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How did your first ever sim die?


  • thesimmer77thesimmer77 Posts: 33 Member
    I was going to say that it's kind of hard to have your sim die unless you intentionally REALLY neglect their needs, or put them in pool until they run out of energy, then I saw the fire comment, but I knew to solve that I needed cooking skill.
  • MilwayLangMilwayLang Posts: 164 Member
    I use cheat to trigger emotional deaths... just to see how would it look like
  • Moon_WillowMoon_Willow Posts: 635 Member
    In the Sims 1 a tragic fire swept through the Goth House, Bella was left a widow with no family commitment. I was so new to simming it didn't even occur to me to quit without saving.
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  • oyakelemonoyakelemon Posts: 6 New Member
    starve to death
    When I play the game and do something else, I forgot to press the pause button.
  • annaliese39annaliese39 Posts: 971 Member
    Gosh, I can't remember it was that long ago! It must have been back in the good old days of The Sims. Probably via fire or drowning? I do vaguely remember deleting the stairs on the pool, locking sims in rooms, death by flies, that sort of thing... I was clearly a disturbed child. I care too much about my sims now to let them die.
  • hzm02hzm02 Posts: 9 New Member
    I don't remember what had happened to my first Sims, but I remember vividly that most of my Sims died because of fire. I, during that time, was actually trying to make a haunted house because of, ummm, fun?

    It was about a decade ago though.
  • smurfy77smurfy77 Posts: 318 Member
    My first sim that died ( and no more since that I've saved as having died) was in Sims 3 and she died of freezing to death, she had married a sim and he had kids and his parents living in his home. There were so many that I forgot to check where they all were and there she was in the snow and couldn't bring her back. After that game I end up backing out when one dies.
  • StutumStutum Posts: 196 Member
    My first sim (who happened to be Bob Newbie) died in a fire while cheerful, classical music was playing on the radio, while outside Betty was abusing the pink flamingos. The whole situation was so absurd that I could do nothing but laugh.

    After that event, I learned that it didn't pay to let any sim near the stove until they had ad least 3 cooking skill points. :lol:
  • boskos456boskos456 Posts: 65 Member
    I feed them with a cowplant....with the whole neighbourhood😅
  • CheesySimsLoverCheesySimsLover Posts: 183 Member
    edited December 2018
    I only played TS1 on PS2, and I may have had a sim die by fire, but I don't remember. I was pretty young when I played that game. I'll never forget my first death on PC -- Cassandra Goth, nonetheless, in The Sims 2. She had just married Don Lothario and gotten pregnant. Newbie me didn't realize their needs decayed so much faster when pregnant. I was so confused when her icon disappeared when she was sleeping (she must have starved to death). I barely got a glimpse of Grim Reaper before she turned into an urn. I was traumatized and exited without saving.
  • astera00astera00 Posts: 267 Member
    My first sim death was ahem player-facilitated >:) The Mafia Boss (Marcus Van Raay) needed to witness some deaths to complete his aspiration. The first poor, unsuspecting victim was an elderly Alexander Goth, who had never done anything to deserve it and was only in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just your regular neighbourly acquaintance, who occasionally strolls by on his way to wherever it is he goes. Classic sims-style, he drowned in the pool, but seeing as this was sims 4, it was a fenced pool. His next victim, also snagged off the street and cloaked in charm, was kept prisoner in a special windowless, doorless room, where nobody could hear him scream :fearful: (I don't remember who it was though, but it was an enemy, because Marcus was laughing maniacally as the death was happening).

    Incidentally, this same sim accidentally caused Mortimer Goth to die in another save. He was visiting the Goth house for some reason, when he decided it would be a good idea to seduce Bella. Later that afternoon, Mortimer comes home while they were just innocently chilling in the living room. Being the troublemaker that he is, Marcus kisses Bella and lays on a number on romantic moves, enraging Mortimer. Well the reaction was funny, so he kept at it and Bella was happy for him to go on. Imagine my surprise when I saw Grim show up! It was the first angry death I ever had. I just now realised that I should probably keep him away from the Goths in future games, if I want them to survive... or place the cat among the pigeons for maximum drama >:)

    Here he is, chilling with Grim outside the Goth Manor, just after he made Bella a widow.

  • TiarellaTiarella Posts: 345 Member
    edited December 2018
    My very first sim-death came in the original game, iirc after Living Large came out. Pilar was at a party, swimming in the pool. I was following her partner, Kianga, who was inside the house, when I received the notice that Pilar was drowning. I immediately ordered her out of the pool, but I was too late. My kid was with me (we played together, though at that time I did most of the actual input), and we were both horrified. On replay, Pilar got in the pool again & wouldn't get out, so on the next playthrough, I put a fence around the pool so she couldn't get in. Stupid sims! :lol:

    eta: Pilar and Kianga were roomies, who spontaneously/autonomously flirted with each other. I had had other plans for them, but who am I to argue with love-at-first-chat? :kissing_heart: The flirtations I objected to were when a single sim flirted with one of my supposed-to-be-monogamous married sims, and she flirted back. Nope nope nopenopenope! Was glad in --was it TS2 or 3 where they eventually gave us a way to allow sims to be monogamous?
  • February11February11 Posts: 7,890 Member
    edited December 2018
    Mine died of starvation. It was a sad moment just because she had 2 kids...Imma cry :disappointed:

    My second sim died of starvation and fatigue. She was a teen, and I was so intent in getting a relationship started that I totally hadn't taken notice of her needs as I forced the romance upon her and the "pending" boyfriend.
    At the precise start of her death (which I hadn't noticed, as I'd stopped playing after she'd fallen asleep) I had saved the game, so the next time I started to play, she woke up and died. I was that shocked that I exited without saving to see if I could go back and somehow save her, but it was too late, I could do nothing - it was already too late. I was most upset. If I'd have noticed this before I'd finished playing when she'd fallen asleep, I could have exited without saving, and gone back to started to get them together again. Back then, I didn't realize how sensitive to romance they were, and that you have to go through all the steps before they'll actually become romantically involved. Good moralized sims!
  • luxsylvanluxsylvan Posts: 1,355 Member
    @CheesySimsLover ahhh your comment completely revived my Sims 2 stress. I played families a lot back then(still do) and the faster mood decay with pregnancy was such a struggle. Omg. I used to move my Sims beds into the kitchen and make sure a toilet was nearby. And then they just slept there. But fun was such a struggle to keep up too and I was so afraid of letting my Sims leave the safe zone! I don't think I had any die while pregnant but I feel for you because I definitely has some close calls :'(
    Accidental death was so easy in 2

    p.s. loving your stories everyone! It's really interesting to hear if people's first sim deaths were accidental or a little more...controlled 😂
  • friendsfan367friendsfan367 Posts: 25,355 Member
    edited December 2018
    since most of my sims games don't work with win 10. still figuring out which do i only remember how the last sim died.

    it was a legacy death. i'm currently in generation 2 and finally played the heir family again. its rotational. and his little boy was playing with the chemistry set in sims 4 when it caught fire. so i sen his mom in to get him she got him out but then she burned to death. i couldn't believe it. because i had a fire earlier in the generation and everyone got out.

    the death wasn't on purpose a friend of mine liked the dead sim elsa bergsen very much soi was like rats now i have to tell her.
  • TwicelikeyTwicelikey Posts: 108 Member
    My first sim died in Bustin Out because they caught on fire.
  • TeoBoyTeoBoy Posts: 23 Member
    Old age. I was a very responsible simmer in the beginning. Then I got mad at my game and had a later sim shoot off a firwork in his ratan-end table wonderland of a living room (no doors out mind you). So that one was fire...
  • SimfuncrunchSimfuncrunch Posts: 486 Member
    Sims 1, first Sim I ever created tried to cook with zero skill and set himself on fire.
  • meerkattimemeerkattime Posts: 1,045 Member
    My first death was in The Sims 1 where my simself, who had maximized all her skills, suddenly and unexpectedly got electrocuted when changing a light bulb :# . As others have said before, they removed the light bulb death later in a patch.
  • Bubbz3388Bubbz3388 Posts: 3,251 Member
    I don't really remember, but this was my first time playing TS2.

    I made my Simself for the first time in that game and she lived with a sim version of one of my childhood friends. I sent her to cook something when the stove caught on fire. I thought it was like TS4 where they could extinguish themselves. Nope. Didn't know a fire alarm would call firefighters to the scene.

    That day, she died. RIP
  • luxsylvanluxsylvan Posts: 1,355 Member
    @Bubbz3388 oh, that's rough :/ I never thought how confusing it would be to go from 4 to 2. I haven't actually used the fire alarm in TS4 in years, but in 2 it was always the first thing I put in with the burglar alarm so that I wouldn't forget it, because like with your sim, fires were so common and unpredictable.
  • CaffeinatedRachelCaffeinatedRachel Posts: 45 Member
    I think my first sim died from fire in sims 1 on PC, but that was a friend's copy and we played together so I'm not counting that. My first one was dying from electrocution when trying to fix a tv on the Sims for Gamecube!
  • nikki_maevenikki_maeve Posts: 108 Member
    edited January 2
    My first sim death was in TS4. (I'm a fairly new player- I've had TS4 for a year in february although I've wanted it since 2014/15 and it's my first sims game) My sim's name was Levi and he was at his wedding, having a grand time. He had just exchanged vows with his wife and I had already earned gold with some time to spare so I fast forwarded. When I returned to normal speed, his character icon had disappeared. I began to look around the venue for him and he was nowhere to be seen. Everyone seemed happy and upon panning over to his wife I found his urn. Whoops. I'm sorta happy that happened, though, because I was so worried that I took to the forums and created an account. I asked rosemow for help (turns out he had laughed to death) and now I have a forum account. At least I got a happy ending :D .

  • GamerMomGamerMom Posts: 4 New Member
    Sadly my Sim died in a fire 🔥. It was actually quite traumatic at the time! I loved that little dude. Anyway, he had the highest cooking points you could get, I just remodeled that house and forgot about the smoke detector. He was gone the next day. :disappointed:
  • VirtualFairytalesVirtualFairytales Posts: 9 New Member
    When I was 7 I played The Sims 1 for the first time. I created my Mum and Dad and me and put them into the Goths' house.
    I've not even played them for 10 minutes as my Sim-Mum used the microwave and died together with my Sim-Dad in the flames.

    I was so shocked and cried and my nose bled :D But well... I'm still here.
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