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Would you want Sims 1 on Origin? Would you pay for it?



  • MortemTheModderMortemTheModder Posts: 13 New Member
    I'd like a 3d version instead. Update it a bit.
    someone is already working on a 3d version.
  • KaronKaron Posts: 2,127 Member
    Just make Sims 5 where you integrate all the stuff from sims 1 to 4.
    I'd rather have a big crossover iteration with things from all 4
  • daisy1989daisy1989 Posts: 85 Member
    edited June 3
    Yes, here's my wallet, take whatever you want, but please, fix the bugs.
    I would LOVE to play this game again, but they'd definitely to sort it out so newer systems can handle it
    AriaMad2 wrote: »
    I'd definitely get it if it were available! I wasn't even alive when The Sims 1 came out but I still think it'd be so cool to experience what it was like!

    Oh wow I feel really old now :(
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  • Darkwave7341Darkwave7341 Posts: 46 Member
    Yes, 20 $! Or 30 $!
    Yes! 100% Yes! My computer won't run Sims 1 anymore and none of the online downloads worked for me. I really wanna play it again.
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