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The Blackwell Chronicles (On Hiatus)

ThePlumbobThePlumbob Posts: 4,971 Member

Thank you for checking out The Blackwell Chronicles. This story is currently on Season 2.

I am rubbish at summaries, but others have done a far better job than me, so I'll leave you with the description written by @InfraGreen as a part of her story roundup:

"What starts as the story of exactly one wide-eyed girl with a weird curse turns into an intricate and sometimes heartbreaking story about sages, vampires, elves, and of course, love."

BC is sort of a fairy tale (for grownups), but not the bright and happy Disney kind. More so the Grimm brother kind, where the stakes are high and no happy endings are guaranteed.

This story touches on sensitive subjects. I would recommend checking the disclaimer on my blog homepage before you decide if this one's for you.

Go to The Blackwell Chronicles blog homepage
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