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#PlayWithLife - Your stories!


  • SimmyFroggySimmyFroggy Posts: 1,762 Member
    EA_Mai wrote: »
    We’re celebrating all the ways The Sims has impacted millions of lives. Be who you want. Create who you want. Express yourself with The Sims. Play With Life.

    Why do YOU play The Sims?

    I play The Sims because it lets me explore my creativity when building, because it gives me a space to get away from reality when I need it. Because it's fun and it has been fun 20 years ago. I played TS1 back then as a 20yo and it's as enjoyable now as it was then. Better, even. And now I get to share the fun with my kid.

    I love that the video shows how much TS can help people as much as it's "just" a fun way to spend time. That's what matters, after all.
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  • PrincipleOfEntropyPrincipleOfEntropy Posts: 388 Member
    We care about our players.

    That'll be $800 please.
  • Sigzy05Sigzy05 Posts: 19,378 Member
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    We care about our players.

    That'll be $800 please.

    We care about our players! "Let me present to you My First Pet Stuff".
  • Jasonschick80Jasonschick80 Posts: 664 Member
    Why do I play the Sims? Because irl it doesnt matter how many pomegranate seeds I eat, no ones coming for me and at least in the sims I can dress them up as fairies and go disturb their fairy circles and be whisked away by the Fae ;p, Im picking y'all, but seriously, I enjoy because I can let my creativity run wild and sometimes even wilder with the help of mods. Im glad that it is a sort of therapy or escape for others, sometimes that may be the only thing keeping some of us sane. Happy Simming to all and many blessings!!
  • Lady_BalloraLady_Ballora Posts: 514 Member
    It is very clear to me that the video is made to get new young players. I love the message but it fails to represent the older simmers.

    The game is almost 20 and there are people playing it since the very beginning. Some of them were kids back then but many others were already teens or adults.

    I wish this kind of campaigns didn't ignore older players. EA shouldn't take them for granted. They are the loyal fan base that has supported the game through good times and bad times alike.

    I'm in my 30s and play the Sims since I was a teen. I love it and couldn't imagine my life without it.

    Please, don't just focus on getting new players. Without the loyal ones, The Sims would have been long gone.

    Im a bit confused by this response. Im 29 and ive been playing since the sims 1. I think this game caters to all ages. Not sure how they are supposed to change the game or the marketing to please older people.

    The marketing needs to be changed to include older players. People arent' asking EA to "change to please older players", they're asking EA to INCLUDE older players in marketing. Sims 1 was marketed towards all ages...Sims 2 was marketed for all ages..even Sims 3 was marketed for all ages. It seems like Sims 4 is marketed for people ages 12-29. After 5 years,people who are STILL asking for things like fire fighters,newspapers,dog houses,babies as actaul Sims instead of boring objects,etc keep getting ignored by EA,while EA keeps giving us useless things like RPG-driven packs, all young adults on the Sims covers,etc.

    And we're STILL waiting for bugs and glitches to be fixed by EA. EA NEEDS to change in order to draw more people in,because kids and young adults arent going to want to stick with a game that makes unwanted changes and still has bugs from 5 years ago. The target audience that EA is so desperatly tryin to please will just go on to other games and not even look at Sims 4.
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  • Teena94Teena94 Posts: 65 Member
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    I've been playing since my big brother introduced me to the Sims 1 years back. I play now to escape when I can't get out of bed. I have a LOT of health issues, from t1 diabetes, leaking kidneys and depression and anxiety to CFS/ME. It's got a lot worse over the past few months and I'm finding that I'm spending a lot of my days in bed, unable to move my legs because my muscles just give up when I've done too much and especially after days at work.

    The Sims is a huuuuuge escape for me. I play my little artist Sim who lives in a little hut in Sulani. I escape the rainy days in England and am transported to the tropical island where I want to be. My sim does her painting in her free time on her little balcony, but also has a full time job as a Master of the Real. I'm hoping to eventually get her married and have her start a family, something I'm not sure I'll ever have IRL.

    So yeah, the sims is an escape. But I also love how realistic it is. I don't crumble at the thought of my sims getting sick and failing. In fact, I want more realism, just because I like dramatic storylines and such. But anyway, regardless, I love the sims and am so grateful to the developers for constantly making it even better for us.
  • BloosmooBloosmoo Posts: 728 Member
    I got redirected from another thread onto here. So, the video. Don't get me wrong I know that young sells, young means fun, it means fresh, it means exciting and that's great, we all want the game to sell so they can put some of those sales into the game to improve it further, but... And it's a big but, (and not just because it's mine) for a game that claims to be inclusive of everyone no matter what ethnicity, what sexuality, size, disability or ability, it shoots itself in the foot by being utterly and totally ageist. All this video shows is that if you're 13 and you want to play the game, you won't be represented even though the game is marketed for you (because hey, you don't want to be teens right? You want to be young adults in charge of their lives!) If you're an adult you won't be represented (Well you did want to grow up and be in charge of your own life, but now you have a job and responsibilities you dont' have time to play games. pfft!) Well who needs to bother representing elders or giving them anything to do (One step away from death let them get on with it.) So in a way this video is exactly what The Sims is about. If you're a young adult, you're sorted in the game and you can be exactly who you want and steal that sisters man! It's okay to like the same sex, it's okay to be disabled, it's okay it's okay it's okay. But the rest of you....kids can shut up and play video games from toddler up until they are young adults. Adults can look forward to being elders and hang around in pubs if they are lucky, maybe go fishing. Elders, you can't even go jogging or woohoo without dropping dead on the spot, here's an urn, get in line. Now that's fun for everyone! As I said in the previous thread, I'm 50 and this miffs me a bit, not because I feel as though I personally am being over looked. Purely that a game that claims it includes everyone plainly does not. I know we could all make the arguement that nobody needs to sell the sims to those of us who have played from S, but we grew up in love with a game and bought the following series without question and up until S4 all life states were given enough unique interactions, clothing options, things to do that everyone no matter what the lifestate was included. S4 has fallen flat on it's face with that, what happened to kids games? I mean actual physical kids games where they ran around doing something? What happened to elder interactions with grandchildren? What happened to teens clothing catagories, proms ect? The only message the Sims is currently putting across is that you are only worthy of being represented if you are a young adult and it's not good enough. If the elder players who feel the same way I do decided to withdraw their support, EA would suffer a blow in it's finances because lets face it...those of us who are Adults, have money to spend in the real world that young adults finding their way do not. Adults are more likely to buy the game as a gift for their kids/grandkids. And lets face it as the Sims likes to point out the older you get the more wobbly you get, this is the demographic that will play the Sims themselves because those unfortunate enough to be an adult with disabilities have a bit more time on their hands if they are lucky! I know this is turning into a rant but it's time that EA pullled their fingers out of their ears and listened across their demographic at what those of us in the real world want across the life states instead of promoting this young, beautiful aesthetic and then claiming it's a game inclusive of everyone. No, oh no it's is not and that in a nutshell is my problem.

    As a rule I'm usually laid back and I really enjoy the game, but it really is doing my head in that everyone is represented, shouts about being represented, how great it is to be able to be openly gay and be represented in a game (and believe me it is) But nobody is shouting how great it is to be older than a ya, or younger than a ya, and represented in this game. I can only hope that those who make the choices (bad ones in this case) realize this and understand the message that they are sending across. Children, Teens, Adults and Elders in real life and in the sims need to be represented and included because darn it....we matter too!
  • brackencat31brackencat31 Posts: 308 Member
    I m 42, I’ve been playing since sims 1, I still remember how sims 2 blew my mind with the generations. I m still hooked, I find it relaxing and I love creating lots of different characters and families and rotating around, a bit like my own soap opera. 😀
  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 6,580 Member
    I think EA/Maxis should go back to the drawing board with their advertising and make it the fun type that attracted Simmers in the other iterations as I don't like talking heads type adverts but I don't like being talked down to as if I were a child in the headmasters study either.

  • DragonCat159DragonCat159 Posts: 1,895 Member
    edited July 2019
    For whatever reason somebody plays the sims or any game is not my business. Be it if it calms your, allows expression of creativity outlook and play out different scenarios. There's was no "do not" in my reply. I'm just saying a game can't really fix it, because that's the opposite impression the video gives. I was talking about the flaws in the promotion, not the choice why player decide to play it. If you wanna make an advertisement interesting, how about these individual share their stories than "Hey I'm different irl, and I had go through...". Rambling about that in a promotional material for a product is not really a good thing unless a campaign of sorts that deals with these issues.

    The video partially is not representative if we go about the lines these people were scripted and cut-in-the-final-shot to say. How many play the game while exclaiming "Oh wow, I can play my virtual self in a setting where everybody is equal and tolerant"? Isn't that why many play the game? No?
  • DragonCat159DragonCat159 Posts: 1,895 Member
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    Sigzy05 wrote: »
    There's a reason the video is hated for, and If you want to classify as it "hate" and "toxic" I find it very unfortunate. Reminder, a company is there to make a profit out of game, not to be your friends. Respect isn't given, it's received in result for satisfying consumers. Blame the company for that, yourself for steering into the negative, but don't blame others for spreading "negative" on how they're displease with the actions the company is making and taking. I know it's hard, but try to avoid as much of it.

    Here's the thing I find wrong in the video/ad:
    1. People that been gather from the addition just have to be ones that are disabled/bullied person of color/transgender person that's been frustated/confused about own sexuality. Nothing wrong with that per say, but when it comes from EA it makes very preachy and politically correct. It's a double standard from a company that's known to be intolerant and actually inclusive. Was it really necessary to make promotional video that victimizes minority groups, instead of you know being about the GAME??? material? Also, very hypocritical to invite a disabled person to share her struggles, when most of us know how you talk back to these people from their feedback.
    2. The choice for age group; demography it's catering. If this didn't made you aware of it, then it's pretty clearly: Another "plum" finger from EAxis that veterans can eff of, casual players are our consumer base to dime and nickle their pockets. And it clear from the coverart to the people in this video depicted, this latest installment is here to cater, and only cater of young age (people in their 20's)
    3. Some of lines from these are quite cringy: for instance: "I always thought that the term beautiful meant blonde hair and blue eyes". Idk what message she's trying to convey, other than ludicrous "oh wow, a video game convinced me an outlook that anybody is beautiful" and it scream "oh no, why a racial minority isn't receiving enough love?!". Then there's other: "It's not a game. It's life". Partially I agree that the game entails said concept, but not for the fact it's a teacher of life or whatever.
    4. Trivial, but I'm not sure if they're genuine talking about the latest installment, which is 100% what EA is trying to introduce new players to. How people express the sims game is about creating drama, which is quite ironic as many don't seem to passively encounter it in TS4. What drama? Break up between a talking toilet and a doghouse figment? Pls. False advertisement / Mishap marketing
    5. Misleading idea for why players play The Sims 3. Idk about these people, but half of the players possibly don't play the game to renact their lifes or recreate themselves in a virtual creepy. Most, if not a good half of chunk of fandom find playing themselves quite 'creepy'.
    6. When the franchise was still somewhat passionate and caring to its fan base, even when some of it was lost in TS3 era. Sales first, investors consumers; consumers last. The amount of laid back videos that developers created as past time are old gone since Get Together. Comparing this video to the "PlayWithLife" one where it tries to be deliberately "emotional touching" and baiting instead of funny and creativity like below:

    I’m sure someone worked hard on this video and thought it was a good idea, but the question “why do you play Sims” literally isn’t being answered. They are talking about how this game provides a safe space for them to “express themselves and be who they really are” outside of their real life. Yeah, it’s 2019 do that in the real world and not behind a computer screen, like everyone else.

    ...You were a bully in school, right?
    "Somebody is not emotional touch by this video, don't respond sympathically so I must assume and ask that you must be(en) a bully!" And to be frank, as a person that I been bullied by others in a school (4-8 grade in my country), I have to agree with drake. All this video is ex ploys people to purchase the game by pulling heart strings, because a black woman was bullied in school and I should 'feel' sorry. Daddy called you a scooter? I don't give a plum, I been insulted a lot of hurtful things like that "I'm a girl", "You are a piece of plum", etc.. Either deal with it, or share it with somebody else that is your friend. I wouldn't have the guts and nerves to play a victim of crying about bad traumas If I were in this video. It comes off as very ME-ME-LISTEN-2-ME kind of way.

    How about EA does a good thing for a change and teach people to stand up for bullies, instead of putting a victim to share a backstory for the sake of making a monetarily profit.
    Simburian wrote: »
    I’m sure someone worked hard on this video and thought it was a good idea, but the question “why do you play Sims” literally isn’t being answered. They are talking about how this game provides a safe space for them to “express themselves and be who they really are” outside of their real life. Yeah, it’s 2019 do that in the real world and not behind a computer screen, like everyone else.

    Stick to making games please. These dramatic, heavily scripted videos aren’t good, at all. It could have been a fun video until it turned into something that borderlines propaganda IMO. Unpopular opinion, but that’s how it feels to me. Not sincere at all, and very hand picked to get specific messages across to specific groups of people.

    Try to be more like "everyone" else isn't a good message. I'm not the type of person who believes in fitting in for the sake of conformity. And your message is also very one note. Some people might have anxiety or depression and The Sims is the type of game where they can shape their own world , one where "they" feel more accepted or one thats less scary than the real one. Try a little compassion. I think that there should have been a different way to present this side of the sims community but I don't agree with this mindset.

    I’m not sure I can respond to this comment without my point being misunderstood so I am going to pass going into detail. IMHO I believe a lot of the video content was over-dramatic, and it missed the mark. I am not one to pity someone else because they want to complain about how hard they have it. I have my own problems to worry about.
    I’m sure someone worked hard on this video and thought it was a good idea, but the question “why do you play Sims” literally isn’t being answered. They are talking about how this game provides a safe space for them to “express themselves and be who they really are” outside of their real life. Yeah, it’s 2019 do that in the real world and not behind a computer screen, like everyone else.

    ...You were a bully in school, right?

    @Beardedgeek no, and frankly this is a valueless comment that I am reporting. Please put me on block or ignore or something so you can get me out of your head and stop trying to put words in my mouth thanks!

    It does come over as bullying though as you comment over most positive posts and probably you don't understand that others don't like being told continually that they are in the wrong and you are right. Possibly you might be but you are playing the wrong game and should try something else perhaps to cheer you up a bit? Have a good day.

    (Probably got both on ignore as I only see your posts when someone replies to you) :)

    A negative opinion is not bullying @Simburian. If you are going to advertise that you have me on ‘ignore’ then please use that function and ignore me. I’m not getting into a back and forth with you.

    Your posts had a very mocking tone and was very dismissive of people that aren't like you. And shows a lack of being informed. Some people have actual emotional and psychological conditions that can't be fixed by just telling them to go and do something about it in the "real world". No one asked you to fix or deal with any of their problems either.

    So thats why your comments feel very bully like .
    That's because you can't fix those game in a virtual game? People that have these conditions I would advice talking to somebody who would listen about their struggles, be a friend or a hotline call. Why come to a platform to create a emotional response from anonymous people you don't know or never seen.

    Even the ads were better in TS3 lol
    To be fair, the trailers that marketed TS4 at the beginning weren't that bad. I love the one with wood crafted, amber and the actual drama (scripted? in game?) when the first video was leaked of the love triangle. Now it's going the edgy route to be all inclusive, when we all know EA is bad at doing.

    Seeing GLAAD praise Maxis/EA on Twitter as being "groundbreaking" for having a girl/girl relationship on the cover really annoys me. To get those two girls in your game you'd have to download them from the gallery, or have them pop up as randoms in CAS when you open it up. In CAS, you can't set girlfriend or boyfriend relationships, meaning that the relationship literally doesn't exist in the game as it comes. They're praising them for a superficial image on the cover that isn't even reflected in the game unless players force it.

    The two of them don't even come as a pair, you have to get them separately.
    Oh just look how everything aligns. Thank for being all diversive and inclusive, but can't do ❤️❤️❤️❤️ right when necessary. Oh boy, when there's a pride month they're eyes flickered with dollar sign to take advantage of that.
  • BrittanyChick22BrittanyChick22 Posts: 2,116 Member
    At first I didn't understand the concept of the sims. I thought it was lame and pointless and nothing like bustin out. I wasn't interested until my Fiancee introduced me into sims 3, and showed me what you can do in the game. After that, I fell in love with the game. Shortly after that, I found out there was huge community that played the game too.

  • EA_RtasEA_Rtas Posts: 2,874 EA Community Manager
    Alright folks I've removed a lot of off topic discussion in here. Let's keep this thread on topic please.
  • PHOEBESMOM601PHOEBESMOM601 Posts: 14,592 Member
    I came to The Sims as an older player when an Internet friend introduced me to the franchise. I had recently moved from the west coast to the east coast and a very different life to take care of family responsibilities. In a new place without knowing many people, a curtailed social life and needing to care for an elderly family member TS3 became a new world, friends and a place to go when I really needed it.

    I so loved TS3 that I became a TS2 EP collector haunting Ebay and game sites to add to my experiences. I'm accepting of TS4 and along with 2 and 3 I play it but I can't say that with it's more superficial content I would have been so infatuated with the game.

    I really can say that TS3 helped me though a difficult adjustment in real life.

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  • tinahjalmartinahjalmar Posts: 1,589 Member
    I've been playing the Sims since the beginning. I thought it'd be a great game to play to play on my computer, and I've been hooked ever since. I love this game so much, I've can play the game for hours and lose track of time. I enjoy this game so so, so much!
  • PrincipleOfEntropyPrincipleOfEntropy Posts: 388 Member
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    Any particular reason you specifically left out older players? I'd be interested in hearing their stories, seeing as they're the ones with more experience in life. You say you're open to everything in the application but then leave out older people.

    I only got into The Sims 1 back in the day because my older brother taught me how to play it. He's 30 now.

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  • ListentoToppDoggListentoToppDogg Posts: 2,103 Member
    Play with life- your stories

    Only if you are a 16-25 year old I guess :/
  • HoveraelHoverael Posts: 1,161 Member
    i'm over my 30's and this game fills a niche that no other game has really filled in at all. when TS4 came out at 100% off in promotion a while ago and got it on origin, at first i didn't think it would be something of interest but i started playing it and in just over a month and half from playing until now, i've got 500 hours into it already and on a first name basis with some of the bugs and some of the mechanics now as well as who is where and what they are like.

    So how this changed my life? it gives me something to do in my spare time and allows me to explore those creative impulses and play out a simulated fantasy. No other game has gotten that amount of mileage out me, it's crazy! :smiley:
  • TheLastStarTheLastStar Posts: 164 Member
    I first started playing the sims 1 when I was about 11. It was around 2007 probably and by that stage the sims 2 had been released but I didn't know about it at first. I found the sims 1 in a discount shop when it was on sale and got the base ame and a few expansions for really cheap. I instantly fell in love with it because it was a great distraction from my own life which was very difficult at that stage due to bullying and ostracising. Eventually I found out that the sims 2 as a thing and II began playing that and that's when I really began to delve into it because it included teenagers. I had a very rough adolescence and the sims helped me create the life I was desperately wishing I could in the real world.

    A time progressed I began focusing more on the creative aspects of the game. Now, I mostly play it because I adore creating sims. I spend most of my play time mucking around in CAS trying to make unique, beautiful sims. I've shared a few and gotten pretty positive responses to them.

    The sims really did help me at some dark times in my life. I'm happy to say I'm 24 now and that stage of my life is over, but this game really gave me a release wen I needed it. Even if I couldn't be who I wanted in reality, I could always be anything in the sims <3
  • aamaya31aamaya31 Posts: 39 Member
    Sims touches so many of my favorite traits in games; character creation, role-play, organization, customization, choice to play loosely or with detail-orientated mindset, community sharing, continuous new content, etc. Plus the unique genetic system is my favorite feature. I played Sims 1, then got almost all of the Sims 2 expansions and I played many many hours (especially with University). Now I'm playing Sims 4 and I'm excited for more. It's one of the few games I always fall back on when I'm not sure what I want to play, but I know I'll have fun on.
  • WelshSimmerWelshSimmer Posts: 5 New Member
    I genuinely loved this trailer, it was strangely made the sims more human in my mind. Think I played for another 10+ hours after watching it :D
    I agree with the posts above they could have added older simmers, although it represented my age it wouldn't necessarily all of the sims community :)
  • Writin_RegWritin_Reg Posts: 28,907 Member
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    Reality. I have cancer - it the only way I can play with life now. It gives me joy and laughter. I play one day at a time - does not even phase me what packs are coming - although I would love to see them what ever they may be.

    To me it is more than just a game. It gives me joy.
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    "Games Are Not The Place To Tell Stories, Games Are Meant To Let People Tell Their Own Stories"...Will Wright.

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  • MVWdeZTMVWdeZT Posts: 3,072 Member
    I started playing the Sims soon after my husband got out of the hospital after a 7-week stay. I needed something fun in my life, and was hooked immediately. That was 12 years ago, and I've been through TS2, TS3, TSM, and now TS4, enjoying every iteration. I, too, was disappointed that the video didn't include any older adults -- no empty nesters, no cancer survivors, no elders. I think that older adults are a huge, untapped market, but I guess EA isn't interested.
  • Writin_RegWritin_Reg Posts: 28,907 Member
    Where the age for the game is teen and up then all ages teen and up should be considered - our opinions need to matter as much as anyones other wise it is discrimination in my opinion. Look at it this way our devs are not teens and they make the game. The company - EA is not ran by 20 year olds - the game TOS claims to not discriminate - yet it seems if we are older players it does not matter what we think. If one is 12 and up we need to matter too. "NO discrimination" should be the rule Everywhere when it comes to the Sims games.

    "Games Are Not The Place To Tell Stories, Games Are Meant To Let People Tell Their Own Stories"...Will Wright.

    In dreams - I LIVE!
    In REALITY, I simply exist.....

  • MidnightAuraMidnightAura Posts: 5,748 Member
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    It doesn’t matter what anyone of the age of 25 thinks. We are irrelevant. Gotta be the only franchise I can think of that basically gives loyal fans the middle finger.

    And if they don’t, why was the casting call for 15-25 year olds?
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