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Which hair type do you prefer? Alpha or clay?


  • ryanman98ryanman98 Posts: 3 New Member
    i honestly like the clay hair better because like others mentioned above it seems to fit with the style of sims 4 better. i think that a lot of alpha hair doesn't look especially "natural" either, because sure it's realistic but it looks more like heavily-maintained supermodel hair than hair you'd find on a real person.
  • rambahadoerrambahadoer Posts: 378 Member
    I play with both only started using alpha again couple of days ago and brought the life back the hairs imo have a lot of personality and all look so different
    Btw where did you get the alpha hair from the first pic absolutely need it
  • JurnéEndsJurnéEnds Posts: 59 Member
    I just recently caved -maybe a month or so ago to cc's and mods again lol, and have to say I prefer the alpha versions instead of the clay as I like the more realistic look
  • KottonKrownKottonKrown Posts: 259 Member
    Clay! I really like 4's more cartoony graphics so any CC I get has to fit in.
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  • RavioliWusGoodRavioliWusGood Posts: 9 New Member
    I like clay and maxis match the most. Alpha sims just sometimes swing too close to uncanny valley for me :(
  • CrownSimsCrownSims Posts: 470 Member
    Alpha for the win! I really like realistic looking sims
  • miyaxxmiyaxx Posts: 8 New Member
    A fan of alpha sims!
    Although I find clay hair more fun with shapes and I wish for more alpha short hairstyles for my girls!
  • Toby92Toby92 Posts: 10 New Member
    I use alpha for my main favourite sim so she stands out, everyone else clay
  • ZhoeykaZhoeyka Posts: 5 New Member
    I honestly love both, alpha and clay hair. Although I recently decided to completely switch to maxis match cc, so I would go for a clay hair!
  • gustavowizardgustavowizard Posts: 551 Member
    'clay' lol.. these kids :D yeah what you guys call 'alpha' hairs are my favorites because of the realism, but 'maxis' are cool too.. they remind cartoons as i said before, like Sims 4 vide, i understand why some people prefer them... to be honest this 'maxis' vs 'alpha' classification is totally wrong, 'maxis' hairs are the ones that have the same MESH style and colors (texture) as EA vanilla ones, but 'alpha' is waaaay to generic since would include both Newsea and Hallowsims hairs for example, witch have very different mapping and texture styles... the correct should say 'vanilla' meshes VS 'non-vanilla' meshes...
  • DaphneyyyDaphneyyy Posts: 70 Member
    I like clay better. It fits with the game more, and it doesn't interfere with my other mods and cc, and alpha hair has odd colors sometimes that don't fit in.
  • gustavowizardgustavowizard Posts: 551 Member
    edited May 2019
    that is totally relative, there are like 20 types of 'alpha' as you said, creators have different sytles, you cant put all 'alpha' hair on the same category. and the reason some of those hairs have strange colors is because most of those creators are excelent on mesh making but they lack of skill on texture making, i agree some of the 'alpha' hairs have some dull colors, i just change them on sim4studio for colors i want.
  • XSOPhie2018XSOPhie2018 Posts: 1 New Member
    > @naomeh said:
    > Almost a year later. I failed to mention that I don't have access to the files from before, so I have no real good examples.
    > Restored original post & changed to better clay examples.
    > There are way better examples of both in the replies.
    > Which type of hair do you like more?
    > Alpha
    > Clay
    > Comparison: I like the alpha hair better because some people may spend days on sims 4 studio creating the amazing artwork and just want to show their skills and become famous for their work.
    Thats why i like alpha better
  • the1akbthe1akb Posts: 56 Member
    Alpha all the way. I initially liked the Clay style when I finally switched to Sims 4 but after installing just a few Alpha styles, I just couldn't go back. It's horrible seeing the two very different styles in the game together though, I can understand why so many don't use Alpha to keep a sense of consistency in their game.
  • IDontVibeIDontVibe Posts: 65 Member
    Clay... The reason I personally install CC is bc I'm broke and can't afford packs, and clay just makes me feel like I have a bunch of stuff packs lmbo
  • RouensimsRouensims Posts: 2,406 Member
    I've realized that I generally use alpha hair for gorgeous, supermodel type characters, while I often use clay hair for average to unattractive Sims. There are definitely exceptions though.
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  • EdithVEdithV Posts: 514 Member
    Alpha! It’s just gorgeous
  • XxAirixXXxAirixX Posts: 2,367 Member
    edited September 2019
    Clay. It fits much better with the style and alpha often just looks weird in game and stands out too much. I have tons of beautiful Maxis Match cc.
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  • reneetheareneethea Posts: 22 Member
    Alpha 1000%. Now that I've been introduced to CC I will never be able to go back!
  • LilacxLilacx Posts: 76 Member
    Alpha, always.
  • GooseyGoosey Posts: 127 Member
    edited August 2019
    I like whatever looks best. Overall, alpha does look more realistic for sure because of its high detail.

    There are some good mod versions of clay hairs though, but most of the EA clay hairs of awful. I think there's only a couple EA clay hairs which I actually use, most of the superior hairs are almost always the mod created ones.
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  • LexiBaiLexiBai Posts: 29 Member
    clay hair fits with the style of the sims 4, and as someone who's used both alpha and clay in the past I don't care for either one or the other, however, clay hair is more visually appealing in relation to the games cosmetic style, if that makes sense
  • MaWhilMaWhil Posts: 28 Member
    I love both, and use both in my game. Some alpha hair though can glitch in my game.
  • rooroo30035280rooroo30035280 Posts: 3 New Member
    I like both and usually I have them in game together, but with my newest save I decided to do Maxis Match only and I'm enjoying it a lot.
  • ShaeShae Posts: 162 Member
    Alpha mostly, but I'll sometimes use clay.
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