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  • TinySpaceFoxTinySpaceFox Posts: 1,104 Member
    Logan is beautiful! That picture right below the gif… how could you say no to those eyes? :love: He gives off a player/womaniser vibe to me, not unlike Flynn/Eugene himself, so that makes your gif all the more fitting :tongue:
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,686 Member
    Thanks for looking @coco :) I couldn't leave awesome 'cos on iPad in bed and get error messages when I try so will come back in morning to do that. Thanks again and Logan is drop dead gorgeous <3
  • cocococo Posts: 2,714 Member
    @TinySpaceFox I know right. He's saying "pleaseeeeee play me, don't leave me in the simbin with all the others" :lol: Thank you very much :heart: I hope exam prep is going well for you :smile:
    @mikezumi If I didn't have to work tomorrow I would keep looking, it's so frustrating when you can't find something! It's just turned midnight here so I better get to sleep, good night :smile:
  • KevinL5275KevinL5275 Posts: 2,450 Member
    Logan looks great to me, too. You did an excellent job from what I know.

    As a guy, I can tell you which female sims are pretty, but I wouldn't know where to begin on a male sim.
    I'm a 48 year old married man, with a beautiful wife, a cat, and a simverted personality.My Sims 3 Pictures
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,686 Member
    @coco You better play him! A sim like that can't just gather dust in your bin! :#
    Don't stress about the hair! I know I have some stuff I have had for years and can't remember name or creator so wouldn't have a clue where it came from or where to look!
  • cocococo Posts: 2,714 Member
    edited June 2019
    I gave CravenLestat's Shealynn a vintage inspired makeover :smile:



    Here is a closer look at afai1261's Jules. He sure is nice to look at :smile:

    I couldn't not take a picture of Logan since he was nearby.

    Oh to be in Shealynn's spot right now :lol:

    All her clothes were from the Store (apart from the layered shirt accessory) and if there's one thing that bothers me it's how high the hair sits on her head. I think most if not all Store hairs are like that for some reason :angry:
  • cocococo Posts: 2,714 Member
    New photoshoot with CravenLestat's latest sim Colette Davis. Her aspiration is to be a chef but I fancy her as a bit of a gamer on the side. Her favourite colour is blue so I tried to follow a theme with that :smile:

  • thuggishsplicerthuggishsplicer Posts: 1,722 Member
    She's a knockout! ^_^
    Craven is getting better at making girls. *several claping hands emoticon*
  • cocococo Posts: 2,714 Member
    @thuggishsplicer I know right, he's so talented at making pretty simmies :smiley:
  • SunnyyesjamsSunnyyesjams Posts: 541 Member
    Logan is so cute! Look at his puppies eyes omo, makes me wanna baby him :p I agree with Fox he's a womanizer for sure!
  • cocococo Posts: 2,714 Member
    @Sunnyyesjams Thanks for all the Logan love. Feel free to download him if you want. I used a lot of sliders and makeup on him so he might look different in your game, and his eyes are really green because of the contacts I was using so you might want to change that :smile:
  • SunnyyesjamsSunnyyesjams Posts: 541 Member
    Thanks @coco I'll see how he looks in my game I do have a lot of custom sliders myself.
  • sassygray5sassygray5 Posts: 545 Member
    @coco wow I love your makeovers!
  • ZeiZei Posts: 254 Member
    Coco, you make some gorgeous sims. May I ask where you get your cc hair? Also, I'd really like to download your made-over premades from the Townie Makeovers thread, especially Shamus Drudge. o:) Thank you!
  • cocococo Posts: 2,714 Member
    I'm so sorry that I missed both of your comments :dizzy:

    @sassygray5 Thank you so much I'm glad you enjoyed them :smile:
    @zei That is a biiiiig question because I get my cc from everywhere. I mostly just get retextures from tumblr. Is there a certain hair you are interested in?
    It took me a little while to remember Shamus Drudge. I use custom sliders and makeup so there is a big chance that he won't look the same in your game but I am happy to export my changes :smile:
  • cocococo Posts: 2,714 Member
    I was issued another challenge by CravenLestat. This time it was to use 3 of his latest patterns in a photoshoot with 3 models. A brunette, a blonde and redhead.

    I decided to take some of his favourite townies and change them up slightly to see if they were still recognisable. Here is the finished result :smile:


    The girls reminded me of Charlies Angels so I found these poses which made me laugh. I just had to use them in an equally goofy scene :lol:

    The models were Kerry Kasmir from Starlight Shores (brunette), Betty Simovitch from Riverview (blonde) and Pearl Yang from Sunlit Tides (redhead) :smile:
  • cocococo Posts: 2,714 Member
    On impulse I decided to dig out my old Sookie Stackhouse sim created back in 2013.

    Here's how she showed up in CAS :grimace:

    I tweaked her a bit. I probably made her lips a bit too thick but I think she looks 90% like Anna Paquin. I think the trick was getting her eyes right. It's way better than my first attempt at her all those years ago so I'm happy :smile:

    She's pretty :smile:
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,686 Member
    I saw your Sookie in the other thread and awesomed your post but wasn't up to that page in my comments. Glad you posted here so I could do it sooner :)
    Your Sookie is absolutely brilliant and I knew who she was the second I laid eyes on her :) She's much better than the one on MTS!
  • cocococo Posts: 2,714 Member
    @mikezumi You are so sweet, thank you. It makes me so happy that you immediately recognised her :smile:
    I checked out the one on MTS and it's not the best... but to be fair it was created soon after the game was released and there was only so much you could do back then :smile:
    I'm going to see if I can do Eric tonight but I have a feeling he will be much more difficult :grimace:
  • cocococo Posts: 2,714 Member
    WIP of Eric/Alexander Skarsgard. I have worked on him a little more since these pictures. I don't think I'll ever be 100% happy :lol:

  • cocococo Posts: 2,714 Member
    Sorry if it takes a long time to load all of the images on this page :sweat:

    Here is my simple makeover and photoshoot of brandontaylor's sim Ava.

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,686 Member
    My story thread takes forever to load because of all the images too. It just takes patience :D
    I love what you did with Ava and her clothes look very relaxed which is a style I prefer :)
  • cocococo Posts: 2,714 Member
    Here is my latest photoshoot with Craven's lovely sim Laetitia :smile:

    Here are a couple modern looks I did for her during the previous shoot with the flowers.
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