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How did your first ever sim die?


  • HerenyaHerenya Posts: 18 Member
    I think it was by electrocution... I just stared unable to comprehend what just happened for a couple of seconds, then I cried like I just lost my own family member. And freaked out when the grim reaper appeared. I'm still traumatized.
  • fh4simsfh4sims Posts: 16 Member
    Actually this isn't mine but my cousin's. He was playing TS3 and building a resort in Isla Paradiso. While building and decoring, the sim was set to swim at the sea. Minutes later my cousin noticed that instead of swimming, the sim was expired. I think that's because he turned off the Autonomy Mode.
  • r0b0tman5r0b0tman5 Posts: 95 Member
    Fire due to causing the stove to catch fire
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  • EricasFreePlayEricasFreePlay Posts: 492 Member
    edited September 2018
    I had 2 that I clearly remember from TS2. 1) Overheated by working out on the treadmill outside in the summer while at University. 2) Skip Roper's mother burned to death by cooking Baked Alaska. I was trying to impress the Headmaster in the Private School scenario from The Sims Resource website's challenge section. I managed to save her by exiting the house without saving and went back in. Not only was she back in the house, but I got Skip into private school.
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  • BridgetKVBridgetKV Posts: 170 Member
    The first time my sim died it was in The Sims 2, and it was 100% my fault. I was playing around with the Tombstone of Life and Death and killed her with a satellite, and then sold the satellite to pay bills.
  • icmnfrshicmnfrsh Posts: 16,707 Member
    He got electrocuted by changing a light bulb. :(

    It wasn't exactly my fault because it was my sister playing my sims for me. And we didn't know you needed a high mechanical skill to be safe.

    This was The Sims 1 too.
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  • NewbieSimmerNewbieSimmer Posts: 32 Member
    My first death was where Chris Roomies died in a tragic backyard cookout accident, and her roommate, Melissa, cried her eyes out for days afterward. It was quite terrifying considering the "earrape" fire music. I was nine!
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  • Writin_RegWritin_Reg Posts: 28,907 Member
    edited September 2018
    Oh I did my level best not to let any Sim die. I know anytime it looked like the game was headed in that direction - I would quit the game and start totally over from scratch again.

    Sure I was curious as I am sure most were in the early stages of the game (The first Sims game) about a Sim dying as they were pretty darn good at letting us know if they had a problem and needed help to be saved. So you just made sure they had what ever they indicated they needed.

    Just once in the first game when I saw others posting about boxing a sim up to die in a doorless room I did try it. There was this one really snooty sim I was not very fond of as she was always looking down her nose at others and wasn't very nice to most other sims - so I picked her to put in the doorless room - but little did I know Maxis had packaged these Sims with the ability to beg for their pitiful little lives - I mean she was clutching her throat, crying, begging, on her knees praying and begging me to help her - and it went on and on - so I knocked down the wall and sent the little sim scurrying home. I just could not take the obvious torture this pixel person was enduring no matter how wretchedly horrible a person she was in the game -

    What's more I never attempted killing another Sim.

    S0 if anything can be said as far as Sims deaths in any of my Sims games - I will go to great extremes not to let them die - and those that have died I generally try and bring back unless they had lived a full life and died naturally of old age.

    I can say honestly and without a doubt not a single Sim has died or ceased to exist in Sims 4 since Sims 4 came out - well that I know of anyway. The only ghosts i see in my game are the Ghost put into the game by the game - like the two ghosts in the mansion or the ghost that show up at bars on Ghost Night. At least in Sims 4 I don't go around bringing the dead back to life like I was obsessed with doing in Sims 2 and 3.

    But clearly I am not a fan of ways Sims can die in the game - except for knowing what they are and avoiding the dangers at all cost. I must admit I have grown a bit leery of some of my fellow simmers though....

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  • izioliziol Posts: 6 New Member
    It was a long time ago but I think he/she died in a fire. Quite a lot of my sims died in this way in The Sims
  • HistoricKiwiHistoricKiwi Posts: 60 Member
    I can't even remember what I had for breakfast yesterday yet alone remember my first sims death.. hehe.
    But knowing my dark ways of thinking, it was either death by starvation in a room with no way out.. or death by fire being purposely caused by a fireplace...
  • VershnerVershner Posts: 59 Member
    My first Sim (bearing my name) died fighting a raging kitchen fire, in front of his wife and children.
    I intended to play on, but there was a bug in the game that didn't allow me to move his urn. So, every time anyone went into the kitchen they would burst into tears, and were unable to eat. I was forced to quit without saving in the end because it was impossible to continue. So he got an extra life.

    The next Sim to perish was a victim of the sim-failling-asleep-on-the-swimming-pool-ladder bug. I think it was a townie so I played on then.
  • soulofadragon1soulofadragon1 Posts: 37 Member
    im pretty sure it was back with the sims 1. I would either take all the doors away and let the starve or it was take the ladder away in the pool.
  • Writin_RegWritin_Reg Posts: 28,907 Member
    edited September 2018
    I was actually horrified at trying to cause them to die. Tried that in Sims 1 and hated it.

    My first Sims death was food poisoning in the Sims 2 at Uni. My Sims 1 sims seemed invincible. They got turned into monsters from the Chem lab, caught fire a time or two, and and even got real sick from bad food but none ever died in Sims 1. But Sims 2 - you name it and I think they died of it. They had death by flies and by a satellite. Old age of course and getting a pregnant sim through pregnancy was lucky if she didn't die. So I spent more time bringing Sims 2 sims back to life with the Grimmy phone than I can count. Sims 3 - it all balanced out well so most only died of old age - or a shark - or a few times the Kracken - but none were a slaughter house like Sims 2 put me through. LOL.

    The thing is I never wanted any sims to die - so I was always fighting to keep them alive until old age got them.

    So far no deaths in Sims 4. I like that.

    "Games Are Not The Place To Tell Stories, Games Are Meant To Let People Tell Their Own Stories"...Will Wright.

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  • KathykinsKathykins Posts: 777 Member
    I don't THINK any of my TS1 sims died. The first death I remember was in the beginning of my TS2 days, many years ago. I had paired up Dina Caliente and Don Lothario, and they had a son. I don't know where my mind was, they both worked nights, and I forgot to hire a babysitter. They lost their son while they were both working. They came home from work very late, absolutely in the red and heartbroken. Don was doing ok, he managed to grab a bite to eat and then go sleep. Dina, however, didn't do so well. She was too hungry to sleep, and too tired to get food. She died. Twice. Don begged for her life, and I was surprised to see that Grim granted his wish both times.

    I was absolutely a total noob who had forgotten most things sims. I didn't think about cheating their needs or just exiting without saving. Of course, I hadn't saved in hours either...It was such a traumatic experience that I've done everything in my power to NOT have sims die in any game I play, ever.

    End of story, the boy was adopted by my main family, and eventually met Dina again when he grew up, I think as a teenager. They lived together again when he was done with Uni.
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  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 2,101 Member
    When the computer the game (TS1) was installed on did. My TS1 & TS2 games have outlived many computers. The current longevity champ is a PC that was originally Windows 98, currently XP service pack 3.
  • VershnerVershner Posts: 59 Member
    Just lost my first sim in TS2. He died of old age while using the telephone. Probably the 100th repetition of "Your call is important to us..." was just too much for him. He was 79. He was mourned by his family and friends, with the exception of his youngest son, who decided to mark the occasion with a game of cops and robbers.
    His wife Betty regularly visits his grave to mourn, which in her case, means having an argument with his tombstone. Perhaps she's angry with him for leaving her with three unruly children to look after.
  • TWSimGamer82TWSimGamer82 Posts: 336 Member
    I'm not sure about TS1. It was probably by fire or something. I can't remember. But in TS2 it was of old age. In TS3 it was of old age and so was TS4. I killed my first sim on purpose in TS1 with drowning. Sorry Mortimer.
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    Player: *head hits desk*
  • SmellincoffeeSmellincoffee Posts: 323 Member
    The earliest death I can remember from The Sims 1 is a fireplace catching a rug and a Christmas tree on fire. One of my sim-kiddies, Austin Socialite, was trapped behind the blaze and perished. :(

    Old age for the rest, I think. I know for a fact my first death in Sims 4 was old age, and I'm pretty sure it was the same in Sims 3. Actually, I don't think I've ever had an non-old-age death in Sims 3,

  • February11February11 Posts: 8,811 Member
    It was my simself. She never accomplished anything as I wasn't sure how to go about things. She ended up having Grady Elfman as a friend, as she had no others. She woke up one day as an elder, which surprised me, and the next minute she died - shocked, to say the least. I've come a long way since then!

  • alessrelloalessrello Posts: 22 Member
    I think I was watching my cousin play TS1 and one of them died in a fire; when I got around to playing for the first time I very rarely had them actually die, I think watching that made me cautious lol. They only died when I actually wanted them to (yes i'm a horrible person)

    To this day I've seldom had sims die by accident, but there was one time in TS2 where I think they were hit by a satellite while looking at the stars lol. I used to just exit my game without saving because I didn't want them to die, I didn't care how much progress I'd lose.
  • AriaMad2AriaMad2 Posts: 1,186 Member
    My first sim died from the classic Elderly Demise™. This was Sims 4.

  • SuicidalSpidersSuicidalSpiders Posts: 1,708 Member
    Oh wow... considering it happened like 14-15 years ago in Sims 1, I honestly have no idea, but most likely by fire from low cooking skill or electrocution from low mechanical skill.
  • AllieSootieAllieSootie Posts: 441 Member
    When I was 10, I was playing the sims 1 and made my family. I really wanted a nice house so I used money cheats to build a pool.

    Anyway, I only put one ladder in the pool, and my sim mom fell asleep by the ladder, and neither me or my sim dad could get out so we drowned.

    I had no idea what happened, and this kept happening with all families. Once I finally figured it out, I made sure to put the same number of ladders as Sims in my house.
  • BrokenWheelsBrokenWheels Posts: 160 Member
    Mine died of starvation. It was a sad moment just because she had 2 kids...Imma cry :disappointed:
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  • amazingBunny612amazingBunny612 Posts: 2 New Member
    In sims 4 my first sim probably died because of being an elder. So it wasn’t my fault. I was kinda mad though because she died but than her husband would never die so I trapped him in a swimming pool. Uhh yeah that happened
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