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πŸ’œ Quick Creativity CAS Challenge πŸ’œ GLovelysQCC


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    Oh wow @divanthesimmer your Amelia Earhart is amazing! Your sim imagery really signifies just how brave and impressive she was! Thanks again for leading the way for others in our QCC themes πŸ’œ
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    GLovely1 wrote: Β»
    Oh wow @divanthesimmer your Amelia Earhart is amazing! Your sim imagery really signifies just how brave and impressive she was! Thanks again for leading the way for others in our QCC themes πŸ’œ

    Thank you, Lisa! <3
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    Madame de Pompadour
    Madame de Pompadour was XV. Louis’ most significant lover and became famous as one of the most influential women of the age. She was one of the chief patrons of the arts, sciences, and enlightenment. As the king’s unofficial adviser, she even had a say in foreign policy, so she also played a major role in the implementation of the Franco-Austrian alliance, which affected the whole of Europe.
    I chose her because she was extremely smart and educated, and did well in the royal court despite the intrigues there (they tried to poison her) and even the Queen and Voltaire loved her.

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    Hey everyone! I am loving everyone's post on here! You all are so creative and the ladies look awesome! I have just finished creating my entry for herstory: Katherine Johnson! Katherine Johnson was a famous mathematician who worked with early NASA for over 30 years. She was essential in the development of modern rocket science and aeronautics, all during an era of extreme discrimination against women, and women of color. If it wasn't for her, we would have never made it to the moon. She's one of my personal heroines.
    She also one of 3 amazing ladies who inspired Hidden Figures. Watch my YT video of her if you want to learn more, and watch her CAS creation!:

    The real Katherine Johnson (I LOVE this picture of her smiling-its so infectious)
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    Wow @sarabeth2984 you've styled a wonderful likeness of this impressive woman for our HERstory QCC! I'm putting the final touches in my game for streaming today so I'll go find her now! Thank you for honoring this important woman πŸ’œ

    Thank you everyone for celebrating all of the interesting and important women you chose to create for this challenge πŸ’œ We'll be streaming today .. less than an hour to go!

    Join if you can and keep on creating on everyone! πŸ’œ
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    πŸ’œ 41st WEEK CHALLENGE! πŸ’œ

    I do love a good stroll down memory lane, don't you? That's why for this milestone 41st week I've decided reminiscing about all our previous QCC themes would be a treat! πŸ’œ

    Your Challenge:

    Keeping things easy breezy as we stroll, take a look at this list and visit the pages of the past that interest you that you might have missed. You can certainly revisit one you've already done too. It's up to you to decide what theme to do or re-do ;)

    Theme 1 Quarantine Family Fun p1
    Theme 2 Sims of Mystery p2
    Theme 3 Your Favorite Season p3
    Theme 4 Cooking Event p5
    Theme 5 Passion for Fashion p5
    Theme 6 Celebrating Moms p7
    Theme 7 Decades p8
    Theme 8 Ghost Story p9
    Theme 9 Eco Lifestyle p11
    Theme 10 Avast Me Mateys p12
    Theme 11 Sims Crime Scene Investigation p13
    Theme 12 Sims Pride 2020 p14
    Theme 13 Masquerade Mystery Sim p15
    Theme 14 Country Life p17
    Theme 15 Sims Activities/Skills p19
    Theme 16 Destination Wedding p22
    Theme 17 Simsney p25
    Theme 18 Rockabilly Style p28
    Theme 19 Journey to Batuu p30
    Theme 20 Design a Sims EP or GP p32
    Theme 21 Monster Ball p35
    Theme 22 Snowy Escape Activities p37
    Theme 23 Gratitude p38
    Theme 24 Walking in a Winter Wonderland p39
    Theme 25 New Year’s Wish p40
    Theme 26 Gift Returns p42
    Theme 27 Fashion Police p43
    Theme 28 Charity Auction β€œDate” p44
    Theme 29 Steampunk p46
    Theme 30 Simsworld Next Top Model p48
    Theme 31 Townie Makeover p49
    Theme 32 Ward University p50
    Theme 33 Simcademy Awards p51
    Theme 34 Sim Novel Characters p52
    Theme 35 Pride 2021 p54
    Theme 36 Valley Girl/Guy p54
    Theme 37 From Sulani to Henford on Bagley p55
    Theme 38 The Deadlands p56
    Theme 39 Aliens Among Us p58
    Theme 40 HERstory p58

    I completely enjoyed reminiscing over all of your talented and creative entries as I created this list. I fell in love once again with so many of your extras in my stroll down memory lane. I hope you find some too that speak to you πŸ’œ

    Please use #GLovelysQCC when sharing your entry to the gallery.

    ENDS ~ Friday 9/24/21 ~ However, it's very helpful to share your creations early so we can have some households full of aweSIM creativity to nominate for a Maxis Fav!

    1. Create your sims according to the theme directions of the week you chose.
    2. In your description, name the theme you chose and then complete the theme.
    3. Style ALL of your sims fashions, especially the first one, according to your theme of choice.
    4. For fairness, please only use Maxis poses, NoCC and no defaults (defaults replace the original Maxis skin/eyes but are not officially tagged as CC).
    5. Custom posed entries which include the use of defaults are permitted as "just for fun" entries only. Posed entries do not have an opportunity to earn a Maxis nomination or fav. In addition, posed entries would not qualify for prize round challenges.
    6. Re-uploaded entries, in other words entries copied from other simmers creations, will be disqualified.
    7. Have a blast creating for our forum and gallery friends!

    Please continue posting all your awesome extras like additional story line, pictures, screenshots (limit 4) and the link to your creation in the gallery here! Please tag #GLovelysQCC if you post on Twitter or Instagram!

    Mark your calendar for our Memory Lane Stream ~ Saturday 9/25/21 at 12:00 PM EST on my Twitch channel!

    Check out all the fun from our most recent HERstory stream here β†’

    πŸ’œ I've got so much love for all of you! You constantly inspire me dear forum family ;) Thank you so much for your talented creative energy you give to these QCC's! Happy CAS creating! πŸ’œ

    PS ~ I found a typo in my theme numbering so I corrected them all oopsie!
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    I went with theme : Sims of Mystery p2 and created Where's Woolie household.

    Mister Tom Woolie likes to tinker and fiddle with things and he really loves growing veggies. He's been looking for a way to make his veggies grow bigger and designs the grow-zap machine. One night he finds himself unable to fall asleep and goes to his shed to work on the grow-zap. Ready to test it, he presses the button and BANG! He wakes up in a world with five moons, sand as far as the eye can see and no water. Not far from him, he sees a Sim hanging from a cluster of rocks and what looks to be a massive worm jumping out of the sand trying to grab the Sim. Mister Woolie runs over and pulls the Sim to safety. The Sim says his name is Amu and that Mister Woolie is on the planet Arride and that because he saved Amu's life, Amu is now bound to him for the duration of his life. How did this happen? At first Mister Woolie thinks that maybe he's dead or in a coma and dreaming all of this but then he pushes the grow-zap button again and opens his eyes to find himself and Amu on a world almost completely covered in water. Amu has never seen such a thing as Arride has no water and while Mister Woolie tries to figure out how the grow-zap is transporting them, Amu plays in the water. Mister Woolie notices small gold nuggets falling all around him and when he looks for the source, he finds a half woman half fish Sim sleeping on a rock and blowing gold out of what appears to be a blowhole on top of her head.

    Neither Amu nor Mister Woolie can speak her language and Amu decides to call her Madame GoldenWhale and boy, does she love gold. As Amu tries to charm the Madame and learn to swim, Mister Woolie tinkers with his machine in the hopes of finding a way back to his own world. Suddenly a huge spaceship lands on a island not too far away from the one Woolie is own. Men in white lab coats and grey hair descend from the ship and without saying a word, fire a laser blast at Mister Woolie.

    "You there, the idiot in pajamas. Stop what you are doing and hand over the device. We are the Federation of Ricks and you have been traveling without a license. The next shot will not miss."

    Before Mister Woolie can say a word, Amu grabs the Madame and presses the button. Now they find themselves on a dark planet with a moon so big it looks like you can touch it.
    "Amu, what did you do?"
    "My sir, one does not wait around to see what a stranger will do when they threaten you upon introduction."

    Amu then explains that gold Madame produces is worth a lot on many planets and that they should find a small craft and pilot to get them off this planet before the Ricks find them again. Mister Woolie notices that Madame is suddenly walking on two feet and no longer has a fish tail. Amu explains that she told him once out of the water, her people can walk just fine.
    "How do you know this Amu? Have you traveled to other planets?"
    "I've never left my planet my sir. I just asked her."
    "But how can you speak her language?"
    "Same way I speak yours my sir, I listen. I am very good with languages and since I listen so good I must tell sir that these natives are deciding if they want to drink us or not."

    Amu nods towards elegantly dressed Sims with skin as white as the moon and eyes red like burning embers. Luckily they find a spaceport and a young pilot to get them off the planet.
    "We'd like to return to earth before the Federations of Ricks find us." Mister Woolie explains to the young girl
    "Oh yes, the zoo planet. I was stationed there for a short time during the Llama wars." she says with a little smile
    "First off, it's not a zoo. Our animals are free...mostly and how did I miss the wars, as in more then one I presume?"
    "Isn't a zoo where you lock less intelligent animals for others amusement? Well, earth is the zoo of the universe Mister Woolie. As for the wars, you would have missed it as it was well over 150 years ago."
    She introduces herself as Nocta Luna and explains they are on planet Hallow where the sun never shines and natives import blood from a neighboring planet to drink so they can get vitamin D. She also explains that the Llama wars happend when the union of planets stood up to the Federation of Ricks and their reign of terror. Now, with the grow-zap Nocta believes they can once again take on the Ricks but this time, win.

    And so start the many adventures of Mister Woolie and his strange team going from planet to planet helping others fight the Ricks and only know as The Sims of Mystery. Mister Woolie still doesn't know how this happened or if it's even real but he does know it's the most fun he's had in his life. Also, we don't know what Kid The Thing is or where the team picked him up but he does bite and tends to steal whatever you have on you so stay away from him.

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    Hi, i'm new here. I just wanted to let to know that I've uploaded my entry for this week's challenge in the gallery with the pepesmegalodon ID and of course with the tag. Maybe after this i will post it on my twitter too. Oh yes, this is the first QCC challenge that I have participated in. It's really fun for me to join this challenge.
  • adhitya2105adhitya2105 Posts: 2 New Member
    Sorry, apparently the gallery still says that my ID is "Sontoloyo2105" which is my old ID. Even though my Origin ID now is "pepesmegalodon". Maybe you can search on gallery with one of those ID. Please come to see my entry for this week's challenge. I chose the theme of Country life this time :) .
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    Finally I've got time to do a QCC! And not just one, I decided to do Theme 14 (Country Life, p17) with a tiny sprinkle of Theme 35 (Pride 2021, p54). And this time not a YA female, but a true male snacc, if I may say that about my own Sim.

    Samuel was born and raised in the countryside. He loves taking care of his cows, and all of them seem to love him just as much. However, he often feels lonely, like he's from another planet. And in a way, maybe he is different. Sometimes, when he hears his favorite music, he takes off his hat, his shirt and his boots and dances. Using his only bull as barre (or even as partner if the music inspires him) he twirls and swings from corner to corner in the sheds, quietly daydreaming about a future with the doctor's son.
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    I finally finished my entry, "Simsney's Rose Alba" and it's up on the gallery now. Alba is Latin for "white", by the way, so you can guess what I did an alternate take on. 😊 I hope to get time to write a bit more of my story and maybe get some screenshots up here.

    I've looked at the three entries posted on the forum thus far, and they are wonderful, of course! πŸ’› I'll check out the rest of the entries before the stream. I'm sure that they'll be awesome as always! πŸ‘
  • NeoFelis22NeoFelis22 Posts: 194 Member
    Sorry, apparently the gallery still says that my ID is "Sontoloyo2105" which is my old ID. Even though my Origin ID now is "pepesmegalodon". Maybe you can search on gallery with one of those ID. Please come to see my entry for this week's challenge. I chose the theme of Country life this time :) .

    Welcome to the forum and the QCC, @adhitya2105 ! πŸ’› Thanks for giving both IDs. I used the web version of the gallery to look up your entry and the second one worked, FYI. I hope that you'll be able to make the stream on Saturday!
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    Came to this way too late so only a quick entry. I’ve missed these challenges so a trip down memory lane is a great way to dip my toes back in, and this theme is one I really wanted to do first time round! Thank you @glovely1 for being hostess with the mostess and loving all the creativity on display <3


    Theme 28 – Charity Auction "Date" – aka No Refunds :innocent:

    A Wild Night Out

    What’s your idea of a great date? Three months in a Bolivian jail? A conviction for diamond smuggling? Accidentally trolling the mob? Then I’ve got the bad life choice for you! Stealing your heart seconds before stealing your wallet, Wilde offers you a night your prison tattoos will never let you forget! So are you seeking excitement? Adventure? A Mexican stand-off between armed llamas and Interpol? Then you know who to call! Yes! It’s a therapist!

    Wilde Knight, remembering the good times with some of her exes …

    P.S I’m not kidding about that therapist :kissing:

    Wilde Knight
    Traits: Adventurous, Kleptomaniac, Goofball
    Aspiration: Public Enemy
    Skills: Being the girl Mother always warned you about >:)

    P.P.S Seriously, I have a undertaker therapist on call …
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    I went for Theme 22 Snowy Escape Activities p37
    I picked skiing as activity, because it looks so much fun in the game. I love taking my sims on a skiing trip.

    Jacquelyn Kaplan
    Age: YA
    Traits: Non-committal, Romantic, Adventurous
    Aspiration: Extreme Sports Enthusiast

    Jacqueline has been locked up with the dustbunnies in her home for too long. Now that quarantine is as good as over it's time for a different kind of bunny: the bunny slopes! She just wants to ski all day long


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    My entry for the latest QCC: Amish Couple - 1890s


    In the 1890's a young Amish couple, Mary and Abram Hochstetler, lived on a farm, where they decided to start a family.


    When Mary shared the news of her pregnancy with Abram, he was over the moon with joy.


    The Hochstetlers were very busy tending to all the animals on their farm, but spent each evening bonding with their unborn child.


    Later their first child, Sarah, was born and it would be the start of a big, tight-knit family, with nearly a hundred future generations.
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    "Simsney's Rose Alba"

    Queen Selene, who had ruled for years, taking care of the kingdom, managing relations with dozens of other monarchs, was now having her plans foiled by her stepdaughter. The girl was lovely to look at, when you could get her to lift her nose from whatever book she was reading, but she obviously didn't appreciate that she needed to marry, sooner rather than later, so that she could start producing heirs. Rose had actually ran away when told that a prospective suiter was arriving any day now!

    She'd had to search quite far for the right man for Rose to marry, as there were few sons available of the right age and lineage even in kingdoms not so near her own. She needed a man close to her stepdaughter's age, because she didn't want to risk the kingdom's future to someone older who would always think that he knew better than she did. Whether or not I carry the title, I'll be Queen for all intents and purposes for a while yet. Selene thought.

    The queen admires herself in the mirror. One of the pleasures of being queen was in having gowns in any style she liked, no matter what kingdom's culture they originated in.

    Prince Rowan and his twin sister Aspen had arrived only to be told that the princess had gotten lost in the forest. The queen assured them that Rose would be found soon. Aspen had doubts about what the queen had told them and decided to go looking for the princess himself. There was rumored to be Elven blood on their mother's side, and though Aspen didn't know if that was true, he had an excellent sense of direction, and he'd always been lucky when it came to finding things and people that he was searching for. He kept his mind on the image from the portrait of the lovely princess that the queen had sent his parents to show to Rowan.

    He eventually came upon a clearing containing a rustic home and a flourishing garden. He introduced himself to the gnome couple that lived there and when Aspen asked after the princess they claimed not to have seen her. He asked that if they did see her, that they tell her that if she didn't want to return to the castle to meet his brother, he would honor her wishes. He only wanted to know that she was safe and well. He added that if she did not mind it, he would like to speak to her as well.

    Aspen speaks to the gnome couple, Daisy and Gardner Greenleaf.

    Aspen returned to the castle, but when the princess didn't return, he went back a couple of days later. He was near the gnomes' cabin when he heard someone speaking softly. Moving cautiously closer to the sound, he came upon a small clearing. There he spied Princess Rose, who appeared to be trying to coax a bird to take a bit of bread from her hand. Aspen watched as the bird suddenly flew down from the branch it sat on, grabbed the bread, then flew off. As soon as the bird was gone, the princess laughed in delight. She took his breath away with her beauty. He couldn't resist stepping forward. He quickly bowed and introduced himself, careful not to get too close to her. He didn't want to frighten her away.

    Rose wasn't frightened of him; she said that she'd gotten the message he'd left with the gnomes. The sat on a felled tree, after Aspen placed his coat upon it, and ended up talking for several hours. He began visiting her in the clearing daily. He'd explained about his differences, and she saw for herself twice when he arrived dressed in a feminine version of his usual clothing. She was surprised, but she still wanted him (or her) to visit. After many days of visits for long talks and strolls near the gnomes' cabin, he dared to kiss her.

    Aspen gives Rose her first kiss.

    They were in love, but what would the queen think? They decided that Rose would return to the castle and they would talk to her together. Rose was doubtful that the queen would approve, even once she learned that Rose wouldn't be marrying Rowan no matter what happened. Aspen assured her that he and his twin had a plan.

    The four of them gathered in the throne room. Just as Rose had feared, the queen said that if she wouldn't marry Rowan, she'd find someone else for her. Rose protested that she was in love with Aspen, but the queen didn't care. Didn't Rose understand that the kingdom needed heirs? Did Rose care so little about the fate of the kingdom and her people?

    That's when Aspen spoke up. She revealed that while she'd been in the forest with Rose, Rowan had been doing research on the kingdom's laws and Rose's lineage. There was a way for everyone to be happy. Rose and Aspen could marry, and if her late father's brother agreed (and surely he would for the chance for one of his sons to be king someday), they could foster his two youngest sons in a few years when they were old enough. The oldest boy could be formally named heir once he showed that he was up to the task.

    The meeting in the throne room.

    The queen pondered this solution. She would likely have to give up power sooner than she liked, but the young couple would still need her advice for years surely. She agreed to their proposal.

    But what of Rowan? What would he do? That's when Rowan revealed to the queen what his sister and her intended already knew. He was in love with a young lord back in his home kingdom. Everyone there knew about this, but his parents had asked him to travel to meet Rose to see if he felt differently when he got to spend time with a beautiful young woman of the appropriate station that he wasn't related to. If it didn't work out, they would allow him to marry the young man he loved with no objections. Since several of the twin's older brothers and sisters already had children, he was not needed for the succession, after all. He would miss Aspen, but they already planned to visit as often as possible.

    And they all lived happily ever after!

    A huge thank you to @kirareedagain for the use of her castle for two of the interior images. You can find it here: Off the Grid BG Castle You should take a look; it's amazing! I did make a small change so that I could have the queen admiring herself in the mirror. In her build, there's a grand piano there instead.

    I'm sorry that it took me so long to get this up. I worked on it up until the last minute, if it's not obvious. I hope you enjoyed reading more of the story. πŸ™‚

    Edit: I forgot to add that in our day and age, Aspen would be known as non-binary, perhaps even bi-gender & use the pronouns he, she, or they, so I've given them both masculine & feminine outfits in each category.

    I forgot to caption one picture too. I also needed to fix some typos. Hopefully I got them all. They're sneaky. πŸ˜‰
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    It's been so much fun for me to read through and see all of your new entries this time around πŸ’œ Thank you for strolling down memory lane with me. You've picked so many of my favorites! For me personally, the best part of this reminiscing activity was to see once again all the creative fun that has come before πŸ’œ We have an amazing group of simming friends right here! Thank you for sharing your love of sims & creating with us! πŸ’œ

    Our Memory Lane Twitch Stream begins today at noon EST ~ Join if you can!
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    So a few people were asking me for some more details for my Everbrook Ghost Story. New member so sadly can't post screenshots.

    The TV show American Horror Story and the classic tale of Bluebeard were both inspirations for my entry. If you are not familiar with them:
    AHS is a series of self-contained seasons that explore a particular style of horror. A recurring theme is that certain locations can trap souls, meaning that people from all different eras can all end up stuck together haunting that one place.
    Bluebeard is the story of a rich, cruel nobleman who has had many wives die in mysterious circumstances. He marries a younger woman and gives her a ring of keys that unlock every door in his estate. He tells her she can go anywhere except for one room. She inevitably succumbs to curiosity and opens the forbidden door, and discovers the bodies of his previous wives.

    Joseph Everbrook was a powerful spellcaster sage in the late 1800s who made a fortune performing as a magician to mundane audiences. His arranged marriage to Arabella Heartwood was a respectable match, but not a romantic one. He yearned for True Love, and upon his untimely death (by Spellcaster Overload), he found he could not move on.
    Despite his death, he was still in full possession of his magical abilities, but now confined to his manor in Glimmerbrook. He attempted to woo Arabella, but soon became painfully aware that while she had affection for him, she did not love him the way he craved. In a fit of anger, he poisoned her wine, thus trapping her ghost in the house as well.

    The house fell into disrepair, despite the best efforts of ghostly butler, Arthur (who became a ghost after pushing himself to single-handedly keep the house in order). Eventually, in the 1920s, a socialite flapper Spellcaster named Ruby Perkins chose the Everbrook Manor for a lavish party. As soon as she stepped foot on the property, Joseph did everything in his power to make her his, and they were soon married in a lavish ceremony. But reserved and proper Joseph grew tired of Ruby's excited irresponsibility very quickly, and their glamorous, passionate affair turned to screaming matches, and ultimately ended with a potent Inferniate spell.

    Another couple of decades passed, but in the 1940s, the house was once again visited as the site of a party. Mary Johnstone was an excellent hostess: elegant, cheerful, and a wonder in the kitchen (with the help of her Dragon familiar, her creme brules were legendary!), and her neighbours could not understand why she was not yet married. She fell for Joseph's charms, and they lived happily for many years. But Mary had always longed for children, the one thing Joseph could not give her, and in her sadness, Joseph felt her withdrawing from him. He became paranoid that she would leave him, or that she would have an affair, and their wedded bliss turned to bitterness. Convinced she was cheating, he humiliated her in front of her friends and the community, causing her to collapse from embarrassment.

    His next bride, Britney Wallace, was not a spellcaster, but an 80s Valley Girl a very long way from home. Dating a dead guy might be weird, but he was rich and more than willing to pamper her, so what did she care? As a mortal, she knew nothing of the history of the manor or its occupants, and any who tried to dissuade her from her new boyfriend were just jealous of her good luck! Marriage was important to him, and she was more than happy to tie down a rich bachelor. Their marriage didn't last long, with them both being equally self-centered, and he eventually snapped that if she shrieked about a bug in her grating voice one more time, he'd send a swarm to shut her up. She didn't take him seriously, but he kept his word, and she was consumed by the flies. She doesn't mind being dead as much as some of the others (she gets to stay young and hot in a luxurious manor forever after all), but the lingering bugs that follow her are so grody!

    Ai Sasaki was a 90s witch, and she rocked it. She didn't need anyone else - no mentors, no covens, just her books. Her fingers crackled with power, and she was sure she could be the next Sage when the old fart finally croaked it. But she wanted more. She'd heard rumours about a manor house, left alone for 100 or so years, that held the secrets of a Sage. She broke in and raided the library, eager for anything that would ensure her ascension over her rivals.
    She never left. Her heart was the hardest for Joseph to conquer, but he appealed to her hunger for power. They both had powerful tempers, so their love was tempestuous at best. It all fell apart when they magically duelled: despite his century of experience, she telekinetically picked him up and threw him like a ragdoll. She was not humble in her victory either, lightning dancing between her fingers as she fist pumped the air. Enraged and humiliated, he called upon the heavens to strike her down for daring to be better than him. If you find her ghost in the library, it is best to back away slowly and quietly, lest she unleash her storm on you.

    In the present day, Mara, an adventurous young spellcaster whose magic came from her fae heritage, dreamed of seeing the world and everything it had to offer. Always up for any excitement, she was never one to turn down a challenge, so when a friend dared her to enter the spooky abandoned manor house, she didn't think twice. But now she's trapped inside, and will need to use all her wits to escape from Joseph, who wants her to become his sixth bride. Whether she escapes or not is up to you...
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    So a few people were asking me for some more details for my Everbrook Ghost Story. New member so sadly can't post screenshots.


    Bravo! That was wonderful and definitely worth it! πŸ‘ Thank you for posting more of your story here!

    I'm sure you'll reach full member status in no time! If you need it, here's more information on that. Welcome to the forum! πŸ’›
  • x4m1r4x4m1r4 Posts: 3,901 Member
    Somehow, I read the deadline wrongly :( . I made the Sims but forgotten to upload it. Might reserve them for the next theme.
    OID:- x4m1r4
  • GLovely1GLovely1 Posts: 782 Member
    So a few people were asking me for some more details for my Everbrook Ghost Story. New member so sadly can't post screenshots.


    Bravo! That was wonderful and definitely worth it! πŸ‘ Thank you for posting more of your story here!

    I'm sure you'll reach full member status in no time! If you need it, here's more information on that. Welcome to the forum! πŸ’›

    I have to second Shirl's BRAVO here! Thanks so much for coming to take the time to share the depth of all of your wonderful characters from this last QCC theme @FireflyMoonWitch I already loved them and now even more so πŸ’œ My favorite part was valley girl Britney and her "grody" death by flies!


    I'm sorry about the deadline mix-up @x4m1r4 .. Yes, please save them for another time .. or feel free to still share them now as I'm all about the saying "better late than never" :smiley:

    I'm running behind on the write up for our next theme. I announced it during our last stream so for now I'll post the creation with the basic directions in the description. I made over of one of my oldest and most embarrassing sims (to me) in my catalog lol πŸ˜‚ Yea, some of you know the one .. Here's Jett's Set in White refreshed!

    MakeOver β™₯ GLovelysQCC


    Check out the directions in the image and come back here very soon to review the official theme write up.

    Have fun "recreating" one of your sims πŸ’œ

    Please join my πŸ’œ Quick Creativity Challenge πŸ’œ forum thread

  • FireflyMoonWitchFireflyMoonWitch Posts: 21 Member
    > @NeoFelis22 said:
    > Bravo! That was wonderful and definitely worth it! πŸ‘ Thank you for posting more of your story here!
    > I'm sure you'll reach full member status in no time! If you need it, here's more information on that. Welcome to the forum! πŸ’›

    Thank you so much! And thank you for the helpful info too x
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