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Would you want Sims 1 on Origin? Would you pay for it?



  • MortemTheModderMortemTheModder Posts: 13 New Member
    I'd like a 3d version instead. Update it a bit.
    someone is already working on a 3d version.
  • KaronKaron Posts: 2,251 Member
    Just make Sims 5 where you integrate all the stuff from sims 1 to 4.
    I'd rather have a big crossover iteration with things from all 4
  • daisy1989daisy1989 Posts: 87 Member
    edited June 3
    Yes, here's my wallet, take whatever you want, but please, fix the bugs.
    I would LOVE to play this game again, but they'd definitely to sort it out so newer systems can handle it
    AriaMad2 wrote: »
    I'd definitely get it if it were available! I wasn't even alive when The Sims 1 came out but I still think it'd be so cool to experience what it was like!

    Oh wow I feel really old now :(
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  • Darkwave7341Darkwave7341 Posts: 48 Member
    Yes, 20 $! Or 30 $!
    Yes! 100% Yes! My computer won't run Sims 1 anymore and none of the online downloads worked for me. I really wanna play it again.
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  • LucyDesrocherLucyDesrocher Posts: 34 Member
    Yes, 20 $! Or 30 $!
    Yes, I would pay. Even more than $ 20-30.
  • amp107amp107 Posts: 166 Member
    Yes, for free though, it's pretty old.
    YES! The graphics, CAS options, and lack of personality/emotions were awful so I'm not interested in investing money in it all over again, BUT I terribly miss the original Makin' Magic with the carnival and creepy NPCs. I also miss the old grocery stores with barrels of vegetables and wish that could be implemented in TS4. Oh yeah and Superstar with the recording studio :( Also, pets in TS seemed more fun than they are now, but I was a child when I played that so could just be that my imagination was better back then :D
  • kuromuhimekuromuhime Posts: 1 New Member
    Yes, here's my wallet, take whatever you want, but please, fix the bugs.
    I love the first sims i miss it so much i will buy it if they put it on sale again
  • kittykat97kittykat97 Posts: 57 Member
    edited August 22
    Yes, here's my wallet, take whatever you want, but please, fix the bugs.
    Yes, but integrate widescreen and high-res support, and fix the major, game breaking bugs that arise on modern computers. Oh, and for the love of god, update the hotkeys.
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  • SpookyGnomesSpookyGnomes Posts: 31 Member
    Yes, 20 $! Or 30 $!
    I still have all of my physical disks, but I haven't been able to get them to work on my Windows 8.1 computer, so I would LOVE if it was in Origin. I wouldn't mind paying for it at all. I just want to play my favorite game again(Makin' Magic)!
  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 6,935 Member
    Yes, 20 $! Or 30 $!
    I miss my sims 1 so much. My newest laptop has no cdrom. I would love for it to be on Origin, would pay anything really LOL
  • ChadSims2ChadSims2 Posts: 3,913 Member
    Yes, 20 $! Or 30 $!
    Its a fun game even though I own all of it be Making Magic I'd gladly pay for it to run on my current pc. Really I find it more modern than Sims 4 they actually have to use cars to travel.
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  • OliwkaWidmoOliwkaWidmo Posts: 13 New Member
    I would love it if EA re-released The Sims 1 and I'd pay for it (although definitely not $30), but I think most people wouldn't enjoy this game today.
  • DocPrivasDocPrivas Posts: 746 Member
    Yes, 20 $! Or 30 $!
    Yes. I have all the original CDs but sadly they don't work with Windows 10 anymore. I still managed to install it and run it on 1920x1080 resolution. Works pretty well, only thing is that you can't tab out otherwise the graphics will glitch when you come back to the game.

    I would pay for a polished version that works flawlessly on Windows 10 (maybe not 20-30$ though).
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  • CDrayanCDrayan Posts: 1 New Member
    Yes, here's my wallet, take whatever you want, but please, fix the bugs.
    Sure, though the game would actually be a better fit for GOG. I actually just ordered a secondhand copy of The Sims Complete on eBay, but the problem is the SafeDisc DRM. It won't work for Windows 10, so even legitimate Simmers will be forced to resort to... well, you know. An official re-release would solve that problem.
  • RadioAChickenRadioAChicken Posts: 155 Member
    Yes, 20 $! Or 30 $!
    I agree with CDrayan. I would pay for it on GOG at a reasonable price.
  • MoonSimmer1MoonSimmer1 Posts: 24 Member
    Yes, for free though, it's pretty old.
    This game is iconic and I definitely want it to be on Origin, but I would prefer it of course to be free. The music of this game is just, I repeat, ICONIC! 💎😇
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