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Stinky City Toddlers

astera00astera00 Posts: 267 Member
edited December 2018 in The Sims 4 Ideas Corner
City toddlers are stinky. It's true :(

When they live in a teeny tiny apartment and only have space for a shower and no bath, you can never clean them. Some sims are poor and can't afford the space for a full bath, which takes up 6 whole unit squares, whereas a shower only takes up 2 squares. Therefore, the poor sims can't clean their toddlers, so everyone's always in a bad mood from the stench and crying, angry, uncomfortable toddler. They can never be clean.

Don't poor toddlers deserve to be clean? Don't they deserve to be fresh? Don't they deserve a bedtime bath and bathtime fun?
Have a heart :heart: Give us little toddler baths.

Like these. Look how happy they are :relaxed:


You can use them in a bath tub or outside the bath, on the floor, table or any other surface you can think of. Perhaps sims can even put them in their inventory.

Please, give our toddlers baths. They can't stand the smell and itchiness anymore. They don't want to be the stinky one that no one wants to play with :cry::heartbreak: Let them have friends and freshness :blush:


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