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💜 Quick Creativity CAS Challenge 💜 GLovelysQCC



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    Ahh, this does sound super fun!

    I think I'm going to enter "Just for Fun" this time, but best of luck to everyone who decides to compete this go round. :)
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    GLovely1 wrote: »
    The Planet Sims mods and I can't thank you enough for all of the energy, support and sims love you shared with each other and with us these past weeks. The evidence of your creative talents fills the pages of this engaging forum thread. ✨ Congratulations to the 7 applicants each magical coven selected for their household. Also, let's congratulate @MeowchaFrappe for winning the heated duels and the ultimate prize this time too! ✨

    Congratulations to all the finalists and to @MeowchaFrappe ! 🎆 ✨
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    Hey everyone! Here's my latest entry for the challenge!

    Its a bit of a tongue twister:
    Beverly Birder, beleaguered by the bustle of Bridgeport, bought a beautiful bungalow by a brook in Brindleton Bay. Beverly's beloved birds bring her bliss. Bev observes her birds with binoculars by the beach,in pine barrens, and backyards! Working as a writing assistant, our writer writes works of fiction for Walrus Books, Inc. See our storycrafter sing sonnets to songbirds!

    Watch her CAS creation here!

    Download her here

    Beverly lives in Brindleton Bay and she works in the writer career. She has lifeskills too so she doesn't burn the house down when she makes salad. Beverly is cheerful, loves the outoddors, and is an animal enthusiast.
    She spends her free time hiking DHiRBJv.png

    And birdwatching 7CwpLPF.png
    And singing to birds like a total weirdo lol
    I figured Beverly likes to dress practically, mostly an outdoorsy style. She's happiest in greens and earth tones so doesn't scare her birds away. Here's her Lookbook:
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    Hello everyone! As you may notice I decided to go for the letter H and I'm lowkey regretting it but I survived :D

    Helène and Hilda hate humans. Hostility, hamstringing, hitting and harassing, Helène and Hilda are hopeless on how to handle humans. Horrible? Hah, nah. Helène and Hilda will have to hatch another hypothesis on how to like humans.
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    I just had the great pleasure to see all of the entries for the challenge so far. Wonderful jobs, everyone! 👍 And there's still a bit of time left for more! This should be a great stream (when aren't they though? 💛) this weekend!
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    Clap Clap Clap! Cloudia claps clumsily, yet cleverly clear-headed clowning like a classic clamorous clown! She isn't clueless or cliché, but in a class of her own!

    So, I give to you, Cloudia von Clownville!


    p/s. If you notice, I'm using the first 2 letters & giving her the traits started with C! Just a fun little detail!
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    💜 45th WEEK CHALLENGE! 💜

    I introduced our last challenge theme by saying let's chill out and it's also fitting for this one, except we want to chill by creating some ice cold goosebumps, scares and shouts ;) I'm calling this our Sims Urban Legends. It's a blended mix of two other creative themes by @Minraed and @Brennachan. We're hosting a creative collaboration that's about "Wintermare" and "Ice Cold" sims fun!

    Creative Direction & Rules:

    Imagine all of the scary urban legends that live in our real life imaginations. Those stories that our grandparents told our parents who told us and so on and so forth. These are the spine chilling stories that build and build, snowballing into urban legends that spread across the world. For example: Bloody Mary could become Snowy Mary or Krampus could star in our sims nightmares as Simpus. Consider even Jack Frost embarking on a snowy takeover as Nic Freeze set to rule sims by his evil icy deeds! Take a real urban legend and give it a twist for the sims. Or, make up a special wintery urban legend only truly known to sims. One that spreads across the town of Wintermare and from there, the whole simsworld.

    Your Challenge:

    Get into CAS and create the urban legend character you imagine up as a sim and then tell it's icy cold legend. Remember, urban legends are never nice beings, so go for something that might give us wintery chilled nightmares. Or, create wintery themed sims that claim to tell a true account of their first hand encounter with the character in the urban legend you create. State who and/or what your legend is, what it was doing who your sims came upon him, why is this creature so spine chilling scary, etc. Imagine your legend has originated in the sims town of Wintermare.

    For more information about Wintermare or MinraedMinis, check this out ~


    If you make builds for Wintermare, please consider tagging #GLovelysQCC for the next couple of weeks. I'd love to use your homes for all our urban legend sim households to move into for my next Twitch stream 💜

    When finished, please upload to the gallery using the #GLovelysQCC #Wintermare AND #MinraedMinis hashtags to be included in all of the upcoming collaboration stream events. If you need extra space to continue your legend please use your creation comments section after you upload.

    ENDS ~ Saturday 11/27/21 ~ However, it's very helpful to share your creations early so we can have some households full of aweSIM creativity to nominate for a Maxis Fav!

    1. Style your sim(s) according to the Urban Legend you are creating. Either the legend itself or the wintery sims who claim to have seen your legend.
    2. In your description, tell the spine chilling details of your legend or the icy eye witness accounting of your legend.
    3. Style ALL of your sims fashions, especially the first one, with your legend in mind as well as the wintery, icy overall theme.
    4. Custom posed entries which include the use of defaults are permitted as "just for fun" entries only. Posed entries do not have an opportunity to earn a Maxis nomination or fav. In addition, posed entries would not qualify for prize round challenges.
    5. Re-uploaded entries, in other words entries copied from other simmers creations, will be disqualified.
    6. Have a blast creating for our forum and gallery friends!

    Please continue posting all your awesome extras like additional story line, pictures, screenshots (limit 4) and the link to your creation in the gallery here! Please tag #GLovelysQCC #Wintermare and #MinraedMinis if you post on Twitter or Instagram!

    Mark your calendar for our Wintery Urban Legends QCC Stream ~ Sunday 11/28/21 at 12:00 PM EST on my Twitch channel!

    Check out all the fun from our most recent All About Alliteration Twitch Stream here →

    ✨ Congratulations to @NeoFelis22 and @sarabeth_6701d who won my random question giveaway during stream. The question was: How many Maxis Fav's have been awarded to creative QCC entries? The answer is 26! ✨

    💜 Thank you for always sharing your love of The Sims with me! Happy CAS creating everyone! 💜
    Please join my 💜 Quick Creativity Challenge 💜 forum thread

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    My entry to the latest QCC: Spirits of Simsmas


    Christopher Crumplebottom loves living in Wintermare, a place filled with gloom and despair.




    But it wasn't always that way and the Spirits of Simsmas are here to save the day (or so they say). Will they be able to melt the old grump's frozen heart or is this town destined to fall apart?
    Check out my SimLit blog here:
    Follow me on Twitter @divanthesimmer
    Follow me on Tumblr:
    Origin ID: divanthesimmer
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    GLovely1 wrote: »
    💜 45th WEEK CHALLENGE! 💜
    When finished, please upload to the gallery using the #GLovelysQCC #Wintermare AND #MinraedMinis hashtags to be included in all of the upcoming collaboration stream events. If you need extra space to continue your legend please use your creation comments section after you upload.
    Please continue posting all your awesome extras like additional story line, pictures, screenshots (limit 4) and the link to your creation in the gallery here!
    Okay. I have a question. I'm not sure if it should be directed to @GLovely1 or @Minraed . If someone else knows, please jump in. Do we have to post the full story in the comments? My story is going to run long enough (it's 75-90% done, depending on any additions/rewriting that I have to do) that I had just planned to post the whole thing here.
    GLovely1 wrote: »
    ✨ Congratulations to @NeoFelis22 and @sarabeth_6701d who won my random question giveaway during stream. The question was: How many Maxis Fav's have been awarded to creative QCC entries? The answer is 26! ✨
    I can't believe my guess was so close, since I pulled it from my user name! 😁 Thank you again! 💛 And belated congratulations to @sarabeth_6701d too! ✨

    I can't wait to see what everyone else has come up with once I have my entry uploaded! I'm sure I'll be blown away, as always! 💛
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    Hey everyone!!! This is the COOLEST CHALLENGE EVER! I have a story coming but I'm experiencing technical difficulties at the moment,
    so for the time being, here is sneak peak to the Lord and Lady of Ice

    My main sim Griffin will be bringing their wintermare story to y'all tomorrow when my word processor and internet
    are cooperating!!!
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    Lone Survivor

    In a Wintermare tavern, two young people are talking about their plans when an old man approaches.

    "You two aren't planning a hike up on the mountain, are you?" The stranger asks them.

    "Yeah. We're going tomorrow morning. Why do you ask?" replied the young man.

    "Are you planning to stay there overnight?" The old man asked, ignoring the question.

    "Sure." the young woman said, answering instead. "The weather is supposed to be great for the next few days. We can spend a couple days up there hiking before we have to come back."

    "But you'll have to camp up there then during the night." He looked at them expectantly.

    "Yeah. We're not planning to hike at night, of course. That's too dangerous." The younger man answers with a bit of exasperation.

    "But you'll be up there. With it." The old man shudders.

    "What? With what?" The woman asks in puzzlement.

    "No one's told you about the Snow Spider?" The old man seems surprised.

    The young man replies, "Uh, no. And why should we be worried about some bug? It's too cold for anything like that up there."

    "The Snow Spider is no bug. Listen closely while I tell you about it.

    "Up in the mountains of Wintermare, there used to be a secret research base that tried to alter sims so that they could survive extreme conditions of cold, low oxygen, & long stretches of time without food. They also wanted them to have some means of subduing attackers. Whether they used science, magic, or some combination is unknown. What is known is that if they succeeded, they must've signed their own death warrants, as none of them were seen again.

    "I believe that they created a being called the Snow Spider. It's bald & thin-looking, with long limbs, huge eyes that are black from lid to lid, skin as white as snow, & a mouthful of razor sharp teeth. It has claws that have some sort of venom under them. It's fast-moving and merciless. If you're up there at night, it will find you, envenomate you so that you're paralyzed, & devour you alive."

    After the old man finishes, the young man looks at him in disbelief. "You expect us to believe that? It sounds like something some wannabe horror writer made up." he scoffed.

    "You can ask anyone around here about the secret research base. Everyone knows about it after that one scientist had too much to drink and blabbed about it." Then the old man then nodded thoughtfully. "I should've said that there was one witness who managed to escape while it was eating his paralyzed friends."

    "Oh yeah?" The younger man looked at the older disdainfully.

    The stranger shook his head. "Yes. I am the lone survivor. I was only grazed by its claws & the paralysis wore off while it was eating, so I was able to stumble away. I don't know how it didn't find me, but I escaped. I was lucky enough to run into some hikers the next morning. If I hadn't, I would've died that day or the following night when it found me."

    The two were quiet while they thought about that.

    "How old do you think I am?" The old man asks suddenly.

    Jerked away from his thoughts, the younger man said, "What? How should I know?"

    The stranger just looks at him silently.

    "Okay. Fine. Um, 60's? 70's maybe?" he guesses.

    The stranger laughs in a grim bark. "No. I'm 23. Its venom, & maybe the terror, did this to me."

    He looked their faces over for their reactions. "I've warned you. Now you have to decide if you want to risk running into it or be sensible and change your plans. I hope you do, but I won't be surprised if you're like the others and don't." He shook his head and shuffled away.

    The two young people silently looked at each other.

    As my question about the story wasn't answered, I elected to try to condense it down for my entry, then add the full version here. I hope that's okay.

    I also uploaded the Snow Spider. You'll notice from her clothing that she doesn't really feel the cold unless it's really bad. 😊

    I hope to start looking at the other entries tonight. I can't wait!

    Edited to add the italics in place of the asterisks. I forgot that I could do that when I posted it. 🙂
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    I seriously haven’t had this much fun with a challenge in a really really long time!!! It’s been so much fun!!!!
    So here’s my entry. Sorry I have tried to post it earlier but technical difficulties lol :(
    The Legend of the Lord and Lady of Ice

    Here’s a link to download the Lord and Lady of Ice:
    And their home, the Ice Tower:
    The Ice Elves Info and Their outfits:
    Lord Colden Northhart
    Lord Colden is an ice elemental, a frost elf inspired by Norse mythology (frost giants). Russian legends, and a little bit of the Hell Boy movies. Colden is a genius, loves the outdoors, and is hotheaded. I also gave him the ice proof, storm chaser traits etc so he loves the snow and ice and will not freeze to death. Colden is a virtuoso spellcaster. I grilled this poor guy for a full sim week until he nearly mastered all the spells. I also gave him the vampire trait so he is a sorcerer/vampire hybrid. I really debated doing that but I figured it gave them a creepy factor, plus it prevents him from aging completely. It means he will wander around your game as a background character unchanged for a long time. Perfect for an urban legend or Wintermare!! He has some very basic vampire skills but is sunproof. He is stable and glitch free so he shouldn’t give you any problems when downloading
    Everyday hqlBCYe.png
    Formal Tmt1o3P.png
    Workout OVBfUZL.png
    Sleep 1CYvpJB.png
    Party zn2V28B.png
    Swimwear JgKqNzM.png
    Hot Weather N9npToW.png
    Cold Weather Se7EpgM.png
    Here are some obligatory screenshots of Colden learning magic ;)TLgkik2.png

    Princess Aurora Northhart
    Aurora is also an ice elemental frost elf. She is a genius, loves the outdoors, and is a loner. She is also ice proof, loves the cold, and is a storm chaser. She will not freeze and enjoys being in terrible weather. Aurora is also a virtuoso spellcaster. I also grilled this poor gal on her magical practice sessions until she ranked up. I will say she is a tad brighter and way more proficient in her magic skills than Colden….
    I gave her the vampire treat as well, so she is a vampire/enchantress hybrid. She is also stable and has basic vampire powers, and she is sunproof. Again, I wanted them to be longlived and to hang around unchanged for a long time since that is part of their backstory. I have never had a problem playing vamp/witch hybrids, they aren’t glitchy in my experience (unlike alien and mermaid hybrids).
    Everyday rqOzH4L.png
    Formal hJkafBK.png
    Workout wJcvYNq.png
    Sleep QXh56yZ.png
    Party 7nlfWjO.png
    Swimwear UGH1BkE.png
    Hot weather fpd7h46.png
    Cold weather 8sjzMow.png
    Aurora is very good at magic I0PBZ1J.png
    And I absolutely love her resting witch face ;) Here she is right before she morphiated L Faba, who was getting on her nerves lol 80iV6O0.png

    The Legend of the Lord and Lady of Ice
    This is really long entry so its under spoilers to help save space!! Also, my storyteller Griffin Morecombe is a vampire if you are wondering. I've played him for years...his girlfriend and 4 children are all far....
    T’was a cold and dreary night in a rural neighborhood of Windenberg. One remote house in particular offered a haven of warmth and light. f3RTXXm.png
    It was beginning to snow. Winter was here and the holidays were right around the corner.
    “Hmmm….I dunno Hillary. I don’t like it. Its really bothering me.” EwwjRi3.png
    I don’t remember it having so many bare spots. Did we damage some limbs when we were tying it on the minivan? V7u1AG6.png
    “Don’t be such a diva Griffin, we can hide it with some bigger ornaments. It’ll fill out.”

    Griffin and Hillary could hear their younger 2 children bickering in the dining room.
    Easton: “I bet you’re just going to get coal this year from Father Winter cuz you’re such a NERD and nobody likes you!
    Marla: Nuh-uh you’re a NERD and nobody likes you cuz you stink! GBwnSd4.png
    No way. You stink! 3XFCGS1.png
    No!!! You stink! jk4ouyN.png
    “Ok kids break it up. Nobody wants to hear it. Come on into the living room and help us with the tree” Yi8llay.png
    Griffin’s teen daughter Lisette thought it would be the perfect opportunity to spread an urban legend.
    Lisette: “You had better be nice to each other. Especially this time of year. Don’t you know what happens to little kids when they are bad?” “The Frost Elves get them!!”
    Easton: What are frost elves?
    Lisette: They are these creepy elves that come out of the North. BYoPpGA.png
    Bringing cold and snow with them. They put out fires in the fireplace and break anything that brings warmth. They freeze all the little bad boys and girls when they are doing stuff they shouldn’t.”
    Easton: “BbbbutThere’s no such thing as Frost Elves!”
    Lisette: Sure there are! My friend Luna and her brothers were frozen one time. Hugo and Luna were getting into a big argument one Winterfest. FrGandt.png
    And that little creepy kid Max was making a huge mess. aI0D1NL.png
    Their weird dad was so angry and started yelling. You could hear them arguing from the other side of the island. 1Q7WSDl.png
    Suddenly, Luna felt this pop and sting and she was turned into a giant ice cube!
    So was her brother Hugo and Max. It took their dad hours to pick them out with a butter knife. 9MEUe7T.png
    It was the Frost Elves that got them!
    Luna said it was the frost elves that froze their mom to death too
    Marla: I don’t believe you!! There are no such things as Frost Elves…
    Their oldest brother Lucas decided to chime in….
    Lucas: Sure there are! How have you never heard about Frost Elves? My classmate Wolfgang got turned into an icicle one time.
    He was fighting with his hipster brother about books or something WBXsqhp.png
    They heard a tinkling sound from outside their front door. FHSHRGl.png
    Next thing they know they were both big giant icicles. They both melted away by morning. Their mom Mila had to mop up the mess. LG9LKyR.png
    I was cracking up at Mila’s happy expression after witnessing her son’s were frozen lol. Wolfgang was never seen again! gGttrCD.png
    Griffin noticed the fire went out of the fireplace again.
    Perfect opportunity for a creepy story.
    Lucas...Lisette, you know better than to tell scary stories to your little brother and sister zfmBViM.png
    Besides, you left out some juicy details. Let me tell you a story….mQMssid.png
    Legend has it the Frost Elves are ancient ice elementals. d5NTyeS.png
    The Elven Princess Aurora brings ice and frost. Her consort, Lord Colden Northhart brings snow and blizzards. FxCPk2W.png
    They have been wedded for centuries. No one truly knows how long. But no other couple have been so well suited for one another.

    They live in the far north in the frozen mountains. In a massive tower of stone and ice crystals. oe0LGsr.png
    Some say they live here somewhere in Windenberg. Others say in the mountains of Komorebi. But most say they reside in the icy forested mountains just outside the village of Wintermare. Princess Aurora and Lord Colden reside in happiness in their icy fortress during the warm months. But…. rfXIEhW.png
    When Winter begins to settle in, Princess Aurora walks out onto the great icy balcony of her ice tower. GBk5tcq.pngShe summons her great stores of magic and releases it into the world. It brings cold and ice. q85YB7H.png
    Her consort Lord Colden summons winds and snow, bringing massive blizzards. 0REoIkh.png

    They then leave their icy tower and venture forth into the world. Casting their ice magic as they go. mjoUymH.png
    Spreading cold oXe5pPe.png
    And ice P2nt17O.png
    Bringing the winds 9ficKY3.png
    And Summoning snow figRYlr.png
    You know they are nearby, because the snow will fall especially heavy. No fires will stay lit long in their fireplaces. Stoves will break and heaters too. And you had better mind your manners. Because they detest coldness of the heart. Treat your friends and family badly, and they will turn you just as icy as your heart. I myself have witnessed this long ago. KHzxA6K.png
    A rival vampire came to confront me several years ago. He was a particularly bad sort and came to challenge me. To take my territory, home and family. YrQcaok.png
    I sent the fool packing. r36szZn.png
    I heard him utter a particularly vicious curse as he walked away. Apparently Princess Aurora did too….ckhlHQH.png
    Because he was frozen solid in seconds 1c3spYR.png
    I was horrified. And ran back inside my home before I met a similar fate. He had disappeared with the first rays of dawn. 88iGy3x.png
    Of course don’t look so horrified! It's just a ghost story and not true. Just a scary story to tell children and make them mind. Now it's late and time for bed. Go on. Bring extra blankets to keep warm. I can tell it's getting colder outside. RXwF7FU.png
    After his family was tucked away warm in their beds. Griffin stepped outside to look at the wintry wonderland. p5OoxPy.png
    The weather channel had forecast cold temperatures and light frost, but not this tempest blowing outside. It seemed to grow worse by the minute 0g9rteS.png
    Griffin grew worried. MCKYyau.png
    His batty senses told him there was magic in the air.
    They are here again HltLWG5.png
    Hopefully they would make it through the night safe and sound. Maybe his children had taken the lesson to heart. w611YdM.png

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  • x4m1r4x4m1r4 Posts: 3,737 Member
    A long, long time ago, a young lady was chased by soldiers, which forced her to flee to the snowy mountain through a snowy woods.


    Since then, the locals have been told many stories & among one of the stories, saying that, those who got a glimpse of this young lady, they will never return back home alive. Many travellers or adventurers have been told this story over & over again. They are told that, if they saw her, their snowy footprints will be wiped out. Their sense of direction will be mislead. Towards the end, their soul will be eaten alive!


    But none of them knew that she also enjoys spending time at the Onsen. Perhaps, that's where she begun luring her victims?


    Then again, if none of these people is alive, who are the one telling this story? Could it be, The Snow Lady herself?

  • FireflyMoonWitchFireflyMoonWitch Posts: 10 New Member
    I'll tell you a tale of Wintermare,
    The Brides of Winter, a deadly pair,
    Sisters condemned to die in despair,
    A lifetime of pain they have to share.

    Winter's Beast, a hollow soul,
    A skeletal waif you'll yearn to console,
    But answer her call, a terrible toll,
    Snow stained red, your body cold.

    Winter's Beauty, icy and fair,
    A feast she'll demand with a regal air,
    No mercy has she for a meagre affair,
    Her blizzard's curse will be your despair.

    "Have you ever heard the Tale of the Brides of Winter? No? Gather round, then, and listen...

    A long time ago, in the village of Wintermare, there was a very poor family with two daughters. The elder daughter was very beautiful, but her lack of dowry made her marriage prospects slim. The younger daughter was wild and ill-mannered, greedily devouring whatever she could find because she was always hungry. They lived on the outskirts of town, ignored by the villagers who found their misfortune discomforting. When their parents passed, there was no money for a funeral, and no time to mourn. Nobody wanted the burden of two extra mouths to feed, so the daughters foraged for food in the surrounding woods, barely scraping by.

    That winter was the coldest anyone in the village had ever experienced. A blizzard ripped through the town, and all the families bunkered down by the fire. Except for the two young women on the outskirts of town. The wind whistled through the many holes in their decrepit shack, dumping snow on their ragged blankets. Keeping the fire lit was impossible. Desperate, the two sisters ventured out into the snow storm, and knocked at each of the villagers' doors. They begged and pleaded to be allowed in, just for the night, but each of the families pretended they could not hear their cries over the wind. Eventually, they grew too weak to carry on, and collapsed into the snow.

    The storm finally died down the next morning, and the villagers emerged from their homes, the shadow of guilt at their heels. To ease their minds, they searched for the women whose voices they ignored, but their bodies were never found. The villagers blamed the blizzard, and tried their best to forget.

    The following year, another vicious winter gripped the village. The blizzard tore at their houses, and nobody could get warm no matter how close to the fire they sat.

    Then the deaths started.

    Sometimes, they were frozen solid in their dining rooms, gathered around an extravagant feast with barely a few bites taken out of it. Other times, they were discovered in a bloody snow bank, with bite marks that matched the width of a human jaw.

    Fear gripped the village. Some pointed fingers at each other, blaming whoever they could to provide an explanation. Some tried to flee, but found the roads out of the village blocked by ice. As the blizzard raged on, unrelenting, the whispers started. That under the howling wind, was the sound of someone weeping. That at night, when the blizzard was at its strongest, they were haunted by the cries of a female voice, pleading to be given shelter. That, when they peered out of the bedroom windows, the snow swirled around a pair of figures that dissipated in the wind.

    By the time Spring thawed the roads out of the village, no one was left to leave it. A travelling merchant passed through and discovered a boarded-up town still coated with snow. Upon investigation, a journal chronicled a terrifying account of a winter of death and paranoia. The final entry simply read "There is no forgiveness from the Brides of Winter. They are cold and hungry as winter itself, our own cruelty reflected back on us."

    The cold never left that place, and the legend of a town destroyed by the Brides of Winter spread. Similar deaths in various towns have been reported every winter since. Most write them off as an urban legend, but any who have seen the bodies left behind agree that there is nothing natural about those deaths.

    The elder sister became known as Winter's Beauty, a vain and regal witch of ice. If she comes to visit you, she'll demand a feast worthy of a Queen. Any less is considered an insult, and the worst insult of all is to not answer your door when she graces you with her presence.

    The younger sister became known as Winter's Beast, her hunger consuming and twisting her into a monster. She'll weep and plead at your door, but it is far too late for a kind-hearted soul to help her. Any that open their door to her will be pounced upon and devoured.

    They are the cold, the hunger, the cruelty of Winter itself. If you hear a knock on a cold winter's night, choose whether you answer it carefully."

    Still a new member, so sadly can't post screenshots but gallery link is here and I will be posting the pics to my tumblr
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    💜 46th WEEK CHALLENGE! 💜

    Tis the season for holly jolly merriment and cheer .. oh and don’t forget about the cute reindeer ;) This week’s theme is a holiday collaboration between our CAS QCC and a room build challenge co-hosted by the mods of Planet Sims Discord.

    Creative Direction & Rules:

    Enjoying all the comforts of a home decked out for the holidays is one thing I’m very much looking forward to .. if this sounds like you too then here’s what I’d love for you to do. Be inspired by the Christmas themed rooms you may create and make the sims who belong in them in their holiday fashion greats!

    Your Challenge:

    Let the following room themes be your guide as you create some Christmas magic in CAS for sims indoors or outside 💜

    Room Themes:

    Christmas Morning Living Room
    Christmas Dinner Dining Room
    Christmas Cooking Kitchen
    Christmas Eve Bedroom
    Christmas Outdoors Garden

    As you create, think about all the sims who might be in one of these rooms and tell the story of what they are doing in your description. Paint the picture of the holiday scene so that all reading will be able to vividly daydream. Opening presents by the tree (Christmas morning)? Baking up all the family favorite goodies (Christmas Cooking)? Children nestled snug in their beds (Christmas Eve) or possibly a Christmas bride and groom about to wed (Christmas Outdoors). Pick the one theme that speaks to you most and challenge yourself to create both the sims and the rooms they belong in. If you plan to make a room too (I hope you do!) please build any shaped room you want. The only rules are to please design it according to one of these five themes and make it 12x12 size or less.

    More information, including how to be entered in our pack of your choice giveaway, can be found on the "planet-christmas" event channel in our Planet Sims Discord. If you are not yet a member, you're very welcome to join our friendly, supportive group of simmers using this link

    Planet Sims

    We also respect the fact that there are many ways people and their sims define “the holidays”. Please feel free to bring the spirit of your treasured celebrations and traditions to this challenge.

    When finished, please upload your household .. and room if you so choose .. to the gallery using the #GLovelysQCC AND #PlanetXmas hashtags.

    ENDS ~ Friday 12/16/21 ~ However, it's very helpful to share your creations early so we can have some households and rooms full of aweSIM creativity to nominate for a Maxis Fav!

    1. Style your sim(s) according to the Christmas room theme of your choice.
    2. In your description, paint a picture of what your sims are doing in that room. Describe traditions, foods, smells, feelings and actions related to your room theme in your sim story.
    3. Style ALL of your sims fashions, especially the first one, with your favorite holiday styles that match your chosen room theme.
    4. Custom posed entries which include the use of defaults are permitted as "just for fun" entries only. Posed entries do not have an opportunity to earn a Maxis nomination or fav. In addition, posed entries would not qualify for prize round challenges.
    5. Re-uploaded entries, in other words entries copied from other simmers creations, will be disqualified.
    6. Have a blast creating for our forum and gallery friends!

    Please continue posting all your awesome extras like additional story line, pictures, screenshots (limit 4) and the link to your creation in the gallery here! Please tag #GLovelysQCC if you post on Twitter or Instagram!

    Mark your calendar for our Planet Christmas QCC Stream ~ Saturday 12/18/21 at 12:00 PM EST on my Twitch channel! We will be touring both your room and sims creativity live!

    Check out all the fun from our most recent Wintermare Urban Legends Twitch Stream here →

    💜 Thank you for always sharing your love of The Sims with me! I'm so excited to see the rooms, sims and stories you are about to create this time! Enjoy every moment you spend CAS creating and room building forum family! 💜
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