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  • AlphaFen
    Would you please change my username to AlphaFFrog? Thank you
    May 30
  • GPH

    (1) Tree house!
    (2) Fairy/ pixie party house!
    (3) Extra animal toys!
    (4) Extra animal beds!
    (5) Factory departments!
    (6) Factory jobs!
    (7) Supermarket departments!
    (8) Supermarket jobs!
    (9) Retail departments!
    (10) Retail jobs!
    (11) Beauty salon departments!
    (12) Beauty salon jobs!
    (13) Art departments!
    (14) Art jobs!
    (15) Swimming life guard departments!
    (16) Swimming life guard jobs!
    (17) Big school departments!
    (18) Big school jobs!
    (19) Nursery departments!
    (20) Nursery jobs!
    (21) Primary school departments!
    (22) Primary school jobs!
    (23) College departments!
    (24) College jobs!
    (25) University jobs!
    (27) Administration office departments!
    (28) Administration jobs!
    (29) Cars for travelling!
    (30) Vans for travelling!
    (31) Buses for public transport travelling!
    (32) Company lorries for travelling!
    (33) Trains for public transport travelling!
    (34) Delivery driver jobs/ lorry drivers and van drivers!
    (35) More house roofs!
    (36) Extra flowers!
    (37) Squirls!
    (38) Bats!
    (39) Birds!
    (40) Ball room department!
    (41) Cows!
    (42) Sheep!
    (43) Insects!
    (44) Hedge hogs!
    (45) Parrots!
    (46) Pigs!
    (47) Seagulls!
    (48) Extra fish tanks!
    (49) Extra fish!
    (50) Road signs!
    (51) Extra cafe shop departments!
    (52) Extra restaurant departments!
    (53) Sports departments!
    (54) Sports jobs!
    (55) Hospital departments!
    (56) Hospital jobs!
    (57) Police departments!
    (58) Police jobs!
    (59) Helicopters!
    (60) Helicopter jobs!
    (61) Red telephone box!
    (62) Red letter mail box!
    (63) Street bins!
    (64) Street bin cleaner jobs!
    (65) Mobile phone shops!
    (66) Mobile phone shop jobs!
    (67) Motorways!
    (68) Motorway traffic officer cars!
    (69) Hotel departments!
    (70) Hotel receptionist jobs!
    (71) Police cars!
    (72) Police camera vans!
    (73) Farming jobs!
    (74) Horse riding jobs!
    (75) Farmer jobs!
    (76) Security jobs!
    (77) Shoe shop!
    (78) Shoe shop jobs!
    (79) Glasses opticians shop!
    (80) Glasses opticians shop jobs!
    (81) Belly piercing!
    (82) Tongue piercing!
    (83) Extra tattoos! (Dolphins) (Stars) (Dolphins) (Fairies) (Moon) (Hearts) (Butterflies) (Flowers) and more shapes!
    (84) Fish tank decorations!
    (85) Food supermarket isles!
    (86) Drink supermarket isles!
    (87) Nose hoop piercings!
    (88) Tongue piercings!
    (89) Belly piercings!
    (90) Upper ears piercing!
    (91) Tragus ears piercing!
    (92) 🌺🌺🌺🌺 piercing!
    (93) Car parks!
    (94) Bus stations!
    (95) Train stations!
    (96) Railway track!
    (97) Airplanes for travelling!
    (98) Airports!
    (99) Crains!
    (100) Space Rockets!
    May 30
  • NadaAuf
    Hello! Could you please help me with changing my game-specific identity? I want to change it from LadyUnusual to NadaAuf
    Thanks very much!
    May 28
  • Taylor_Barfield
    Is it possible to change my username from Taylor_Barfield to "Duterus" or "Duderus" if the first one isn't allowed? When I created my profile (over a year ago) I just made my username the name of my original sim. The new name is my gamer tag everywhere else!

    Thank you!
    May 27
  • TinyWhiteThang
    Can you please change my username from "TinyWhiteThang" to "tinywhitethang" ?
    May 26
  • beville
    Hello EA_Mai, I have a question. Last year around Oct. my computer stop working and at that time I had all the packs installed. So yesterday I finally had a chance to get my computer fixed and when I went downloaded all my packs that I bought I noticed one thing! Cats and dogs was not in the game and I don't know what happened. It says that I own it but I can't download it. Please help I was so excited about getting my computer fixed and now I'm disappointed that I'm missing pets still. Thank you for your time
    May 20
  • Zoe_Rickard
    Hi Mai, I'm pretty sure in 2016 I changed my username, it seems to have reverted back to my full name or maybe the process never finalised?
    Could you please change my username to Zorga or ZorgaSimmer


    May 17
  • LauraR
    You closed my thread referring me to a bug thread that actually is nothing like what I'm experiencing. This was not at all helpful.
    May 15
    • lisasc360
      Any game issues that you have need to be posted over on the AHQ site as that is where EA and the game developers wants them at... :)
  • Lenabubbles82
    Hi @EA_Mai Would it be possible to get my forum name changed from Lenabubbles82 to LenaSimsHomes, have it changed on Origin etc.

    Thank you :)
    May 14
  • Kahaeri
    Hello Mai, could I ask for a name change. I would like to change my forum name to Kahaeri.
    I hope you don't mind me asking. Thank you!
    May 13
  • ChristineRose5
    Hello, I hope you're well. Can you assist me with changing my game specific identity to ChristineRose05? Thank you for your help in advance.
    May 13
  • mikolajuchman
    Hello Mai, is it possible to change my Game Identity to Mikolaj? If that's not available, then MikolajU. Thank you ♥
    May 12
  • Greennumberthree
    Hi EA_Mai, I got advised by Rosemow to contact you for this issue. The issue being. I want to change my email address for my account. How can I do that?
    May 11
  • simitatia
    Hi, I'd like my Game Specific Identity for The Sims 4 on origin to be simitatia. Could you help with that please? Thank you so much!
    May 9
  • Kahaeri
    helllo, could you change my name to Kahaeri. Thank you!
    May 9
  • dylansimmer
    Hello Mai, I'd like my Origin ID to change to match my Sims 4 gallery. Currently it's dylanperri and I'd like it to be dylansimmer. I seem to be unsearchable in the gallery (oh no!)
    Please let me know if you need anything further.
    May 9
  • Simbellish
    Can you please contact me regarding changing my game specific identities?
    May 3
    • Simbellish
      Disregard 😉 I read below it’s Irrelevant
  • MissSimFreak
    Hi good day. Can you change my name to ND2678 please.
    May 2
  • xCottonCandi
    Hey there! I would like to request a forum name change, if that’s alright! I’d love my new forum name to be —-> myrakiii
    If it’s not too much trouble, of course!
    May 2
  • bluebubblegum01
    Hello! If it's not too much of a problem, I'd like to request a name change to reflect my social media accounts. If it could please be changed to---> darkroomxdaisy that would be amazing! TIA!!
    May 2
  • Kayrey1018
    Hi EA_Mai, I was wondering if I could request a name change. :) If you wouldn, could you change my forum/gallery name to Kayrey18 (or if that is taken KosmicKayy)... I would so appreciate it!! You are the best!
    April 30
  • originuser
    Hi! I'm sure you remember Sims 2 and the turn ons/offs trait our sims had. I feel like you're the closest thing to the big boss (lol) and hope you can pass along an idea! Sims 4 should get a stuff pack for in depth personalities, similar to Parenthood. but for adults obvi and the opportunity to set up attractions and other personality traits. Just a thought I wanted to express! Stay safe & healthy!
    April 25
  • MissSimFreak
    Hi good day can you change my name to ND2678
    April 24
    • MissSimFreak
      sorry i signed onto the wrong account. please change my name to ND2678 for my other account. I requested the name change April 17th. My message is above lizzie205 message.
  • skylarxe
    Hi Mai, can you please change my username to MackieYT? or YTMackie if the first one is taken? Thank you!!
    April 24
  • Otsena
    Hi, Mai (lol that rhymed) Could I request a username change to Otsena? Thanks!
    April 20
    • EA_Mai
      Can't say no when you know how to pronounce my name ;)
  • JustinRide
    Hello Mai! Would you be ale to change my name to "JustinRide"? Thank you! :3
    April 18
    • EA_Mai
      Enjoy the new name!
  • JDSimz
    Hi, Mai! I see you have a few other name change requests so I hope it's not a bother if I request one as well. If it's not too much trouble I would like my username to be changed to "Jaydee" Thank you so much!
    April 22
  • VickiVampiress
    Hi Mai! Hope this isn't too much trouble, but could you change my username to "VickiVampiress"? I've always sort of regretted my current one.

    Thanks a lot! <3
    April 3
  • VictoriaPlumSims
    Hello can delete my forum account please?
    April 10
    • EA_Mai
      Hi VictoriaPlumSims, this is something you would need to get in contact with our advisors through EA Help for :) >>
    • VictoriaPlumSims
      Thank you! :)
  • Nickycaida
    Hi good day can you change my name to ND2678
    April 17

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