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Rebuild: A Sims 4 Genetics + Building Challenge


  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,402 Member
    @blondiebabe923 I'm so happy to see Bianca in your game and Reign looking so much like Cameron is such a treat. They're very cute together. UGH I hate the new poorly decorated thing. Such a bummer. Oh I like that you used a lounge chair in the living room. That was a great idea. The new puppy Oreo is adorable. Congratulations on the wedding and the nooboo!

    @OJenn You know I'm over Uni with you. I knew it!! Congratulations on her big day! Now go have fun!!

    @mattiemayhem I love that you had Brianna hook up with Johnny Zest. The house upgrade looks great. Oh my gosh so much drama with the townies! I love it!! The park is super cute! Sorry you didn't get your girl, but Julius will be a great son!!

    @JordanNicoleJJ I just love your little guy Garbage. hehe her name cracks me up. Ooo Nona and Finn agreeing to this unconventional relationship should be interesting. I love seeing Nona excited about her blueprints. OMG raccoon babies! I want one!!
  • JordanNicoleJJJordanNicoleJJ Posts: 1,561 Member
    @debjameswhite I'll put the raccoons on the gallery so you can 'adopt' them if you want :wink:
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,402 Member
    I put Lia's Container House on the gallery if anyone is interested.

    The Shipping Views - New Container Home



  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,042 Member
    omg I need it @debjameswhite
    Origin ID: Ojenn | Rebuild
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,402 Member
    @OJenn I wish they had a love cause I would totally love your comment <3<3
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,042 Member
    edited June 24
    I am downloading it now @debjameswhite and considering moving my Willow Creek heir because I really want to see what my $40 got me ;) with the new pack.
    Origin ID: Ojenn | Rebuild
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,402 Member
    @OJenn I totally support your move! Lia is my Willow Creek heir too and her heir will go back to Willow Creek after I get to see what the new patch is like. Wish I had done that for some of the other locations too! Live and Learn!! Still can't believe this all started in 2015!!
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,402 Member

    Lia got to know her neighbors in Port Promise and I can’t say she didn’t find them to be a little strange sometimes.

    She had a lot of alone time but found she actually enjoyed it.

    But why is there always cake?

    She especially loved the views from her rooftop deck.

    She had lots of time to practice her violin. It always made her miss Jay knowing how much he loved it. She wished he wasn’t so busy with his military career so he could spend more time with her.

    Whenever all her cousins came over though, he always joined.

    And they would reconnect.

    She was very well liked in her little neighborhood. People were always bringing her little presents.

    This woman showed her how to make candles.

    She was found to be in compliance with all the new rules which was good since she advocated for them.

    She worked very hard on her garden.

    And occasionally she got to go out.

    She was super excited when her Uncle Jette and Aunt Lucy showed up in her little neighborhood.

    Jay left their date early, so her Aunt and Uncle brought her home.

    Jay started coming by more often but he always wanted to go to the diner and he was always interested in everyone other than Lia.

    Lia threw herself into her work. Her floral designs were in demand.

    She had Jay over, but she was less excited about it than she used to be.

    The conversation was nice but the romance just wasn’t there.

    Lia tried.

    But it always seemed the results of her efforts were bestowed on others.

    She continued working.

    Jay continued flirting with others.

    Lia continued trying to win back his affection.

    Thank goodness for Dad.

    She was so happy for his visit and the familiar feeling of a game of chess.

    The romance festival came and despite her foreboding, she went with Jay. She hadn't painted since college so it was fun to try that. He wasn’t interested and eventually wandered off.

    When she was looking for him, she ended up bumping into her father who was there selling paintings of his own. She spent most of the evening with him.

    Later though, in the bar across the street, this woman showed her some attention.

    She threw herself back into her work.

    Her customers seem to think she’s worth romance!

    So much so, that this one randomly called her up and asked her out! Why not? She thought!

    They had a great time!

    Just as they were finishing up, Jay walked in. He walked right past them like he didn’t even notice Lia.

    She said goodbye to her new friend and joined him at the bar.

    They actually ended up talking late into the night. Jay gave Lia his attention the entire night.

    She felt so connected that it eventually lead back to her place.

    She felt so happy seeing him asleep in her bed.

    In the middle of the night though, he took off.

    But her life went on.

    Harvestfest came and Lia hosted. Her parents and brothers all came. The only one missing was Jay.

    He had other plans that day.
  • MionaxMionax Posts: 105 Member
    edited June 25
    Jay is so rotten! Poor Lia. I downloaded your container home. It looks good.
    "I can not become what I need to be by remaining what I am." - anonymous
  • JordanNicoleJJJordanNicoleJJ Posts: 1,561 Member
    Popping in to say hi real quick. Work's been super busy this week, but hopefully I can post an update & comments this weekend :)
  • MionaxMionax Posts: 105 Member
    "I can not become what I need to be by remaining what I am." - anonymous
  • amadazulsimamadazulsim Posts: 1,778 Member
    Hi all, Just popping in to say hello. Although I won't be posting anymore I will still be reading posts and following along. I just don't have the time that I once had to play and post. I don't want to lose touch with those of you that I have been playing with since the first challenge. I also look forward to meeting those of you that are newer to the challenge. I hope you all are doing well.
  • JordanNicoleJJJordanNicoleJJ Posts: 1,561 Member
    I'm a bit late but I do have an update :smile:
    Rebuild Evergreen Harbor: Gen 1

    These two finally have a house! They converted the old shipping containers on their lot into a modern container home. They added plenty of green upgrades, including wood chip flooring for the deck and lots of reclaimed wood inside. They're slowly upgrading all of the appliances to be more energy-efficient as well.


    My favorite part by far is the rooftop garden :blush:

    So, storytime. Garbage RAN AWAY like right after she got pregnant, and she didn't come back until she had her babies. But she did finally come back with these two cuties, Bandit and Trash Panda :smiley:

    Garbage is so territorial... :lol: The kits have such different personalities. Bandit (the one eating) is very active and playful, whereas Trash Panda is so lazy and sleepy all the time lol.

    Even when Garbage teaches them all of her bad habits they play, Trash Panda just sits there like a lump lol. I love them so much.

    Love Day rolled around, and neither of these two had dates, so they decided to be each others' date, as just friends of course... Finn got Nona a gift -- a bunch of seasonal seeds for her garden. Nailed it :wink:

    They went out for dinner at the new restaurant in town, the Caboose. It's an old train station that some local hipsters recently converted into a semi-casual vegetarian restaurant.

    Had to show off these two's party outfits 'cause they're so cute, and they don't get out enough :lol:


    They talked the night away, swapping old college stories and talking about their families and all. almost like a first date...

    They also learned that Finn is NOT good with chopsticks :lol:

    They left the restaurant and walked outside to a gorgeous sunset, and it just set the mood...


    They agreed that they might want to rethink their "just friends" arrangement...

    ...and that they did :smirk:

    Meanwhile, inside, the raccoons were tearing up the kitchen, as usual.

    Poor Garbage is exhausted. I think she learned her lesson...no more kits for her :lol:
  • ThePlumbobThePlumbob Posts: 4,225 Member
    @JordanNicoleJJ Aww these two are too cute! Gotta love that "just friends" denial heh. They make one attractive couple!
  • JordanNicoleJJJordanNicoleJJ Posts: 1,561 Member
    @debjameswhite I love Lia's house! Her rooftop view IS amazing! And her garden is looking so good!! Oh no...poor Lia. I hope Jay comes around :frowning: Annnd it looks like he isn't coming around. Well, that's his loss. That townie that asked her out is cute though! Oh of course Jay's interested now :expressionless: I saw that coming... poor Lia. I hope she learns quickly...

    @amadazulsim I totally understand where you're coming from. Now that I'm back to work I'm back to being busy too, but I'm trying to find time when I can to pop on & comment. Hopefully I'll find time to play soon too, I miss my lil sim fam. I'm glad you'll still be here to talk to though! Hope you're doing well too :heart:

    @ThePlumbob Hey!! Long time no see! Thank you for the nice comments :heart: I'm really enjoying this family, but I already miss my Willow Creek family lol. That's the hardest part about this challenge -- wanting to play too many families in too many worlds at once :lol: Oooo I see you have a new story I can binge...I'll definitely be following along with that! Hope you're doing well!
  • ThePlumbobThePlumbob Posts: 4,225 Member
    @JordanNicoleJJ I know, I'm good, hope you are too! :) I can't blame you for getting invested, these two seem really sweet even from the little I've seen of them. You're so good at making likeable sims, I just want to know what happens next for them :) They better not have second thoughts on the whole "not-just-friends" thing!
  • JordanNicoleJJJordanNicoleJJ Posts: 1,561 Member
    @ThePlumbob I'm good too! Busier than I'd like to be, but I can't complain too much. I also wanted to let you know I posted another Norwood Legacy update (up to chapter 6 now), cause I saw your comments on that when I went to read your blog. Speaking of, I'm only on chapter 1 of your cursed legacy story, and I'm already so invested :smiley:
  • MionaxMionax Posts: 105 Member
    @JordanNicoleJJ Great story!
    "I can not become what I need to be by remaining what I am." - anonymous
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,402 Member
    @amadazulsim <waves> It's so good to see you!! I'm glad you're still planning to pop in and say hi. I grow attached to our little sim family and I miss people when they don't come by. :)

    @JordanNicoleJJ I love the little container house you did! Does having your plants under the awning change their seasons in any way? Is your house off the grid or is it connected? On the first picture of your update there is something to the left of the slider...is that the mailbox? I couldn't figure out what that was :) I love that garden bench. I wish they could do something at it though I don't know what haha. I love that Garbage ran away to have her kits. They're so cute. Awwww Finn and Nona's non romantic date turned romantic! Hooray!! They're so cute.

    I'm so happy you came in with an update and comments! I'm starved for both!
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,042 Member
    I am building a container house haha, someone stop me! Also downloaded an interesting mod that effects day to day life of my sims
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  • OJennOJenn Posts: 8,042 Member
    Sage's mini home tour
    Sage lives in the same neighborhood she was born in, her house is actually across the street from her parents.

    Its a modest little home but semi artsy to suite her style. (landscaping to come as funds come in)





    Sage's room



    She seems just as happy as I am with how it all turned out
    Origin ID: Ojenn | Rebuild
  • MionaxMionax Posts: 105 Member
    @OJenn Your house is cute. :smiley:
    "I can not become what I need to be by remaining what I am." - anonymous
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,402 Member
    @OJenn Oooo I was just going to poke the thread and beg for updates and comments and you gave me my favorite house tour!! I was hoping I would see your decorate my container house but this house is so super cute! I love love love how cute and tiny it is and how you've decorated it. I also really love Sage. Can't get enough of her. I love her hair.
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,402 Member
    @OJenn Also, can't stop you because I am totally curious about your house and your mod!!
  • JordanNicoleJJJordanNicoleJJ Posts: 1,561 Member
    @Mionax Thanks!

    @debjameswhite Thanks! I have no idea if the awning does anything for seasons tbh. I'm still in spring so my seasonal plants haven't switched over yet. I just put it up there cause they had it before and I wanted to "recycle" it somehow lol. They are still off the grid. They have enough power from solar panels and wind turbines to power all of the electrical things in the house, but they don't have enough water for all of the plumbing. I'm slowly upgrading everything with eco upgrades so they won't need as much power/water and can start selling it. I wish that garden bench was a variant of the flower arranging station! It's so much prettier, but I know the flower arranging was a pack item and they don't like to add old pack items to new packs. That is a mailbox by the front sliding doors. It's from Get to Work I believe, it's kind of a modern mailbox. I'm so happy that they're finally romantic too. Their romance bar shot up a LOT when Finn gave her the "romantic gift" (gardening seeds lol) on Love Day. It was awesome!

    @OJenn Sorry, we won't stop you, we wanna see the container home! :wink: I adore Sage's house!! It's adorable and tiny and I looove all the clutter inside. It just fits her so well.
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