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Would you want Sims 1 on Origin? Would you pay for it?



  • aprilr41aprilr41 Posts: 19 Member
    Yes, here's my wallet, take whatever you want, but please, fix the bugs.
    I paid for all the original disks when they came out, then I paid to have them all in Complete Collection. I would yes, most definitely, pay again to have it optimized for Windows 10. :)
  • HestiaHestia Posts: 1,640 Member
    Yes, for free though, it's pretty old.
    Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

    Oh, did I mention yes?

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  • XnexusnyxXXnexusnyxX Posts: 4 New Member
    Yes, for free though, it's pretty old.
    EA doesn't deserve any money for Sims 1 since they've refused to give it to us this long. And we all know it isn't because they can't make a good digital port of it. There are many sites with flawless digital ports of it, so if they can do it, then EA could definitely do it better. I would have been willing to buy Sims 1, and Sims 2, from Origins years ago had EA not completely forgotten about where they came from and the small community they originally had.
  • Damienf519Damienf519 Posts: 6,578 Member
    Yes, 20 $! Or 30 $!
    I might pay money for a remaster of the Sims 1 on origin, and while twenty to thirty dollars might seem like a bit much to some people, if its the entire game, all in one package, that would seem pretty reasonable to me
  • WarGreymon77WarGreymon77 Posts: 102 Member
    edited September 2019
    Yes, 20 $! Or 30 $!
    There is absolutely no reason why The Sims 1 and 2 Ultimate Collection are not on Origin other than EA wanting to force you to buy their newest Sims games. I wouldn't be surprised if they removed 3 in the future. But they should all be on there!

    I'm over TS1, but I would buy TS2 UC in a heartbeat even though I already have TS2 installed via CD/DVD.
  • simlicious2015simlicious2015 Posts: 194 Member
    Yes, 20 $! Or 30 $!
    I'd buy, or get it for free either way.
  • 1212play1212play Posts: 7 New Member
    Yes, 20 $! Or 30 $!
    I love Hot Date, Unleashed and Makin Magic. microsoft has abandoned windows XP and 7 so a Full version that plays windows 10 would be Awesome. I'd like it if they add the first pre- quest to unlock everything for old time sake as an option.
  • Maus652Maus652 Posts: 213 Member
    Yes, for free though, it's pretty old.
    I still have my hard copies which I had to rebuy when I'd FOOLISHLY allowed my parents persuade me to do a possessions cull! I would love to have a digital copy, as my new pc doesn't have a disk drive.
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  • VailsVails Posts: 36 Member
    Yes, for free though, it's pretty old.
    They should make a promotional code like they did with Sims 2.
    I can't figure out how to put a picture here! Oh well.
  • RetroidRetroid Posts: 17 Member
    Yes, 20 $! Or 30 $!
    I still own the big box version lol but maybe depending how well it worked and had all dlc etc..
  • simsgames2324simsgames2324 Posts: 20 Member
    Yes, for free though, it's pretty old.
    For free, just like the sims 2 ultimate collection.
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