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Ciane! Ciane! A Special Thread Just for You!

LadyEmillyeLadyEmillye Posts: 19,209 Member
Hey @Ciane,

I was very excited to learn that I was your buddy and able to make you gifts that I hope you find as wonderful as the ones you have made for me.

I have a special gift that I am going to post first. The reason for it being special is because it is some of my simself's offspring. I hope you enjoy playing them. I didn't really go in depth with them, because they are only at the beginning of their journey and it is up to you to shape their lives for them.

Orphan Beginnings

Alicia, Patrick, Anthony and Bella lost both parents very recently. In order to have them all continue to live on the same roof they try and get good grades and Alicia sacrifices her wants and keeps food on the table and the bills paid through her job as her siblings enjoy the life she can't.

Their home is rather run down

28887926850_1fa459eec3_o.jpgScreenshot by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

And much to small for all four of them

28887927120_bedd283954_o.jpgScreenshot (2) by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

28887926260_95d17a0f29_o.jpgScreenshot-2 (2) by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

With the outhouse on the porch

28887924470_61c046b679_o.jpgScreenshot-3 (2) by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

and bunk beds in the two rooms

28887924350_2e66ce61a9_o.jpgScreenshot-4 by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

Alicia gets a job at the local supermarket to keep the bills paid and the lights on

29175479485_4a0fec76e3_o.jpgScreenshot-5 by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

Cooks for her siblings

29069535242_72a163c4c0_o.jpgScreenshot-6 by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

and tries to keep her grades up

28556234743_95b67ceb23_o.jpgScreenshot-7 by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

So that her and Patrick

29175483415_48ca5879fa_o.jpgScreenshot-2 by Lady Emillye, on Flickr


29069535782_bfe72d579e_o.jpgScreenshot-2 (3) by Lady Emillye, on Flickr

and Anthony can all stay together

28556239543_89a053fd2e_o.jpgScreenshot (3) by Lady Emillye, on Flickr
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