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    @TinySpaceFox I predict he'll be a favourite of mine for years to come thanks to you. I can't wait to play him. He makes for good eye candy :love:
    @mikezumi So sorry about that. I feared that would happen. Even if I put the pictures under spoilers they will still load. It should go over to the next page soon. I need to do more male sims but for some reason females are just easier for me. One day I will do a group shot but just of the males and tag you :tongue:
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    @coco I would make more female sims if I could but I just can't get a female sim to look good as a male and that is a must for me! As much as I love my young SS, her male counterpart is hideous :#
    When I need females to fill my towns you can bet I use gender switched males I am already happy with :D
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    oh my gosh coco, your sims look incredible! wow!!!

  • cocococo Posts: 2,710 Member
    @buffyballoon Thank you so much, that's very lovely of you to say :smile:
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    Thank you @Silverofdreams30 for creating such a handsome sim for me :heart:

    This is Brendan Hayes. I imagine that he's an eccentric millionaire who gives off a cool and dangerous vibe, but in reality he's a coward :lol:

    Here he is with and without cc. I hope you like him :smile:

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    He turned out awesome, wonderful job
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    Gee @coco HOW have I not found your corner earlier?? :open_mouth:

    Your makeovers are fantastic as always! :star:

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    @emorrill That's high praise coming from you, thank you :kissing_heart:
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    Meet Joelle, another one of @CravenLestat's fabulous sims. I had a lot of fun creating two looks for her and a model runway surrounded by plants for her to strut her stuff :smile:

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    @Karritz @mikezumi Thank you both :heart:

    The background is my favourite part. My favourite saying when decorating is 'whenever in doubt just add plants!' :lol:
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    I'm useless at making male sims...these are all so great!
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    @CMxCat Oh me too... which is why I love it when people send me sims haha. Thank you :smiley:
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    My female sims always end up looking kinda weird (and masculine :D ). Your sims are very cute! The eyelashes look great on them <3
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    @ChocoCub That happens to me too but not because I make the girls that way but because most of the females I populate my worlds with were previously males. :D I never have enough females so find males I like and gender switch them to keep my population balanced.
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    @ChocoCub Thank you :heart:
    I'm not too great at making sims myself and most of my males end up with baby faces so I have to give them beards/stubble to make them look more masculine :lol:
    The guy in your avatar is very handsome :smile:
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    coco wrote: »
    I'm not too great at making sims myself and most of my males end up with baby faces so I have to give them beards/stubble to make them look more masculine :lol:

    That always happens to me too. Not sure why, but I suspect that, along with my inability to sculpt a masculine face ( lol ) that my default skin, which is very soft and dewy looking, contributes to it.
    Your makeovers are always so gorgeous. I LOVE the marmalade orange colour of the hair on your sim on the previous page. It's so striking.
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    @pary (almost typed 'party' :lol:) I'm glad I'm not the only one. You could be right about the skins. I've only recently delved into the world of non default skins and I didn't realise how much they can really change the look of a sim. I love red haired sims! Both of them on the previous page were made by Craven so he deserves all the credit :smile:
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    @coco and @Pary I find as I get older that young adult males look like kids in real life so I guess YA male sims looking a little soft is probably realistic ;) It is true that skins do make a huge difference too.
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    I was inspired to make a male sim tonight. This is Logan Spears. Not quite as masculine as I hoped but oh well :smile:



    One in the hot tub for the ladies :wink:
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    Logan is absolutely gorgeous! <3 You did a wonderful job and he doesn't look girly at all!

    I hate to be one of those people who follows a comment with a question about where CC can be found, but where did you get his hair?
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    @mikezumi Thanks I'm glad you approve! :heart:

    I think I've had that hair in my game for a long time but I can't think of who the creator is. All I know is that it has a really weird hairline. I will have a look for it now :smile:
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    Thanks you @coco but if you can't find it that's okay. I understand how it is with old CC.
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    @mikezumi I can't find it. I don't think it has a custom thumbnail in CAS and it's not installed to my launcher as far as I can tell. I'll keep an eye out for it and let you know if I find it. Closest thing I found was the Ginko hair from your Josh avatar :wink:

    For anyone reading along, the hair is either called 'CoolSims 70' or 'Shymoo 003'. It's a hair from around the beginning of the game and converted from TS2. I'm not sure if the one I have is the original or a retexture and it looks like there aren't many versions to download anymore.

    Here is the original. - This might not be for TS3 actually, best not download this one.
    Here's a retexture by Savio.
    Kiara24 retexture from modthesims.

    There was also a retexture by Anubis but I can't find a link for it yet. Just make sure to scan the downloads because I would hate for anything unwanted to sneak into your game.
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