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Which hair type do you prefer? Alpha or clay?



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    FishyNamorFishyNamor Posts: 28 Member
    Clay, just looks better with in game sims
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    bella_gothbella_goth Posts: 1,770 Member
    edited November 2020
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    SimsBeeeSimsBeee Posts: 30 Member
    edited December 2019
    Hey guys! I'm usually doing CAS videos with CC links for both, alpha and maxis match mixed. I find it super hard to get to start a channel from zero, even though it's been two monthes - there's no constant audience yet, besides friends of course.. I'm looking for CRITICISM to my channel/videos, honest criticism, advises how it could have been better/what do I need to improve! I'd appreciate your feedback a lot! Thank you in advance!
    Happy simming everyone! o:)
    Here's my latest video :

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    dearie_blossomdearie_blossom Posts: 707 Member
    Alpha all the way. Alpha hair, alpha skin, alpha make up, alpha clothing. Maxis match looks very childish to me.
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    dearie_blossomdearie_blossom Posts: 707 Member
    Polyrhythm wrote: »
    Is there any CC made or just a full on mod to have a more realistic art style? Because the way it is now really ruins it for me and these alpha haircuts look amazing! @Polyrhythm

    (Not sure if you'd know an answer but you posted the haircut, so yeah ;) )
    I haven't seen any yet. As far as hair there's probably users who have converted the BG hairs to alpha style or similar looking styles, but it's still pretty much ruined by townies spawning in a mixture of both alpha and clay hair.

    It'd be cool if some did convert most the objects to look more realistic, but given how many parts of the TS4 worlds are static and hard to edit I'm not sure if someone will ever take on the task.

    You can disable cc for townies. I always take 2 minutes after cc shopping to do this and I‘ve never had townies walk around with cc anything.
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    WoofyWolfzWoofyWolfz Posts: 10 New Member
    I prefer clay because it goes with the style of the game "^^" but I think alpha is very nice looking. It just doesn't fit the theme so well.
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    LunarChanelLunarChanel Posts: 34 Member
    I can appreciate the Alpha aesthetic and all, but I'm defintely more of a Maxis Match person. ESPECIALLY when it comes to hair. And well, my reasoning is the same as mentioned just fits with the overall theme of Sims 4 better and I like to keep things more consistent. Especially since I like to mix CC and EA clothing pieces/or hair with clothing together. It just looks better when things are consistent in my opinion.

    Also... Alpha can be a creepy looking in my opinion sometimes...the hyper-realism is a bit off putting in a game like Sims 4 where almost everything else has that cartoonish look and feel to it. But Alpha is still gorgeous and I can appreciate the time and effort that goes into it.

    It's just... not my preference.
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