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CM's Architecture Thread - Thornton Cottage (pg 8) & a homeless home (pg 9)

creativemetaphorcreativemetaphor Posts: 1,543 Member
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This thread is for sharing some of my builds and tutorials, and to connect with other builders. As a former architectural drafter (who longs for those glory days) I live out my dreams vicariously through the Sims 3! <-- I guess I can't say this anymore now that I work once again in architecture! :mrgreen: Commercial buildings, so I still get my 'residential' design fix with Sims, but am now a former former drafter!

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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 157,461 Member
    Aquarian Sanctuary is a very nice renovation of the pondcentric home! :) The white colour of the roofing, and the exterior walls colour gives a very nice look to the home. The outdoors decking areas look very nice! Very nice furnishing of the interior of the home! Tne colours , prints and safari themed furnishing touches look great. The master bedroom is very nice! It is nice that there is a massage table there for sims to have a restful massage. Very nice sofa seat sitting area in the room. Sims will enjoy resting there reading a book. The books/flowers is a nice touch on the coffee table. The floor patterning looks very nice! The guest bedroom is very nice! Nice corner study desk nook. Sims will enjoy resting in the armchair reading a book. The fans are a nice touch on the bedroom wall and plant is a nice touch of nature in the room. Very nice living room! The patterned floor rug and the wall texture gives a great feel to the room. Sims will enjoy sitting resting there in front of the fire, or have fun playing chess. Very nice design of the combined kitchen and dining area! The bar stool counter is great for sims to enjoy sitting on the stool eating a meal, as well as them enjoying dining at the dining table. Nice outdoors dining area on the decking. Sims will enjoy cooking meals on the BBQ and eating the food outdoors at the umbrella covered table in the air. Sims will enjoy restfully sitting in the hanging chair in the sunshine.
    The renovation of the home is very nice! :)
  • creativemetaphorcreativemetaphor Posts: 1,543 Member
    @rosemow thank you so much for your very kind comment! :smile:
  • creativemetaphorcreativemetaphor Posts: 1,543 Member
    edited June 2017
    This is an entry for The Renovation/Make-Over Mayhem Challenge! - Calling all builders, creators and lovers of houses!
    Week 2 entry: Full remodel, Sunset Valley

    When I read the description for Myrtle Bungalow, "Cozy and livable, this compact house is packed with potential for the home remodeler while retaining its Victorian charm" I was instantly inspired to do just that and restore this house to its Victorian glory!

    I added a second floor and a tower, upgrading it to 3 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths. There's a formal living and dining, cozy office/library, and a charming rustic kitchen.

    Outside I added rose bushes around the new front porch which (along with Pride and Prejudice) inspired the new name of Rosings Park. There is a small harvestable garden outside the kitchen, and added landscaping down the side with an easel. And of course, what Victorian would be complete without a garden tea setting?


    We of course enter the house through the foyer, which connects to the parlor, and to the stair hall through the archway at the far end.

    The parlor is connected to the library

    The library can also be accessed from the stair hall

    From there, we enter into the dining room

    And then on to the kitchen

    Upstairs holds three bedrooms each with private en suite. The kid's room also has a stair leading to a play room in the tower.




    I hope you enjoyed this little tour of the Rosings Park Victorian makeover!

    Exchange link: Rosings Park
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 157,461 Member
    Rosings Park is a very nice home :) The addition of the tower and the second floor level looks very nice! Very nice exterior of the home! The roofing looks great! The flowers and hedging look very pretty on the front corner edges and either sides of the front pathway. Nice art nook for sims to enjoy painting on the easel in the sunshine. Very nice furnishing and layout of the interior of the home! It was nice going on a tour of it through your pictures. The parlour is very nice! Very nice fireplace sitting area! Sims will enjoy resting on the sofa having a chat near the fire and listening to music from the gramophone . The red rose is a pretty touch in the room. The curtained windows alcove with the armchairs is very nice. Very nice office and library! Sims will have great views of the outdoors through the windows when sitting at the desk table. They will have fun playing chess there also or enjoy resting in the armchairs reading a book. Very nice design and furnishing of the dining room and kitchen! The flowers on the tables in the dining room are pretty for sims to see when eating their meals. The shelves, hangjng basket, knives, cabinets and mushrooms are great kitchen touches in the kitchen and the stained glass accents look very pretty! Very nice furnishing of each of the bedrooms. The playroom in the tower looks very great! The clouds and mushrooms wall patterns give a great look to the room. Kids will have fun playing and reading there.
    It is a very nice Victorian home :)
  • creativemetaphorcreativemetaphor Posts: 1,543 Member
    @rosemow Your comments are always so kind! Thank you so much :)
  • creativemetaphorcreativemetaphor Posts: 1,543 Member
    My Wayfarer's series:
    First up, previously uploaded...

    Wayfarer's Repose

    "When wayfarer's settle down, it's never for long, but it's always a sight to see! An eclectic collection of colors, patterns, and items fill this house, from the open basement to the artistic tower, two beds, one bath, open great room with living and eating areas, an office nook, and a wrap around entry porch. Landscaping includes bridge, fishing pond, and enclosed garden."


    more Wayfarer's Repose pictures


    "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we may pack up and be off! Never more than a whim's notice is required when you live in a mobile wagon house. Influences of fantasy, steampunk, and Victorian themes create a colorful and eclectic home for the single or couple. One bed, one bath, several skill items"


    more Wanderlust pictures

    Now for new upload The Bluebird

    "Go where the winds blow you in this colorful traveling wagon for one. Everything a sim needs to cover their needs and that's about it! Bed, bath, toilet, full kitchen with table, sitting areas, stereo, bookshelf, and dresser. Even a fireplace for those cold nights on the road."


    more Bluebird pictures
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 157,461 Member
    The three homes look so very colourfully nice! :) Very nice exterior designs of the three homes! The roofing and tower on Wayfarers Repose looks very nice! The bridge is very nice! The wraparound porch looks great! The furnishing of the interior of each of the homes looks so very nice! The textures and patterns used for the exterior and interior walls for each of the homes gives a great look to the builds!
    They are such colourfully nice, richly themed homes! :)
  • creativemetaphorcreativemetaphor Posts: 1,543 Member
    @rosemow Thank you kindly! It was so fun to use such wild blends of colors and patterns, and to really test myself fitting it into such a tiny space for that last one!
  • creativemetaphorcreativemetaphor Posts: 1,543 Member
    By request, here is a tutorial on how to do walk-in or glass enclosed showers rather than the standard 1-tile game shower. I do not claim to have thought of this on my own, but I thought it would be fun to show others how I do it.

    Shower Tutorial Slideshow

    If you have any questions or feedback on my pictures, or need further clarification of a step, feel free to ask! :mrgreen:
    If you really just want to be able to get in and see what I've done, I can uploaded the lot with the example bathrooms showing each pictured step onto the exchange if anyone requests that.

  • AellaniiAellanii Posts: 88 Member
    Your builds are lovely! Excellent work. The walk-in shower is a great idea to freshen up the bath. :D
  • creativemetaphorcreativemetaphor Posts: 1,543 Member
    @Aellanii Oh, thank you! :)
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 157,461 Member
    Your tutororial on making a walk in and glass enclosed showers is very helpful! :) Thankyou for creating it and sharing it with the simming community !
  • creativemetaphorcreativemetaphor Posts: 1,543 Member
    @rosemow Thank you, it was my pleasure! :)
  • MiaSkywalkerMiaSkywalker Posts: 3,254 Member
    Creative, I know I thanked you for this tutorial on our round robin thread, but I also wanted to thank you here. Thank you for this! I love the idea of making a walk-in shower. :)
  • creativemetaphorcreativemetaphor Posts: 1,543 Member
    @MiaSkywalker You are very welcome!
  • creativemetaphorcreativemetaphor Posts: 1,543 Member
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    New upload this evening, a starter home for Dragon Valley inspired by Katskhi Pillar in Georgia.

    Hermitage On A Hill is for one sim and built in a medieval fashion - a simple kitchen with unfinished floors, an upper room with a bed, book shelf, bath tub, easel, and chess table. The toilet is in an outhouse at the bottom of the hill, an some garden items here and there, along with a fishing pond, to allow for self-sufficiency.

    The many steps up to the house wind around trees and over water below. A unique build for a unique Sim!
    Custard checked, no CC.




    Link to photo album with many more pictures.

    Hope you enjoy!

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 157,461 Member
    Heritage on a Hill is a great starter home for Dragon Valley! :) The layout and design of the home looks very great! It looks very nice the way the stairs are used in the build! The terrain work and trees look great! The outhouse is great in the build . Nice outdoors gardening nook for sims to enjoy growing and harvesting plants. Very nice furnishing of the interior. The texture of the furniture looks homely and suits the type of home.The natural texture of the kitchen flooring looks nice. The plant is a nice touch on the dining table. The pink kitchen curtains look very pretty! Sims will have fun playing cheers at the chess table,
    The home is very creatively designed! :)
  • creativemetaphorcreativemetaphor Posts: 1,543 Member
    @rosemow Thank you for your always delightful comments! :)
  • MiaSkywalkerMiaSkywalker Posts: 3,254 Member
    I love how this is tiny and fairy tale-ish! And you managed to make it a starter? How amazing is that! (I can never keep to within a budget.)

    That is a VERY interesting history of the original! Neat that you came up with that. :)
  • creativemetaphorcreativemetaphor Posts: 1,543 Member
    @MiaSkywalker Thank you, I'm so glad you like it! Despite it's real inspiration, there is that air of "Rapunzel" to it, no? :mrgreen:
  • creativemetaphorcreativemetaphor Posts: 1,543 Member
    I am so honored, humbled, and overwhelmed by the generosity I've received recently! @kgaff @adwilson @JasonAnthonySterling @soocoolsim @LillaGrisen @aricarai

    Thank you all!! <3
  • creativemetaphorcreativemetaphor Posts: 1,543 Member
    edited May 2017
    Sneak peak for Morte Mansion and its unfortunate players. For the current BuildnShare challenge to create a mansion in which to allow Mr Boddy's vengeful ghost (pending) to off those he feels are responsible. Main floor was required to have an entry hall which lead to a central foyer from which all other main floor rooms were accessible - those being the Ballroom, Billiard room, Dining room, Kitchen, Lounge, Study, Library, and Conservatory. Upstairs must have six bedrooms decorated, each decorated in a color: red, purple, blue, green, yellow, white. There could only be two single beds among all these rooms.

    Yes, this is inspired by the board game Clue though with a somewhat more grizzly end for all those involved!

    Here is my take on the challenge, as well as those who must play out this murderous drama!

    Morte Mansion


    Senator Scarlet

    Mrs. Mullberry

    Professor Pea... hen?

    General Green

    Marquis de Mustard

    Reverend Rice

    and of course...
    Mr. Boddy
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 157,461 Member
    The exterior design of Morte Mansion looks so very nice! :) Very great layout of the build, and the roofing looks very nice ! Very nice towers and spire. The type of windows used for the conservatory and the placement of them looks so nice! The entrance nook front steps and patio looks great! The statues are nice touches on each side of the stairs. Very nice layout of the interior of the home! The simversions of the characters suit the type of people very well! You are very creative in making the sims, choosing their outfits and taking pictures of them in settings that suit them!
  • creativemetaphorcreativemetaphor Posts: 1,543 Member
    @rosemow Thank you for your always delightful comments!! <3 It was very fun designing both the house and the characters look and clothing. I especially had a time with all the alliterate names!
  • cianeciane Posts: 16,696 Member
    LOVE the two story conservatory and ballroom! Fun twist of the characters! Great looking and great named mansion!
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