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The Legacy-Bachelor Challenge *updated 10/07/2020*


  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,659 Member
    New chapter!

    Chapter 5.5

    Also, when I posted the chapter it already said 1 view. Whoever found it this fast, how?! :D
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    Oh your first abduction! It makes no sense how aliens can be abducted...

    I hope that when you have some household slots Roger gets abducted! It's bound to happen eventually. With a scientist in the family and an alien in the family your chances of abductions will be really high.

    Lily got the blue hair too! She looks really cute. I think she got Roger's eyes, right? And hopefully she doesn't have the same low mouth issues as Rose (though hopefully Rose will still be pretty, she has Roger's handsome genetics after all!)

    LOL Veronica :D how I love her.

    Still can't get over how pretty the twins are <3

    ETA I wish I could say it was me who found the chapter that quickly but I only read it after you posted the link here :D
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    Cool, love that there are so many experienced Simmers to help out others who haven't a clue how certain aspects of gameplay work. :)

    Oh Wow! What a great story! I would've loved to have read that in your blog. Were these twins in any official challenge or contest, or just from a casual save?

    Learn something new every day. I didn't know you could find them by clicking on their station. I wonder if you can do that for drones too? Do they have a docking station or anything like that where they recharge?
    No, probably won't since a Get Famous thing released a long time ago. Perhaps though. They fix stuff all the time from earlier packs if they've been broken by a more recent one.

    Ah, okay, good to know. I actually thought I gave away too much when I entered Eddy because of his style of dress. :D Thanks for what you said about Maralyn. I personally think she's one of my most beautiful Sims. Next to Adam, of course. :D

    I remember reading in a thread somewhere on here (can't find it now), that if you don't strengthen a ghosts spirit, you get a final message about them that says something like their spirit has fled to the forest in the netherworld never to return. Or something similar. It just means the ghost was culled, gone, no way to get them back.

    Ohhhh, well Ninja has a good sense of humor or maybe Frost?

    Some people just don't understand about what the Sims is all about if they have never played, they're ignorant, think it's just a game for kids. I used to get that a lot, "Why do you play a kid's game?" *rolls eyes* It's NOT just for kids and never has been despite what some think.

    Blue-eyed blonds are pretty, but I prefer redheads with green, purple or blue eyes, or the typical 'tall, dark, and handsome' guy with dark hair and light colored eyes. Maybe because I am a blue-eyed blond, I don't play them very much. Most of my blonds have hazel, green or brown eyes.

    @MaggieMarley already looked it up for you I see. Thanks Maggie, very sweet of you! It's nice to know that for when I play my Legacy family again one day. :)

    Aw, thanks for saying that! I love them! It's fun knowing that others love the Sims you've created and even better if you get to SEE them play with them. You and SoulGal7 are the only ones I've ever seen that's played with any of my Sims. I know others have by the numbers downloaded, but I've never actually seen screenshots or anything with Simmers using them except for you and SoulGal! Makes me smile! <3

    Current Chapter comments will be coming later tonight, probably when you're sleeping. I read it and had my comments written, but somehow I lost them going back and forth between here and your blog. o.O I don't have the energy to do it all over again, need to get some sleep. Hope you understand. I will say one thing though...
    Congrats on finally getting the Forest Freezer Bunny painting! Yay! \o/ James is our handsome Hero eh? <3 And I think Lily is an adorable cheese hair of a toddler charmer! ;)

    Have a great rest of your day! <3

    And here's the rest of my current chapter comments:
    I'd check them out, I think... However, if the eerie sound/music accompanied them? Nope! "Run for the hills Ma, it's an invasion!" o.O

    The only time my Sims have ever had that much money is when they won the Lottery. :D Congrats!

    So Linda has a Bot Bae, eh? When he broke down, I don't think she was acting like a selfish piece of plastic. She probably just didn't want to see her love like that since she herself couldn't fix him anyway. Annnnnd I'm talking about a drone and a bot like they actually have feelings. :D

    Little buddy? :D Uh, Roger probably wouldn't appreciate that you shared that information.

    I think the new fancy coffee table is just trying to be notorious like the last one. Maybe put more decorations on it? Load that baby up to the max! :)

    (already talked about Miss Adorable cheese hair Charmer & the painting, YAY!)

    Aw, Veronica being nostalgic about her past fame is sad, but seeing Blue passed out in the background makes it seem as if she got so bored listening to Veronica's speech, she passed out. :D Interesting too how Linda has her eyes averted like she's thinking, "Nope, not going to record that." *rolls eyes toward the ceiling*

    I'd guess you're right, the blue skin is lucky for adults/elders eh? ;) Roger barely looks any different. *whew*

    I think it would be fine to leave Rose with red hair. Even though it should've been blue, she was born with it. :)

    I can't get over how beautiful the twins are and their fabulous makeover. Oh, but talk about stick legs, especially Bel. o.O Teens are usually so skinny in this game.

    I adore the play interactions with Toddlers, it's probably my favorite. Love how they giggle and laugh, makes me smile and laugh along with them. <3

    Did you make the twins sit there? If not, interesting how Mary is sitting in the pink/white one to match. I'm glad they made it in the chapter, always fun seeing Sims from previous Gens. :)
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    Sophie has been abducted 3 or 4 times, too ^^ Yeah it's soooo weird. Or maybe they should just make the moodlet different then... Like "nice meeting up with the old folks" :D

    With Sophie around, only Sophie was abducted. I hope this won't happen with Blue. I want Roger to get abducted and pregnant :D

    Lily and Rose look almost identical imo. Lily also has the mouth but it's really not as bad as I make it sound :joy: Both are still pretty :p

    Veronica was the perfect founder spouse. I really miss her.

    True! The twins are a perfect mix of their parents like one has their father's nose and their mother's eyes and the other one has it the other way around :D I love genetics doing stuff like this.

    I haven't checked yet but maybe someone commented on the site and said "That was me B) " :D

    So true! And if you can't find a simmer to help out, there's Carl's site :D

    I can't remember :/ But chances are high it was a legacy :joy:

    No, drones have no station. When their battery is low, they turn off and sink to the floor/ground. And a second later you can use them completely recharged again :D
    Hm, I think this "bug" isn't from a new pack breaking the fame stuff tho. So it will be there forever...

    Eddy wasn't erratic, was he? He was childish tho. Nah, you didn't give away too much :)

    My prettiest sim ever made - male one that is - is Roger Taylor. Such a cute babyface :D

    Oh gosh. I need to strengthen the spirit before this message pops up! Not gonna lose another ghost.

    Ninja? Frost? Huh???

    Yeah it's a bummer... But with the lockdown a lot of people have played sims again :joy: So maybe the general impression has changed a bit ^^

    I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. So I usually avoid that combination :D I love blond and blue, blond and green, red and blue/green/grey. And also dark hair and light eyes, like green or grey or blue :D Nathan was brown and brown tho. I remember that I thought "let's do a different thing for once" :D

    Yes, it's a relief I didn't cheat by accident for so long :)

    I know this feeling as you and others here have showed me my sims in their games :) So cool to see this! :love:

    Edit: Forget to answer the other two spoilers :joy:
    I was so happy when I saw the little pink bunny and the lines looking like trees! I made James start the painting skill only for this painting. He's almost maxed it by now and halfway through level 9 he finally painted it :love:

    I'd probably think they're some bugs and then get abducted :joy:

    Thanks :) My sims have never won the lottery :/ It's usually Bob Pancakes -.-

    Linda and repair bot have a bit of a Wall-E thing going on :p:D

    He shared that :p

    But what should I put there? :D More magzines?

    Oh gosh, why didn't I use the "pass out from bored story"? :D That's hilarious lol

    If you look suuuuuper closely on Roger's face you can see 2 small lines on his forehead and the mouth lines are there, too :D But that's it. You better use a magnifying glass to see those lines.

    But with this logic I'd have to let Lily have her cheese hair... But a kid with blue and one with red hair would be cool ^^ I still have time to make a decision.

    If you think Bel looks skinny as a teen, you should have seen Sheila :D At first I thought she probably has no curves at all as she has no mother. But then I aged her up to YA in CAS and *poof* super curves out of nowhere :joy:

    It's so funny when toddlers get a grumpy mooldet from play tho :D

    Nope, I found the two sitting there. I mean, why do they eat in the playroom? There are two huge tables to eat at :D
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    Lol I am so dumb I forgot. I went back and looked at some of your past chapters and I saw a screenshot of Amy being abducted too then I was like oh yeah I remember that now (because I remembered you saying 'please keep her' :D ). Brain like a sieve.

    Hopefully it will happen even if Roger is an elder by the time he gets pregnant! But then the baby wouldn't be around for the heir poll :(

    Now I really want to see the mouth. I'm nervous haha.
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    I love that site for info. and his videos. :)

    Are you allowed to purposely kill off Sims in a Legacy? I don't really know much about them really.

    Tsk, if they recharge so quickly, what's the point of having them run out of power? lol #simslogic
    No, he was just childish, a goofball and I think ambitious, not erratic. :)

    Your Roger Taylor Sim is beautiful, agreed! <3

    SimGuruNinja and SimGuruFrost. I follow both of them on Twitter and these guys; SimGuruHouts, SimGuruNick and SimGuruGraham would all be good too.

    Hmm, I guess that's true, maybe. I hope so!

    I try to mix up how I design my Sims too, but it's tough not going with the combinations you know and love. :)
    I'm so glad! Was beginning to think you wouldn't get it any time soon. It's just such a cute painting! I love it, of course. <3

    It's usually just some random townie wins the lottery in my game. Only two of my Sims have ever won.

    More magazines, tissue box, books, incense, flowers, statue, pottery, DVDs, maybe get the TV remote from debug, stuff like that, yeah. :)

    hehe Glad you thought so. That's the first thing popped in my head when I saw Blue passed out and Linda rolling her eyes. :D

    I could see them, yep, but just barely. Not very noticeable at all and probably the only reason I noticed is because I knew he'd just aged up. Someone else probably wouldn't think he was an adult by seeing him in their game.

    Not necessarily. I'm just saying since Rose was born with red hair, I think it's fair to keep it, if you want to, that's the key phrase! ;)

    Kind of like what happened with Sophie, eh? :)

    lol Yeah, it is funny! Doesn't happen very often in my game, but I have seen it.

    Why do Sims do any of the things they do? :D There is no #simslogic or actually there is, but it's bad logic. :|

    EDIT: BTW, Mary, uh, 'met' my Sim Judd Hudson today in Port Promise while he was dumpster diving! :D

    Also, did she happen to have a pink/red robot toy in her personal inventory when you uploaded her?


    If not, pretty cool the game gave her a pink toy to play with considering I'd guess it's her favorite color. ;)
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  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,659 Member
    Amy got abdcuted, too? :D Seems we both have a similar brain :joy: "Please keep her" sounds like me B)

    This is a problem I did not think about :| I hope there will be an alien baby as soon a there's a free slot in the house. Heir poll and all. Unless the alien baby is as ugly as the night is dark :D

    You can't see it on the kid's form yet :p Or maybe just a bit :D Or maybe I was just exaggerating the whole mouth "issue" :D After all I'm a drama queen.

    There are videos, too? Guess I'm blind :D

    Yes you can even get a scoring point if your sims die in 10 different ways ^^ That one point I will never ever get tho...

    I have no idea. Usually you get a notification and like 2 hours later, they run out of battery.

    When you know his traits you can see them in his outfits. But if you don't know about his traits then it's not that obvious imo.

    I bet he would also look beautiful as a woman ^^ Just like the real Roger Taylor in the video "I Want to Break Free" :D

    Oh you meant SimGurus :D:D Hm, I would maybe pick Romeo or Grant. These two are super funny lol

    So true! I have to "force" myself to not make blond sims all the time :D Good thing I only like that one blond shade in the game.
    I was close to giving up :# But now I have it :love:

    As I mainly play the legacy save I'm not allowed to use the lottery... I think I deleted the holiday. If my sims can't win it, no one can :D

    Hm, I'll plaster the table with stuff then, soon B)

    It's kinda funny that drones keep streaming when your sim passes out but they automatically turn off when they go to bed.

    Oh good. Good. So my Roger is still a pretty boy lol

    I guess I'll let Rose have red hair and Lily gets blue. Not gonna play her with cheese hair longer than necessary.

    Sophie had a different weird body :D She had boobs right below her chin in size ZZ :D She was lucky her body changed to a normal form as a young adult. Else she would have moved out asap.

    One of the twins had this almost all the time after playing. I think it was Bel.

    It's illogical logic :D Anti-logic :D

    Aw, the pic is so cute! And nice to see Judd....'s legs :joy:

    Hm, it could be that she had a toy in her inventory and I didn't notice it. :)
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  • DCJ504DCJ504 Posts: 104 Member
    I have found that the best way to get children playful is to have them do an impression and tell a couple of jokes.

    Great chapter
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,153 Member
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    Yes! A lot of them. He never used to record them, but he's made quite a few now. I love them! He gets a little cynical at times, but he's got a nice voice to listen to when he talks in them. :)

    Ah, okay. Thanks for letting me know! So much stuff to keep track of and gain points in Pinstar's Legacy. I think that's one reason I've never gotten very far in it. I don't like a lot of complicated rules in my challenges.

    So you do get a warning then, they don't just suddenly drop, BAM, out of power. That's good to know. :)

    True. And although some of Eddy's outfits were on the outlandish side, his everyday wasn't that bad really. Except the earrings. :D I love those on him!

    Ooo, I bet you're right! You should take him in CAS and check to see what he'd look like as a female. Just for kicks out of curiosity without saving. :)

    Romeo is super funny! I loved it when he collaborated with James Turner with the Strangerville pack. Grant is doing something else for Sims now, he's not a main producer anymore with TS4. I follow him on Twitter, or I used to, he's temporarily 'closed' his account. I really like Graham too, his laugh makes me smile and you can tell he genuinely loves this game, always smiling and laughing. He's just a big 'ol nerdy teddy bear of a guy. :) I think my favorite might be Ninja though, he's fun! Or Nick. Well, I like a lot of the Gurus.

    Speaking of blonds, while in game last night all the talk about blonds piqued my curiosity about how Maralyn might look as a blond, different color eyes, skin color, different clothes, etc., so I tried it. o.O She's still gorgeous in my opinion. :) I took a pic, but I don't have it uploaded or anything yet. I'll show you sometime if you'd like to see?
    That's usually what I do as well, especially for my Rags to Riches save games. The one Sim out of the two that actually won was a Rags to Riches Sim only two days into the challenge. lol Fastest I've ever won Rags to Riches before that and since! :D

    They probably did that on purpose so Simmers couldn't record their Sims woo hooing or something. *shrugs*

    Sounds like a great plan. :)

    Yeah, I've never seen such a drastic change bodywise in a Sim aging up to a YA before. They usually look pretty much the same as when they were a teen except filled out a little more.

    LOL, glad you like Judd's legs! Sorry I didn't post a pic of what all of him looks like. He's super cute. though. :)

    Current Chapter:
    Fire! I'm guessing Roger doesn't have very many cooking skills. It was nice of him to try though! ;)

    I was excited when I read we were finally getting firemen in a patch. They're kind of disappointing though. They should have a fire truck and immediately put out the fire. I've read sometimes it takes them awhile to put it out and sometimes all they do when they arrive is stand out front and freak out a long with your Sims. The sexy dance is funny though. :D

    I think Mary and Blue agree that Tempy and ghost Kaden are being ridiculous. Also, here's another thing that needs to be tweaked. My Sims do that too when there's a fire, delay taking the toddlers to safety. *rolls eyes*

    Ugh, I hate the messes toddlers and children make so, so much! The only saving grace for that interaction is that it does get their creativity skills up, or I think it's imagination for toddlers, not sure.

    Yay for James retiring! Congrats! You've earned it Mr. Handsome Elder. Doesn't surprise me he made a beeline for the hot tub either. He seems to enjoy water activities a lot eh?

    Another adorable outfit for Mary! Seems to be a lot of clipping going on since the patch too. *sigh*

    Aww, poor Rose. Sheesh Bel! She seriously destroyed it while Rose was playing? How rude! She does have the evil trait though, so...yeah.

    *dreamy sigh* So sweet James read some poetry for Tempy to show his love. <3 I know you find it nauseating, but I love it when Sims get a bit romantic with their significant others. Especially if it was autonomous?

    Meanie! Why not at least let the elders enjoy a piece of cake while they can? Then throw it away. :D I get it though, I do the same thing, otherwise that's all my Sims would eat no matter what other leftovers are in the fridge.

    Happy Birthday Rose! She looks lovely with the red hair and blue eyes. :)

    LOL! You are me! That's the first thing I have my children do when they age up, homework. Unless they're seriously tired or it's a Friday/Saturday.

    Nice try with putting the toys on the coffee table. There's only one possible little problem with that idea. Is there a toybox in the house? If there is, your Sims are just going to pick up those toys and put them away, then you'll be right back to where you started with the dishes. :D

    Guessing she needs to play on a jungle gym while playful for her aspiration, right? Have her take a bubble bath, watch funny videos on a computer, tell jokes to someone or put one of those MySim trophies out by the jungle gym/space rocket and turn on the playful aura for it. All of those things will make her playful too. Or if you have a playful lamp reward from owning a certain TS3 pack, could put that out by the jungle gym too. :)

    I don't know if that's regret or not in Tempy's eyes, but the first thing I noticed is it looks like Lily is stroking (or about to grab) Tempy's hair because it's so full and thick. :) It looks cute!

    HAHA! Touche' indeed James! Also, again, because of Tempy's hair, it looks like she's sticking out her tongue in disgust or something, but it's really just a tiny piece of her hair. :D Yes, I know, I notice some weird things, can't help it! lol

    Great chapter! Have a great weekend! <3
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    @DCJ504 Thank you! I'll try this next time I play. Usually, watching kids tv helped but Rose seems to be a bit of a rebel.

    What kind of videos are there? Tutorials? Let's Plays?

    That's funny because I think the Drifter Challenge has more and more complicated rules :joy: You have different ones for each house and in the Legacy Challenge you have the same rules for all generations :)

    With Damian I got the notification during the bachelorette part... I got back to the legacy in time but I'm a bit of a dumbdumb and clicked the wrong option :# So you still have a few days left before the ghost disappears after the notification.

    The only "crazy" outfit I can remember is Eddy's workout clothes ^^ Or maybe his swimwear but the rest looks totally normal to me.

    I will do this - one day I won't forget about it - and then take screenshots and post them here. Maybe I do it with all 4 sims :D

    Romeo is one of my all-time favorite SimGurus :) Grant has the kind of humor you either hate or love and I love it :D As with Graham, totally agree with you! Teddy bear meets my impression of him really well ^^ Ninja has a great sense of humor, so true :D

    YES :love: I'd love to see Maralyn with blond hair!

    It only took 2 days? :o That's super fast :D But didn't that take the fun away?

    Yeah I guess so, too. Privacy is a thing for the drones. When your sim uses the toilet, shower or bathtub the drone turns off as well. That's why I was so surprised to see Linda streaming when Lily (or was it Rose?) was on the potty.

    I have so many plans for these two girls. I get a certain vibe from Rose that I will use in game and in the "story". No spoiler tho :p Maybe you get it, too, anyway.

    Maybe it's something with the genetics in my family but my female sims go from more on the skinny side to curves like Kim Kardashian when they age up to young adult :joy: So weird. I bet the twins will get way broader hips, bigger boobs and a bigger butt, too ^^ Barbarella's genes are still showing.

    Haha no it's fine ^^ I just wanted to joke a bit :p
    Roger might have level 3 cooking but not higher. So no surprise he messed up :D

    Yeah the firefighters were pretty late and the second one appeared out of nowhere :# What sexy dance?

    It's so weird they always forget their kids when there's a fire. This should really be changed.

    For toddlers it's imagination. But as teens need to level up a skill to get an A in school, I made Bel play piano. The toddlers watched her play piano many many times and their skill skyrocketed :D

    I always thought it said sims are retired and their profession but that's changed now :/ Don't like that. James is the only one who got into the hot tub so far. And it has been repaired for a few days. Now it's broken again. I think it was Kaden :#

    A lot of clipping using stairs and ladders as far as I've seen on others' screenshots so far.

    Yes, Rose was playing and Bel started destroying the dollhouse. Worst evil sim ever. And Mary checked toddler :D Like it wasn't obvious why Rose was sad :D

    Nah I made them do this lol Both were a bit low in the social bar - deep deep red - and I thought they'd deserve a bit of flirting so close to death.

    I used to let my sims eat cake but then all my sims get super big :D I just want them to be healthy :p

    Rose is so cute. You can see her unique look already as a kid, imo ^^

    It was a week day, 10 am and too late for Rose to go to school. She can be happy I didn't age her up before 8 am :D

    I know it's risky to use toys as for the reaosn you mentioned ^^ But my sims are lazy. So this plan should work out for a while ^^

    Exactly :) It used to be the pirate ship or alien ship before, wasn't it? I think it was only changed this year. Usually, watching kids tv helps but not this time... Oh right, bubble bath might help, too! I don't like the aura stuff for no reason :D I'll try all the other options you've told me :)

    Yeah, it looks like Lily grabs Tempy's hair to not fall off her back :D

    Tempy's hair are cool but they can be a bit of a mess :D Like I never know if she's asleep when I look at the small avatar pic on the bottom left. Her hair fills out all of the square :D:D

    Have a great weekend! <3
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    I haven't seen the firefighters in my game yet, I'm jealous! You're lucky they put out the fire from what I've heard :D

    I love Bel so much. I think you put her on the gallery as a child didn't you?

    The magic trash can doesn't give you money anymore :(

    Rose looks good as a kid, but I see what you mean about her mouth/chin. I'm guessing it'll be more pronounced when she gets older too. Ahh I'll feel so guilty if I've introduced bad genetics!

    I used to let my sims eat cake but then all my sims get super big :D I just want them to be healthy :p

    I always use MCCC to freeze my sims' physiques which means they don't gain or lose weight whatever they eat. I have hypothyroidism irl so I have to eat a very low number of calories to avoid gaining weight. I like my sims not to suffer in the same way :D

    Also on getting children playful, I always just make them take a bubble bath.
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,659 Member
    They put out the fire way too late :D

    Yeah, all gen 5 kids are on the gallery in one household :) The twins are still kids there.

    What? Why? But I think it's part of the bill thingy now, isn't it? Bills... I have a mansion and I'm close to 2M cash now. And then I get bills somewhere around 600 -.- BORING :D

    Nah you didn't introduce bad genetics! The mouth can be easily hidden with huge lipstick :D:D

    I already wondered how Caly was still the same size after 5 kids :p Oh gosh, that sounds horrible! :/ Is there no way to take medication to eat more calories?

    I'm on a diet and eat a very low number of calories and it hurts sometimes :# You probably know this, too :/
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 3,610 Member
    I guess inept firefighters are better than no firefighters at all... Marginally :D


    I am hoping that the trash can thing is a bug and it'll get fixed because I loved that trash can so much. If it doesn't start giving money again I'll stop using it I guess because I don't love its appearance.

    Your sims are so rich! But I guess you have been going for a long time now. So weird that their bills are only 600! Vlad and Caly's are about 300 and they're a lot poorer.

    Aww thank you. I can't wait to see what the girls look like as teens!

    There are thyroid medications yeah but they don't always help a lot. I was prescribed some meds a few years ago but I also have osteoporosis and thyroid meds can make that worse so I ended up not taking them. Fun times.
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    Tutorials, Gameplay information about packs, and just his thoughts on different things about the game. I don't think there's any Let's Plays, I haven't noticed any, but I could be wrong.

    Yes, there are different rules for each house, but there are the same rules too for each house, for instance; producing an heir, starting out with 0 funds, aging on, not controlling any other Sims except the Drifter, etc. Most of the different rules per house pertain to aspirations/careers and little quests or challenges in relation to those. I love it because it's like starting out fresh with each house, they're not stuck in the same place or house, but it's still the same family line of Sims, like a Legacy. :) It's more like a series of mini challenges all rolled up into one big challenge.

    Yeah, I think I read somewhere you get something like 48 hours after the notification before the ghost is gone forever.

    Really? Well, here's Eddy's wardrobe exactly as it was when he was in the challenge:

    Hmm, I guess most aren't as crazy as I thought looking at them a little closer, except for party, swimwear and maybe cold weather. *shrugs* I thought they were very telling of his childish, goofball nature, but maybe not. :D

    All four? I would love to see that! <3

    I agree about Romeo, he's a total sweetheart. I didn't really know much about him at all though until he collaborated with James Turner. Grant has a very dry sense of humor that a lot of people just don't get.

    Okay, I have the one screenie from in-game, but I'll take one in CAS when I load up to play in a little while and post it later tonight. Do you want it here or sent in a message? Let me know! :)

    Yes, she was only two days into gameplay when she won the lottery. It did kind of bork that save for me. I had her buy a copy of the Delgatos house, Chateau Friese, put it down on the biggest lot in Brindleton Bay and started renovating/remodeling it for her. That place is HUGE though, was taking forever. It's close to finished except for landscaping and the third (or fourth? can't remember how many floors it has) floor needs a lot of work yet. I got overwhelmed and abandoned that save intending to finish later. I don't do well with mansions. :D

    I can see why drones would turn off for those things for children thru elders, but not toddlers. I mean they're just babies really and in real life people Ooo and aww, think it's adorable and innocent seeing stuff like that. There's tons of YT vids just like that with millions of views. People love seeing babies and toddlers do anything. Meh... I guess it ties in with what we were talking about in our recent messages. ;)

    Oh well this is interesting! I have no idea what kind of plans that would be. I'll have to pay closer attention and see if I can guess what it is for Rose. hehe

    I would guess it's genetics all the way. Barbarella's genes sure are strong eh?
    They can start fires at Level 3 too? o.O Uh, guess I need to make my Sims watch the Cooking channel longer than only a couple levels before I let them cook. :D

    I guess the firefighters will sometimes do a 'bow chicka wow wow' dance with sexy music after they've put out a fire. Some Simmers think it's a joke tied into how sometimes people have faux firefighters come dance at certain 'kinds' of parties in real life. If you get my drift. And maybe the fact a lot of people think firefighters are sexy? I mean, there are calendars you can buy featuring nothing but firefighters in various states of dress or rather, undress... :D

    I keep forgetting having toddlers watch other Sims do stuff makes their skills skyrocket. It's a great tip! :D

    I've had Sims retire, but never bothered to look what it said about their 'career' afterward so I have no idea if it's been changed or not. It should say what you said though instead of what it does. I bet it was Kaden, or another ghost that broke it.

    In my game it happens all the time, but yes, especially with ladders. That's the worst I've seen so far. I haven't used stairs in any of my builds since we got ladders. <3

    Aww, you're such a closet romantic. I love it! <3

    I hope you're right! It seems like every time I try to decorate with toys somewhere, the instant I go into live mode, my Sims are running to put away the toys in the toybox! Gah! Leave them there!

    It's always been the pirate ship or the alien/space ship, that's what they call the 'jungle gym' for some reason. What did they change?? Was it the monkey bars in the past? Can you tell I don't usually play with children? o.O Very commendable of you for not wanting to use auras to get in the right emotion. A bubble bath works every time though in my experience. :)

    So far it's been fabulous, hope it has for you too! Off to play Sims in a bit. <3
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,659 Member
    Well, making one of the household sims extinguish the fire is still the better and the best option is a sim doing it on free will :D

    It's the first time - not joking - that I use the trashan. It's so ugly... :D I think I saw something in the bill information tho. I guess the trashcan lowers the bills?

    The patch changed the bills and I don't like that. Well, my gen 6 is already at toddler/child age so there was plenty of time to earn some money ^^

    Same :D Maybe we'll already see them as teens next week. I'm not sure if I should hold a poll then already or hope to get an alien baby in as well :D

    Aw man, what a bummer :/

    Oh cool! I should check them out at some point :)

    But you have to look up all the quests and rules for each house :p Doesn't mean that the challenge isn't super cool! I still want to try it one day. Tho the "only controll the drifter" rule sounds really hard for me :D

    Ah ok, felt like I had more than 48 hours to theoretically save Damian's ghost - if I hadn't messed it up. :D

    Uh, I guess I just forgot what his outfits looked like :joy: Tho he might just be a bit ecentric like Diego Lobo :p

    I will play the game again tomorrow and then try to remember to look at the Queens as women ^^

    The first time I noticed Romeo he was in the Cats & Dogs livestreams :) Goofing around with Grant and a third SimGuru :D It was so much fun to watch them ^^

    You can send it here or in a PM. Whatever you prefer :)

    The Delgato house looks smaller than it is. But it's so big :D I've never played in it but I peaked at it when the pack came out :) You can't renovate or even build a mansion in one sitting lol It takes a few days :p

    There are videos on YT where toddlers are on the potty? Ok... Weird :D

    I haven't dropped the slighest hints about this "future" for Rose at all tho. Maybe - not sure yet - I'll do this in the next chapters ;)

    Yeah, all female sims still have a small waist, broad hips, a big butt and rather big boobs, too ^^ So basically Barbarella's whole body.
    Nah I meant he's level 3 or below. Probably below ^^ Usually I let my sims start with garden salad and fruit salad only but Roger went to the BBQ on free will ^^

    Ah I missed that. I was too busy laughing at Bel's face rushing the toddlers out of the house :D Yeah, I know those parties. Not in person but I've heard about them :joy: I know there's a "sexy fireifighters calendar" each year where they also pose with kittens. I'd only buy it for the kittens :joy:

    It helps with Thinking and watching a sim play an instrument helps with Imagination :)

    It used to say retired "Job level" but that seemed to have changed... James is a Stay-at-Home Dad now :D

    I haven't used ladders yet :sweat_smile:

    It's been two sim days and the toys are sitll on the table. I guess my sims are lazier than yours :joy:

    Nah wait, I thought you said monkey bars :joy: Nothing changed then ^^

    Yes, it's a nice weather! Have a lovely Sunday <3
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,153 Member
    Sure, you do need to look up the rules for each house, but it's not like there's a ton of them for each house. Only controlling one Sim isn't that hard for me since that's usually how I play anyway. But I can see how it would be tough for others. You can still kinda 'control' toddlers/children/teens a little bit with the Parenting skill to influence them too. :)

    It could be longer, that's just what I remember from reading a thread. Perhaps I remembered wrong. :D

    Eddy is eccentric, yes, but his eccentricity is a direct result of being childish and goofy. He's not crazy, just very happy-go-lucky, a bit naive and somewhat innocent. I love the guy and always will. :) Best story mode Sim I've ever had.

    Yay! Looking forward to seeing what they look like. :)

    I remember that stream, it was fun seeing them having so much fun, laughing and enjoying themselves. :) I think it was the first time I'd ever seen Romeo.

    I sent them in a message to you. ;)

    It's gigantic! Gah! It took me much longer than a day to remodel as much as I have, more like a couple weeks or more. I love building, but that house has so many build design problems that needed to be fixed before I could even begin anything else. o.O

    Yeah. LOL :D I guess you'd have to be a Mom to truly understand why they're so special, sweet and funny though. Not weird at all.

    Okay, I'll keep a look out for them. ;)

    Barbarella's legacy will live on I bet until the very end. Not a bad thing in my opinion. It's fun seeing a strong feature carried over generation to generation. At least when it's not something like Vlad's nose, chin or eyes. :D
    Ah, okay, gotcha! *whew* Another good reason to turn autonomy off, they can't start fires on their own. Unless you're into that sort've thing of course, which a lot of Simmers are. No judging here, we all play our own way to have fun which is a very good thing. I'm just not that kind of Simmer, I'm a micromanaging control freak who likes to avoid nasty surprises like that in my game. I love surprises, just not the kind that can harm my Sims. :)

    Aww, there's one with kittens? I'd buy that one too. :) *psst, I'd buy it for the sexy firefighters though too* shhhh...

    Tsk, I wish they hadn't changed that. Bummer. Maybe it's a bug from the last patch and they'll bring it back. I hope so.

    No? Hmm...is there any room in the backyard left? Maybe you could build a tree house or something for all your present and future Legacy kids. I bet they'd love that! :) Or if you have anymore spellcasters, maybe build an attic room for all their magic making stuff accessible by a ladder? Just a thought...

    Well that's good! I'm glad it's working out for you. No dirty dishes! Yay! :D

    It's been a good Sunday so far here, thanks! You too and have a wonderful week ahead! <3
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,659 Member
    When I try it I'll have to take notes to not forget the goals of each house :D Hm, I guess I'm a control freak as I need to control them all actively :D

    I totally forgot Eddy was story mode made :D I mean, he's so handsome when you ignore all the goofy stuff on him :D The game usually doesn't create handsome or beautiful sims by default lol

    Maybe it was Romeo's first stream? It's the first time I saw him, too :) And there were still people who complained about them having fun... -.-

    Build design problems? Do you have any examples? I've never looked this precisely at the house :sweat_smile:

    Haha, probably. Tho I'm one of those who thinks toddlers and kids shouldn't be on the Internet in form of pictures and videos...

    Why do we both think about Vlad in this context? :joy:
    Hm, I wouldn't mind a ghost that died by fire :D Having 10 different sims (died of 10 different ways) would give me a score point. But so far all my sims died of old age. I don't really work on this score point. :p I'm a control freak, too (see first sentence in first spoiler :D ) but in a legacy, there are still tons of surprises... I had a plan for something in the current generation. But the game was like "nope I do it my way" and ruined my plan -.-

    I've read about it. I think it's made in Australia? Not sure tho :D

    It does look like a bug. I mean, it's a bug I can easily ignore. But it's still something minor that bothers me more than it should :joy:

    Hm, I will probably build another house at some point. The current one is hous #4 or #5 anyway :D I guess gen 7 will be the next to get a new one. Just because that's how I am. I might add ladders then. Or build something just for fun and add one there.

    Weeeeeell, the dirty dishes and up on the fireplace now :joy:

    Have a nice week! <3
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,153 Member
    I bookmark each of the house threads to look at while I'm playing if I need to and have the main thread bookmarked to find those threads. Being a micromanaging control freak is one of the reasons I sometimes play challenges where I can't control them. It's my effort to try and break the habit. :D

    Annnnd in this case the game didn't create a handsome Sim either, that was my doing. He looks a lot different than the Sim Story Mode created after I remodeled him. ;)

    It could've been his first, I have no idea. Why would Simmers complain they were having too much fun on the stream? What? Seriously? Why?

    Chateau Frise is a gorgeous mansion, probably one of my favorite premade homes in the entire game, but it wasn't built very well in my opinion. Just take a close look at it sometime and you'll see what I mean. It would take way too long to list everything that needed to be fixed. But for one thing, there's a stairway to the third floor, but it's blocked and the third floor is empty except for some crates. There's a part of the roof missing, balconies that go nowhere, trim that makes no sense, fencing inside that looks ridiculous and that's just what I can remember off the top of my head. o.O

    Maybe because he's a very unique looking Sim, which is good, but not in a good way? :D
    Aw, man, sorry the game ruined your plans. So far the only surprise thing the game has done that 'ruined' anything for me was alien abduction babies and missing urns. That threw a HUGE monkey wrench into my Drifter challenge plans. Do the 10 ghosts have to be your Legacy Sims? Maybe try throwing a party and invite townies or Sims you don't care about. Have a special floor/basement with rooms to lure and trap them, then kill them in different ways? Just a thought...

    Good idea! I have a tree top restaurant in my game built by WrathofCath, but I've never tried to build a tree house myself. Now I'm inspired to try one! ;)

    Tsk, what is wrong with your Sims? Why don't they like washing them or putting them in the dishwasher? Ugh, I can see how that would be SO annoying!
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,659 Member
    For whatever weird reason I dreamed about the challenge last night :joy: I was playing in in first person POV (in the game somehow) and at some point I was like "Oh no! This is a drifter challenge, I'm not allowed to control the other sims!" :D And that's the whole dream... Why are brains so weird when it comes to dreams? :D

    You edited Eddy? :o I never use story mode. It's cool it was added but it's just not my style.

    Maybe, he looked a bit shy at the start of it :) I seriously don't get that either. I mean, there were complaints that the devs didn't show enough enthusiam during livestreams but they probably don't want to be treated like Grant and Romeo who showed enthusiams -.- The livestream with the two goofing around was so fun to watch and it showed how much they enjoyed playing and showing us what they've been working on for so long! I mean, I would be excited to show off my hard work. Let them express it!

    Oh gosh that sounds terrible. It would be faster to just build an all new house :joy:

    Let's name it: Vlad is the ugliest premade sim ever :joy: By the way, I watched Hotel Transilvania 2 on Sunday - I hope that's the English title, too - and as they are vampires (main characters) there was also the grandpa vampire: Vlad :D I resembles the Vlad in ts4 so much from the facial features :D Let me find a pic:

    It was a small detail I hoped would play out but the game decided to go "nope" :D The one thing - big thing - that ruined my plans the most so far were the twins :D But that's my own fault as I use MCCC woohoo. I have no idea if they have to be legacy sims. I think the rules don't state this too detailed. I don't really like killing sims that much tho... And I would be stuck with townie urns... :D

    How would you build a treehouse tho?

    They can only put 4 dishes on the fireplace tho :D So it's something :joy:

    Guess what dumb-dumb - aka me - forgot yesterday? The new chapter -.- I'm going to write it now and then publish it. And the next one will come tomorrow and then we go back to Mo, Wed, Fri updates ^^
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,659 Member
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,153 Member
    LOL That's hilarious! It's obvious you're anxious about not being able to control your Sims in that challenge. Maybe you shouldn't try it afterall. :D I haven't had a Sims related dream in what seems like forever, or any dreams lately.

    I did, yes! I should've taken a screenshot of how he looked before. I've only played one other story mode Sim and I changed up her look as well. I tried a third time to use story mode for an elder Sim, but I didn't like the traits/aspirations/career/skills she was given and didn't save her. It's a fun feature if you have no idea what you want to do with a Sim and want them to have more than the standard simoleans they start out with, plus a job and skills. I usually always know what I want to do though and play Rags to Riches style, so it's not a feature I'll use again very much in the future, if at all.

    I'd rather they had fun in the livestreams while showing off a new pack than sitting there spouting all the features in a monotone. It shows they actually care and enjoy what they're doing. That's one reason why I love streams with Graham. His enthusiasm for the game, his laugh and informative style while still having fun is infectious! There's another Guru like that too, he's a bit new I think, George? Not sure what his name is but he was the one showing off the terrain tool and I believe worked on it the most. Man, that guy was on fire in the stream, so excited to show everything. I loved it! Romeo too has that infectious smile and laugh, he's cute as the dickens which helps as well. :)

    I actually thought about doing that at one point, just bulldozing the whole mess and starting over. :D But, despite all the problems it has, it is a beautiful house. I love the Victorian style and the floor plan wasn't really that awful, it just needed some serious help.

    Hmm, well his dark form is certainly ugly to me, and his 'normal' form leaves a lot to be desired, very true! But, there's one other premade Sim that has some very unfortunate features to me. I wouldn't exactly call her ugly though, she's just very homely. She was one of the first premades I gave a major makeover before I'd let her reside in my custom template save - Mila Munch. I know a lot of Simmers like her exactly the way she is, I just don't and everyone has a right to their own opinion. :) Wow, that vampire looks a lot like Vlad, even has his name! Perhaps the Devs modeled him after that vampire or were inspired by him at least. I've never heard of that show/movie though so I have no idea if it's named the same here or not.
    Surprise births seem to be the biggest thing to ruin plans in our games eh? :D I'm actually glad they had the twins though. Otherwise, you wouldn't have those beautiful girls in your Legacy and I for one would miss them. I don't like killing Sims either and avoid it whenever possible. Broke my heart having to kill Don, wasn't easy having him die twice, let alone knowing I was responsible for the second time. Oh, the urns, yeah, that's true. Hadn't thought about that part. o.O

    It'll be a challenge for sure, but I have some ideas on how to go about it. ;) Hopefully one of them works out. We'll see...

    Ah, okay, only four is better I guess, but still annoying!

    No worries, I just figured you were outside enjoying the weather while you can. I knew you'd get to it at some point. :)

    Current Chapter Comments:
    James does always seem to be smiling eh? Even when his bones are breaking. :D Congrats to him for maxing the Painting skill! \o/

    Oh no! I knew this was coming, but it's still sad when it happens. What's even worse is that nobody could get in the room to say goodbye or possibly plead for another day or two. :'( It's not Goodbye Tempy, it's see you soon! <3

    So weird how her last name changed to Robertson when she died. Why? I've never heard of that happening before. What a weird glitch!

    Whoa! That's a serious chunk of change Roger gets from investing! No wonder they're so loaded now between the Dragonfruit and now this too. o.O

    Aww, poor James losing the love of his life, he looks so sad, makes me sad. Glad it was him that had the honor at least to strengthen Tempy's spirit. :)

    Interesting how Melina came over to say her goodbyes. Did she actually go to the spot where Tempy died and look down at it that way? If so, that's incredible! I didn't think the AI in this game was that intelligent. o.O Did Regan let herself in as well? I'm guessing she was indeed sad about Tempy. It is sad that Blue wasn't sad. Did she not have a relationship with Tempy? When Ella, Don's wife in my Drifter challenge died, he wasn't sad either and they were very much in love, full friendship, romance bars and BFFs. Quite upsetting to be honest. I'll never understand why, just so weird. :(

    Aww, Mary...I see her crush on Daddy is still in full force. Don't worry dear, he'll always love you and you'll always be his little girl. <3

    So do you think Rose and Lily might be identical twins? At least with their facial features? It's hard to tell at that age though. I've had some twins I thought were identical until they became teens and it was then very clear they weren't. I guess we'll find out when they age up. Was Lily very active as a toddler? I've found that being active was more important than how much food they ate in relation to growing up chubby.

    Oh cool, the bubble bath worked then eh? :) They don't stop playing? Well that's good to know. I'll have to keep an eye on my Drifter kids once I start playing that save again after the game's been patched. Whenever that happens...

    Seems like having the logic skill would be advantageous in finding those prints, not detrimental. I think focused is the ideal mood for using the microscope, right?

    I love that t-shirt! I always forget about it though when dressing my children. Opps! It's not only children that holds things in their hands like that. Have you ever watched teens thru elders cook? They all stir pots holding the spoon like that too. *rolls eyes*

    Hello John and April, good to see you two! :) Man, I really dislike that incite cheers action for celebrities. It seems as if that Britney Cho celebrity Sim is always doing that wherever my Sims go. Thorne Bailey too. :/

    Oh, hello there Maralyn! Great to see you too! Even sad from being wet she still looks gorgeous. So happy with how she turned out. :)

    Glad to see Tempy so soon too! Interesting she chose a bar for the first place to show up. Maybe it's because Blue is there and she wanted to find out why she wasn't sad when she died? Blue even has her back turned ignoring her. :( Did they chat at all?

    Blue doesn't seem very enthused about being a celebrity. :D I think she just wants to be done with it all and get back to focusing on her real career as a Scientist, maybe? Or perhaps she just doesn't get it since she's an alien. The celebrity thing is all, er, alien to her. :D

    Great chapter, as always. Looking forward to another tomorrow! \o/ Have a good one! <3
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,659 Member
    That's my first sims related dream :D Maybe you're right and I shouldn't try the challenge... Or I should face my fear :joy:

    The story mode kinda doesn't go well with my playstyle. I want my sims to start off broke, no skills, no friends, nothing. Build up a great life with their bare hands. Story mode ruins that a tiny bit.

    Same opinion! Hm, George rings a bell... I thought Romeo was in the terrain livestream? Wait, was there a second SimGuru? I need to check this now :D And of course I get 2 12 second ads that aren't skipable -.- So there was a new SimGuru, SimGuruGhost but his name is Gregg and not George ^^

    Victorian houses in general are very pretty!

    Mila Munch is ugly in CAS :D But so are many other premades. She looks fine when she walks by the active lot tho. Just don't zoom in on her :joy:

    I have no idea if this movie might not be a German movie only. But I guess it's an American production ^^ Pixar probably or maybe even Disney. There are 3 movies and I've seen 1 and 2. Obviously kids' movies but so hilarious :D

    They are :D I mean a surprise pregnancy at a late age - like in my game - is just so... sad. Like you fear the whole time the kids won't have much time to spend with their parents. :# Hm, true. The twins are beautiful :) But they take up 2 slots I could need for alien babies :p

    For the urns there would be a little trick to get rid of them. I had Nathan do this with the Charm grandma's urn :D It was stuck in his inventory when she died with him around. I didn't want the urn. Nathan gave it to his neighbor as a gift :joy: Wasn't happy about it.

    Weeeeell, I was in front of my computer randomly looking at apartments free to rent :D I'll move in September for teacher training part 2 and I can't stop looking at apartments now :D:D I did it the whole day yesterday, too....
    James is a 24/7 happy sim lol Most of my elder men are tho for whatever reason.

    It was hard to see her go this way :/ I don't let sims plead for more days when it's death of old age tho. The sims had their time, great time imo, so it's ok they go :)

    I noticed before that it had changed. I changed it back to Brennan like twice in CAS. At first I thought I might have clicked the randomize last name button by accident, second time I thought I forgot to change it when I was in CAS. Now I know there's something weirder going on :D

    Don't forget I also had 4 working sims with high salaries only a few sim days ago :D So basically like 27K each day from dragonfruits (they evolved), 2K from James' job, 4K from Tempy's job, 2.5K from Roger's job and 1K from Blue's job :D And then once a week this extra money. I'm close to 2M now :D I've never had this rich sims without cheating!

    It's even harder to see James this sad because he's usually super happy in my game...

    Nope, Melina walked in and went straight for the computer :sweat_smile: Sorry to ruin the impression :D Regan just knocked on the door and left as I only saw her when she turned around to go home. I don't think she was sad because of Tempy. I assume she turned to adult without a birthday. Tempy and Blue didn't have a good relationship. Both were too busy with other stuff.

    No need to ruin my screenshot tho, Mary :p

    So far I'd say the girls are identical. Both would have blue hair, too! The only thing that could be different are the eyes tho. I think Rose hsas Blue's eyes and Lily has Roger's eyes. I already saw at the kids stage that the twins aren't identical. They have different noses, different eyes and of course eye and hair color :)

    Lily maxed the movement skill. She maxed all skills actually :sweat_smile:

    Maybe it's a bug :D But they play without stopping the action. I wonder when the patch comes and when the sale comes lol. I'm getting impatient for the sale...

    Yeah, focused is the right mood. I usually let Blue ponder moves on the chess table for the breakthroughs and then go for the prints. None at all so far :D I only need 2 common ones... So weird.

    The tshirt is the best lol

    *cough* When there's a lot of stuff in a pot and it's a bit hard to stir I hold the spoon like this, too :joy:

    It wasn't incite cheers tho. It was make swoon or something with swoon. They all knocked out :joy: Yes, Brittany Cho is annoying -.- I'm glad she's long dead in my save ^^

    Maralyn is sooooo beautiful! Love her so much! She had another child, btw ^^ I'll send pics as soon as the child is a toddler :) I think it's a girl this time... Kallie :)

    :# Nope, they didn't chat... I canceled all chat interactions Blue got with anyone so she was available for fans to ask for selfies :)

    Haha, yes, Blue doesn't seem too happy to be famous. And she "only" has 4 stars so far...

    Have a nice day! <3
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,659 Member
    And today's chapter:

    Chapter 5.8
    Maybe get some tissues before you open the link.
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 3,610 Member
    Nooo first Tempy, then James! And the twins gone now too... Still, on the bright side that means plenty of room for alien babies!

    Everyone being unable to get into the room to see Tempy's death :D only in the sims...

    You have to keep strengthening a ghost's connection to the physical world don't you? I hope I don't forget when I get ghosts in my legacy.

    Lily does look a lot like Rose! They could be twins! I can't wait to see what they are like as teens :)

    Aww Rose wanting to be blue so that her mum will pay her more attention.

    Omg Blue's fans all collapsed on top of one another! That's a great glitch :D

    Caly rejects most autograph requests too!

    Poor Blake :( she is gorgeous even when she's sad! That reminds me, do you think you could upload Kevin and Cam's kids to the gallery some time? I'd love to have them!

    The peeing fire bug! I haven't come across that in my game yet, probably because Vlad doesn't pee since he is a vampire. I will have to watch Atlas or Epimetheus next time they pee lol.

    I think having space rocks in a sims' inventory makes them more likely to be abducted so that's a good plan with Roger.
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