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COMPLETE - Finding Her Prince Charming (a Selection Story)

CupcakeViolenceCupcakeViolence Posts: 124 Member
Hi everybody!

This is going to be a Selection Challenge, because I find the idea super interesting.

I will be posting videos of the selection along with daily (in game days) updates on what they’re doing.

*Side Note: I will be updating AT LEAST once a week, let’s say Sunday (once the selection starts). I may update more than that but I promise there will be an update every Sunday at least. Clearly I'm posting everyday, roger that!
Rules to enter:

- Must be a YA
- Must be human (no vampire or alien)
- Have a caste (backstory is nice too!)
- No CC because I don’t use it
- You can enter multiple sims

*I am missing several stuff packs (kitchen, backyard, patio etc) so just make your gentleman and if I don’t have the content I will fix it

Additionally, depending on the amount of interest, it will be a random selection, you will have to tune into the first broadcast to see if your sims made it! I will most likely be picking out of a hat or something similar.

If I get twelve or less sims submitted everyone will be picked......


And if you haven't read the books the numbers the girls are referred by are Castes/Classes {Upper Class, Middle Class, Lower Class) and Castes/Classes are defined like this:

1. Royalty - Those born in the Royal Blood Line
2. Upper Class - Celebrities such as Film Stars, Models, Television Presenters, Guards and Wealthy Business Men/Women.
3. Middle Class - Professionals such as: Teachers, Doctors, Writers and Scientists.
4. Lower Middle Class - Farmers, Factory Workers, Regular Business Men and Women.
5. Lower Class - Creative Professionals such as Artists, Singers or Stage Actors.
6. Lower Class - Jobs which serve such as: Maids, Wait-Staff, Seamstresses, Secretaries.
7. Lower Class - Manual Labourers such as: Gardeners, Construction Workers, Farm Hands.
8. Homeless - These people are considered untouchables. They have no job or have become 8's by way of shame or punishment.


• Contestants must be eliminated immediately if they fight (physically) with another Contestant.
• Contestants must be eliminated immediately if they are mean or rude towards the Princess.

*Contestants are eliminated based on lowest relationship with the Princess. Only two sims may be eliminated each week, but may be less if the princess cannot choose. This number does not include contestants who break the rules.

Now it’s time to introduce the the Princess looking for true love!

Princess Amelia Noble

She has the aspiration for true love.

She is a bookworm, cheerful and outgoing.

Her parents have a classic fairytale story and our soulmates. Her father is very devoted to her mother and they are still madly in love with each other after 25 years. Amelia wants to find a partner she can talk to, someone who can make her laugh, and someone who will love her for herself rather than for her crown.

Will this selection find help her to find true love?
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  • icmnfrshicmnfrsh Posts: 18,135 Member
    I'll enter one of my sims. :) I actually entered him in a selection before, but the author abruptly stopped updating, so I want to give him another chance if that's okay.
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  • Brei714Brei714 Posts: 110 Member
    edited August 2017
    I would love to enter one of my sims as well. Give me a little bit and I'll get him ready.

    Here he is!

    Meet Nathaniel Howard.


    Traits: Creative, Outgoing, Music Lover
    Aspiration: Soulmate
    Caste: 5, Musician

    Nathaniel grew up with only his mother to raise him. His father abandoned them both before he was born. Rather than let this depress him Nathaniel grew up with a strong desire to find someone who would love him the way his mother was never loved. His mother was once upper class but her family disowned her leaving her homeless it was only Nathaniel's hard work and love of music that has seen him rise above that to a higher caste and become a growing name as a performer. Still that desire for love and romance remains the same and when he heard of the recent chance in the form of a selection he decided that it was worth a try.

    He is saved on my gallery, my ID is Brei714.
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  • kittymeowkittymeow Posts: 7,337 Member
    edited August 2017
    Omg!!! I'll get a guy in tomorrow! :)
  • minjee_kangminjee_kang Posts: 285 Member
    Oooh the princess is so pretty! I'm excited for this challenge! I'll get one of my sims to participate :)
  • CupcakeViolenceCupcakeViolence Posts: 124 Member
    ... I may actually already have him saved, I found that selection page and was going to use the sims from that but thought I could make my own challenge haha

    So of course that's okay :)

    He's so cute! I love him already :)

    I can't wait!!

    Thank you :) I try my best to make pretty sims :)

    I'm excited for this challenge too, and really excited that people are interested !

    I might spend the day fixing up her castle :blush:

    Come check out my selection! Finding her Prince Charming

    Or my blog
  • icmnfrshicmnfrsh Posts: 18,135 Member
    Lol. Well, it's Sal. But I've gotten tons of new packs since then so I'll want to update his wardrobe. And maybe expand his backstory a bit :p
    Don't manhandle the urchin. He's not for sale. FIND YOUR OWN! - Xenon the Antiquarian, Dragon Age II
  • icmnfrshicmnfrsh Posts: 18,135 Member
    edited August 2017
    Your Gallery ID: icemanfresh
    Name: Sal Darling
    Traits: Hot-Headed, Family-Oriented, Perfectionist, Quick Learner
    Sal always seemed to have a chip on his shoulder growing up. But if you had been in his place, you would've been too. Throughout his life, he had always been surrounded by naysayers. "No, you shouldn't get those tattoos." "A man can't be the homemaker. The woman should be the one taking care of the kids." "Why learn household management? Guys can't really do certain things well." "Stop obsessing over perfection. Nobody's perfect."

    Well, that last one is true, but that won't stop Sal from trying to excel in all the things he does. Each "no" only serves to spur him on, while also shortening his fuse until his next outburst. As of the moment, Sal is learning cooking, basic home repair, and track. He's keeping himself busy while waiting to meet someone he could spend the rest of his life and start a family with. He's had a few dates so far, but nothing really serious. In the meantime, Sal works part-time as a freelance graphic designer. While not making as much money, he does have enough time to pursue his hobbies, and take care of several things that would've otherwise needed hired help. As of the moment, Sal is content.

    Sal currently lives with his widowed father, helping care for him, while his father helps with expenses using his retirement pension. His sister lives in Bridgeport as a journalist, but she sends money to help out too. In a rare moment of triumph, Sal actually received his father's blessing when he decided to join Princess Amelia's search for her prince. Mr. Darling would be able to take care of himself, he claims, but Sal decided to take on more jobs right before the search's start so that he could leave his father with enough money to cover himself for a few months.

    His mother died in a car accident while Sal was in college. He was already taking up graphic design then, and he decided to memorialize his mother by creating a digital painting of her. It's the one thing he never includes in his portfolio, because it's a very private work that was only meant for him and his family.

    This would make Sal part of Caste 5.
    Don't manhandle the urchin. He's not for sale. FIND YOUR OWN! - Xenon the Antiquarian, Dragon Age II
  • minjee_kangminjee_kang Posts: 285 Member
    edited August 2017

    Your Gallery ID: minjee_kang

    Name: Noah Lockwood
    Traits: Outgoing, Romantic, Playful

    Story: Caste 2 (Upper Class) - Film Star
    Noah has tasted success since a very young age when he was cast in a popular film series to act as the male protagonist. (Imagine the sim version of Harry Potter) And since then, he's always been recognized everywhere as the "part" he has been playing for most of his life, but he's personal life suffers because he's never really been able to make new friends or meet new people who would see him as "Just Noah" rather than the part he plays in a film series.

    The film series recently finished it's last filming, and Noah is eager to get past it and start a new life. Maybe lay low on the acting career for now.

    Since he's a popular, good looking, and rich film star people make assumptions that he dated a lot of girls. Well, contrary to popular belief, his dating life has been pretty much non-existent. All he wants is someone that would see him as "Just Noah", but girls like that were hard to find.

    Maybe the princess will understand what this feels like, he thought - and that is why he entered the Selection.

    Here's some pics of him in-game, packing to head to the castle :)


  • kittymeowkittymeow Posts: 7,337 Member
    edited August 2017

    Gallery ID: Sophaloaf123
    Name: Sebastian Thorton
    Age: 22
    Traits: Self assured, Goofball and Bro.
    Caste: 2 Model
    Bio: Sebastian or Seb, is a famous model. Known for his perfectly toned body, which he loves to show off. He is confident in himself, many people would say he has a huge ego but not really. Seb is a very loveable and goofy guy, he just knows he looks good. He grew up very poor in a bad neighbourhood with his parents and younger sister but his life got turned around at 18 when his loved ones persuaded him to get into modelling, he never imagined he would become so successful. He still has his humble roots, no amount of money will change that. Of course he helps his family out and has moved them into a beautiful house. He has joined The Selection hoping to find the one, he wants someone to look after and share his life with. He doesn't care about the the girls that throw themselves at him, he wants a kind and genuine girl with a loyal heart.
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  • kittymeowkittymeow Posts: 7,337 Member
    @minjee_kang You beat me too it! I was just about to post my guy that was supposed to be Actor but I changed him to model now. :D Noah is so cute, I think he will get along really with Seb, if they both make it to the show. :)
  • minjee_kangminjee_kang Posts: 285 Member
    Awh @kittymeow I love the name Seb and oh my he's so hot! Hope they both end up going to the castle, I think Noah would really appreciate a friend like Seb, I can already see them getting along hehe Fingers crossed! :)
  • CupcakeViolenceCupcakeViolence Posts: 124 Member
    edited August 2017
    @minjee_kang & @kittymeow Well at this point there are four guys out of a possible twelve haha

    Awww Seb is cute! I love all the contestants so far :)
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  • kittymeowkittymeow Posts: 7,337 Member
    @Brei714 Aww Nathaniel is a cutie, I love that he's a musician!
    @icmnfrsh I love Sal, he's awesome. He seems like a really great guy. :)
    @CupcakeViolence Thank you! I like how he turned out. :D
  • Brei714Brei714 Posts: 110 Member
    @CupcakeViolence Thank you! I had fun making him and I hope you enjoy playing with him. :)

    @kittymeow Thanks! He is meant to be a sweet tempered romantic kind of musician too, I'm excited to see how well he does.

  • CupcakeViolenceCupcakeViolence Posts: 124 Member
    So we have a minimum of 5 sims entered (a friend is going to add a couple once she gets internet), if you guys want to add additional sims that works too :)

    I'm going to give it until next Friday (Aug 11), than I'm going to start playing regardless of how many sims are in

    Than I'm going to post the first chapter on that Sunday (Aug 13) and we will see what happens :)

    *side note, just because I know the simmer doesn't mean she gets special privileges, everybody is on equal footing, after all Amelia doesn't know any of them..... :p
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  • icmnfrshicmnfrsh Posts: 18,135 Member
    If you still need more by the deadline (which I doubt, because these things are getting popular these days :D) I'll make another sim.
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  • Brei714Brei714 Posts: 110 Member
    I can make another sim closer to the deadline as well, I'll wait and see if some of the spots fill up first though. :)

  • PurplishSimEaterPurplishSimEater Posts: 563 Member

    Gallery ID: PurplishSimEater
    Name: Seamus Mulligan
    Age: 23
    Traits: Self Assured, Goofball, Outgoing, Gregarious
    Aspiration: Joke Star
    Caste: 5 - Comedian
    Bio: Don't let his serious picture fool you - Seamus was voted "Class Clown" his senior year of high school, and loves to crack a joke whenever the opportunity arises.

    Though he doesn't come from money (his mother cleaned houses and his father wasn't around), Seamus never let it bug him, even if at times he wished he didn't live in such a shady part of town or that the fridge worked or the water wasn't shut off again. Still, he wouldn't trade his upbringing for anything; it gave him the chance to learn to cope with difficulties in his own special way. An only child, he also had to learn to make friends quickly to fill the void when his mom was working a double shift so they could afford to eat or pay rent.

    He worked two jobs as a teenager (fast food and manual labor) and on a rare off night, he stumbled into the open mic night at his local tavern. Though his singing is less-than-appealing, his quick quips got him a third gig as a regular at the tavern performing standup comedy. Upon graduating high school, with no money for college, he kept at what he was doing until he dislocated his shoulder and got fired from his hard-labor job. Then, on a whim, he quit his fast food job to pursue comedy on a full-time basis. That was two years ago. It's been going well so far, even though he still lives with his mother to save money.

    To say he was surprised to find out his mother had filled out the application for The Selection was an understatement.

    "I want grandbabies." she said. Seamus, being a bit of a mama's boy at times, played along. After all, a girlfriend might be a nice addition to his life.

    But will he take The Selection seriously, or will the Noble family get the last laugh?
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  • kittymeowkittymeow Posts: 7,337 Member
    You can add Corey, I'll post him here tomorrow. I was actually going to use him. :D
  • kittymeowkittymeow Posts: 7,337 Member
    edited August 2017

    Name: Corey Armstrong
    Traits: Music Lover, Self assured and goofball.
    Caste: 5, musician
    Bio: Corey is a goofy guy and loves to crack a joke. He is very confident in him self but he doesn't let it go to his head. He was bullied through school because of the gap in his teeth which made him feel a little self conscious but as he grew older he grew to love the way he is. Corey loves rocking out on his guitar, he is a big music lover. One day he dreams to be a famous musician. Corey has found it hard to find a girl, most don't understand his humor. He has joined this in hopes of finding someone that will understand him and maybe be the one.

    His traits are pretty similar to Seb's but I thought I would add him because you seemed like you wanted me too! :D I can always replace Seb with corey if you'd prefer. :)
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  • CupcakeViolenceCupcakeViolence Posts: 124 Member
    @kittymeow he's super cute, I like both, if I get more entries I might not use both but as it stands :)

    @Brei714 & @icmnfrsh sounds good :)

    @PurplishSimEater thank you !! He sounds really awesome :)
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  • minjee_kangminjee_kang Posts: 285 Member
    Hello hello, was thinking of entering one of my other sims to this if that's okay? I don't mind if one of them are not used, I'll leave the choice up to you! I thought I'd enter an Asian sim since I don't see a lot of them here, and I think he's quite cute hehe :)

    (Oh yes, the name was inspired by Buzzfeed's Eugene, but somehow I don't think Eugene from Buzzfeed would've ever considered being a teacher...)


    Your Gallery ID: minjee_kang

    Name: Eugene Lee
    Traits: Childish, Cheerful, Goofball,

    Story: Caste 3 (Middle Class) - Teacher
    Eugene loves children, and he's always wanted to be a teacher since he was a kid. He learns so much by interacting with children - taking to them, teaching them new things etc. There's a whole new world if you look through a child's perspective, and he loves every moment of it.

    Eugene comes from a conservative family who often time pressure him to get married and have kids, get a better paying job (a doctor perhaps) but he himself is quite a free spirited, and is happy to do what he wants to do with life. And till now, he's been content with being a single man - jogging in the morning before work, having the job he loves, and going fishing with his mates on the weekend.

    But one day he wakes up and he feels like he's ready to embark on a new adventure. He thinks maybe, just maybe, he's ready to have a family with children of his own.

    *He had a man bun before, but I changed his hair before I uploaded him to the gallery :) Below are some pics of his day to day life!

  • CupcakeViolenceCupcakeViolence Posts: 124 Member
    thank you :)
    Come check out my selection! Finding her Prince Charming

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  • PurplishSimEaterPurplishSimEater Posts: 563 Member
    @minjee_kang Where's Eugene's manbun from, out of curiosity?
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