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Friday Highlight August 16th - A week in The Sims forums

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I'm back (for now) ;) ! Happy Friday Simmers!

How was your week? For me 'photography' is what comes to mind when I think of the past few days, and I have noticed I'm not the only one!:

@Hermitgirl's photo of their photo wall, found here. Has anyone taken a photo of their Sim taking a photo?

  • Of course, photography had to be present in the list of topics you should check out this week. @applefeather2 is looking for 'Photography tips & tricks' in their thread, and I'm sure you have some of your own to share with everyone! Your Sims are ready for you to practise and decorate their homes!
  • When you (or your Sims) are done with so many photos, let's take a look at some drawings! @Loves2draw1812 is converting Sims to impressive art in 'Want a drawing of your Sim?'. <3 Definitely worth a visit!
  • Our next stop is a poll by @Atreya33, who has opened a discussion around 'Where do your vampires live?'. Forgotten Hollow is always there as an option, but it's not the only one! I mean, Del Sol Valley is an option... whether a good one or not that's another story... and one I'm now tempted to try in my game!
  • Speaking of worlds, let me ask you: have your Sims visited Selvadorada recently? @Chazzzy started a topic around that a couple weeks ago, still open for you to join (and maybe tempt you to take your Sim on vacation)!: 'How often do you explore the jungles?'.
  • Last but not least, let's move from exploring Selvadorada to The Sims 3 section on the forums! Or maybe, to this luxury chalet in the mountains. '@soocoolsim's Showcase' is full of awesim creations waiting to be added to your games! ;)

That's it from me this week, Simmers - I hope you enjoyed the list!

Happy weekend, and happy Simming!

PS. Psst some of The Sims 4 content is on sale on Origin! ;)
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