killin' it at this whole elder thing.

    They really value their one on one time, and it was nice to see the two of them so relaxed and happy.

    Their date ended with some patio PDA. Fawn's friend, Selene, was unbothered by their makeout sesh Her teen son was thoroughly disgusted lol "Seriously?! In front of my orange juice!"

    While his parents were enjoying their date night, Carson was out trying to complete his social aspiration. Befriending his own Uncle is way less creepy then befriending some random adult. Though Uncle Silas was more interested in his future cube then listening to his nephew...

    He visited the 1st generation Greene house and completed his aspiration by befriending his Aunt Ashlynn :smile:

    Carson completed his aspiration with no time to spare. I had almost given up lol but he was able to blow out his birthday candles feeling completely fulfilled.

    I really love how he aged up! He seems to be a great mix of his parents, but I'll wait until he's a YA to do a genetic comparison.

    His outfit tour. He definitely adopted a bit of his Dads style with the darker colors. With his Public Enemy aspiration it seemed fitting. Plus he always has this up to no good expression lol

    He and his younger brother, Carter, are having some issues with the monster under the bed. They've been getting very little sleep and waking up grumpy :lol:

    Also, there's one FINAL member of the household that was added. I took @debjameswhite advice and had the family adopt a dog. Now the household has max family members so there will be no more surprise pregnancies lol! This is Chester :blush: he completes the C names for this generation. And if he doesn't so help me God!

    Jonas and Chester are best buds. Chester is just as active as military man Jonas :wink:

    Carter has also become his Dads best bud. He's got a chemistry set next to his Dads woodworking table so the two get plenty of bonding time. Which is nice because with so many kids in the house it's hard to get one on one time.

    Carter has the creativity trait, but he's more like a mini genius. Jonas is so proud :blush:

    After what felt like an eternity it was finally time for the twins to age up!

    And guys omg :love::mrgreen: They're identical!!! I haven't had a pair of completely identical twins in TS4 ever! I'm so excited! And they're adorable too! I'm totally not mad anymore LOL

    Since they're identical, you know I had to do the whole matching twin thing. How could I not? lol So from here on out you can tell them apart by color. Chelsea will always be in Yellow.

    and Chloe will always be in pink.

    And to top it off, they rolled the best toddler traits. :smiley:

    I love them so much. I take back my whole temper tantrum about risky woohoo :lol:

    I rarely have two toddlers at the same time so watching them interact with each other is just too precious :heart: I attempted to recreate the nursery from @JordanNicoleJJ 's game and failed miserably, but I can't figure out what I did wrong to make it look different?? lol

    Life with 5 kids has been surprisingly okay. I won't say easy lol it's a challenge, but it's going well and Carter loves being a big brother.

    He's always playing with the twins :heart:

    Chelsea and Chole love the block table that's in the living room. Carson is a great big brother too, but he's always been more focused on his social life.

    You might remember this girl. This is "crazy eyes" Kellie from his kids group. She aged up pretty cute. And I also discovered that she's the daughter of Fawn's ex, and Heath Emerson's granddaughter.

    @JordanNicoleJJ you couldn't have been more right when you said that the ugly ducklings often end up dating as teens :lol: Carson is very interested.

    And not shy what so ever. He accomplished his first kiss within two days of being a teen, meanwhile his sister Cassidy has been working up to flirting her entire teen lifespan :lol:

    Then I went and tended to the other family members and caught Carson and Kellie getting cozy in the hot tub. In the pouring rain too :expressionless:

    For the record, his parents do not approve lol

    I haven't shown much of Cassidy this update, but she's doing well too. Her cousin Whitley became a teen the day after Carson and came over for a visit :blush:

    She's adorable. I'll be uploading her for sure.

    Whitley totally has her Father's forever unamused face though lol I swear she loves her cousins!

    With her teen years rapping up, she's been very focused on her school work. Fawn is always willing to help with school projects. She's applied for scolarships and was sad to get rejected for the athletics one, but she got accepted into both universities with distinguished degrees.

    Cass was pretty blindsided when her Dad wanted to have a serious talk with her. A serious talk he clearly should've had with his son first lol

    It was super awkward, but needed to be done... just maybe by Mom lol

    Anyway, I will conclude this update with a bunch of toddler cuteness overload.

    Chloe absolutely adores Chester! :heart:

    And Daddy absoluetely adores her :kissing_smiling_eyes:

    You would think she's the charmer with how much attention she always gets lol

    Apparently I just took more pictures of Chloe lol I'll get more of Chelsea next time!

    That's it for now, next update will include a bunch of birthdays. I'm not prepared for all the photo editing I'm gonna have to do lol Happy Simming and I'll be back for comments!
    Origin ID:Heckstress17
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    @Heckstress17 - I love how Jonas is just thriving with all those babies in the house, you've got this Jonas! Aww, it was so sweet to see Jonas and Fawn getting out and just having some time together as a couple. Whew kudos to you for making it through Carson's aspiration. Teen Carson is definitely giving me some Jonas vibes, and you're right his expression is sort of smug! I don't know how @Debjameswhite does it with the big families you guys are now the resident pros. You totally lucked out getting identical twins, I don't think I've ever had them either and their traits are pretty great. They remind me a lot of Fawn right now but of course that could change. Carson wow omg @ the hot tub woohoo in the rain lmao. I am so over the scholarship bugs, at least Cassidy got aceepted to university. The twins are definitely winning me over lol
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    edited September 11
    @OJenn Haha, I'm hoping that the small family house will be big enough. Let's see if I'll manage without any additions :D
    I'm so curious about your house! Can't wait so see it.

    @Heckstress17 I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your son! Hopefully it's not covid.
    Thanks, I am feeling much better now <3 It was constantly coming and going these last days but I'm positive it's gone now.
    Awwwww, it's so nice that you love Rose <3 She's such a sweet sim and she is one of the easiest so far (except for finding love, she had been avoiding that like the plague). I also love the time she spent at university but I'm glad she has her own "space" now. I'm still sad that Zayne and Rose didn't become an item :( I was shipping them when they were kids. Now she is dating his twin, so at least genetics should be the same. I'm praying for a super long life for Iris and Orion as well! Or at least one of them (Iris, please!) so that this person can raise these kids.
    I usually let Rose do all the homework on the weekend (plus assignments), so during the week, she only has to finish the homework after the class. It's way easier that way and they still have time for other stuff. Although this only works well if the semester starts on Friday or on Monday. Otherwise my sims can't cope with the amount of work. The shower woohoo was the only time they did it. Never happened again in any kind of form. I have the feeling I have to force Rose as she doesn't really do romance stuff on her own. The backyard shed for any excess babies sounds fun though. But I'll try to keep the amount of their kids low :D

    Your twins are a super ncie addition to the family. I love, love, love thart Cassidy is helping out wiht her little siblings <3 "In front of my orange juice!" Oh god, that brings back memories :D:D But he's a teen, most of them are like that :D Congrats for completing Carson's aspiration! And yes, befriending aunts and uncles is way less creepy! He grew up into a handsome young man and he definitely seems to be a good mix! Awwww, Chester is super cute <3 Chester's face when Jonas went jogging with him is adorable. OMG, identical twins! <3 They are so cute! I'd totally do the same with the matching outfits! And those traits are bomb as well! I'm so jealous of these twins right now! Carter interacting and playing with them is so cute!
    Crazy eyes Kellie doesn't look as bad as I had imagined her as a teen. She aged up very nicely! That talk between father and daughter is cringeworthy. Please, don't do it again to any other daughter :D Those twins are soooooo adorable <3 I could have a whole update with only pictures of them and still be craving more :D They definitely won me over <3

    @JordanNicoleJJ Suri showing Raven how to knit is super cute! Poor Storm working in retail - that is something I'd hate. Haven gets no say in this indeed! It's cool that he is a guest speaker at his old college though.
    Blaze can be a B student, he is still cute :D Plus, socializing is important :D The room is the basement is super cool and I love all those "familiar sims". Go, Eve! Maybe Eve can deal way better with the monsters under the bed :D Plus, it gives more sleeping time to the parents :) Oh god, I love Eve! This really makes me want to have an "Eve" myself. Suri looks so great as an adult! Oh, Storm and the new girl :D They are cute, maybe they'll last. If not, he can at least enjoy the feeling of having a romantic interest :)

    Ah okay. But covering for a friend is nice, especially when you know she'ss return the favor :) Oh, and I'd love to see another update soon because I loved the last one :)

    I thought the same about Iris when she came to visit. She looks so young (for being an elder). Maybe the triplets keep her young, I don't know :D I have two (aka three with Ziva) active sims. They've all been working out like crazy (jogging or doing yoga), it's insane. Ziva is also constantly learning how to code and programming stuff and Rose is always knitting. I'm always surprised how she manages studying in between. As for the house: I thought those blue colors would be a perfect fit as well. Rose is more of a tomboy (especially compared to her sister) and the color definitely firs with the overall style.
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    @Wentcrazy - I ended up changing my doors and windows, I'm not happy about it though, but I have pics for a house tour and I have been playing a little as well when I can. I am hoping to have either two updates or one really long one with a house tour to share soon :)
  • WentcrazyWentcrazy Posts: 68 Member
    @OJenn I'd be fine with either a long update or two short ones! :) I get your mood about the doors and windows though. Maybe you can change them once they're fixed?
    I'm curious about your story update! I didn't have enough time to play enough for an update these last days, so any update on others saves is very much welcomed :)
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    OH MY GOSH. I just had heart failure because I thought my comments were gone but I posted them on the old thread! EEEEEE!!!

    @Wentcrazy Oh I'm excited you'll use my settings! I've never had any of the horror stories other peoples have mentioned but I will keep it in mind if I ever have to log in without. I'm so excited! I don't know why I thought you were on the 3rd generation. I'm glad it can be Zeke!

    Rose and Zeke are so cute together. I'm so glad I she can be with him. I have no idea why I thought you were further along and I'm so glad I was wrong! They're so cute together. Yoga and knitting. I keep trying to do yoga with my sims and I keep failing. Your elder Iris really is beautiful. I love Rose's face while Iris plays guitar. I love Ziva's face too. She really has the best expressions. Upload her!! Oh Yasmine is really pretty! Oh no! Poor Zeke! Good thing she made it up to him! Aww Aron is a cutie! Oh I'm sorry about Zeke's mom but yay for a next step in the relationship.

    EEEE! House tour!! I love the yard and Rose's yoga spot. I love the colors. YEEEESSSS put the kids in a shed!!! hahaha

    @Kiwicantdie <3<3 so happy to see you again. I'm so sorry about those kids! I hope everything with your dad turns out ok. Let us know :)

    @OJenn I can't wait for the house tour now. I feel so much suspense.

    @JordanNicoleJJ I'm sending you lots of love <3

    I love Raven learning to knit from her mom. I love the idea that she got a lot o stuff for her birthday. I can't answer your beanie question because for some reason I still have not done knitting. Awww poor Storm... I love how you have his back with his dad! Wait! Is that Haven out of his suit? Aww I love his teacher look! He looks really good. hehehe especially the kids...I love the kids in the basement. AWWW I love Eve at girl's night. Happy birthday Suri! I love her so much. Our mind went the same place I instantly thought about nooboos! Aww you have Jonas! Oh yay Storm! Good pick up line! I love seeing your family world shot. I love seeing the extended families!

    @Heckstress17 Oh no! I really hope your son does not have covid. I have a couple of days of updates to comment on so I hope I know before I'm done! I forgot about the culling issue. I still need to research that. I suggest you set your dog to live as long as your kids teen years so they die after you heirs move out. I'm thinking about doing that. I'm already thinking abut how I will avoid what you described happening with your life span alterations. As I said that's never happened to me and I like my changes too much to give them up. OH I agree that Hailey really does look a lot like Jay. She has enough from Mom too. She would have been a great heir. I really love the random Wolfe girl that Jordan married. I think she's really pretty and her name is Kennedi. I just love it.

    Oh look at those twins! It is helpful when you have a big family to have some teens in the house! Thanks Cassidy for stepping up! Aww Haven! I love that he's in your game with his old hair. Aww congrats Carson. Good job on completing the worst child aspiration. AWWW I love Chester! Chester looks so happy running along behind Jonas. OMG those toddlers are so adorable! What good traits! I love them! See? sometimes those last nooboos you think you don't want are the best! Too many times. Wow you go Carson. Don't tell your parents. Oh wow...for the record I said that before the hot tub scene! Whitley really is pretty. I love her. I love Jonas having the talk with her. She makes me laugh. I can't stand the babies though. They're so cute!
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    TO RAISE A WOLFE – Evergreen Harbor Edition
    Callahan Family Tree
    Wolfe Family Tree
    Valentino Family Tree
    West Family Tree
    Wolfe Family Tree

    Chapter 13: Unrequited Love

    One day Sawyer’s friend Elsa showed up at the house. She hung out with him all day and even went to his sister’s house with him.

    Then suddenly she just left.

    It was fine because Sawyer suddenly needed to comfort his sister.

    After several worried moments he discovered a small graveyard on her property. “Sis, it’s not a big deal. Why are you so upset? OH. OMG. You’re pregnant!!

    A few days later it was finally time for Sawyer and Weston to become Young Adults.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen his eyes this wide.

    Cody grew up and I love him!

    So does the dog lover in the house.

    So here’s some pictureless story…Sawyer enrolled in University. He moved into a dorm that I downloaded from the gallery. Well one of his roommates got stuck behind the table and couldn’t get out. You can’t go into build mode in any way if there are sims in the dorm. Just as I was typing this though I remembered there had to be a cheat because I used it to fix everything the sharing is caring NAP ruined in Lia’s dorm. Anyways I digress. I moved Sawyer out of the dorm so I could save his roommate. Then it wouldn’t let me move him back in. Finally he moved to off campus housing. Boo. I’m sad.

    The minute he moved to his new place, the welcome wagon AND his mom showed up. Surprisingly, she just started washing dishes.

    But then, you know what she did.

    Again and again.

    She went home, but then she came back that same night.

    Mom, I love you, but you can’t keep coming over and when you do come over, please stop baking cakes.

    Then they watched movie together.

    Then she baked a cake.

    And left it in the oven.

    He called Cassiel and asked her on a date.

    He decided to give her one of his prized roses.

    She was not happy about it.

    She felt better though when they played ping pong.

    The next day, after breakfast.

    And a little bit of studying,

    Cassiel was back.

    They had their first kiss.

    Then he made her dinner.

    Then she broke his heart by sending him a text that night that she had gotten married.

    That very same night, someone answered his roommate add and he invited her to move in.

    The next day, after hearing about Cassiel, Heath showed up.

    He was very worried about his son and clearly did not believe him when he said he was fine.

    “Well, give your old man a hug anyways.”

    Lucias quietly worked on the TV (Is this what all roommates do now? His dormmates were doing the same thing) and pretended not to be there.

    Later, she hit on Sawyer hard!

    Everywhere he went she was on him.

    Then all of a sudden she was really angry at him. He begged her forgiveness and she forgave him. It seemed like she was getting exactly what she wanted.

    Followed by another first kiss.

    Things moved really fast.

    Next thing Sawyer knew, they were in the shower together.

    It was only a matter of days and Sawyer was down on one knee.

    “Let’s not wait.” Lucia convinced him.

    He agreed but said they couldn’t tell his parents until after he graduated.

    She thinks he is adorable when he’s talking to his plants.

    At spirit day he met Wes Bradlee

    Some of his old roommates.

    And of course he had to play some games.

    Later they went the romance festival and Sawyer felt so awkward when his mom’s friend Lauren started flirting with him.

    Meanwhile, his new wife was flirting with the bartender at the bar.

    We also caught sight of a favorite couple.

    Unknowingly, Lucia also flirted with her new mother-in-law. If only they knew!

    And then there was this guy. Lucia couldn’t resist flirting with him. He was amused.

    But not interested.

    While she was at the bar she got some very interesting news.

    She immediately found her husband.

    He was like “No not here!”

    He couldn’t hide his excitement though.

    Back at home he did repairs while his pregnant wife looked on.
  • WentcrazyWentcrazy Posts: 68 Member
    edited September 12
    I uploaded Ziva and her brother Zeke as YA. ID: mrskariakay
    I'd put my ID in my signature but I'm unable to find that option :#

    @debjameswhite I tried to change the age settings but somehow I still have the ones from EA. Is there anything else I have to do except changing the "age days" in MCCC? I'm lost :D
    Sometimes confusion happens :D I'm not sure when I'll be getting closer to Gen3 because as of right now, Gen2 barely happens^^ You'll see in my next update what I mean :-) No worries, Rose and Zeke are a couple :)
    I don't know why but yoga is something that is always easy for my sims. So it's definitely a skill/hobby I can manage for 10 generations. I'm still trying to keep knitting as well to have a little bit more "variety".
    If Aron ages into a toddler, I can back to Faith's place and take a picture of him :)
    Haha, everyone wants the shed for the kids :joy: If there are more than two kids, I'm gonna build one B):#
    That girl Kennedi is really pretty!

    That birthday picture with these wide eyes :o:D He is really excited :D Oh boy, Cody is so cute. I'm such a dog person in RL and I basically love all dogs and want to cuddle them all day <3
    "Surprisingly, she just started washing dishes." -> that was definitely a surprise compared to the cake baking. But, she did not disappoint :lol:
    What a rollercoaster ride with Cassiel :o His new roommate though. She knows exactly what she is doing! See, told you! Another first kiss. Congrats on the marriage! Oh boy, all this flirting. A nooboo!! So much happened in your game!
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,136 Member
    @debjameswhite - Sawyer is so expressive, I love how excited he is to age up. If you use the cheat bb.enablefreebuild it should let you edit the dorms. That's how I've done it in the past. Sounds like you were able to save the roommate though. Gosh University is such a finicky pack. Maybe Sawyer can move into a dorm next term? Heath still looks so young, wow it is like he hasn't aged. I was wondering if Cassiel was going to end up preggers, I am kind of happy that she did!

    I think I am going to spend my weekend downloading some families from you guys and giving current townies makeover and maybe doing some home makeovers. Husband is working so I am home alone with mini-me so I won't get too much sim time.

    Still no update for windows and according to the creator they are waiting for a patch from S4S before patching.
  • JordanNicoleJJJordanNicoleJJ Posts: 1,640 Member
    Rebuild Evergreen Harbor: Gen 2

    In my last update, Storm met a cute girl named Sigrid at the local maker space. A few days later, he asked her out on a proper date! They went to a new, hip restaurant in town, Anavrin :smile:

    They got a table inside and ordered right away. They were both kinda awkward and shy, but that's to be expected on a first date (and well, Storm's first date, period).

    I spotted cousin Ana and had to snap a pic of her and her cute dinner date.

    I think her friend is the made-over Ulrike Faust that I downloaded. She's super cute and I lowkey hope it was a date-date :blush:

    Okay, back to Storm's date :lol: Storm was super excited to try one of Anavrin's famous "experimental" dishes...maybe even more excited about the food than the date :sweat_smile: It was at this point that Storm learned Sigrid is a glutton. She loved food as much as he did, but she didn't appreciate complex flavor profiles or interesting textures like he did. She just looked confused and kept shoveling food down as he tried to talk about the food :confused:

    At the end of the night, they hugged goodbye. Storm wasn't sure if they would see each other again, but he had a nice night anyway. At the very least, they would remain friends.

    Back at home, Eve was getting in the Winterfest spirit by decorating!

    Haven helped Eve put up & decorate the tree, while Suri and Raven listened to Storm talk about his date. Suri was proud of him for giving it a shot even if it didn't turn into anything.

    The next day was a Saturday -- and Blaze's birthday! Storm and Blaze spent the morning kicking around a soccer ball (in the house!! :expressionless: ) and talking. Storm gave him all of his best "teen advice" for high school, girls, etc. Storm's still the best brother ever :blush:

    Blaze invited a few friends over for his party. The kid with the 🌺🌺🌺🌺 hair is Mac Creek, and the kid with the beanie is Jonah Porter ( @Heckstress17 he's so cute!!). Of course Storm and Raven hung around too. Haven, Suri, and Eve were there too, but they gave the teens some space (they know parents aren't "cool" at a teen party :tongue::wink: )

    .............and he got my least favorite aspiration :tired_face: I like to think he has a little bit of Haven's personality with the lifeguard job & fishing skill. But yeah, that aspiration knocks him out of the running for heir.

    He's cute though! He looks like a darker version of Haven, with Suri's beautiful eyes of course.

    I tried to stay true to his earthy hipster style, but I got a little carried away with the bad boy look :lol: It's probably just a phase :wink:

    His new attitude certainly matches his new style lol. Teenagers :tongue:

    They all hung out, ate cake, and talked late into the night. Also, that's gorgeous teen Journey Porter in the back! They're all still great friends :blush: Suri and Raven headed up to bed, while Haven and Eve subtly supervised by repairing the stereo and upgrading the fridge :lol:

    Speaking of Eve & repairing/upgrading, she has been a HUGE help in making the house more eco-friendly! She has spent days on end making eco-upgrade parts for Haven...and fighting the temperamental fabricator, of course.

    She is always so happy. I've literally never seen her mad or tense, even when she got thrown across the room :lol:

    Now that the kids are older and don't need as much care, Suri started writing again. She missed work, but apparently the freelancer career is bugged again so she can't actually complete gigs :confused: Oh well, at least she enjoyed it.

    Storm helped Blaze get his grades up in high school. Blaze still isn't an A student, but he's gone from a C to a B (and can actually go to school again). Raven is now working on sweaters after having made one of each beanie and pair of socks. She maxed her motor skill, and she's close to maxing her knitting skill thanks to Suri's occasional mentoring :smile:

    Finally, it was winter break and time for Winterfest Eve (I split it into two holidays). Winterfest Eve consisted of decorating, attending a holiday service, and of course a visit from Father Winter! The family caught him sneaking presents under the tree when they got home from the service.

    Raven was the first to open her present from Father Winter.

    She got a doctor set and LOVED it! Best Winterfest ever!

    Blaze got a really expensive music painting that we sold for college money :sweat_smile:

    And Storm got an even more expensive gaming rig! We also sold that for college money :joy: Sorry not sorry, boys.

    Suri also got an expensive music painting (can you guess what we did with that? :wink: ), then Father Winter disappeared. I felt bad that Haven and Eve didn't get a present, but I was really happy that everyone who did get a present got something that "fit" them -- music painting for the creative/music lover mother and son, gaming rig for the bro-y teen, and a fun toy we didn't have for the kiddo. Good job, Father Winter.

    The next morning, Blaze and Raven woke up super early and sneaked downstairs to sneakily peak at their presents before everyone else woke up. It reminded me of their toddler days when they were attached at the hip :heart:

    This Winterfest was really chill. Storm made a "grand breakfast," and half of the family ate in their pajamas. They just enjoyed each other's company and shared a lot of "belly laughs" :blush:

    After breakfast, the kids got dressed and it was time to open presents! Blaze and Raven tried to play off their early morning sneaking around by acting super surprised while opening their gifts...not sure if it worked, Suri was giving them that all-knowing mom look the whole time :wink: At least Storm was genuinely surprised & happy with his gift lol.

    Haven: "Should we tell them that we know?"
    Suri: "It's Winterfest...let them enjoy it. We'll tell them tomorrow."
    Eve (robotic voice): "A PRESENT? THIS IS THE BEST DAY IN THE HISTORY OF EVER! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU" Eve is my precious cinnamon roll that I will protect at all costs :bawling:

    They didn't make any plans for the rest of the day. The only "goals" were 'Winterfest Spirit', open presents, and grand meal, so they spent the rest of the day doing their own thing. Eve and Raven played in the snow together.

    Storm and Blaze had a brief snowball fight, which Storm ended pretty quickly with a snowball straight to Blaze's chest. Storm has been working out a lot and doesn't quite know his strength yet :lol:

    Storm got Blaze his own soccer ball for Winterfest, so they kicked that around for awhile and Storm taught Blaze some cool foot moves & tricks to show off at school. Thankfully no one got nailed in the face during the learning process :sweat_smile:


    As everyone was getting ready for bed that night, cousin Ana knocked at the door! I thought she was coming over to wish everyone a merry Winterfest, but no...she had...big news. She's pregnant!! Storm and Raven were super excited for her, but Ana didn't look so excited :confused: I don't blame her, she JUST aged up into a young adult and isn't even married! To make matters worse, the father of her unborn nooboo IS married...and he didn't want anything to do with her after she told him (anyone else having Eden flashbacks? :lol: ). At least she has family to be there for her :heart:

    Time went on, and Ana's pregnancy was progressing well. She had met a nice guy who didn't mind that she was pregnant with another man's baby. In fact, this guy loved her & her nooboo so much that he proposed, they moved in together in the city, and eloped at the romance festival! Her life was turning out pretty good. (The father of the baby is none other than @OJenn 's Basil Meyers!! I am SO excited to see those genetics, even if MCCC married them off to different people. And Ana's new husband is the 4-star celeb Dirk Dreamer :joy: )

    It was also time for Storm to join her in young adulthood. He invited over his closest friends -- Ana, Carson Greene, and Sigrid (his very brief teenage love lol) -- and he blew out the candles!

    Ok. So I literally JUST realized as I was typing this that I messed up when he aged up into a teen -- I gave him the Master Chef aspiration instead of the Renaissance Sim aspiration?? So I've been convinced this whole time that he wanted to be a chef instead of a jack-of-all-trades :sweat_smile: I will be switching that as soon as I get back in game :lol: (But he'll probably end up completing both aspirations since he also rolled the culinary>chef career). His last trait is Active, which totally works for him.

    Also. Oh how the tables have turned. I can FINALLY see some Haven in him! I'll do genetic comparisons at the end of this update, but he's not as bad of a mix as I thought. I also kind of really love him and he's officially back in the running for heir plz don't hate me :sweat_smile:

    Just look at him!! He's so hot :love: I just love his style and everything about him. Here are my fav outfits of his ~

    One more birthday, then I'm done, I swear :lol: The boys both work at night, so Raven's birthday was a simple affair. Haven and Suri took her out to eat at Anavrin and gave her some one-on-one attention. They normally eat healthy in the Greene house (especially since Storm started cooking), so Raven was spoiled with a greasy, cheesy grilled cheese for her bday :naughty:

    The restaurant even prepared a whole chocolate cake for the occasion. Welcome to teenhood, Raven!

    Okay. So I'm really torn. I don't care about the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration whatsoever, I'm just really indifferent to it. But it's also really easy to complete, so it's kind of a non-factor. I LOVE her teen trait, Green Fiend. Grandpa Aiyden & Grandma Iris would be so proud :blush: Her teen job could bring out her maternal side, which is good for an heir... BUT most of all, ya'll know I've been DYING to try out the juice fizzing skill! All in all, I'm happy with what I rolled for her. But do I love her traits as much as Storm's...? I don't know, I'm so torn!

    Looks-wise, she's ADORABLE. She's an okay mix, but I mostly see Suri when I look at her. I know she has mostly Haven's features, but I just see Suri's! That's how I felt about Eden too -- she was all Aiyden, but I only saw Iris. I'm happy with her looks for sure, but I love her more than Storm? I just don't know :tired_face:

    I kept her goth princess vibe with a touch of tomboy to fit her new eco-friendly, juice-fizzing side.

    I got a couple pics of her in-game before I stopped playing ('cause I need to make an heir choice before I keep going lol).

    Why does it have to be so difficult?? She's sooo pretty, and I know we all love our little goth princess... Can't I just have two heirs this generation? :sweat_smile: I know I can't, but man, this is HARD.

    Ok, let's break down the genetics. I also went ahead and rolled Blaze & Raven's YA trait/job stuff so I have a better idea of what I'm working with (spoilers, sorry :grimace: ). I gotta pick an heir guys lol.

    Storm (YA) -- Renaissance Sim | Goofball, Bro, Active | Culinary (Chef) career | Parenting skill
    Storm is a really interesting mix. He got Suri's skintone, hair color, eye shape, lip shape, and cheekbones. He got Haven's eye color, nose, and jawline. He leans more toward Suri, but he's not a clone like I originally thought, and I do love his aspiration & traits. Another pro to Storm is that he does have the Renaissance aspiration, which means he has to learn a bunch of skills, which could totally include the family fabrication skill (plus his rolled hobby of parenting of course, cooking and gourmet cooking for his career, comedy and mischief for his goofball trait, and fitness, wellness, and maybe dancing for his active/bro traits...he could have sooo many hobbies! :lol: ).

    Blaze (Teen) -- Party Animal | Creative, Cat Lover, Squeamish | Business (Investor) career | Fishing skill
    Blaze is a cutie for sure, but I can't get past his aspiration, so he's not in the running for heir. I will do a genetic breakdown anyway though, because I still love this kid. He got Suri's skintone, hair color, eye shape, and eye color. He got Haven's nose, lips, cheekbones, and jawline. He's basically a perfect 50/50 mix. Darn that aspiration!

    Raven (Teen) -- Fabulously Wealthy | Gloomy, Green Fiend, Music Lover | Engineer (computer engineer) career | Juice Fizzing skill
    Here are my reservations: 1) to ME, she looks a lot like Suri, even though logically I know she's a good mix; 2) I just did the engineer career, and even though it's a different branch, I don't really want to do it again...but I wouldn't mind keeping Eve around and maybe even giving her a's a negative but not a dealbreaker; 3) her aspiration is just boring. Otherwise, I love her with all of my heart. Anyway, onto her genetic comparison: She got Suri's eye color, lip shape, and jawline. She got Haven's skin color, hair color, eye shape, nose, and cheekbones. Soooo much Haven, but I see so much Suri!!

    If it helps you cast your votes, I'm also including pics of the potential heirs next to their potential mates (post-makeover):

    Thalia (Academic | Romantic, Active, Neat) would be perfect for Storm trait-wise, and I think she looks more interesting in general. But Kate (Celebrity | Outgoing, Cheerful, Neat) would probably be the better mate for genetic diversity, and her aspiration would be more fun (I could finally try the actor career!).

    Arron (Renaissance Sim | Neat, Self-Assured, Good) is by far the better mate for genetic diversity, and I think he turned out really cute after his makeover. Buuut (there's always a but lol) Laurent (Master Chef | Creative, Perfectionist, Romantic) would probably suit her personality better (cooking and juice fizzing go together right? :lol: Plus goth chicks always fall for the creative types).

    OK, I need input so I can choose & heir and either move on to gen 3 with Storm or keep playing until Raven ages up and I can move on with her lol. Who do you guys like better and why?
  • JordanNicoleJJJordanNicoleJJ Posts: 1,640 Member
    And time for comments as well ~

    @OJenn I'm glad you liked my non-eventful update. I totally thought the same thing seeing Haven back on campus -- he's grown up so much, gone from apprentice to master right before my eyes :blush: I can't wait for your house tour! I already know it's going to be amazing :heart:

    @Heckstress17 Jonas and Fawn (and you :lol: ) are doing AMAZING for juggling 5 kids. I couldn't do it. Cass has always been so sweet & helpful, ever since she was a kid :heart: She's still one of my fav sims ever, even if I know she won't be your heir. Elder Haven!! Oh man, I love that hair on him as an elder, he still looks so young & hip (I'm getting total skater boy vibes lol) :sunglasses: Fawn & Jonas' night out was perfect. They totally deserved a night to themselves. Carson is such a cute teen! I love how you styled him too. I'm totally going in and giving him the outfits you did when I get back in game :lol: AHHHHH Chester!!! He's PERFECT! That's exactly what the family needed. He's the perfect addition to the family. (And now you can lift the woohoo ban and stop torturing your poor married sims :lol: ). I love that Carter hangs out in the workshop with Jonas. I can totally see him gravitating toward that fabricator as a teen, total heir material :wink: Okay I'm not mad about the twins anymore either, they are soooo cute :love: They even got amazing toddler traits! That nursery looks amazing, what are you talking about?! The only thing that looks different to me is the floor (I used the hex carpet from Discover University) and wall color (I used the green and brown one). But yours is just as cute! Mine was so tiny & cramped, at least your tods have room to play lol :tongue: I knew it!! I totally called it!! Crazy eyes is totally gonna be part of the family one day :smirk: I love Cassidy and Whitley's friendship, and I can totally see some Silas/Iris in Whitley now! She's definitely still her mama's daughter though first and foremost lol. Awwww poor Cass... Jonas, leave that talk to mom :lol: And yea, he definitely should be more worried about his son with the GIRLFRIEND, not poor innocent Cass lol. Oh. My. Gosh. You're giving me baby fever again with those tod pics!! And Chester :love::heart: Quit tempting me to add more craziness to my already crazy household! :wink: I can't wait for your next update!! I'm already dying for more! I hope everything is well in your household, and if not, that it gets better soon. Sending lots of love your way :heart::heart:

    @debjameswhite OMG Hailie's pregnant?! Congrats Hailie!! LOL Sawyer's wide eyes are just cause he's so excited to age up and become heir :wink: Aww Cody is so cute!! You and @Heckstress17 are really making me want a dog!! I always forget that Lia's a dog lover. That makes me even more glad that they got Cody to keep her company after Lucky's passing. Aw I'm sorry to hear about all of the bugs you had with the uni dorms :confused: I'm glad you told us though, because that reminded me that I need to remodel the dorm BEFORE my heir moves in. LOL oh Lia...I mean, a white cake is better than a fruit cake at least! She's just so one needs that many cakes, Lia!! I know it's a bug and you hate it, but I think it's Lia's "quirk" and I love her for it. I hope Sawyer's "intervention" got through to her. She looked so taken aback, like she never realized she made too many cakes! :lol: Yay Sawyer and Cassiel are such a cute couple, I'm so happy for them!! :heart: WAIT WHAT??? She just sent a casual text saying she got MARRIED?! Cassiel, that is NOT how you break that news! Poor Sawyer :frowning: His new roommate is pretty cute though... :wink: Oh wow!! They did move fast! Hmmmm...there's something I don't quite trust about Lucias..."got exactly what she wanted" "let's not wait" "let's not tell the parents til after graduation" and he just went through a breakup a few days ago because his ex married someone else... I really hope I'm overthinking it and everything works out for them, but I sense some drama coming! Lauren, quit flirting!! You're married, he's married, you're his MOM's friend, just stop :joy: OH OH OH I called it! I see Lucias flirting it up! I knew something wasn't quite right! AHHH and she flirted with LIA?! Oh man...that's gonna be awkward :grimace: Eeeep! She's pregnant!! The plot thickens... I can't wait for the next update! I'm hoping that everything works out for them, but I'm also secretly hoping for some more drama!

    @Wentcrazy Thanks for uploading Ziva & Zeke! I'll totally put them in my game!
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,495 Member
    @JordanNicoleJJ I'm going to comment on your actual update later, but I know you're looking for votes so I wanted to do that now. I vote for Storm. Also "Should we tell them what we know?" "let them enjoy Winterfest..." WHAT DID THEY KNOW????
  • Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,247 Member
    Hey guys, I'm so sorry for posting an update and not getting back right away for comments! Everyone in my house is sick, including me, but the good news is that my son tested negative for covid. So we're all just getting hit hard with some other random virus. This week is full of doctors appointments and a bunch of other stuff so I don't know how active I'll be. I'm going to do some super brief comments because I'm just not feeling up to much of anything. I'm sorry :heart: please know that I love everything that's been talked about and posted!

    @JordanNicoleJJ - Oh man I feel terrible that I'm not gonna be able to go into my regular blathering detail on both of your post :bawling: I really really REALLY loved both updates though! All of your decorating choices, the way you've styled your sims, how you're totally killing it with throwing parties and getting adorable shots of everyone invited etc. Pablita is actually @Kiwicantdie 's but I know you know that so I'm sure it was just a typo. I loved her expression while hanging out in the game room with the Greene kids :lol: I also really like how you built the stairs that lead down to the basement. I just love that basement in general, it's the perfect teen hangout spot. It's very modern that 70's show :wink: Anyway, what a great idea to split up Xmas eve and Xmas. I loved seeing your family celebrating, and of course how precious Eve is setting up the decorations :love: Eve for heir! lol Blaze is such a cute teen, and of course I like his new bad boy style, if it wasn't already completely obvious, that's very much my type lol. He looks SO much like Haven to me though. Of course having his Mom's eyes really sets him apart, but I still thought he'd be a better mix. I love how Storm looks. I knew he wasn't a Suri clone! I really like his goofy active bro personality and how perfect is parenting as a hobby for an heir?? As for Raven I look at her and just see her Aunt Eden. The female version of Grandpa Aiyden's nose is very distinct, and therefore it makes it really hard for me to see Suri in her at all. I do think she's very pretty, and of course I love your little goth now tomboy princess lol but I really lean towards Storm for heir. Which kinda kills me to say because I absolutely LOVE how you styled Laurent, omg that beard and those gauges :love: but my vote's for Storm. And not just because we could potentially be using the same mate I swear :lol: I actually really like the idea of him ending up with Kate and seeing you do the acting career. I'll be using Thalia though, for the very shallow reason that I don't like the shade of hair that Kate has lol Anyway, awesome updates and I hope you end up with an heir that you love :heart:

    @debjameswhite - I saw your comments got posted to the old thread and was gonna let you know, but you figured it out lol Kennedi is such a beautiful sim, Jordan is a lucky guy :wink: Hailey's pregnant! Congrats to her and Ridge :heart: omg this update went in a completely unexpected direction. I never would've guessed that Sawyer and Cassiel would end up breaking up. And then for him to move on so fast with this girl we've never seen before! Wow :flushed: I am not a fan of her flirting with any and everyone... I certainly hope this was all just a side effect of the tea at the romance festival or something. I wish her and Sawyer luck with the new baby. Also I loved the discussion Sawyer had with Lia about her cake baking lol she looked taken aback that he wouldn't want anymore of her cakes. And I'm sorry to hear his dorm got so glitchy :confused:
    Origin ID:Heckstress17
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