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How did your first ever sim die?



  • CheetahAlyssaCheetahAlyssa Posts: 227 Member
    I don't remember, probably while doing a Sims Hunger Games or something.
    A Part Of The Journey Is The End
  • 3dwaffle13dwaffle1 Posts: 36 Member
    old age
  • Retro_SimmerRetro_Simmer Posts: 6 New Member
    I remember it vividly. My sim was making his dinner and he caught on fire. He even had 7 in cooking skill! This was before I knew much about the game and became nervous and just sat there watching him burn to a crisp. 😥😥😰😭

    Then when the reaper showed up I thought it was the coolest plum EVER! Hahahaha! It didn't take the hurt away, but it did dull the pain a bit.
  • luxsylvanluxsylvan Posts: 1,116 Member
    Awww that's rough @Retro_Simmer 😭 but a little funny because of the way you worded it. 😂

    I hate accidental deaths because there's nothing you can do after a certain point and you're just sitting there like "I'm...I'm so sorry..."
  • heavenlyhoshiheavenlyhoshi Posts: 21 New Member
    i think i killed my own sim or i just let it die on its own-
  • Retro_SimmerRetro_Simmer Posts: 6 New Member
    Yeah, @luxsylvan lol it plum but it definitely was also pretty funny after the fact. Altho, that really was a great thing for me because he was my first sim and thus lived alone. So after he became one with the big charcoal pile in the sky I started a new sim who went on to begin my first legacy type household with multiple generations. 😁

    In fact, I have since created a version of that same household in every Sims game I have played. Which is all of them! I don't always name them the same ACCEPT the patriarch initial sim who starts it off every time. Hell, I'm playing that household right now as I type this! 😁 heheheheh
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